Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits

These two rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits are also their most important characteristics. Forget trying to figure out whether a Pisces is a dolphin, shark, mermaid, or the ocean itself.

And see Zodiac Signs In The 21st Century for a more nuanced take on the ‘twin fish’ thing. But check these out:

(1) Erratic Boundaries. Like an enchanted castle in a fairy tale, the Pisces boundaries shift without warning and apparently for no particular reason. Mists turn to fog and then back again. Things seem momentarily transparent but become opaque if you blink. Doors open in response to riddles or magic words you chanced upon by mistake. Although, as any Pisces will tell you, there is no such thing as a ‘mistake.’ They trust synchronicity more than they believe most people.

To use another metaphor, if Pisces were a country, their immigration policy would be extremely fluid. One day the border would be heavily guarded against any incursion, protected by attack drones and layers of propaganda. And then the next day, there would be no clear boundaries, a red carpet laid out, and lucrative cash incentives for crossing over.

(2) A Magical Realist Approach To Their Past.  Ask a Pisces for their C.V. or what they were doing in any particular time frame, and you will get an alibi. Ask them where they were the day Princess Diana died, and you will get an anecdote that you could polish up, turn into a short film script, and enter into a prestigious film festival.

Pisces people don’t do linear time, although they pretend to honor it to avoid scrutiny. They view the past in cinematic vignettes or themed montages. Their psyche is more quantum physics than biology. They’re all unregistered agents of String Theory.

Both of these attributes can make people think the key Pisces personality traits are evasiveness or dishonesty. Of course, some Pisceans lie for leisure. And some of them see their core task in life as being to elude other people. In their mind, they are Bugs Bunny, and everyone else is Elmer Fudd.

But the underlying or base characteristics of (1) and (2) are the key to everything Pisces.


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Rose Finkleberg

This sounds A LOT like an excerpt from Linda Goodman’s Love Signs……. but I’m not seeing any reference to her?


Rose, I think you’ll find you are mistaken. One of the reasons so many of us tune into Mystic is because she is an original thinker and writer. ( And often freakily synchronous with my thoughts/life. But then I’m moon in pisky – sun gem and aqua rising – ‘I trust synchronicity more than most people)’. Spot on MM.


Excellent insight analysis once again, thanks MM! I was never much a mathematics/physics student at school, but I love reading and conceptualizing about the place where math,physics and spirituality meet, in time space theories. Two books by one of my favourite authors, Rudy Rucker, “Infinity and the Mind: The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite” and “The Fourth Dimension and How To Get There” I cannot recommend enough to anyone who will listen. Once upon a time in the mid 1990’s I worked as a phone sex operator – which is basically lying through your teeth to be any good… Read more »


Pisces Rising, Sag Sun, Scorpio Moon here – and yes to both haha! The magical realism is even more evident in that I’ve moved cities twice, and pivoted in my studies and career 10 times so far. The CV only goes back to the jobs that are relevant to this pivot. Time is elastic and multi dimensional. Getting harder to function in the world where people are into micromanaging time. The good news is I’ve found the love of my life who’s also Pisces Rising and Sag Sun and together we live in a timeless bubble. It’s tough when we… Read more »


Totally agree with part one. 12th house Pisces moon here. Part two doesn’t feel as accurate. I’ve never thought of dishonesty as a Piscean trait? Or history as “an alibi” … colors Pisceans in that same way. Escapism feels like a more accurate term than evasiveness. Not a purposeful effort to evade but feeling over sensitive and needing to withdraw. I suppose I see how this can get out of hand- wanting so much to avoid conflict or unpleasant feelings and so thus creating stories or excuses. I will say my memory is dreamy. You know how some people discuss… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Oh it’s really full on tonite. So its 7.30 pm and I know that my favourite show Endeavor is on at 8.30 pm.. I look around my home, the place is a mess I need to tidy so I can relax and enjoy the show and the rest of the night. No problems I have an hour, then I switch channels just to see what’s on. Oh no the X files is on. Love that show. The coach beckonsy Taurus moon and I follow even though there is junk on it. So I sit on a clear spot. I feel… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

The message my mum is trying to pass on. Is be present and notice the important things that are happening. It’s all about timing. Mum is a Capricorn moon after all.

And just do one thing at a time and focus.

My mind has been racing and it needs to slow down. So I get important info in this world and the other side.

Anyway !


Oi. I feel this. Lol maybe because I’m a Taurus moon, pisces asc with Capricorn moon mom

Wish Upon a Star

I’m a Pisces Ascendant too. We have a bit in common hey? 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

So this Pisces Rising has learnt something today. If the moon calendar has 2 stars for psychic like for today its probably better to stay home. Oh it wasn’t such a bad day, just too sensitive to other peoples thoughts. The nasty really stand out so do the really lovely. It all finished at the supermarket being served by a boy of about 15 who looks like he is from another galaxy His eyes are like the ocean. He has the sweetest face. He has got to be a Pisces Rising. He says “Don’t mind me I am just spacing… Read more »


i learned that awhile ago too! i am a pisces sun, moon and mercury and the psychic days are just zap zones for me as well. I try to stay home / or in nature and limit my interaction with busy public spaces, if i can. Also aquarius moons are basically zap zones for me too.


This is really amazing! I’m Pisces Rising & always found time weird & almost boring to consider but I like watches so I will amuse myself that way. I also remember exactly where I was the day Princess Diana died & I’ve had many conversations recounting it, I can go on telling that anecdote for hours!! I was only talking about it the other day to an Aquarian, mind you Aquarians I’ve noticed hate repetition – if they’ve heard it once don’t expect them to stay quiet if you repeat it ‘you said that’ or get really irritated. Anyway, my… Read more »


I’m Aqua rising but I thought the repetition problem was due to sun and mercury in gem…Maybe I have a triple dose of ‘get to the point – quickly’!


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this Mystic. As someone with Mercury Pisces Retro a twenty year marriage with a stellium sun Pisces male who gaslighted, blindsided, hoodwinked and pulled the carpet from under me in such a way that it’s taken me another 20 years to even process the injustices. I used to wonder why I had so many dreams of searching for but not finding him during our relationship. Note those dreams! This post reminds me of Milan Kundera’s Life is Elsewhere.


You might enjoy the movie Gloria Bell with Julianne Moore. I personally never associated Pisces energy with dishonesty, but hearing this I am understanding more. Maybe particularly male Piscean energy can be shifty, as in many cultures that sensitivity in males can be stifled. I would see it stemming from trying to avoid conflict. Being uncomfortable with creating tension or negativity so creating stories or alibis to not have to deal with it.


Pisces rising conj sat and Chiron but Neptune is 8th Scorpio I don’t have boundaries. If I don’t want to talk I won’t be found but if you can find me there is no stop point. Whilst taking a course we were asked to walk up to our partner in the class and would be told to stop when they felt you had hit their space and they were no longer comfortable for you to get closer. Every one went through the exercise with varying degrees of personal space. My partner for the exercise starts to come toward me and… Read more »


I love this ! Every thing I do is based on how I feel at the moment. I have over 200 pairs of shoes that I bought because the time was right and it must be sign from god. I also apply this logic to starting and ending relationships. I can’t get a tattoo because I can’t commit. I buy rugs instead of carpet because I can change my mind which I must be able to do or I will die from depression. I have married Elmer Fudd 5 times because sometimes he’s kind of cute. Boundaries are arbitrary.

Louise Avery

Oh yes to the shoes thing too.. am slowly weaning myself off them though

freedom first

ditto about the tattoos – think they are beautiful -but how do you commit to something so permanent – carpet squares – even less commitment than a rug. Working on boundaries – Pisces mercury, numerous positive aspects to neptune and aqua rising w/ a pisces interception…


Wow! I have a bunch of planets in Pisces and have always felt kinda like an honorary Pisces. This REALLY resonates. And, existence is not linear. Linear time is a man made construct. I mean we can use it, but we shouldn’t suffer the fool


I laughed out loud at the word alibi. I wouldn’t say I lie for leisure though – for me evasiveness and dishonesty is part of the border control. Either you’re not worthy of getting in so I have no qualms about lying to you, or you’re lovely and I will let you in sometimes but nobody gets in all the time and so for those people, it’s more evasiveness to avoid hurting feelings or making promises I won’t keep later. And absolutely yes to believing synchronicity over people. That’s the reason for the murky boundaries boundaries in the first place.… Read more »

Ellie M

9th house pieces sun and mercury and Gemini moon in 12th House here. I’m an immigration lawyer so I’m often found fighting to stop illegal immigrants being deported while at the same time following strict rules and guidelines, it can be confusing haha
I also have an unusual approach to time. I don’t really think it exists in the way most people do. Things are happening now that correspond with the past and future. Could be my mercury square Uranus out of the box way of assigning meaning to events.


I have a Pisces moon, which you might think would stand in stark contrast to my Leo sun, but they are both such magical thinking signs (at least to me) that they jive well. And I can fully confirm all of the above. I can relate the stories of my life in hilarious, heartbreaking, cinematic fashion … unless I feel like I don’t know you very well, in which case, name rank and serial number only. Definite boundaries. Which sometimes soften, depending on what I may have overheard you say and liked. Or didn’t, as the case may be. Or… Read more »


I’m Leo Sun Pisces Moon too. I love the symbiosis of these two. I find they work really well together


Time… I’m late, for everything, all the time. To the point where I become extremely anxious if someone is mad at me for being late, and I have to seriously consider if I can continue the friendship because of the anger/anxiety dynamic, or the “no one died, what’s your gotdamn problem” attitude that I eventually sometimes flip to.. having said that, I never missed a flight until my father died, these years have seen me miss a few now though, But time, Honestly it’s like being mad at the ocean for being salty. Yes to the magical phrase riddle thing,… Read more »


Trust synchronicity more than they believe most people…ain’t that right. The last couple of weeks it’s been off the scale. I wish these signs came with instructions or at least an interpreter. Here’s the latest in a long line of crazy coincidences in the past month… So today I was in my supervisor’s office at uni having our regular meeting. A knock on the door. She is not expecting anyone. “Come in,” she says. In walks: the Neptunian Cap. Holy FUQ. I have not seen or heard from him in seven years. He looks at me and we both laugh… Read more »

Hel 8 soulmate links!..That is interesting.


Yep. Of all the gin joints in all the world. What are the odds?? Of course multi-Pisces 7th house me wishes it was a new chapter opening up for us but I’m pretty sure it’s *just* Pluto whacking me on the head again. We must have been hanging around the same campus for the past few months in each other’s orbits again without knowing it. I’m very sure he won’t contact me even though now it’s very easy for him to do so if he wanted. So I will feel another bout of crappy rejection. I know all the rational… Read more »


Mmm…I guess time will tell if it is one or the other. The multi-Pisces 7th house sure doesn’t sound boring


My first boyfriend, as a teenager, was Pisces. ‘Dear John’d’ me later that autumn, from Univeristy never to be seen again..until, he moved to a hipster city and became graphic designer. We met in the street, when I was on a hella comical and horrid internet date. He looks at said date, strokes his beard and oozes easeful charm, waxing lyrical about our ‘story’, offering highly romantic nostalgia via accurate time line. “How long has it been Jen; nineteen and a half years?”. Ace move, utterly Piscean. Me? Remember the scene in Amelie when she turns into a puddle- Yeah,… Read more »


My Pisces Moon feels very seen!


Yes, why do i always have to deal with Elmer Fudd?? Why he not live String Theory?? What’s with the blunderbuss?? (Very oppositional Virgo, like my Pluto Virgo blasting Pisces Sun.) Blunder (perceived?)–> bust it all.


This is why I have trouble asking people to respect my boundaries. They are never sure if it’s a capital B boundary or not, and always assume it isn’t. Then when Cap moon door-bitch steps in, they get super upset. Also, Merc trine Neptune. The story is Everything.


Cap Mars door bitch really throws a spanner. Esp square all the hard planets


Oh yes! What a superpower.


Trying to laugh with that “superpower” idea. Yes, will try to grow it as one, not irritate the others 🙂


I relate to this, I’m a pisces sun with cap rising (neptune conjunct asc. for extra vibes), so I vibe serious but then people are like “wow you’re really cool and fun” and that’s true but if someone tries to take advantage of my chill and nonjudgmental nature or lets their hair way down and reveals bad character or is just plain wasting my time the drawbridge pulls up and you ain’t getting across my moat (ever again, adds my scorpio moon).


Nailed it. I especially relate to number 1. As for number 2, linear time? Pffft…


Hahaha YES re linear time. I have a Cap friend who always sends detailed instructions when we are due to meet. “Confirming we are meeting at 1300 hours on Tuesday, however if the traffic is bad I expect to be there at 1307, apologies for the delay.” I’m like “It’s ok. ‘Tuesday’ is a time.”

Wish Upon a Star

Tuesday is a time. Love it.


Ahahahahaha! So funny! Yes, ‘Tuesday’ is a time.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This makes me feel so much better (as a Pisces rising) and the string theory thing is SO TRUE.

dark star

l o l
Hit it on the head mm
sometimes I wish it was “acceptable” to submit a cinematic montage to dry life questions- interviews, first dates, doctors appts et all. But it’s more fun to be unacceptable

dark star

Boundaries are interesting. Can totally relate to the daily ebb and flow dance. People do have to test the waters. That is, until you fuq with me, then the pluto tower card will come out full force no problem…


I always think in movie scenes. And half of what comes out of my mouth is dialogue. If I have to choose between the unvarnished truth and what would make better cinema, I’ll definitely slather on the varnish.
But in the Pisces universe we know that both versions are equal. And approximations are sometimes more accurate.

1997. That’s the summer everybody died. Princess Di, my dad, Robert Mitchum (see, another film reference), all conflated into one big funeral.


Approximations are sometimes more accurate. Beautifully put.


I resemble this remark.
And my anecdote of where I was when Princess Diana died is indeed worthy of a dinner party. Even if only in my own tiny little mind


Nailed it. (Pisces Sun & Mercury, Moon trine Neptune.)


I am a sun moon Jupiter and mercury in the 12th also in Pisces. The mistake people make when trying to figure out a Pisces is that everything depends upon their subconscious childhood experiences and the fairy tales that has been woven around them. I easily slip into whichever world or mind creation depending upon whatever I am experiencing at the moment to deal with life. I would say that we fish aren’t evasive or mysterious on purpose, but living in dual or more worlds at once, and not 100% present in either.


Thank you so much Mystic – this is sooo useful – just started to date a pisces – never dated one before – he spends a lot of time underwater – scuba diving LOL.


I’d say yes to 1 and 2. My father and I are both Pisces Suns and both of us have movie recall memories and a story for every milestone event. As parents, we both exercise erratic boundaries.

Lotus A

That sounds accurate. Don’t even try to nail me down. I don’t have a memory of when Diana died but I totally remember the wedding.


I am aware my planets are in mostly fixed signs but I am struggling to understand how these traits are positive. I understand being adaptive is awesome as you can adjust and survive. But where is the nobility in these traits? Can anyone help me see things from a different point of view?


Best answer!


I can see where you’re coming from Scorp as I feel the same misunderstanding of fixed signs, fixed energy always feels so stuck as I have so little of it in my chart. As a predominantly Mutable person, it always felt like such a superior way of being. However, as I’m approaching my Uranus opposition (natally in fixed Scorp) I have started to wake up to how 1) Piscean mutability is not always positive or haute for those on the receiving end of it. I can now look back at several friendships and relationships and see my actions from their… Read more »


Thank you for your honest response. It’s pretty generous of you to consider how our past actions may have hurt others. Lots of people don’t. As I am approaching my uranus opposition my realizations are around live and let live. The universe created a bunch of different people for a reason. Everyone shines in different contexts. I get what you are saying about the stuckness of fixed signs. Staying when you should leave. Not backing down from an argument even though its clear more information has eclipsed your point. Move. Be Free! Mutables are probably better at this than others.… Read more »


I’m pretty mutable, I see mutability as just more of an ability to blend in and adjust to situations, surroundings. Have you ever spoken to a Gemini? Lol. I think of that as a perfect example, they can talk about anything to anyone it seems, with such ease. Chameleon energy. I understand fixed energy too. It’s the cardinal I have a little more trouble conceptualizing myself (not a lot of personal cardinal energy). I’d say the haute form of Piscean energy is the ability to feel their surroundings and people around them, to psychically pick up on feelings, to warp… Read more »


“And some of them see their core task in life as being to elude other people.”

This hit home. The whole post, really, but especially this. Sun conjunct Neptune conjunct Descendant. Moon in the 12th House.


Yep all of this.. Particularly my sense of time. Actually I do have real trouble understanding timelines.. Still trying to work out what year I actually got married.. It seems like another planet but apparently Facebook tells me it was 2013. Pisces..Sag rising and pieces planets in all sorts of places.. Chart not handy.


I didn’t realise afterthought *wasn’t* potential for cinematic short-films. Flashbacks – just like in the movies – view the highlights and plot-developments, and edit them all together; are you saying most people *don’t* have movie-recall? I remember where I was when Princess Diana died; prophetically, I couldn’t sleep. The tension in the air was so thick it almost glittered… I was sleeping over at my friend’s house – they were a large Mauritian Family, with a revolving-door policy. People would come in and out, make a plate of food, and then going off on their adventures for the night, leaving… Read more »


I also didn’t realise that most people ‘dont’ have Movie recall!!!


Oh my goddess this is so true! I can tell a story about what I was doing when princess Diana died and how o felt it! ♥️


Yes to this, a thousand times yes, I feel understood 🙂


I knew a Pisces who totally ‘Single White Female/All About Eve-d’ me. She stole my identity and used my opinions in interviews. And online. It was pretty tough


Wow, that is awful!


They view the past in cinematic vignettes or themed montages…..
Sooooo true. I am Pisces moon/asc and I do believe that my very less than remotely ideal childhood was made the easier because of my ability to create another world for myself and to futurise the life that I would have.
All of my past really does feel like a film to me.

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