The Pisces Rising ‘Low Maintenance’ Phantom

Pisces Rising people love to say that they’re low maintenance – but it’s a lie. Or, to be kinder, a phantom belief.  This is the Ascendant of fabulosity. To the Pisces Rising person, their persona is a construct, a nebulous quantum arrangement of particles that they accelerate, decelerate or radically alter at will.

It has a high vibe “Deepak Chopra talking about possibility fields and ghosts of existence” expression and it’s exceptional for acting.  It also inclines them to the “Exercise? Oh god no, I just eat French fries all the time…” genre of conversation.

George Clooney is one example: this is a person whose looks are a significant component of an extremely successful commercial brand. He is also 59, older even by Hollywood male standards, an age where to retain a physical ‘it’ factor would be down to money and discipline. But this double Taurus says he’s casual about it, probably doesn’t even glance in the mirror.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently popped up to talk up about her “self-care regime” of drinking whiskey in the bath and the model Adriana Lima is brilliant at low maintenance statements. You could argue that it’s a publicity tactic, an “I’m just like you” gambit. Candid reveals that you spent the morning in a boring meeting with your money people, discussing tax offsets for your Summer mansion, tend not to play too well with the mainstream fan base.

Pisces Rising People Are Tidal

And, when asked for your ‘beauty tips,’ should you say that the entire deal is a precision calibrated process with compulsory carb monitoring, a cosmetic surgeon who holds conferences with your osteopath to talk about your neck alignment, and skincare formulated for you by your board-certified dermatologist, with Retinol isolated from rare Geisha Peach blossoms that need to be flown over at a particular temperature? Or, you know, lie?

It makes commercial sense but there is something else going on with Pisces Rising people. No matter what their Sun Sign or other astrological influences, their Piscean Ascendant is like an aura of ocean. If you look at them without focussing, you can sense it, glimmering in the sunlight. It means they’re channels, drawing things to them by mysterious currents that they don’t understand – how could you?

Their attention is tidal by nature: high tide is when they love you and just want to lap at your shores all day, floating in whatever you need. Low tide and they’re gone. Withdrawn? There are only mudflats and sharp rocks left. The Pisces Rising ocean is swirling around another island, maybe a continent. They flow all over boundaries but if you want a psychic tsunami, go ahead and breach their walls.

So lying about being low maintenance makes sense when your psyche is boundless and appearing all-encompassing is part of your privacy strategy. Thoughts?

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  1. I actually think my Virgo Sun and Pisces rising create confusion. Why I try very hard to groom and attend to my appearance, I always look in some way a little dishevelled and odd in my clothing choices here on land.

  2. Wow. I was searching the site for Mystic’s old master post on how to tell someone’s rising sign to scope out how likely my guess of Pisces rising was (which is the one I’ve held all along). The other day he talked about how he used to get all of his clothes out of a dumpster. His clothes are low-key but stylish & he is, like, boy band cute. Pisces CONFIRMED.

  3. Wonderfully true~ My beloved father was Aquarius Sun, Pisces Rising. I would just relax whenever he walked into the room, as would all. He was a chameleon. He drank in private for years, and then went out on a secret party event with the taxi drivers down in the parking lot behind the pub, after hours like. Died that night! And he was a prestigious psychiatrist. Preferred the company of real people.Worth knowing him, but very complex.

  4. I’m wondering if this applies to Pisces as a sun sign (Gemini rising, Scorpio moon) as this is soooo me! Oh and I was fortunate enough to have met George Clooney in person once in Florida and he is charming and very genuine…

  5. My husband is a Pisces rising.

    I’ve noticed he’s very different in different social environments. Not on the deeper things like values or morals, but his humour and sense of aesthetics and obsessions-of-the -moment are fluid, depending on his social circle.

    He always downplays his accomplishments or abilities and is often self-deprecating in casual conversation. However, in private he is fairly sure that he knows better than most! BUT he is convinced that he is humble. I definitely think he can delude himself and believes images he has created of himself.

  6. I just saw the post where you cast Gwyneth as Dagny a remake of Atlas Shrugged. I am SO on board with this.

  7. With an extremely earthbound Taurus rising and Cap moon, I’m a little envious. I do have Neptune conjunct the Sun in Scorp … although in the sixth house. In the immortal words of Chrissy Hynde, where’s my sandy beach?

  8. You’ve just NAILED why I was so sure this guy I just went on a date with was a Leo by his Hinge profile… he was literally sitting on a throne in one of his pics for heaven’s sake! but no, Cap sun Virgo moon Pisces rising… very very interesting. I have much to learn!

  9. My father had Pisces ascendant…His Pisces ascendant really did give him an ‘ocean aura’… He was a gifted guitarist, studied to be a preacher in his youth, loved to go fishing and could be exquisitely empathic… He also drank too much, which finally caught up with him 🐳🐠🐬. It was great to know him though. He really had that Pisces ascendant magic ✨

  10. I wonder if there are female equivalents of this who are believable and haven’t taken the money from a skincare brand. Men get coffee we have overpriced goo. 😂
    I’d love to know if Julia Roberts uses only soap and coconut oil on her face too 😛

  11. I have so many thoughts about this. Venus in Leo says whatever it takes to look fabulous is worth it. Sagittarius moon and rising says it’s just hair man and Virgo stellium (sun mars mercury) used to be enraged because my hairdresser was never as much of a perfectionist as I was. Looking back I’d see an ash blonde with too much green in it and how washed out it made me look. Also the money I used to spend at the hairdresser was ridiculous. I needed control. It’s about power for me. I do my own hair because I trust myself implicitly. I listen to myself and I learn from mistakes. I recently transitioned back to blonde – from red, hennaed hair. Literally no one, not even my flatmate has noticed. It looks so subtle and natural and I’ve taken it really slow, keeping the condition great and working with the colour wheel. I’ve used permanent colour because although semi is less risky it’s costly and as I said, I trust myself implicitly. Ha. But it’s not been simple and the same process would have become a war story type anecdote with a professional hairdresser. Honestly those kind of stories are kind of insulting when you’re paying for a service. They are guardians of the vanity and not discrete enough IMO. Ha. It’s all about power and control.
    If you ask me about my hair I’ll make it sound like I got lucky.

  12. Hey, are we talking about the “real” world….slings and arrows of outrageous fortune nuts and bolts…or the world of glamorous projections. Pisceans can choose from the entire zodiac experience..or not today thanks…….all and nothing……and everything in between…..but talking about anything concisely/definitively is not their forte or purpose….or is it?

  13. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Pisces rising here…what I wouldn’t give for a stable self-image! We are kind of low maintenance—-at times,lol

  14. Pisces moon and rising and I feel seen. I can always feel and almost always hear people quizzically trying to work me out. Constantly. The amount of attention my skin and face (age) gets from those that know me as well as you could – to absolute strangers, always amuses me. And I must admit that my nonchalant breezy non response is always to not attract as much attention as to wanting to keep my own privacy.
    My skin rituals are woven into my schedule so adeptly that I forget that they’re an effort. They are also a part of my fabric just as much as my love for my naturopath’s tonics, champagne and Spirulina. .
    Now, when I get asked about cosmetic procedures I may have or may not have done, I always respond that I’ve. been taking Spirulina since I was 16. That is in fact true but I’m always met with a …. “yeah, sure. Right”.

    1. Haha completely relate. Good friends of mine repeatedly and pointedly ask if I’ve had botox or fillers. Then they stare me down. I’ve done loads of other shit but not that. Love champagne too but always take chinese herbs and collagen and cosmetic acupuncture plus dermal needling rf , and I believe in magic. Ageing is not linear!

    1. of course! There should be a little paper clip symbol on the right hand side of the comment box! Is it not showing for you?

      1. No I can’t see it anymore ? It has been one of those weeks where I seem to be seeing things no one else can and vice versa not seeing what is obvious to others… 😬 but right now, I can’t attach an image. Maybe it’s iPhone related ? I’ll try and post on my laptop later see if it’s the same ?

  15. Consider also: Nespresso needed George; George remained Stylish George despite Nespresso. It is super shit coffee.

    AquaMa loves the thing bc it’s a gadget despite her usual good taste in coffee and noone else in the fam does anything but tolerate and not drink from the Thing. I gave my gifted one from her away, and then she made me buy another after a Piscean moment where I thought I left the old school Bialetti on the lit stove after getting to work three years ago. Guilt-drank from it for a short while until my hedonistic Pisces thing resumed full management. You don’t fq with a Piscean’s beverages.

    1. I had my first Bialetti for 30 years. The arm broke off and after 2 years of lifting it with a rolled tea towel I had to admit it was dangerous. I have been breaking in my new one for 3 years or so and the flavor is starting to get there. The old one has retired but still lives with me. I can’t just throw it out ? I also have a set of double walled Alessi coffee cups that are over 30 years old now and look as new. One of the greatest pleasures of my life is waking up, making a perfect black coffee and pouring it into one of those cups. It’s like my daily prayer 🙏🏽 thank you god for the coffee … thank you Italia for the perfect vessels to appreciate it.

      1. Yes, old school cups know how to hold it! 1950s ones here… I think the Bialetti sometimes gives me that one annoying wrong flavour occasionally, when i haven’t paid ritual attention after bad dreams in the morning. Too Italian! And the rolled teatowel for a broken arm is rather Aries.

  16. It’s because most people are competitively curious about such things, and we overhear their gossip, not the real appreciation for those born blessed or the compassion for those who work it hard. What self-respecting Piscean or Neptunian 1st house is ever going to feed such a hunger? The glamour is part of Clooney’s job, but noone sees the work beneath and there is resentment from the hungry.

    And when someone offers a physical compliment then immediately makes it a complaining comparison that denigrates themselves, it’s yukky to buy into the undertow of negativity and body shaming, so why not skip off the whole deal with a light flick of the fin and silvery flash of the tail. This said as a tremendously awkwardly put together Piscean with Neptune on the rise with moon and jupiter from the 12th…whatever glam you may think is cast, it is polarising. Regardless of compliment or contempt, one sees people actually squinting, trying to get a grip on you (and omg the questions are the inquisition, all denied), and their intent is often so mixed.

    I’ll bet George DID actually try the hair vacuum. And you just know he had the beautiful Amal and maybe some lewks advisors on hand to comment / enjoy, or fix / suggest, plus some Hollywood mates noone else can know to laugh in blokey ridiculuousness. And why not? I hate sharing everything with everyone, Sagittarius 12th and Ascendant notwithstanding, but i love doing that with my mates. Except that George has probably witnessed hair technicians working on his mane without realising it even, and kinda knew what to do. Mind you, is there an actual results ‘after’ photo anywhere.

    1. I have to admit I was so intrigued with this idea (of George cutting his own hair all or most of his adult life) I went down a little internet rabbit hole after it.. My take is that it’s mostly kind of true. As you point out he has professionals tweaking his hair constantly and it’s in their interest to make sure he seamlessly looks as perfect as possible obviously. The thing that struck me is that it’s believable. Even in the days when he slept on couches he’s had basically the same haircut and clients would book him for shoots or whatever and expect that specific haircut- the one on his Z card. Ha. Do they still use those?
      Anyway it made me laugh and I want it to be true because I’m a bit like this. I’ve been cutting my own hair for a few years and doing my own everything basically. It’s been more miss than hit as with most things in life at first but I’ve gotten better at it. I want it to be true because like the irony of him being a penny pinching self hair cutter just like me 🙂
      Great sound bite and sorely needed bit of harmless sleb trivia.

      1. Man alive (goddess alive, you), would i totally do Face Yoga with George on YTube, and never tell a soul! Not even my Sag Bud.

        ….ohk probs would tell two Sage Buds, just for their laffs! And maybe a Leo, bc that convo should totally blow out into a routine for dem 🤩

      2. Ya I’m very breezy and flip about my “grooming” mostly because there isn’t much at all going on and I’m of the opinion that I did enough of it in my early years to last the rest of my life. Every existential crisis meant a complete makeover. Different clothes, whole new wardrobe why not, long dark hair extensions or spiky peroxide choppy do. Then I started therapy 🤣🤣🤣.
        Oi vey milleu. I used to say that my wrinkles make me more relatable and that because I’m blessed with a beautiful face, if I look too perfect, people don’t trust me or believe I’m authentic. Not sure if that’s true but it stopped me obsessing about my exterior and allowed me to focus on things I needed to change. Good old mr clooney tho hey. I like the image of him cutting his hair with a gadget he bought on late night tv.

      3. You are definitely blessed with a beautiful face. I remember some grav or other from way back 💖

        It’s a thing, isn’t it? Making people feel more comfortable in your presence? Well, your presence is amazingly powerful, and we have gotten to learn you here. I, for one, just love knowing you here, soul to soul and having seen your face, too xxxxxx You’re much more than a face, though it does show your power and beauty, honestly. May people learn to feel comfortable, not require you to do it for them! Recalling your head shaved days with a giggle of respect (Sag 12th rising style, you know)

      4. Aye milleu it’s a thing I’m gently undoing. Because you say, it’s not my responsibility to make others comfortable by acting less powerful.
        Thank you for the reminder.

  17. My relocated chart has Pisces Rising. I’m still trying to gauge how much weight to give this chart! I want to believe in the significance of this influence. 😀

    1. Easy! Have you become more chemically sensitive and/or dreams have become more nightly journeys than cognitive process/data dumping?

  18. “..formulated for you by your board-certified dermatologist, with Retinol isolated from rare Geisha Peach blossoms that need to be flown over at a particular temperature?” lol!! (ps. I wish) x

  19. I have Pisces rising and can’t deny that this basically adds up. I feel it’s not so much a calculated strategy as just not wanting to continually explain the engineering of my life at any given time. Even if there is a lot to it, on some level it just is.

    1. I’m totally with you. It’s about about believing in my ‘grandiosity’ or imagining things as others have said – it’s about not having to explain myself, having some level of privacy and not having to overshare certain details of my life. For example, I don’t tell anyone my age at work because I can’t stand the way people are boxed in certain categories due to age e.g. getting too old for that or too young to understand, or you’re this age so why aren’t you married and having multiple babies.

      1. I’ve taken to not adding my date of birth to my CV. It just stops anyone reading on if they see I’m a 60’s child.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      I agree.

      I’m a Pisces rising with Neptune in Scorpio 9th house.

      If anyone can elaborate on these placements please do. I don’t know much about it.

  20. I am fascinated by this topic Mystic. The Zen aspect of Pisces/Neptune can be confabulation/gaslighting or revelatory/transcendence, even to themselves as so often they don’t know what they’re about until they say it or write it and by then they’ve morphed again. It’s as if they stand outside themselves in wonder. An astrological consultant once told me “it’s the Pisces people see in you”. I’m and Aries/Leo with Scorpio rising but Neptune/Saturn in Libra within orb. Perhaps my birth time is inaccurate as I was delivered by forceps. Regardless, with Mercury in Pisces in a yod aspect with Nep/Sat and many other connecting aspects throughout the chart I have to acknowledge that througout a long life others have found me hard to fathom (harder to live with). A close friend once said that I seemed to be always looking for something. Pisces is like that until they wake to the Zen of life. For Pisces and the Pisces in us that quest takes just as long as it takes. Meanwhile a lot of people are saying “I do wonder about you” and justifiable roll their eyes. It’s a thing 🙂

  21. I would laugh, except that i live with the contradictary delusions everyday of pisces risings – mother, grandmother, husband, daughter, all with no pisces energy of my own to create a point of reference…they truly believe their own imaginings.

  22. I’m dying with laughter! I sense that the Pisces co-ruler Jupiter may have something to do with this. It may manifest among this cohort as believing in their grandiosity, exaggeration (conscious or not), or seeing humor in taking the p*ss out of others!

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