Is There A Good Astrological Time For Dental Work?

Is there a good astrological time for getting major dentistry? Yes! Astrology and Dental Work is under the domain of Saturn. Here’s how to schedule it.

Dear Mystic,

You are fab in so many ways! I’m a happy subscriber and student and customer. So thank you.

The frequency with which you mention dental care has made me think about my own teeth more. After years of putting the thing off, I got to see a dentist who is oh so gentle. We worked out a plan of treatment and it’s expensive!  But I figured that in case the economy goes bust at least I have my teeth, a solid investment). I have two questions!

One is: how do you schedule dental work? I wouldn’t fuss if it’s something minor, but the first thing I’m doing involves removing two wisdom teeth and possibly root canalling the shit out of my other tooth, all while I’m sleeping. This is big, right? I scheduled it for the waning Moon in Gemini. I want the bad teeth gone and don’t want to swell too much. Recovery seems like an ok thing to do in the dark moon days.

And question number two goes like this: what is it about teeth? Why include dental anything in the oracle? Is it esoteric in any way? Personally, I see healthy teeth as a status symbol these days. Is that because Saturn is approaching my 2nd House? 


Dear Nadia,

Thank you!  And yes, dentistry is a straightforward way to access Saturn Vibe. Think about it: our teeth are the only part of our skeleton on the outside. Saturn is bones and teeth are ultra-visible symbols of structure, status and self-care – all of which are saturnine by nature.

Saturn Return is often when people first have some version of ‘holy fuq, maybe there is some point to all this dental, tax and savings crap, after all’.   You’re already onto this – you have found an epic dentist. As for scheduling dentistry via astrology, the ideal is to schedule it before you need to.

For more involved procedures like wisdom tooth extractions/root canals etc, the classic astrology vibe is to get a strong Saturn day (Saturn in good aspect to Mars, for example) and nothing negative with Neptune.

But if something is poisoning your system (which ‘bad’ teeth do) and you’re trusting your dentist, don’t delay.

Teeth are also esoteric. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, every tooth corresponds to a meridian and thus various organs of the body, elements and emotions.

The neuro-muscularity behind our tongue position and jaw influences so many things. It is a player in how we talk, eat, digest and defend against invaders.There is an antioxidant that can only be made by the body which shuts down production if we are not breathing/chewing properly.

Saturn/Dentistry/Teeth and the decision to invest into that as opposed to – say – something more temporal is insanely esoteric. You’re nourishing foundations and structure. You’re choosing to spend money on that rather than pleasure or status-signals.

Summary: Astrology and dental work are linked to Saturn. If you are having a Saturn transit, dentistry and that level of intricate self-care is a good way to honor it. In fact, I’d say that when Saturn is looming, embrace tax or teeth as a kind of ‘paying it forward’ vibe.

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  1. what about the dentist’s astrology. I need to have some major work done, and the prospective female dentist has natal Saturn at 6 Libra opposing my natal sun at 5 Aries. My Saturn (in its fall) is also at 14 Aries conjunct the North Node at 18 Aries. I’ve really been feeling it the last two years, and Saturn is now making its final crossing over my Mars at 28 Aries. Not surprising I have been through dental hell. Paranoia is making me check the dentist’s astrology. But maybe that is not so important as the chart for the day of the procedure. Please advise.

    1. Go for proficiency first & then back check their astro. My dentist is a multiple Virgo and I adore him. Saturn Mars is a good time to take charge of teeth but it sounds like you could get a different dentist?

    2. thank you Mystic, proficiency is high on the list too p.s. I just noticed that her sun in Leo is exactly trine my Saturn, so not sure what all this means except that there is some karmic connection around Saturnian themes,

  2. Late to the chat about teeth and dentist et al.

    Someone above mentioned the Saturn transit over natal moon – which I am going through/have been through last few months and how that could be connected to teeth.

    In September I took up a job at a dental clinic as assistant practice manager. A job I would never ever have imagine me taking up. It’s meant slaying my ego – but also realising that I can deal with qi vamps much better than before. This qi vamp of a manager is super incompetent in his job and disrespectful/sexist/racist and has broken almost every professional boundary that exists. But I have to pay back people for a course I’m taking right now in human rights.

    The dental practice is an interesting place to see how people react when they are in about to be put in a situation which requires them to surrender, trust. I’ve seen family problems, relationship dynamics, aggression and sweetness in play.

    I’m looking into orofacial myology and saw some exercises on youtube. I had braces too as a teen and apparently the work was left uncompleted. So I know all about facial changes – I look very different pre and post braces. I think I’m also clenching my jaw too much but my teeth are not grating against each other just yet.

    I would love to know more about the point on teeth/dental work corresponding to mother/father. My moon is being hit by Saturn in sagg and I’ve been afraid something is going to happen to my beloved mother. But I never imagined dentistry related things would come up.

    Reading about Rachels resolve to sort out her health problems was so inspiring – I have bouts of this enthusiasm but the longest I’ve made it last where I focused solely on my health was for 3 months. My health problems need at leats a year

  3. Just going to add/ contribute I love my dentist; apart from the fact she is an amazing woman, she really treats my teeth and dental wishes with respect. I met her the same year I met my husband, about 20 years ago…

    I have 2 fillings – and I’m not far off 50, (jupiter return), the rule for me is to keep dental teeth cleaning to a minimum…all that scraping is not good…no whitening, no chemicals, no amalgam, porcelain by choice…I have venus in capricorn,..I was born to have white straight teeth (now slightly tea stained, crooked from wisdom teeth)…

    Food is critical…I have a virgo stellium 12th / 1st quincunx the 6th, trine the 5th house venus…My dentist and I were chatting about natural remineralisation…think this is where decay is actually reversed…you heal your teeth through them actually growing…?

    Anyway she is lecturing at university, understands my preference for reduced treatment…I only go every couple of years…3rd house scorpio trine 7th house mars…The only crime I committ is grinding teeth, so they are punished through neurosis, lol…

    3rd house neptune is widely square 6th house sun, retrograde mercury…
    I am a dental outlaw…my husband is a dental patron, he eats excessive amounts of chocolate (aries sun, venus mercury, saturn & mars taurus in opposition to 3rd house scorpio jupiter, moon in capricorn is square the aries stellium), and has a mouth full of gold, a crown…and a few missing teeth…

  4. My dental history is rich and very complicated – yes, Saturn is super-strong in my chart. Won’t go into all the details but a couple of things – if you have any kind of childhood trauma, chronic or acute, it can manifest in a big fear of dentistry; it’s extra important to find a sensitive and kind dentist.

    I had two wisdom teeth out at age 57 last year. Went well! I was very nervous because of my age but they came right out. Tip: Eat a ton of fresh pineapple for several days before your surgery. It has an enzyme that limits swelling and bleeding. Although I was pretty spacey and tired for about a week, and had almost zero swelling and only took one pain pill. My rock-star oral surgeon was impressed – said I was pretty tough. And I am, in fact, a marshmallow, if a Scorpio marshmallow.

    Love the meridian and will look for the book that several have recommended. Saturn in my large sixth house was like five years of non-stop dentistry.

  5. Hmm interesting, steiner teachings align with psychological and physical development and dont teach until the 1st teeth are through as the spiritual intuitive being is still integrating and landing to earth so to speak (my take on that) .. jaw teeth tongue are utterly important. Id be interested to know who the gentle dentist is if in sydney. Coming from a background history of violent and brutal brital dental practices itd be good to know

  6. Well weirdly, i have had to have both osteopathy and dental work done on me on same degrees of Cap in Sagg last week – as i did last Feb at same degrees.
    Also, to top off the symmetry, my osteo is a Cap Sun with Virgo Moon and my dentist is a Virgo Sun with Cap moon. Tidy.
    And since Cap moved into Sagg I have had to treat 3 dentists – all for the same acute neck and shoulder pain. I can’t really remember when i had treated a dentist last.
    In my case trans Saturn is in my 2nd H and trine my moon – so i’m not sure how this fits. But bones and teeth have been the flavour of the month.

  7. A few yrs ago I had a session with a voice coach. Interesting. One thing we discussed was all those phrases you grow up hearing / witnessing e.g. :
    Bite your tongue / hold your tongue
    Shut your mouth
    Stiff upper lip
    Grit your teeth
    Etc etc
    So yes.

    1. This is so Louise Hay, isn’t it Pi?
      He missed ‘biting the bullet’.
      Biting off more than you can chew?

      Saturn is my chart ruler as a multi Sagg with Cap rising, so careful attention to bones & teeth are necessary for me.

      1. Ah yes, so many! I agree with personal cap placements, cap moon soothed by being on top of these things too…currently am not soothed and sense of chronic stress and physical unease is exacerbated by absence of maintenance routine (time, money) but I do manage to get 2 dentist checkups a year because… Well cap moon i guess. Helps that my dentist has lovely dreamy eyes above that mysterious dentist mask 😉

  8. well I have all the right astro at the moment for dental but none of the money heh. also, very unsure about how that works where I am. Love the idea of orofacial myology, as someone who has suffered a lot with her health and fallen through every crack in the medical system, I’m really curious like most people here to see how teeth tongue play a role.

    So saturn is entering my 6th right now and my moon conjunct saturn in 2 weeks, I know this is about dentistry but i had to schedule surgery for a large mole that has sprung up FAST on my thigh and is now looking like the most chewed up bit of fungus. I finally saw my Dr the other day (new, different language) (and I’ve broken my small toe) he was very very casual about telling me its not cancerous (he’s a GP) and I have surgery in late Jan, but everyone who has seen it is like FUCK go and see someone else please. My Mother has a history of this because my skin is the most ridiculous for Australian migration so I am going to get a second opinion but my point was is saturn moon 6th also skin related?

    1. I am taking Saturn anything in 6th as relevant for anything (anything) related to maintenance, “onnit” type things,

      Just had a thought though
      Moon is sensitivity and emo right, skin, ok, well there is having a “thick skin”, and it’s converse, “no skin off my nose” …. gets under ones skin…. Some interesting notions about toughness/sensitivity when it comes to skin.. metaphor for emotional boundaries hmm

        1. Doesn’t Saturn rule skin? Our outer limit, our external reality etc etc.
          Or is that a random scrambled memory.
          Agree definitely get that mole checked regardless of GP – many GP’s are not specialised enough to be able to tell.

          1. Is what I thought re saturn but not sure.

            yeah was genuinely surprised at response. not had the best run with GP’s and given the amount of people having density issues on this transit I thought I would ask

  9. This is so apropo att for me too. We are definitely feeling the zeitgeist. Several points to offer: A master yoga teacher/Ayurvedic doctor in workshop said he experiences yoga almost entirely in his mouth. Relaxing the tongue and upper pallet being more important and generally feeling spaciousness in the mouth more so than having perfect posture on the surface level. Makes sense because we can relax the body at a deep level and still hold tension in the strongest muscle, the tongue.
    Point 2: I just came out of a mars square mars transit and noticed my ears and jaw sore during the day until I woke up one night clenching my jaw so tight. Maxilofacial doctor, the guy who does root canals, who is also a yoga student of mine, said the reason I chipped a tooth was because I was grinding my teeth while sleeping which was a sign of tension and so much for yoga and meditation practice.
    Which brings me back to mars square mars transit as a sign of not expressing myself verbally or speaking my truth and probably not getting enough exercise to process aggression and it manifested as a jaw clenching.
    And then while all this is going on I reunited with a friend/old yoga student recently who showed me that she was born with the ability to swallow her tongue by rolling it back and a Vedic astrologer confirmed this for her as he saw it in her natal chart as a reincarnated anomaly/gift for many lifetimes.
    Yoga masters back in the day would cut the soft pallet in roof of their mouth so they could swallow the tongue in a gesture commonly called the dew drop mudra. Super esoteric.
    Tongues, teeth, tension. Saturn save me from myself.

  10. Was in the dentist chair -as- Saturn moved into Sagg/my 6th house.
    results were far better than expected, especially after being too scared to go for 10 years. Lucky to hear that my teeth were in excellent condition and I’ve got my dental hygiene routines just right.
    I don’t know how this happened because for many years I did not look after my teeth at all and have a somewhat minimalist and intuitive but regular routine now. I thank my tongue scraper for the good news!

    Saturn return is coming up next year so was glad to have gotten in for the icebreaker before then.

  11. It’s funny all this talk of dentists because I visited the dentist for the first time in years a few weeks ago. Just felt compelled to go. I visited a dental school because I don’t have dental insurance and this way is cheaper. And now I’m going back several more times because I’ve got some minor cavities, gingivitis, etc. I’m actually a student’s case study for a paper. I think her grade depends on me flossing haha. Anyway it’s a good thing I went before things got worse. I’ve got Saturn in Sagg and am approaching my Saturn return.

  12. I too had a terrible phobia of dentists and would sob with fear in the chair for even just a check-up. Hideous experiences as a child meant I avoided going for decades as a teen/adult. I eventually plucked up the courage to start going regularly and despite sobbing/terrible shaking/borderline panic attacks would make myself go every six months to avoid making any problems worse. Saved up and paid for my own orthodontics/jaw realignment in my 30s.
    Have recently found the absolute best dentist ever and after my last visit my phobia seems to have completely gone. Investing in my dental health is an absolute no-brainer and my commitment to this despite my fears is something I’m super-proud of. It’s also a way I have escaped my family of origin… as a kid I was the one with bad teeth and got teased all the time whereas now I am known for my smile/great teeth.
    I should take a look back at my chart actually and look at when I first started going to the dentist and when I got my braces, it would be interesting to see what Saturn was doing in those years.

  13. Next month I am going to start treatment to get a root canal redone sigh. I think there is a hidden canal my dentist couldn’t find so now am going to see a specialist as there is a low level infection. Neither my dentist or the specialist use gas or anything. I could prob ask for ativan but I think I will be okay… Will listen to music. Maybe Brian Eno. My dentist is funny – he is in his 50s and plays jazz piano and is really into music. So he always asks me what I am listening to when I come and see him. He bought a Belle and Sebastian cd cause I had been listening to them hahaha. I would switch to a dentist with all mod cons but everyone at his practice is so nice. The specialist I am going to see next month is really nice too.

    After I get this root canal and crown, I want to replace my bridge (I was born missing a tooth) so I can get my teeth whitened.

    I must say I am so envious of how many people I have met in Australia with no fillings!!!! Where I am originally from there’s no fluoride in the water and lots of people need lots of dental work. As a kid you would get a fluoride treatment every six months but wasn’t always enough.

  14. Great post and love your comment Rache.
    I’ve just taken my 3 yr old to the dentist for the first time. Mainly because she was a little too attached to her dummy (aka ‘doda’). The dentist was awesome, a really lovely woman who spoke to my daughter like a normal person- not surprisingly something kids actually love instead of being spoken to like a puppy). I was nervous to instill in her the fear of dentists that I grew up with. When we left my daughter said ‘mummy, I don’t want the dummy anymore.’ Then later ‘when I grow up I could be a dentist doctor’
    Now it’s my fear to overcome! I want the rainforest dentist w the gas!!!
    And maybe a water pick….

    1. Awwww, that’s wonderful that you found someone who treated your daughter like a person and not just a machine to be worked on (my experience with dentists growing up).

      I constantly had a pacifier in my mouth as a toddler and believe it contributed to developing an open bite (research backs this up). The tongue posture and correct breathing are really powerful on children and totally non invasive, wish my parents had that knowledge when I was growing up and maybe I could have avoided some of this stuff

  15. A few years ago I had a nasty cycling crash and have now had enough dentistry to last a lifetime. I broke my jaw in two places, lost my right front tooth, and ended up with chipped and crazed teeth, three root canals, braces (for the third time in my life; don’t ask), a bone graft, an implant tooth and a mouthful of teeth which may or may not have microfractured roots.

    Having damaged and missing teeth was awful. I was very self conscious and felt that I looked like a bag lady. Prior to the crash, I had very good teeth and I greatly resented the damage and also the pain I was experiencing as a result of inappropriate treatment in hospital.

    I contacted my dentist to let her know what had happened. What followed from there was an awesome lesson in how fantastic people can be.

    My dentist scheduled out of hours appointments so she could start treating me straight away. She devised a treatment plan and found a great orthodontist, oral surgeon and dental technician to work with her on what was going to be a huge undertaking.

    The treatment took nearly three years to complete and I lost count of the appointments, needles, xrays and casts. These professionals went above and beyond the call of duty so many times that I felt blessed to be in such good hands and to have had such a great outcome.

    I was lucky to have such a great team to help me get through a real Saturn challenge.

  16. yrs ago when I was detoxing I got all my mercury fillings changed to amalgam- I paid privately-so its quite validating to hear from mystic that its an esoteric and highly self-caring thing to do…mother/ fther issues ay? tres interesting!

  17. this is o timel! need a wisdom tooth out….was thinking ‘ok, wait till the moon is waning’…..not sure how to work out te Saturn thing….he’s in m 7th hse at the mo….had braces for yrs when I was younger…still hae dreams abt it..

  18. Well, I loved having my wisdom teeth taken out. I am strange like that. I was nervous because I cannot stand being “put under” if you know what I mean. Loss of control for this Virgo. But I had a friend who was a dental assistant there so I felt better. There I was sitting in the chair, doing what they had to do to put me “under”, beach sunglasses, reggae music, 100, 99, 98…. OUT! I woke up, teeth out, a little pain and I went home.

    Cold tea bags are awesome to stop the bleeding.

    I laugh about it all the time. I love going to see them and I continue to laugh as they torture me with my teeth.

    You will be fine, glad you found someone gentle and glitter up with your pearly whites.

    I have to say, Yes, i was intrigued with the Oracle bringing up teeth. I had 2 crowns done in May. Very expensive but they removed those awful mercury fillings and my teeth don’t look all metal looking.

    Keep us posted!!

  19. So appropriate – in the short time since Saturn got back into Sagg (with my Sun, Jupiter, Merc, Neptune and multiple asteroids) I have been practically LIVING at my dentist. I managed to avoid going near one for probably 15 years until an infected molar made it impossible to resist any longer …she’s lovely, it’s expensive and it feels very “grown up” to be biting the bullet (haha) and just getting all the requisite work done. I am starting to wonder when there will be something fun to spend $$ on again though…lol

  20. Never schedule Denistry on a Friday as they take weekends off.
    If it is a Friday then have his mobile number in case of undue swelling or infection.
    My Dentist is a joy to go to. He has an enclosed rain forest with waterfalls and ghekkos, exotic plants that each cubicle faces and screen that shows soothing stuff when your head is back. Located in an old abby in a posh part of town. It is a lifelong investment, make sure you have a good health fund for rebates.
    Horses are thingie about their teeth for certain reasons i will not mention.
    My Dentist is Rich…………there’s no Tailors left.

  21. moon in gemini is good for surgery. get high, think interesting thoughts, forget you have a body.
    the saturn-teeth connection is legit. i had braces from the time saturn hit my spican north node until he stopped fuqing my everything in the first two fixed decans. worth every penny that i will be paying the rest of my life for, definitelwy. not even a status symbol, a contractual requirement to be a member of the middle class.

  22. Saturn is transiting my 6th as we speak… (Shh, can you hear the sound of teeth crumbling?)

    Suddenly Leo’s dentists mention they see chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ibs, etc with poor teeth. I probably have Ehler-Danlos syndrome which is synonymous with those conditions. The stretchy nature of the EDS sufferer is a collagen issue that pops up in the entire fabric of the body, causing pain, vascular problems, migraines etc. some people even need surgery to have their floppy heads forged to their spine…
    Maybe EDS is the cause for some patients and not simply poor dentistry?

    I quietly freak out at these tooth related articles as I have so much mercury, root canals and so on I will need dentures by the age of 50 at the rate I am going.
    *runs to mirror to shriek tooth health affirmations* 😉

  23. Ah damn, have to get to a real computer to see that meridian diagram link shared! I have one molar that never came up. It’s just there taking a nap in my jaw bone. Wonder what that corresponds to 🙂 Also, I don’t have wisdom teeth … discovered that during a precautionary pre-travel x-ray in my 20s. That’s a plus I guess. Flossing tho, no one escapes that.

  24. Saturn in the 6th amped up by Mars??!!
    If you aren’t meant to be a dentist – I don’t know who is! That’s very cool. 🙂

      1. I have natal Saturn in the 6th (opposed by mars)
        Have always had positive feelings about going to the dentist come to think about it…

  25. And then there’s the gum disease being a warning for heart disease thing.

    I managed to avoid seeing a dentist for 10 years then finally went in for a professional clean. It dawned on me that I pay more attention to car maintenance than my own health.
    And my ancient fillings often alert me to my stress levels with their polished shininess.

    Teeth, spine, feet… So neglected.

  26. Hey, astrology-loving dentist here, and I can’t believe I never thought about the Saturn-Dentistry connection. Regular maintenance, the financial aspect (at least in my country, where dentistry is a private industry), fear…. Also, CONSEQUENCES. If you crack your tooth in half or have a giant cavity, you’ve got to deal with it or else. Oh my god, this is kind of blowing my mind. I’ve got a Mars-Saturn conjunct in a 6th house stellium, square my Sun/NN…. was I MEANT to be a dentist?! This got me thinking, and I realised that my fave part about the job is when I help people face their fears and find the personal will to go ahead with treatment. OK, I think I’ve got to ruminate on this to figure out how to maximize my natural abilities/proclivities re:dentistry…. I’m pretty pumped about this. Thank you Mystic!

      1. my son (aries sun/venus in 6th) is a dentist! Has libra 24 ascendant but Pluto and saturn (not conj) in first house. of Scorpio..

    1. Rache(Aqua/Tauri)

      I am so interested in what makes people choose to be dentists, it is so mysterious to me as dentistry is a combination of wizard-carpenter-psychologist-surgeon and such a specific thing to pick.

      The most interesting thing I have learned is that by having a balanced occlusion people keep their teeth… the teeth that are lost are the ones with the pressure on them… the symbolism of a specific tooth with too much load x astrology would be so cool to analyze!

        1. I have a friend who really wanted to be a dentist, sat for the entrance exams twice as a mature-age student after being a dental nurse but couldn’t quite get the score she needed because she was also working fulltime.

          She is the most amazing artist, meticulous, precise. I asked her why she wanted to be a dentist and she said it was like sculpting with teeth. She would have been a great dentist. Instead she started making the most incredible cakes on the planet. She sculpts icing now.

  27. “Virgo Orofacial Myologist” = MYSTIC we need to talk, this is everything. Tongue posture is the key to health but the problem is that when we have bad tongue posture and breathing as children our bodies develop AROUND the poor habits and then it’s a bitch and a half to correct as an adult as our entire skeleton and muscles are CENTERED around the tongue.

    The fascinating thing is that tongue posture and the resulting health or non-health is a clear example of how we are product of the combination of genetics and environment. Bottles, pacifiers, and stress create poor swallowing habits which create malocclusion, which creates TMJD, which creates an asymmetrical muscle pattern as the body tries to keep a centered eyelevel, which creates fuqloads of the brain’s processing power being routed toward simply BALANCING and BREATHING, the things we supposedly take for granted and do unconsciously.

    During Saturn in my 6th 5 years ago my body totally shut down and no doctors would help me (“take laxatives and Prozac” when my blood pressure was 70/55 and my skin was gray), so I used my Aqua research powers to find out what was going on myself. I tried everything. Diet, rolfing, chiro, therapy, meds, supplements, meditation, yoga. Because the doctors only targeted the problems in segments (meds for depression and fatigue, laxatives for IBS, physical therapy for pain, high salt for blood pressure) they never stood a chance or cared to find out what was really wrong with the organism as a whole. From my own research I could tell that the sympathetic and parasympathetic system were totally confused but there weren’t good answers about how I got there and how to fix it.

    I noticed that my jaw was hanging off one side of my face and totally restricted on the other. It had been this way since my first round of braces which was also when I began having the precursory indicators of the all-out health crisis I had 10 years later. Independently of hoping to heal my other problems I started off with a strange cranial chiro technique that I would not recommend to anyone as a real solution, but that I am also grateful for because it got me in touch with my body enough to get to where I am now. After a couple years of that and everything else under the sun I came across material by Mike Mew (THE Orofacial Myologist) and by some people making homemade splints to solve health problems. From there I found this amazing team of orthodontists and dental researchers using a technique from Japan who are helping me get an occlusion that for cases like myself was previously believed impossible.

    People are waking up and this is the future of health. It is a system that does not part and parcel the body, where the participation of the mother, the soil, and the cultural environment is not separate from the development of the individual. We’re using science to heal things that never should have happened in the first place, and the meeting between the two is pretty incredible.

    1. You’re inspiring – I’d read an article about this a while back but the exercises didn’t seem to make a lot of difference. But jaw is totally screwed, TMJD very badly for a long time – I thought maybe I was past the turning point. But you’re getting change?

    2. I can’t believe any doctor worth their qualifications would prescribe laxatives for ibs. (And the other things)
      Glad you dug deeper.

      1. It’s insane. I was young and scared and if I could do it all over again (please, no) I have so many things to say to my doctors of yore.

    3. My god that is intense. I feel fortunate to have discovered Orofacial Myology under relatively sedate circumstances – i keep biting my tongue & my dentist said it’s mechanical – as in alignment linked. I kept trying to fix it via TCM to no avail.

      The Virgo Orofacial Myologist i saw in Sydney is profound, she said things about my childhood – based on my jaw alignment that blew my mind. And the exercises are also facially rejuvenatory fyi.

    4. dude. this so resonates, and i really needed to read it, thank you. <3 my jaw, which, being gemini rising, was of course always asymmetrical anyway, has this year after braces gone insanely wrong and and i have negative one meelion dollars to spend on it and i'm literally watching and feeling it get worse and more drastically twacked every day. homemade splint YES. can you recommend links and rabbitholes?? muchas gracias xxxxx

      1. Rache(Aqua/Tauri) are the people making their own splints who I communicate with through a Facebook group. Many people have had success through their system but I did not (open bite). is an excellent case study of a man who developed cervical dystonia overnight from negligent dental treatment.

        A combination of atlasprofilax and MEAW braces ( is going well for me so far. I included the link to my blog about the braces in this comment.

        When did you start and finish your last round of braces? Do you know what class of occlusion you are?

      2. Shouldn’t the orthodontist have to cover that? I’m getting fitted for braces tomorrow, so I’ll have to ask him about this and will look in the paperwork about who pays if something goes wrong.

        1. oh nothing went wrong with the braces themselves. they just didn’t address the underlying structural issues. my teeth are now perfectly aligned with my crooked jaw, which would have needed to have been fixed by surgery before the braces. anything specific to the braces themselves i do think would have been covered, yes. good luck with yours! they’re such a process but so worth it. xxx

      3. Rache(Aqua/Tauri)

        Hey HDQ, I posted a response with links but it didn’t go through. The people doing the self-splint thing are Starecta. Some people are having success with it but others (like me) ran into problems… I had an open bite which is why I think it didn’t go well. BUT if you join their facebook group there is an AMAZING community of people trying Starecta, ALF, tongue stretching, all kinds of stuff and sharing their results. It’s a great resource for anyone struggling with this stuff, so much (maybe too much) information on there.

        If you search for Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy in Foster City you will find who I am working with now. They are using MEAW braces to solve the TMJ and open bite. Before I started I also had atlas profilax done to get my atlas aligned so that the treatment would be around a good center. There was a study done on atlas profilax and TMJ done and it showed that in some cases orthodontic treatment was not needed after the AP (in mine it still definitely was).

        The braces I have on now are not cheap (a little over 10K) but I negotiated down to a monthly payment plan that I could realistically make every month. The people there are so smart and really compassionate and witty, every time I go in I walk out feeling better just because the people are so awesome. There is none of this “I am the expert and you are the silent thing to work on”, they encourage participation and communication with the patient. 😀

    5. My god, Raché – what a saga!! And what courage and diligence you have had to sort yourself out and try and find a solution to your problem regarding your body – the only thing we truly own. I always tell people to never give up, to always keep searching, because there’s always a way – there’s always someone or some technique – ancient or modern, or a combo of both that will help.
      Caring for, and taking responsibility for your body is the most fundamental and important thing in life – something that is not stressed enough in our education system. We are made to believe that if there’s something wrong, we can give ourselves over to the doctor and she/he will fix it – while you relinquish all further responsibility. Sometimes for true healing it’s not that easy, and we are forced into a journey to find healing. Through that journey we can learn so much about ourselves and life itself, and the interconnectedness of everything, just like you have. Loved reading your post – you are wise and an inspiration Raché.

      It’s threads like these, with amazing information from ancient and modern sources that make this site so invaluable. Mystic, you rock! Always on fleek.

      BTW, i’ve been to the dentist a few times, so i know the drill. 😛

    6. Incredibly interesting! I wonder if this would help my daughter, who is a chronic thumb sucker and also tongue thrusts when eating and talking. She incidentally has Saturn on her ascendant and a cappy moon.

      1. when I originally googled this out of curiosity earlier I came across a woman’s linkedin profile who is based in America (but studied where I live) and she specialises in chronic thumb sucking to the point her nickname is now the thumb whisperer, so I am going with yes and have a look into it for your area

    7. Rache I love you. I am in a phone writing this but I have intense problems with my face and head and neck and back and shoulders which I believe started with very invasive dentistry -starting with really incredibly painful braces when I was 13 and culminating in jaw surgery in which my enlightened fucking bastard maxillofacial surgeon actually surgically broke my top jaw in two places, sawed bits out of it, pushed it back together and literally riveted it back together with titanium plates. I was 15. The pain was indescribable. But what was worse was that it was unnecessary. The sadness I feel when I even think about it, I get traumatized writing about it. And I never trusted my mother again after she had that done to me. Years later I went to see if the plates could be taken out, but no, they have already caused nerve damage and taking them out would only cause more. I begin to feel a migraine even writing about this- 25 years later it still upsets me so much….. Anyway I checked out that man and he is the man! I need to examine this more closely. I have to deal with this, not just the problems it has caused me structurally, but the emotional damage. I can’t separate one from the other. Have to go now and weep.

      I still have the full-face X-rays from this op. underneath my poor little face I look like the fucking Alien, literally, so much scar tissue because my gums were cut all along my lip line and peeled back. Should I throw these X-rays? I keep them but never look at them. I am still so upset.

      1. Oh my god, that is awful and I feel you so much about the emotional trauma of it and of having trust problems or resentment toward a parent afterwards. It’s a fine line in some cases with children’s rights and medical but in my opinion if a kid doesn’t want a treatment that invasive (which is typically done for cosmetic purposes at least with standard “straight teeth” ortho) then it should NOT be done. My childhood orthodontist was a hack as well, I went in with a nice wide palate and big teeth (albeit with a gap and a bit of an overbite) and came out with one eye half and inch higher than the other on my face and one of my condyles jammed into my ear. But my teeth were nice and straight! *eyeroll*

        A lot of us who went through this crap as are living with the effects of it now are angry because 1) doctors don’t believe our symptoms have to do with the teeth and skull and 2) the symptoms can become debilitating. My dream is that in 10 years of less old approaches to orthodontics will be looked at as barbaric. Most people are still doing the traditional way but major advances are being made… With MEAW the whole philosophy is to avoid unnecessary jaw surgery and this orofacial myotherapy stuff can prevent the need for any later intervention if started early enough. I understand that my parents just wanted the best for me and didn’t know any of this stuff and so I hope we can get the word out over time so that there’s less unnecessary suffering.

        Now I’m mad on your behalf *internet hug*

        1. Jesus, let’s start an internet group for people whose faces were messed up by orthodontics. Poor you!! I too had an overbite, a small jaw, and very cute gapped front teeth. Guess what! I still have an overbite (no, fuckface maxillofacial surgeon, it didn’t give me arthritis, but your bloody plates have given me a permanent low-grade headache), I still have a small jaw, i no longer have my cute gapped teeth – instead my teeth are so tightly pressed together that I was unable to keep them properly cleaned which has resulted in having a number of them removed or root-canalled. I reckon I have spent around $20,000 since my teens just in maintenance caused by this. And yes, I know my mum thought she was doing her best, but why you would undertake such major surgery of such large bones on a child who hasn’t finished growing yet is simply beyond me. The pain was so enormous, childbirth had nothing on it. And then the shame of being made to go to a new school with my mouth wired shut, my face swollen up, and two black eyes.

          I am such an anomaly that years later, when being seen in the public dental hospital here in Melbourne because i could no longer afford to pay for my dentistry, the dentist who saw my xrays asked permission to call his colleagues and show them, remarking “I’ve heard of this but didn’t believe it was ever actually done.” Oh yes, it was done!. The man that did it…years later I saw him on one of those makeover programs – you know, ugly-duckling to swan. Wearing a spotted bow tie. I remember the tie. I still want to sue him but that timeframe has run out.

          Please reply! I wish somehow I could contact you privately! I am on my way out right now to go swimming – I have to constantly find ways to keep my neck and jaw from seizing up. It’s so funny this has come up right now – when I am right in the middle of a ‘deal with a whole bunch of physical and emotional shit and move the fuck on’ phase. Sorry for all the swearing. But over this issue I could literally swear until I run out of breath! Sending you cyber hugs back!

        2. Hi Rache I read your comments and took a look at your blog on this and wow you have done a LOT of research, kudos.
          I had lower jaw surgery in conjunction with orthodontics when I was 35. I was “advised” to have both jaws done but I was so scared of the procedure that at the last minute the surgeon and orthodontist (who of course work in a team) changed their minds. I am convinced it was a business building strategy on their part. Ever since the surgery I had this impression that my face has become imbalanced.. one nostril slightly lower than the other, the right side of my face kind of more ‘forward’ than the left. It was the first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror after surgery, even with my face all swollen. 15 years later I still notice it and I swear it’s getting worse. I have dismissed it as ‘insecurity’ and recently started doing facial exercises to firm up the muscles in my face (instead of a facelift lol). You have really given me something to think about with this, thank you for posting x

      2. Hi, did that surgery only cause pain and migraine or also ruined how your face looked? Cause it’s a cosmetic surgery so it better at least make the appearance good.

    8. Wow, Rache! Serendipity…..this is exactly the missing piece I needed to know and just randomly decided to read through the MM blog today….haven’t been on here regularly lately….
      Anyway, thank you so much for this information!
      I’m having Saturn transit the 6th right now, have been thinking about my teeth lately, have very asymmetrical jaw, have had TMJ in the past, have cervical vertebrae issues, probably have tongue issues….never even thought about that….but need to see one of these practitioners pronto! Thank you again for sharing this info. I’m in the Bay Area too so these references will be relevant. To heal in this way would be divine!

  28. I think if it resonates, roll with it. I ignore the dental and feng shui suggestions – the dentist always marvels at my clean mouth and good co dition of my teeth so why spend money? And I have declutterred like crazy for aeons and it shifts nothing in my life other than enjoying a nice room, lol. But I heed ‘follow your bliss’ and over the last 2 months ‘transform’ because it resonates. Oracle and both online/offline Tarot have talked about big money and soulmating for over 14 months and nothing has transpired in either thus far 🙂

  29. Totally agree & thanks for the constant reminders Mystic, went to my excellent Dentist today in facto-mundo. I’m expecting the constant, low-level sinus infection will start clearing up now. Please.

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