The Joy Of Saggo

Happy Sagittarius Solar Eclipse New Moon. While they’re easy to mock for their fecklessness and frequent faux-pas, Sagittarians are pretty damn amazing. Who cares about ‘feck’ anyway? What even IS feck?

Apart from a penchant for costume parties, the core characteristic of Saggo is allegiance to Story. The capital S is deliberate: they like to adhere to a grand-scale narrative, to inhabit their own legend. You could call it hubris but isn’t it better to be a conscious protagonist than an unwitting bit-player in someone else’s saga?

The Sagittarian interest in indigenous cultures and travel is partly a byproduct of their attunement to trends and broad-restlessness – remember that they’re Mutable Fire – wildfire. But it’s also because they seek a society that reveres underlying myths, beneath whatever story is being spun by politics and large corporations.

If they’re not actively on some sort of psychoactive quest or elated from growth, they lose energy. They’ll zoom in their consciousness for a detail or something superficial if you can place it in a bigger context. Skip that and you will witness someone astral travelling in real time, while purportedly present.

Saggo people forgive others as easily as they forgive themselves. They forget everything so on the odd occasion they end up in senate enquiries their “I can’t recall” will be genuine. They don’t remember names or job titles, they think in archetypes. They’ll remember your story.

The only time they lie is when they say they’re “on their way.” They don’t see it as a fabrication, not even if they’re at home in their underpants, drinking wine at the time. It’s more of a metaphysical anomaly. They’re always on their way. Time is automatically lost in translation because to Saggo, it’s tyranny.

Sure, they’re only really motivated by holy grail wow-factor goals, the promise of spiritual revelations, winning something or a party. They’re loud and their allergy to responsibilities often ends up as your problem but they’re also human endorphins. And who else can you share a crazily audacious plan with and receive a guaranteed rapt reception?

It’s Sagittarius, always. Even if your Sun is not in Sagittarius, you could be born with the constellation rising, the Moon or a planet in Saggo. Additionally, the sector of your natal chart representing it is where you embody these qualities. It’s where you need a lot of space for your narrative scope.


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  1. Saggo sun and Mercury. I remember everyone’s birthdays from primary school even, or if I didn’t know their birthday, I remember their birth month. That’s how I know their star sign; I retrospectively attributed the star sign a few years later when interest in esoterica and archetypes grew.

    It’s all there on my People ledger.

    My husband calls out from his office: when’s Mum’s birthday?
    (Taurus/end of Aries/ cuspy/ that other woman who I also initially didn’t get along with is the same …) April 23
    Yes, but what year? I have to lodge it in her Centrelink.
    Well, she’s got the same 7 as my Dad but she’s ten years younger so that’s 1937. So put down 23/4/1937

    P.S I adore my mother in law.

  2. Sag ASC conjunct my north node. Relate 100%. Nothing makes me feel more alive than almost getting lost, almost completely lost in the dark woods, back roads, and finding my way. My heart is beating and I’m like YES I AM STILL ALIVE AND STILL ME!!! My Sag saves me from my 7th house Cancer Stellium. I can–thru excitement about something I read, some philosophy, discovery, or (best) a vision quest level walk in the woods–always find my way out.

    And I’m always retelling my story. And I’m always typing “on my way” in my underwear. ♐︎♐︎

  3. reading this made me so happy! While I am a Leo sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron. I am saggi moon, rising and north node which reminds my at times insecure lion to just have fun 💖💖💖

  4. As a Sag sun and Mercury I really adore this write up of us. You capture our dire, deep-down heart requirement to journey for the truth constantly and never stop while still being able to make the party. A lot of frontmen and women in the music scene I’m in, are Saggos. Me included. It’s naturally where we need to be.

  5. Still miss a Moon I never really had. My accurate, revised birth Moon turned out Scorpio, not beautiful free-falling, heart on it’s sleeve Saggi! Saggi rules my 7th House, with Neptune and South Node (a la MM Sthn Hem interpretation) in Sagittarius. While Gem Rising but I feel more Saggitarius in relationships. The mystery of Saggitarius! Or ADHD. They look the same from a distance.

  6. My Sag moon is hands down my favorite natal placement. It has brought this fixed angular t-chart lady much levity and an ongoing quest to the next journey. The last eclipse was exact on my Moon, not so easy but the optimism will flare up again and I’ll ride on.

  7. I actually met my current roommate here in NY a Sagg sun / Scorpio moon and the innate way he curves all responsibility and lives & breathes what looks like a state of chaos is maddening lol, but at the same time admirable. His memory issues I always attributed to beer 🍺 LOL

  8. Sadges and law graduates are the only two species who I can truly debate ideas with and no one gets butthurt. They get that it’s bigger than you or me.

    1. There don’t seem to be too about many compared to Virgos and Scorpio, maybe March wasn’t a sexy month. Maybe when the Sun’s in Pisces peoples become too dreamy and poetic for lust ‘n luv.
      Or their credit card bills from xmas and NY arrive causing a reality check that messes with romance?
      (Or maybe they are all alive and well in Hawaii under an alias 🙂

  9. Thank you for this timely post Myst, solar return on 8th and yes drank Saggo truth serum on the weekend and spoke loudly actually yelled at 2 people in my life who hassle, annoy me and bring nothing to the table.
    People can mistake calm and kindness for weakness and gullibility,
    if they are stupid that is, no not stupid, mentally unwell, those who take advantage of my compassion.
    I do seem to attract the strange ones which used to be fun as they were fringe dwellers, artists and musicians but the radicals now have chemically induced bi-polarism, far worse than the real thing which is usually acknowledged and treated.
    Strong words using The Voice banished them from my environment and psyche resulting in a lightness of being. Need to say my truth more often as it’s so liberating.
    My fuse is so much longer than it used to be, the wildfire tempered by time, age does that, energy is preserved until enough is too much and my inner Sicilian emerges.
    That fire once upon a time would start at my feet, the heat and pressure like a volcano about to erupt, not often and only for a valid reason caused by being very busy and facing slackness in others who weren’t as fast on their feet.
    The best people i know are the ones that write here on this site!
    Happy Birthday to the Saggos we have here, that rare breed we- see-now -we- don’t, where ‘elsewhere’ is the fave place to be and who think mobility is nobility 🙂

      1. My father was a green eyes dirty blonde from close to Mt Etna, always knew he was Italian, StarWish, but on my Saturn Return found out that ‘Turin’ was actually ‘Taormina’.

        Anyways how are you holding up, everyone treating you well and all hunky dory in your world?
        If not give me their names and i’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse :-)x

        1. Oh you make me laugh.

          Yes I am much better. I found a doctor who solved my flipped sleep cycle and halved my antidepressant medication. My personality is coming back and I am more spontaneous. One friend said I was like a zombie before.

          I am still adjusting. It has only been a week since I halved it. But things are changing. And soon I will have my wits about me.

          Hugs and Happy Birthday for the 8th.


        2. A billion infinite happy blessings and wishes for your Solar Return today, Pegasus (going by the Beautiful Wishstar’s comments below?) XOO XOO Wishing you freedom, psychedelic rainbows and people who are intelligent, musical and interesting to sit on your loungeroom rug and talk art and philosophy. Love from this little MM newbie <3

          1. Why thank you sweetie girl, a lovely day was had with Beaujolias-Villages, a little weed and a variety of exotic cheeses partaken in the sun with a Taurean artist of clothes design and a Virgo singer who was one the the ‘coloured girls that used to go doo dee doo de doo’ ion many albums n the 70’s. You get me 🙂
            Love and laughs all round at last!

            1. *PEGASUS*… you have me lost for words. Your message made me so happy I could see the clothes, hear the singing, taste and smell the treats and feel the sun on my face… 2022 Goal – to make every day like Pegasus’s birthday in 2021… *LOVE* Xx

            2. Beaujolias-Villages, weed, and exotic cheeses is EXACTLY my kind of evening. Oh SWOON! I love your creative earthen company as well!

            3. Now that sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday.

              Yes laughs all round at last!

              Feed that fire of joy and love.


  10. “The only time they lie is when they say they’re “on their way.” They don’t see it as a fabrication, not even if they’re at home in their underpants, drinking wine at the time. It’s more of a metaphysical anomaly. They’re always on their way.”

    My six Sag placements felt this. A friend of mine calls it “Free Spirit Time”, and he is the only one who gets it. Everyone else gets annoyed that I just tend to run 15 minutes to a half hour late to life…haha.

  11. Does Sun Uranus Mars conj Jupiter count? It’s in Leo. All the Saggos I know/knew are wonderful company. My first husband was one and we had the best old time travelling, living overseas, costume parties, reading and laughing. Wouldn’t mind another one like that although hanging out for another Leo this time.

  12. Talking to a fellow Sag the other day (my moon her sun), and I do notice we cluster, trying to figure out who’s birthday was that day… because there’s at least 30 in the next week can’t keep them straight. So now it’s just HBD to every Sag every day but also we decided, unless a person has had a lot of therapy or is active in a 12 step OR A SAG that it’s just not worth the energy drain. Also we need a Sag fashion blog because always the best looks and usually the quickest way to ID the Archer in any room.

    1. There was a saying when travelling and meeting someone new and it was:
      tell me your story. A great opening line for camaderie 🙂

  13. neptune & 8th hs sagg…just met an aries…would really like a soulmate report-are these returning Mystic?
    pleeeeeeaseee xx

    1. Yes totally. My only limit is time. There are ten reports held up – Sorceress, Cosmic Compatibility, Astro-Home, and more – as my initial plan was to create more time to work on them via introducing the ‘auto-mystic’ daily personal scopes. That did not work out as planned, so the classic daily scopes are back, but it means that the report releases or even the redesigns will be rare.

      1. I can’t wait for the sorceress report!! I was looking for Hekate in your past archives and it made mention of this report. I searched through everything to find it, then emailed to ask if I had over looked it. The reply was that it was coming soon!!! So excited!

  14. Great Attractor conjunct Sagg ascendant calling in for metaphysical duty here! 😅 I do feel noticeable stagnation when I am not on a big mission deep psych or deep world meaning journey. I kind of notice it but let it ride a bit of time because who knows when the details (8th house Virgo moon) will coalesce into the next quest? And then when I realise my mojo is down, well I feel bad about it for a while but just try and hold out for the next ‘lucky’ or next ride up and out again. It really is Wheel of Fortune (tarot card) energy: it’s as though I know the downs will fuel the ups, especially if I can find it in me to be more sanguine, more patient, more hands off and let the next level truth show itself.

    I have Neptune and North Node conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th house, which surely helps the metaphysical patience. Plus chart ruler Jupiter square it all (great, thanks lol) in Pisces. I’m looking forward to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces next Spring!

    One thing I’ve become aware of this eclipse season is an aspect of trepidation or negative expectations which I’m not sure if it’s because of the lived awareness of ups and downs, or if it’s an inherited / karmic response to the vicissitudes. Either way, it doesn’t help and I’m trying to shift it along. Any tips and recs that people have on that, curiously and gratefully received! 😅

  15. You described several of my favourite Sagittarius Sun & rising people 😊especially the ‘psychoactive quest’, mythology & rapt reception for (my) bats ideas bits 😂Also the time bit is my ADHD, ‘Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Sag exact opposition’-having self to a tee!
    Sags really are a breath of fresh air.

  16. Sag rising – love a good costume party, and almost always willing to forgive, unless it’s my Scorp Merc/Venus conjunction that’s been crossed – that can be trickier.

  17. “They don’t remember names or job titles, they think in archetypes. They’ll remember your story.”

    Never a truer word spoken 🤣 I’m Sag Rising, with Neptune in Sag in 12h too. This is brilliant 👌

    1. Same, Sag moon, 12th H, Sag rising and Neptune in Sag /Jup. Can vouch for thinking in archetypes and feeling time is a tyrannical construct. I’m starting, at 50 to make peace with it and not fantasise about grabbing the hour hands of the clock with both hands every night and swing on them with all my body weight leveraging myself high into a trapeze act. Mostly because I get too many bruises and Saturn always wins in the end. The focus of my life is finding joy in the structure that Saturn provides and flowing in the path of least resistance. When I figure out how to set up the structure and schedule I can be in the state of flow with time. I’m living for the fragments of time when that stuff aligns these days

      1. Real life example, I stalked a roll of 10 metres of royal blue & turquoise original William Morris velvet and in the last ten minutes of the auction deleted my bid. It’s sad because I could have made some cool ass shit with that but like bathrobes worn as jackets and bags, Russian slippers and other totally impractical garments. Sagittarius is fabulous for design inspo but it’s the worst accountant ever.

        1. Fortunately I have Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo so no need for the Sagittarius to hold the purse strings. It’s a core competency of Virgo and Sagittarius has fun dreaming up the items and getting high off the dopamine that creates. The joys of sewing with velvet are pretty limited tbh.

  18. Wish Upon a Star

    I have a Saggitaurean Midheaven conjunct Antares. I’m a Pisces Rising with Neptune in Scorpio ninth house. This is part of a grand water trine. Fire and water.

    I just wanted to share this quote by an Irish poet:

    At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one’s lost self.
    Brendan Behan

    I heard it delivered by an Irish actor in that beautiful Irish lilt on the television program Death in Paradise last week. I was stunned in awe.

    My daily horoscope mentioned something about Scorpio and sleuthing today. So the stars were on my side to tracking the quote amongst 80 episodes. Alas I found it.

  19. Sagittarius rules my 12th house.
    I have Neptune in Sagittarius in 11th house.
    One of my kids has Sagittarius rising with Scorpio sun.

  20. We must stop meeting like this #firstcabofftherank. This is my mother in law to a T. “Oh I was so busy talking my wine is empty. Do I have to get myself another one?” = feckless

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