The “Still Gleaming” German Sword Find

You may have seen the news about the German archeological find – a “still gleaming” sword excavated from a town called Nordlingen in Bavaria. Even though I’m fascinated by ancient history, I often avoid these kinds of stories because the depictions of people’s remains seems unnecessary and disrespectful –  it makes me sad.

However, this story sent me off down a rabbit labyrinth of research that you may find interesting so voila. The sword is thought to be from the 16th Century BC aka the Bronze Age and it is in fact made of bronze, strangely unscathed or, more likely, never used. Much is being made of the fact that it is octagonal but to me it looks like there is a goddess symbol on the hilt – see above.

Nobody else has mentioned it and of course I am probably reading too much into it but it resembles other images I’ve seen over the years. It also reminds me of the iconic Nebra Sky Disk – again, just vibe.

A side note: the town of Nordlingen is embedded with millions of micro-diamonds, the result of a meteor impact from 15 million years ago and while looking into the Bronze Age, I discovered the extraordinary Berlin Gold Hat –  like a solid gold witches or wizard’s hat with astrological calendars and calculations enscribed on it.

I also found a list of activities prohibited by a 7th Century Belgian bishop – below – it’s darkly funny: dark because, of course, people were so cruelly punished for their “pagan practices” but hilarious because clearly their prohibition was a fail.

The Bishop’s Anti-Pagan Rules

#Don’t attempt to interpret omens from sneezes or bird songs.

#Don’t celebrate “New Year’s Day.”

#Banned: Prolonged feasts at night with excessive drinking as well as working, dancing or singing on holy days.

#Banned – the passing of herds through hollow trees and digging ditches on May Day.

#You must not refer to the Sun, Moon or pagan deities as “My Lord” or “My Lady” or swear oaths by these luminaries.

#Forbidden: Lighting torches at crossroads and making wishes there or visiting stones, springs and trees dedicated to your gods.

#You must not suspend amulets on the necks of persons and animals or hang amber on women’s necks.

#Women are forbidden to invoke the goddess Minerva also known as Belisama and Freya before working on their looms.

#You must not curse at the moon when it darkens or take time off on the days of the new moon. Nor is it allowed to sing, change cast spells, dance or jump joyously because of this occasion.

#Banned: Sleeping in on a Thursday morning on account of it being Jupiter’s Day.

There are actually some good ideas there! Thoughts?

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  1. I admit it I am an image hoarder. But the Naqada image above is disturbingly familiar and I trawled all of my recent folders and found it in my screenshots from MM’s IG 🙂
    I want to make it. I can clearly see the female form in the “still shining” hilt, Venus’ were prolific eg Lespugue and Willendorf so why not on a hilt, possibly ceremonial?

  2. Happy Solstice (Summer or Winter) beautiful peoples! ☀️ you know I have always wanted to know what is contained in secrecy in the Vatican? A process that systematically erased all feminine power and history to continue its rule and never release anything that goes against their preachings / teachings. I’m almost certain there would be undeniable proof that the divine feminine is the real strength & power to everything cosmic….. oh a time where all people are restored their land, power and history. I dream…..

    1. Do you think the overlord of the Vatican (surely not the pope/figurehead but some anonymous CEO) has a cache of these artefacts or they do sacrificial sacrifices of these icons and try to erase them from history forever? I wonder…

      1. Hhhmm in my heart of hearts I’d love to say no BUT what history has taught us is that anything is possible when power and money is concerned. You just have to look to the witch trials in 16th century Europe to see exactly how much influence the church had over imposing their beliefs & then enforcing them. The truth is almost always stranger than fiction.

        1. I am patiently waiting for Pluto in Aqua and now back in Capricorn at 29 degrees to detonate corrupt institutions…..*finger taps nervously

  3. Corduroy jeans

    Being an abundantly cautious, believer-in-Unfathomableness, I refused to look at the full sword in the news articles. Same with all discoveries bar Ancient Greco-Roman statues, because they were designed for viewing (mostly). But appraising (reverently and with great respect) the photo of the hilt, I definitely see a Goddess image, and after reading about rune history, I wonder if an archaeologist is studying pre-runic alphabet markings, as to an interp. Although – given its burial context, its well-preserved state, its markings, etcetera – am convinced it is a powerful magical talisman of some description, and, that its finding was no accident! *”As you were…” I whisper, terrified, to the great bronze talisman, as I back away, searching for my mugwort and salt bath herbs..*

    1. Part of me agrees to the logic of not disturbing ancient resting places, but look, how marvelous it is to have an evidence of the brilliance of our ancestors! I would get drunk with self importance, if I was on that site as an archeologist! 🤭

      1. Completely agreed, 5HC, on importance of history. My (personal) concern was with the (unwitting, usually) digital proliferation of purposely concealed knowledge/items/magicka, and potentially adverse consequences (am thinking more of Egyptian tombs which were opened, for e.g.) MM said it better than I – but am certainly glad for a bronze age archetype e.g. of the Queen of Swords..💥💫

        1. The Queen of Swords incantation/remembrance is SO apt! 🤩
          I am hoping to go to an Iron Age grave site tomorrow for midsummer. On my own. Hopefully, with some offering for the ancient spirits that are not related to me in any way, yet feel totally mine. I agree that occult needs to not be overt. I hope this amazing find helps millions find wonder and admiration.

  4. Read about the Nebra Sky Disk, upon your prompting. Totally fascinated. Interestingly, I was in Berlin just last week and will go again for the late August Piscean full moon. Will try to visit and report back. 🫡

  5. Thanks Mystic for the cool story, i am a fascinated by ancient history as well and love reading about the things that have been found. And agree totally that it looks just like a goddess depiction. Would love to see the design around the pommel as well. Off to search for more pictures

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    I see a woman’s dress, Spainish style tight and flare at bottom.
    Clearly 2 circles for bosom and a nice decolletage.

  7. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    It reads like a to-do list to me!
    Yes I see the goddess too!
    Love these kind of posts <3

  8. As a devotee to Freya, I one hundred percent agree and see a goddess in this hilt. I also resonated deeply with this find and have this image saved.

    It’s interesting you mention the millions of micro-diamonds from a meteor impact in the region because last night as I dreamed of the Sphinx, grand against a backdrop of the cosmos and followed up by some horned God whom I am assuming is either Osiris or Dionysus, the surrounding earth was covered in pockets of glowing purple and white sparkling luminescence that in the dream was recognized as from a meteor impact. I was expecting a Galactic Center dream as my Neptune exact conjunct was impacted by this new moon and it delivered. But why? That is the mystery.

    1. I remember seeing an egyptian artifact (I think it was a piece of jewellery, but I’m not sure) made for a pharaoh which included a polished meteoritic stone, so the meteor rain you saw in your dream has surely taken place. if you are intrigued by meteors, go to a place where they sell crystals and look for a moldavite. it’s a very powerful crystal and if you hold it in your hands it will give out heat (!). it blows my mind to know that it has come all the way from space <3

  9. P.S. MM I agree wholeheartedly with re your Comment re the display of human remains also the digging up of same and not returning them to their original place of origin. What is the point of keeping them in boxes in a Museum or some such place, it is utterly ridiculous.

  10. The Goddess has always been there throughout it all even under the guise of the Virgin Mary as she is today venerated by the very religion who tried to stamp her out.

    1. also, bavaria is deeply catholic and very devoted to the virgin mary. if the sword was made there, it makes a lot of sense.

  11. I cannot even begin to tell you how emotional I felt when I saw the sword. Had it not been gleaming it would not have had the same significance to me. It felt like my own personal athame. If I had ever lost faith in the tide turning, I have it now renewed with brilliantly refreshed vigour.

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