The (Surprising) Astrology Of The Coronavirus

Everything seems so hyperreal at the moment; I should just troll you by writing 1000 words on the progressed Part of Fortune or whether we should count black holes in natal astrological readings. But here is my take on the Astrology of the coronavirus. The short version: it’s a Uranus in Taurus scenario and Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus starts in 2021.

Scientists, more specifically, epidemiologists and disease control experts, have been expecting this. But they’ve had their budgets cut by the same kind of character who bought us the U.S.A Water Crisis and Australian Bushfires Crisis. Because clearly the only disaster that lot are concerned about is that sustaining the health of the planet and its inhabitants might impede money for them and their mates. Or, to be fair, the Rapture.

On the bright side, the masks I bought to protect against air particle pollution from the fires should be just as effective against the virus. And, this scenario will hopefully end the use of “viral” to describe rapidly spreading social media posts. It’s also a fantastic excuse for introverts to not go out to crowded places or come to your function.

The Astrology Of The Coronavirus Is Complex

Aside from the obvious risk management and contingency issues it is just a weird, J. G. Ballard style dystopia. The super Uranian Pisces author William Gibson (Pattern Recognition, Neuromancer) has stopped setting his books in the future because the present meets “virtually every criteria of science fiction.” The coronavirus threat will also have multiple flow on consequences. Small business-wise, it’s goodbye to the services that entail proximity between strangers: nail bars, massage parlours and restaurants where the food is of unclear provenance. It will trigger a significant societal and consumption shift. Big business? Aviation and cinema could be less popular and, of course, any business model exposed or overly dependent upon China.

But the question most people have sent me is broadly, is the astrology now the same as it was during the Black Death/Spanish Flu? No, it’s not. In fact, both these two featured Uranus in Aquarius, which we’ve done already. It was the late 90s/early 00s. However, I would like to remind people that the Black Plague got going after a Pope issued a directive that cats were the instruments of Satan and to treat them like witches. Shortly after that atrocity, rats got out of control and an epidemic occurred.

The coronavirus began late last year, well in the orb of Saturn-Pluto and it fits that brief: corrupt/short-sighted management of resources, security and defense holes because nobody wants to impede the flow of business/their kickbacks. Some allege that the W.H.O. and various governments were slow to raise the alert because they didn’t want to upset the economy.

Or, in Australia’s case, tourism. Because a funky ad launched once the smoke dies down (literally) should be able to shift the brand’s publicity dial from a billion animals killed, the forests burnt down and children in gas masks being evacuated from holiday beaches.

Bats Revenge Or Bioengineered?

Did this thing get out from a horrifically unhygienic and cruel ‘live market’ selling animals smuggled in from all over the place? Is this the bats revenge? Or was it an escaped experimental creature/sloppy technician from the bioterrorism lab up the road? Trading partners and people in business with one another should ideally operate with mutual transparency and broadly shared values. Is it cool to give people you think might spy on you access to only some systems in your house?

Really, it’s a big hello from Uranus in Taurus. Recall that Uranus is a Trickster: think Coyote, Cat In The Hat, Loki, Raven, Bugs Bunny or Lilith.

Uranus forces the future. Lewis Hyde writes in Trickster Makes This World, “There is no way to suppress change…not even in heaven; there is only a choice between a way of living which allows constant, if gradual alterations and a way of living that combines great control and cataclysmic upheavals. Those who panic and bind the trickster choose the latter path. It would be better to learn to play with him, better especially to develop skills (cultural, spiritual, artistic) that allow some commerce with accident, and some acceptance of the changes that contingency will always engender.” 

The Trickster angle is darkly hilarious. In this post, I talked about Uranus in Taurus as more localist than globalist. It’s trees, herbs, land spirits and food you grew. It’s governments that govern, rather than selling everything off and trying to spin that as a benefit. Recall any of your Uranus transits: was it subtle? Or more like a humor-edged lightning bolt of illumination zapped into your networking dinner party/make-out-session/booze bender/board presentation?

Reminder: Uranus Is A Trickster

It must have fuqed with this year’s World Economic Forum meeting at Davos. How could you discuss the theme of “stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world” with the expected aplomb when you’re wondering if your security guard is sniffing because he has a killer flu plague from boiled bats or because he’s a cokehead? Or was it a botched bioweapon all too easily blamed on the cruelties of a medieval market? Would it breach protocol to quietly text your broker from under the table?

Massive fires all over the world and now a potential pandemic are a gigantic zap. Catalysts that cannot provoke the desirable change don’t just slink off in sullen defeat. They ramp it up. How can you talk about boosting confidence or cutting rates (again) to “inspire more spending” when citizens and now the very planet demand meaningful leadership?

The darkly hilarious Trickster twist of the coronavirus astrology is that it will force a Taurus style of living; the sanitary haven of your couch, your new love of gardening, home cooking and inner sanctum friends/family only. You say ‘grounded’ and Uranus says ‘ quarantined.’

What happens when Saturn in Aquarius, the sign that Uranus rules, squares Uranus in Taurus. It’s potentially super-innovative. Saturn in Aquarius is the miraculous, visionary side of science, harnessed to advance humanity, Gaia and its creatures.

Saturn conjunct Pluto was the end of a particular era for us both personally and collectively. That some paradigms, people and structures are still trying to keep the neo-liberal/privatize the gains/socialize the losses planet-plunder party going doesn’t mean it’s a thing.

So the astrology of the coronavirus is that it’s yet another sign that the style of economic rationalism that began with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982 is no longer logical. And, it is a call to action from Uranus in Taurus.

I’m trying not to deluge myself in information flow regarding this – there are enough amateur epidemiologists commenting.

But I am upping my nutrition, burning myrrh incense, getting a potent herbal mix and reconnecting with my magical heritage. The latter is partly as Uranus is moving into my 4th house and also because magic is still real. It is a uniquely powerful practice in turbulent times.


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  1. I think it’s scary that a lot of people were still sipping lattes as they pushed their kids through the store without a mask. Now we’re getting laughs from the trailer kids and protesters because we still wear our masks.
    2 women eating at a re-opened cafe sit with their toddlers without abiding the safety rules still in place. They tell the reporter that everything is great now because their freedom isn’t restricted. Another woman is happy the theatre re-opened because “I got so bored.”
    Protesters huddled together using this time to rage another war on cops. Open theft occuring as the employee making less than $11/hr is still boarding up a closed retailer. Broad daylight. PBO retailers like pet shops fired off on shutting down services (their biggest money maker). In addition to laying off more than half the workforce by March, many of those people still don’t have a job. The easy to get rule no longer applies. Many are applying but not getting response. Cashiers, sales associates and stockers, especially those few who had a full time status, permanently lost their benefits..and full time status. Years of service gone. They can’t apply for UI because the company forced them to sign away their rights. Corporations planned it and retail workers have been suffering increased violence since end of 2018. Reports of ‘taking care of employees’, furlough. Many didn’t receive that. Covid-19 was their leverage to soothe the major restructuring that many retailers have been implementing for 2 years.
    I feel their anguish, as if retail wasn’t bad enough. Noone thought of their safety until 2.5 months after lockdown. But God forbid if someone missed their latte fix.
    Economy re-opens and those over crowded grocery stores are near empty. The gov’t didn’t tell them to stop shopping the produce aisle. Consumerism did. People got bored so they made a crowd in front of city halls demanding the local gov’t recind their covid-19 claim. The reporters asked why they’re protesting. Response: I don’t have freedom to do what I want.
    They think they had an answer but they weren’t even asking questions. Went right to a protest. My first question would be: why did you tell us not to wear a mask or gloves during a global pandemic that’s airborne?
    Spanish flu was never contested nor did anyone cry out gov’t conspiracy, misinformation or crowd a governor’s yard with rifles.

    Astrologers touted this great conjunction and this and that as though it would bring success and money for all but noone saw the tail end of the goat. Some have taken down their dates of article. Plenty of backtracking. Asteroids? Still didn’t predict it. Generalizations. Capricorn, gov’t, so and so loses power. Blame it on the fates? I think that’s what plenty are doing right now. Misinformation? Can clearly be called that too, but why isn’t that an argument?

    There is a loss. It isn’t freedom. It’s discipline. Freedom without it is license, not liberty.

  2. Another angle I’ve just noticed: the somewhat-rare and seasonal “full bowl” charts formed by all the planets being on one side of the nodal axis for days, weeks, and occasionally a couple months at a time (save the moon, who traverses the empty side of the bowl for half the month). The COVID outbreak has corresponded pretty closely to this aspect, which began Feb 24th and will end May 29th. Interestingly the nodal return to this current configuration (as of 2CAP15) brought us 9/11 when Mars was on the SN though there was no bowl at the time; the last full bowl I’m seeing was from 11/2/95 to 2/26/96, and prior to that I haven’t yet looked. Wondering if there were any major global happenings that season…

  3. Interrestingly i found, after looking up Norways astrology, that at the time the Black Death hit us in 1349, Uranus was in Taurus, and Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in aries. The Plague in Europe was from 1347-1351,, and there was a Jupiter Pluto conjunction at the beginning. Uranus was at the beginning of taurus in 1349, close to where it is now. ( i had to look i up twice, at first as a transit, then as an ephimeris to be sure)
    I guess the aries conjunction was a more violent type, and that the capricorn one that we have just had is more disruptive to our societal structure and economy.

    1. I am a multiple taurean btw, and in lock down now. You mentioned us taureans having an early taste of Uranus in taurus in 2018, i did. I have done a lot of hard work since, and now i am finally in a very stabe situation. Like the rest of the nation i am in lock down, but as a theacher my job is secure, i have payed my debts, i am heathy, and i have time alone to do my out things. It feels so good! Really

  4. As always” I Love your stuff Mystic” it’s sooo good and “REAL.”
    I had to laugh at all the rude people and the insults from stupids regarding being “specialists in bat shit:..just so you all know 🦇”BATS CARRY RABIIES” version being “HENDRA”…🦇How do I know.???..because iv lived it🦇 first hand and dont need no flop or so called graduate specialist to give me useless information..
    Thankyou for your attention.Dissect at will.😉

  5. Eclipse Tripper

    Burning Frankincense is also protective from pathogens (Thats straight from my Uni Chinese Herbal Medicine lecturer’s mouth (no it wasn’t in the course notes)….

    1. Eclipse Tripper

      … Frankincense was/is also wafted around at Orthodox Religious ceremonies such as funerals (probably for protection on all levels) …

  6. While reading about Chiron & the Centaur asteroids in Zane B. Stein’s site, i was intrigued by the centaur Pholus (also connected to healing), who in the myth of Chiron is the one that opens up the flask of wine whose scent sends all the other centaurs into a drinking & fighting frenzy. In the ensuing chaos, Chiron gets hit by a poisoned arrow which causes him pain for his eternal life. Pholus goes to Chiron’s aid and gets the poisoned arrow out of him, only to accidentally stab himself with it and die. This to me all seems to be about unleashing toxins, chaos, contamination and death. Zane also mentions how another astrologer Marianne Alexander in her book on Pholus, on looking at the events that were happening at the time of his discovery, believes that Pholus relates to viruses:
    “One meaning of Pholus is viruses – AIDS, Ebola, Hepatitis, and others not so deadly, including computer viruses. It is also poisons, birth defects, DNA and gene research. The flip side of the coin – and there is always a flip side – is that Pholus is prominent in the charts of health care professionals.”

    It’s interesting to note that Mercury was conjunct exact Pholus on the date that China alerted the WHO of it on 31st Dec, 2019. It’s also interesting that Pholus has been square Chiron ever since the Coronavirus has erupted and will be square exact on 8th March – maybe we’ll see some breakthrough/news/peak? Oh, and it’s also been trine Uranus all this time too (sudden & unpredictable occurrences).

    1. How interesting, I don’t look at Pholus and I’ve totally on a tangent with my Chiron ideas – I see this as more of a drastic, fuq-it, Uranus in Taurus scene. But March 7 to 11 has the feel of something revealed, a super-catalyst piece of info.

      1. Yes, totally agree re this being a Uranus in Taurus fuq-up. Historically this seems to be a recurring theme. But maybe the details lie in the asteroids/smaller planets?

        I’ve also pencilled 7th/8th March (when Chiron is square exact Pholus) till March 11 after Mercury goes direct as some kind of revelation.

        Plus all of the following week as Uranus trines SN-Pholus – exact on 20th March (is this virus related to a previous one we’ve had history with? a mutation of it?)

      2. Big revelation coming out of Australia during the time period you mention is that actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson have Coronavirus, and they are hospitalized in quarantine.
        They both are 63, Tom with the risk factor of diabetes and Rita a recent survivor of breast cancer. They will have extraordinary care compared to ordinary folks, but still, all eyes are on them and how they fare with this deadly virus. It will either inspire confidence, or despair.

  7. I wrote an essay years about about the killing of cats in the Middle Ages because of their association with Witches. Cats whom are so lovely and adorable and kill sermon, murdered, tortured, drowned. It’s not widely known this happened, but I was looking at the images of cats in European art and how at some point they became demonic and evil.
    I have an extremely heavy feeling about Covid-19. I had a bad sense back in December when reports started coming out about a new virus. Some reports say it started in November? Anyway, why is China taking such extreme precautions if it is just a mostly minor ailment? Canada has been really lax about the whole thing, Air Canada has only stopped flights to China as of Feb 25. People are testing positive with no symptoms, with cases of people testing positive over a month after coming into contact with someone or some place with the virus. I have a feeling that is going to change, mutate, so far the death rate is low, but something else is going on. I do hate how the powers that be were reluctant to really do something bold here because of fear it would upset the economy and lower GDP’s.

    1. Thankyou..thats really interesting regarding the cats and it’s association with ladies being witches by having one treated the same and being put to death…We have too many rats in Sydney due to cat people feeding them so the cats dont need to hunt as they are full up on manufactured feast so even if they want to they can’t as they re intoxicated waiting for their next feed that comes three times a day from people -cat ladies in my street feeding them..the rats are rampant and the feral cats are made lazy watching the world go by sunbathing

  8. China turned on their 5G network in 50 cities on November 1, 2019, about a month later we have
    coronavirus. Possibly Gaia is saying no to 5G. We’ll see just how fast and wide this somewhat suspicious virus spreads. Will the economic activity of the world slow down to almost a standstill like it has in Wuhan? To save ourselves will we stop ourselves. Definitely a Saturn Pluto dilemma. No way out but through the sewer and out. The year of the Rat no doubt. While Neptune in Pisces triggered by Mars in Sag is showering us with viral bits. One pandemic following another until we desist. Then there’s Uranus making it’s final transit of the Chiron discovery point hopefully shattering our complacency in this mad race to oblivion. Technology won’t save us – acting wisely might.

      1. The bats (in which this strain of coronavirus evolved) do use sonar and echolocation – the “airwaves” basically – to navigate. 5G, though electromagnetic and not sonic, still traverses the same medium. Figuring out a scientific correspondence there would likely involve invoking some sort of aether physics which is obviously not the currently-fashionable paradigm. But I can see a possible connection there, nonetheless.

    1. Thank you David
      Rationality and logic rules

      I wanted to go live on Vulcan when I first encountered Mr Spock when I was 7…

      Still do
      Love and peace to you x

      1. Oh hi slowpoke, turns out that “misinformation” about the virus was actually right. It’s a bioweapon but don’t worry just don’t be racist!! You guys are absolute fools.

    2. It is July 28th. now it has been 8 months. we haven’t even reached Dec yet. Death count still rising so what % would it technically be at this point. 85 infants under 1 yr old tested positive in Texas I suppose I will need a hazmat suit on for people that take it this lightly. it’s not the apocalypse or Black plague but we still should take it seriously. And prepare for the very worse this winter. Yes
      Racism IS disgusting anyone thinking this virus has came from, or spread by race, wealth, or any ridiculous dividing status can get a reality check bc Covid 19 is after 1 thing that’s the human race.

  9. WTF did saturn in aquarius do 30 yrs ago other than create a rea lestate and housing crisis in the 1st world and a recession to boot ??

  10. I see epidemics sinc last year 2019, we had measles coming back in many places, ebola outbreak in Congo, and now Coronavirus.
    I had a look up how the stars were positiond at 1919, when there was zh spanish influenca, with millions of VICTIMS
    I looked up, what happend around 1957 – asian influence.

    All this time was Chiron in Aries.
    But I dont have an explanation for other pandemies 1968, 1977, everytime about 1 million dead.

    Just my 5 cents

  11. 82 was AIDS.
    Indian scientists say HIV has been spliced into this lab created virus.
    Saturn/Pluto the mighty fall Jupiter (global) joins party, all on South Nodes of Saturn and Pluto for dramatic ending.
    Neptune home Pisces for pandemic.
    Bill Gates owns the patent for coronavirus which he took out 3 months ago and predicted pandemic.

  12. Wow, that Gibson fact is a wake up call: when even our most gifted sci fi writers can’t picture a world beyond this one, does that mean we are all out of time…?

    1. ya that’s what the folks thought on the wagontrains 200 yrs ago when the indians attacked them…and…?? everyone is hooked on catastrophism now… lmao

    2. Gibsons was working on a book and the things he was writing which seemed futurey and absurd actually started happening so he had to reconfigure the whole thing.

  13. Could the shut down of flight from/to Chine be any more the Mercury Retro (shadow ok, but still) touch to this crazy Uranus in Taurus moment?

  14. The bats (flying foxes) have been a main focus since I’ve moved to my new abode last October.
    At first it was a very magical feeling but I must admit when I heard that the coronavirus was spread through eating bats it did make me feel sad. Innocence lost.

    I came to the conclusion that bats are something to admire not to touch an eat.

    Now the focus is getting even bigger. I got a letter in the mail today from Griffith University and Montana State University. Stating they want to investigate why bats are settling in the Urban and residential areas. It’s pretty obvious why they’re settling here
    The bushfires have killed their food source way out in the bush so they come here.

    It’s obvious it’s related to the coronavirus. Grandma is getting very cynical. I suppose it’s wise and kind not to scare the public.

    Has anybody else received a letter like this?

    1. Jeezus Wish, this is so bizarre for me to read & you’ll see why. I just googled and it’s to do with a world wide study begun around mid-2019 into bat pathogens infecting humans. The study is being carried out by various universities & Australia is one of the countries involved, because it’s where they first detected a bat virus jumping to humans, and the first place was in Hendra (Brisbane) back in the 90s. The virus (called the Hendra virus) jumped to horses first (they think from flying fox urine in horse feed). These race horses were kept in v close quarters & in the middle of suburbia, as there are a few racecourses nearby. It first came to notice when the virus killed a dozen horses & their owner. But did they shut the rest of the stables down, i wonder? Why oh why must they enslave & keep animals in such shite conditions in the first place & in the middle of freaking suburbia?!

      This is so weird for me, because here i am on the other side of the world reading about something that happened virtually next door to me. My parents used to live in the next suburb where there were two such stables on our street. I used to watch as they exercised these poor, beautiful & skittish race-horse on the streets in the early morning & late evenings, feeling sorry for them as they walked them around and around with blinkers on. And I used to love watching the flying foxes at sunset as they flew out to feed from their camps which were along the Brisbane River. They would literally cover the entire sky, a beautiful and eerie sight.
      (Man, i need to get off the screen, i feel like i’ve bombarded this blog. I can’t sleep lately – i got a Uranus/Mercury/Mars/MC clusterfuq goin on – apologies)

      1. I was living not so far from Hendra in the late 90’s for a bit.

        The bats across Brisbane – the whole sky would blacken, particularly near the river. It was a phenomenon.

        The bats have been in urban Brisbane for decades. In more rural areas it’s likely habitat but also food sources I’d say. The other thing that these researchers need to consider is that certain councils have moved bats out of areas or at least disrupted them enough to get them to spread out and migrate.

        And if we don’t cap our urban development it’s not them migrating into townships it’s us migrating into their turf.

        Um.. ok, yes let’s ask that question again with a heap of funding and a specialist team to assess it? Very tricky… will take years and cost heaps I expect and possibly end up in a recommendation to cull.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks for that information scarab. I used to live in Hendra in the early 2000s. Coincidence hey. Yes I do remember hearing horse Hooves early morning.

        You don’t need to apologise for the information. I hope you’re sleeping improves.

    2. Well there’s been rampant deforestation in Qld and nsw so I imagine they move to suburbia because it’s a good source of food. The bushfires are making it worse. I hope ecologists can use the human-bat viral interaction to push for reforestation.

    3. No letter but flying foxes- fruit bats with noisy leathery wings have co-inhabited the 2 areas I’ve lived in Sydney Australia past 40 years and in city Royal Botanical Gardens theres 1000s of them in the trees. What are you saying?

      1. Would you care to back that claim up with facts? Not because my mind is closed to the possibility that the coronavirus could indeed be a bioweapon, but because i’m so fuqing sick of opinions without FACTS. Even a good hypothesis backed up by observations might help. Or direct links to credited articles. But just coming on here, insulting people as you did above & simply claiming it is a bioweapon because you obviously are a world class genius and have privy to inside info within the Chinese/U.S/Russian/UK/Korean or whatever bogie country’s secret service and bio labs, then it’s just a pointless opinion from a pointless person.

    4. It was not bats being eating but likely animals like the pangolin being trapped in disgusting live meat markets and eating Bat poop, which somehow transmits virus to animal who is then eaten by human.

  15. In view of recent events, yesterday I concocted the old *Four Thieves Vinegar* used in the time of the Black Death. (Best done on a New Moon, though any time is fine). It consists of vinegar, various herbs & camphor (i added garlic for good measure).
    This formula is also a good insecticide and it makes for a great anti-fungal spray for plants as well. I’ve decided to use the original formula which you can find on the Wikipedia page if you google, but there are other, more modern versions around if you search. With the original version, the secret goth in me likes that it can be kept in small bottles “for the vapours to be sniffed in cases of fainting”.

    The story goes that during the great plagues of the 17th century in Toulouse, 4 corpse robbers were caught in flagrante. They were convicted of going to houses of plague victims, strangling them in their beds & then looting their dwellings. They were condemned to be burned at the stake, but their total disregard for contagion astonished the judges & in order to have their sentence mitigated, they revealed their secret formula, after which they were hanged.
    That’s my favourite version, but there are other more benevolent endings.
    (Also this formula & variants of it had been used earlier by various physicians.)

    If you can’t be bothered to make it up, as you need to steep the herbs for two weeks, you can use a blend of essential oils instead – mainly the stronger antibacterial and antivirals like clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, tee tree, rosemary, etc. You can dilute them in alcohol (vodka will do) & use as a spray around the house & on your linen. Or you can use them pure in a difuser. Be careful when dabbing on skin – be sure to dilute them in a carrier oil & test on a small patch of skin first, as they can irritate some people.

    1. Thanks for this. I won’t be using it cause I’m basically a lazy bastard with a strong ‘things like that happen to other people not me’ attitude. Love the story of the guys who came up with the recipe. Wonder if it actually works ? Or if they had some type of natural immunity ?
      And talking about natural immunity, and adding to our dna discussion. I was reading the other day about a guy they found in Holland that seemed to have some type of natural immunity to HIV. A program was begun where they took his bone marrow and placed it in the systems of a variety of people carrying the HIV virus. The was some success and one guy seemed to be ‘cured’. They couldn’t find the virus. A while later he of course became part of the program and something happened that no one expected. Every dna test he did showed up to be the dna match of the bone marrow source guy. In fact they couldn’t find any of his original dna !
      These results have struck fear into the authorities, The fear of course being that the main weapon over the last 20 years to solve crimes prove Identity paternity etc may now come into question.

      1. Don’t know about the thieves’ immunity, but if you saw the thieves in Toulouse you would run – & that could apply to fleas as well! But seriously, the herbs used act as insect repellents – including plague carrying fleas. So is vinegar. I’ve mainly done it to repel ticks, as i’m finding that vinegar alone still lets some of the buggers through when walking through tall grass & heather.

    2. Have you found any herbs work better than others? I’m being hammered by mosquitoes and am wondering if it’ll deter them too. Great story!

      1. This should keep even Satan & all the demons in hell at bay, judging by the initial pong. (i might have gone a touch heavy on the camphor).
        But for mosquitos all the usual essential oils (eucalyptus citriodora, lavender, rosemary, mint) work well. I find that it’s the base you use that makes all the difference. Apple cider vinegar is great, but if you don’t want to smell like a vinaigrette, witch hazel is good too. Or half & half.

  16. Morning – yesterday a friend said to me she was feeling low because she just feels magic is not real/ sometimes I feel this myself . . . Because it’s not a science so where’s the proof? And with an anti-magic culture so deeply entrenched it can feel that magic is not real that it’s imagination coincidence / this conversation and knowing for myself that I can also feel I am a fool to believe, prompted me to reach out here and ask – can anyone suggest books or readings or podcasts etc that can bolster a waivering certainty that MAGIC IS REAL? Certainly this community helps! But I’d be happy to hear suggestions of materials to read/ listen to. Inc how the magic world was broken down and/or its revival / thank you

    1. Of course there are thousands of books on magic and spiritualism – I have many already! I’m looking for something to address a crisis of faith 🙂 or writings/speakings around the breakdown and renewal of magic

      1. My standard response to this is go for a walk in the country, somewhere private, choose a friendly looking tree, sit underneath it and & breathe in it’s presence. When relaxed & comfortable enough, get up & embrace it while making sure you have your third eye touching its trunk & feel the magic flow.

      2. Novak Jokavich revealed a “relationship” with a tree in the Melbourne botanic gardens…
        Very spiritual man, even wise enough to get permission to climb it’s limbs and exchange energy

        Be warned though I have encountered some very grumpy trees in my life…

        Not that they don’t have very valid reasons to be so…

    2. What if you call it something other than magic, what if it didn’t have to be real in a measurable phenomenon sense, what if it was simply a state of mind that allows for non-linearity, where things can happen without necessarily needing cause and effect, where a peaceful openness to circumstance allows the unexpected, where the veil of judgement is removed allowing new sources of information,
      Maybe, spending time in the natural world even just in a park or leaning against a tree, re-attuning your heart to the basic materialities of the world, without any other expectation of mystery, just allowing for the simplicity of existence as it is in any given moment, it’s ok to let any sense of the magical go fallow, our focus is elsewhere, it happens, I’ve given away all of my esoteric books once, I just wanted to learn to trust my own inner sense (again) not rely on some external knowledge to tell me what was what…
      Maybe this only makes sense for me, no reading reccy sorry :}

      Oh are you having a Saturn transit..? I am..

      1. I did the same with my books for the same reason. Bravo brother. Wish u were here to commune with.

    3. I think the core of the issue is whether you see the universe has a purpose, is it supportive . benevolent . Does nature sustain and nurture ? or is it a mindless brutal result of a random explosion that occurred 13 B years ago that can’t think doesn’t know you’re here or couldn’t care less. ?
      There is no right or wrong answer, but the very fact that you can consider the question is fuqing amazing really. Call it what you like, our very existence is miraculous.

    4. I think, logically, that it has to be real. And my logic is thus: We are here. We don’t know exactly how or who brought us into being, but we are certainly here. I find it hard to believe such a reality would come into being and then the creator would just say “see ya later, good luck, you’re on your own from here!”

      We were given plants and minerals as food and medicine. Animals to sustain us in a myriad of ways, including companionship as humans need love and what if no human loved them. The land and oceans calibrated to sustain all living things. The stars, moon and planets are our calendar and our clock. And I believe they knew we would need an agony aunt, and someone to give us guidance … hence our ability to study the sky to help us make sense of our life, past, present and future.

      Really, everything we need was given to us, and it all fits together so beautifully and intelligently. There is so much that we don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. I think the intent was that we could create magic, the ability to harness and manipulate energy and use it for good, and most importantly to protect ourselves. But sadly there are those who use it for bad.

      I personally believe that what we think of as the manifestation of conjuring magic in our outer world is really just bringing that to be inside of us. For instance wishing for a neighbor to just stop bothering you….is more a case of strengthening your own auric field which then repels them, which looks like the same thing. I don’t think we would be given the power to change other people, that seems to me to violate their sovereignty, but rather be given the power to help ourselves and to help others help themselves.

      As a last thought. I know that in the esoteric world there is talk about the Bible explicitly saying magic is evil and should not be used. My current thinking is that we all know that History books are written by the winners. That there are many different versions of the Bible. And what if whoever “wrote” the versions available to us today intentionally wrote that God didn’t want us using divination, simply because they wanted to keep such an incredible tool out of our hands. They wanted to keep it to themselves and keep us powerless and more easily controlled. Just tell us it’s a sin and then we won’t have access to it’s power. I don’t believe everything (anything?!) that I read. Because it is only as good as the quality of the person who writes it, and stories can be muddled over time. I would rather go by what feels right.

      1. Animals are not here to sustain you. My god what hubris. You forget you are just a bipedal animal too? If the human animals were vegan none of these diseases zoonotic would exist! They are all zoonotic, all of our disease is from cruelty to other animals.

    5. The reality of one thing or another will frequently come down to the definition we place upon it.

      Pluto across my Moon Venus in recent years has made magic and the typical signs, omens, synchronicity and intuition feel blocked. it could have easily made me feel it was lost but I knew better. I knew it was like being in an underground car park looking for a phone signal. It wasn’t going to happen until I could change up my space.

      And I didn’t necessarily have to wait until the transit ended – but I kind of did. Things were still happening but my ability to see and join the dots wasn’t working as well. I just had to accept that and accepting one thing does’t mean something else changes if you catch my drift. Just because you’re not feeling it right now doesn’t mean it’s ceased to exist.

      I think all this stuff that’s happening is a kind of magic because it’s waking people up everywhere like a zombie slumber is ending. We have been tipping this way more and more in recent times and it is a changing of ages too. We’re most definitely on the cusp. I hope it results in positive evolution for all and earth.
      I hope we can all do our part and I’m aware that all of our parts are different. Some of us are here to be catalysts and show the rest of us less desirable ways of living and what that might look like. At a high level view there’s a magic to all of that but yeah, I admit it’s hard to see every day.

      I’ll make a loose suggestion regarding reading. Look for magic in the mundane, the innocent, the literature not intentionally trying to stand out as magic. Seek out something that calls you whether it makes sense or fits your brief and trust your choices. Look for something that restores heart and soul and most definitely magic will be found there because it is always within us.

    6. Growing up, books were some of my best friends, and I loved Enid Blyton, the Magic Faraway Tree, Alice in Wonderland, anything about fairies/elves/magic, the Tolkien books. Still believe wholeheartedly in magic and see it as pagan knowledge, herbalism, ancient cultures and their wisdom. Stonehenge, archeological sites, old temples in Europe, Asia. Indigenous stories and cave paintings. The regeneration of forests, our wild places, gardening. There’s magic everywhere if you look. And if ppl can believe there’s a god in heaven, I don’t think it’s weird to believe in other gods and goddesses, sprites, tree spirits, ancestors who watch over us, or the occult.

  17. The normal flu that happens every year, kills lots of people but the media doesn’t get in a panic about it. SARS, swine flu and wow, a new deadly virus, get clicks and keep the news cycle spinning. Just another way of making people scared and feel powerless so they don’t overthrow our shonky government.

    1. I guarantee Morriscum and his marketing team are meeting about how to ‘monetise’ this crisis — a Hillsong mate who manufactures air purifiers, P2 masks, maybe?

      1. Yeah, the timing couldn’t be better for those scumbags. Certainly gives them an opportunity to look like heroes and takes the heat out of the fire fiasco – pardon the pun.

    2. It does make for a nice distraction from the clusterfuq this govt has created. Also plays into fears of the other and the isolationist stance so many govts are giving in to.

  18. In our local news, FBI arrested a Harvard professor, chairman of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, who was a “strategic scientist” at Wuhan University of Technology. He failed to disclose that the Chinese were paying him loads of money while also securing US$15 million in grants from the US National Institutes of Health. Uh-oh! This is the “Silk Road” of our times!

    1. Yes! Also there are nearly 300 deaths from infectious diseases every day in China without calling in the military. The CCP say 80 people died in a month. Quarantine makes no sense with those numbers, it is either a lot worse than is publicly admitted or it is a grab for more control.
      Social studies show that far and above any other factor humans accept an authoritarian government in the face of infectious diseases. Even war isn’t a great mass pacifier. But disease? People prostrate themselves. It is the biggest human fear and Pharma and Governments know this.

  19. I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand I think there are far more virulent and dangerous viruses out there in the world, but because they are mostly attacking people in poor countries they don’t get as much media coverage. Malaria comes to mind. I think that kills over half a million people every year, but not many of those people come from the countries currently freaking out about corona virus. I also find all the conspiracy theories annoying and pointless. All you need is a few billion people living in close quarters and over-using antibiotics for something to mutate and start killing people. I’m honestly surprised it’s not happening more often.

    On the other hand if I catch this one I’m probably a gonna (bad lungs) and I’m travelling a lot this year. So, if the world suddenly became more insular I think I could get behind that so long as my internet keeps working.

    1. China has very low selenium in the earth where some agricultural provinces farm. Historically they have disease issues in those areas. Americans tried to create a vaccine when some bright spark worked out the population were mineral deficient. I think our immune systems are plenty capable despite constant advertising to the contrary.

      1. Oh that’s interesting. Reminds me of how iodinised salt cured cretinism….maybe not entirely.

  20. I’m angry because, yet again, this virus appears to be a consequence of humanity’s unspeakable treatment of animals. Or a combination of that and the presence of a Stage 4 biohazard storage facility at Wuhan that no one seems to be talking about. SARS virus examples are kept there.

    1. I think the subject matter was thoughtfully covered in Medical Police.

      and yes, some? humans are batshitcrazy..
      or literally batshitsick..
      its very jokeresque

      1. Sorry Mystic, – this is where my Capricorn rising sign often has to work hard to counter my Scorpio sun and Mercury signs.

  21. I am beginning to rethink watering my parsley with the shower’s grey water but in a drought there aren’t many options, grey watered or dead.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Grey watered sounds good. They should really start building houses that automatically collects greywater. I know you can have it done but it is quite expensive I have heard.

      1. It’s pretty easy/cheap to redirect shower water if your house and pipes are off the ground. I’ve jerry rigged things at multiple rentals just using pvc pipe.

      2. Shower water isn’t considered ‘grey’ water by council or water authorities. Not sure why ? My house routes the washing machine water to a drip hose system. You would imagine shower water would be ok if you’re using the right cleaning products. Maybe that’s the problem ? No appropriate products ?

  22. I feel like one of the only people zen about this right now, but I am not consuming media on it – the mass panic is alarming me more now than pandemic fears (I am lucky, I work remotely and already have taurus on the IC, I don’t leave the house unless I need to). I worry more about the knock-on effects in months if this really is a pandemic, the breaking of fragile and long supply chains. China manufactures everything, what happens if things don’t reopen after golden week…

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Hey Mutatis I am a Taurus moon and honestly I choose not to be affected by ali this. But I do live in regional Queensland and it is pretty laid back up here.

      I went to town the other day to buy groceries and I saw an Asian man wearing a mask. No one wears masks here. He looked very anxious and paranoid.

      After watching the news I realised why. He would have thought he was the centre of attention. This is really sad. Poor darling.

  23. Can I just say how annoyed I am that “the world’s largest asset manager” is named after fucking Burning Man? I mean, I kinda despise Burner culture, but for reals,

  24. Great control and cataclysmic upheavals.

    Our leaders currently are kind of like the wizard of Oz being exposed as some lame dude behind the curtain and he just keeps pretending. Like we can’t see him. Like WE’RE the ones who are deluded.

    There’s way more to this corona virus.

  25. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I do love this: it will force a Taurus style of living; the sanitary haven of your couch, your new love of gardening, home cooking and inner sanctum friends/family only. You say ‘grounded’ and Uranus says ‘ quarantined.’

  26. How long do you think before big pharma comes up with a vaccine. Call me cynical but there is a massive amount of money to be made, That always makes me wonder, what came first.. the chicken or the egg if you get my drift. I mean the amount of fear being spread by a disease that’s killed a handful of people when seasonal flu kills thousands yearly ? There are probably way more people right now spreading incurable TB or leprosy in Australia than this virus.

      1. When my link has been moderated you will see a story that says 16 weeks ? I’ve read others that are saying 6 weeks. The race is on.

    1. Uh, TB has a vaccine, dude
      Conspiracy theories shit me to tears
      Mostly delusional and addresses nothing except fostering a sense of powerlessness and anxiety
      Even if they are true lol what are ya going to do about it, who cares????
      Diseases exist because humans are biological entities living in close quarters to each other and to pathogens carried by other species
      Ecology isn’t just for forests and sh*t

      1. It’s no conspiracy theory so no need for the poo or tears or unwarranted tantrums. Drug resistant TB has become and is becoming a major concern for health authorities. Look into it maybe before the reflex Davidl shart spray. Thanks 🙏🏽

      2. I think it’s a bit early to speculate, but i do think people need to be aware of how the media has a tendency to blow things out of proportion and how there are *always* sharks circling in times of crisis. A case in point is the H1N1 virus aka Swine flu of 2009 where it was touted by the WHO as the most deadly virus since the Great Influenza of 1918 and putting out alarming statistics and prognosis. The media went nuts, Governments panicked and stock piled vast amounts of vaccines (which apparently turned out to be useless), Obama was going to bring in the troops, enforced compulsory vaccination on certain professions & talked of enforced vaccinations for the entire population. Big Pharma made loads-a-money, and then it turns out that the death rate was 0.02. Many questions were asked & the WHO was put under scrutiny and accused of working with Big Pharma.

        PACE, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a 47-nation international organization dedicated to upholding human rights, democracy and the rule of law had an enquiry into this and it didn’t really look to good for the WHO. The committee identifies what it calls “grave shortcomings” in the transparency of decision-making about the outbreak, generating concerns about the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on decisions taken”… there’s loads more dirt but you can read the report in a link which is waiting moderation, below.

      3. The problem is that when governments consistently lie/do nothing to help its citizens then you are gonna have conspiracy theories. And the problem is that if you have enough conspiracy theories, they drown out any truth that is fighting to be heard. Sharks know this. I simply propose that we all get hyper-vigilant, & question everything we hear, without knee-jerk reactions & blindly going on the attack, because this is exactly what the peddlars of cospiracy theories would like us to do. Divide and rule is an oldie but it always seems to work.

      4. I wasn’t blindly attacking David L fwiw. Not sure if that’s your angle tho x
        (I was however having.a solid crack at the conspiracy theory mentality in general. Blame my aries/cap/aqua inner planets)

      5. Not my angle, Pi. Just a general rant. Society is so lost & polarised atm, which is why the powers that be can get away with murder, literally.

  27. So I’ve been assisting our medical team in writing briefs about the virus for our staff, and the best thing you can do is practice good cough etiquette and thoroughly wash hands frequently. Particularly before touching your face or food.

    Stay away from anyone who has cold-like symptoms that has had contact with people from known centres of contagion.

    Not many of us outside of China will have had contact from someone who was there.

    This week will bring more about how the infection behaves so until then probably best to be vigilant but not freaked out x

    1. Exactly what my Doc said: keep your hand sanitiser close, keep hands away from nose eyes mouth, use mask on public transport, notify air cabin crew of breathing probs, pack nebuliser as hand luggage.
      …and don’t freak out.
      After reading the wise women here, feel very reassured. Don’t want to be sick when i ask him to marry me as it’s Leap Year and i arrive on 13th Feb. A romantic gesture from a Sagg to a Virgo who hasn’t a romantic hair left on his head 🙂

      1. Yes he’s mine now by default. The last 2 women friends died of lung cancer. He was my first boyfriend at age 17 & 1 month. He 21.
        Together 4 years with him sleeping with many other women during that time. Message received: men can’t be faithful-why marry. So i never married & he never married, neither of us had children, now he hasn’t too long to go after 2 bypasses and stroke.
        He bought the worst-almost- only- house in the street in ’88, now valued at 1.2 mill in inner suburban Melba. Won’t be living with him, my religion won’t allow that, but visiting 6 or so weeks to care for him. Nine hour drive-70 min flight.
        Marriage means he doesn’t pay probate and he needs an executor for his will.
        So darling Yogi, it’s a Decent and pragmatic. MINE AT LAST she says with a wicked smile 🙂
        Very sad tho’ that someone has to go to god for me to be financially secure in my dottage.

      2. I love this! 💍❤

        Gave me a big ass grin in between the snot and sore throat. It seems I’ve gone simpatico to this world crisis. The only corona I’ll consder comes in chilled glass with some lemon and if I was holding one now I’d raise it in a toast to you both.

        Sending blessings for safe travels and happy outcomes x

      3. A decent proposal – it kind of reads like a book title to me and it’s one of those magical stories that only start to make sense down the track sometimes. Beautiful Pegs xx

    2. I’m being vigilant, being a lung transplant recipient, but I refuse to live in a bubble 🙂 I’m aiming for sensible – don’t kiss/hug people, fervent hand washing and use of sanitiser, wearing a mask at the hospital (because every mofo is coughing!), and avoiding shopping centres/markets.

      1. Have a few tests booked at hospital that i’m going to cancel to avoid hospitals. LUNG TRANSPLANT? How brave are you. Love to know more but just simply hope that you feel so much better from it. Shortness of breath is like dying every time it happens.The body goes into fight or flight, the mind repeats ‘calm calm calm it will be ok in 90 seconds’ but still the bodymind goes into panic.
        As a retired Breathworker used to start every session saying ‘breath is life and most of us are not getting enough so let’s start with very deep releasing breaths’. Ironic but at least have an advantage with a well trained diaphragm.
        Yes shop when quiet time and just practise sensible hygiene. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
        Blessings Maven.x

  28. Well i’m going to dance with the devil as have booked my first flight in 15 YEARS in 2 weeks when there will be even more risk. Catching it would be death to me with my compromised airways – the sharing of cabin air. Ironically going to see a very sick friend that i’d planned to DRIVE and see to be safe but time running out.
    Apparently the window seat is the safest……

    The photo published of a man eating baby live mice as a delicacy? The ‘wild animal’ market selling baby wolves??Is nothing sacred anymore. How batshit it that!
    At least the woman eating fried bat apologised.
    This would be a very good time to turn vegetarian if not totally vegan.

    1. I cannot even deal. Is why I don’t want to travel to China. Ever. The animal abuse outweighs any cultural interests for me.

      Have a safe trip Pegs, and enjoy xxx

  29. Dear Mystic, I have become a very devoted reader of your blogs in the past two years. But this blog about the Corona virus has really blown me away. So much so, that after reading it, I instantly decided to become a member for the next year! Also, reading your astrological view on this ‘Uranian trick’ has put things in perspective a bit for me, as the Corona virus has had me worried for the past two weeks (I suffer from asthma and almost died once from pneumonia).
    I would also like to salute the other readers and members here! And just to introduce myself a bit more, I am a Sagittarian of the Pluto in Virgo generation, with a Leo ascendant and the Moon in Taurus. I am Dutch, I live in Amsterdam and work in the arts and the media, and have been a student of astrology for several decades. I look forward to enjoying all of your insights and posts even more now that I have become a member. And good luck to you all on the Uranus in Taurus ride!

      1. Thank you too, for the welcome, Mystic!
        And thank you to the other members who read my post and made me feel welcome

    1. The world needs more Saggo’s:-)
      MM is a joy that’s impossible to live without
      once experienced. Someone who makes sense, completes the picture, transmits crucial information when things become bizarre and confusing.

  30. The Black Plague it turns out wasn’t the work of witches cats rats or fleas after all. Latest researchers are pretty sure it was a virus similar to Ebola passed human to human. It also wasn’t one plague, it returned again and again over a 300 year period. Interestingly this is how the idea of a ‘summer house’ in a rural or remote area for wealthier families started. Basically it was a place to spend the summer in isolation away from the disease ridden city hordes. Summer was the time the spread of these diseases became worse.

      1. Just google Black Plague and Ebola you’ll find a range of articles. Re the summer house, this info I originally read in the historical novel Wolf Hall, a great read if you are interested in that period, 1500s, it was the first time I’d read this and it made a lot of sense so I delved a bit deeper at the time and found a few references that describes the squalor and air quality of urban London and how the wealthy were virtually trapped in there homes during the summer in fear of catching a variety of deadly diseases. A sneeze in the morning could literally mean death by the evening. To escape, the wealthy started purchasing estates. These were some of the first rural property’s that were not working farms. Most were closed up till the summer months when the whole household would relocate there.

    1. Also temperatures were erratic and there were years of famine prior to the plagues. Immune systems were depleted and people couldn’t fight infections. Great book called “dissolving illusions“ details historical health challenges with data I haven’t read elsewhere. Randall Carlson also talks on climate impact on society around the time of the abandonment of the Gothic Cathedral’s midway through construction! Also have read the plague was pneumonic, not spread by rats or mediated by cats. Bad juju to kill Bast’s babies though.

  31. Well, Mother earth keeps warning us we are behaving very badly and we are not listening, so just like all good mothers, she is trying to teach us a lesson or few.

  32. Such an interesting post, you have covered the subject so succinctly and offered such a compelling assessment of the situation and the attitude of those behind the lack of action and the link-into the astrology, how informative and how coldly precise it is. Fascinating, all we need to know now is how to stop or what will stop them from their course of utter destruction, since they have been given a mandate by being elected….just adopting a bunker mentality is not going to cut it and people-en-masse can not be trusted to act with any wisdom or insight.

  33. Great post Mystic. And strangely reassuring despite the going to hell in a hand basket scenario that we’re living through – it does seem that Gaia is simply seeking re-balance. Especially love the Trickster angle.

  34. Can I also talk about how I have found the most Uranus in Taurus era vlogger ever? Her name is Li Ziqi and she makes videos from her farm in rural China. She used to be an aspiring pop star but returned to a remote area to take care of her grandmother and then started making these really gorgeous, aesthetic videos about homesteading and traditional Chinese culture.

    I think she’s so popular because she represents this lifestyle we all long for in the age of iPad kids and information saturation but don’t feel brave enough to quit our jobs and go after. Also we feel like if we did a homesteading thing it would be all hard work and dirt but she’s packaging it in riding a horse in a red cape and full makeup and taking the time to beautifully plate her dishes. Also she probably is making a shitload of money and has a whole team to film and edit.

    I ran her chart and she is a Cancer with Aries moon and almost everything else in Leo WHICH MAKES SO MUCH SENSE IF YOU WATCH HER VIDEOS. Cancer is the main theme (nurturing, cooking, emotions, nostalgia) but it is so insanely LEO’d out in how she presents it all.

    1. I’ve seen these!! I imagine she’s every traditional Chinese man’s wet dream: hot, can farm and cook, looks after granma… what else do you need?

      Her videos also remind me of the Village Life cooking videos: the same long, slow shots, minimal editing. It’s super meditative. Actually I think I prefer those vids because even though Li Ziqi has higher production values, Village Life does amazing things with minimal resources. In both cases though I am fully envious of the time they can dedicate to producing a meal. Maybe this virus will mean we’ll all have to get good at that 🙂

  35. that toro style of living-sounds amazing-suits this toro rising
    good to hear magic is real
    standing by for uranu to zap my ascendant

  36. Epidemiology is an interesting one. Aqua fits imo, in the context of mass population dynamics. As an illness / health matter, I wonder how the sign of Virgo and maybe asteroids like Hygeia also work in the picture.
    I think that eating animals (bats) known to carry virulent diseases is a pretty bad idea at the best of times. Like you have to have your shots if you’re handling them and frequently going into areas known to be populated by bats E g. For ecological studies. So, sounds like a very mundane but real cause to me. Exacerbated by crappy socio-econo-governmental paths …

    Mystic you should definitely troll us with some random astro xox

      1. Same thing the CAFO meat eaters are thinking in the US. Mmmm good. Oops. I don’t feel good. 😅

      2. I guess it’s part of a food culture tradition that is very un-squeamish about eating what westerners see as wierd, unacceptable or gross. I’m wary of labelling because animal welfare and the likes crosses all cultures, lifestyles and eating habits whether directly or indirectly (not that you’re saying that x) although yes certainly a more experimental approach to menus… You eat what’s available to you … Not everyone hooks into the packaged tempeh and imported food co-op lentils iykwim
        Kind of nose-to-tail eating but in a cross-species way .

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Pi I am familiar with nose to tail eating. I don’t think it’s weird I just think it’s stupid to eat an animal that carries virulent diseases. More common sense than squeamish.

        But I must admit I am fond of the bats as they live in my backyard and I do find them quite magical. In a Spooky Neptune in Scorpio kind of way.

        I hope you are well Pi.


      4. Yeah I get it Wish xx wasn’t trying to correct you etc
        Bats are cool. I love em too
        Think my words are not working v well today.

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        It’s all good Pi. We all have those days don’t we?

        This is a message for everyone from a Taurus moon. Just think of me as a friendly grandma energy.

        I woke up today feeling really good I can feel the reprieve and rest in the stars.
        Then I turn on the TV. The news. That beautiful feeling just goes. I really need to censor what I consume TV wise and on the phone. Not to say I will live in a bubble. But is it really worth the vibration drop?

        Be aware and cautious but don’t get too anxious. This doesn’t serve your mental and physical health. Not to mention your immunity. Just watching the news now I know it is a different story in major cities and a bit harder to do.

        Please look after your children and bubs can you imagine how all this affects them? Give them a big hug tonight.

        Listen to Grandma.

      6. I stopped watching the TV ‘news’ decades ago. Far too depressing. Get my news from reputable internet publications, and SBS, The Conversation, The Independent, Australian Independent News network, etc. It’s brainwashing the masses with fear and violence to make them feel powerless so they don’t rise up and get rid of our shonky government.

      7. Yes Gem Yogi it’s a bad habit to watch sensational news. I will stick to the ABC News. Thanks for reminding me.

      8. ‘Granma’?? Star i thought you were in your 20’s. Wonder why. Maybe it’s because i’m so old EVERYONE seems younger or in their 20’s 🙂 :-).

      9. Oh Pegasus you are not old, stop that. I am 52 years old. Some old dear friends used to call me Grandma. Because my Taurus moon would come out a lot with them.

  37. “ the Black Plague got going after a Pope issued a directive that cats were the instruments of Satan and to treat them like witches. Shortly after that atrocity, rats got out of control and an epidemic occurred.”

    Who run the world

    Localism over globalism… was just listening to a podcast where they were talking about Michel Houellebecq, nationalism vs internationalism and keeping pride in your heritage, how this is almost seen as a bad thing.

  38. I haven’t been reading the news much, and the few articles I did read weren’t terribly informative (as news can be sometimes). The mortality rate is 4%? 1/25 people infected die? What are the symptoms? How long are people sick for? 25% of cases are “severe”? Are there dreadful lingering issues after it passes?

    1. Most of the deaths so far were of eldery people with signifigant co-morbitites-COPD and such-
      vunerable people.Very sad, but a big beat up frenzy to sell more vaccines? Many lessons in this situation…..

  39. Thank you — all of this makes sense to me. As a double scorpio, cap moon — magic speaks to me more than most anything else. I have to watch myself though as I tend to get horribly cynical which translates into having no hope, no drive and a TON of fear.

    I like the advice at the end. Up the vitamins, burn incense and I already stay pretty close to home and don’t do much crowd stuff …

    Again mystic you are my person — I just adore you and have since finding your book years ago — in all my moves and downsizing, that book has never left me. (although I did try HARD to make someone who wasn’t ideal into someone I could THINK was ideal — my biggest downfall this lift — perceive what someone COULD be, rather than what he IS)

    I’m learning —

    Again thank you

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