Halloween Vibe Control

Halloween hardly ever coincides with a Lunar Eclipse and this weekend’s phenom is adrenaline-spiked by Mars + Jupiter.*

The astro is primal as fuq but bear in mind that an eclipse is just a super-exact Full Moon, albeit one that pings off specific lunar flashpoints in the same series.  The nine-year cycle in numerology IS the Eclipse sequence.

Anyway the good thing about Halloween is that you can play it as you like. It’s not front-loaded with expectations like Christmas & Co.

It might be easier if you select your stance for the rest of the month and abide by it though – I’ve identified three core options:


Tapped into the tellurian sensuality of Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter + Uranus in Taurus and (soon) Pluto in dionysian Capricorn, you’re happy to honor more recent Halloween traditions – a dynasty-sized sack of lollies, Woodland Goth aesthetic, decolletage – yours or someone elses – plastic bats + nylon cobwebs from the supermarket, short-notice seductions, anarcha-love notes or texts, wine – for the druids! – and/or dialogues with rando ancestors/house ghosts if they can behave and not fuq with your flow.

See also: bat-wing sleeved kaftan for lying on the couch watching/re-watching Practical Magic, iced rosehip tea and a revived interest in kohl. Your scent for this Halloween weekend will probably be part of a new venture  – Jupiter in Taurus, right? With experimental top notes of indigo anemone and dry ice, it smells like something that an enigmatic Philip K Dick villainess would wear to reveal the truth about an interplanetary dimension at the local mall. Speculative fuqing everything, naturally.

Scorping Up For The Eclipse

Polarities? Fixed signs? Remembering this eclipse series from 2014 or 2005? Pfft. You remember it from 1953BC because you remember everything relevant across multiple timelines precisely when it is most pertinent – never when it’s not. Your mind is a matrix and Mercury in Scorpio sparks martial resolve.

Full Moons illuminate and the Lunar Eclipse = the highest possible luminous flux: Inward or outward, you’re not afraid to look at the terrain – 360°, new and old dimensions welcome. If you can contain this much psychic intensity and still create/think/work, you know you’ll be onto something formidable and prosperous.

Soundtrack: Birth 4000 – Floating Points. Look: Whatever doesn’t smell or itch – you’re conjuring, not conforming.


As Hekate moves into brainiac Virgo until late Feb, you realize you’re ready to get it on with some legit esoteric knowledge. For example – there are three Halloweens, maybe more. One is a seasonal concept – an agricultural Moon festival (as opposed to Beltane’s celebration of the Sun) held mid-way between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice whenever certain natural portents appear – clouds, birds, your most weather-sensitive toe twitching etc.

The second is the Stolen Pagan Festival version – all hallows, all saints etc – with the church-approved saints taking over the ‘worthy of reverence’ role from Titania, Odin, your currently disincarnate loved ones and so forth. The third Halloween means technically the date could change: A few millennium ago, this time of the year was the heliacal rising of the red star Antares – heart of the Scorpion & also associated with the Scorpion Goddess Serket – whose name means ‘rival to Mars’, right before the Sun rose in Ophiuchus – the Snake-Healer and actually a goddess.

You may also be interested to know that the Halloween pumpkins trope links back to both the Scottish Samhain goddess Nicnevin and the Afro-Brazilian goddess Oshun.

Which one are you most trending toward? And…happy Halloween!

*If you’re a Mega Mystic member please check the Daily Mystic for Thursday and also the one for Friday-Sunday if you haven’t already. Likewise, Zap-Zoned. They’re detailed and aim to have you across all this fracas!

Image: Carl Barks- The Witches of Salem. An Aries with Venus in Pisces square Neptune in Gemini, Carl Barks illustrated and wrote the bulk of the iconic Donald Duck comicbooks. When he was off-contract with Disney, however, he turned out an extraordinary and quite subversive series of alternative ‘duck’ illustrations. The book of them – Animal Quackers – is a collector’s item. 

66 thoughts on “Halloween Vibe Control”

  1. The Lion & The Centaur

    I have a lot of Mars-Uranus-Pluto transits going on, emphasis on Mars. I did lots of relationship quality time with my Virgo daughter, Mr. Sagg, my Aries stellium sister & my very neglected Cancer doggo. We did fave tv shows, hiking, tennis, Halloween parties, lots of wine tasting & good food. And getting physical in the bed with Mr Sagg hehe. I managed my Mars energy very well as well as this fiery bunch (there are Aries, Leo & Sagg Suns, one Leo Moon, one Aries Moon and one Sagg Moon etc…) and it was smooth sailing.

  2. The Carl Barks art of the witches is funny but also disturbing because of the way it echoes the Donald Duck characters. The same but also very different and completely bonkers. Interesting to know that Barks had Venus in Pisces square Neptune in Gemini, I think that is fitting.

    1. Totally, did you see the rest of the stuff he did? It’s a whole alternative dimension to Disney but with the same (sort of) characters. It’s like he pivoted to a more Philip K Dick vibe at some point.

  3. Lilith and Hekate are near my Ascendent, making me so ragey…no doubt amped up by Mars Return opposite transit Jupiter. I am rage spitting all over emails and social media. 😬I know…I know…I read the DMs but Mystic, the injustice of it all….grrrrrrrr!! 😡 Going to leave the puply at home to go to the gym. Cardio shall be my saviour.

    1. I have Lilith opposite Mercury and I feel this… I am having rage attacks the last couple weeks when I have to deal with anything difficult and boring lolll

    2. What have I learned over this Halloween-Full Moon Eclipse Period-charged with Scorpio transformative energy and a delightful Taurean sensual earthily twist?? When you ask the universe for something directly, well I did in the peak 5hr eclipse period outside basking under its full power…… well that’s what you’ll receive.
      I asked the eclipse to reset my body and bring me back into alignment and woke up this morning with my monthly early. In hindsight I should’ve asked for something else lol, but I put my faith in knowing I’m receiving the upgrade to the areas that are ready. Happy Halloween everybody! A very creepy day here in the US. Tensions are rising due to the political climate and in-house homegrown terrorism that never seems to stop and may implode this country whole. Other then that, life is a peach lol. Mercury in Scorpio wow….. I’ve had many heated and pointed conversations with my tail ready to sting anything that moves, further amplified by that Aries moon that just passed. We are all being shown our limitations from the last time we had this particular eclipse energy in 2005. An echo from the ghosts of our past, that needs to be finally acknowledged and released ✨
      Side note – Matthew Perry dies on an eclipse. Wow. That Astro must be intense!

      1. Hi Cecemesee, good to hear that the universe is answering your prayers. You wrote that you have had ‘… many heated and pointed conversations with my tail ready to sting anything that moves’. This has been so true for me too in the past weeks, to the point of having hard time trusting that I can keep my cool. The Scorpio energy together with my nodal return in Aries create a very Martial atmosphere.. Dealing with a dominant colleague and having to assert my self in a measured way, what a challenge 🙄

  4. Well since – for no real reason – the desire to re watch Practical Magic popped into my head last week, I guess I’m going with option 1 🤣

  5. Jupiter in Taurus? Why yes. And that fragrance sounds fantastic, I am in fact looking for something I can wear daily that is also interesting, Philip K Dick Chic sounds just the ticket. In the meantime it’s the last of the Hermès and, on alternate days, a dab of lavender oil. A good smush of fresh Rose Geranium leaves on the pulse points also makes a good “Maybe she’s a gardener, maybe she rolls in the hay” perfume.

    Prefer to avoid the plastic Halloween hedge-garb(age) though. I once saw a local bird attempt to pull a plastic spider out of one of those awful plastic floss cobwebs on someone’s front fence, thinking it was a tasty meal. No dice, feathered friend. Anyway what else? Yes I think it’s Venus Uranus, leaves a little more headspace than the other options but I’m still in uh conversation with Pluto, so, you know. Maybe some of that seasoning 🗝️✨🤏

    Certainly felt magical last night. Wild and woolly weather but clouds clearing for the moonlight and a sparkling festival in the neighbourhood. Felt like high, new, clear energy being whipped up in the cosmic cake shop. The daily mystic advice also most definitely helping.

    1. Maybe she’s a gardener, maybe she rolls in the hay” perfume. 🤭🤭 You sre hilarious, Sam. Love your takes. 😀

      1. thanks 5th house. hope all is well in your northern world.

        (unrelated but a need to add to the ether, feeling a bit bad for opinionating about Halloween decorations, tis my own views only.)

    2. Cosmic cake shop – such a vivid image! Feel like copying and saving that whole last paragraph, what a dream.
      What’s your Hermes scent? I love it when Mystic talks perfume – this is a point where I’m a total Libra. I also rub geranium plants and often add lavender oil to whatever I’m wearing – I like to think that’s what ladies smelled like in medieval times lol

      1. Oh wow so I hear you! and I agree re MM fragrance words.
        I somehow didn’t realise I was a total fragrance head, I think because I was in denial of my Libra placements for most of my life to date. The one I’m using at the moment is Merveilles, it’s one of their basic citrusy/ozonic EDT’s(the blue one)… A duty free purchase when I was very hazy in transit but wanted a clean easy to wear thing. I was so close to buying Terre de Hermès though, I looove masculine scents too. Some time before that was Jardin sur le Nil. They just seem to get the balance of character and wearability really right.
        That’s a good point re medieval perfumes too. I guess we all know about Grasse etc and (for me) to some extent the use of e.g
        amber and oud, in the middle east, but I don’t know anything about fragrances in what’s now eastern Europe, Russia, nor basically all of Asia. (Gawd. can I even mention these regions in a non political context and not get caught in a web filter etc).
        Have you read Patrick Suskind’s book Perfume? It’s a bit macabre leaning but so absorbing and the perfume methods are fascinating 🙂

    3. Love geranium scents! Fresher and more rustic than rose.
      And yes to ‘high, new, clear energy being whipped up in the cosmic cake shop’.
      Haven’t felt it myself for a while, but just reading the words puts me on the scent

      1. 💜❤️💜 yes Geranium feels so earthing but still green and sweet
        It was a surprise to feel it. I just had to stop to take a photo of something and everything just felt kind of ‘new’.? But maybe it was just that I had broken my usual routine to stop to see something ? That’s Uranus for you maybe! Xo

    4. Try Cowboy Grass by DS & Durga! I love those grassy bergamot scents too. My signature perfume is Gypsy Water by Byredo which could also be great if you dig the rose scents.

      1. That sounds cool I will definitely seek it out. I think I’ve sampled Gypsy Water it’s lovely. Thanks R 🙂

      2. Also yes Bergamot! Is that what it is?
        I read recently that the fruit extract (which I’ve seen as a supplement) also works as a kind of cardiovascular tonic.
        (Not a cure-all but a pretty specific range of actions. I just re-googled and the first results page is entirely taken up by a product promo but the research papers are there. )
        Sorry that’s totally off topic but it is a fascinating fruit and yes✨ smells so fab

    5. Ah I don’t know the blue Merveilles but had a sample of Eau de Merveilles which was nice – surprisingly masculine. Terre de Hermès is sooo good – like masterpiece level. Anyone wearing that has my attention. Jardin sur le Nil is also my favourite of the Jardin series!
      I love the Frederic Malle scents but they’re so expensive. I’ve worn Musc Ravageur for years, but this year I’ve bought a much cheaper similar scent called Meharees – I’m pleased with this life hack. 🙂
      I haven’t read Perfume but seen the film – I think it’s too gruesome for me haha. Do you know Perfumes – The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez? It’s an amazingly entertaining book about perfumes and their cultural importance. One of my most-read books!

      1. Oh wow it’s nice to hear from someone who has similar perfume preferences !
        And i have not read that book so thank you for the recommendation Carrie:) if it helps, Perfume (the book) never struck me as gruesome, but it has been a long while since I picked it up.
        Ill research that Malle fragrance & co. I fell down a rabbit hole last night looking at an Aus perfumery store… Melbourne. I’ll try not to go on for hours.
        and yes some of those big name prices are shall we say hard to justify?! Long live price hacks.
        Happy perfume-ing!

  6. Hello Witchy Women, my absence was due to a big bite from A maremma, those beautiful white huge sheep & alpaca guarding dogs. A chomp on my thigh that gave me a serious blood infection that hid in my system for 3 weeks then manifested in a very severe way with an ambulance required & every test possible in hospital due to the unusual way it hid then erupted. Am a weak as an hour old kitten as the effect on the COPD is horrendous.
    Now that’s a halloween trick if ever 🙂
    Apparently i can claim comp which i wasn’t going to do but will surely do now. There are times when money CAN take some stress away. The owners will be insured, they are lovely family but pain is pain & recovery going to take months.
    Sorry about the bad news my Lovelies. Enjoy the stars x

    1. Ooh golly Pegasus. The winged one is momentarily grounded. Sending you healing and strength and a wish of life force from the ground-gods who encourage the trees to grow upwards strongly and who likewise support your sadge-cap attuned feet..
      How complicated to resolve but I’m very relieved for you that the cause was deduced.

      1. Dear Sam TREES! Came home to find owners had cut down my 2 Queensland Maples, lovingly grown over 10 years. They gave me shade joy delight comfort sitting under them reading or tea & sympathy with visitors.
        Wake up grieving for them. To do that when we are going to have a super strong summer is criminal.
        They gave me a state. of the art new oven cook top as compensation but would rather do take away & have the trees. The nasty tree cutter also broke & knocked over all my pot plants along drive with the branches. Evil i say Evil!
        No rapport with nature whatsoever. Too many shocks for my weakened spirit.
        BUT, darling every day a little stronger & thank you for those healing vibes. Caught them! xx

      2. Ahh crap I hit post comment by accident! Meant to add omg not trees! How rude and i just can’t stand brutish tradies who take no care. And yes SHADE in these times essential… May your respite arrive in other new and delightful ways pegs xo

    2. Oh that’s bad, Pegasus!
      Glad to hear that you are on the mend, though, take good care 🍵
      Maybe you prefer not to think about it anymore, but how did the bite happen, if I may ask?
      Was the Maremma in a fight with your own dog? (Daisy, if I remember right 🌸)

      1. Thanks Calli. We were all at the dog park together. Luna is the maremma. Was wearing a hat & sunnies. She was with the daughter not the usual mother. Put my hand out (as i always to for her to sniff) & she chomped on my thigh.
        Wearing white pants & so much blood. Daisy stood back, they sometimes have a plat together as much as maremma’s ‘play’.
        Found out later Luna had been unwell. Had been punched by a bloke in a hoodie, so perhaps some PST set her off.
        I believe it is never the dog’s fault. Strangely many dog attacks in September i read.

      2. Noble of you to say that it is never the dog’s fault, Pegasus. Still the consequences of dogs biting or even attacking can be terrible. I personally love dogs, but am allergic to them so I usually don’t touch them. I often have dogs coming up to me in the woods close to where I live, which I don’t appreciate because of my allergy, but also because you just never know… Anyway the most important is that you are through the worst and it is nice that you will have some compensation. Sending you good energy!

    3. Dang I hope you get your strength back soon!! I grew up with Great Pyrenees who are gentle *to their owners* which is basically the same for most dogs… which is why I fear them! Because the owners say “oh, he’s friendly” as their famous last words before a bite because the dog is friendly to *them*. Glad you were able to get $$$!!! It’s the very least you deserve and I’m so glad the owners took accountability.

      1. Very true. Totally loyal to owners are those maremmas. Heard she had growled at another person at the park.
        It will be process to claim. Apparently owners house insurance pays. ‘Average’ payout, they count teeth marks & level 3-4-5, is $85.000. Rather have my health but as it is said ‘money doesn’t talk-it screams’.
        Nevertheless, it would pay for some tree replacements & home care.

    4. I’ve been sending out the Pegs messages, I totes worry when I don’t see messages from you.

      I’m exhausted all the time lately. Just want to sleep for several hundred years if possible. Sending you much love and a healing that is swift and effective. Some money would always help and when we find ourselves on very restrictive income. I’m so sorry you are having to experience this pain and discomfort lovely one. ❤️

  7. This time of year is many things.

    I guess I’m many versions of my past, current and previous lifetimes. To give a name to all that I am seems to miss the point of living and becomes caught in the narrative of the bystander.

    Being as it’s that time of the month and wiped out of energy and having made the decisions to get away from stim culture. I’m in FLOW mode and then some MM 😂 All the plutonic stuff that can drive you, when you’re no longer in control of the action of being. It’s dehumanising the experience of being flesh, blood and bone.

    These global hostiles have impacted me immensely and I’m having to live with the secrets about it, that I’ve know for many years and the new secrets I’ve been in-trusted with. Scorpio season is always about them secrets, right 🤫

    Weird I know, strange I am and normal was the madness. Only the collective constructed version of modern life always confused me, hence the madness of being human. I was always running the analysis for another time, place or scene. It’s always the right time for the truth, for silence was rudimentary cowardice. That’s not my jam and never was. To trade in deceit was always going to bite back hard.

    The morsels of time arrive on the winds and allow the butterfly to live on, wild and free. Take care MM fam 😊

    1. Almost all of my vivid mental snapshots of a random ephemeral transition time in my life seem to be around this time of the year, always October or November…

      1. R(Aqua/Tauri) I kinda knew you would get that, seeing as you’re a kin with the felines.

        I’ve always been blessed when animals are near. Missing my feline friends and having the recent return of a lovely green frog. Several months back, I got his little paw free from the grate connected to the down pipe. He can no long shimmy along the down pipe as his grown up now. These little moments bring me such joy. I had two birds trying to get into the car yesterday, dancing around on the mirrors. Wren birds a blue one on the left and a little brown one on the right. I’ll call that a David Bowie eye omen for sure.

        There is a nervous system urgency and exhaustion I’m experiencing. Familiar and also very different too. Aware that the messages I’m receiving are very accurate. I just need to put my life battery in to source for a full on recharge. I am proud of you as write the next chapter in your life ❤️

  8. I have a dual Venus Pluto Transit going on right now. Transit Venus conjunct natal pluto, transit pluto conjunct natal Venus, Venus is my chart ruler. Uranus conjunct my AC too Zapped out

  9. Penelope Darling

    As we trundle towards Beltaine I feel Max!Hype happening on my social scene, people coming out of the woodwork and premium 98-octane fuel buzzing through me. I need to ground this all down and discipline myself: in the final PhD stretch.

    1. Finish line is in sight ? SO good. Look forward to reading when you can pop the champagne / Kombucha / cuppa tea and a long nap ☕

  10. Are we confessing? Because I am living across from a veterans cemetary and an “amusement” park where they host “fright night” so the woods behind my house is filled with screams at night.
    My 92 year old father has caught a cold and my recent mastectomy has me feeling like a hole in my chest I’d visible to all.

    That said went to the grocers at 4 in the afternoon and the “gen x greatest hits” felt like a murky sanitorium mixer at a nursing home.

    Smiles everybody! 😬

    1. Honestly, this is in my 8th house square my mars/jupiter and semisquare my angles. I should be a pro at this.
      Oh no. I’m a pro at this.

      1. Sorry to hear Surlatable, sounds like a perfect Halloween storm ⛈️
        The pillow fort sounds like a good idea. And a good cry can also be necessary. Sending you some calming energy 🐚

      2. If it helps, I’d happily argue that “cookies & scream white chocolate cannabis bar” is very much on brand for Taurus anything…

    2. I’m feeling you on the 8th house.

      I’m proud of you and watch something from our era like Witches of Eastwick or Death Becomes Her. Sometimes what we lose was only holding us back. I’m having chocolate cake n cream with black coffee for breakfast and a paw full of pills “I’m so punk rock.” That’s how I roll and hugs and love to you beautiful one.

      1. Built a pillow fort and just letting the yelling tire itself out in the background.
        The “cookies and scream” white chocolate cannabis bar and wrapped in blankets crying was not technically on mystics list so i’ll be readjusting once my eyes close.

        See us on the other side.

      1. We made it through.grotty business that was. 🤮🤧🥵

        Purgative. I guess I went scorp 😁

  11. It’s very overwhelming and yesterday I decided I was done *trying* to do anything until like November 1st when the second eclipse is fully through.

    Every time I’ve tried to re engage with a business I’ve recently launched since the first eclipse it’s been impossible both mentally and like because of random shitty tech stuff happening to block me.

    At the same time I found myself super inspired by old passions about scalar waves, geometry of logic, nature of reality, and healing. While being supporter in that endeavor by a new group of likeminded people.

    I also realized in that group that I have a huge fear of magic despite being drawn to it all my life. Someone in the group helped me realize I most likely have some past life witch persecution thing going on. Which is true, in my only two clear past life impressions I’ve experienced both had clear themes of being punished for saying stuff some people didn’t like. Never put it together that that “stuff” might be, uh, magic stuff.

    Kind of having an existential crisis over all of it and what my place in the world really is. No big decisions now, just following that natural line of interest staying by the fire reading books. Will see where it all stands next month.

  12. il feeling mega hyper…but then the moon is in aries (my natal) thr eclipse is on my ascendant (8 toro )
    and my sun & merc are in scorp…went for a run for first time in ages and been listening to Didgeridoo by Aphex Twin….it soothes me….🌘🦂🌑🌑

  13. With my solar return exact just a few hours after the full moon and Mars on my North Node, I think Scorping Up is the only option for me — well, not even an option, really, more like a mandate. A mysterious, powerful, and beautiful weekend to all. Listening to Season of the Witch (OG Donovan version and Lana del Ray, both so good)

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