When You’re Sixty-Four Percent Sagittarius

When you’re 64% Sagittarius, you’re Gael Garcia Bernal, the most Saggo person on the planet. The talented actor has the Sun, Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Midheaven, Mars, and Neptune in Sagittarius, spanning the 9th & 10th houses.

He identifies as Sagg as well, invoking his Sun sign to explain his restlessness during an interview: “Ay, I was getting a bit— I’m very Sagittarius…I cannot sit down for a long time (laughs)”

And…his methods for transmuting negativity: “I’m a Sagittarius, and we’re always pretty optimistic. I get frustrated by things like everyone else, but it doesn’t stay with me for very long. I try to think long-term. And I remind myself, stay open, to good and to bad, always stay open.”

Sagittarius Take: Love Is The Ability To Contemplate Together

He likes running, avocados, and funk, says he is Catholic as well as spiritually agnostic, hates selfies, is superstitious and that the most important thing to him in a relationship is “the ability to contemplate together.

In what could be the best Sagittarius Mideaven flex yet, he was a teenage soap star and activist, part of the 1994 Zapatista uprising. He’s consistently pushed against the confines of Mexican and Latin-American culture, playing characters ‘in taboo relationships’, nearly being excommunicated by the Vatican and producing documentaries that are openly critical of his country’s security forces.

An aside for anyone with the heebie-geebies about Pluto crossing their Midheaven. Bernal’s 2003/2004 Pluto-Midheaven transit was The Motorcycle Diaries, playing the young Che Guevara. It scaled him into global recognition.

Bernal is Pisces Rising – note the goobly Man From Atlantis eyes – and has that Ascendant’s ability to appear unaware of his looks. Beauty, he says, is diluted by time but talent is immune.

“I’m Very Sagittarius…”

He calls the current crisis/Black Mirror reality tv show a ‘reinvention’ – a super-Mutable trait right there. (If things aren’t reinventing, Mutable people don’t get bored; they freak.)

There’s something more straightforward now in how we see things – it’s stronger, more elemental, and pulsating. We’re so emotionally charged. Artistic expression can affect us for the better, making us feel we’re all in this questioning together.

Yes, he acknowledges that he spent much of the pandemic lockdown on a tropical beach shooting an M Night Shyamalan movie but still. He’s a magnificent spokes-Sagg, don’t you think?

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  1. I share the Pisces rising + Sag midheaven/10th combo, with a whole pile-up of planets in that house, although they are all in Capricorn. This post is helps me see the Sag factor setting the scene for those mates (it’s a dawn speakeasy around a campfire at the unauthorised doof).

  2. This chart looked so familiar I had to look up his birthdate. Not a match but a coworker of mine has sun, mercury, Mars, Neptune, MC, and NN in Sag spanning his 9H and 10H. He also has Jupiter conjunct his Pisces AS – super slippery green eyes on that one. Bernal seems to have naturally landed in a place that works well with all that mutable energy. There’s also a certain something about the inner tension of multi fire on the MC with water rising. I’m multi leo with a Scorpio rising and I truly feel like I’m going to blow up like a sea volcano one of these days.

  3. I can relate to this level of Sag!
    I have the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, South Node, Jupiter, and Neptune in Sagittarius…all direct in the 2nd and 3rd houses. Forward-thinking, lots of mental ground to cover. Glossing over the details or just skipping them all together. Super-mutable, moving on quickly and never looking back. Changeable, even to a fault. I tried to start my own “cult” at age 13… back when Pluto entered Sagittarius.

    On a separate note, Ive always felt like the year 1994 (the Zapatista Uprising) was a very Jupiterian year. Jupiter’s glyph is basically a “4” and from July 16 through July 22, 1994, fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. It was the first collision to ever be observed in our solar system.

    Ok, I’m done now 🙂

    1. That’s hilarious that you tried to start a cult. My husband is fascinated with cults because he doesn’t understand why people join them. He wants to start one too haha.

  4. My daughter is born on the same day as him (some 33 years later) – and YES to the Saggi avocados, restlessness, and love of wide open plains (mental and physical). (She is Capi rising with Aqua moon however – but with Merc Rx in Sag with her sun – and she is unaware of her light-captivating, too – and wants to be a vet/work with animals). X

    1. But seriously – how would you get anything done with Gael’s Gaze. Like, truly madly deeply. Forget comic book superhero powers – some people have A Gaze ..!

      1. Those dreamy pisces ascendant eyes, with a venus in scorpio gaze… to die for. And who can forget Y tu mamá también...?! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Hello! im a Sagg with Pisces rising aswell. I first saw you in ‘Y tu Mama tambien’ which for a long long time was on my top 3 favourite films list. Which it would be, being a road trip – coming of age film !!! lovely to meet another, really.

  6. Appreciate sadges. Their emotional style can be a little rough-edged for me but the sign and energy is among the few who I feel very free with.

  7. Had a Taurus friend who used to laugh about ‘obstacle courses for horses’ as she used to plow right through them whereas i would jump or trip over them.

  8. 64% that’ a lot of Saggo action! My Sun Mercury & Jupiter there, thought that was a lot of Sagg but he takes the prize. ‘Can’t sit still’ that’s me & restless, movement is life. Catholic yes but also embrace all other religions & spiritual pathways as part of theosophy studies.
    Breeding Irish Setters while waiting the 7 years for avocado’s to fruit on the farm in Queensland was the dream i got me into trouble attempting to finance (as a few did in the 70’s), think Midnight Express but Belgium not Turkey due to Saggo luck :-).
    Optimistic yes that too & life’s a beach.
    Or a library.
    A library at the beach……..with Red Setters gambolling, surfing & loping whilst i eat avocados, read & swim/float.
    Looking forward to new Shyamalan’s movie. What a brilliant creative mind he lives in.

    1. My experience with Sagg men has been volatile to say the least but love them as they are usually very uncontrollable. Hard to harness those Centaurs 🙂

  9. Soooooo true. I love Saggi’s. My love has his Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Sag in the 8th house conjunct my mid heaven, Juno, Neptune & Ceres in the 10th.
    He loves to run and Avocados. He’s so mutable even for his Aries Ascendant.

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