Is It Weird To Be A Happily Single Libra?

A happily single Libra is sick of people dissing her satisfaction at being single. Where does the concept of Libra needing to be pair-bonded come from?

Dear Mystic and Co,

HELP!  I think there is something wrong with me. For a start, I am Libra. Lots of Libra. Very Libra. I’m all about peonies, kittens, windchimes, debating politics, design, fragrance, fashion and vintage movies with beautiful people. I fit every Libra cliche going except for one. Librans are supposed to crave partnership and be scared to be alone. 

Well, I am currently single and thrilled with my lot. It has been this way for 18 months now. It would be nice if I fell in love again one day, but I am not looking. I am busy making my life epic, with my work, my child, friends, and a whole range of interests. People – not my close friends – ask me constantly if I am getting any action/met anyone special and seem disapproving or pitying when I say no.

The last person was today, and he said: “you’re really attractive, you know, you need to put more effort into this or you might end up alone.”  This statement haunts me. Am I a slacker?  But I am happy and fulfilled. This is probably TMI, but I had a very sexually active 20s, and then I was in a very long relationship which petered out, then I had a bit of an apres marriage jaunt with a few guys, and now I am just pleasantly jaded with men and dating. No drama, neediness nor loneliness. Is this something that is okay or should I, as everyone says, make more of an effort?

Love, The Atypical Libra.

My Dear Atypical Libra,

I think the “scared to be alone” thing is possibly Lower Libra. Some of the most fiercely independent and together people I know are Librans. Having-to-be-partnered up is not a Libran trait as such. Libra people are good at forming partnerships and working with others. They dislike confrontation and will turn practically any interaction into a diplomatic, high-functioning duo.

It can occur in any paradigm; a creative collaboration, business enterprise, decent co-parenting arrangement.  Perhaps Saturn in Libra has rendered you more thoughtful and self-valuing?

Another thought is that Libra is an Air-Venusian sign. You’re sensual, artistic, and interested in ideas. Once upon a time, the only expression for such a female may have been a marriage to a man with means. But those days are long gone, and there are many paths to fulfillment. Even the term “single” seems outmoded. Maybe you need new friends?

I certainly don’t think people should be charging around like the Relationship Police, trying to guilt-coerce you into dating. What does everyone else think single Libra should do?

Image: Richard Phibbs – Kukua Williams – Harpers Bazaar

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  1. I’m Libran and can relate with this post. I find that I sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees in my plight for perfection. Perhaps I’m missing out, but would prefer to be free in Venusian awesome and harmony than in a middling stagnant relationship. Being so picky can be arduous, especially with Venus in Virgo!

  2. On an astro-mythic level, Librans are Cardinal creatures, and while all graceful air signs slip in & out of air streams, they are First.
    Also there is the interesting placement of Libra between her neighbours of Scorpio & Virgo.

    Librans are Plutonic in that they are like the eagles that pierce the air stream with their sharp, aerodynamic and beautiful heads (weren’t scorpio & libra once one great phoenix?).
    Virgo and Libra both beautiful women – perhaps there is a crossover in terms of iconography here. The Librans are perhaps part Virgin Goddess too?
    (Perhaps all women need a Virgin Goddess transit on occasion).

    “Astraea, the celestial virgin, fleeing from the new wickedness of humanity, she ascended to heaven to become the constellation Virgo; the scales of justice she carried became the nearby constellation Libra, reflected in her symbolic association with Justitia in Latin culture”.
    Wiki abbreviated.

    Wings + Virgin Goddess attributes + Libran beauty= Angels?
    Well we know they can fall, but that would be a nicer icon than a pair of scales imo.

  3. NOT in favour of your disappearance ALS, your posts have always made me think afterwards… Very different perspective than mine. You can have a disapproving tone to your posts at times which is initially off-putting, but your heart seems to be in the right place.

    I don’t mind healthy, respectful debate which has happened on here many times -have been following this blog for some years now, and I am happy to learn new things, and fresh ideas. Not just here to only listen to people with only the same life experiences agree with each other, and get kicked off if you don’t talk the same way cos it is Boring.

  4. Very Libra here and i like being alone right now..Course Libras are never alone, people love us! They want to be with us!

  5. ” You’re really attractive you know. You might need to put more effort in or you’ll end up alone”.

    Was he channelling your mother?

    Flick him off Sis!!

  6. You’re not alone darling! I’m a Libran Sun/Moon and I’ve been happily single for years. People think it’s a bit weird but I just don’t see the point in being in a relationship for the sake of it. I have a very intense Scorp Venus/Pluto conjunction in my 8th which makes me very all-or-nothing though. Maybe you have something else going on in your chart that makes you more comfortable with being on your own.

  7. Aphrodite Rising

    Libran Sun, Libran Ascendant. Well, I know I’ve been in a long, 35-year-old relationship, so it might be odd commenting on this post. But I do know that within that relationship I need space, distance and independence. If that were not recognised or honoured, I wouldn’t be around. When I met my husband, I was happy to be on my own, not looking for a relationship, and I think it’s because Librans can actually be fine on their own, because they demand the highest-quality relationships and next-to-best isn’t good enough. If my husband popped his clogs before me, I’d stay on my own. I like my independence and relationships are damned hard work. If you are happy with your life, then that’s fine. To be in a relationship is not the be all and end all of life on earth. To be true to yourself, to be happy, to live your life according to your own ethics and needs is far more important than impertinent people who seek to impose their relationship needs and insecurities on you. Good on you for sorting out what is meaningful in your life. Let other people’s comments slide off your back, shake yourself to clear your energy field, and carry on doing what only you know best – living your life in a way which leaves you happy and fulfilled. Just give yourself a bit pat on the back for recognising what’s right for you.

    1. Venus demands alot for sure but if shes not natally linked. paired up with other forget about truly giving back to anyone else but there significant other. Unless it benifits the look.. This is what ive found…. Unless that libra has some aqua or pisces in there chart they got a while to go before her relationship is of the highest order. Wholling up with one person and forgetting the world together. Is not venuses higest expression.

      1. the short answer please – i’m libran i need help, understanding stuff .. you know?

      2. Short answers to serious??’s lead to short conclusions… Causing short everything,

        if anything your unconcious
        mind is pickin it up. 🙂

        Buut for Venus i will try.

        Do you best to Love-everyone-equally. Even if i you help one libra get this way besides my sister. We are carring out our universal makeup.

      3. ok, see I get that and it makes sense now but all that other stuff you said sounded like you were having a go at Aphrodite Rising. Were you deliberately having a go at her? Cos you put all that under her post and it seemed like it was directed at her and some of it isn’t that flattering taken at face value you know? Sometimes it’s really hard to work out what you mean and some of it comes across as really provocative and like you’re dissing people for no apparent reason. Are you having a wonky transit or something? I mean that in the nicest possible way too. It must be frustrating for you – I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who’s ever misunderstood you 😀

      1. Askimg someone with Venus im pisces to define stuff, is- well. I can just tell u universal love is needed. And only you can say if your striving for that or even looking at it as a possible outcome,

        But to me its working as a team to heal the world together. Be concious of it. Its just about protecting the family unit and accumulating wealth and taking as many vacations with you boo as you can.
        Just going to “work”.

        You guys are the embodyment of love, could spread as much of it around as possible. Not just one person.

        I know each of you are on your own evolutionary journey through the scales so this will apply to some not all.

    2. I agree with Aphrodite 🙂

      Be true to yourself.

      Don’t let other peoples fears misguide you or guilt you into taking a wrong turn for sake of meeting their expectations.

    3. Aphro Rising, you’re a role model, babe. Your comment is super cool and I do think healthy, enduring relationships include space for individuality and autonomy.

      To the single Libran, I guess another take on Libra (and the 7th house), which is perhaps more Jungian, is about inner integration — as in your relationship with self and how the parts of your self integrate. Your relationship with others will be healthier and more relaxed if you have a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. You’re content whether partnered or not because you’re content within yourself. It’s a wonderful emotional state to be in and not something I would second guess.

      Personally I’m suspicious of people who get antsy about others being single. Projection much? How are their relationships? And more importantly how is their relationship with self? Some people couldn’t bear to be unpartnered and are determined to project that on to everyone else. You don’t need to make excuses to them.

  8. Dear Lovely A Typical Libran,
    I feel people get lazy with their conversation skills, and so they ask the same bulls**t questions.
    I reckon i would be say something along the lines of ”who knows how long my daughter is going to want me around taking her to amazing places and having beautiful experiences with just the two of us, who knows what will happen when she’s a teenager – probably dropping her off a block away so i dont cramp her style, im exceptionally content with how our life is at the moment, i’m making a childhood for her that shes going to remember for the rest of her days, i dont feel like it’s the right time to complicate it, love always shows up, especailly when you’re not looking for it, so i am full of faith, and have missed out of nothing in my life pre child to drive me to want to race to be where it is i’m going to end up” or words to that effect, just so i could shut them up about it. i reckon i would be filling our weekends with art galleries and cafes and walks in cool interesting suburbs/cities/parks/bushwalks etc, to enjoy my time with my young and also to have more to open up conversations with etc…
    i know before children and marriage whenever i felt i was being hammered about ‘but dont you want kids etc, my one liner was ” Love kids, couldnt eat a whole one” thats not very libran, i know, and it was me in my late 20’s, and Librans are way more diplomatic and well mannered than aries, but a couple of polite one liners in your back pocket for such convo’s will never go astray !

    Respect to you lovely, and sorry for rabbiting on !

      1. weird your words just tweaked something deep within. might have to go bake and think. no need to workshop it here but you sound like an excellent mother.

  9. Wasn’t sure where to put this comment – Just wanted to say I loved Aphrodite Rising’s comment above. I think there’s a lot of wisdom in it.

  10. Dear Atypical Libran,
    You’ve simply got to know yourself and know who or what you are letting influence and unbalance you and then deal with that. There’s nothing wrong with you. If you are currently happy, that means any negative power issues or unbalanced relationships from your past are waning. Sounds harmonious.

  11. rache (aqua/tauri)

    as a recovering love zombie, i would say you do NOT have a problem and have what we all want! and everyone knows you find real love when you’re not looking for it.

    honestly, best of luck — it sounds like you are in a very happy and healthy place.

  12. Freedom from a relationship is a wonderful thing – if you’re in a position to be enjoying the space you have and your own company at this point in your life, that’s nothing but admirable. I’m in quite a similar position right now after ending a long term relationship earlier in the year. I am enjoying going out and meeting new people but have absolutely no interest in hooking up with anyone, really. And it’s extremely liberating to just be ‘fine’ being on your own. The idea of a relationship is wonderful but as someone commented further up in the thread, they are complicated organisms – and with the good comes a lot of compromise.

  13. I think no matter what her sun sign is, a lot of people find it unusual that a woman can be over thirty and happy and single. I think we’re at a cultural crossroads… 50% of marriages end in divorce (not sure the stats on de facto relationships), many people are unfulfilled and ‘searching’ for something more to do with their lives… I think the traditional get married by thirty, get a mortgage, have two kids isn’t the right thing for every single person on the planet. But it’s generally still a bit ‘outsider’ to choose to lead a different life (esp for a woman to do so).

    I am in my early thirties and now single after the end of a 10 year relationship. I am actually loving being on my own! Sometimes I feel a bit sad and sorry for myself, but that’s only when I wonder how my life looks to society – would I be considered a loser cause I’m single and love my cats, will I end up a ‘spinster’. But then I look around at my life, and I’m doing lots of cool stuff and growing – there’s nothing wrong with my life! And I am really happy. And if I meet someone down the track that’s great. But right now I don’t have any urge to ‘try and find’ a boyfriend.

  14. What is this chica’s rising sign? What is her moon sign? Where is her Uranus and what personal planets does it aspect? How does her Venus factor in all of this?

    That’s where the story is. Details, please…! 🙂

  15. Unconventional Lib state of mind

    Don’t the texture and fall look great on that dress?

    I’d be wearing a tiara and cape too, if I were in that dress.

    Girlfriend’s got to take frock down town, fan it up a bit.

  16. Libran balance has powerful dimensions to it in the realm of relating.

    One is that urge to relate to the Other. Together there is a wholeness, a shared dynamic. Librans do tend to partner beautifully when they do it well. They know how to match.

    But beyond the very binary notion of Adam and Eve, is the classic balancing act of the dynamics within the self. I love how the Venusian sign is Cardinal. When i first began studying the psychology of astrology at 9, this intrigued and drew my mental analysis strongly. It told me that buried within our conservative binary gender (for example, but what a meaningful example) views were far more philosophical perceptions of how binaries and beyond that, multiples are contained within the human. I found that meditating on this astropsychology restored my faith – yes, at the tender age of 11 i had already felt it tarnished! – in the Traditions.

    Librans can be exceptionally self powered. But the beauty of the Libran is that it does not remain contained but naturally radiates in connection to another. Dependence and independence are not mutually exclusive. In its higher vibration, a quality simply expresses itself, it is not an urge.

    Librans i know are super functioning by themselves, but they adore being partnered, having friendships because this provokes constant shifts, they have to keep matching and rebalancing. Librans are Air signs and they just love to think and they must constantly ‘flow’ (watery word, can’t think of proper word for currents of air). That is how they love life.

    1. Unconventional Lib state of mind

      Beautifully expressed.

      Independence and dependence not mutually exclusive – YES!!

      I have found that it is through Venusian desire that I have come to know about myself. It’s a fine tightrope to walk a balance intellect and desire. The ‘balance within’ is a constant journey. I have Venus in first house too and I am particularly sensitive to Aphrodite/Venus. People often comment she comes out in the way I dress, express myself, my interests, the things I evoke. I ended up in Paris for my Saturn Return. I would save my money long and hard and travel there and to other destinations each Winter to buy fabrics, visit water, sit on the outside of cafes sipping kias, adorn myself with the landscape and people, universities, palaces – if I could. I go there in my mind regularly enough these days.

    2. Sylph-ing. I like sylphing. Sometimes I wuther, but mostly I just breathe.
      Here’s a personal story about oblivious attraction: Once upon a time 2 lesbians had a secret conversation about “who they would do” in the town where we all lived. One was my friend. Both agreed on long haired me. Some years later they split acrimoniously. Libran I, declared my friend had more right to get righteously drunk with me at the local pub, as she had grown up there, rather than avoid former partner. Blundered into pub, took up residence on a stool and commenced drinking her fave cocksucking cowboys, with much mirth and merriment. Oblivious to farmers at the corner bar giving me the eyebrow point, to draw my attention to my surroundings.Physically rollicking with laughter, I became vaguely aware I had been bumping into the back of someone, during my fits of mirth. As I turned to apologise, all became clear: the eyebrows, the subdued atmosphere… it was her ex. “Sorry love, just having fun”. More happened, but long story short. My friend much later informed me of their secret about me. We laughed harder at my role in the ultimate (unwitting) “revenge”. The object of their secret fantasy enjoying the company of the spurned lover!! I know the farmers enjoyed the payback, and let the ex believe we were an item. Years later, as we all stood at her funeral after a car accident, the ex was still none the wiser, and made a quick exit after spotting me.

    3. i love the way you’ve expressed this mille – my experience of being partnered is that after a few years of ‘bedding in’ 😀 and finding the balance within being one of two and also being a separate entity – one made from two, then the ability to express the inherent need to look outwards is enhanced. Obviously the success of this hinges on more than just the sun sign and some may be more able to walk this path than others. But that’s where a dialectic approach in conversation with ones self as much as with others enables the individual to find balance. Remembering to take it outward to the world as an aries would helps. Not keeping it cloistered in the libran cone of silence.

      1. and though that’s a neat little paragraph packaged by mercury conjunct venus in libra in the 5th with a sing song voice and a spring in its step it’s much easier to say that stuff than do it – it is so much harder to maintain your essence as an individual once you’ve mingled. But if you can it’s a powerful foundation to work from.

      2. Clued up, i’ve been meaning to ask… have you been on this blog a while but under a different name? It’s just you sometimes sound kind of familiar.

        Yes once you’ve mingled your individual essence is (essentially still you but) somehow reshaped. Yes i get that.

      3. yup + for a while i was anon because i couldn’t be bothered typing it in all the time. and no reshaped isn’t what i meant that language seems reductive – more like an additive process. like an alloy. enhancing existing properties.

    4. I wish I’d read your post before I posted mine above, 1001 nights. I love what you said and I’m a big fan of your comments.

  17. Ohh, don’t listen to them! (The people telling you to find someone). It’s YOUR life, it’s NONE of their fuqing business!! Seriously, that kind of attitude among other peeps makes me see RED. YOU are in control of YOUR life. Do what you want. You know what? I think they can see that you’re happy, and it bothers them, to see a single, fulfilled woman. It goes against all the societal constructs they have held dear for so long. I think they are probably jealous, as in,

    “Gee, I spent most of my life seeking happiness and fullfillment through finding a mate, and here’s a libran goddess, having lots of fun and solo. Maybe I’ve been going about this wrong? Oh no, no. I can’t be wrong. It must be HER. She’s got it wrong. Even if she hasn’t, let’s try and undermine her security anyway…”

    1. I’ve had a lot of flak on this topic too, at different times, usually from constricted judgemental unhappy couples.

      I totally agree with your assessment Anony_Aus.

    2. Agree. 12 months after my marriage broke up I was told my mum and her friend were both asking ‘why hasn’t she found someone new … she’s still young enough’ … but it wasn’t where my focus was. I wanted to deal with me and kids and work. 12 years later when it felt right for me I started dating and bestie, who’d been encouraging me to get out, kept advising me to dump Pisces because he wasn’t into me enough to marry me … but he was what I wanted then (and apart from the great sex I now know I grew heaps in terms of confidence and ability to be true to me). Now I’m seeing Kataka, but it’s loose and easy -maybe not the best way to express it 🙂 … and I’m being told by friends to move on because it’s not going anywhere … But I like where it is. You’re the one living your life, so live it the way you want to …

  18. Helllooo fellow Libran. Did the same when my child was young, think it was about 3 years. Your other friends only fret because they have a tiny secret fear of their own. Take the statement “you’re really attractive blah blah..” Translation: I (underlined) find you really attractive, why do you not notice wonderful me, I am so worthy. I was so oblivious to peoples attraction to me, it had to be pointedly pointed out. I, too, was focussed on other beauty, particularly a derelict garden that I stubbornly filled with only frangranced plants and flowers. Blue roses were a biggy. Long story short – met a apparently totally unsuitable suitor on a highway construction site, 8 years younger, (long after I had lost any pretence of youthful beauty) whom I constantly rejected. Persisted and perservered across 3 states,and is Piscean. He may be apparently or obviously incompatible, but it works and is comfortable. He – flannelette shirt in winter, me – drag him to burlesque shows wearing it, to end up in conversations with gorgeous cross dressing performers on the merits of mascara applied on top of eyelashes. He takes it in his Piscean stride and is not so homophobic. I resent cooking, he loves it. Who knew? Your own statement “It would be nice if i fell in love again one day but i am not looking” is honest and accurate. It happened to me, when I least expected it, covered in dust and diesel. P.S I still get to spend “selfish” me time to myself, cause I love it, as he goes and does his camping and other time with blokes stuff. Trust yourself, no one knows you, better than you.

    1. I agree: comments about how you ‘should’ be working your ‘attractiveness’ are patriarchal and patronising.

      Wouldn’t many of the men we see in the street be taken aback if women they didn’t know felt the need to approach them and tell them how to best look after themselves? Or maybe that’s what the traditionalist looks for in a partnership – a bit of mothering?

    2. Unconventional Lib state of mind

      Pisces and Libra = beautiful.

      Libran being oblivious to being attractive or when people like him / her = Yes! WTF is that about

      1. Oooh, my ears pricked up at this comment, Unconventional, since there are two such sun-sign matches in my family. Interestingly, both are enduring. The librans feel safe with the generosity and success of the pisceans, who enjoy the unconventionality of the Librans. The pisceans seem to be very good at letting the Librans free.

  19. I have a 12th house Libra which has been getting a Saturn walloping, and now mars? Mars in my 11th was good at first, but then it got all bully on me and obliterated that scene…. Mars and Saturn equals Pluto search and destroy….

    Breakup left right and centre and now my main central person appears to begoing awol, yet I can see how its been building for years, what does one get – extraordinary emotional resilience once wound are licked that is, how to entertain oneself manual stored in brain, a bit more of a don’t give a duck and won’t put up w bad behaviour! What else, a deeply clear insight about what is important and what’s not!…..

    Also despite the fear mongers threatening one ending up alone, if u have a child u won’t be alone, and there are many many types of relationships that require energy and attention be love and be loved

  20. i like to think about this current life as just part of a bigger journey. It’s full of experiences, meeting of people, jobs, heartache, heartbreak, love, joy, pain and everything in between. From what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like you had a fair bit of experience in your 20s (please don’t think that’s a ‘comment’ on your 20s.. i say good for you..) and one of those experiences included having a child. So, if it was me and or I was a friend of yours, I would be thinking that this is simply the stage that you’re at in your journey. Maybe you’re meant to be doing this alone so that when you do meet another partner you’re in a better place to enjoy that time with him/her or whatever… you know, what will be will be and we can’t change that by stressing over it. Think back to that petering out relationship- if it had worked, would you be a different person now? Where would you be in your life journey? I bet you can see it would be quite different. You’ve probably ‘grown’ in more ways that you can imagine!
    It sounds like you were riding this roller coaster pretty well until that person made that comment. Really, it’s just a reflection on how she feels about herself and her own situation. Can you imagine just ‘ending up with someone’ just so that you weren’t alone!!!! Yack! Makes me feel a bit faint! But aside from all of that, you have a child and I’m fairly sure you’ve got friends (maybe not that one…she didn’t seem to see herself in your future..), you’re not going to be alone lovely!

    I say, don’t let other people make you feel like you’re on the wrong path just because the one you’re taking doesn’t seem like a palatable one to’re strong and able- go for it. You’re doing what you’re meant to do!

  21. oh OK. I just thought it was a bit on the nose to put all that under Aphrodite Rising’s post – she’s pretty big on the whole concept of universal love herself. I live with an aqua and his methods of deconstruction of the status quo are quite different to yours. He would probably think yours were a bit patriarchal actually – getting out and about protesting ‘for’ people would probably really get on his tits. But each to their own – thanks for taking the time to explain your MO and astro. I think I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

    1. just thought the libras as having the highest quality relationships, could be equalized. Thats all, ive actually complimented and looked at her art.

      Venus is pisces is the classic signature for people who love everyone equally. So its nothing towards her really and more at everyone at the same time.

      1. Yea some aquas like paris hilton have a less socially focused ascendant and or moon combo. So it happens. Your just meeting a Aqarian with Leo ascendant and a scorpio moon. Breakdown Social air,Sunny but authoritative heart, mixed with tradgedy.

        Everyone likes to talk about what the astrology stand for but not when it actually stars happening.

        My Pluto is in Libra in the 3rd. So scorponic communicatives are as much as venisians find deplorable enevitable.

      2. See, that’s that thing you do again – you’re comparing the aquarian I know well with paris hilton. Although it’s pretty funny and I did snigger involuntarily it’s not very flattering (sorry paris LOL) and is a sweeping generalisation that has no basis in fact other than that there’s a shared sun sign.

        Do you see what you’re doing there? What you think is unmasking the frightening truth and revealing the illlusion is actually using astro to imply people are less than you think they should or could be. You’re projecting your pop culture personality judgements onto strangers and believing it’s the universal truth. It gives you a superior tone that makes it easier just to ignore rather than engage with you. After reading all your words I can see that you don’t deliberately mean any harm but people who’ve been insulted aren’t going to sit around trying to work out where your head is at – if you have grand plans to save the world this approach is going to seriously diminish your audience.

        And FYI I have scorpio moon and neptune and I can spot a tragedy a mile off too.

  22. Electric Eel Libran

    Do what you feel is right. Period!
    If you truly feel happy that you are not partnered then so be it!
    You don’t need someone else to give you an affirmation on this.

    Also, Librans are not exactly known to have deep or strong sexual needs unless they have other placements that influence that. So it’s easy to be detached when you don’t have needs. I have to take a formula that kills sexual urges so be grateful you don’t have this problem! Sometimes lower urges cause you to make bad decisions.

  23. Scorporation, Inc.

    A whole-hearted Yes! to your reply, Mystic.

    (Libra/7th house Pluto-Moon conjunct; Libra/8th house Uranus-Merc conjunct.)

    1. I agree. Your life sounds just gorgeous to me, Atypical Libra. People who criticise you for not being in a relationship aren’t respecting who you are at this time. Indeed, you could say they are downright rude. And I think it’s unrealistic to possess the desire and to be ability to simultaneously actualise progress on all key fronts – relationship, job, health, children, spirituality etc etc. It sounds like you have had a lot of time for relationships in the bigger picture of your life.

      I remember when I was in my mid 30s, people said this to me a lot and I became influenced by it and confused. I then wasted time on the wrong people.

  24. PS. Yes. Libra person. Like if you’re attractive, you owe it to yourself / the world to be sharing that with someone. Pfffft. Do what feels right in your heart bella x

    1. Right ON! I get the guilts about being single sometimes, so posts like this reinforce how much I love and value just being me. I hear people talking about their relationships and for the most part it sounds pretty awful. I very occasionally will see a couple I truly admire and even feel a little envy of, but that is so rare….

  25. I have no idea about the Libran MO but I do wish that photo of Keira Knightley was in colour so I could get a better look at what I suspect is an amazing dress.

    1. totally! i stared at it imagining colours for so long that i’m pretty sure knowing the truth would ruin my mind’s eye version.

    2. I like to think it is made of silver burnished with slight fire scale. If i were a silversmithdressmaker that is totally how i’d make it.

      (Pragmatic types, under a Moon in Pisces, yes, the silver flows like fabric does)

  26. I’ve got sun mercury and venus in libra so i guess that makes me a bit libra too and although i am plus one at the moment if that were to cease alone would be fine – probably preferable, just as it was before the plus one happened.

    be free, do what makes you happy and fuq the people who are scared to be alone. What they are really saying to you is that they don’t want to wake up to themselves of a morning and you are not them.

    1. Right on!

      Don’t worry, if you were in a relationship people would have something to say about that, too!

  27. Even though my Sun is in Cancer, I am very strongly Libra: Moon, Ascendant, and then Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. I am an atypical Libra, but different from what is described here. I crave partnership and long to be in a commited, loving relationship, and yet I am very unlucky in love. At 30, I’ve never managed to develop a proper relationship beyond casual dating. I always thought Libra (and Cancer) were supposed to be adept at forming romantic bonds.

    1. You’re not old, you’re a baby! There’s too much learning about life in your twenties (for many) to start a permanent relationship then. I’m sure a great relationship is just around the corner for you. You sound ready =)

  28. Unconventional Lib state of mind

    I think it’s transiting Saturn and Uranus opposing that’s doing it. Unconventional Libran state of mind = me now! I went from “Oscar Winning Support Role” to “Oscar Winning Lead Role in my life”. I broke down old structures and broke through self-imposed limitations. More privacy now. Toes slipping into the water, spending the last couple of years reaching a slow crescendo. Getting a grip. Now I dance. Not terrified out of my mind (as much as I used to be).

    I think Librans swing from fiercely independent to happily pair bonded because it’s getting the balance between the two that is challenging.
    The other difficulty is getting people around you to back-off and give you space because you have changed. 🙂 xx

    1. Yes!!! Glad you posted this because I can see myself in a committed relationship. I always thought there was something wrong with me because I have never been married and most of the time ok with being single and thought men didn’t like it so they stayed away. Oh well. But once I started dating my recent guy (well, I haven’t seen him in 9 months).. I was happy being connected having our first w/e meeting his friends and seeing how were together.. it worked. But now that I haven’t seen him I am ok.. I am looking at life with curiosity, meeting new people that are exposing me to better “relationships” (friends)… and I have grown! I can honestly say that for the first time since 2009 I am happy! First time… <3

      1. Unconventional Lib state of mind

        Like notes in an orchestra letting go is key to being exposed to better things, or even the same old things but with a fresh or better perspective.

        Love your rainbow balloons, v Lib BTW (Lofty, high ideals)

      2. Balloons comment = Thank you!!

        To add to your thread and about Libra.. I have often commented on having 2 personalities. At work all Virgo.. outside of work.. all Libra. It is very hard for me to be both at work. Especially with my field where I have to stand strong or stubborn (Virgo).

    2. Unconventional Lib, I have Venus in Libra and I can fully relate to your comment about being either very happily pair bonded or very happily independent.

      Agree that it’s odd when people try to force you into pairing up as if its a cult. That movie “Must Like Dogs” romcom with Diane Lane and John Cusack, I nearly fell over when they were pushing her into dating because her divorce was 18 months ago. Woah Nellie! What’s so scary about being single?

      1. Unconventional Lib state of mind

        The number of people who want to know my personal life situ yet not other snr male employee’s personal lives at my work, out of respect people don’t ask them, is quite the contrast. Double standards.

  29. I think she is doing a fabulous thing living on her own. Empowering herself. I am a Virgo with Libra rising and I get the same questions. I am very happy living my life now as independent and determined as I can. I am not sure about The Atypical Libra and her attraction with men but for me if there isn’t a comfortable vibe to grow with then it’s not gonna happen and I will not waste the guys time with pursuing me. Independence for me works.. for right now. You never know what might show up to stir that love potion again and open the flood gates. Once that happens, it is an amazing experience. It happened to me in 2009 after being single for 10 years. No desire to search prior to 2009.. no need. I was working on myself and what a great job I did.

    I think The Atypical Libra should continue on.. smile when people make those comments and be happy. I honestly have pity on those in relationships who, in my opinion, feel threatened by an attractive male / female who is single. It’s hard for them to understand because they have never experienced it. I am happy that they have found a great relationship to live by!

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