Mercury Conjunct Uranus Has Edge

Mercury Conjunct Uranus has edge. It is dazzling Magician-Trickster energy. When you’re born with it, you can conjure genius and ask the aether for the answers you need. If it’s happening, rancid little resentments and small concepts scurry away in fright at the light.

Possibility: That you can’t even recall what or whom you were resenting. Ulterior motives? Pfft.  With Mercury-Uranus, you’re not hiding a thing. You’re just avoiding off-frequency people. And who needs something so plebeian as motivation when you actually ARE tuned-in consciousness.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus Is Magician-Trickster Energy

If you’re at all open to Uranian energy, you will feel like you’re being radicalized. Not in a religious fundamentalist sense, obviously. Mercury-Uranus is more like operating off a whole different communication frequency.

Cue heightened thought transmission, awareness flashpoint, new music, and fresh concepts. It’s also a big influence for sudden break-ups or communication cut-offs. Find your highest frequency and stay there. Enjoy the extreme objectivity re where you’re current and the ways in which you may not be.

Would you consider self-realization professional advice? Mercury-Uranus would. It’s very Third Eye. Note: could Botox affect Third Eye receptivity? Need a speedy breakthrough idea or solution? Make like the ancients and ask Mercury for aid.

This, btw, is the Mercury-Uranus Conjunction delineation from the Astral DNA natal report:

Mercury-Uranus conjunction people are Zeitgeist-tripping, genius malcontents. Mercury rules thought and speech. Uranus is more like an interstellar frequency, a Muse from the future. You can’t think a thing without a startling insight or a drastic desire to reinvent it.

In conversation, you can be brilliant or – if you feel stifled – drop the craziest Freudian glitches. You also like to change any tedious subject by interjecting with your most lurid tale or weird questions about Denisovan gene, sleep paralysis, meteorite teeth implants, or haunted malls.

You share this spaced-out genius alignment with the civil rights activist Rosa Parks, Pat Barker – author of The Ghost Road, Keanu Reeves, Simone De Beauvoir, Taylor Swift, Zach Galifianakis, and John Edward, the medium.

55 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Uranus Has Edge”

  1. Uranus and Mercury are both conjunct my natal Chiron at 29 degrees Aries in my 9th right now. Tectonic shifts are taking place. Just extraordinary. I feel like I’m at the tail end of a messy, sweaty reconstruction of self.

    “Find your highest frequency and stay there.”

    Wow. Thank you.

  2. saturnplutoflux

    Wow, I woke up this morning feeling fully alert for the first time since 2011( I kid you not)… Uranus is on the point of exiting my whole sign 12th house, I feel like I have just popped my head out from a manhole in my psyches sewer system!
    Can’t remember last night dream, but it was hard to wake from and I had the impression there had been some intense negiotations with shadowy guards or security personnel going on….they let me go so now im looking forward to the uranian vibe 1st house style!

  3. Third-eye realisations chimed in through movie-length dreams all weekend, even Kanye cameoed (am certainly no fan!)….

    Lessons from the last 7 years – bolstered by Saturn Girl (& that essential Saturn transit!) – were the dress rehearsal on all fronts for the main event. New self-forged career paths, and now surging maverick-like into new frontiers now about cue related income streams and deliver actual meaning to career-related endeavours.

    Self-made, inventive, and founded on literal ‘authenticity’.
    The latter THE buzz word du jour – non?

    1. Sounds awesome RLP. You are ahead of me. Self-forged career path is the one I’m on now. Glad to hear someone else has done it.

      The last seven years have been building the chutzpah to handle the inevitable laughter I will face many, many times before I find the right place with the right people that will give me a leg up to create the authentic and innovative self and career I know is my future.

  4. Tickled to see the My Chemical Romance pic. My Uranian ruled child is currently on a binge of MCR. Timely.

  5. Seems relevant that every seven year shift an important figure in my life is trying to cross over at this time.
    Waiting all the other events to complete for cyclical renewal is a wiley, hellish hound.

    Dark days and cool nights.

  6. “Find your highest frequency and stay there.” This is timely. I was feeling in a bit of a darkmoon funk so sat down to write a bit out. Identified that all my major growth this past 7 years has been about self-actualisation in one way or another. Finally pursuing an art education and early career; going deep and disciplined into a daily spiritual practice (meditation, journalling, really feeling my way into the I Ching and tarot); fitness and sustaining a healthy for me weight; radical single status within which to explore what boundaried, loving interactions are vs power tripping and control.

    It’s been a reset. But I’ve been feeling tired of what’s felt like a long lonely and mainly thankless stuggle of a task. That’s where my feels have been at this weekend.

    But now I see it: all I’ve achieved – hard won and under my own solo and self-motivated hard graft. No one made me do this. No one held my hand – sadly, perhaps, but this was my own hero’s journey to take. Complete with (so many) delves into the swamps of unconscious urges, histories, delusions/projections, programmings. (Hello Chiron and Neptune/Saturn – I’m looking at you) The despair at times has been real.

    I earned my progress though and yes all of a sudden the resentments seem just like ghostly vapours – vanished in the fresh air.

    I’m ready to hold this channel (that I climbed to), own this vibration and my self-defined freedom. Like it says in the MM tarot (think its the Hanged Man in the 9th): you can’t actually backslide now without it feeling obvious, toxic and intolerable. Which is a good thing!!

    So I’m ready to take this, hold this and go forward opening to what’s already been arriving on the low-down: satisfying partnerships; a great circle of like-minded, fun and supported friends; earning a good income via being who you truly are; receiving rewards & opportunities for evolving creative work; shining my uniqueness more. It’s all about feeling at peace, optimistic, rested, at home in my life.

    It’s such an Empress / 9 of pentacles, abundant vibe. Allowing myself to feel supported, nourished, fully satisfied. THAT is such an evolution on from the non stop self-actualising work work mentality of the last few years that has left me feeling a bit frazzled. Taurus says – there’s no rush. Pace yourself and enjoy – for better yield lol. Yep, ready for the enjoyment :))

    1. My gosh, I can’t tell you how inspiring that is to read. I was just reading the post, thinking … but I’m not sure I’ve done anything.

      Reading what you wrote – some of that, I could have written myself. You made me realize that yes, it all WAS a big deal, it was hugely significant, and even painful. I have grown greatly too and put in a lot of work.

      I especially – as no one held my hand either – like “this was my own hero’s journey to take.” Thank you – you really helped me with perspective.

    2. Leo-Scorp Grrrl

      Ditto that. Well said!!

      (i think I could have had more help on my hero’s journey but I had to do it on my own. Like one of Mystic’s Saturn posts: Saturn is a road you have to walk alone.)

    3. “…you can’t actually backslide now without it feeling obvious, toxic and intolerable.”

      Oh, yes. What a journey.

      Radical period of individuation for me.

  7. well at least now i know WHY i want to break up with my BF … i just wish i knew if this was just a passing planetary urge, or something i really need to do.

  8. I wish I could get a “a glimpse of the next seven year cycle’s themes”.
    I am so having a gloomy Dark Moon weekend, I truly need a peek.
    I am very much ready to change afresh, this time choosing the path and with a a new but more harmonious, self preserving and “thriving” Uranus in Taurus rather than Uranus in Aries “surviving” oriented path.

      1. Yes but these are more general “Uranus in Taurus” kinda thing I go from MM posts. I don’t get any vision or clue or hint that those changes are gonna be here soon, though I crave them.
        But I see your point: I can used these themes as guidelines for future decisions, that’s for sure.

    1. Try journeying about it? Cleanse, smudge, shamanic drumming + active imagination, come out of it, write down your visions.

      1. I wanted to try the Schumann Resonance something but I don’t know what that is and hence I don’t know where to look for it. I don’t want to end up on YouTube listening to some fake files.

    1. A Uranian nun is an interesting concept. So not a bride of a christ then…a bride of anything? Or is it about the reinvention of chastity, channeling orgones into feats of invention and modelling new society values….is there a costume?

    2. Ha! My mom is going around telling her nun friends that they need to snatch me up that I’m ripe for entering the service.

      Mind, when I investigated becoming a nun 20+ years ago, the dean of my old all-girls’ school told me: “These rules were created 400 years ago by men to control women. They never have, and they never will.”

      1. I know, right? They had taken me into the teachers’ lounge for this little pow-wow. I was surprised I didn’t spontaneously combust…it was all very prodigal daughter, though in the end I moved to Santa Fe to work in a gay bar.

      1. The unviable structure is already there, waiting to be co-opted to our purpoises. I’m just sayin’,

    3. Quite like this concept. Uranus as the collective, teaching, decentralisation, equality, questioning /flipping /ignoring status quo, non-gendered, freedom, an-archy. (Hyphen is deliberate)
      Nun, convent. An enclave or cloister of people who are spiritually oriented and who dedicate their lives to prayer, study and teaching.

    4. Bride of space haha did I just start an order here? Where we take on names like vanadium and our uniform is either insanity or normcore

  9. Taurus blows fuse regarding workplace lies..not allowed to question or defend yourself. Tomorrow I know if I still have a job. I’m disappointed that I let the liar get to me and now it’s either no job or being around false people. Not much of a choice.

    1. I had that situation last year and finally decided my own values were more important. I quit in February rather than put up with a toxic boss. Despite still being on a job search, I have 0 regrets. It needed to be done. This screams Uranus to me!

      1. Wholeheartedly agree with you. Don’t need toxic people sucking the positivity out of you.

  10. Just commenting to express my love for the images. Doctor Strange was ahead of its time and, obvs, MCR 4 Lyf <3

  11. I am feeling so appreciative of everything and anticipating awesomeness to develop expotentially. Excited is an understatement. Ps Happy mothers day to all that fill that role ( regardless of gender) XxXx

  12. How do I quit my role with Dysfunctional Uranian Virgo Boss and fuq off to New opportunity that offers actual cash and better mental health (free from perma-angry Toro colleague) before I finish this project I committed to? Is it even my problem? No one else in the office knows how to do it, I didn’t either but mercury ruled so whatever

    1. Seriously, opportunities are landing in front of me every other day and I need a Speedy Exit Plan. Do I just apply for all the good stuff and figure it out as I go? Fuq poverty. Too old for that shit

      1. whatever you’re doing, a decent exit strategy has to take Mars Retro into account. Am doing a Daily Mystic around it tonight – the one for Monday

      2. Omg thank you for the reminder MM xx
        I also don’t want to fuq him over, because he tolerates my piscean crap and I think at some level there is mutual support. Will stay tuned… <3

      3. thx for the reminder- getting walled city/siege images- can’t wait for the daily mystic- any chance you’ll do a grandmaster mars audio?? those are hyper-gold

    2. How long to finish said project? Will better opportunities keep coming your way? Could you transition to a new job in a way that isn’t a lurch: training up a replacement, part-time both jobs, etc? Regardless, leaving a project early will be seen as abandonment – are these bridges you’re willing to burn?

      Alternatively, could you be honest to your work colleagues about what is making you want to leave, giving everyone the opportunity to supply it? I’d try this first before giving up entirely, and if they’re as dependent on you as it sounds, it’s a pretty risk-free choice. You can always follow up on these opportunities once it’s clear that you aren’t going to get what you want staying where you are.

      1. well that’s the thing, I am not sure if the good opportunities will keep turning up. The feeling is a jupiter-luck-chance-expansion vibe.
        I can’t work out if the timing is just shite (please! something next summer!! not just yet!), or if the point is to just leap now.
        Morale is low at work for everyone, although as far as ‘good-enough’ goes, it is, soo… I’m just incredibly stressed because [all the reasons].

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