Pisces Rising

Triple Goddess Astronauts

Asteroids In Astrology Are Like Homeopathy

Asteroids in Astrology are like homeopathy. They fluctuate in and out of fashion. When applied to a natal chart they can seem whimsical or downright irrational. Compared to the heft of a Jupiter Opposition or Lunar Eclipse, an asteroid is as diluted as a homeopathic remedy. The worst they can do is not work. But when they do resonate, it’s with uncanny magic. Logically, they shouldn’t mean anything but the …

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Pisces Today

Neptuned – Pisces Today

Pisces Today is tuning into pure Neptune Frequency, zero static or disruptions to transmission. Chiron in Pisces since 2011 until recently activated super-powers that Pisceans did not know they had. Sure, most of that activation was via their natural powers failing them or a non-stop existential crisis. But isn’t that always the way? Nothing in real life ever feels like a heroic journey at the time. Now, in 2019, Uranus in …

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What People Don’t Get About Pisceans

Considering a relationship with a Pisces? Here are a few need-to-knows. Life at the end of the Zodiac is strange, like living in a frontier galaxy or something. There are so many things that people don’t get about Pisces. These are just a few of them. Pisces genuinely dislikes formal occasions or having to go to your ‘thing.’  Being bizarrely actually quite brilliant in a crisis, they are more like …

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Honesty In Dating: Pisces

Currently I Am: Omni-Tasking – posting dating profiles i have no intention of following through on unless you are God, purchasing trace element supplements from an inland sea nobody knows about yet, listening to binaural beats infused thunderstorm recordings, recalibrating debt repayments via this amazing app, reading about ex Victorias Secret models child custody lawsuits on the Daily Mail, uploading Nietzsche quotes to my iPhone, visiting the Vestal Virgin tombs …

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Style Your Ascendant: Pisces Rising

To be Pisces Rising is to be ruled by Neptune, God of Shamanic Awareness, Glamour, Fashion, Nightclubs & Drugs, amongst many other things. Pisces Rising peeps can find it difficult to get a grip on their look or even how they transmit to other peeps.  Some of them rise to the challenge, becoming chameleons of style and official fashion icons because they’re so insanely mutable, they’re never going to bore …

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Pisces Feet Are Their Everything

Piscean Feet matter. Why? Because for millennia, the feet have symbolized Pisces. Caring for foot health and beauty is a magical act for this zodiac sign. Pisces does correspond with the feet – the medieval correspondences start with Aries at the forehead and go down to Pisces at the feet. Yes, incidentally, Scorpio is “the genitals.”  Ancient medical astrologers would deal with a problem in a particular part of the …

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