Was That The Last ‘Davos’?

Is ‘Davos’ done? Don’t worry, this is not a political rave: it’s a look at the astro-logistics of Davos the town, the World Economic Forum and it’s founder Klaus Schwab.

Davos, as you probably know, is a town in the Swiss Alps that plays host to an annual meeting of the economic elite. It’s always been controversial but lately even some of it’s most fervent fans are jaded.

This year the first images streamed out of Davos were of the protest signs hanging outside some of the residents homes and if you believe the tabloids, visiting sex workers outnumbered the attendees.

The irony of flying in one’s plane (the most popular private jet on the market consumes 450 gallons of gas per flight hour) to talk about climate solutions has been well-covered elsewhere.

In a rapidly de-globalizing environment, the globalist ideology of the WEF is being questioned or  – more succinctly – a former New York Times editor and Davos attendee deemed it “a circle jerk.”

Astrologically, it’s approaching a pivot point. The Davos/WEF phenom was ‘born’ on January 24, 1971, giving it a 3 degree Aquarius Sun, a big-scope Mars, Jupiter, Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius and Saturn in Taurus.

Right now, Uranus in Taurus is buzzing the natal Saturn until March, then Saturn in Pisces squares the ebullient Saggo alignment all year and most significantly, Pluto will be conjunct the Davos/WEF Sun until 2027.

The zany Uranian element was evident as the orchestrated, official release content from Davos was juxtaposed with live-blogging from the sex workers, a squabble over whether the (super-Uranian) billionare Elon Musk declined an invitation or was never invited in the first place and gonzo footage from fringe media.

Saturn in Pisces squaring the event’s Mars-Jupiter-Neptune will probably force the niggling question of the founder Klaus Schwab’s succession.

A quadruple Aries, he’s apparently flat-out refusing to name or even discuss the concept of a replacement.

He has the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Aries plus Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Schwab is 84 – it was his Uranus Return last year – and he’s made it clear that far from standing down, he sees himself as stepping up. He has, for example, referred to himself as chairing meetings in 2045.

He’s also been in disputes with municipal authorities in Davos, accusing them of not appreciating the benefits the WEF meetings brings to the local economy and threatening to host ‘Davos’ in someplace not Davos.

Davos the place has become synonymous with Davos the yearly plutocratic party-fest but the town’s history is way weirder and richer.  It was once, for example, occupied by mountain-worshipping Alpine tribes – the Rhaetians whose name probably came from the Celtic goddess Rhaetia.

The subset who lived at or near Davos were called the Calucones – it translates sensationally as “hard wolves.”

In Romansh, the older Swiss language, the town is Tavaun or Tavau; yet on old maps it shows up as Hauntkirch and Haupt Kirchen – haunted church and high chuch? And where did the name “Davos” come from?

I have a theory: A mountain named Jakobshorn overlooks Davos and there is a 15th Century St Jakob’s church in neighboring Klosters – Klosters comes from “cloisters” and refers to a no-longer-in-existence monastery.

It does, however, show up on older maps but in the place of Davos. The land for this monastery was “gifted” to German monks by a bunch of 13th Century one-percenters called the barons of Vaz. The antique maps that do display ‘Davos” have it as two words – Da Vos.

Could it have something to do with these barons? Vos = Vaz? The WEF website says Schwab’s plutocratic power base at Davos concept was inspired by his love of a surrealist German novel called The Magic Mountain.

Supposedly set at a Davos health spa, it has trippy characters – even one deemed to be ‘a Lilith’ and has gained a cult following. The inspo sort of makes sense. 

But wouldn’t a multiple-Aries with distinct desires to wield power be more inspired by these old-style barons? After all, they held a strategically useful point – the highest town in the alps – but it was of course ultra-godly and an example of their generosity?

Whatever inspired him, perhaps Pluto in Capricorn was the peak Davos/WEF era? Pluto in Aquarius is weeks away and – interestingly – there were wolves seen in Davos on January 19, the first day of Aquarius Season.


48 thoughts on “Was That The Last ‘Davos’?”

  1. This was such a nice pivot from the inherent horror of the elites congregating unasked and deciding how to depopulate the planet without saying so – instead, history, magic, vibrational fields and etymology!! You float my boat merrily down the stream lovely Mystic. The soothing waters of your carefully sluice-gated stream of consciousness are much appreciated!

    1. Also, I have been thinking about Schwab since looked up his chart yesterday… I think his Cancer Pluto square all his Aries planets would make for a real demagogue. As for his looks, to me he looks neither Plutonian nor Uranian. His face looks like a mixture of Saturn and Neptune to me

  2. erm….my prog moon just moved into capricorn folks 😹😹😹
    sorry my mind can’t grasp Davos at the mo
    but i am excited for this….💰💰💰
    i thought it would still be in sagg for my trip to Oz ✈️

  3. Clarissa Dolphin

    Honestly, this mystical history is so cool. And on a geopolitical level I was like, “wtf is Davos” for a second, like I totally forgot about it. It definitely feels on the precipice of extinction.

    1. If you like that history, I thoroughly recommend The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the religion of the earth by Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor. It is a big & juicy read.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I just googled that book. Read some reviews and stumbled across another recommendation. The Chalice & The Blade by Riane E? Oops didn’t copy her surname. Apparently it is similar but written recently.

  4. This sounds like an elite Illuminati ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ wild sex party with the cover of climate change. This is a good reason why the universe is in such a state, sex is the only topic on their agendas 😂😂 Pluto in Aqua is going to expose all this blatant nonsense that we have had to endure, the cultural renaissance is coming….

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    Now I know where the word cloisters comes from. I love the origin of words and sayings.

    The other day I was thinking how this website increases my vocabulary. I often learn new words.

    Anyhow its a funny post and it made me laugh.

    Thanks Mystic !

    1. I too enjoy etymology. Mystic’s scribe is some of the best especially as it is profoundly dimensional, expansively ancient and succinctly modern.

  6. There’s a new way of building organisations – DAO or decentralised autonomous organisations. Voting on rules are done by members owning rights in the blockchain and the whole thing is super shiny transparent. Representational democracy migrates to direct democracy. Pretty sure Pluto is falling madly in love with DAO and a lot of the new Web3 (metaverse, crypto, even AI ChatGPT is moving towards open organisations with transparent discussions). Aquarius loves a good revolution in top down structures and emergent tech – Pluto brings the popcorn !!

  7. Thanks Mystic, great to get an astrological take. No Sam Bankman-Fried either. He was a keynote speaker in Davos at the WEF forum for CNBC in May last year. The WEF listed FTX as a partner on its website and had a link (it’s been taken down but still discoverable). Like attracts like!?

    1. But WHY? WHY? What could possibly piss you off about the transnational corporate & political elite having a shindig at a rarified Alpine enclave whiffing slightly of The Eagle’s Nest, & pretending to undo the mess THEY have caused, while at the same time planning more efficient ways of enslaving us peasants?…🤔 i don’t geddit.

      1. Yes it’s always struck me as feudal but with buzzwords. I noticed that one of this year’s themes was ‘combatting misinformation’ or something and realized I could come up with a far better method than theirs: don’t ban any talk but make the FCC, FDA and similar govt agencies – TGA in Australia etc – completely tax-payer funded and beholden to citizens, rather than to corporations.

        1. Yes, agree. Yet these bodies (don’t know re TGA) were originally solely funded by taxpayer money – until they were not. Mainly through brutal lobbying. Even the WHO has been taken over. It’s so insidious. And it’s total bollocks that governments don’t have the money. If they stopped investing half the money in war & death machines they’d have more than enough.

            1. And while i’m at it, i still hold a grudge against the Roman Empire who wiped out whole swathes of ancient European forests to build their bloody roads – which much like modern computers, not only served like arteries of connection & communication – but also made it a lot easier to pilfer the wealth that they came across. Sound familiar? Nothing changes with us – just the methods. 

      2. You make me laugh…😆 I know, rhetoric is my specialty. The funny part is that I am part of the same tech industry that is going to be the battleground #1 of Pluto in Aquarius, and my observation is that there is a direct correlation between the ineffectiveness/psychopathy of a tech leader, and the Davos coverage and exposure they get. The leaders who have been abject business failures, most loathed by their teams (not just top rung, even middle management types) are the ones that get highlighted disproportionately by their respective companies. Its the Mecca of not just greed and plutocracy, but also rabid, natural incompetence – at least in tech.

  8. I do love the idea of gonzo journalism from the event. Maybe Mr Schwab is a reincarnated Baron of Vaz, fascinated by money’s ability to attract itself, and making the most of his modern capacity to concentrate wealth and power in one location. I like that he looks to be more martian/uranian than plutonic. Also, from a geographic perspective, mountains (and exklooosive Spa Retreats) are traditionally usually free of the swarming peasant types, and relatively easy to physically defend, so less likely to be surrounded and set upon by the angry masses etc.
    And the Alps are kind of stunningly beautiful.. Wolves, multiple kinds of horned mountain animals, snakes, different modes of communication, protected by its own landscape and long winters.

    The problem with capitalism and its comforts is that it can’t acknowledge the reality of Death. Could an Aries / Taurus struggle to hand over the reins as an exercise of trust in someone else’s abilities, if nothing else? He needs a libran/capricorn type to talk him around, or maybe an Aquarius. Also, 1971.. is the WEF going through a Chiron return?

    1. Hey there, sorry about that – it is fixed! We now know exactly what caused it so it won’t recur!

      • Geo, Gemini Assistant x
  9. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Like, we have Zoom now.
    But I love the mystical idea of Davos the magic meeting place. It needs repurposing! Druids’ Conference!

    1. artemis in the sea

      Druid’s conference indeed – or Witches’ Conference, as the nearby mountain (range?), Strela Mons, suggests. Bet Schwab didn’t see that on the map when we chose his power lair!

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