Gwyneth’s Saturn & Pluto Trip

Like many, I initially thought the Gwyneth Paltrow court footage was a teaser for Season Four of Succession. From her stealth-wealth wardrobe and languid “I lost half a day skiing” response to cross-examination to radiologists testifying about wine-tasting, it was, well, telegenic.

But it was essentially a live-streamed Saturn transit with a plutonic sub-plot. Saturn in Pisces is currently – tangibly – conjunct Paltrow’s Pisces Ascendant. You can see it in her less fluffy demeanor and an array of outfits that could easily be spun off as a separate “Saturnwear” line.

Even her much critiqued aviator glasses are hyper-Saturn – they were invented by John Macready, an accomplished test pilot (Libra with Mars-Saturn in Leo) who wanted zero fog, zero distractions and perfect visibility in high latitudes.

While arguably a fantastically successful purveyor of fog herself, Paltrow has flown through snark storms for years now. She regularly attracts ridicule for the extravagant products she sells via her Goop brand, her shaman, children’s names, use of the term ‘conscious uncoupling’ to describe her divorce and more.

More nuanced attacks accuse her of commodifying spirituality or appropriating the ‘self-care’ concept for capitalist gain. “Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan” said Lindy West, in an account of her day at a Goop Wellness summit.

Full disclosure: I don’t own a jade vagina egg or have any interest in Goop guff but isn’t it time pundits stopped referring to interests like “macrobiotics” or “shamanism” and “astrology” as fringe weirdness? They may not be center but they’re way past the periphery.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s unapologetic stance is very Pisces Rising – whatever she’s accused of, she just sort of flows on from it without explanation. In a departure from her norm, she was in a Utah court going after a retired optometrist for clearly symbolic damages of $1. This is where the plutonic sub-plot comes in.

In 2019, as Saturn and Pluto converged on her North Node in Capricorn, Paltrow was sued over a 2016 ski accident in which her and the litigant – Cancerian Terry Sanderson – collided. The court has just ruled – essentially – that he skiied into her and was on a money grab due to her celebrity.

Spookily, these two have mutual Saturn-Nodes synastry. His Saturn is on Paltrow’s South Node and her Saturn is on Sanderson’s South Node. On the day of the ski incident, the Sun and Neptune were exact on her Ascendant and opposing his Mars in Virgo. It gets weirder…

The Neptune factor indicates both may have been distracted – entranced – when this incident occurred. The classic, old-school take on that Saturn synastry is that Sanderson did some form of wrong to Paltrow in a previous life – the Jyotish astrologers of India would probably say he’d incurred a “karmic penalty.”

Additionally, I doubt any astrologer would recommend legal action against a person whose Saturn was conjunct your North Node unless you were supremely sure of your ground. And one of the classic textbook definitions of someone’s Mars on your Descendant – is that they could take legal action against you. It’s wild.

Sanderson filed the lawsuit when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct on Gwyneth’s North Node and his South Node, unwittingly becoming a catalyst for next-era Gwyneth.

So really it’s not surprising that this saga ended with her whisking out of the courtroom in her Saturnwear, stopping to whisper a Cersei Lannister-like “I wish you well” in his ear. Was it a hex? Did she actually say ‘hell’? No, I think it’s just Vibe Control – a public disavowing of negative energy and a high net-worth individual’s way of saying ‘thank you and fuq off.’

Nobody feels sorry for Gwyneth but she has pushed an important precedent and helped to discourage such cases in the future – many are bought against people far less resourced than she is.

She is a Sun-Pluto conjunct – in Libra – but it’s been in abeyance over the Pluto in Capricorn/Goop era. Pluto in Aquarius is just beginning to activate it and over the next few decades, Pluto will beneficially activate practically everything in her astro-chart.

Could this entirely strange episode have somehow led her to view everything from a different vantage point? She started Goop in September 2008, at the beginning of Pluto in Capricorn but this is a fresh era and her emerging Sun-Pluto self could seek something different.

Imagine if, for example, she diverted some of her undoubted influence and coin toward clean water or East Palestine? If so, who would begrudge her an additional layer of tourmaline or meteoric iron in the filtration process?


36 thoughts on “Gwyneth’s Saturn & Pluto Trip”

  1. Rising Lion Crabby Moon

    I was always team Gwynnie – until a few years ago I was suddenly just knee-jerk disgusted with her. I’m not even sure I know why, but certainly, a look at my chart would ‘splain it. Fellow Libra with Mars in Virgo and lots of Scorpio in my chart. I will say though, I LOVED her courtroom couture and those aviators and I fist-pumped when I read that she wished him well. That was some big ovary energy right there. SHERO. It was a money grab by the old codger that slammed into her. And also – as a socialist, I find the whole spectacle just a tad over much.

  2. I have a soft spot for Gywnnie, she seems as if she would be fun to know. Just looking at her face now, and thinking I’m glad she hasn’t had filler put into her lips.

    1. Me too re: soft spot for GP. Although I understand she’s half Jewish, filler would simply ruin those perfect thin Presbyterian lips.

  3. Gwyneth is the weirdo middle aged lady we need! I just can’t not love her and all her quirky ways. Icon.

  4. There is something about Gwyneth that incurs almost knee-jerk dislike from people and I don’t believe it to be merely jealousy. There’s simply something odd about the lifestyle advice of someone who gets interviewed about her (mostly liquids) diet while hooked on IV vitamins.
    Many of the things promoted on Goop are either overpriced yet standard merchandise or spiritually diluted but unlike most celebs with brands, she does seem to practice what she preaches.

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    He skiied into her and it was a money grab. I’m glad she set a precedent for this and was unapologetic for it. What if he hurt her?

    Love from a fellow Pisces Rising who has the Full Moon on her Mars in Libra 8th house.

  6. MM! I always love your nuisanced deep dive on celebrity and really, I could read your Astro for Celebes, like…. All dayyy.

    I love Gwyneth. I always loved how she subverts fashion even if it’s hated on so hard core. Think her Oscar’s pastel pink gown. It literally caused a fashion meltdown and of course she mixes street cool like camo, with a hint of glamour. Urgh. I love her style. I don’t have a jade egg (I really wanted to have one) though I have always read her esoteric musings and have made many wardrobe wish lists in my mind.
    Maybe it’s the Pisces Asc & Cap NN, Pluto in Lib we share and the fact I had a similar period over the Sat Pluto conj on my NN.

    Really though…. “I wish you well”…. Is the coolest most regal AF end to her court case.

  7. I wonder if Trump’s Legal Team could become influenced by the legalities shown here…watch this Astrospace for more…The documentary titled “I wish you well” (A Goop exclusive with the Gwyneth Paltrow legal case).

    While reading your words MM, I had the music of Nirvana in playing in my mind “She loves me like a Pisces” from “Heart-Shaped Box.” Thank you for the music and creative legacy Kurt Cobain, I was in high school when I heard the news.

  8. I am unashamed of my love for Gwyneth. She’s just not going to give a flying F*CK what we say she’s not bothered. And while she is criticized for being rich and beautiful, that smacks too much of sour grapes to take seriously. She appears as a muse in my dreams once or twice a month, and she is always a welcomed and warm friend. Maybe the haters need to figure out what they’re projecting onto her?

  9. She irritates my Scorp reserve, but I did just order some of her sunscreen, as it comes highly recommended and everything else I’ve tried does not make my skin happy. She was bad performance art at the trial but since I’m still trying to recover from Saturn and Pluto’s trip across my midheaven, I can relate a little bit to the awkward signaling.

  10. I’ve just decided that I like Gwyneth. (I was more or less neutral to this point. Thank you for prompting this MM.) Even Joe Rogan doesn’t get as much hate from all corners of society / the internet and he’s arguably the male equivalent for reasons I just thought of. Let’s reframe this. She’s a multimillionaire successful film star who has had leading roles in films that are actually good to watch and some attaining cult-alt-cred status. She’s capitalised on her fame to start a massively successful lifestyle brand that has among other things helped her to sidestep the Hollywood “age blackout”. She made chill breakups a thing. She is afaict never a disaster in the headlines. (How does she manage this?)

    Also: “I wish you well” is definitely haute Pisces(?) for ‘thank you and you can fuq off now’. There are no cosmic strings attached, everyone is free

    Also pt. II: her node is conjunct my moon. I am going to do a Gwyneth research bender

    1. i started following Goop since day 1, first as a hate-read, then as a way to stay ahead of all things woo-woo. I lost interest as it got more commercialized, but over the years, my feelings on GP evolved from hate-envy to respect and appreciation. This seems to the opposite of society as a whole.

      We are the same age, she went to (rich, exclusive, NYC) high school with a college friend so I knew a little too much second-hand about her. As she built Goop, my flat-out envy of her privilege turned into respect. She lives the cliches of living your best life and haters gonna hate. Wouldn’t want to work for her, but the culture really gets pissed off about pretty, successful women (see: Martha Stewart in an earlier age)

      I am a co-founder of a brand for women and NOTHING spikes engagement on a post like she does – but 85% hate. It’s straight from the high school clique mind, IMO. Who doesn’t hate the rich bitch prom queen who always gets what she wants without trying and is above it all?

      I guess at this point in life, I don’t.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I just discovered the Goop website and wished I hadn’t.

        The candle labelled Smells like my vagina made me laugh though.

        Anyway I kinda like how someone has made a website out of their eccentricity. Most people hide it away.

    2. Alfalfa Centaurus

      It’s actually a thing comparing Paltrow to Joe Rogan. Rogan has been described as the Gwyneth Paltrow for bros. Both have been accused of peddling misinformation. It’s bizarre how wound up people get when their names are mentioned.
      I do think Paltrow is classic Libra – the iron fist in velvet glove variety, and smooth as. Loved her court outfits – very Capricorn in hues, yes – but worn very a la languid Leo/Venus style for effect.

      1. My Cap rising also loved her look.Non-colour. The Row coat. The cost!
        Have pair mountain boots the same as hers that i lusted after for years before finding the exact ones. Sadly legs get a workout just lifting my foot off the ground.

      2. oh that’s interesting. re Joe R. that’s almost exactly the angle I had in mind. I was thinking that my take above doesn’t really consider whether what she’s selling is ‘ok’ or not, although it wasn’t the point was trying to make anyway. but surely the intense scorn around her must be gender based as much as anything. Like a man can get around and talk smack, build a bro-ocracy, sell whatever it is that bro’s buy. but watch a woman do this with the same level of commitment and commercial motivation and she’s the literal devil, sold out, a ditzy flake or whatever the insult of the day is. But also I mean she stays afloat. It’s intense. I will never understand the whole vag thing but also, I don’t have to.

        I caught the news about the court case being decided and didn’t realise that it was a Whole Thing until this post , but that’s because I have been living under a rock

  11. And the media does it again, “water’s feelings”? It’s vibe baby, Water’s Vibe. (and obviously frequency) Mi speelin is off today dd someone say Merc retro?

    1. The Lion & The Centaur

      I think she’s referring to Dr Masaru Emoto’s studies on programming water. Water has memory and playing beautiful music or blessing water will change it’s microscopic structure.

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