Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy

Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy IS a thing.  Magically thinking-wise, every plant is a deity in and of itself. Every plant also has affiliations. Or, more appropriately, correspondences. Medieval medical astrology was based on this concept, with Nicholas Culpeper being the best known medico-astrologer.  So super-high-end plant medicine is one promising potential outcome of Uranus in Taurus.

But as a bona-fide Uranian, I’m not waiting around. My Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy has begun already. It works on multiple levels and here is an example: My chamomile plant.

In the Craft, when you consume a plant – you don’t rip the whole thing out and process it in a factory. You ideally snip a small leaf or whatever off it – thanking the whole plant – and using it mindfully.  You are partaking of – not just the plant’s nutrients or aromatic compounds – but of its energy. It can be an entheogenic experience. You connect with the plant spirit or energy.  Chamomile is like a subtle uplift, soothing and reassuring.

So in the case of my chamomile, I just used a tiny bit of it in hot water every evening or when i remembered + as an (anti-inflammatory) toner. Just the fresh sprig taken from the whole, happy plant and put into boiling water for tea, toner and eye-wash. SO simple. So amazing.

Magically, chamomile has quite a tame reputation these days. But it is powerful – a herb of the Sun, of Ra – the Ancient Egyptian Sun God – and of course, many Celtic Sun Gods. Chamomile means “Earth’s Apple” and is one of the druidic Nine Sacred Herbs.

The idea is that, when you are growing it yourself,  honouring the plant, any decoction from it is ultra-potent and magic. I was experiencing this but then i left my chamomile outside and frost took it. It was all crisp to the touch and turning brown. Legit dead. This was last week. A year ago, I would have just been oh well, fuq it and probably thrown it away and moved on to something else. But this really affected me. So I decided to bring it back to life.

Yes – this is going bats – Uranus in Taurus style. I talked to it – played it music I think plants like – and (obviously) watered it and kept it out of the cold.  My Gemini daughter was furious at being asked to not play rap so that i could tend to my ‘zombie plant’.  And i did wonder if talking to a dead plant was symptomatic of some sort of cognitive disorder.

But weirdly, as i talked to it, i would get wafts of its beautiful smell – distinctly – like a signal.  And then, this morning, after a week of plant-deadness, I saw a glint of green. It’s back and sending out super-strong scent rays with it.

Plants go into shock, when caught by the frost, apparently. All their cell walls burst. But with care and time, the essence prevails and they can come back. The re-animation of the dead plant felt like an omen or an affirmation.

How many of us have been caught by ‘the frost’? Or shocked by an event into freezing?  But with time in the Sun, peace and good intent, the growth begins again.

I gathered that the chamomile fronds snap frozen by the frost will never come back but that you’re not meant to snip them off until the plant is two thirds rejuvenated. This is because growth takes a huge amount of energy and snipping off even the dead bits causes stress.

There are weird lessons here. Sometimes it can seem like nothing is happening and you may even have to let ‘dead’ bits of your life just be for a while. But generating enough deep seed Qi to grow back and grow big is where all the energy should be being expended.

Also, obviously tending to one plant is not going to save the whole planet but on a magical level, every human interacting with that realm has an effect. And, it’s arguably nicer to know the magical/astrological correspondences of plants than the names of reality television spawn. Especially with Uranus in Taurus!


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  1. Oh my this totally resonates and touches me not bc I’ve resuscitated any plant nor do I have Uranus in Taurus but the sentiment magnified by this year. Thank you for sharing as you do! Grateful to have stumbled into your corner of the internet world. 🌸💛

    1. The Year of The Phoenix

      That is great!! I rescued a Rose plant from the bargain rack at Bunnings and gave it up for dead over Winter. Came back from two weeks away over Spring celebrating my 50th with my twin, close friends and family and came back to a fully blossomed, deep red and fragrant flower with another on the way!!

  2. Nothing wrong in laying fallow, life has its death-dealers and we must accept a little death in exchange for tremendous growth. I was at the nail salon earlier as my gorgeous Cambodian pedicurist attacked “excess skin” with such gusto that even the manicurist told her to take it easy as I winced and bit a knuckle – 30, a natural beauty with long dark tresses and per the manicurist, never with a consistent bf. She was contemplating leaving LA for San Diego, sick of the movers and shakers here and mused annoyed, “Like how many times do I have to start over??”

    Oh my dear. Many, many times. In fact, consider resilience and rejuvenation core competencies. And add to that the ability to refrain from over-digging, over-thinking, over-efforting – so it’s shit right now, yes, the fields are full of them fertilizing scads of little seeds into harvest. Anyway, in keeping with my own advice, I didn’t say more except to remind her that San Diego has entire army bases of men. Incentives no?

  3. It’s not actually the frost that bursts the cell walls – it’s the plant warming up too fast. This is why some people do things like mist/water plants before the sun hits them to wake the cell walls up gently. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there!

  4. So deeply affected by this:

    “Plants go into shock, when caught by the frost, apparently. All their cell walls burst. But with care and time, the essence prevails and they can come back. The re-animation of the dead plant felt like an omen or an affirmation. How many of us have been caught by ‘the frost’? Or shocked by an event into freezing? But with time in the Sun, peace and good intent, the growth begins again.”

    You have just described the last year and a bit of my life – 2017 was in many ways an annus horribilis: everything I was died, the frost was my own naivety and stupidity, and the malevolence of some truly awful people. But I’m back: the best revenge is success, and the satisfaction of succeeding after all your cell walls have burst, in the face of incredible odds with the support and love of some truly incredible people, is indescribable.

  5. Crystallised future

    Beautiful story, beautiful artwork, beautiful plant. I love how you’ve echoed life events with this happening to your chamomile. It really is a reflection of our journey isn’t it.

  6. I love this MM. Interesting you say chamomile has a game reputation. My son’s homeopathic constitution is Chamomila. Homeopaths actually warn against drinking an excess of chamomile tea. It first it calms but heaps can prove the remedy. Anger, outburst, not being satisfied. What music brought your plant back? I’m imagining Lark Ascending or something equally as romantic and uplifting.

    1. Yes but…… cannabis is one of THE most sensitive plants to its vibratory environment. Better to imbibe homegrown raised with lots of love and care than a force-fed commercial product. That can be worse than KFC for your head.

  7. This happened to me recently, but being in the Northern Hemisphere it was sunburn, not frost that turned the leaves of many of my plants brown and crispy. Luckily, a friend told me to water deeply at night and to not cut off the damaged leaves. And sure enough, now even the crispiest plant has new green growth and I know will be ok. I think there is also a lesson here about how plants just stand there and take the heat and stay in one place as they recover. This was a spiritual experience but I didn’t make the Uranus in Taurus connection until I read your beautifully written post.

  8. Ever since Uranus arrived, I became obsessed with air plants!! I want them everywhere. And there’s just something about them to me.. they seem all wired up to the ether and zinging quirkiness. Idk, everything about this new obsession seems very Uranus in Taurus. Also, I had their roots covered with too much moss and some died, but I was able to bring most back to life this week. Then it reinspired the obsession to a new level, like my new purpose is to mother air plants, succulents, Spanish moss and vanda orchids!!! My heart has never been so full for plant life.. almost like I can feel their heartbeat now, too!

  9. I am so thankful for this post! A few weeks ago we had 7 consecutive mornings of sub zero temperatures (19 this winter so far – it is Central Australia) it appears to have taken out a few beautiful shrubs in the garden. It’s pained me to look at them & I’ve been a bit stumped at what to do, I will follow this advice & hopefully get some good results.

  10. I live in a very inner urban type space and it’s winter that sends me yearning for plants. The smell of the earth after rain. When I left my marriage I grieved my garden terribly that first winter. I’m really feeling a strong need to get out into nature more of late, I spend so much time indoors I feel it as a real physical craving.
    None of the plants I bought for my new space have survived or thrived. The outdoor space is very shady and I think I planted all the wrong things. I started a little Pinterest board for makeover ideas that will include a lot more plant life.
    Love the story about your chamomile, Mystic… must get one and see how I go with it.

    1. If you have enough warmth for it, try a rainforest garden full of lower story plants and things like turmeric, ginger, galangal, and other shade loving tropical plants. If it’s cold and shady you could create a ferny, moss garden, with some alpine plants thrown in for colour. Also lots of greens and herbs do well in the shade as it stops them from bolting. Maybe also a small potted maple tree?? Good luck!

  11. I love this, though most of my life have never been a huge plant person. I’ve killed plenty of houseplants and have never been interested in gardening. But when I was a child I had an African violet that I killed and brought back in the same way, music, talking to it, leaving my stuffed animals with it for company while I was at school. So even though I’ve joked for years about having a black thumb, I know deep down that I can bring a plant back from near death.

    It’s a good reminder that this is true for anything in life, really. What you’re careless with withers but what you tend to grows.

  12. I love this post so much. So many deep lessons regarding patience, commitment and earth magic. Coming from a many planeted Taurus, who is a plant lover anyway, i was impacted by a huge tree on my travels yesterday, an enormous ancient fig that seemed to bless the environment for miles around.

  13. I’m blown away…………shockingly spot on timing with this post (it’s as though it were written expressly to me), and another reminder of what a beautiful person you are. Thank you, dear Mystic!

  14. I love this, thank you Mystic! I have had a thing for Chamomile for a long time and have been thinking lately about growing some of my own – you’ve totally sold me on it ❤️

    1. So cool! Plants and Stars are like dreams – once they know you are paying attention – they communicate with you. It’s a kind of inner listening. Having said that, my Music For Planets playlist is hideously like a Christian Television Channel movie soundtrack. I think i am just going to switch to modern classical.

  15. Wish Upon a Star

    Shiver me timbers. I just did the Uranus in Taurus regrounding meditation. I,m just getting over the flu nd my body clock has flipped.

    I was visited by my past self who was a healing woman who used herbs. I realised this in a dream many years ago.

    She was betrayed by someone who called her a witch, and I saw her about to be burned with many other people. In the dream. I was saved by a small man on a small horse, could have been a donkey. I was kind of lost in the crowd so it was an easy escape. Then I remember falling to the ground gratefully and picking up the fertile, moist earth as the sun was rising.
    . So vivid. And so grounded. So happy.

    Anyway in the meditation she gave me mugwort as a talisman. I asked her if she could fix my wacked out sleep pattern, she just laughed. She intuited that the mugwort helped her with her healing, she drank the tea.

    Then I get onto your site and I read this article. Synchronicity.

    I usually don’t resonate with most spiritual sites, some too new agey or preachy or too do goody. But very in sync with yours. It truly feeds the soul. Thanks

      1. Thanks Mystic,

        I just read my daily message in my inbox, just so relevant.

        I don’t know what I would do without you and your site.


  16. This is so beautiful and I resonate with it so strongly! I’m super Uranian (Mars & North Node in Aqua rising and Uranus in the 11th; plus Taurus has got a good hold on me too, with Venus in the 1st, Mercury in Taurus in the 3rd and my Sun in the 2nd) and have been feeling these vibes for real.

    I’ve never cared for plants before in my life, though I was gifted a few, all of which died due to neglect (or managed to thrive in spite of it). But now, a few years after the tragic loss of my cats and with a new move, I’ve become a bona fide Plant Lady. I’ve named all of them, tended to the dead ones, and repotted those I could save. It does feel magical and they bring me such joy.

    And it’s so powerful to be reminded that sometimes you have to let the “dead” bits of yourself just be for a bit; they will be back under the right conditions. Thanks for the post, Mystic! I know not everyone is psyched about Uranus in Taurus but I am just as ready and psyched for it as I was for Uranus in my Sun sign.

  17. A few weeks ago I received a clipping from a wandering jew plant (the name..yes I know..apparently the story is that one jew chirped to jesus as he was carrying his cross ‘hurry it up’ and jesus said in effect ‘yea yea I’m going, but YOU are going to have to wait here on earth til I return.’)

    On my way home I was biking along, super blissed because my hang out and reconnection with someone had made me feel so good. then a quiet voice said ‘i should ring my bell’. I didn’t heed it and BAM I got doored by someone coming out of their parked car. I made it about 10 feet before I fell off my bike, wind knocked out of me, heaving for air. The whole situation was overall very positive. The driver stayed to make sure I was okay and drove me home. nothing was broken, including my bike and my sweet potted plant was still intact in my canvas bag.
    This guy was on a first date with a girl and as we were getting into the car he said ‘I’m not going to lie, we had just finished making out and there was no blood in my head.’
    As gross as this is in principle I just laughed and laughed, thinking about Mars retro actually.

    A few days after, I noticed my little plant really struggling and realized it was still in shock from the crash. Myself it took about a day to get over it, but my whole right side – arm and leg were covered in some magnificent bruises, purple like the plants leaves though its purple was waning.

    I started talking to it each morning and night. cooing to it, acknowledging that it survived a harrowing experience. (At one point even felt guilty that I wasn’t nurturing it enough which brought up stuff for me – if I wasn’t nurtured adequately it’s harder to know how much to give/if its enough.)

    Fast forward to now, three weeks later and the little gem is heppy and healthy and strong, back on its wandering inside my window sill.

    1. ” if I wasn’t nurtured adequately it’s harder to know how much to give/if its enough.”
      This is the thing.

  18. MutatisMutandis

    WOW this resonates so strongly, esp the parts abt sometimes needing to just let the dead parts lie while you work on that big seed energy. my natal IC is at the end of Taurus and since Uranus got to toro I’ve been obsessing over buying a FARM or other non-productive land and spending the second half of my life focused on restoring a small slice of earth via permaculture and biodynamic principles. I’ve been doing a ton of research and preparation, feels ‘right’.

    Most of my friends are focused on either saving to get an overpriced city dwelling or trying to get in on the landlord game, but I’ve been scoping uncool places for land that speaks to me (with lots of good water, lol)

    1. I’d like to give your comment a heart but am so useless with tech I don’t know how to make one on my ancient keyboard, so you have my words instead xx

  19. So amazing Mystic. Shock is known to affect the heart, the rhythm and drum beat of our life. And chamomile is a plant of the Sun because of the doctrine of signatures, its looks like a little sun. So how cool that this whole experience revolved around exactly what this plant ally is all about. The sun is symbol and reminder that everyday we can begin again, have new life…..beautiful beautiful beautiful

  20. I had a beautiful pothos that got attacked by one of my cats (knocked over, shredded – cat went bonkers on it) and it suffered tremendously. All that was left was one or two stalks with only a couple leaves left on it. My sister – green thumb Toro moon – advised to chuck it out and start over with a new plant, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I felt like it still had some life left in it and deserved a chance. So I’ve been nursing it back to health in a high corner with indirect light, far from the cats’ reach, and so far it’s making a comeback. It’s responding well to epsom salts dissolved in water though I may try some garden fertilizer on it as well to encourage its revitalization. I feel its presence too strongly to just throw it out, and remember how lush and lovely it once was so I tend to it like it is one of my babies and so far it is seemingly thankful.

  21. “Plants go into shock, when caught by the frost, apparently. All their cell walls burst. But with care and time, the essence prevails and they can come back. The re-animation of the dead plant felt like an omen or an affirmation. How many of us have been caught by ‘the frost’? Or shocked by an event into freezing? But with time in the Sun, peace and good intent, the growth begins again. I gathered that the chamomile fronds snap frozen by the frost will never come back but that you’re not meant to snip them off until the plant is two thirds rejuvenated. This is because growth takes a huge amount of energy and snipping off even the dead bits causes stress.”

    I’m going to print this and put it all over the house I’m staying at.

    All the traumatized lil plants we are, branches dragging through each others branches. Can I play soothing music that drowns out the sound of someone still listening to pundits arguing on the television? Like a plant who insists on being left out in the cold.

  22. Love this! And Nicholas Culpepper rocks. He was ahead of his time, had great respect for midwives (at a time when many of them were being tried and executed for witchcraft), and railed against the bogus medical methods of the time such as bloodletting. Early on in the Uranus in Taurus I bought baby lavender and rosemary plants to align with this vibe. Until I could put them in a ground, I had to put them in a spot where the cats wouldn’t get to them, but ended up forgetting to water them too. The lavender was especially affected, so I apologized and kept her watered and brought her back. When I brought her out to plant in the ground, she literally leapt out of my hand! I was like ok this is the spot you’re going then… been doing real well ever since 🙂

  23. I love this post so much! And the plant metaphors!

    I am unfortunately not good with plants but I planted mugwort a few years ago and it is doing fab. If you’re looking for an intense dream experience, cut some of your own and make smudge bundles. The oils really get in there. Did this the other day and I’m going to use them for this birthday eclipse t-square jolting experience.

    I’d love to declare a war on excessive lawns. Why aren’t they passé already? Lush permaculture-type spaces would be so rad.

    1. Thx! xo Anticipating this one more because of all the Astro. Plus I’m a leo, gotta keep mentioning my birthday haha.

    2. my god did you read my post in the archives about my mugwort dreaming – it was WAY too over the top for me. I will recount it briefly here if anyone is interested

      1. Yes, I completely remember that post. Working with the plant took me to a different dimension but I don’t actually remember the dream too well.

    3. Totally agree re lawns! I am slowly destroying mine by planting in natives and vege gardens everywhere. But looking around I feel like a little plant island in a sea of lawns. Lawns are not gardens!!

  24. Plants are magic. I made several new garden beds over the last few weeks. I have a little corner I grow valerian in. Yet to harvest, I’m just glad that it is doing well. I love seeing plants flower. It makes me think they are happy.

    I also like how trees have their own thing going on. Sometimes a cluster of tall trees huddled together can look like they’re talking about something very important, not a conversation fit for human ears. I once had the hots for a paw paw tree. I may have been troppo but it reeked of yang. And night blooming jasmine is the smell of steamy Brisbane nights. Animals can never smell as good as plants do – odd that we’ve evolved to appreciate this about them when it creates no obvious evolutionary benefit.

  25. Definitely gonna try your toner idea. My skin has been so tired lately. A symptom of mars in orb of my natal mars for the last two months I suppose, activating the square to the sun and Pluto as well. Sounds lovely!

  26. All of this x a million. I thought my mugwort had left for good this Winter, but it is so faithful year in and year out. My two pots of comfrey are a magic I haven’t touched yet because I’m astounded by it. Something in my chart has me whispering to our orchard trees as part of the tending process; when I’m not preoccupied with the overwhelming and expanding variety.

  27. Is it not Nicholas Culpeper, Mystic? Virgo’ing you with love and happy to stand corrected, but Nick warrants respect <3

  28. i love this so much! Same can occur to us humans. Sometimes you can feel as though nothing is happening, yet you are exhausted but processing or regenerating at a deeper level. i also love the concept of speaking reverently to plants, trees. We are all interconnected. I really need to commune with my garden more. Getting chooks soon, so I will be spending more time outdoors.

  29. I don’t know about “tending to one plant is not going to save the whole planet” bc that little old chamomile is now a symbol of regeneration of sick, frosted or dried out plants all over the globe. I lost a new little orchid last week I think I feed it some worm wee and send it some loving. And I’m thinking this also symbolizes people with trauma or mental health issues. Love and time will heal all.

  30. I have gone absolutely plant mad!! I am like you Mystic, in that I wouldn’t have been overly concerned not too long ago if one of my plants died. My Moon is in Taurus, and suddenly I am talking to my plants and taking care of them like precious jewels. I feel like they energetically uplift me, are my friends, and seeing any growth-new flower, new shoot- gives me such joy at new life. I am buying cut flowers in supermarkets because I feel empathy for them-stuck under fluorescent light, in air conditioning and people passing them by all day. Cognitive Disorder? Possibly.

    1. No : ) someone once told me that potted plants in supermarkets often die because of the sudden change in temperature between inside and outside the supermarket. You have to coddle them, take them home in air conditioning and try and ease them up to warmer temperatures slowly.

      1. i don’t do that but i rescue crickets from the pet shops that sell them as live food & release them into the wild. I’m convinced that the singing they do in the boxes they’re in the pet shop is them calling for help

              1. I will pop back in when i have time to share. It is in the archives somewhere though i think…surely….

    2. Yes, Taurus moon and love my plants, I was very sad when a large birds nest fern I had in my lounge for a couple of years died… it was like a pet dying. My terrace is really hot with tiles and west afternoon sun so lots of plants haven’t done very well there, but I’ve finally got a garden happening — lots of succulents and a few sun loving pot plants. Love watering my plants and it feels nurturing, when I clean and water my indoor plants I talk to them and tell them how beautiful they are. Also love herbs and magical plants — love to pick parsley, mint and vietnamese mint and add to my cooking. Can’t pass a lavender or rosemary plant with picking a sprig and smelling it!

  31. (spamming now) frost smashes leaves because ice crystals are very sharp. the water inside the cells freezes and the cell walls aren’t made for solid ice. (also when water freezes it ‘expands’ a la the exploded beer bottle in the freezer )

    1. Which is why the little frogs and fish species that can survive being frozen are amazing. nature=magic!

  32. I know it’s probably wierd but I don’t know a single taurus who is a green thumb. Cosmically or otherwise. Cancerians yes, Virgos to some extent, Sadge (outdoors! forage!), but Toros in my world tend to be more sex fiend / gourmand / glutton / music aficionado. I think the gardening kitchenwitch stuff must seem like unnecessary labour?

    all the Lemon herbs are also great fresh-picked in tea – lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemon grass SO GOOD.
    the savoury ones are nice in a little mix e.g. few slivers of ginger, lemon thyme, a crushed sage leaf, maybe even some turmeric, et ect

    1. Hi Pi ! ,
      I ask straight up when I am going to a new job and the lawn is the main drama if the person (or their husband with the lawn concerns) happens to be toro .. it’s been bang on 100% so far .. those toro’s (who hire gardeners) are lawn obsessed…I’m pretty sure i read it here first too. xx

    2. Hahaha that’s so spot on. I’m a Taurean and I love to cook mostly so I can eat, I’m a total glutton. I do love to be immersed in nature. I have so many indoor plants in my apartment and I live across from a park but I don’t have a green thumb. I do the legit minimum to keep my plants alive and that’s it…no more! Too much effort

    3. Aqua-cap-Gemini

      I knew a toro once – teaches bush survival skills and does bush regeneration work. Epic green thumb, but never picked him for a toro. Thought his son was, but he is a leo! lol

    4. I agree, the Toro Suns that I know are like you described, can’t be bothered with the plants, except to eat them. But the Toro moon folk are the ones with the green thumbs.

    5. Ha! I feel so called out. 🙂 Toro Moon and Rising here. I love spiritually communing with plants–being inside a greenhouse is bliss–but yes, the day-to-day upkeep is just too much work.

  33. This is such a great post MM. I have a little plant nursery out the back where I keep all my plants that need some extra care during winter. I have become increasingly interested in plants, the need to be among them even more so lately. My house already has loads of indoors plants, ones I bought and some that I’ve propagated. I recently bought a massive one just as Uranus went into Taurus, it’s beautiful, large deep green foliage and takes up a corner of the lounge room. I don’t have any plant that i consume but visually they soothe my soul.

  34. I love this plutonic chamomile story! Impressive.
    I’ve taken to spending my work lunches (night shifts) in the dark courtyard with all the plant life sometimes. I like to make videos of them.

  35. Love, love this.

    The part about the withered leaves is also because although withered, the plant will still reabsorb and reuse so much of the stored energy and nutrient in those withered parts. So many of our practices with plants consist of constantly withdrawing nutrient and then having to use fertilizers, vicious circle.

    Thankyou! This post was like a warm bath in something herbal itself I feel so much better.

  36. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Love this post Mystic. Was just thinking today how I need some more house plant friends. I have zero inside plants and think it’s time, especially now that my cat is gone. This water http://www.vitelwater.com.au is the water I drink and has this amazing resurrection ability on plants. I call it Jesus water when I need it to work it’s magic, and it rarely if ever fails to fix that which seems unfixable.
    Thanks for the insight to Chamomile. It does have a stigma associated with it, like it couldn’t punch it’s way out of a wet teabag, but clearly it’s a trojan in that sense.

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