Frank Rubio IS Mars in Gemini

Frank Rubio is Everything at the moment. I know everyone – and certainly the media – is queening out but think about this.  Rubio is an American Sagittarius and this Wednesday he’s going to space on a Russian ship, with two cosmonauts.

Yes, you read that correctly. At a time when even teenage Russian chess champions are being banned from playing and the rhetoric is at an all-time menacing high, America and Russia are collaborating in space. This mission will take the two cosmonauts + the astronaut to the International Space Station, where they will spend 188 days.

Rubio is insanely qualified for practically everything; A former Blackhawk pilot, special forces soldier, geologist and doctor who’s apparently clocked more than 600 hours of “imminent danger” time, he’s also part of a tiny cohort of Hispanic astronauts.

The triple Saggo (Sun, Mercury, Neptune) was born in Los Angeles and as he told Time magazine in 2017: “I’m a kid from a single mom, a teenage mom from El Salvador who worked in all sorts of low-income jobs.” He credits her with his work ethic and there’s a fair chance he’ll be leading the mission to Mars in a few years time.

But first he’s going to be going through the ultimate Mars Return. Frank Rubio’s natal Mars is in Gemini – Retrograde – at 24° and this November, Mars in Gemini will turn Retrograde at 25° Gemini. So he will have three exact Mars Returns in a row at the International Space Station.

Mars Returns naturally evoke your Mars energies but this is uniquely surreal and challenging as he will be living in close quarters with a team from a country that invaded a country that his country is supplying “lethal aid” to. You could see how it could become a little awkward. 

It came to a head in July and that incident forced everyone to the table to resolve a new apolitical space protocol. Space, it has been agreed, must remain neutral. It’s all very Pluto in Aquarius. Even so, it means that Frank Rubio has become a Nexus Person – he and his Mars transit epitomize so much that is going on at the moment.

There are more astronauts and cosmonauts arriving next week btw and it’s all apparently going to be live-streamed. Frank is classic Sagg – albeit with Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center and Jupiter opposite his Pluto – and says that he’s looking forward to finding common ground. He likes meeting different sorts of people and so on.

He also has several medals from classified combat missions so you can assume that he would not be a good person to fuq with. And, the weirdness of the USA/Russian space mission taking place while s**t rains down below is very Saturn-square-Uranus, right?

So, there is a lot to unpack here – thoughts?

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Wish Upon a Star

OMG I have Mars square my natal Pluto till March. It is well needed. But I need to be careful not to alienate people says Mystic on my personalised horoscope.

I am a natal 4th house Gemini. Pluto conjunct Uranus 7th house within 3 degrees. In Virgo.

My natal Mars is in Libra 8th house.

Any tips peeps?

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This is fun, I am curious, because to me it’s inconceivable that anyone went to the Moon on the first attempt with 1960’s tech using computer power going 1000x farther than we can today (?!) using 1 millionth the computing power of a modern mobile phone. Usually science is repeatable. In fact I find it kind of human and charming that they cheated and tried to covered it up. Not to mention more likely. The timing of a unified space race is about perfect given the US proxy-war with Russia. The Moon, Jupiter and Uranus were all conjunct in Libra… Read more »

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Let me take this opportunity to thank you for making Jeannette McCurdy the face of Cancer in the weekly horoscopes. I’ve not read her book yet but I’m aware of it and want to. She’s fierce and super self aware. Adore her.


Ooof. That is a beautiful man.


A 1000 times wow! Frank is inspiring and admirable 🤩 And the idea of of Russian and American astronauts going to space together, in spite of everything, feels liberating.The idea gives a sense of… ‘space’?
Imagine what the human race could accomplish if we would finally give up war…


Wrote the above comment this morning before I heard that Putin had mobilized 300.000 Russian troops… It gives a different perspective… less optimistic


Well I think we honor both–the painful reality of what’s happening along with the bigger arc of humanity, in which the war feels like a part of brutal 19th and 20th century nationalism (and a longer, multiple millenia trajectory of hierarchical states, with kings and armies and priests and so on) and the possibilities of love, curiosity, change, collaboration, a saving relationship with ecology and the universe, &c, that is–that can be, that must be–the future.


Thank you embarkons7, for offering a broader perspective, your words are a consolation!

Wish Upon a Star

Classic sag, likes meeting different sorts of people and finding common ground. Fuq, I used to be like that when I was young. Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon and Pisces Rising.

In my mid 50’s I am not. Realising I have to know my own mind and know which side of the fence I sit on. Opinionated: I have to own it.

Penelope Darling

I love the word “cosmonaut”!

Wish Upon a Star



Just last night was thinking how my Saggi Mercury Sun & Jupiter are chomping at the bit for an adventure, an exploration, freedom from the mundane daily regime.
So going to space is the answer altho’ there are more physical restrictions on a space mission than anywhere else.
Will have to settle for psychonaut travels instead as joining Frank isn’t on the cards.
He is also my christian name sake and will single handedly put an end to Putin’s mania by sprinkling goodwill and peace down from the heavens?

Wish Upon a Star

Yes, Goodwill and Peace down from the heavens.



Yes, to goodness and peace! 🕊

Wish Upon a Star



Let’s see… He has a Mars in Gemini and a Sagittarius Sun, and is a member of a group that’s underrepresented in most American professions? This is a guy who doesn’t see boundaries the same as everyone else, and was able to scale them. Definitely the mark of an explorer! I haven’t seen his birth chart, but I’d say he probably has a strong Saturn!


Interesting that he has the Saturn sq Uranus signature! I know it won’t be exact, but we’ll be having that happen again for us all next month. So I wonder if he might be a good poster boy for that as well. He certainly has the merits (Saturn) while also being an “outsider” (Uranus). Hello geologist (Taurus) becoming friendly with a different sort (Aquarius). Astrology is so cool!!


We are Living In Amazing Times The Weirdness at its Craziest The Greatness Exceeds Also. Thank Mysic !


You can’t even unpack it. It’s just too much. These are crazy times, and I think you nailed it that this guy and his mission really embodies a lot of what we’re into in the post-pandemic world! 🙂 ;P ;xx ;p


I think I’m in love. Apolitical(?) legit hero extremo types who keep it real are my unsurpassed weakness. Also he looks rather fetching in that blue Space Onesie. I’m sure that it would look even better in a crumpled heap beside …. oh nvm

Last edited 13 days ago by Sam

Please accept our humble gratitude for your editorial decisions.


*breezes past Frank down a corridor in the ISS *

“..Frank?? I totally forgot you go here!”

Wish Upon a Star

You made me smile.


You are phenomenal, Mystic! I depend on you to read the merde news and bring back gems like this, so my hyper anxious mind does not have to. I am very grateful. I will never let go of the memebership as long as you keep this oasis alive.


Agree so with you so much, love the Mystic Oasis! 🌴

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