Mercury Retrograde Dating Anecdotes

Mercury Retrograde Dating Tales are flying into my inbox. They are not even Ask Mystic questions because there is no “answer.”  Dating/Mating during Mercury Retrograde is a matrix.

Here are three Mercury Retro dating ‘case studies.’

Mercury Retrograde Dating Tale One

“I was almost involved in a hot threesome with a long-term couple. After days of hot and heavy communication with the guy, it abruptly ended. Why? Because there was miscommunication between the guy and his FIANCÉE around what was appropriate for talking with a potential candidate. And if a threeway was even viable in the foreseeable future. 🙄🙄🙄 I just had to share because I thought you would appreciate this On Brand Mercury Retrograde online dating anecdote.”

Venus In Aquarius Artist

Mercury Retrograde Dating Tale Two

Wow Mystic, well – the truth is this Mercury retro has been nasty as hell for me thus far.  I’m not even going to bring up the five client cancellations from the last week. I’m going to turn it all around with some good meditation hermitage and self-care shamanic cleansing.

But – It’s like the toxic trolls from all realms are sliding around everywhere leaving a trail of sticky sludge that you can’t help but step in.  It’s the kind of environment that I have now deemed utterly unworthy of any social functions, as the last two weekends have sure proven.

Last weekend I was out on the town and found myself in the awkward situation of being “sweet-talked” by a tech-riche (douchebag) millionaire. At the end of the conversation, he confided in me, in an attempt to boast of his loyalty, that he had caught his last wife cheating with his best friend. So he had the man killed.  Lovely.  I’m sharpening my sprint skills after this.

Psytrance, Moon Juice And Qi Vampires On An Old Navy Boat

Ah, but this weekend:  The Moon was in Cancer, so usually the drawbridges would be up. But ages ago my friend had signed me up as plus one to this invite-only party on a retired old navy ship, so I felt obliged.  I also assumed I would know no one due to locale and privacy. But oh NO. The boat was moored, but the water was turbulent. Then the music (PsyTrance) got weirder as the night progressed. Aside from one old friend I was happy to see, the place was crawling with “missed connections” from the past that are surely NOT so missed. 

I spent most of my night below deck or outside under the moon, avoiding old “chums” and waiting for the music to get better.  I finally called it when I argued with a Qi Vampire woman I haven’t seen in months. She confronted me while washing my hands in the bathroom and said she had heard I called her crazy.

Never have I had a reason to talk about this woman or quite frankly to care at all about her. So needless to say it was all very classless and shit-showy.  There were high levels of Moon juice or whatever in the place, not the right neo-hippy kind with blue-green algae.

So it’s back to the meditation, I think I’m going to avoid all social obligations until further notice.  I knew it was going to be messy, but really, it was chaos.

Jennie the Taurus xo

Mercury Retrograde Dating Tale Three

Mystic, I have historically been immune to Mercury Retrograde. It has such little effect on me that I will be the person migrating sites or buying a new computer during it. This may be as I was born during Mercury Retrograde?  So I shrugged off the Horoscope alerts to “romance weirding” and settled into my normal groove which is that I’ve been single/divorced so long I LOVE it.

But I did say yes to the 40th birthday party of a very old friend of mine, back in an area I moved away from in my 20s. I’d decided to go as my kids were spending that weekend at the wedding of their father.

Long story short, I don’t want him back but having someone you were married to getting married is a WEIRD space to be in. I needed a distraction.

Fast-forward to me high as a kite on Dreamweed, sitting with my feet in a swimming pool, looking at the stars. It was 50% mystical and 50% “I need to get the fuq back to my motel and thank god I am not a house guest because this is getting messy.”

It’s midnight and I’ve lost my 20-something party animal metabolism. I am tired, high and in emotional overwhelm from the nostalgia. While I was trying to get the energy to evacuate, Xanadu starts playing and my boyfriend from high school was there, still hot.

I talked to him for half an hour thinking he was a hallucination. By the time I realized he was real, he’d said he was single. We snuck out the back of the party, went to my motel and spent the next (fantastic) 48 hours together.

Got home and looked genuinely bewildered when reminded about ‘the wedding’.  People keep asking why I am “so happy.” Do I know what will happen? NO. Do I care? NO. Oh and I am not sure if he is “single.”

The Virgo Rising Leo


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  1. Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising, and Mercury here. I don’t brush my hair. I took 3 days off work and feel like it’s sucking the life out of me and am nervously irritated

  2. two friends of mine who never ever date long term have both seemingly found love. curious to see what happens — each seems a little star-crossed and hard to maintain.

  3. Penelope Darling

    So over this mercury retrograde… had a birthday party that I was dreading and fled embarrassingly halfway through abandoning partners and friends and spending the rest of the evening on a train station platform unable to decide what to do, fights with partners, weird dreams, inability to concentrate, totally lost my ability to teach. When will this end!?
    Pisces sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising, and Merc, Venus and Mars in Aries.

  4. This Merc rx has been god awful on the dating front. have seen it all. From flaky flakes, to non shows, to the final straw yesterday where I went on the quickest date ever. Enter the gaslighter … Lasted all but 5 mins. The a$$hole didnt bring money and barked at me across the cafe that I would have to pick up this one, then when coffees arrived he proceeded to tell me i had a bitchy tone .. I was in disbelief. Picked up my bag and ran fast! Got home and deleted my bumble account.

  5. Mine came in the form of a ten year flirtation coming into town and staying with me for a week. We have barely gotten to the point of being physical with each other (made out one year…three years later slept with each other…6 years later cuddled a couple nights in a row, etc) but the rapport and connection has always been mind blowing. We basically played house for a week, giggling at all the same jokes on tv and cuddling at night, having deep conversations about just about everything. I asked him to kiss me once before he left because I just wanted a kiss (dammit) but that was it.

    I would ask you why I keep attracting men who seem like they adore me but only want emotional comfort but you already told me there’s no answer. Sigh. Face palm.

  6. This post is making me feel seen. My love life in mercury retro: Slept with one Mars in Cancer man (Sun Gemini), slept with a different Mars in Cancer man (Sun Sag), NOW THEY ARE DATING EACH OTHER. Humbling to be the least important part of a love triangle !

    1. that’s so hilariously, hideously Mercury Retro but with a Venus Retrograde twist – nice! But who’s to say you are the least important part of this?

  7. So entertained by you lot. All that happened is my boss got snappy over facebook which I put an end to straight away. No more mrs nice Libra

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    HAAAAA, these stories are brilliant. Yup, I also think ye ‘neptunian substances’ have a more potent and scrambling effect since merc rx in pisces.

  9. Merq turned retro conjunct my retro natal merq at the start of a middle ear infection health crisis. Couldn’t fly with blocked ear so got stuck in a different city for a week. Serendipity strong and got in to see an ear specialist the day the ear drum blew up but I had also lost all my voice so could only text him to explain anything. Hilarious. I was almost channeling Helen Keller except I could still see! Had a tryst organised with the 20 years younger lover 2 weeks later in another city but still sick. We decided to not swap body fluids for hygiene reasons and had a romantic fully glam dressed 12 course degustation dinner together instead. It was the sexiest night without sex I’ve ever had. Feeding each other, deep eye gazing and soft subtle caresses and great life stories swapped. He walked me home and held me in the dark for ages, the energy circling between our auras like a symphony. What started as a ‘second best’ event morphed into an experience of innocents in paradise. I’m giving up expectations that things have to fit my pictures!!!

  10. Well I had the most epically mercury retro day last week. My bike tire broke and my phone went from 70% power to zero in two minutes (and then, later that day and with no charging, up to 75%). I had to carry my bike the 7 miles back uphill from my kids school to the only bike shop I knew, near my house.

    Was so flustered from all of that that I called my date the wrong name that afternoon. He was not amused. Then, as we were comparing anecdotes about blood, someone came up to tell us we were having the most awesome first date conversation ever, and that made us both so self conscious the whole rest of it was crazy awkward.

    Still, things are going well in the dating realm – had a second date with him and called him by the right name that time. Got a few other guys I’m talking to as well. Bike works better than before, now that it’s back from the shop.

  11. Here’s an usual experience regarding “romance”. I own a security guard company. In the past 22 years of running the company, I have never encountered anything like this recent past 7 or 8 days. My guards have been “discovering” people “hooking up” at our job sites. Parking lots, apartment club houses, and a retail store ( after hours) . It’s an unprecedented number of desperate sexual encounters. What is going on out there ? Horn dogs everywhere in the middle of the night .

  12. “Do I know what will happen? NO. Do I care? NO.”

    Big respect for that attitude!

    My retro has had much more to do with secrets of my own past and pretty sketchy attitudes being exposed to my partner…it’s causing a TON of tension. Just trying to breathe and be clear and open and show commitment to changing those old defense mechanisms.

  13. I feel you my tribe! I’m perusing dating apps, swiping both sides equally but detached. Connections are floating around; one much older widowed (connection on steroids, been a long time since I felt that way after a conversation), one recent ex who disappeared really but then claimed we weren’t over and a potential set up from a colleague. Not to mention getting all hot and bothered over a man in my peripheral, wondering when his current toxic situation will end.

    Otherwise, saggo living Jupiter…going ‘hey, it’s going to happen and be grand’ so let me meditate and nourish myself and my soul while he decides to make an entrance. I could probably up my health and fitness regime too and cut back on the ciggies. Prep time, Mercury is making me feel that shiz.

  14. These are great! Wish I had something to add. This Merc Retro seems all about dream messaging (oh I did learn a new word – oneiromancy – “the interpretation of dreams in order to tell the future”), recovery from a string of illnesses, and leveling up career-wise, and not any love life adventures. Hoping that changes once Uranus crosses over into my 5th house, around mid-May. 🙂

    1. Well okay, I get that. And Uranus in 5th -it’s often amazing! I did meet someone which is very interesting but have also found conversations difficult to gauge or control. I feel shy or with-holding around people I am usually intimate or sharing with, am getting into ridiculously deep conversations with others I barely know. AND freaking some people out. Eg; this woman contacted me via Ancestry DNA to ask if I was related X person who turned out to be my grandmother. So rather than an appropriate message about how she was born in this town or whatever, I wrote a sad but (though I say it myself) eloquent homage to her and to the women of her generation, trapped on land they did not love, let down by callous medical professionals, living utterly under the yoke of the patriarchy etc. Every conversation I am in takes slippery turns.

  15. Normally, during Mercury retro, I just experience the predictable computer and appliance glitches, and end up losing my keys etc. This time it’s much weirder. I seem to have run into every man I’ve felt any attraction towards, in the last few years (while ongoingly single), in random places like the supermarket or on public transport. Is this a thing?!! Meanwhile, I’ve developed a crush on a completely inappropriate Core Energetics therapist, who isn’t really my type. None of this makes any sense to me as I rarely encounter men I find remotely attractive and I’m not the kind of person who generally nurses a crush on someone. I’m Scorpio sun, Leo rising. Is this how Uranus in Taurus is going to be for me? It’s so strangely unlike how I usually feel about both myself and others.

  16. I’m also born during Mercury retro – could this mean that the experience is different? Just like the last message, I’m usually not that affected, but this time I just want to sleep all the time and I keep losing track of time. Also, I easily feel irritable and aggressive.

      1. Saaame! I just assumed it was an “early spring thing” – change of weather & lack of vitamins combined together or something. I feel terribly sleepy evwry day, no matter how much sleep I get (though insomnia also happened on several nights).

    1. yes! i too am a pisces also born during mercury retro in pisces. I just want to sleep, a lot, except for right now I have the full moon loonies and am all spazzy nervous energy. The other side effect is wanting to smash to pieces the lovely supportive relationship I’m in due to feeling as well as tired, irritable and aggressive. bleh, I find myself rather difficult to handle at present, much less other people! Another month. ooof.

  17. Trying to navigate a LDR in this mercury retrograde while partner works abroad. We also work a bit together so good communications is vital. Mercury is in my 9th and also his.
    Killed my laptop, the home computer is playing up, my 6 month old phone won’t charge, our instant messengers won’t connect or send or have weird glitches half the time, lots of miscommunications too.
    My borrowed laptop is so shit I can’t run my work programs on it without it shitting out. We are also dealing with the pluto et al situation in our 7th houses, and between the two things let alone the rest of it, i’m going a bit nuts.
    His usual popularity with ladies is totally absent in the country he is in, and the language barrier renders him unusually unable to communicate with others. I’m getting propositioned by couples in public spaces, while picking up junk food on the way home from operas.
    Also usually completely immune to the RX’s. This one is the wackiest I can remember.

  18. Last year I had a crush on a much younger colleague. In the past 10 months I have become his tutor and supervisor.
    Two weeks ago we went out for lunch because we were the only ones that were late to the lunch break and the other colleagues had left. So we decided to grab a bite.
    Than last Friday we both missed our sport activity due to a late meeting at the office and we are both working on the same project (with me being his project manager). I joked about “oh look how nicely I am swimming” (I was at my desk) and he replied “oh the gym is great today” so so I said “since we both missed our sport activity why not go out and have a beer” and he said great and we went.
    I was my usual Gemini (speed talking and keeping 3 convos going) so it was fun but I don’t like very much being like that. On the other hand we could not get too personal as it would have been inappropriate. We did but not romantic wise of course.
    We spent some three hours talking and then we saluted and went each at his own place.
    Last year this thing would have blasted my head as my crush was pretty serious.
    This year was a beer with a cute colleague that will never turn into anything else.

    1. It sounds like the Merc retro has let you replay that situation and integrate it into a much healthier relationship!

      1. Defo. I was hoping for the super romantic and surreal love vibe that was supposed to be this MR. This is ok, and integrating is always good. But I am quite tired of integrating. 😀

  19. lol I’ve been spending quality time with dear friends and alone, but am venturing out this week to a wine flight at a bar I’ve never been to, and a new gallery opening… will see what eventuates

  20. OMG I love these! I read the first one and thought, ‘wow that is epic, it deserves a prize’ – then the other two! I think you are all Merc retro winners. Thank you so much for sharing x
    Merc is retro in my 7th and I am hermit-ing it up big time so please, keep the stories coming.

  21. Omgosh!!!! I love this post. So much. So much romantic fuqery as you would say, Mystic.
    I’ve been wanting to write a Dear Mystic as this Merc Retro is either playing with me or showing me the crap I no longer can stomach…. my husband of 9 years on March 6, forgot our anniversary for the 3rd year in a row and as we have a long distance marriage due to his work commitment in far off lands, I was not impressed. So, I proceeded to emotional iq out do him and illustrate how I am not in the business of being un adored or forgotten. Leo/Pisces. Meanwhile, I was thinking this has Merc Retro written all over it. Long story short. I ended up buying my own anniversary present 7 days later and was met with a very ungracious response. Since I have Pluto in my 8th and my Pisces pinging intuitively left right and centre, I thought I’d implore to my husband the intention of being really committed on sharing milestones together in a connected way. I was met with a resounding, those things are just not important to me.
    Strangely, I’ve consolidated to a fetgeee for myself…. he has gone back now, to his very important job. Far off and I’m left with many Merc retro realisations and decisions…..

    Sorry for the thesis.

  22. Can I be the first to say ‘LOL YEAH’ there’s no ‘answer’?!
    Pretty shocked by that dude getting his best friend KILLED…

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