Men And Their Mars Signs

As Action Planet Mars symbolizes “men” and masculinity, you can tell a lot about a guy from his Mars. It shows how he sees his manhood and his most likely style of pursuing goals.

I don’t buy into the idea that there are some Mars signs which are in detriment or worse than others. For example, Mars in Libra and Cancer are said to be “weaker” than Mars in Capricorn (exalted) or Aries (the sign Mars rules). But there are plenty of war heroes and champion athletes with those Mars signs so seriously, forget it.

Mars in Aries and Capricorn are, however, super-pumped at going after outrageous goals. Men with these Mars signs are overt in their desires. If one of them wants you – or a trophy – you won’t be left wondering what the fuq they are on about.

Men and their Mars signs give you information into their tactics. So rather than worrying about whether it is in ‘detriment’ or not, think of the Mars sign as showing you their style.

Mars in Aries, Capricorn, and Scorpio will want people to see them as formidable contenders. Mars used to rule Scorpio before the discovery of Pluto and Mars in Capricorn is strong as it is the sign of Saturn.

A conjunction to Saturn (wisdom and maturity) strengthens the judgment of hot-headed Mars, tempering warrior audacity with discernment. A Capricorn Mars is similar.

Mars in Leo is super-competitive but can also hold back, because of Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome.

A man with Mars in Gemini, Pisces, or Sagittarius could jump around the place in focus; recalibrating goals and desires every few days. They are high-charisma, super-change-adept, and ingenious, but brutal and relentless focus can elude them. Impressively, Mars in Virgo will outwork anyone but it can be less pleasant if you’re the task on his “to micromanage” list.

Mars in Cancer men can, like Mars in Libra guys, be oblique and indirect in their style of getting what they want. Tactical and diplomatic, they can devolve into passive-aggressive manipulations. But in part, this is because these Mars signs are in the Moon and Venus-ruled constellations.

Then again, Mars in Taurus – an ultra-Venusian sign – is renowned for muscularity and stamina. It’s an endurance Mars.

Arguably, these are sexist depictions or interpretations. Moon and Venus are “female,” and so Mars in signs ruled by them is weakened, says the theory. Men and their Mars signs are more relevant when you are talking about men under 30.

They’re more Mars-dominant then. After Saturn Return, they add other elements into the mix. So you see a more raw or pure expression of the Mars energy in someone still finding himself.

I look at the Mars sign in the context of the house it’s in and the aspects it makes. But, if you’re trying to work someone’s intentions out – for pleasure or business – check the Mars sign out. It will help you assess their mode of operation. If you want to check out someone’s Mars and the rest of their astro, consider one of my Astral DNA birth charts.


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  1. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Yep, can confirm that when Capricorn Mars wants you, you’ll know about it!! 🙂 Such a breath of fresh air – upfront, steady and no games. Has no qualms telling you when he misses you, or telling you that he simply *has* to see you come October/November.
    Am actually impressed being pursued by a man who’s in charge of his armor, rather than the other way around, AND also willing to be vulnerable by sharing things with you (could be both his Cap Mars and Scorp moon).
    Either way, I’m enjoying going along with it. It seems he does indeed own his shizz, rather than being owned by it. Fingers crossed…

    (And from a friend with Scorp Mars, that’s true too, you’ll know it, defo wasn’t his Libra sun with all that intensity and straight to the point-ness)

  2. Mars in Gemini can also equal argumentative yet very detached even heartless style of arguing. Refuses to accept that for those of us with Mars in Cancer, arguments are emotional!

    Also I’ve been wondering lately about venus in scorpio/ mars in aquarius as a combination. Two male gay friends of mine have it, who have very different approaches to friendships.

  3. My Aries Aries is Gemini Mars, and you’re so right MM, doesn’t stuff around with the decision making at all. We went in to measure for a fridge in our new kitchen and came out with a flat screen tv and surround sound!
    Given I have trouble making those nasty D things, he frequently gets incredibly frustrated with me and because of this I’ve got a lot better at it. He’s also been mellowed by my “think a lot before jumping” approach by indulging my research everything to death tendancies. I won’t let him hear a car showroom by himself.

  4. year of the fox

    So if a man has his sun in Pisces which is known for their wishy-washy ways but they have their Mars in Scorp, would this influence them to be more direct/decisive/forceful? (He’s got Venus in Aries too.) Or would this just be a passive-aggressive combo?

    1. scorpalicious robot

      yes, a mars in Scorp would definitely give a Pisces guy a bit more ooomph. I always have a look at Venus and Mars in a guy’s chart if i don’t fancy the Sun sign too much.

  5. taurean with the HMBOTS

    what about women, does their mars placement mean anything? or is that a stupid question?

    the HM has mars in virgo but in the first house very close to the ascendant (i think i’ve got this right, i’m a right neophyte, LOL!) so what does that mean, does it cancel out the virgo stuff?

    1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

      I asked similar above – both Venus & Mars in Leo / 5th house.

      just when I reckon I’d got my head around it Mystic teaches us another layer to investigate – tips anyone??

  6. unpredictable pisces

    mars in kataka…yes i’m not so sure about the passive aggressive (My Taurus has that placement) but i think it might be square a lot of stuff too. Basically i don’t think he has any problem asserting himself directly, although i can say he would rather not have to and will try to let it ride before he says his piece. I think his taurus-ness helps.

  7. I’d like to see Tyler after he’s been in the outback for a few months….with hair’n’stuff looking more like a regular bloke – delish!

    Partner Mars in Virgo….

  8. nebulous virgo

    Ok, so no personal experience with Mars in Air signs, nor Leo, nor Kataka.
    But what I can say is, that Mystic is pretty full on with her description of the Mars in Virgo. The one I encountered was nagging off all the time (though Pisces sun), driving me crazy. plus his Mars in the 5th and, yes definitely bossy. it was conjunct my sun, so probably that kicked in as well. No comfort, never. His displaying of strength and authority (isnt it said, that Mars is the fuel of the ego?) basically made me feel inferior and uncherished. Prob my Leo Moon not feeling appreciated enough, lol. Plus our sexlife was, hmm, imbalanced. he dominated, or rather his lack of lust.

    For me, the best bet have been guys with Saggo Mars. luscious fun and sensual bliss. Those men (not so many, after all…) i had satisfying sexual encounters with had their Mars in Saggo conjunct Neptune and there was always some Scorp in their chart, often the moon.
    My mars is in late Scorpio, conjunct Eros and Uranus at 1 Sage.

  9. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

    god I thought I’d logged onto GAYDAR not Medusa. those men scare enough crap outta me I’d consider monastic life.

    back in the days of college by day / nightclub door bitch by night – I rented spare room in my house to international male models – here for a short stint. this was done purely for the money NOT the eye candy. those guys don”t yank my chain. Anyways BIG NAME Male super model came home from an underwear shoot in mega huff. One learns a lot as a door bitch. that night the make up girl from shoot shared a VERY funny story. seems his extendable bit didn’t even have enough extension for the then obligatory tape down. they tried & tried but it was too small. geez it was hard to look him in the eye after that.

    those days no outline of what’s under the shorts was forbidden. they had to get another model. reckon that story hasnt since done the rounds??

    1. Poor guy, shrinkage can happen to all of us , must of been very cold or something, now stiffage can also be an embarrassment, such as the ‘travellers’ when one tries to get off a commuter bus with the least embarrassment after a nice warm vibrating ride at the back of the bus has done its worst.

    2. I agree rockstar – thought they looked plastic esp Tyler and footballers usually are a huge turnoff, low IQ and all. Those guys just don’t look real. Boy Bratz

      1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

        David teeheee re cold shrank the nob’s nob.
        Sadly for him it was smack bang during a scorching summer.

        fluid -this will come as no surprise as it is not new news to those around here – but give em to me scruffy, an unruly mop of hair (LOVE a scruffy beard!!), inherent sense of collectable style, covered in ink, great taste in music / shoes / art /cars, an extensive knowledge of everything from street culture to fine art, who knows his way under the hood of a car & simultaneously smart, successful & hilarious.

        Oh shit. that’s my Ex!!

        1. Rockstar, how eerie is this?? I sat next to a guy who was EXACTLY as you described on my last flight to Chicago, he kind of looked like Gerald Butler with Jesus hair and a soft scruff, tatt sleeves and was a film editor deciding whether or not he wanted to go back to Chicago or stay in LA… I can’t vouch for the humor but the rest of it looked pretty good!

          He said he had just come back from “hanging out” in Mexico… so no, it doesn’t have to be your ex… ya?

          Shall I kidnap him for you if I ever encounter him en route again?

          1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

            Angel does he surf??
            surfing in Mexico works for me.
            FYI Ex is in film & an artist…..yr pretty close!

            kidnap him & I’ll report back LOL x

  10. BTW I have Mars in Kataka in the 10th..and I have noticed that I do tend to get more work/promotions after having gone through everything sideways.. like a little creeping crabby!

    1. I too have Kataka Mars davidl and fallen angel. Have never thought of myself as passive aggressive – in fact, have to watch my emotions as if I feel v strongly about something I’m over the top straight to the point with emo reaction. Have had to learn hard lessons about retreating and thinking it through before reacting. Maybe ’cause my mars is conj moonin 5th? Not sure, but I am not decisive about things that’s for sure. Like the sideways creeping crabby – love that metaphor.

      1. my mars in cancer too and I’m not pass/agg, but mars is conjuct saturn and square jupiter. I’m rarely aggressive ever but if something gets my goat (pun intended) I show my steely determination un-passively.

    2. Babes, Le Scorp has Moon in Kataka, merc in Scorp as well which may further underline the pass agg tendencies..

      I have Mars in kataka too but I don’t consider myself that either, my Moon in Aqua either has me reacting so calmly you would think I was in court, or going super nova, unexpectedly..hee hee

  11. Yikes, Le Scorp has Mars in Kataka in the 2nd house, so yeah, it’s pass-agg all the way, definitely. And the route almost always circuitous!

      1. You know, davidl…I believe you. But how’s this for sad.

        I was studying an oracle that essentially asked me to think of positive memories of male role models..and I ended up breaking down and crying as I couldn’t come up with one a la famille d’ origin.

        Though I can’t change the past, I look to the future for that confirmation so it’s nice to hear it as YOU are so obviously non-pass/agg 🙂

  12. I’m seeing someone with Mars in Libra (actually, he’s got lots of stuff in Libra: Sun, Venus and Pluto too, with many of them being conjunct) and from what I’ve witnessed in the last couple of months he’s not at all dithery. The exception that proves the rule perhaps? Or should I stand by for the pass agg stuff to creep out?

    1. He’s certainly not as flirty as the Mars in Gemini types I traditionally attract. His approach is just really direct and, I have to admit it, I rather like being pursued. That said, after your story, maybe I should keep my eye on whether I’m the sole object of pursuit…

  13. Well as a Bodyworker, of course i love bodies:) they make me a living!

    Butch has Mars in Leo, yup, bossy macho male with much pride, which is big part of the attraction
    as he scares me a bit……..exciting scary like. As i accept no higher authority than my own,
    he kinda turns me submissive & has this flying horse eating out of his hand.
    Thought it was his work that made him bossy, but hah, the Leo Mars.

    My Virgoan Mars deplores bad service & will tell the company/person concerned about the energy of money, ie you want my ‘energy’ gives me yours in exchange. It’s just slackness w/o pride in their work. My Mars in Vierge gives an eagle eye for detail.

  14. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    So Mars in Taurus moves at a glacial pace but for some reason my mind went straight to ‘oooh, staying power in/outta bed and lotsa sex, me LIKES!’
    Takes a bit to get going but once going, woohoo! 😆 No personal experience, just intuition/flashthought in my head.

        1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

          SP not sure if that makes me want to run & hide….how Betty Boop & I became integrated, decades ago, apparently I’d walk into a room, hands on hips ‘hello everyone, I’m here, what’s happening’, at the time with a Betty-esque hair. Conversely I can be extremely socially shy to the point I run away. Maybe some version of the sad clown. The introverted extrovert or something.

          so is conjunct – both planets in same house?
          can anyone shed light on V&M in LEO / 5th?

        2. sorry possum, I went to bed because concentration was difficult after a bubbles farewell.

          Planets are in conjunction if they are within a 10 degree orb even if they are in different signs or different houses. Are you mars and venus in this orb range or just in the 5th house. If not in orb then they both effect your creative and adventurous side and the way you relate to or have children but not as an interlinked partnership. Is Leo on the cusp of fifth?

        3. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

          venus 17 deg / mars 5 deg Leo – so they’re conjunct.

          sorry to page hog guys – just trying to learn….

        4. this will naturally give you lots of the IT factor but how it effects you and how you use it depends on the aspects from other planets to the conjunction. Check you chart for these aspects. Trines and sextiles are good and will make you at ease with the impact you present….squares and oppositions will cause probs

    1. matthew-minerva

      WOW! me and ur son Mystic sound totally alike lol! i read it out to my mum – and shes like… are you sure she’s not talking bout you??

      1. matthew-minerva

        xoxRLPxox im learning too! ok and i’ve found out that….You have a great deal of pride, and you enjoy doing things on your own initiative. An appeal to your sense of fairness brings out the best in you, and you will do anything to maintain these qualities.

        At times you may act arrogant and domineering toward others. You can’t always be first, but you have such a need to be a leader that it may be difficult for you to accept anyone else in this role.

        You demand that others let you be yourself so you can run your life as you want.

        You probably have considerable self-confidence and even courage, but you are not especially reckless. At best you have a good understanding of yourself, of your limitations as well as your strengths. In fact, you may feel uncomfortable with your emotions and weaknesses.

        Interpretation by Robert Hand from “Youth Portrait”, which is also an interesting read for grown-ups.

        does that make sense to you — It certainly does for me! lol

        1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

          matt – very apt, all bar the NOT being prone to reckless behaviour bit LOL thanks x

    2. matthew-minerva

      Passionate, proud, dramatic….Those are a few things I remember. And very masculine
      this iss soooooooo true sweet pea – dramatic is an understatement! i think exaggerated and on the verge of obsessive lol

  15. cancerian annie

    I can’t think straight after looking at Tyler’s bod…nothing remotely astrological to say.

  16. I have Mars in Virgo in the 1st. And must say – i’d be the last person to wig out over bad service. I’m generous and forgiving to my own detriment. But then, I’m also the kind of Virgo ascendant who has the messiest desk in the office and is always running late, but will not allow an excel spreadsheet / word document to leave the building if it is badly formatted. My poor colleagues are subjected to rigorous proof reading regiments.
    I will confess to being extremely clear / no nonsense / let’s be frank in my professional life, and have no troubles commanding the attention of a rowdy room – but when it comes to relationships and romance, I’m as shy and awkward as they come!
    But maybe, as a man who digs men, that’s got a bit to do with my Aquarian Venus…??

  17. Taurean Love Expert

    Leo lover has Mars in Aquarius in the 12th – soooo stubbornly obnoxious at his worst (ie yesterday’s full moon sulks), but makes up for it with a superb sexual imagination & creative love-making.

  18. hmmm …. now out of all the studly dudly pics you post up Mystic I have to say I’m quite partial to this Tyler fellow regardless of his waxed chest. Still a bit TOO cut for my liking but worthy of a perv. Love the wink. He’s probably camp as a row of tents.

    Anyhoo Men and their Mars. Well the Double Bull had Mars in Leo and thus was terribly vain about his physique, not to mention a tad bossy. But then he had Venus in Aries as well so a rather energetic combo. He also has mars square neptune and definitely has some issues with Neptuanian substances which he overcompensates for with extreme forms of exercise followed by that well refined Zen-couch-sloth thing that Toros do so well.

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