Asteroid Atlantis In Astrology

So I have asteroid Atlantis Rising. In Aquarius. I just want to drop that right there for any Crystal Links people reading.

The Lost City Of Atlantis is, as Eric Francis put it, “a favorite reincarnation destination.”  It’s become Ground Zero for the more star-seedy end of the New Age spectrum.  It’s fabled, nobody knows if it existed or not and the would-be reincarnate Atlanteans don’t care.

The real Atlantis – the one Plato said was an island city between the “Pillars of Hercules” – would pale in comparison to New Age Atlantis.

The real Atlantis may or may not have traded in saffron – there are shipping records, apparently. New Age Atlantis was run on crystal power and it was a portal to other dimensions.  It sunk itself due to hubris/some super crystal power fuq up or was destroyed by aliens/rival galactic crystalline beings.

New Age Atlantis spawns a lot of naff but awesome art and people saying that they “channel” or were a priestess there.

Artists, poets, and seekers have always been fascinated with the paradise lost of Atlantis. But New Age Atlantis owes a lot to this book, that the novelist Taylor Caldwell wrote when she was 12. (She was Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo).

Atlantis is ruled by the beautiful and intelligent Empress Salustra. The fate of the Empire will be decided by an arranged marriage with the ruler of a less advanced, semi-barbarian northern kingdom, as the advanced technology of Atlantis is powerless against strange environmental and ecological disasters.

Caldwell said it was based on a recurring dream that seemed real, almost like another life. That, her age and the obvious hook-ups with the New Age movement – past lives, ecological concerns, crystals, soulmates – made it a best-seller.

The Romance of Atlantis popularized the idea that some people were citizens of the doomed city. They’d reincarnated, still galactically glamorous and spiritually more aligned than others.

Before Taylor Caldwell’s Atlantean priestess saga, there was 1882’s Atlantis – The Antediluvian World, still in print today and arguably the book that sparked the fascination with this lost city. While the author, a Scorpio populist politician and “fringe scientist” called Ignatius Donnelly, was routinely reviled by mainstream ‘experts’, you can see why the story compels.

Who doesn’t want to believe in or even rediscover a utopian lost city? And the fact that there was a gigantic flood cataclysm 5000 or so years ago is incontrovertible. Why wouldn’t there be an Atlantis?

Still new age Atlantis has jumped the shark, inspiring everyone/thing from tele-evangelists, designers (Alexander McQueen’s iconic Spring 2010 collection was called Plato’s Atlantis) and Aquaman to steamy romance novel series.

The lost city has naturally spawned its fair share of conspiracy theories: My fave is that the lost city is beneath the Bermuda Triangle, near the classified Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center – AUTEC, can still zap unsuspecting sailors and pilots into another dimension.

If you want to look up YOUR asteroid Atlantis – it is number 1198.  Mine is, as I mentioned, rising. (*Looks contemplatively at magic crystal fingernails).

What does Asteroid Atlantis MEAN in a chart? Who knows? The asteroids are always open to interpretation and few more so than Atlantis. I think it’s where you yearn for a lost city. You never walked its streets or knew its temples. But still, you remember.


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  1. First search on Atlantis, I find my natal Atlantis is at 28.12 Libra in my 12th house. It is nearly conjunct Neptune at 1 Scorpio. I have always looked at Atlantis like a nation that destroyed themselves with pride that they could live under the sea. Finding it so close to Neptune in my 12th makes me laugh a bit, but maybe Atlantis representing such advancements that they saw themselves as strong enough to survive without the rest of the world they were born on, blending it with the vibrations of Neptune works for me. Burying themselves in spiritual things using a physical medium wasn’t very bright for such advanced people, example, bringing the air down with them that belongs up on top of the water… they brought that part of the world with them, and the city was placed on the earth, rather than floating inside the water and submitting to its power. Seems they dared the world to destroy them. Just me, I know. Personally, I’m psychic in many ways with many experiences, but I try never to lose sight of where I live. So I hide it, like my 12th house does Neptune and Atlantis. But I don’t run from it, and don’t let the place I live rule me either. Libra balance, I have a stellium in Libra. These are my first impressions without any real research, so believe as you will and I’ll keep searching. 🙂

    1. “Housemaid” is sixth house not seventh. Perhaps you had a lot of relationships with people from Atlantis. Perhaps you even went to live there because of that, perhaps for a marriage.

  2. This showed up in the archives and, surprise! It is spot on my Scorpio moon. Guess being born within the Bermuda Triangle is proper 🙂

  3. Always sounded like a creepy fragile superficial place to me, where everything might shatter if you cough.

    Gemini in the ninth trine Pluto opposite Neptune.

    Got Neptune Jupiter Uranus in Sagg. At odds with it.

  4. Mystic if you are into past lives / healing at all check out focus for I recently had an awesome healing with this lady where in my past I went back to not having a body & just experienced being a light energy form. What I loved though it wasn’t just about the past but also going to the future –
    preparing your brain to take action to create the future you want. Thought that part was cool and I mention it because I’ve aIways loved your posts about neurons etc. I’m a scorp rising with moon in pisces so this sort of stuff fascinates me. I also think its way better to be a kind person in this life than if you were say a high priestess in some Atlantean past life!
    Peace out xo

  5. Fwiw
    At 3 Virgo. Aspects absolutely nothing in my chart 🙂 I am free from atlantean conniptions. Oops I mean connections 🙂

  6. 12° Leo, in the 7th House. Literally the only thing in that house. Oppose Mercury in Aqua (1st house) Square Chrion, Semi Square Saturn, Quncunx Venus.
    I’m going to lay claim to being the cleaner of the crystal realms. 7th house – relationships, semi square saturn – who really wants to clean anyway – even if it is crystals or the crystal toilets of magicians. I don’t care how magically enlightened you are – everybody poops.

  7. 2 degrees Scorpio in my 12th house Scorpio stellium. Probably some lurky creep. All my past lives were dark and creepy. Ho hum

    1. You were a tax auditor/assassin in Atlantis Heights. You actually fiddled with the data at the Lucid Tourmaline Dreaming Gazebo for your own murky motives. Do you think?

      1. Haha! Oh heavens, no!

        With Atlantis’ sextile to my 2nd house Neptune I am more the “above money motives” type.

        I was thinking more along the lines of, “Living an isolated life in a pretty but secluded bungalow-cave, collecting potent objects, painting and brooding…studying the mysteries…”

  8. My understanding of Atlantis is that it came after Lemuria, and it existed in a different Era (Yuga) before our current Era, Kali Yuga.

    Lemuria perished with the decline of consciousness, as did Atlantis after it.

    And so here we are, in Kali Yuga, almost completely in the dark re the ways of magic and (almost) completely enmeshed in our material form.

    It’s quite the adventure holiday, akin to peeps who pay a lot of money to be dropped at a deserted island.

    1. I had also thought about this, JM, regarding Atlantis, Lemuria and the Yugas. Just wish there was more consensus regarding the timing of them, tho. Looking at the Hindu units of time is a mindfuq, and different scholars, well….differ in opinion. One thing is for certain – it does feel like we’re in the Kali Yuga, damn it!

      1. Features of Kali Yuga:
        *Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.
        *Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people.
        *People will prefer to choose false ideas.
        *Base (low minded) men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

  9. Hah. My partner has mentioned Atlantis at least 3 times a year for the past 4 years…Turns out he has Atlantis conjunct his Sagittarius Neptune and Ascendant

    1. Yes I have it sagitattarius too – on IC sextile to natal eris, saturn aries 8th….The curent uranus transit is near conjunct it, Its appropriate for now

  10. It’s conjunct my ascendant in Gemini. Wow. Do I get the naked men beamed live too? Now that’s the kind of thing I like to channel. Hand me my selenite wands please, baby needs some magic.

  11. I’m reading Magicians of The Gods by Graham Hancock–we may not have discovered the exact location of Atlantis, but we have pretty much now understood the cause of the major deluge (Younger Dryas comet) and that many were lost & some survived to tell the tale–I’m mid-read but he is looking at science and myths. The Native American tales are a bit chilling since a major portion of the comet hit the North American ice sheets.

    Now to run my Atlantis–I was introduced to it through Donovan’s song–I still love it!

  12. I’m all a quiver… In my Lemurian bedroom I had naked men, occult symbols, pegasuss AND unicorns. It was orse! I would often fly on Edwina the Pegasus or travel on the back of huge white whales over to Atlantis and dance in the crystal gardens….and then…..suddenly…thank goodness for forever because I now have that again, except Edwina is Felix the Toyota and though cool I do prefer wrapping my legs around a Pegasus

  13. Venusian_Liaison

    Mine is 28 degrees Gemini in the 9th conjunct Cancer North Node and MC in the 10th. I guess I’ve always been an astrologer….;)

  14. Mine’s in Scorpio/8th house, conjunct my Sun-Venus. Another notch in this Scorpion belt. And speaking of, Venus is slinking all over my natal Mars today & good thing the moon’s dark or else I would’ve been *dangerous* today! Mack truck dangerous 😛

    1. Hahaha. I know a Scorpio moon-mercury who said ” if I were a guy, I’d actually want to go out and start fights today” lol

      1. Right! Energy is building, for sure. Come the new moon I’ll be macking on these honeys, but not a minute before.

  15. Hysterical MM!

    Mine is in Leo 5th house trining Neptune. I’m guessing I was also a barista in East Atlantis, perhaps selling blue hoochie juice instead of coffee 🙂

  16. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


    I have it close to my Pisces ascendant. Not bang-on, but close enough.

    Obviously I was a dodgy nail artist in Atlantis. I used cheap polish and inferior crystals and would slip my number to other people’s Nude Living Room Men when I did house calls.

    Seriously Atlantis-y types make my arse hurt though.

    I met one who had a particular crystal that she said was “the atlantis stone” (they all wore it apparently) and because she felt “drawn” to this pale turquoise string of pebbles on a stretchy plastic thread, it was a clear indicator that she was reincarnated from said civilisation.

    1. Yes i always intuited that one day i would gather around me my former manicurist and barista from East Atlantis in a sort of electronic coven. I blame you both for my aversion to tourmaline that continues to this era.

  17. Cayce’s most interesting point with Atlantean lives was that there was no particular template of body, face, skin etc.
    he claims that as the first race they were able to combine the features of any creature that took their fancy. Eg head of a wolf, body of a gazelle arms of monkey penis of a horse etc. the idea being that they were spiritual beings attempting to fully experience physical life as they chose. This ability he claims led to the problems that eventually destroyed the civilization. He goes further to say that those that survived established ‘clinics’ in a variety of places, where they reengineered a new genetic species (the Adam) with common characteristics, this genetic species is the current human form.
    The main clinics were in South America Asia and Egypt, he claims the pyramids of these places were the clinics and that as by this time humans had forgotten they were spiritual beings the codes and memories of their original star seed and directions to return were implanted in the new genetic code.

    1. This may explain the images and depiction of the Egyptian pantheon.
      One point I didn’t make clear is that Cayce says that there was an indigenous earth race at the time of Atlantis but that the atlanteans were just meant to be visitors, studying the life forms.
      ‘The Adam’ was a combination of the original root race with the embedded codes of the star seed.
      The idea being that memory / return to the original star system would be possible in the future.

      1. I haven’t read this, that’s really cool. There are so many books on Cayce that it’s overwhelming trying to work out which to read, so if you have any titles/links..
        Read somewhere else (BBHandClow?) that the centaurs and fauns, bull headed men etc. of myth were part of their experimental program. Same theme, slightly different take.

        But maybe Clow’s story is from a slightly different parallel universe and not our history like Cayce’s? I find that happens sometimes for me, I will focus on a friend or client and see their story but have to be careful not to assume that the information is from here and now, but a relationship between here and now affected by a dynamic from another time. So I mean, sometimes the info is correct but not from the same time line exactly.

  18. That scene in “Goodfellas” in the bar when the Donovan song “Atlantis” is blasting on the jukebox while the guy gets a beat down? That. (Film school ruined me.)

  19. Drowning Capricorn

    This is scary: transiting Atlantis conjunct my natal Sun, Ascendant and transiting Pluto, with Pallas pulling up in the rear – all in Capricorn. Another bit of water to add to my water logged chart influences. I am of Hellenic descent, but always thought my past life was spent at Cleopatra’s court. I’ll ponder a past life regression strategy in my Dark Moon ritual bath this evening. Stay tuned for an update from the depths of the ‘wine dark sea.’

  20. An Australian medical doctor, Stephen Oppenheimer who’s lived and worked in S E Asia for many years wrote a book called *East of Eden*. He investigated comparative mythology and used genetic, anthropological, linguistic and archaeological evidence to show that nearly every Middle Eastern and European myth motif, including the Great Flood, can be found on the islands of eastern Indonesia and the southwest Pacific – suggesting that the cradle of civilization – was not in the Middle East, as is normally believed, but was in a drowned continent off South East Asia – or Sundaland…. maybe the famous Atlantis? It is compelling reading with amazing facts and illustrations.

    1. Also, he mentions three sudden ice-melts: 14,000, 11,500 and 8,000 years ago that would have had a global impact. The earliest date is close to the date given by Plato for the destruction of Atlantis.

      No mention of crystals, alas, but great info on myths.

      1. Sounds a great read! It’s interesting to read about what people apparently see when tsunamis are pulling back the water before they hit. Read some people describing amazing structures they saw uncovered.. Can’t find that info now. But with sea levels changing all the time and humans liking to be next to water, I think most of human history is underwater.

  21. This whole post made me laugh so hard. Love those crystal fingernails. My Atlantis is in Libra in my 7th: maybe that’s why I only have romances with Librans! Past life karma, and they look great naked.

  22. :):) Mine is 17 Libra, in my tenth house. I should be selling Crystals!! TO RUN OUR CARS ON!! Or maybe an archaeologist excavating Thera. 😉

  23. I have Atlantis EXACTLY conjunct my Pluto at 27 Virgo, which is conjunct my Sun at 1 Libra, which are all conjunct my MC at 4 Libra. I have no idea what this means. Maybe I DESTROYED (Pluto) Atlantis?!? lol – either that or I am here to resurrect it. Whatevs. I sure would like some nude men and occult symbols in my life though.

    1. as a south node Atlanta I was sure I’d seen your face before. you totally brought the transformation and it was such a total bummer at first, but I never liked gauzy clothing. you brought us black cofortable/chic clothing and those of us that started looking for obsidian were cast out. so thanks for that.

  24. I find it so wrong and cliche when depictions of Atlantians are exclusively white. Definitely a reflection of our current, fallen paradigm where European colonizers and their descendants have fooled the world and themselves into thinking that they are the original and master race.
    Anyway, the Disney cartoon version of the movie seemed much more realistic: Native American/ Indigenous-looking peoples who did in fact live in much more advanced empires and civilizations than the Europeans before making contact with their diseases and falling prey to their racist, cultural and religious paranoia.
    Just my thoughts..

    1. I hear ya…but I will say that with the “Pillars of Hercules” being synonymous w/ the Strait of Gibraltar, there is a very good chance its inhabitants could have been genetically similar to the Spanish, Portuguese, and/or North African peoples – if not initially, certainly over time as these were the nearest civilizations. Certainly they would have cross-bred with other peoples at some point in history, yes?

  25. “Mine is, as i said, rising. (*Looks contemplatively at magic crystal fingernails).”


    Also Atlantis Rising here – does that mean I win a free Hunky Barbarian to go along with the aforementioned Magical Crystal Fingernails?


    1. I’m talking something straight out of a Boris Vallejo print, please and thank you. Ya know… since I’m such a special little snowflake and all (LOL)!


  26. Something’s in the air:
    Just watched one my fav animated movies, “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” on December 7th. Haven’t seen it in years but suddenly really wanted to. So… what’s up??

  27. I have it slap bang on my descendant, conjunct Hekate. I feel I was a rather badly behaved magician/priestess in a past life ( full on 8th house in Gemini) but I am still smug as Isis is conjunct my ascendant so I bet she hung out in Atlantis too, As for the nude men, they were of course the cleaners, and as for occult symbols well…fixated, that’s me


    This link at the last paragraph mentions Trump and 5 Leo Atlantis.

    Atlantis symbolizes the deals we make with power to afford comfort. It shows entitlement at a cost and where power needs balance. The place went down because no one checked the powerful whose abilities outstripped their ethics. Saturn goggles on!

  29. Hahahahaha Mystic this is one of your all time classic posts (IMHO). I remember the height of the Lemuria one up man-ship “wars” that raged in certain sectors of my social scene for a number of years – erghh! it was so boring!!

  30. Crystallised future

    OMG I got a laugh out of this. Have you been attending the crystal meditation classes I used to attend Mystic? I just adored them initially. Went to them for about two years actually but noticed a change in the conductor of sessions when a new few started coming along that practically worshipped the lady who organised them. Suddenly it became a competition who could ‘help her’ the most and those of us who did not (or could not) turn up at the drop of a hat to help with the gardening/cleaning/clearing of the communal land to be shared by all were ostracised and suddenly not ‘spesh’ at all. It turned very quickly into an almost religious atmosphere and not getting excited about what was being ‘imparted as wisdom’ from ‘past lives’ (which included ………………… past lives in Atlantis and …………………. as an American Indian [powerful] chief!!!!!) were obviously ‘not spiritual enough’ to ‘get it’.

    So, went to a different (and not very nice according to meditation session conductor number one) crystal mediation group which only lasted three sessions for me! Nothing like someone to suddenly clap their hands in the evening gloom during a guided mediation session and berate us collectively because ‘someone wasn’t focussing enough and was dispersing the energy of everyone else in the room’ to snap me out of any sense of calm!!!!!!!!

    What really pissed me off though, was asking questions and offering my own experiences as a subject with meditation group number one that I really wanted to be explored (what I thought at the time might have been a spirit visiting with a strange glow being emitted from the dining room – but given the uncovering of my husband’s secret life when I was asleep I now surmise was probably a computer updating itself and taking a bloody long time to finish) and being tossed out of the ‘facebook page for “spesh” people’ because I didn’t immediately agree with what I was told to ‘believe’. These people need to get the handheld mirror out of their face so they can see reality in the present.

  31. My asteroid Atlantis is in Gemini at 4 degrees – right near my Ascendant 1 in Gemini.

    I’m probably gonna sound woo-woo as all else but over the last few months I have become a crystal fanatic. When I awake or go to bed I put them on all my chakras during my ‘talk’ time to the spirits and am slowly buying pieces for each room of the house. Myself, notorious for not particularly being a fan of jewelry, especially rings, has become OBSESSED with semi-precious rings. Not to mention my natural Agate necklace.

    I have also been having feelings/’insight’ into a past life. It’s been really interesting. All I know is that since I started working with crystals, and honoring my gut even more in a very…genuine way that the synchronicity has been off the charts. I still remain an enigma to so-called ‘psychics’ though – none of them can ever read me accurately. The veil is there for them, I get the messages downloaded straight from the Source.

    Alright, I’m off to listen to the Isley Brothers ‘Voyage to Atlantis’, lol ;P <3

  32. Atlantis conjunct Pallas in Aqua. This is a long way down my list of astro-concerns… I have so many heavy transits I am triaging them.
    I notice however that transiting Atlantis is within coo-ee of my Eros-Juno conjunction in Cap. I may well require past live regression therapy to remember the last time I got laid.

    1. “I may well require past live regression therapy to remember the last time I got laid.” Bwahahah!! Best line I have heard all week!!!

  33. Atlantis at 13 Pisces in the 4th, trine Asc. Currently at 18 Cap- squaring Sun. Digging into ancestry to cure Saturn vision blues.

    Always saw Haute Neptune, sea scenes for Atlantis and ties to ancient Egypt. Flowing robes, telepathy etc.

    Grew up with Cayce take on Atlantis. Mum had his books. Very apt parallels to today. We let the powerful disenfranchise/marginalize- where is my life jacket?

  34. I know nothing about Atlantis. It is directly conjunct my south node though.

    Lemuria? Pefhaps where lemurs come from? I could dig that.

  35. Yep, so ‘spesh’. Atlantean stellium rising with Lilith, Juno, Ascendant, Mercury and Venus. Currently transiting Pallas. Nuff goddess energy to sink a city.

  36. Hee hee I love your tone in this mystic… my mercury, sorry, smirk-ury, is satisfied lol.

    Also clever with the “oh yeah who actually cleaned the place”. All that salt air gumming up le crystale. Yeah.

    1. Hey davidl… yes you are right there.

      I had a Edgar Cayce Past Life Chart done a long time ago and the very first aspect mentioned… Sun Trine Uranus is to do with prominent past life in Atlantis…. hehe.

      Just checked Asteroid Atlantis and I have it in 9th House Leo… Conjunct Uranus. 🙂

  37. During the magic, beautiful, cinematic, and sometimes terrifying Pluto summer of 2010 I passed through Cadiz (ancient name Gades=Hades, the city of Pluto and gold mining) and had a day and an evening I will NEVER forget, totally otherworldly and unreal but that’s a story in itself…

    Anyways, after Cadiz we decided to shack up for a few months in a nearby beach town called Chiclana. Off the beach there was this island you could kayak to called sancti petri where the temple of Hercules once stood. One day in a local restaurant I looked at an overhead photograph of the island and asked what the line in the water was and the guy all casually said “a tunnel”. We were like wuuuuuuut!!!! But it was hard to talk with him about it, vocabulary limitations and stuff. I still can’t find any information on that tunnel but I know in Cadiz there are cities underneath the present city that they are digging up and that there have been archaeological sites in the reason that people believe could be Atlantis.

    1. My husband is from Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe dating back 3,500 years when it was founded by the Pheonicians, and he says the ‘tunnels’ are actually Roman roads that used to connect Cadiz with Sancti Petri and other parts of the province that were above sea level at that time. I’ve seen similar Roman roads along the coast from the surface of the water while swimming, it’s pretty cool!

    2. Cadíz is one of my favourite cities. It’s gorgeous. The light is beautiful, and so many layers of history there. I love that the Cadíz coat of arms actually has Hercules and 2 lions standing between 2 pillars.
      Many years ago, i spent a summer near Cadíz on a beautiful beach and at night slept in the roman ruins of Baelo Claudia – an ancient Roman port with temples to Minerva, Jupiter, Juno, and Isis. We took it in turns sleeping in each one. The place felt like a portal to another dimension. Maybe this is due to its geographic location being near where the Atlantic meets the Med. I always find that places near geo borders have big energy.

      1. It does feel like a portal to another dimension! After my unreal Cadiz night (which involved sneaking into a roman coliseum shhhhh) I went to sleep in my hotel room and had the most intense lucid dream of my life…the person I was traveling with reported to have communicated similar things with me in his dream that night. I’m not explaining it well but my view about the world and the mind was forever changed after that day and that dream.

        Baelo Claudia now on list of places to be next time I am there… and the light in Cadiz is different, that was the most striking thing when I first arrived

        1. I went in late 70s when mainly locals and a few hippies hung around there – the ruins were accessible and not much else around. Now you can only go during visiting hours, i believe? and there are resorts and loads of tourists. So could be a v dif experience. Went to Cadiz 4 years ago at height of summer (still gorgeous), but didn’t make it to the ruins coz of the insane traffic – plus i didn’t want to be disappointed – i just want to remember the place as i first experienced it.

  38. Squee! *happy dance* This is a nice topic and I am going to bore you with two of my ‘past life’ stories if I may.

    #1 I was a Lemurian. The nice Atlantean army utilised my body by attaching some kind of crystal robotic suit to my body. I had not control over my limbs and movement yet I was marching me to the front lines into a battle with my own people.
    It was beyond vulnerable, exposing and traumatising and I was terrified to the point of insanity.

    #2 I was beautifully robed, pale dark haired woman in Atlantis dressed in purple and wearing glittering amethyst earrings that knocked my neck as I look up.. and saw a massive tsunami coming my way.

    Okay, this is from my hypno teacher, but it’s a goody.
    It was his first experience in trance and spontaneously he went back to Atlantis without suggestion. And he went in very deep.

    He was a huge warrior and he was being tried by a council for some wrong doing. He was bound up, wearing armour and was wearing a massive helmet that pressed on his forehead.

    When he came out of trance, the metal pressing his forehead had left a massive dent in his skin. It took 8 hours for it to return to normal.
    That’s when he decided to become a hypnotherapist, lol.

    Pluto conjunct Atlantis to one degree in the 4th House, with both conjunct the IC.

    1. Mad experiences, sphinx. Stay out of Atlantis, i say!
      Hypnotherapy is outrageous, downright magic. I’ve only been once to see what it was like to be hypnotised back in time and was regressed to a ye olde northern european village. I was an olive skinned, barefoot street urchin with other such urchins. Nobody wanted us around and house-fraus were waving brooms at us, saying Husch- Husch! (Shoo-shoo in German apparently). Couldn’t wait to leave that scene. 🙁
      When i played back the tape i couldn’t recognize my own voice – it was that of a 5 yr old.

      Anyhow, asteroid Atlantis conjunct Sun by 2º in 9th. Am put off travelling to Atlantis by Alice Baily and her uber-racist slant on the place – as Kell below mentions. (I’d probably be zapped away by white, crystal wielding Atlanteans.)

      1. Actually just read this: “Cayce also accepted the existence of Atlantis, and claimed that “the red race developed in Atlantis and its development was rapid.”

        Do you remember how the Atlanteans looked in your trance, sphinx?

        1. Kind of Mediterranean? I just realised now I assumed that I was ‘lemurian’ up top, but could have been anything really…
          I must say I didn’t know anything about Atlantis when I had these visions and was like, “omg, Atlantis?seriously, so tacky”.
          But whatever the reason for the story-line there is always a lot of emotion in the vision and that’s the point really.

          The interesting thing is with Plato he is considered really reputable as a source – except for the story of Atlantis, which is a pity I think!

      2. That is a strong placement for Atlantis! What can it mean but explore it?! Travel house conjunct a Cancer (the past) Sun (shine a light)!
        If you come to Melbs I will do you a freebie PLR.. 🙂 To Hades with Alice! This stuff needs to be experienced and books are no substitute for that.

  39. ““loaded with nude men and occult symbols”
    Which, now that they mention it, reminds me of my crystal living room back in East Atlantis.”

    My favorite!

    1. Just looked–asteroid Atlantis is ON as on can be my 12th house Jupiter in Gemini–so jeez, maybe I should be channeling my past lives on Atlantis into like a stand-up comedy should where I wear a crystal mask? Lol.

      1. like, to the minute, 28 degrees, 26 minutes–I kept looking at it like, am I reading this correctly? I don’t know if I’ve seen a closer conjunction in my chart.


      2. Weird, I just checked mine and it’s exactly ON my Jupiter in Virgo…And then first comment is you. haha What does it meeeaaaan? 😉

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