12th House Uranus Transits

A Uranus transit through the 12th House completely changed me says this Taurus Sun-Mercury. Uranus can conjure up drastically amazing transformations but at some point you may need to pause to bring your psyche or intellect up to speed with the neo-you. 

Dear Mystic,

I adore that you saved a race-horse and named her Pluto. Be still, my heart. 

I am a Taurus Sun-Mercury person with Gemini Rising. Uranus in Taurus has turned me into a stranger ….to myself! I don’t even know who I am anymore. But I like it!

Ok, so I know you’ve been telling us what the Change-God Planet had in store for us toro’s, but seriously? I started feeling this vibe a few months ago, but already I’ve done a total 180. I find myself responding to situations in ways that are making me freak out and think, “who the fuq have I become?”.

About five years ago, I was the subject of an “Ask Mystic,” and back then it was Saturn opposing my Sun, I was known as “gypsytoro feeling the pinch” with my Piscean drug-fuqed (now-ex, obviously) partner. T

hat was a lengthy court battle that I won without legal assistance, but that’s all ancient history. I still have all the 100-odd rescue animals (though some have since passed), but my query is about this Uranus in Taurus stint.

I am no longer the me I used to be. It’s quite scary, but kind of also feels entirely RIGHT.

E.g., Blue Devil Hoochie Juice used to be a crutch. I stopped, just like that. Decided I didn’t want it any longer. WTF?

I also used to comfort-eat. My weight would reflect this, up and down. All of a sudden, since the father of the Titans entered the sign of Bovine, I refuse to eat anything other than organic fruit and vegetables, and I’m slim and feeling great.

I now have a stable Gemini partner who supports me and the rescues no end; however, I’m having thoughts about sex with strangers, WTF?

Repetition and stability used to comfort me; now they’re anathema. I would stay in the same job for a decade, now the slightest whiff of boredom or management being slightly less than supportive, and I’m out.

And the confidence I once upon a time lacked to make significant changes, is suddenly there, spurring me on. Again, not something I’m NOT used to.

I could go on and on, and while on some level this SHOULD all freak me out, and once WOULD have, at this point, it’s all more than welcome. Again, WTF?

Since I don’t know any Taureans, I’m curious to know if any others are feeling this and if this is the new Toro-normal?

As always, thank you for your genius astro-insights. I swear sometimes you must be spying on us with your uncanny accuracy.

Much love and respect, 

gypsytoro loving the pinch. 😊

Dear Gypsy Toro,

Thank you! But to be fair, it is the Mega Mystic members who support our beautiful lady mare, Pluto.  A hundred rescue animals is a huge responsibility – good on you!

And okay, I will leave it to your fellow Taurus people to comment, but yes, this all sounds like Uranus-Ville to me.  And a Uranus transit through the 12th house means it is zapping your psyche. When Uranus is in play like this, transformations that would normally take years can occur at Warp Speed.

Or desirable shifts that you have been trying without success to effect occur suddenly. Your resistance to change drops and circumstances conspire to support the speedy evolution. It can feel quite magic, in a madcap Uranian style.

I’ve been non-stop morphing since Uranus got into Taurus, without it pinging off a single point in my chart. I think it’s just if you are Uranus-sensitive – it is my chart ruler – or, obviously, a Taurus – you feel this organically. The sex thing is interesting but may also be 8th house-ish – is Pluto there?

It’s not so much that you’re buzzing about with the desire to make rad changes – you ARE the rad changes. Having said that though, Taurus is – broadly – the sign of Food, Sex + Money – and I am picking up anecdotally on a lot of people making rapid morphs in these areas and their policy settings.

So, how are you all feeling Uranus in Taurus? I can’t believe it has been but a month!

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65 thoughts on “12th House Uranus Transits”

  1. who the fuq have I become? I’ve been asking myself this question lately. I’m undergoing a 12th house Uranus transit, and with Mars about to backtrack into my 12th house (incoming!), I anticipate psychological deep dives.

  2. I’m curious how close our charts are. Im Taurus sun conj mercury in the 12th. Gemini rising ac is conj my natal jupiter. Cap moon in the 8th conj pluto transit (saturn transit is only 3* out of orb to conj moon also). To add to this my natal saturn sits in the 3rd house leo squr my natal Uranus in 6th (opposing Uranus transit) and saturn squr my sun and murcury in 12th. My south node is also Aries in the 11th and conj both natal venus and mars. I quit a career of 13 years in law to work in retail and quit that 2 months ago but have no clue what to do now. I struggle with love from my husband because I’ve had real visions of past lives with him while I’m still dreaming of a toxic ex that I still can’t let go of. I raized 2 kids but now starting all over as a step mom to a 5yo that we have custody of. Struggling to pay bills but feeling like if i could afford a ticket i could win the lottery. When all I really want is to have some sort of epiphany of how to tune into a psychic ability that I feel I have but can’t put my finger on what it is. Im so lost right and dont even know where to start.

  3. I no longer recognize myself… Taurus Rising. Waiting for this new persona to start to… be familiar? someone I can understand?

  4. Uranus in Taurus – the lightning bolts of sexuality and life force energy beyond that of reproductivity. Also the lightning bolts of higher level Mercury/thinking.
    I have just been OCD- ing on the Parsival story and its theme of the Wounded Grail King – whose wound is his sexuality. Until he is healed the countryside is a wasteland. Trying to make sense of our “wasteland” culture/civilisation in the wake of the murder and rape of a young 22 year old Melbourne woman last week as she walked home from her work as a stand-up comedian – some of her specials were feminism and gender equality and that whole terrain. Who was the perpetrator? 19 years old – was he autistic? was he an incel (involuntary celibate)?; did he know her? did he know about her feminism stance?; was he a nazi? Her shrine was vandalised by a gigantic penis painted on the road near her flower shrine.
    On I go – finding Wilhelm Reich on sexuality and orgasm- his orgone machine investigating the electrical energy attached to the bion. How if we don’t have a healthy relationship to our sexuality (and how much has this been compromised by societal programming right down to the marriage paradigm itself), then we step on to the path of sexual disorder, neuroses, deviancy, anxiety, repression, morality, religion, even mystical union etc which then begin to develop, characterise and define our sick society.
    What are the parallels of Uranus in Taurus now with the rise of Nazism in the 1930’s, especially since MM mentioned that the last time Uranus was in Taurus was in the 1930’s – the time of the rise of facism? Did Hitler really say “Parsival was his hero?” Why did Rudolf Steiner say cryptically that sexuality was at the base of nationalism? Wasn’t Hitler’s agenda “lebensraum” – living space for his Aryan race? Is natioanlism at base a certain sense of ownership? What do we do with the stuff of the world – get, use and dispose. Right down to the resources of our lands, not to mention the exploitation of our people/populations economically. And then our personal intimate relationships.
    Where there is no loving relationship with a person, there is a danger of objectification. In our modern world of materialism, where we struggle to reconcile spirit and matter through our hearts, then the trend is easy to discern – that of get, use and dispose. And men feel this just as much as women. But men still perceive themselves at the top of the food chain – as consumers. Consume the porn; consume the violence; all in projection till we become the projection in reality. Both men and women are emerging from the dark patriarchal ages lit by the light of separatist thinking and there will be a lot more devastation before we resolve this problem, which probably in the end, is the ultimate problem facing humanity.

  5. Aquarius sun and rising here. Since Uranus entered Taurus I have no longer been able to tolerate Leo-style look-at-me status-conscious decadence and self-indulgence. I am physically repulsed by overdone engagement shoots, the photos posted one by one on social media and artisanal cotton candy.

    1. “I think people are going to get obsessively creative under Trump,” she says. “Like what happened in the Eighties under Reagan. Symmetry, Instagram, Kardashians – it’s over! Money is over. Rich people need to get weird again, like Diana Vreeland used to be. Like, why don’t you quilt yourself a coat of white monkey fur and meander around your apartment?” Cat Marnell

  6. As a Toro Sun + Mercury, Leo rising, I’m currently experiencing Uranus as chaos –

    Feels like I’m forced to completely shed all outdated versions of myself + internally I’m freaking out a bit tbh.

    Also undergoing a serious Pluto transit, he’s trining my Saturn until 2020 and squaring my natal Pluto until 2021 soooooo yeah 😉

  7. Went through Uranus opp my Libra stellium a few years back – fitness for the first time ever plus weight loss, career change and radical sex life rejuvenation ensued. Ok Pluto was squaring it too.
    Uranus into Taurus and long term Scorp lover’s wife has upped and offed leaving us in a very weird, but optimistic for the first time, place.
    I’m kinda liking it tbh. Hang in there, Uranus transits are one hell of a ride.

  8. Refusal is the word that leapt out. Then the non-refusing desire for sex with others.

    What a start to a conscious delve!

    Uranus may appear quick but in its shakeup of Taurus, there is a long journey ahead.

    Anyway, if Uranus rules a Fixed sign like Aqua it is much in the innovation of ideas for space to evolve, but something that often needs exploration, which is a process.

    From my exp with Aqua sexuality, obsession can be a fixed trump or block to real flexibility that allows space within love. You’ve got to explore your own and partner’s ego with awareness of the awesome within, and you could discover some groundbreaking underlying attitudes you each didnt know u had.

    Explore ideas and airy fantasies with your Gem, if you really want him. It will not be smooth fqng the further you go, but will bring good connection and even better sex if u r both clear and true as a bell.

  9. I’ve revived my home cooking skills. Pouring over my recipe books and learning new recipes to share with friends or just for myself.
    Also doing targeted shopping and not wasting and fruit and vege in the crisper.
    Vegetarian meals interest me plus chicken and fish. I’ve gone of red meat.
    I’m really enjoying eating what I like but surprisingly no weight gain.
    So relieved that plastic bags will be banned on July 1.

    1. Whales have been beaching themselves long before plastic was widely in use, but it’s certainly a cause of death for many of them these days. Beached or not.

      1. I find it fascinating actually. I wonder if we humans also “beach” ourselves as well and why to both?

    2. I’ve read that sonic booms from oil and gas exploration might be one cause of whales beaching. It disorientates them and causes them to flee. But plastic has certainly caused some of the deaths too.

  10. Not calling anything personally until it finishes the retro back into Aries, but for me the sign change has less impact than a house change. It’s going to be squaring my moon until that time too (mid 2019) so I think that’s more of the influence for my natal chart… Need to look into this. Thanks for the prompt!

    1. Yeah the retro in previous sign is annoying, IMHO.
      Cannot wait for it in Taurus for good. The changes have been almost imperceptible. Meh.

  11. South node Aries is kind of a big deal. There is so much ego stuff. ( I’m im the club)

    I’d say it’s too soon to call for uranus transit over your Merc. Remember it’s not properly in Toro until this time next year, with that retro back into late aries for a while. I reckon you’ll feel it in bigger, more transformative and less immediate ways (maybe except for any exact aspects) over the longer term. Come end 2019, you’ll be somewhere fresh and new, mentally speaking. 🙂

  12. I have Taurus Moon and Rising and it’s felt so far like the surfaces of old encrusted behaviors are being cracked open to let light in and allow life force out that has long been trapped.

    Although it’s early days yet, and Uranus will still ping off my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Ascendant before it’s finished with its run in Taurus.

    1. redondo.bleach

      Toro rising here and my first and last houses are all fluxed up (in a good way)… Things I’ve always felt just aren’t flying anymore. Can’t sit in the mire no more… No weight loss yet lol but I’m cooking for maybe the first time since… ….a while. And although none of this is peaceful, I feel some peace for the first time in a while. At least in my little bubble.

      1. Also cooking more… healthy but also childhood comfort food (I love potatoes and carbs) and have lost weight and feel much more energetic and also sleeping better after months of insomnia

    2. Yes! Taurus moon, mercury and mars here… finally gettting projects done that have been delayed for a year or so… have been feeling so stuck in a rut and depression for three months… now my mind is free again and I can see possibilities and I’m questioning how and why I do everything in my life!! Loving it

  13. thelovelyduckling

    When I was a girl, my dad would tell us to hold our breath when driving through a tunnel, and if we could hold it all the way through, we’d get a wish. That’s what Uranus in Taurus has felt like so far. Even with Sun, Venus, Jupiter and South Node in Taurus, I don’t feel so radically different than before Uranus made it to Taurus. It’s felt more subtle, like I’m constantly drifting farther inward, almost turning inside out to bring up from the depths everything that’s real, in order to come out somewhere else. Out the other end of the tunnel where my wish is waiting for me.

    I have felt it more in my professional life than in my personal life–maybe because my Taurus Sun is in my sixth house, or maybe because my current job is absolutely all wrong for me. I want to shed the work I’ve been doing like an old skin, and do something else completely. I’ve not just taken up writing again as an avocation (used to do loads of it, but life got in the way)…actually, it’s more like I dove headlong into the deep end of ocean. And now I want to give up everything else to do have more time for writing.

    It feels like limbo to me, but I feel more free than I ever have. Not that I don’t care where I’m going, but I feel like I will end up where I’m supposed to be.

  14. As yet I’ve not had the shock pow of Uranus yet. It’s finishing up in my 1st house but I’ve been doing the ground work for change. When it hits my 2nd it’s got my NN to leap on. By then I expect tons of shiz will hits fans. But I’m so ready for that to happen.

  15. The best book I’ve read that gives a whole new context to understanding Saturnian, Uranian and Plutonian influences is Barbara Hand Clow’s book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets. Her compelling exploration is centred around the fact that Chiron’s discovery allows a whole new perspective on the influences of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in one’s life. If any or all of those three are heavily affecting your chart right now, I cannot recommend this book enough to help clarify and give you tools to deal with things at a higher octave. It literally woke me up to new possibilities!

    1. Bought it. I really enjoyed melanie rheinharts book on Chiron. I have to take the old centaur seriously as he hangs out with Saturn on my Pisces ASC.

    2. Ok, I just looked up my transits and I currently have Uranus conjunct Chiron. In my natal chart, Chiron is in Taurus.

    3. Thank you!! I’ll be experiencing Chiron exact transits to personal planets for the rest of my life and it will soon oppose Pluto so I will def follow up.

  16. I have quite a bit of Uranus Aspects in my natal chart. I have Uranus in Scorpio along with my MC and have Aquarius is my first house. I am also at the age of the Uranus Opposition. The only thing I have in Taurus is Chiron. I am feeling pretty good right now, ditched the dating apps, having lucid dreams and actually not as restless as I usually am. I joined the local YMCA so my son could get swimming lessons and decided to start working out there. I don’t really know what my current transits are but these are my aspects:

    Uranus Aspects
    Venus conjunction Uranus orb +4°07′
    Moon square Uranus orb -4°28′
    Uranus semi-sextile Pluto orb +0°11′
    Uranus semi-sextile Neptune orb -0°42′
    Saturn sextile Uranus orb +5°10′
    Mars semi-square Uranus orb +1°08′

  17. An old Taurus friend of the family in his mid 80s experienced his Uranus
    Return 3 yrs ago – exactly when his wife of 50+ yrs (Pisces) lost her mind to an internet lover (read: con artist). The whole story is quite tragic and turgid, but i am keeping it simple. So instead of abandoning her when she moved out on her own to pursue this fantasy, Taurus kept an ever watchful eye on her to make sure she was ok. It has taken her well over 2 and a half years to come out of this awful funk, and was recently hinting at returning home to the Taurus if he would have her back. He was seriously considering it as he still loves & misses her, but the minute Uranus hit Taurus and his Mars-Lilith (at 0º-1ºTaurus) he began having multi amorous relationships with his various canasta partners, and is putting going back with his wife on the back-burner for the moment.

    Wish i knew in which House this is happening for him but i don’t know his time of birth. But HOLY COW – Uranus sure packs a wallop – plus this shit still happening in one’s 80s?!!

      1. Yes, a true Uranus What The Fu*k call. It honestly couldn’t of happened to a bigger control freak too. But all things considered, I think that he handled it all rather well… though the story continues – what with Uranus now rousing his Mars-Lilith for a while to come.

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  18. I have definitely been morphing quickly as well, with Uranus opposite my sun and my mars being an Aquarius (typo but keeping it) . I can’t believe it’s been a month. Even tho thinngs are changing rapidly the time feels like it’s passing slowly. In the best way

  19. Physical all boundaries, relating, creativity and the laying of my foundation.
    Last two years was digging up and clearing out the landscape so there was clear fertile ground to lay my foundations. Tangible and psychic.
    It’s been a potent shift, Uranus into Taurus, albeit a very deep slow and subtle one. Electricity moving through deep earth.

    Lately I’ve been noticing myself responding to physical touch differently. Uranus is currently training itself for me, plus trining my Saturn and Asc. I only want mutual touch and when I check in with myself about this it finds me pulling back from hugs with certain people or just rearranging myself. A good example was over the weekend. A really cute guy started to chat me up at the bar, but very quickly I felt a whiff that this guy, while harmless and kind, was floating in a little bubble of something floating around him.
    Getting closer but without any real verbal connection. Like unspoken feelings of attraction being gently acted upon and it struck me as really BORING and undesired.
    He gave me a ride home which I was thankful for and I had him drop me off a block from my house, not because I felt unsafe but because that’s what made me comfortable. My guitar was in the trunk so he got out of the car assuming my to open the truck but then we were there doing random small talk.
    I said something that made him laugh and he leaned in for a kiss and I laughed pulling away, saying ‘dude you don’t even know ow my last name.’ He was still smiling but looked a little confused. When I mentioned my guitar his eyes lit up – he’d completely forgotten about it. Thought we were having some moment.

    Acting how I felt the need to felt so goood. And illuminated how much can still happen when you don’t. Getting over the worry that to do what I did would hurt someone’s feelings. Which by not doing those things I’d ‘save’ the feelings of others at the expense of my own comfort.
    Naw’ more!

  20. Stellium in 2nd house Taurus with Uranus over my moon, but also experiencing a Saturn return, year long Aqua Mars return, and Neptune newly over my ascendant. New ways of operating is now fun and less of a chore. However can’t tell where the mind reading that’s going on is coming from, but that inner voice is growing so loud that it’s more of a constant conversation.. Walks in the woods have taken on an even greater significance. I play with the qi in my body (feeling its flows and stagnations) and also with the qi of the trees testing out how far their qi extends out and what info it relays. Hits about possible treatments for my patients. It’s been fun and totally trippy…loving it.

  21. Hmm I’ve been putting a massive effort into rebooting my home, my garden, my financial prospects and my body. Cash is starting to come in and I may also have wangled more free time. But I still feel like I’m waiting for something to settle into place. Things that are missing: a bigger mission, my libido, any desire to travel for the fun of it. Which is odd, as Pluto is transiting (trining) my Mars and I would have thought that would up the life force.

    1. I’ve been rebooting my whole life! It’s been ongoing for about a year so I can’t blame (or thank) Uranus per se though. Hang in there, things will fall into place whether you know (like) it or not.

  22. My moon is inTaurus (Sun Libra, rising Gemini, 1/2 of everything else Virgo), and I’ve noticed some changes. I’ve started an anti-inflammatory regimen that’s having a slow but steady nice effect on my overall health. I’m sleeping better. I’m taking on more responsibility at work and it seems to be recognized by the higher ups.

    The only Taurus sun person I know well is my niece. She and her partner have been trying to get and stay pregnant for over a year, and it looks like it’s happened, a few months ago. I don’t know that that’s Uranian per se (the mythology around Uranus and parenthood is …complex), but it’s certainly going to be a life change.

  23. Wise man. Life is riddled with nebulous judgements. Pointless losing energy over them when there’s always the next play to focus on.

    (uranus square my moon exact is like random psychic fairground rides)

  24. The Lion & The Centaur

    I have Toro IC and Uranus in the 1st house – I don’t know if that counts – but Uranus into Taurus has put all the Earth in my chart on steroids! For years I was such a lazy Leo, only living out the Fire and Sagittarius – Gemini axis in my chart. Earth was left out and my Virgo Mars and Cappy Uranus & Neptune were just twidling their thumbs. Thankfully now they have a chance to shine and I’m a whole new person. Virgo hyper efficient all the way, super close with my family, growing my own herbs & veggies & berries, eating healthy, helping my extended family, starting my own family, finally sorting out my sad financials and saving up money and so on!

    I guess this energy is balancing for very Fiery/Airy/Watery people or your typical “detached Vata” type of person, and for Earth people it’s like a kick in the butt. My parents are steady farmer Toros and since the Uranus energy started to creep in, they’ve been travelling a lot and making small changes for the good in their lives.

  25. I was hoping to get a lot more love life rad changes from Uranus in Taurus sextile my Venus. But my life is still “single and lonely” as it was before.
    I have made new acquaintances that are totally outside my usual circle (yes this is Uranian), but they are mostly very old peeps, women (nice ones, but I am not interested in women) and very (very) ugly men.
    It’s exhausting. I see the craziest, weirdest peeps getting matches, I keep looking at the them through my glass of isolation.

    You Gipsy Toro are certainly feeling Uranus but, IMHO, it’s also Saturn that is helping you feeling that strong “self esteem” that allows you to stop putting up with “non supporting management”, for example.
    And I believe that also the food cleaning phase can be a mix of Saturn (Vegetables and Fruits, no “comfort” food) and Uranus (the sudden change of habits).

    If you are a Gemini rising, a Gemini man is perfect for you: rest assured that routine is not one of his strongest skills 😉 so to speak.

    1. The Saturn opposition was a horrible time, but sure did teach me what I will and will not tolerate in terms of partnerships.

      1. I hear you.
        I had Saturn opposed to my Taurus Moon and it was horrible and cruel for me. It took away my chance to conceive babies.
        But yes I learnt my lesson the toughest way and it was good for “clearing” the partners dumpster.

        When I mentioned Saturn for you I meant that it’s now SUPPORTING (trine) you from Capricorn, which is why. IMHO, you don’t put up with other peeps crap anymore and have changed your diet effortlessly.

  26. Toro Sun / Mercury and Gemini Rising here.

    It’s been a weird few months. On one hand, some spelunking into depression activated by another non-simpatico “thing” with another bringing up disappointment that I don’t meet many eclectic nomads to bond with. On the other hand, shifting approaches as career has not gone anywhere. Going out more than ever, always easy to enjoy conversations but past 30, no one seems to want new relationships in their lives. Talking much. Bonding zero.

    Dreamed about my ex Scorpio lover last night – 2nd time in 3 weeks. Dreamed he not only shouted me out on FB via my middle name the day I shoo’d him out, but also dreamt he shouted out a new gf on social media. I do not want him back in my life – why is he still in my psyche? I do not want the guy.

    I cannot shake this disappointment felt in life. Any time I do a reading same message “don’t give up.” But shit, when does something shift for the better? Shift with substance? It may never.

    So yes – weird times.

    1. The Lion & The Centaur

      So weird! I dreamed about my toxic Scorpio ex last night too! He was showing off a new blonde girl friend. I hadn’t even thought about him in a long time. Maybe this has more to do with the South Node action and the Uranus Venus square? I also dreamed of a pipe leak which totally needs some Freudian pondering…

  27. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    This does sound super Uranian!

    I think Uranus means sudden influx of ideas–but it doesn’t mean you have to act on *all* of them.

    I think the toro side of urnaus in toro means “weigh up the ideas and work out which ones you want to actalise”.

    1. Well I think it means choosing practical and tangible solutions over improbable fantasises, so the insights or intuitive developments that are FELT and are actual, lead in the initimacy stakes…

      I had a cryptic and seductive older person being playfully misleading, with suggestions that were cruelly smug and flirtatious when I’d rejected the overtures, yet struggled with any happiness in marriage…and in my disappointment at realising it was all *smokes and mirrors* (Neptune RX) I comforted myself from the pure and innocent love of my child….in the simplicity, of taking pleasure in their affection, and delight in beautiful food, being wrapped up in a warm towel after bathing…

      So perhaps it these kind of implicit realisations that we arrive at a level of contentment, in the midst of all stresses…it’s exactly in trine to my Jupiter at 2 degrees (12th) conjunct my ascendant…and almost exactly sextile my cancer moon 10th and Pisces mercury 6th…

      The inherent sensuality in just living in our bodies can provide much comfort too. It’s not in hard aspect to anything natal, yet I feel the tension of the square to the current nodes and mars RX transits…(Leo 12th, Aquarius 6th)…I suppose I was full of hope yet I know that real love is beyond show and egotistical conquest, it is reliable, constant and accountable…(uranus in Taurus 8th trine saturn in Capricorn transit 5th.)

      I’m wondering what will change when lilllith embarks upon a transit in Aquarius (square to uranus in transit/ sextile to chiron) and ceres moves into Virgo (trine to uranus/ conjunct to chiron).

      1. There’s another consideration – for those of us that are the scorpio neptune generation, I have had Jupiter in Scorpio (RX) transit conjunct and then reverse, from 3rd to 2nd…

        I have now early degrees of uranus in Taurus in opposition to natal ceres and juno in Scorpio, and so my partner and I read the Ethical Slut, (which is fair, yet impossibly impractical) and I reckon changes in expression of love and affection can be overhauled, but uranus is definitely being augmented by saturn’s current passage…

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