Dirt Power, 5th Housers & Saggo Men Again

I really admire Jake Gyllenhaal’s Sagg guy insouciance. At a time when celebrities are either shutting up or leaping into the Covid commentary piranha pit, he’s talking up Dirt Power.

I’d forgotten what a 5th house person he is – Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and the Sun conjunct in Sagittarius/the 5th house + Leo Rising. “Someone recently asked me, “Where do you want to travel to?” I’m like, “The stage, the theater.”

As for the not bathing, as soon as I saw the anti-bathing snippet go everywhere, I figured he’d read the book Clean, by James Hamblin. A Libra, born during the snazzy Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius conjunction of 1983, Dr. Hamblin is a persuasive advocate for soap-free living.

He hasn’t showered for five years and says that the microbiome, with all of its micro-inhabitants, is the next frontier of medicine.  Yes, it turns out that many of the ‘bad bugs’ are allies and that the masstige brands, in particular, are brilliant at wiping them out in favor of the usual petro-fuqery.

You probably know a lot of this but do admit that this Libra – and Jake – are appealing brand ambassadors for Dirt Power. You thought you were in a low hygiene lockdown slump but maybe you’ve been consciously cultivating your microbiome?

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im all for dirt power
im wary of getting an infection so always try to wash my fahita…been doing the wim hof method…hard, but worth it
everyone washes far too much


Fahita! What a beautiful term for the sacred bits.😊


Somehow this post passed me by and that is a crime considering i am sun jup conj in my 5th cancer. Errrrrr not washing. Errrrr dirt culture. As a child I wandered for miles bare foot and cuts and grazes were never tended, they just healed. I was brought up with horses, dogs and cats and all the sh** that accompanies that. I had a deep knowing the pharma industry was not for me and neither was underarm and the shower if I am honest. I did blame my mother when I eventually found shower gel. She was of the… Read more »


As holistic a witch as I am, not sure I can 100% get behind not showering/bathing for years. I too am 5th house sagg but ugh… Anyways, I’ve made my own soaps and lotions etc. for over 20 years now and use those exclusively for my body care. I do still use regular shampoo though – I mean, Leo rising it’s all about my mane 😉

Violet Virgo

Soap does clog up our waterways, slimy residue we can do without. I use a coconut/olive oil handmade soap from a local maker. Leave your skin feeling clean and moisturised. Would be horrible to cover up our unique scent 🙂


My dermatologist told me to lay off the soap 40 years ago, when I was a young girl. She also said hat and scarf and sunglasses were far preferable to sunscreen; and moisturising oil in the bath daily, pat skin dry with a towel, and then topical moisturiser again (innoxa) later was essential. These are the rules I’ve lived by and it has been ok.

Wish Upon a Star

Of course Jake hates water. He is a big cat Leo Rising. As for soap : forget it. It would knock out his big time pheromes.
His face is so Leo Rising. That jaw, eyes and hair. He is so chilled out.🦁 ROAR LOL!

As for me I’m a Pisces Rising. One day without a shower and my gills dry out. I have to wash every bit of my body with natural body wash to feel fresh and wash away the day. And I don’t forget my feet.🐟

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So hear you Wish, and yet, yep – am so here for this Dirt Power stuff, too. Taurus-rising chez moi love a good, clean, smell – and that includes stinky pheromones, too – but only the “good” stinky (as in, compatible with my own personal chemistry, lol!😂) Also love the feel of an epsom salt/bi-carb bath; or hot shower. But products – BLECH! Because we also luv the earth. Show me an aisle of personal care products and I see Current/Future Landfill Crises from plastic, and Pacific Ocean Garbage Patches. (And that is even before we get into the forever… Read more »

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Wish Upon a Star

I am well. Take it easy Earth Star.



You know you’re right. I do shower or bath for emotions sake. I adore the sea and if i could i would be in it daily. But if i am under siege emotionally i will shower more and let it wash the frequencies away. How clever you are.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh thanks emg. I was wondering where you were. Was watching the fires in Greece and hoping you were ok. 36 degrees in Italy, that’s hot.

Make sure you are eating enough salt. And of course water. We Pisces Risings need the salt to keep us hydrated. Our bodies are the sea.
Stay happy. 🙃


I’ve started using Dr Bronner’s Castile soap. Liquid or cake. Lavender is my fav, for shampoo, peppermint hurt my facial skin but it’s good in the laundry. I rinse with tablespoon of vinegar in 1 litre of water for my hair. Feels good not using all that plastic.


Thanks for this JacQui, will check it out!🙂


Dr Bronner’s castille peppermint is divine. I read the label in the shower. Didn’t know they made a lavender.

Triple Air Gem

I’ve been using the lavender one for probably 20 years and love it. People comment on how soft my skin is and I put it down to that

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I too am a fan of soap free living


Hehe, I use soap the day I am grooming (for shaving my legs to wear skirts/dresses). Otherwise, its just hot water. But I do use generous amounts of supermarket shampoo and conditioner, truckloads of moisturiser, and an underarm deo. So, no foul odours to test Hamblin’s theories being directly proportional to my single status. 😀 I did not do it for any particular reason except that it feels right to me and my body. (Virgo ascendent).


what I’m confused about though, is what are people actually putting on their bodies for him to decide this is a subject? Is soap and water totally analogue rn? Is he targeting the Virgo community? Validating our tacit decision to not shower every day (a la MM note)? Also didn’t the French try this a while ago

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Yes they did, and the consequential stench most likely propelled the French perfume industry. (France => Sun & Venus in Libra).


“I hoped he’d talk dirt to me forever. “


Hahaha. Oh dear. Priceless. 😆


Brilliant!! Hahaha!! I want sweetly curious, simultaneously sarcastic short stories all day please!!


Yes, and love the idea of the shower-free life as a 5th house thing–must stay connected to the phenomenal matrix!


Brilliant! Doctors have stepped in to say ‘no wash-no good’ as it can create skin conditions, odour, warts & other nasties. Mila says she washed ‘tits & slits’. WARTS wtf how, they are a virus.
Do think showering, bathing with a paramour is quite wondrous, doing anything together with water is sexy & primal.


OMG hilarious mystic!


I’ve been no shampoo for years–since my late teens, and I’m not in my mid-30s. But with my hair long (below my shoulders!) for the first time in just as long, I’m finding I’m getting a flaky scalp + some dryness and split ends, &c. Have started occasionally (ineptly) putting in jojoba or coconut oil or vinegar rinses–but thought I’d reach out here to see if the MM community has any other brilliant recs for natural care. I shower with natural soap from the farmer’s market but would love to check out that Clean book as I’m overall in solidarity… Read more »


Hi I use a tablespoon of bicarb in a cup of water to get rid of any residue in hair, -thanks to the curly girl book as I have very long curly hair, so don’t shampoo at all…rub eco friendly conditioner into my scalp to moisturise it and also use a few drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle to get rid of frizz. Glycerine in water in spray bottle is great for shine.


hi, a lovely hair cleanser your can try is chickpea flour + water. use about 1- 1/2 cup of flour and enough warm water to create a custard-like paste (not runny, thicker than yoghurt), then rub it in well on you scalp only and rinse straightaway. it absorbs all impurities and will leave your hair soft, wavy and shiny, especially if your hair is silicone-free like you say it is, and won’t need any conditioner. you will smell a bit like a bakery though, so if you don’t like the smell you can blend a few drops of essential oil… Read more »


Dizla and Isa I love these recommendations–going to take them stat and pick up some chickpea flour at the store today.

Sending warmth + gratitude


Also there are degrees right. Like one can hope in the shower for a rinse or pick me up without having to reach for soap or hair products.
I am having trouble believing that these folks have repurposed their showers or left them completely abandoned.
Also alchemy baths sans soap, salt scrubs? Maybe Jake does t shower but maybe he also sees a dermatologist? Lol does that count?


I mean there’s nothing wrong with hot water and a wash cloth.


A housemate poll was taken once. When you’re down in a slump, what’s the first thing to go in basic routine?
Me: showering
Roomie 1: dishes
Roomie 2: most everything.

Weirdly roomie 1 infuriated me more and they found my shower drop ‘interesting’ (a triple Libra way of sneering?)
This solidifies my stance and brings satisfaction. Lol when I’m down in a slump I’m building up mai microbiome buddies.


I think there is great value in our natural microbiome. A naturalist once said to me that if we did not interfere so much with our bodies, they would be naturally sweet smelling. However, I am not quite ready to have a flourishing, temperate rainforest active yet. 😆


Jake & now Ashton & wifey, Mula-Mila? My hair is getting comments asking who my hairdresser is since washing only weekly in the shower. This is due to COPD & winter with the result my skin does not need moisturising at all, but do i revel in that shower feeling light as a feather after. There is financial saving in this way of living 🙂 And of course i don’t perspire & am celibate so no sweaty aromas to heed.
Love the Tao of Water…….


Quite fortunate that the times require social distancing and that the illness du jour results in the inability to smell anything

I keenly await Hamblin’s sequel, “Single”.

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Love this! I’m always on the front lines of anything holistically health related and am familiar with this theory (never tried it though, would probably have to eat squeaky clean to not stink) and the no-poo (no-shampoo) movement. The no shampoo one I tried for a month as a 25-year old living in Silverlake, Los Angeles 8 years ago…. Hahaha.

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