Kate Bush’s Uranus Transit

Aged just 18, triple-Leo Kate Bush wrote Wuthering Heights in one night and it became life-alteringly successful.

The surprise smash hit song was, she explained, inspired by seeing the Full Moon shining in a window right after she’d watched the 1939 film adaption of Wuthering Heights.

Leo solidarity cinched the inspo deal: Discovering her and Emily Bronte shared the same birthday – July 30 – she felt a zing of connection with the iconic Gothic novelist.

This particular evening – a Saturday night, March 5 1977 – was clearly quite the convergence. Yes it was teenage Leo heaven – an old romantic movie from the Golden Era of Hollywood, dramatic lighting from the Full Moon and history-crushing on an archetypal Leo talent.

But it was also an extraordinary astrological moment – cosmic lightning, a Magician at play. The Full Moon was at 15 Virgo, squaring Neptune in Saggo and shaking loose any limiting assumptions. But this was merely the backdrop: there was also a Saturn-Uranus square in play.

Saturn was in Leo and exact conjunct Bush’s natal Uranus. Saturn was also squaring Uranus in Scorpio, which was crossing her Ascendant at the time. I know it’s confusing but think of it like this: Kate Bush is a natal Sun-Uranus in Leo person with Scorpio Rising.

The general Saturn-Uranus square of 1977 directly influenced her natal Uranus and Ascendant. The alignment had been in effect on and off since 1975 but the earlier exact ‘hits’ saw Saturn conjunct her Leo Sun, squaring her Neptune in Scorpio/the 12th house.

The Saturn transit over her Sun* put paid to her already tenuous relationship with traditional education. School, she said “laid some really heavy inhibitions on me.” It also included an apparently unsuccessful debut performance and failing her driving test – Saturn 101.

Bush spent most 1975/1976 doing karate, learning interpretive dance, writing music and practicing piano. It all came together on the night of that Full Moon, with Uranus activating her Scorpio Ascendant.

She’s been a self-defined artist ever since – this New Yorker piece by Margaret Talbot is a brilliant summation of Kate Bush’s vocational voodoo:

One secret of Bush’s artistry is that she has never feared the ludicrous—she tries things that other musicians would be too careful or cool to go near. That was apparent from the very first lines of “Wuthering Heights”—“Out on the wiley, windy moors / we’d roll and fall in green / You had a temper like my jealousy / too hot, too greedy.”

When she wrote that song, she hadn’t yet read the Emily Brontë novel; she’d only caught the end of a TV adaptation. But of course she got the essence of the book, sucked it in, and transmogrified it in her teen-aged soul, and she knew how to keen those lyrics like a ghost ceaselessly yearning.

It’s interesting that a whole new generation has ‘discovered’ her as Saturn again squares Uranus, this time from Aquarius to Taurus. Transit-wise, this story is also a reminder that even the most ostensibly ‘hard’ aspects can generate major magic.


*Her Sun-Uranus are in the 9th House – so she is also a classic 9th Houser. FYI, so was Emily Bronte – author of Wuthering Heights the novel. A Scorpio Rising and Leo like Kate, she had Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the 9th.

26 thoughts on “Kate Bush’s Uranus Transit”

  1. Wow. Love the novel, love the song. I don’t listen to it much, though, because I can’t get through it without sobbing. When she sings, “Heathcliff, it’s me, I’m Cathy, I’ve come home”, I lose it. In a good way, but still.
    How do you write a novel and a song that makes people fall in love with two characters who aren’t really all that lovable? Genius is my guess. So happy to see all the Kate Bush love!

  2. As I was literally running up a hill, Kate Bush’s song ‘Running up that hill (a deal with God)’ came on this morning. Magic 🪄

  3. All of Kate Bush’s albums were played constantly in our household when I was growing up and this post brings back such fond memories of being exposed to wonderful music! The men of course were captivated by Kate’s performance of Babooshka, but I loved her bewitching rendition of The Man with the Child in his Eyes. Written at 13 and recorded when she was 16. Kate Bush is a musical genius.
    So interesting now to learn of the astrological makeup behind it all.

  4. Remember ’77 very well, so it was a Saturn Uranus square. Wrote a note on the 7/7/77 on a Khalil Gibran book about researching Sekhina energy whilst residing in Singapore, then the next year in Belgium Kate was on repeat radio with that song, then on MTV perhaps as it was close to England they got it first. Her video’s were wonderful, i means SHE HAD A VOICE!

    1. Yes I can still remember the very moment I first saw it on Countdown, I fell involve with the song, her voice, her red dress and dancing.

  5. so there was a saturn uranus square the yr i was born…hmmm
    would love to murder ‘wuthering heights’ at karaoke

  6. I also love what you write Mystic:
    Transit-wise, this story is also a reminder that even the most ostensibly ‘hard’ aspects can generate major magic’
    I would add that Bush’ natal chart also bears testimony to this truth, as she has a grand square involving her Sun-Uranus in Leo, Neptune in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus! It must have been a challenge to live with these placements, but what MAGIC she has created with it!

  7. So happy to read this post. I have loved her and her music for years and was often ridiculed for it because people didn’t consider her cool. Yet she is coolness personified. And so comfortable and confident in what she does. Makes me love her more. Thanks Mystic – you get it xx

  8. Check it out if you haven’t already:
    According to Luminate, musician Kate Bush has earned a whopping USD$2.3 million (AUD$3.3 million) worth of royalties this month, courtesy of her hit song Running Up That Hill’s breakout revival in the series Stranger Things.5 July 2022

  9. You haven’t even mentioned her song “Running up that hill” is written into the storyline of the current fab TV show Stranger Things!!! How amazing it all is!!
    I was painting a landscape inspired by “Running up that hill” in 2020!!
    I’m so glad Kate has returned. I was a fan in the ’70s at high school, know these songs off by heart, they sort of became ingrained.

    1. I didn’t have time to go into that but alluded to it in the 3rd paragraph from the end of the post. I was more struck by that particular moment – it’s so rare to have such exact astro-ata for these phenoms.

    2. I first ran into Kate Bush in 2008, through a Camille Paglia paean to the original music video for Running up that Hill: “Here is Kate Bush’s brilliant, haunting song “Running up That Hill,” with its skittering vocal echoes and ominous military tattoo. Bush puts on a boffo exhibition of her mastery of modern dance, and the whole thing ends in a surreal procession of Jungian masks multiplied in starkly high-tech corridors. Bush is a sorceress with a poet’s instinct for the archaic and universal.”

      Bush’s music has been with me since and I loved this post. Don’t watch Stranger Things, but delighted that she’s coming back into people’s conciousness. <3

    3. Kate Bush wrote Running up that hill when Pluto in Scorpio was moving into a square with her Leo Sun in the early 80’s… The song has always felt very, very Scorpionic to me with its allusions to the merging of beings, the ‘hurting and tearing apart’ and ‘making a deal with God’.. Maybe in a painful and fiery way, but also in way which suggests that a Phoenix will rise from the ashes 🔥

  10. I love this post, Mystic!
    I remember appreciating Kate’s flamboyance, mystery and drama already as a 10-year old. My Leo ascendant and Venus/Neptune in Scorpio certainly helped with that. She is a great musician, but also – and especially – a great storyteller which is a very Leo talent I think 🦁

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