Nancy Pelosi’s Uranus Return

This is not a post about politics – it’s about Nancy Pelosi’s Uranus Return. It inevitably intersects with not only politics but the hottest geopolitical spot/moment on the planet.

Uranus Return occurs once a lifetime, if you’re fortunate to live until you’re in your early 80s. It’s potentially hyper-ingenious and revolutionary even if, in practice, most people manifest it as heightened eccentricity.

Longtime democrat Nancy Pelosi is the USA House Speaker, 3rd in line to the presidency and an Aries with Leo Rising. She also has Venus, Mars and Uranus conjunct in Taurus.

Whether you admire or disdain her politics, she’s undeniably a formidable person and a skilled politician. In a surreal validation from an opponent, Steve Bannon – another Mars-Uranian type – called her “an assassin, a total assassin.”

Her planned trip to Taiwan, evidently against the recommendations of a host of people in her administration, from the president down, has ignited a firestorm of controversy that I won’t attempt to summarize here.

Suffice to say that China have threatened to respond forcibly if she visits and that her little Uranus Return junket is shaping up to be an epic flashpoint.

Some see the move as a dangerous octagenerian whim or even a hubristic stunt to draw attention away from recent insider trading allegations; others as a brave statement to show solidarity with a country she has been outspokenly supportive of since Tiananmen Square.

Whatever occurs, this is shaping up to be the weirdest, perilous and most public Uranus transit on record but Pelosi seems quite nonchalant about it all. From the Washington Post:

Pressed by a reporter about Biden’s remarks, Pelosi said: “I think what the president was saying is that maybe the military was afraid our plane would get shot down or something like that by the Chinese. I don’t know exactly. I didn’t see it. I didn’t hear it. You’re telling me, and I’ve heard it anecdotally,” she said.



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  1. astrological view ? 12 house Pelosi acting! Hot temper Aries seems like a near ww3 is approaching / This is not a about politics it’s about Nancy Pelosi’s “Uranus Return.” inevitably intersects politics but, hottest geopolitical world viewing. enjoy the show till a return of saver “A hero arises & changes the world from panic & fear, Earth is approaching the Belt of the 5th Dimension were Gold & , peace and prosperity after the Hight rivers & disturbed ocean’s gain of fisherman’s joy. Jesus Or ? A new Kingdom ? all is possible
    during this actually constellation.

  2. Perhaps we should all make sure to retire from public service before our Uranus Return if Pelosi’s latest action is anything to go by. Not even the Taiwanese want her there.

  3. She’s shown up in public drunk as a skunk. She may have been an ‘interesting’ woman earlier in her career but like Biden, she’s no longer capable of exercising good judgement. Over 80 – I too am a senior and can only ask at what age do people learn to stop grasping at their past and graciously acquiesce to the next generation. She’s a loose cannon now.

    1. I agree, w/o wanting to be agist, at close to 75 and regarding myself as smart and lucid, find there are lapses in not memory exactly but ‘why didn’t i think of that’, a strangeness unknown to me even 6 months ago.
      Biden’s walk shows stiffness: stiff body=stiff mind.

      People wanted Trump out but backed a known against an unknown i guess. Wonder why there is never news of Kamala in mainstream Oz media, like she doesn’t exist and what news there is, seems to have foot in mouth disorder.
      Thought she would be the cool replacement for Biden if tripped one too many times.
      Some seriously intelligent heads of countries are needed NOW with added emotional intelligence and not over 45 or 50 years old.

      1. every age brings its own limitations- Saturn teaches us that. Whilst it’s fun to flout them occasionally I do think modesty and respect for our limitations are underrated qualities in the leaders of this era

        1. I’m not commenting on NP specifically but replying to Pegasus’s insights about an awareness of her own strangeness previously unknown. I regard it as highly intelligent to know one’s limits. It’s bizarrely narcissistic and dangerous to bluff regarding blind spots. We all have them. That’s why we need each other.

  4. Latest is she has quietly dropped the stopover to Taiwan in apparent consideration of the seriousness of The Big Guy’s buddies. Her dad was a known gangster type and her brazen arrogance and similar tactics seem to have been suddenly subdued on thus venture. We’ll see what really happens.

  5. I caught her episode of ‘Finding Your Roots’ a year or so ago. Apparently her mother Annunciata, Nancy I, was an equally brazen woman; a before-her-time inventress, genius businesswoman, political organizer and savvy landowner, her greatness was kneecapped by her husband who forced her into giving it all up to support the family’s emerging political dynasty full time. Maybe Nancy II’s return is fulfilling an ancestral vendetta to 1. drop-kick patriarchal blowhards standing in the way of your greatness and 2. go out in an ever-controversial blaze of glory.

  6. These comments are all so interesting! At first I thought ‘attention-grabbing, insider-trader allegation divering stunt’ and then I swung to admiration for her sheer persistence and realizing she has been consistent on this issue for decades…now I broadly agree with the observers who are saying ‘great idea’ but terrible timing.

    This is a great – objective – summary

    Also, serious question – was she invited? It’s one thing for someone to swan in to some place with a half an army around you, quite another to be a citizen of said place. It’s too momentous to be a whim, surely. So therefore what is the strategy?

    Between this & the rocket scenario, the Uranian unpredictability component is locked in. Space Law and Legislation will be big in the upcoming era for sure.

  7. The Pelosi trip ‘feels out of left field’ like a weird impulse, overconfident & nose thumbing at potentially disastrous consequences…typical Aries 🙂 With so much up front chaos at home country, what could this move be ‘really about’ I wonder. Much respect for her.

  8. Wow. I have a Venus Uranus conjunction in Sag and can’t imagine adding in Mars and putting it on my Midheaven!! Craziness.

  9. Aquarius in Taurus

    She may be a champion of health reforms and civil liberty rights, but with Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus in Taurus 10th house, she’s an unbridled capitalist at heart, which is why she is opposed to regulations on Congress people to trade in stocks. Like many in Congress, she (with her husband) has amassed millions of dollars thanks to her privileged position and insider information ….. um, but can’t see conflict of interest there.🤔

    1. Aquarius in Taurus

      This is amazing astrology and all happening on the top of her chart. I hope her Uranus Return moment doesn’t blow up in all of our faces, tho.

    2. Absolutely. That’s why our “Medicare for All” and “Single Payer” campaigns had been whittled down to the modest “Public Option” request. They let the insurance companies write that bill. Which is why it’s been cognitive dissonance ever since it passed that so many people histrionically insist on calling it “socialized medicine.”

        1. Okay, so it meant that they were going to provide the “public” with the “option” to sign up for a “medicare for all” / “single payer” type insurance that would be run by the government, we’d have a choice to opt-out of the private insurance racket — which was essentially viewed as the “thin end of the wedge” for socialized medicine. The PR against this idea saw people complaining about not being able to “choose” their doctors, etc. (but it was a choice to be in the program to begin with)? The “death panels,” etc. were meant to scare everyone away from the idea of socialized medicine and horror stories from places with socialized health care circulated — thus exposing the insurance industry’s fear that scads of people would sign up for the public option, leaving the private insurance companies to face the cold hard fact that “the market” had chosen “socialized medicine” over their product. The fact that the compromise was to force everyone to buy insurance or be penalized on our taxes was more cognitive dissonance. Okay, so now, everyone is being FORCED to buy SOMEONE’S insurance…so we were “forced” to “choose” one of their products and the government was not allowed to participate in the “market.”

          Interestingly, former SF Mayor and now CA governor Gavin Newsom (whom I predict will be running in 2024) just intervened in these markets, saying the present market has failed and that CA will now be manufacturing and distributing its own insulin. These people seem to forget that “the market” includes two components: people selling and people buying. If people don’t want your product, but they want the government’s product…you see where I’m going with this.

    3. She favors capitalism with insider trading knowledge, on an unlevel playing field. Anything that would obstruct her amasing a fortune on a level playing field is pounded.

  10. And this happens during a North Node transit? This should be very interesting. I can see how it can appear to be a deflective stunt, yet on top of her midheaven and a trine with the US Pluto return. I wonder how this interacts with the US’s birth chart?

    As someone who doesn’t belong to either American political party and not being a Pelosi fan (yes, I respect her but not a rubber stamped approval), I dare to say she may become our president (due to succession), maybe for a little while, or pretty darn close. No wonder her trip is not recommended.

  11. I actually met her and was in the same room with her a bunch of times when I was grassroots organizing during the Obamacare Wars (we were pushing for the Pubic Option, btw). Her staff were always nice and she was frustrating in that she kept sort of pushing the democratic (with a small “d”) party line on us: “You guys need to make bigger noise — if you make enough noise and show us, that as voters, this is what you want, we, as politicians will have to respond” and she was so respectful and laid back and full of insightful quips it was hard to maintain any kind of combative or insistent attitude with her — and I have Pluto Rising and Mars in Aries.

    I no longer live in the US and obviously that was years ago, but her refrain was a good cover to get peeps to feel like they were “participating in their own governance” and obviously a pat on the head. I don’t know if the activism I/we did for this national group made any difference but they flew us leaders to DC and I remember that bill passing whilst in some bar and couldn’t help but feel proud — we all knew Pelosi has wrangled that vote not because of grass-roots activism but through backroom politics. Perhaps after she dies we’ll find out she was kinda like the female LBJ?

  12. Leo Rising, eh? Explains her penchant for orange and yellow suits. Makes more sense than Sagg Rising as i read somewhere. Leo Rising might also explain why during the covid restrictions era, she just couldn’t help visiting a hair salon (for a blow-out) which was against regulations enforced at that time. “Clearly a set-up” says she when sprung, while her stylists defended her.
    Give a girl a break whydontcha.

  13. A go-er at 82, if she can still be active in politics but hey she’s an Aries. Suits red more than canary yellow.

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