The Last Time Pluto Was In Aquarius

What can we surmise about Pluto in Aquarius – 2023/2024 to 2044 – from the 1777 to 1798 version? Heaps!

(If you’re interested in Sun or Rising sign specifics, see my 20-year Pluto in Aquarius horoscopes)

While the late 18th Century is most known for the French and American revolutions,* it also saw the world’s first successful slave uprising in Haiti along with the brutally suppressed White Lotus and Incan uprisings.

Successful or not, these rebellions against the established order set the scene for an era of artistic coups, gradual emancipation from archaic attitudes, flamboyant inventions and an extraordinary, society-rocking romance.

In The Making of the Modern Self, historian Dror Wahrman writes that before 1780, the question of “who am I?” would be answered within the constraints of the ‘ancien regime’ of identity.

“But towards the end of the 18th Century, a radical change occurred in notions of self and personal identity. It was a sudden transformation, nothing short of a revolution in the study of selfhood and of identity categories including race, gender and class.”

This unrecognized cultural coup, he asserts, was essentially the birth of modernity. Modernity, ready or not, is a hyper-Aquarian concept.

The scientific discoveries were certainly weird or groundbreaking enough to arouse the imagination (or anger) of the public. For example: Photosynthesis, black holes – or ‘dark stars’ as they were then called – the planet Uranus, electrostaticity, that water was a compound of oxygen and hydrogen, the smallpox vaccine, the efficacy of hypnosis and the elements Tungsten, Boron, Uranium, Titanium and Chromium amongst others.

And the inventions? During the last Pluto in Aquarius phase we devised submarines, tricycles + bicycles, the lithographic press, spinning technology that enabled ready-to-wear fashion, bifocal spectacles, the flush toilet, parachute and most dramatically, hot-air balloons – aka the first flight by humans.

Festooned with lavish art – fleur de lis and family crests or even masonic symbols – the first hot air balloons were powered by a roaring open fire beneath the basket. They were astonishingly dangerous and such a startling sight to people on the ground that the balloons, along with their inhabitants, were often attacked upon landing.

None of this deterred Elizabeth Thible, a Piscean with her Sun conjunct Uranus, from becoming the first female to fly in a hot air balloon. In 1784, just nine months after the initial ‘manned’ flight in Versailles, the 27 year-old embarked on a 45 minute flight with a Monsieur Fleurant.

Publicity-wise, it was genius – she claimed to be an opera singer, dressed up as the goddess Minerva and sang operatic ballads from La Belle Arsene (The Beautiful Virago), whilst also leaning buxomly out of the mid-air contraption to add extra logs to fuel the fire as the balloon flew along.

It later transpired that she wasn’t an opera singer and her occupation was listed as “abandoned wife of a merchant.” Sadly, she fades from history after this stunt. And…

…Pluto in Aquarius was also when a Gemini named Louis Lenormand invented the parachute: his occupation was officially “inventor/monk” but he’d apparently only become a monk to get undistracted inventing time.

The successful parachute came after a series of stunts in which, inspired by Thai tightrope walkers, he’d jump from buildings with modified umbrellas. He also experimented in chemistry and physics, took advantage of the new publishing technology to churn out hundreds of popular ‘technological dictionaries’ and inspired a spate of D.I.Y. everything.

I don’t think he was related to the iconic tarot card creator Marie-Anne Lenormand but it’s a cool concept.

William Blake, the ultra-talented multi-Sagittarian, was also quick to seize the potential of new print technology to make his creator’s mark. His self-published books of prints and poetry – with lines such as “Prisons are built with stones of Law, brothels with bricks of religion…” – were subversive, scandalous and hugely popular.

The 18th Century Pluto in Aquarius produced definitive manifestos – eg: Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Mary Wollstonecraft’s proto-feminist A Vindication Of The Rights Of Womanas well as seminal works of about the ‘inner lives’ of relationships like Les Liaisons Dangereuses and the social satire Evelina – Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World by the fabulous Gemini Frances Burney.

In 1789, The Interesting Narrative of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano, the autobiography of a freed slave became a runaway bestseller, swelling the numbers of citizens calling for abolition.

A seven-year-old Ludwig Beethoven did his debut performance in Cologne, the French Revolutionary government opened the Louvre museum, stocked with items confiscated from the Church + Royals and the Swiss Aquarian artist Henry Fuseli horrified and fascinated the public with his painting The Nightmare.

This was also the period of the Sturm & Drang movement. Translated as Storm and Stress or Tempest and Urge, the creative movement elevated passion, individualism and the exploration of psyche over more sedate art or stoic sensibility.

Yet everyday life arguably out-weirded the official culture: one of the best-selling products in the world was a concoction called Olympian Dew, evidently a fragrance, energizer and skincare in one. It’s “sweet perfume makes wrinkles disappear, the softness of youth return and lovely Vivacity sparkle in the eye,” said one advertorial.

Vicars, politicans and even Mary Wollstonecraft railed against its popularity but still it sold.

The ‘Animal Magnetism Healing System,’ developed by Gemini Franz Mesmer, was super-fashionable for most of the Pluto in Aquarius era. Based on the concept of an unseen natural force between all living creatures, tides, earth currents and astronomical phenomena, it seems to have been similar to Qigong in some ways.

It deployed hypnosis, magnets, musical therapy and astrological theories based around the North + South Pole and planetary influence.  While animal magnetism was eventually discredited, Dr Mesmer firmly established hypnosis as a modality – the word “mesmerize”  is from his name.

Interestingly, he was born with Neptune in Gemini exactly trine his natal Pluto in Libra – Pluto in Aquarius turned that into an auspicious Grand Air Trine alignment that was most active over his years of peak success.

‘Smudging’ of one’s private parts was also common with the perfume of nutmeg, myrrh, juniper and frankincense sold specifically to waft into that zone of the body as a cure for (they claimed) venereal disease. There was apparently a widespread belief that the fragrance of plants and flowers was literally nourishing. I actually love this theory.

The people who were able to sense the zeitgeist as it was breaking established fantastic niches for themselves in the Pluto in Aquarius era.

Another unique late 18th Century trend was a sharp increase in the number of “She-Merchants” – a popular term for women in commerce. Business gazettes increasingly featured listings and announcements from female-run emporiums, retail outlets, agencies – to ‘arrange’ anything from travel to a marriage or ‘the handling of delicate situations’ – and factories.

“Matronage” was another new term as, before the French Revolution, three hugely influential Queens (Marie-Antoinette, her sister Maria Carolina of Naples and Charlotte of England) initiated a policy of commissioning paintings and performances from exclusively female artists. And…

…One of the performers ‘matronized’ by the Queen of Naples was also the woman at the center of an epochal, notorious love affair. Emma Hamilton was the lover of Horatio Nelson, Britain’s officially greatest naval commander, even today.

As both of them were married to other people, their romance created a massive uproar and was widely gossiped about, even in a era of limited communication options compared to today.

She was super-Venusian – a Taurus with Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries. He was a Mars man, a Libra with Mars rising in Scorpio and a personal motto of “the boldest measures are always the safest.”

Both rose from the classic humble background to rule their respective spheres – she left home to work as a domestic maid at the age of 12 and wound up working in the sex industry at a time when those women had literally no rights. He joined the Royal Navy, which was notoriously brutal to its new recruits, as a 12 year old who suffered from sea-sickness.

In a journey too long to relate here but brilliantly told by Susan Sontag in her historical novel The Volcano Lover, she ended up married to Lord Hamilton, the ambassador to Naples. (For a racier read, see England’s Mistress – The Infamous Life Of Emma Hamilton)

Living in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, she became celebrated for her artistic performances and was the subject of numerous portraits. Her preferred style of dress – a loose, gauzy flowing white muslin frock with a high waist – was avidly copied by the fashion arbiters and was mainstream by the time of Jane Austen.

The new Lady Hamilton also became an accomplished, if unconventional, diplomat. When other avenues failed, her friendship with the Neopolitan Queen helped her secure vital military aid for England against the French.

Horatio Nelson, England’s greatest hope against an increasingly formidable foe in Napoleon, knew all this but had also been told Lady Hamilton was a ‘fallen woman’ rescued by her unlikely marriage to a much older aristocrat. She was given very little credit for the diplomacy and her ‘common’ accent was mocked by London newspapers.

Emma, for her part, was naturally drawn to musicians and artists not soldiers. Or, as Sontag memorably puts it “concentrated men of preposterous ambition and small stature who needed no more than four hours of sleep a night.”

In 1793, when he sailed in on the Agamemnon with a fleet of warships, everyone was terrified of Napoleon’s encroaching army and Mt Vesuvius had become alarmingly “sub-eruptive.”**

Yet Emma and Horatio met and fell wildly in love at possibly the most inconvenient time ever. They were noted by observers at the time to have ‘eyes for no other.’

According to one story, they didn’t directly speak to one another until an apparently obligatory tour of Pompeii ruins late on the day that they first met: Gazing at the famous figures caught in poignant embrace, the British naval commander turned directly to Lady Hamilton and said ‘do you think they were us?’

Nobody really knows when it began but their romance was more or less immediately mighty, complete with passionate love letters and thundering orders from London H.Q demanding that England’s supreme soldier respect propriety.

Compounding the scandal, Nelson than moved in with Emma Hamilton + her husband and mother, whilst still married and also commanding the Royal Navy in their greatest battle on record. They even had two children together.

It had an immense cultural impact because while many were appalled, others were inspired by such a convention-defying romance.  Pluto in Aquarius ended in 1798 with, almost as a final flourish of weirdness, Napoleon’s Scorpio Chief of Staff Louis-Alexandre storming the Vatican and arresting the Pope.


*The French and American revolutions have become a prime reference for historical Pluto in Aquarius, partly because people are highly attuned to ‘insurgency indicators.’  But that era also featured a particularly flashy astro-catalyst – Uranus in Leo opposite Pluto.

We’ve just had the Zap Zone of Uranus square Pluto  – 2012 to 2015 – and the next Uranus-Pluto opposition will come with Pluto in Pisces. Remember that if you come across any overly fervent commentary.

**It didn’t erupt until the following year but living adjacent to the ruins of Pompeii would presumably sharpen your awareness.

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  1. Oh wow! Mystic you are often so weirdly prescient. My new (historical romance) novel comes out on 20 Jan, featuring bicycles and spinning technology…

    “And the inventions? During the last Pluto in Aquarius phase we devised submarines, tricycles + bicycles, the lithographic press, spinning technology that enabled ready-to-wear fashion…”

  2. Having healing dreams releasing grief. So healing and with a sound track, WOW. I checked my chart and Venus is transiting my natal Neptune in Scorpio, 9th house for this Pisces Rising. Then I get up and youtube is playing a random mix of songs that I love. Here are the lyrics to one.

    Ride it on out like a bird in the sky ways
    Ride it on out like you were a bird
    Fly it all out like an eagle in a sunbeam
    Ride it on out like you were a bird

    Marc Bolan
    T Rex

      1. Ooooow I just realised the Full Moon in Cancer 5 degrees is conjunct my Mercury in Cancer 7 degrees, 5th house. Also explains the healing and the music.

  3. I know a few early Aquas and have emphathised with the fact that Pluto is backwards and forwardsing over their Sun. I have actually fallen out with one though. I knew with 5 fixed signs, I was probably in for a ride, but I have just realised that my Saturn is at 3 or 4 degrees Taurus and I am feeling this already. Pluto is edging. With Neptune tightly conjunct Sun and Mercury in very late Scorpio and very early Sag, the pandemic became a bit of a Neptunian holiday, but an increasingly dysfunctional one. But it included doing an art course. But just after Pluto first entered Aqua, in strode a 4x Plutonian and Uranian 1960s Virgo love interest and nothing has been the same. I felt the energy shift and I knew that something was heading my way, but absolute wow my life is almost unrecognisable. I have had to deal with a lot of Saturnian things that had slipped in my Neptune holiday. The whole pandemic, I felt like I was falling into myself, uncovering suppressed anger and the likes. Never feeling though that I have gotten to the bottom of the problem. This year though, finally facing the dog nipping at my heels which is mid life adhd diagnosis. This is all the rage it seems, but I am now seeing that there are lots of people quietly struggling like I have my whole life. Liberating but also sad. I saw a couple of pieces on neurodivergence and astrology, and one suggesting a possible link with Neptune conjunct Mercury sparked my interest. My 6 year Neptunian bubble romance got busted apart in a surreal way with the last Scorpio eclipse on my Venus and close his Venus/Neptune. The year ends with me having to enforce rules on a friend and the explosion of conflict in my apartment that has been off and on for the past 3 years. I am finding an inner core of strength but it has been a brutal year. And Pluto isn’t going to leave this zone for some time yet, and then it will eventually cross my Aqua Mars. I am going to be so damn Zen to get through this. I remember a comment years ago on this site from a member concerned that had just about “broken” the Mystic tarot, and here I am doing the same. I have often done this in regards to love interests, but it is all Saturn and Earthy love interest that I am going to build something positive with. This is already developing, but such a rough start with no honeymoon period.

    1. Part of the adhd discovery is seeing how unintentionally I can make other people’s lives more difficult as well as my own, or at least triggering anxiety in people as I bounce around. And then there is the inevitable burn out and overwhelm. All of this has been in the stark light since April 2023. I have never wanted to just retreat from the world in a foetal position so frequently in one passage of time.

      A lot of neurdivergence talk sounds very much like Mystic’s pieces on the Neptune fog. I will return now to staring into space.

      1. Except the Saturn things that hold no interest – time, responsibilities, deadlines, compliance, difficult conversations etc.

    1. Having now read ALL of the post not just the first part, seems to me not much has actually changed since 18th Century regarding attitudes individual or collective.

  4. We really have disconnected ourselves from the ancient knowledge and power of flowers and plants. If the first recorded flowers existed 140 million years ago and are still thriving, what lessons are we missing? Inner and outer alchemy that’s what!!!! 🌱🔱✨🪷
    Don’t get me started on the cosmobiological power of flowers lol, my whole life has become so Venusian. In deep meditative rituals we can reconnect and trust me, the universe begins to share its secrets with you slowly when you tune back in.
    BUT back to Pluto in Aqua…… I understand that most recorded revolution is not achieved peacefully, and we can see this already happening with the loss of faith in our governments, their inability to serve ALL communities not just one race of people, their corruption and lies built on a stack of cards that’s basically on fire and had so many bandaids plastered we’ve totally forgotten the whole societal ideals we signed up for.
    Pluto is needed here to transform our societies and reform our whole lives and in Aquarius we have the opportunity to serve the collective NOT only the corporations and Epstein Island type monsters.
    In closing, more free energy ideas (energy is infinite, wtf did Tesla dedicate his whole life too??!), revolutionizing politics because it’s toxicity is such a poison and NOT what we want as the leaders of the people, power back to the people/individuals as we feed higher levels of consciousness which raises our global impact and heals the people > planet > universe.

    1. Found a book in Belgium in ’78 called Le Pharmacie du bon Dieu……….the pharmacy of the good god. It was all about the cosmobiology of flowers. It was published, after all, 10 years after ‘Flower Power’ became a thing when Kent University students placed flowers in the rifles (machine guns?) of police when they were demonstrating against a lot of injustices most probably the Viet War.
      Revolutions? They say one has to be hungry to create a revolution the ‘hangry’ effect.
      Regarding the strange state of the world words from a Marianne Faithfull song comes to mind ‘like a blood stain’.
      Joyful Saturnalia Cosmica Rosa.

      1. My darling irreplaceable Pegasus! Your knowledge is everything! You always know how to take someone’s ramblings and turn them into a cultural fine wine. Perfecto!
        I’ve been reading about your health troubles (ugh 😩) and wanted to say that Elderflower tea would be a perfect flower medicine to boost your immune and respiratory systems! In talkings with your herbal practitioner friends see if they agree! Using essential oils for diffusing like Chamomile, Lavender or Clary Sage will purify and cleanse your space in your sleep too!
        I honestly hope we get to see a reversal of the madness we’ve been living, we are VERY hungry for change. It’s coming…..

  5. I scrolled down and the Aquarian Blue Hot Air Balloon lifted and I knew this was an omen for the Future. More air and more lift. It’s about time.

    1. AIR you are so right more air & more lift. Must have a fan on all the time lately so to move air around me, it’s soothing movement. Hope you have friends Star Wish to give you a hug over the silly season. If not here’s one from me 🙂
      H U G.

  6. Fantastic read mystical Mystic. Thank you. Lots of cool things to follow up on my own time too

    Completely adore the concept of matronage I 100% ship this

    Scent of flower as actual nourishment? Why, yes.

    Venus in Aries and Mars in Scorpio is a scorching match and I am not even slightly surprised, but the “do you think they were us?” line just .. look, as a Pisces that would just lock it in for lifetimes 💘🖤💀🫂

    1. OMG, as a history obsessed romantic at heart Crab with Venus-Pluto … “do you think they were us?” …. le fu-qing SWOOOON! … Soo Plutonic. Mystic did a post on the different types of planetary romances, i.e. the Jupiter/Mars/Pluto etc affairs, which was superb. I can’t find it anymore. I really miss the search button.

      BTW, have you seen the old Korda movie “That Hamilton Woman”? with Vivian Leigh as Emma Hamilton & Laurence Olivier as Lord Nelson? It was made as a UK propaganda piece during WW2 so not sure how accurate it was in depicting the true story. Just worthwhile watching for the Olivier-Leigh effect & the charm of old film making. I read that it was Winston Churchill’s favourite movie & that he used to weep every time he watched it, which was often.

      1. Do remember that movie Viv & Laurence the real life couple, don’t remember much but the clothes & accents as saw it in the 50’s when English movies like ‘Rebecca’ were de riguer for a Dramatic Art course. Love history also. By knowing the past one can grok the future. On that note we will be the past in the future 🙂

  7. Brilliant research Mystica. So much to google & reflect on. So many names i had forgotten but had admired. Bless your generous heart. We love you muchly.

    1. And if i spent my morning wake up read on the archives instead of news of the wonky world my frame of mind would benefit waaay more.It being a huge juxtaposition of positivity vis a vis negativity via A Good News site right here!
      Health update…..Back in hospital emergency department overnight as my GP, the caring Sara did a home visit & became alarmed & called ambulance (another $1100 now x 3). CT scan & a big huge ‘ouch’ the dye they inject you with. Turned out to be a nasty gluggy mucus ‘plug’ gumming up the airways. It gave the sensation of dying from lack of air BUT was told by medico it’s the ‘sensation’ not the actual fact. OOOkaaay. An after effect of covid & after avoiding it so carefully for 3 years seems it came from medical workers as the only personages that came close to me. Friends sit across the room…lol.Doc did say when asked ‘it will take a few weeks but will clear & here are more antibiotics so any deep mucus doesn’t get bacteria in it. Who would have thought a canine chomp would lead to such a radical change of life.
      Sheesh. Where did i put that William Blake book of poetry & illustrations he did? Saggo..mmm. Can’t keep a Saggo down for too long can we…can we??
      Apologies for being off point of Pluto in Aqua thread. Invention the mother of necessity. Shall invent a different quality of life if i can’t have my usual one back.
      An interesting & i hope joyful Saturnalia to every one. Wish we could all be together in person. What an energy blast the planet would experience. It possibly WOULD change dimensions faster than quick. Blessings & Bouquets.

      1. It sounds like you found the reason for the difficulty in breathing then? Hopefully the anitibiotics will help you and you will be able to breathe better hey?
        I’m thinking of you Pegusus. Glad you have friends with you. Please stay away from negative social media, news please. This is a direct order from me.

        Yes wouldn’t it be good if we could all be together, what a blast. Big Hugs from me. Love xxx.

  8. I have a lot of “end of an era that began in 2007-2008” in my life, friendships and professional arcs that seem to have run out of road, new phases in some personal inner deconstruction work that I began in 2008. But there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, on the horizon to look ahead to. I’m really hoping for some new doors to open in 2024 with Pluto in Aqua and the end of my Saturn-to-natal-Pluto oppo, and some new unfrozen energy to do new things, though I feel ancient now, and so tired. Astrologically, along with Saturn and Pluto insights, Hekate has been my big surprise as I’ve check her placement at critical moments through my life! Wishing a beautiful holiday week to everyone.

    1. So tired then rest up big and see what happens. The Universe abhores a vacuum. But one step at a time.

      A beautiful holiday week to you too.

      1. May your hands always be busy
        May your feet always be swift
        May you have a strong foundation
        When the winds of changes shift
        May your heart always be joyful
        And may your song always be sung
        May you stay forever young

        Forever Young
        Bob Dylan

  9. The general vibe I get from this article is that Pluto in Aquarius seems a casual flinging off of shackles. Like the shackles were suddenly so inconsequential, the suffering, the pain and all the enslavement all get airlifted into another dimension and are suddenly no longer relevant? Solar storms in place of Vesuvian threats. Plus while the Sun enters Aquarius – enter the Wood Dragon.

    1. The America’s ships under Jefferson were being plundered for slaves at this time around 1788 too, 1.5 million Europeans sold by the Barbary slave traders at Tripoli… But it took some decades after Pluto in Aquarius for that to end. Is there a history of the world with Astrological lens applied? Is that project being hammered away on in your Astrological Atelier MM?

      1. Hi Pegasus! Hope you are doing better beautiful. Just saw Napoleon and I would rather have seen a movie based around Napoleon’s love life than his wars, even better, Nelson’s love life after reading the article of Mystic. So much history is distortion, as if Napoleon’s wars were any worse than the efforts of the Dutch East India Trading Co. or the building of St Petersburg, I am not sure what the point of Napolean the movie was in the end, though the sets were pretty and the images powerful you could sense the AI throughout weirdly finessing the piece. Pluto in Aquarius feels related to the idea of impermanence of meaning perhaps!

      1. 🌟 Maybe we all need to casually fling off shackles this coming Pluto in Aquarius! I intend for that! Wishing upon that star…

  10. Samuel Hahnemann invented homeopathy in the late 1700s which is a medical system also based on “vital force” and the vibrational imprint of animals, plants, and ephemera able to be contained in water and used to treat disease (a disturbance of vital force). This builds on Mezmer’s ideas and it’s not as far out as it seems. Sound energy is used to dissolve kidney stones (lithotripsy). Music therapy is used in psychology. Vibrational medicine might get some research validation that rescues it from obscurity in this round of Pluto in Aquarius.

    For R: As a nutritionist, my perception is that the paradigm shift in psychiatry is the emerging understanding of the gut-brain axis and the rapidly accumulating international research evidence for the positive effects of manipulating the gut microbiome (i.e. with diet, but fecal microbial transplant will also gain popularity) on mental health. Much of this research has been generated in Australia and Cork in Ireland. Check out the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research and Deakin University’s Food and Mood Centre. The effects are more promising (not to mention safer) than most long-term psychiatric medications. Short-term Micro-dosing of psychedelics will also become more mainstream. Roll on Pluto in Aquarius!

    1. *I meant to write “minerals” rather than “ephemera”, but there are remedies prepared from intangible energies such as x-ray and moonlight.

    2. I have had two dreams that I find the right homeopath. Then I wake up and realise that I don’t have access to one where I live. May have to do it by video. Can anyone recommend an exceptional homeopath? I live in Gympie, Qld Australia.

      1. I live quite close to you but no longer practice. Try Natural Therapies Pages – you can search by postcode – and check the modalities and qualifications of each practitioner. They should be a member of AHA and/or ANTA/CMA/ATMS for homeopathy. Good luck!

    3. So like your post and agree with all written. As someone who has been on antibiotics for 10 weeks straight am experiencing horrid brain fog tho’ that could be a side effect of covid but truly feel i have lost ME, the intrinsically joyful me.
      So much healing to do with all the modalities you have mentioned especially sound-music therapy with earphones.
      And gut especially gut. Those bacteria are intelligent, the good the bad the ugly.
      For me it is physician heal thyself, but when one is IN it…. hard to write the remedy until lucid again!
      Thinking to take the mind set that it is an entity invading me, so a shaman is needed or an exorcism or prayer.
      One of my god daughters’ did course on homeopathy, never went to a doctor for any tests, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer too late for treatment, so do believe we need allopathic medicine side by side with naturopathic.

      1. Yes, I absolutely agree. So much so that, as a trained homeopath myself, I have stopped practicing. I have seen it work amazing cures, on myself to start with and subsequently on many, many clients over 15 years of practice as a naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist (degree trained). Homeopathy has lost a lot of support for a few reasons, but one that can’t be dismissed is the attitude within the profession that it is the “one healing art”. It might have been close to perfect 200 years ago, but humans and medicine have evolved beyond the “provings” (recording of homeopathic pictures) that were performed then. We absolutely need to move to complementary medicine and away from alternative medicine. These days I’m a masters-trained epidemiologist. Most of my former colleagues think I’ve gone to the dark side lol. Personally, I can’t wait to see more quality research into energetic medicine which might help everyone. Probably also manipulate the gut microbiota – it just has to be measured on a representative sample of modern people. Science works but scientists too typically lack curiosity and an open mind. Research costs $$ too of course.

    4. I just remembered there is a one in Noosa, Carolyn Graham. I got a good feeling about her. But it expensive, but it is Noosa. That’s the thing about Gympie, everything seems a bit cheaper. I don’t mind paying if she is good. I just remember being in my early 20’s in Melbourne. I had a pap smear and the doctor said that I had abnormal cells. The stage before Stage 1 cancer. So I went to a lady homeopath in Fitzroy. I remember she had a slight South African accent. She gave me my constitution , I took it, then had an energetic and physical discharge. Had another test and all clear. I have had used homeopaths since then but none of them as good as her.

      Have you heard of her? I don’t want to put you on the spot.

  11. “ Pluto in Aquarius was also when a Gemini named Louis Lenormand invented the parachute: his occupation was officially “inventor/monk” but he’d apparently only become a monk to get undistracted inventing time.”

    As an Aquarius this is too real. 🤣 Despite being traumatized by childhood Catholicism in my mid 20s I was researching the life of a nun. I thought it was a possible solution to trying survive in capitalism as a hypersensitive Asperger’s weirdo and I could just read and write and do research in my free time and get free shelter and food.

    I’m glad to see that some version of animal magnetism is potentially coming back in vogue because since 2020 I’ve been practicing energy medicine and this shit is not only very real but also a powerful tool in one’s belt for healing anything, whether physical or emotional (or both). Coming out of a controlling, abusive relationship I’m all about self possession and self sovereignty and can’t believe I let myself decay so much in trying to help someone else and make something toxic work. I’m not against psych meds as a crutch (shoutout to Prozac and gabapentin 🫶) but they are bandaids and not true psychological/spiritual healing. Only really knowing yourself and being yourself fully on every level is true healing. Which takes time, bravery, readiness, support, setbacks, and recalibration throughout a lifetime. It’s not like “I’m healed now” and then you don’t have to do anything.

    I am seeing a paradigm shift for mental health during Pluto in Aquarius. The psychiatric model and contemporary therapy are going strong but guess what? Most people are just getting sicker. Hitting breaking points. Using alcohol and hard drugs. Killing themselves. Going on shooting sprees at schools. I’ve seen this in the last year when I had to hospitalize my ex for psychosis. The hospitalization does almost nothing except act as an emergency break via antipsychotics. While hospitalized there is no therapy, no listening to the person who is mentally ill and suffering, it’s basically just a jail. My ex told me that some homeless people in there acted insane on purpose to have a place to sleep. That’s sad as hell. What people with ANY mental illness need is to be heard. And not just heard as their main self running the show but other disowned parts of the shadow self need to be heard and then integrated. This takes TIME. This takes ENERGY and true awareness on the part of the facilitator. People can tell when they are actually being heard and when they are not. I don’t know how this will play out exactly in terms of change within the system but perhaps some grassroots movement where people come together in their communities to practice this will happen prior to a shift at the government and medical level.

    I strongly and immediately felt the shift that came during the first round of Pluto in Aquarius this year and can see that this energy is not one to resist, there is no point! As a triple fixed person and Taurus moon/rising of course I kinda hate this. But it just is what it is. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” etc…

    1. All too true! As to mental health I have been reading about inflammation reduction via ketogenic diets being key to reducing psychosis, if not eliminating it completely in some. Clean food, organic food will always be political in the world of health, I hope Pluto in Aquarius can clean up the medical world in some fashion in that regard. And yes to Acceptance. Aquarius is a firm sign when it has made a decision.

    2. Well said R Aqua….you have learnt so much over the last 12? years, you are such an intelligent woman who has found how to heal herself and others along the way. Nurses in the hospital said homeless people pretend to be sick so the get a private room with en-suite & 3 meals a day plus morn & arvo tea!
      An ex very close friend has come back into my life after 20 years away showing signs of textbook paranoia, serious paranoia.It is hard to listen to the persecution that sounds like CIA high tech listening devices being used. Vapours that speed you up or put you to sleep sent through car vents & house windows, infa-red cameras following her every move inside her house. BAll being done by neighbours across street.
      What she is describing would cost a fortune to set up. She isn’t that important or famous to warrant this type of surveillance. Is simply being a professional listener all that’s required RAQua? As her ONLY friend she has been without a confidant all that time, only around men. Perhaps an overdose of masculine energy has discombobulated her!

    3. “People can tell when they are actually being heard and when tjey are not.”
      I resonate so much with your post. I am betting on authenticity of sharing and receiving the shared confidence so much that I am basing my dream recall startup on that premise – that a loving community with shsred interests will receive the cofidence as a sacrament and share back, support, understand and co-dissect your psyche with you. Group therapy, if you will. I am so excited by contemporary developments in encrypted data processing for patient confidentiality, besides creating personalised AI models without having to deploy a capital intensive setup of creating a unique Large Language Model (LLM). Pluto in Aquarius will herald this venture. Its literally coded in its inception.

      1. Uh, do you need a software engineer? I’ve worked for a lot of LAME startups before and definitely want to be doing something more meaningful going forward… I would love to work as a contractor if you’re still prototyping this or interview for a for real position if you need help! @ techno_cowgirl is my Instagram, DM me!

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