Suspended (Love) Animation

Are you in suspended love animation? Or if ‘love’ is pushing it, suffering some form of relationship stasis? It’s the mood malaise of the moment and while post-pandemic fuqery is definitely a culprit, so is Mars in Gemini. Yes, really.

The pandemic impact was obvious. Mating-wise, practically everyone had one of the following syndromes: An excess of proximity from being confined to barracks with a partner they weren’t used to spending that much time with, enforced absence or isolation from a love interest or lover or complete cessation of opportunities to meet new people in the wild, so to speak.

That’s without even entering the treacherous realm of inflammatory politics/policies and vaccine, immunity or contagion concerns etc.

Saturn conjunct Pluto and then square Uranus adequately reflects the stark socio-cultural pressure and still unfurling evolutionary prompts of the time. Sure, we could all have been falling in love onscreen or making meaningful eye contact above our mandatory masks but the fact is that much of it was fuqed.

So just as we began to emerge from all that – assessing friendships, attractions and relationships – like they were trees or outdoor furniture after a huge storm – voila Mars in Gemini. Like Venus, Mars is a relationship planet, albeit a restless, roving romantic and super-cerebral when in mercurial Gemini.

Mars arrived in Gemini late last August, went Retrograde just after the Eclipse Season of Halloween 2022, turned Direct in mid-January and will finally leave Gemini on March 25.*

It’s been great for writing, oblique insights and mental agility but few would accuse Mars in Gemini of being fab for focus. Classically Mars = men and Mars Retro pertains to elusive or even reversing men.

Gender aside, Mars in this Mutable Air sign for so long generates a yen for riddles and enigmatic distance – anything but having to commit. When your romantic or sexual attention span is hyper-fluid, it goes all over the place and time itself is a figment.

Who can accuse you of ‘ghosting’ when you were half-phantasm at the beginning? For many people, the time out of the social melee, mate-seeking included, made them more conscious of what they really wanted.

Some are secretly in exit mode but in suspended relationship animation because they don’t want to be single in wartime or disadvantage themselves/children in an economic hotzone. Others live in love limbo, reliving luxurious last decade moments and wondering if it would have come off under other circumstances.

And you?

There is fabulous astro for relationships by the way – Venus in Leo for several months mid-2023 is a golden glamor of a thing – celestial alchemy.

*Mars turns Retrograde every two years but it usually goes back and forth between two signs. The last two Mars Retro phases have seen the action planet drill-down and stay in just one sign non-stop but it is relatively rare.

Image: Ormond Gigli

91 thoughts on “Suspended (Love) Animation”

  1. Suspended is a perfect word for my love life or lack there of…. I’ve always lived in a fantasy realm where not much can live up to my colorful imaginations from Venus Rx in the 12th, and that realm is always more lit than any physical relationship lol. This Mars in Gemini retro era has been an ongoing uphill battle with health flareups meeting spiritual ascension challenges fit for a supernatural comedy series lol. I stay open to love, but time away from humans has most definitely fine tuned not only my value for self but what a healthy connection looks like… my double Libran self says NO to unhealthy boundaries finally ⚖️

  2. The Lion & The Centaur

    My Saturn in Aquarius consisted of a Taurus, a Capricorn and an Aries. And somehow all of these seem to be on-going negotiations and/or question marks. I try to re-enter the dating market but get pulled back to these three. None of them ‘tick all the boxes’ but are magical in non-conservative ways. If I could just have some sort of multi-husband thing going on (as you might guess, the Aries & the Capricorn WOULD NOT HAVE IT 😆)…

  3. I’m not ready to switch off the love-support machine, if that’s what you’re saying. I thought I’d read the last rites a year or more ago but I think I got the wording wrong and now I can’t find the power button. Maybe if I stay away long enough natural causes will do their work

    1. Natural causes will do their work. I know the partners I attracted went from bad to worse until I finally said enough and made my peace with being the spinster aunt if it was so ordained. I do remember feeling very puzzled and humbled by feeling with ‘all this awareness, how can I keep not only getting it wrong but getting worse at it.” So I stopped. It took about two years and then my current partner turned up. We have now been together 13 years. Has it been easy? No fluffing way. It has been challenging, amazing sometimes and the hardest I have ever had to work at a relationship. How many times I have wanted to ship my partner back to England, I cannot tell you. But….it has been the most honest relationship I have had and we always eventually talk. We have both grown immensely and know if we parted we really would always love and appreciate each other. So Sam, the power will come back. You probably just need to rest, regenerate and restore.

  4. I’ve been saying for years that COVID-19 is like living with a mental health condition in particular PTSD. I’m seeing changes in attitudes towards the conversation and how empowering it is to narrate your lived experiences. Yes the fuqery is high. The budgetary cuts to essential services and the warlords of Governance stuck in the testosterone fuelled stage of egotistical strategies. Thankfully I have seen enough of incompetent behaviours to chart a better course for myself. Mystic you are an invaluable resource to guiding us through these times x

    1. You could well be right about the whole situation around COVID being like living with a mental health condition. Seen from that perspective, it could be anxiety which drives the current traveling and consumption frenzy. People trying to forget, or ‘proving’ to themselves that everything is back to normal, to the way it was before 2020?

      1. Thank you for your reply Calcifer, very insightful words.
        Honestly the “new normal” will see many longing for familiar times pre COVID (rise of depression rates). To be in the grips of anxiety is very much an adrenaline response and a symptom can be overwhelming consumption. Trying to behave like before COVID and realise that it’s now the opportunity to create a better way. The old patterns within myself may not have worked but served a purpose. It’s now available to me to find self mastery and use the wisdom within to find what works in my location but seeing the interconnected worlds too. Striving for the balanced approach always is the ideal.

        1. Hi S, If I read correctly you are dealing with anxiety which is something I am familiar with. It’s a subtle but pervasive condition in my experience, which I really had to learn to recognize. Being able to name it is already a big step forward… What helps me is going for walks and meditation. But maybe most of all assuring myself that it will pass again (because luckily it is not chronic for me). Wishing you the very best of luck with everything 🌞🙏

      2. Some of us are just sick of the sight of the four walls that have become the site of shitty personal circumstances or habits or memories and we just need to break out and reset. It can only be as bad a decision as staying put.

          1. Hi Calcifer and Sam,
            It can be difficult to manage at times, I do what I can and realise that how I live life is a little different and that’s okay too. Self acceptance goes a long way. Binaural beats really help me. It’s the wonderful MM that got me onto them years ago.
            I’ve set my own playlists and soundtrack my day or nights to allow me to overcome certain moments in time. Being willing to realise that may not work all the time is also important. I rock a bag a strange most days. Scents and inhalers to destress. Getting my creative writing on or tossing pen and paint about helps to empower and support a safe space to narrate that which hasn’t been spoken about. Tapping into the bodily sensations and allowing the moment to exist has given me therapeutic comfort and fostered moments of resilience too.
            Thank you both for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Sam “it’s called doing a geographical” because sometimes you have to move beyond to find your way and self too.

            1. These all sound like good ways to take care of yourself, S. I especially value what you say about accepting that even so, sometimes things may not work. And tapping into bodily sensations is something I am trying to integrate into my days as well. It is important theme in the work of writer / meditation teacher Tara Brach

              1. Thank you again Calcifer for your kind words of support and this recommendation too. Inner Wisdom Therapy has been incredibly helpful for me over the years. I was fortunate to have a wonderful therapist, whom has now retired. I’ll never forget her invaluable time she spend with me and the way she fostered my style of dialogue and expression. I’ve kept her notes she personally wrote to me. A women by the name of Red told me about her therapist. Considering Red and I were living in a horrible accommodation situation at the time…thank you Universe for that opportunity and I lived to tell the tale from that location. Only just tho, typical me calling out injustices and breaches of health and safety. Suggesting that corruption, drug dealing and the sexual assault of a disabled person and forced termination was removing evidence of criminal activities. I did what I could and still hope they face justice one day.

                1. That sounds like an inferno you lived in S… Good to hear that you made it out an found valuable therapy to deal with experience. Take good care 🍀

  5. Shout out to lady gaga for repping how north node taurus and venus in aries is done by showing up in French braid,jeans and a t-shirt at an awards show singing something that clearly 100 percent involved ugly crying at its inception.

    As the kids say “I felt seen”

    1. She has an uncanny intuition of what the public want before they know it & one hell-of-an actor going by the 2 movies i’ve seen her in.

      1. Hi from 22 Aries..❤💖❤ She may be in her “detriment” there, but who else can get a full face of makeup and inconspicuously curated outfit ready in less than 5 minutes flat??

  6. Penelope Darling

    This sentence truly captures the vibe of the COVID years “Sure, we could all have been X or X but the fact is that much of it was fuqed.” It applies to literally everything.

  7. Very spot on, this piece. People do seem suspended, and not only in their love lives. I was remarking on this when talking to a friend a few days ago, the way people have gone back to traveling and consuming at a frenetic pace. Because it is so robot-like it seems like a kind of suspension indeed…
    I do understand that people want to catch up on fun after difficult years, but still,
    I would have expected more of a societal change after the pandemic (more eco-conscious holidays for example, instead of taking 8 hour flights for a week in a tropical location)

    1. I have seen similar Calcifer. It might be a making up for lost time or kind of checking out and operating unconsciously thing. I do wonder how much is influenced by that bigger societal manipulation which has worked forever. We are in an era of why wait and you deserve it and don’t you need this in your life…

      We might need Pluto to settle in to his new digs before some shifts begin. I think this is a very slow transition if it happens. People fall into decadence and indulgence much easier than they exercise restraint and particularly for long periods OR when they think they are the only one sacrificing it and everyone else is having a great time for example. individual shadow work has to be done. My thoughts on this change…glacial unless imposed.

      1. Thanks for your interesting take on this, Centaurus! Yes indulgence comes easily and wanting to keep up with the Joneses is also a reflex for most. Not saying that I am completely immune to this 😉

        1. I am most definitely not standing on any soapbox Calcifer 😁 Its something I think all humans have to evolve beyond regardless of a lot or a little… and that looks a little ways off due to profiling and marketing magic. Im squinting with my hand shielding my eyes but I don’t see it yet…

            1. Ever the optimist is this archer. My last coment said with more humour in my head. I totally back us to pull this off but this Saggo won’t be gambling on the when… one thing I know about evolutionary leaps is the whole must evolve simultaneously not just part of. There’s tidal shifts for sure but its not so easy to zoom out and see what stage they’re at without including our own desires…oops theres a Mars theme and I think I’m well and truly on record for saying enough to him right now!

              1. Wonderful to be an optimistic Sagittarius, Centaurus! And I like the broad view you have when looking at society and culture. I am a Sagittarius myself, but my optimism is dampened a bit by a Sun-Pluto square and other factors. But I find I ‘catch’ optimism easily when talking to other fire signs who put me in touch with my sunny side 🙂

                1. It can be like that for sure. Sagittarius can have optimism or mood dampened easily I think. Restriction and limts are a couple of things that come to mind even if they’re only percieved and not real. I have a couple of dampeners myself so I hear you. Irony, humour and big sweeping views are a few of my go to tools. Sometimes those views need to be literal .. this reply is coming from one such view…miles of coastline and a late summer vibe.
                  Nothing like fire to spark fire eh 😊

    2. Penelope Darling

      The speed of life seems break neck at the moment. I am pleased others have noticed. I couldn’t tell if it was “back to normal” and I just wasn’t used to it, or it was worse than usual. My partner had a break down in January after how hectic the December/January season was.

      1. Time definitely feels like it has sped up. There’s no doubt about that. And difficulties seem to happen all at once instead of one thing after another. Very weird indeed.

  8. Had final interview (was flown out for two days to meet colleagues, etc) last week for job I really wanted (and need!). Told I was only final candidate for job. Yesterday, hiring manager had Zoom meet to tell me that the org president personally vetoed me because my published creative work is too controversial. Administrators made a second case for me after the veto and he still said no. Is scaring men part of Mars in Gemini LOL?

    I’m an Aqua Sun and I have to believe that Saturn out of my sign means that there’s room for something better.

        1. Fwiw, something similar happened to me last month (Sun in Aqua too), while I was negotiating my salary for a new position at the same company. I thought it was my Gemini Mars conj Midheaven and North Node moment of triumph. It was sneaked off from under my nose on a very flimsy pretext, but I suspect its because I demanded to be paid equal to my male peers.
          HUGE bullet dodged. Tank size bullet. Minor meteor sized bullet.

          In your case, who knows what other toxicity resides in the brain of that Ahole His Presidentship of that company. Thank kind Ancestors for this favour and find a more soul nurturing place. Good luck to us.

    1. Sorry to hear this Damnedspot.. Maybe Pluto in Aquarius will bring you the right job and probably one with quite a bit of power/influence

    2. That’s just so shitty, Damndspot. Here’s to a more fabulous job coming up for you! If you nailed this job (apart from mr shitty), you can nail more – where there aren’t any mr shitties to cramp your style.

      1. Thank you Skarab! That is a good perspective and better than the one (despair) that has been creeping in lol! <3

    3. These types of things are always harsh to digest. You’re handling it really well and yep, that also means feeling what you’ve got to feel to process it and move yourself on to better things.

      If a person in one of the positions of power feels threatened….

      And actually HR weild so much power now. They can pretty much hold the reins right across an org and out trump higher management. And… if they are a type then the culture will suck but they will parrot on about the necessity…

      When you’re ready turn back ttoward the future and go get that job you want. This is not your only opportunity.

      1. Too right Centaurus! I was hired for a job once where the bosses sister felt threatened & I knew from the time we very first met that I was going to have difficulty with her.

        She felt threatened due to my experience and the hostility came off her in waves.
        She had to be pulled into line several times by management.

        I persevered with that job 10 years and had great success career wise but learnt so much in the meantime about dealing with others resentment & aggressiveness.

        In the end I became grateful for the personal growth experience but it was Mystics daily horoscopes that got me through!
        I gleaned personal power & confidence from this site as my horoscopes at that time were perfect for my situation, it was uncanny.

        You don’t want to go through that Damdspot, I would agree with others & say you dodged a bullet there. I sincerely hope (and believe) that Pluto in Aquarius and your Aqua Sun will draw in a better opportunity.

        1. Now THAT is how your turn lead to gold Maia! Well done and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a growth styled transit in play. Quite a few Saturn themes also, not least of all the maturity you would have required at the time but also evident in your reflection of what was.

          1. It was indeed a time of creating alchemy Centaurus and thank you for your perceptive comments, I appreciate your reply.
            Saturn is a Master Teacher, some days I would need to envision myself in a vibrational “shield of armour” before exiting out my front door. It was empowering and got me through.
            Saturn taught me how to mutate softness with strength.

            1. Beautiful Maia… mutate softness with strength. Yes…because both inhabit the other and are each others key.

        2. Thank you for sharing this story Maia! It is helping me to put it in perspective. I may have struggled in the culture at this job. It sounds like you turned a tough situation into a whole of growth though! <3

          1. It will be interesting when you are able look back in hindsight Damndspot, about what evolves for you in the future.
            An opportunity more suitable and / or exciting may appear, especially with your Aqua Sun at the helm, guiding the way!

      2. Thank you so much for your words Centaurus! The feeling my feelings part is always very hard for me (Gemini Moon!!) but you’re right that it is the first step. Then I rally <3

  9. Saturn cj Pluto + Saturn sq Uranus (to the power of grand cross with my natal square) x Mars in Gem = Work work work work work work work. My husband & I literally catch each other’s line of vision as we run past and just laugh. BUT now we try to schedule in twice weekly micro dates (Saturn!), are now super clear on each other’s boundaries (whether about dishes, driving or feng shui don’ts (lolol), and lastly, health matters.
    (Mars in Gemini resulted in an electric vehicle, too. Not Tesla. After much admin and waiting during retro period. Hubby is all across these things, but I just hope we can invent tyres that don’t shed micro-plastics, next.)

      1. 🤣 5HC you make me laugh out loud !!
        I so wish I had an exciting secret re feng shui and partners (etc etc!), but the truth is my very Uranian Aries (dry civil engineer) hubby and I (intuitive, emotional, spiritually- inclined lol) give each other oodles of respect and space – those boring words!! – when it comes to this stuff. I know this might only apply in my instance, but even if he thought plonking a huge glass jar of 2/3 salt, 6 coins and water in a flying star 2 or 5 afflicted compass area of a house for a whole lunar year and telling people to “shush!!” while I periodically incense, bell and chant mantras around the area, is as certifiably nuts as pigs flying to and from the moon, he would
        a) Not even raise an eyebrow, and
        b) If or when he does, it is to say “can I least put my glass of water next to it??” to which I say “Not unless you want the sort of negative energy flowing into it analogous to the pink slime in Ghostbusters??!”🤣🤣😬
        To be honest we both just laugh a lot at everything, and this gives the latitude for crazy/disagreement on lots of things… except for politics. Thank fudge we on the same page there!! Xoo xx
        (Also, his Pisces moon and Cancer rising, helps – he is very intuitive and open minded, and a fan of the great outdoors ..)

        1. Sooooo cute! There is a reason they are called PARTners, a part of the whole. He gets the ‘rational’ part, you are in charge of the intuitive side. 🙂 Very Dharma and Greg!💓💓💓

          You made me smile, get a bit of goosebumps in a cute rom-com movie way and feel a pang of longing…all at the same time. How is it that the kids say in that meme? “Lord, I see what you have done for others, now I want that for me.” 🤣

          1. Haha, 5HC !!!😄💖❤ No, no all a good amount of hard work, sweat, and tears behind that laughter, too, am I right?? Xxoo (I think relationships are the biggest test you will ever sit – against yourself!!) I never saw Dharma & Greg, but I get how we’re “a good fit” – all entirely unplanned, I have to say!! And we all have our blind spots, don’t we – I guess all we can hope for is a PARTner who can balance us out, and teach us, too, I guess?? 😘 Like Brunnie said up top, I too had completely decided to pursue a single life before he crossed my path, and I am still completely shocked. (I don’t like to be wrong//usurped lolol 😂) Anyway, sweet – you keep being exactly who you are, and follow your gut instinct – you already are!!💖

            1. Oh, yes! The 7th is the house of partners AND open enemies for a reason. 🤣🤣 Relationships are a full time job for sure, but so rewarding. I’ll hold the vision and space for my other half to walk in. Thanks for the fuzzies and the vision board. 🤗🤗🤗

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Hey, I’ve got Pluto and Uranus in Virgo close conjunct in the 7th house. They square my Sun in Gemini 4th house.

                I’m 55 and the next stage of my life will be concentrating on the arts. I like being single. And I don’t like being told what to do.

                Is this a reflection of my 7th house astrology?

              1. Hi Centaur-Fellow-Bovine-Beauty, thank you. Xoo xoo You’ve no idea how much I needed to hear this. Saturn is about cj my Pisces MC and I have never done so much housework in all. 😂😬 My. Life (we have just bought a beautiful little puppy) !!! So much love though, as always accompanies new family member arrivals..☺💗
                Alsoby sheer serendipity i DID see yr reply on 07 Dec DM when you made it, but didn’t get to reply – also i figured you’d want to m9ve on from that (great!) convo – but – HII to another sister from a Scorp? Mister and Cap mother..😄😆 Luv your work xoo

                1. I do recall(ish) sparkling CJ. Your aura does shine bright (yes, through the screen) so I’m glad you saw the previous reply… which I think started with you may not see this… 😁
                  New puppy love! It makes up for the extra cleaning eh. I am considering a new pal from the dog clan but I am anticipating another move so it’s a thought for now… amongst others. No doubt yours will become a treasured family member if not already! And dont forget to get the whole fam involved in the cleaning as well as cuddles.
                  Yep, good memory! Correct on the parent astro x 😘

    1. Micro dates sound good, Corduroy!
      And I am obsessed with eliminating plastic from my life as much as possible too

      1. And just how are we going to stop the packaging from supermarket shopping.
        It tears my heart out the amount that goes into yellow bin, so much of it unnecessary.
        My tribe of woke-ed peoples in the late 60’s said plastic was ‘spawn of satan’ especially glad wrap-saran wrap.
        Started buying in bulk (sans plastic bags) & sharing out with those in same street. Now there are not enough ‘bulk buying’ places around to even try it again.
        Can you imagine getting people together to do that now with everyone so absorbs in their own stuff & the accompanying busy-ness?
        Most don’t speak or know their immediate neighbours!
        Recycling, finding alternatives takes time & that is exactly that most just don’t have.
        Hygiene laws apparently prevent taking your own containers to buy pre-cooked because of the need to ‘weigh’ it in their own plastic take away.

      2. Hi Calcifer (& Pegasus, & Centaurus!!💕💞) Thanks for your replies.💝 It is a full time effort for me too, not to despair completely about the plastics (and associated “forever chemicals”) mess we are in (from the macro plastics, all the way to the nano pieces, which cross the blood-brain barrier), but somebody (or bodies?) much smarter than I said that despair (with concomitant, typically) inaction is a kind of luxury we can no longer afford, so like you, I too have been trying for years to de-plasticise my life. Stopped purchasing synthetic clothes of any ilk for my family in 2018 (bar mandatory school uniforms, and my kids go to their local government schools for our area so would have to lobby the state department to change this) (and impossible to buy all cotton underwear and socks, but mainly 80 to 90% cotton). Have used all degradable/natural cleaning materials and tools around the house since 2014, and am looking at purchasing a specialist recycling box for all our soft plastics from food – family love cheese, crackers, bread and tofu, and these things all come wrapped in plastic – no bulk buy options available close to us, to make our own (soft plastics recycling has fallen over, temporarily, here in Aus). Also, detergent, hair conditioner, toothpaste and vinegar hard to create from scratch, so purchase these (in recyclable plastic containers).
        My own personal effort won’t make a dint in preventing us all getting “plasticosis”? (what they have just diagnosed in sea avian species dying, from inhaling/ingesting micro and nano plastics on migratory journeys), and it doesn’t stop all our toilet paper containing huge amounts of forever chemicals (which I read two days ago!!?), BUT, combined with scientists finding a way to make oyster mushrooms eat (and biodegrade) certain plastics, or finding enzymes that eat plastics – i keep hoping. And trying to educate my children/next gen. Xoo

        1. You’re right. The passive rant is not only pointless but its done. It feels old era actually and it’s been done or dying off for a bit. I think the way society (loose term for all the contributing stuff) has been designed to creatively use petro waste is the more pressing thing with an expiree date. The collective does not seem ready but we are moving toward change. So yes we do our bit in our personal spaces and I think it does make a difference. Perhaps not the literal volume but in the collective consciousness it helps tip the balance and its worth continuing.

          Plasticosis….I am aware of what birds are enduring but hadn’t heard the name. Also read about oyster mushrooms but wasnt aware of loo paper. What happened to sustainable unbleached etc…hmmm.

          So…what if we’re first gen androids in the making? 1000 years from now plastic won’t harm our (any) body as we’ll have adapted. Creepy thought.

          Keep doing your good things CJ. I think its all accumulative in the big picture 💕

          1. Hi C, I think you & Calcifer? Had a really good conversation up top about Covid illustrating how some portions of the world are really resistant to change -to the point where, “post” Covid the madness has returned to the power of ten! (Almost as if, instead of allowing a collective improvement and self-awareness to a collective threat, people acted like their mental bow had been stretched extra tight, so when the arrow was metaphorically released, the old habits returned twice as fast! …)
            my point being, I think this same resistance is in play with plastic consumption (or extremism, or climate change denial…etc). It is almost like a global therapy session is needed to “turn the ship around”. 🤣😭
            I am by no means a model citizen here, nor when it comes to change. But, am praying & employing magical thinking – I really do believe in miracles (alongside auditing my family’s consumption).. hang in there.🦙🦄💐🌻🌹🌺🌲⚘🦋🐳🐉

            1. Yes, that’s what seems to be happening and when we all think on our own experiences its not an entitely uncommon behaviour. In this case its massively multiplied and to some extent supported by business as there will be an economic contraction. Emerging news today is a little grim but if we turn it around now there is time. The urgency is not landing. I am in the miracle camp. I’ve both seen and experienced. I think human intention (without fear) is also an ingredient here. Hard to trust some paths or see where they finish but neither is the point (and that can also feel hard).
              The less clear lens is that as souls we brougjt ourselves here to this time and to be part of this collective experience. Perhaps there is not enough coordinated focus. By that I mean toward a new vision not opposing an existing one. In the meantime we hold our ships course xx

              1. Yes, we chose to come here at this time and place in history, Centaurus… Sometimes it is good to take a step back and let that thought sink in (again) 🌟

              2. Centaurean, you are such an amazing thinker. Thank you for holding diamonds up to illuminate my as-yet-unpressurised mental coal!😄💗
                Been intensely busy over here. 4.5 hrs to Pluto in Aqua. XOXOO

            2. I read all your posts on plastic, dear Corduroy Jeans, I hope you know I did. Too tired from dizzying transit of Uranus conjunct my Moon, to formulate a coherent reply. But I appreciate your devotion to the good cause so much!💛 🌎

      3. The micro can get almost nano some weeks Calcifer, but highly highly recommend the carve out of 5 mins to drink coffee at same time, in same place!!! Xoo

    2. Micro plastics… they are one of our biggest challenges and still not being given the priority and focus they really need to preserve the health of our planet.

      Mars in Gem can just move on already although this last leg my be ok with a conjunct to Jupiter just starting.

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