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The Brides Of Saturn

There is a peculiar syndrome that can strike after Saturn Return and before Uranus Opposition. A.K.A. during your Thirties. That is the phase when people can become a Bride of Saturn – yes, any gender. And while the astrological Saturn has benefits, being a Bride of Saturn is not desirable. In fact, the more married to Saturn you are during your Thirties, the weirder and more destabilizing the Uranus Opposition. …

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What Is The Best Astrological Timing To Take On A Gigantic Corporation?

What is the best astrological timing to take on a gigantic and corrupt corporation? In situations like this, it is not enough to merely be ‘right.’ The Gemini economist John Maynard Keynes warned that sometimes “the market can stay irrational longer than you stay solvent.”  In David Versus Goliath cases like this “Ask Mystic” query, it is more that the corporation can stay solvent longer than you can remain sane …

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The Astrology Of Facebook’s New Libra Currency

My first thoughts about the astrology of Facebook’s new Libra currency were vaguely paranoid. I flashed back to an Aquarius teacher I had when I was 10. She had various themes – fluoride in the water eroding the Third Eye was one – but particularly warmed to the perils of a one-world currency. An avowed atheist, she would nonetheless quote the bible when it came to the concept of currency. …

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How To Maximize The New Site Features

The new features on the site are turning it into more of an Astrology hub. You can store and access your reports and Mp3s on your member dashboard and more! Read on for info on how to maximize all the new options. This is an update on the new features and some responses to a few FAQ. * The Mystic Dashboard has been jazzed up – check out funky icons! …

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Freak In About The Economy

I’m telling it like it is with financial astrology in 2019 and 2020. Read practical and magical suggestions for thriving through it, as well as the most viable Uranus in Taurus jobs/businesses. It’s relevant for anywhere on Earth and applies to any age, stage, or financial scenario. I’m not usually this blunt, and it’s not, obviously, investment advice.  I’ll also be making the Horoscopes more directional and supportive in this …

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Is There Such A Thing As Karmic Bosses?

Now that Uranus is properly in Taurus, Taurus career questions are more comfortable to answer. If in doubt, start a revolution. Dear Mystic, For the past couple of years, I had a fair share of “bad bosses.” One boss was a total looney. She was very vindictive that even some of her peers didn’t like her because she was forcing them to do stuff that they don’t want to do. …

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