Daily Mystic for Friday 27 to Sunday 29 October

As I write, the Mars-Mercury/Jupiter opposition and the Full Moon intensity is building – please see the times when it’s exact below and/or check the Moon Calendar.

Now, the time around the exact moment of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is epic for insights and realizations – whether or not you’re consciously striving for such –  so aim for receptivity.

The nature of Mercury-Mars in this config can also evoke snark or draw out concealed hostility – if so, you can’t control others but you can reinforce boundaries/borders and refrain from venting venom to no good end.

Note that the Full Moon exact is peak awareness but the gnarly Mars crap continues into early November. If you can hold your ground and maintain stability whilst also being bathed in deep-scorpionic emotional waters, you win this.

Reminder: this is the last in a series of Taurus-Scorpio eclipses ongoing since November 2021 and this particular eclipse ‘family’ only occurs every 19 years. You can’t get the profound breakthrough potential of this overclocked lunar fiasco without the pressure/emotion – but you can ensure your attention is not diverted by the usual suspects.

Jupiter is a player which means whatever occurs, you can turn it to growth fuel.

Also please see the link to the most incredible article below, if you feel like a metaphysical enrichment.


Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) @5° Taurus 

Los Angeles: Saturday 13.24
New York: Saturday 16.24
Universal Time: Saturday 20.24
London: Saturday 21.24
Dubai: Sunday 00.24
Mumbai: Sunday 1.54
Singapore: Sunday 4.24
Sydney: Sunday 07.24
Auckland: Sunday 09.24

Image: The Evangelionsthis article about these three old books is one of the most extraordinarily informative and inspiring things I’ve ever read. 

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 27 to Sunday 29 October”

  1. What an article! And what the sacred books still have to reveal? Thank you Mystic! To be able to sit with the books would be beyond anything! I can already feel my hands tingling. The mystery, the power. Humility would definitely be required.

    1. I’m so happy you both like it! A.I. chatter is flooding a lot of mediums right now so it’s brilliant to be able to share writing & info like this.

  2. ‘If you can hold your ground and maintain stability whilst also being bathed in deep-scorpionic emotional waters, you win this.’
    This is EXACTLY my challenge right now. Almost six years ago my work team and I started out on a mission, but our management didn’t give us enough man hours to do our job properly. This has put endless pressure on our collaboration. I have lost my cool several times in the past few weeks while discussing solutions, because I carry so much resentment from feeling wronged in the past. My wish for the coming week is that we can finally work together constructively and make things better…

    1. I think the awareness you have re this is brilliant and this eclipse intensity can help you generate enough momentum to make the wish an intention and then your cool candor could do the rest?

      1. Thank you so much, Mystic. For your encouragement and for the lovely sanctuary of your website <3

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