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The Moon in Virgo is a once every month zone of exceptional clarity and pattern recognition. People born with this Moon are natural-born obsessive geniuses; their psyche is more like a details matrix. Their next-level observation skills make it hard for them to relax, as such.

Mop Cleaning With The Most Virgo Woman In The World

The American television personality and celebrity cook Rachael Ray is the most Virgo woman on the planet. She has – wait for it – the Sun, Ascendant, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Pluto, and Uranus in Virgo. Her Leo husband, fortunately, has Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo.  Hyperbolically Virgo people are his thing. RR says on her rare days off she writes and then cleans until she crashes with fatigue. …

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Virgo Moon Magic Can Turn

The benefits of Virgo Moon Magic are well documented on this site and in the Horoscopes. Even people with zero Virgo Vibe or Virgo Vision rev up into ultra mode at this time of the month. But aside from the micro-tasking genius and gleaming accomplishments, there is a downside. It is the Moon Of Noticing Everything. If you are a natal Moon in Virgo person, you alchemize this asset/liability into …

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The Sun Trine Pluto On A Virgo Moon

The Sun trine Pluto on a Virgo Moon is pretty nifty. See your Horoscopes for a more nuanced and sign/rising-sign take on this but broadly? It’s a grounded, data-driven, taking care of business vibe. As opposed to last week’s drawn-out existential crisis, the drastic  “do something, now” prompts have died down. It’s more a matter of getting back into your better-self groove and staying there. As always with a Virgo …

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The Dark Moon In Virgo Miracle

Over the years, I have come to revere the Moon in Virgo. It’s always restorative. Virgo Moons bring facts and motivation to tackle even the most massive of problems via some simple first moves. They are always a lunar reminder of the old witches wisdom that if a task seems daunting, start with one small aspect of it. Do that with total focus and for a pre-set phase of time. …

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Stephen Hawkings Pluto Conjunct Midheaven

Stephen Hawking was a Capricorn with two Grand Earth Trines. One hummed between his Mercury in Capricorn, Neptune in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. The other was Sun in Capricorn, to Moon in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. As if that were not a strong enough config, the genius physicist had Pluto conjunct Midheaven, the astral signature of enduring renown. Or, of someone recognized as a transformer of consciousness and …

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Can Saturn Return Make You Mouthy?

Mystic advises a Sagittarius who wonders if it’s normal to have such a good Saturn Return. She’s now more mouthy, empowered, and brave in the everyday. Mystic, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo moon, Cancer ascendant. Before Saturn entered and left my sign, I was pretty much a low-key wallflower and when things upset me or people did something wrong, I coped by accepting it and writing through it. Since December …

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