The Deeper Dimensions Of Mercury Retrograde

Every Mercury Retrograde has its deeper dimensions. But they are particularly apparent during one like this; Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, for the longest time since 2013.

Yes, it is a time when appliances are more likely to go kaput, and you probably shouldn’t scrawl your signature on anything binding. But the break-downs, scheduling mishaps and mixed messaging are just the surface manifestation of the magical flux.

Mercury is a deity of magic; spells, codes, passwords, riddles, omens, and cryptic everything.  Mercury messages are multi-media. They transmit via dreams, instinctive flashes and – classically – the mouths of idiots.

Mercurial consciousness pulls info from everywhere and speedily contextualizes it into a hypothesis. There is never just one source. Several sources are the only way to guarantee reliability.

Scenarios that make no sense ‘on paper’ are logical in the deeper dimensions of Mercury Retrograde. You can’t get your oven fixed, and your contacts list reverts to one from years ago. Your search history is a labyrinth of neurosis. But you just cracked the code of a dynamic that’s puzzled you forever. Or you’ve found the formula for an enterprise.

You’re lost for words with uninspiring people or ambitions but can stay up all night, eloquent as fuq, with simpatico souls or working on rogue projects.

Mercury Retro in Pisces renders time irrelevant. There are still appointments and deadlines, of course. And you’re probably missing a third of them. Or revising strategy every couple of hours.

But the books you read aged five or your teenage goals feel as pertinent as the tweet or quote that reset your mind five minutes ago.

If you’re onto it, the connections matrix is near-genius. Explicable? No.

To show the working would only slow the thought; Mercury wears winged sandals, not ‘sensible shoes.’  And, it’s not as if Mercury in Pisces Retrograde will up the “sensible” factor.


Image: Pedro Almodovar – Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

68 thoughts on “The Deeper Dimensions Of Mercury Retrograde”

  1. Every time I think there’s any reason to communicate with anyone beyond survival needs, and follow through on that delusion, I regret it.

    *Presses post comment anyway*

    1. And couldn’t resist a reply 😉

      I have been getting some hilarious communication wobbles with my personal sphere. Just hilarious, well if it wasn’t so frustrating at times. That’d be Mars transit conjunct Ascendant – good (?) timing!

      A temporary blip in transmission…

  2. On another note, this is the first Mercury retrograde where a forgotten workplace crush popped back into orbit. Still probably a terrible idea to pursue tho….

  3. Tech problems are minor for me atm but I seem to be blast into the past with all this dredged up stuff from 16+ years ago. What a combo, Merc retro in Pisces and Uranus on my DS. The new moon was right on my POF but if feels more like a POOF.

    Had a sweet dream about being on a cruise ship and I was pregnant with a baby girl and they were setting off fireworks and I felt so happy. I am not interested in cruise ships or getting pregnant so it’s about the symbolism. I think I am the baby. She’s moving.

  4. This Mercury retrograde is right on my Midheaven.

    • Filed for my Registered Street Address
    • Filed for my DBA
    • Filed for the formation of my LLC
    • Finished and submitted all of the work for my academic semester
    • Deleted all my social media

  5. My heat stopped working 3 days ago and it’s been below freezing. This Mercury Retrograde is already garbage.

    1. Damn that’s rough, I hope you are okay. Space heaters are always a good backup, we have four in case we loose heat.

      1. Thanks!! As it turns out I did end up acquiring a space heater temporarily. Those are definitely a life saver. Ill probably purchase one in the future. 😀

  6. Tuesday is detox and rehab for me. I’m realising that all those past neglected parts of myself needed a voice, because without that they just buried their heads in the sand of anti anxiety and sleeping medications. I’m terrified at the thought of going because numb is all I known for the last 9 years. A coping strategy that has become an addiction. Reality is cold and brutal and necessary to find. No one is being held to blame, I just followed the instructions then found the way to cope. I’m understanding that the way forward is disturbingly new terrain. My Mum told me yesterday my father was married twice before her, I knew only of one previous marriage…this family tree and secrets are becoming even more interesting. WTF? I need some contextual tangible closure not more lies and half truths. I made sure to tell my mother I don’t blame her for what happened to me, she said “I tried to keep him away from you.” It didn’t work and that’s the truth, the abuse happened away from her care. Secrets that only knew how to blur everything else away.

    Artwork I sent overseas hasn’t been able to make contact with the respondent as there are two addresses. I took a huge leap of faith and sent it as a thank you gift. My teenage self is incredibly disappointed and heartbroken because that’s from that period in time. Not sure how to proceed because I need to focus on the logistics of Tuesday.

    Letting go allows for a new way forward. I’ve always been a “why kinda Person” because I need the facts to be known. The why doesn’t change the events, it just evolves the argument for both sides. The internal conflict resolution is going to be deep and murky as f.

    I did get some closure on my recovery via text message from someone I’m not romantically attracted to and his revealing dialogue of alcoholism. Thank you team Freudian closure.

    As always this community here, has been an amazing place to learn more about your own self development and share the experiences of life. The astrological Intel can sometimes give you the keys. Having those keys is a very powerful tool indeed. Thank you MM x

    1. Wishing you the very best healing and educational experience. You sound as though you sincerely want this for yourself, and with that magical intention behind your action nothing but the highest and best will follow. xxx

      1. Thank you bird, your words mean so very much to me. Actually mentally I’m back pedaling but I know that’s the pattern of stuck behaviour taking over. I got to give this a go, apparently scared is normal. Which sounds ok to me.

        1. It will likely be hard, and you’ll look back and marvel at your strength and courage. You’ll love the clarity, peace and freedom that come with sobriety. You can do this, S. xxx

          1. There are a lot of realisations happening for me at the moment. Thank you for your brilliant message sweet bird. I sure don’t know if I’ve got this, but I’ll give it a red hot crack tho. xx

    2. We can’t always choose what will stay with us going forward S but we can choose what we do with it and it sounds like you’re calling time on some things. This is a super charged potent personal space to be in and I hope you feel just the teensiest bit excited in amongst all the other feelings. I might also wager you’ll get more gifts than you an even imagine are available to you right now.

      Uranus in Taurus (not sure how that sits in your chart) is going to start to rewrite what we have and how we use it and will bring us new and previously unthought of ways of obtaining what we want as well.

      Stay true to your vision and remember you are always more powerful than your story/history/experiences no matter how compelling their voice is to the contrary. You do get to choose the ending … smiling as I type… glad to see you have pen and paper at the ready 🙂 x

      1. Well I sincerely hope that your fabulous words do find a way forward for me to know this. I think I forgot what the vision was…the goal was to get in and now it’s here. Excited, shocked and terrified. Friday was spot on the astro for me.
        Thank you Centaurus of course pen and paper that’s how I roll. x

        1. All electric type feels yes – excited & shocked… wired could be another. Ground that into earth so it feels less of a zap and more of a core power source buzzing away beneath the surface and at your disposal if you need it. As I type I’m thinking note to self as well as a Toro Asc. Lightning in your pocket.

          The goal was to get in and here you are! Congratulations. Ticking off goals in amongst all that’s going on for you is actually an expression of your core power and soul vision. Honestly… all the work that goes in to us achieving things behind the scenes, the small steps, the holding of focus, coming up against internal resistance.. and then when we master that the universe gives us external resistance to test us again etc etc is always bigger than what it looks like and always worthy of a celebration even if it’s just quietly marking it to yourself.

          Lots of other well said words so I won’t repeat themes but I will say from the little I know of you (and isn’t that true of all of us here, just glimpses of moments in time, wins and woes or the last few lines of a page etc… which form partial pictures) you DO have what it takes to achieve your dreams.

          Ain’t it so that new roads can’t look like any road we’ve ever walked so it stands that there will be places that don’t look or feel familiar and a typical sensory response is discomfort, quickly followed by a need to feel comfortable and safe which may compromise our charted course but in that moment feels like the right thing to do. We are complex beings aren’t we!

          Lucky for you you already know all this and you’ve got all the tools you need to work it… yeah pen and paper AND a brave heart, strong spirit etc… xx

          1. I’ve been looking at my clothing and feeling all the memories of when I wore them and how I felt in them. I’d honestly like to like me. That’s the core correction and the conversation of honesty I need to learn. So I’m purging belongings and it feels painful. Which is normal. To cry over clothing and memories linked to your past failings.

            Packing is very difficult because I’m fighting the urge of fleeing the scene. I know it’s my brain doing it’s PTSD loop and I was triggered by answering the telephone this morning.
            I’m told there is a lot of emotional support for me there, which is incredibly helpful and that’s what I need. Vulnerability is a strength wrapped up in a blanket of struggle. Finding my way out is what I’m doing. Thank you for the peep talk, I’ve really needed this and appreciate every word. xx

            1. Hmmm.. yeah, I think that liking ourselves is an evolving concept that we mature into in a less egoic and more authentic sense of appreciating who we are eg accepting the flaws and the good bits. And even when we do we might have moments where we don’t like something about ourselves. Keep having that honest conversation. It’s not a static destination. It’s real easy to start to doubt ourselves again when things don’t work or when others are not pleased with us and project their displeasure.

              I’ve been purging some gear and pondering why I’ve held onto it. The former identities we rocked out in particular items can have a strong pull. The hopes and dreams or vivid memories attached to them are but some of the reasons and yep, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a good or bad memory. Like the purchase that never got worn but the spend and the waste means it keeps hanging there unused eh. Someone recently mentioned to me that one way they move stuff on when they’re struggling is to take a photo of it before getting rid of it. It hadn’t occurred to me before because when I’m on a roll I cull and cut without looking back but it’s an interesting idea that I’m going to explore. It’s a compromise of sorts I suppose. I read your comment below that you’ve cleared a heap of images so not suggesting you go and take another heap of snaps but maybe the odd cherished piece and maybe the one’s that invoke unhappy memories get thanked and bagged?

              “Vulnerability is a strength wrapped up in a blanket of struggle” I read that as the true self in the cocoon of identity, history, fear, labels, expectations, expiring beliefs and concepts etc… and maybe the odd item of clothing… xx

              1. I just went through a series of business and loyalty cards and reminders of the cycles of great distress I’d been through in these last 9 – 10 years. Thankfully I had someone go through my belongings and explained I’d packed well for this next step and she was glad with my progress.

                So many tears because I’m in shock at the grief one feels when they have been stuck for so long. Change will come and I just have to get through to that side of my life. Because this way has held me and I haven’t really been living, it’s a diluted reality to keep me safe from growing. Denial is strong and it’s very difficult to process your own emotions when you are aware of its powers.

                1. Oh hun just try to let the grief flow out as it wants to without judgement. Can you notice if anywhere in that flood of emotion if there’s any relief or any relaxing of the bod after all that releasing?

                  Stuck was safe but is now a redundant option for you. Honestly, well done and just keep going step by step with a gentle approach to yourself and yours or anyone elses idea of progress.

                  Hope you got some good sleep and hope you spend today honouring you in a way that’s meaningful to you.

                2. Apparently it’s also the disease of addiction that doesn’t want you to change either. I realise my liver can’t take these medications anymore and that pain is deep.
                  My mother wants me to write to her each week. It’s amazing to think she still cares about me, considering our estranged relationship over all these years.
                  She was very lovely when she said “The right man will come along one day. Because I believe it will, because you should never ever accept second best.” I’ve cried and said “I’ve done that all my life.” To which she replied “Well this is your fresh start and your new life awaits.”
                  It’s the simple steps in front of me that are becoming very overwhelming. I’m trying to push forward with this process to. Thanks again for your support and encouragement Centaurus xx

                3. S, no words. Keep making small steps and be kind to yourself. You’re going through a very difficult process.
                  Centaurus as usual your wise and compassionate words leave me in awe. Love to both of you and wishing you the best of these challenging and changing times. xx

                4. Thank you Gemyogi, it’s heavy going because I don’t really know what I’m doing just trying to remain safe until tomorrow. I know I need the help, so that I can live a life filled without it being monopolised by fear. You’re right Centaurus is amazing and I’m very fortunate to have had these lovely conversations.
                  Thank you for having posted everyone it’s been very kind of you and I feel blessed. xx

                5. I gotta say this, thank you BUT I am no more or less amazing than you. Remember that! And the fortune goes both ways right, it’s in the sharing that the magic happens and that takes two 🙂

                6. Well if that ain’t a humbling comment. Thanks Gem! That’s a feel good for me after a challenging day. Big love to you too lady xx

                7. Yeah – you bet it is S. It’s the nature of the beast so to speak and it will throw up all it’s tricks in the book. Partly psychological and partly somatic and designed in such a way as to hold a person in their addiction and give them an abundance of reasons as to why change is not only undesirable but also not in your best interests and probably.. well, everyone experiences it differently… but often the addiction was set up as a means of survival so there is this kind of inbuilt mechanism that triggers an alarm if the status quo is altered. One of the first things that starts presenting itself is the pain that has been partitioned off or modified to be tolerable and my experience is that the pain has a voice that wants to be heard and held not partitioned off and deadened but I also get that this is a process that’s individual so please honour your own personal truth in this journey and trust that you’ve got yourself to here so you can get yourself to the next step you want to take. And utilise all the supports that are available to you as well. I believe you have already made the toughest step and doubt and fear are normal responses to new terrain.

                  It’s hard to convey some things through typed words despite best endeavours but I’m sending you a big reassuring hug. Stay your course.

                  I hope that reconnection with your mother is a positive thing and she continues to offer you the encouragement and support you deserve.

                  No more thanks necessary girl.. you are welcome and worthy xx

    3. May the candle of your innermost hopes and dreams always light the way forward and soften the edges, S. Love xx

      1. Thank you Pi, you’re amazing. Love back at your gorgeous one.
        Forward will be an interesting journey to be had…hmm which way is that now? Surely that joke can slide in under the heading of Cap Moon Comedy Club.

        1. good point, from crab-universe, forward might actually be further within, around, underneath, and sideways… let’s simply go with “light the way”. xx

          1. Yeah the Oracle did mention getting my Cap Vibe on, I do need to get organised ASAP. I’m not regretting this process forward. Just need to get it done. xx

    4. Everyone has said it so much more eloquently than I, so just to add – if what you share here is an indicator of your courage and strength then you have everything you need to succeed in this. Although, I get it is scary AF. Sending much strength and love to you. Know that you’re supported here. xx

      1. Thank you lovely Chrysalis and your amazingly kind words. It’s now a case of moving my belongings true crab fashion I’ve got so much of everything. Just spent time deleting old images from my phone, over 2 thousand gone.
        Fear is something I need to overcome, it’s constricted my decisions for much too long now.

    5. So much has been said so well that i find it hard to add anything else dear S – but as a photography lover, mention of deleted photos and of fear remind me of this saying that appeared in a fortune cookie: “Fear is the darkroom where negativity is developed” 😉 So take with you mental snaps of sunshine, mangoes and Ray Manzarek. X

      1. I love that quote, thank you lovely skarab.
        Sunshine, mangoes and keys to The Doors that sounds completely appropriate. x

  7. I hope this makes therapy even more potent then, since therapy and introspection (and havoc at work) are the only things happening, regardless of the fact that it’s a supposedly romantic 7th Mercury Retro.

  8. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Have had the most intense mercury fuqerade today with linked folders not syncing for work project, emails over 30mb actually being delivered, but weird caching issues on a web build. Everything was fine two days ago. What changed? Lol
    As this techo glitch stuff doesn’t happen often for me, I figure this fuqerade must be full on if I’m seeing these kind of effects.

  9. No techno/communication glitches (yet), but my god, i had a dream-not-a-dream just before waking (science calls this hypnopompic hallucination) on the NMoon that took me back to The Past and tore down a veil to expose happenings that explained problems in this life. The realisation was a shock – like a blow to the stomach but at the same time i knew in my core that it was real. I now feel light as a butterfly. Sometimes asking a question before falling asleep gets answered in dream states & maybe this was a retro Merc-Chiron conjunction (trine natal Moon) answer?

  10. I hope the haywire elevator at work that can’t seem to take me to the right floor drops me off in front of the man of my dreams, or my next career mentor!

    1. That sounds awesome. I’d like to go in that lift too. Someone to walk that life path with and who’s not afraid to hold your hand. I’m I born of the wrong era that hand holding in public is so wrong? I honestly can’t think of one man that I’ve been with that ever enjoyed holding my hand. Well one did but that was so long ago, and in the end he cheated on me. Then has the nerve to write a love story where we get together and he is the hero…oh player please, your truth be pure fiction. As his former best friend told me recently “His just a Mummy’s boy.” Bittersweet is the resolution.

  11. Bernard’s radiator exploded in the middle of nowhere.. I simply walked towards the barn for a night of meditation, with a torch and rucksack, quietly saying,
    “I’ll deal with You, later”

  12. Well I can confirm that the Mercury-Mayhem is starting to show itself in a way that even a Mercury Retro native notices! The communication confusion is abundant, the tech snags are revealing themselves and it’s like everyone is talking a dialect from another planet. I could write pages just on this last few days. Forget it. I’m busy. An additional side effect noted is frustration amping when a person feels misunderstood. It’s sort of A-typical retro and it could even be the Uranus Chiron shift but it’s sort of funny if it also wasn’t shaping up to be quite tiring. Anyway – I’m rolling with it. Human nature 101 – if I can’t control the outcome insert strategy A, B, C ….Z and keep going. Oddly enough this is not occurring in work but is random or family related but opposite 4th for the last so to be expected.

    I’m still aiming to execute a move manoeuvre if the broader stars align and I can pull it off. I’m not phased by a single retrograde as the bigger points of a planet crossing a particular point or activating something are really elusive in some cases and the intuitive hit I get on timing is usually bang on. Just in case – this is a ‘just me’ statement not a rebellion against you’re erudite recommendations MM. I am baseline Saggo and I need to roll a dice on occasion and the elements inform me of what and when and when they do I act accordingly. As a native Mercury retro in my Saggo this is natural to me and in true Saggo nature (shooting from the hip) it’ll square natal Mercury retro briefly before a station but all my instincts say go hard now. I trust that when it activates and the rest of it (as in first para) will just make this a potentially wild ride. Exhilarating. Outcome undetermined. Horizon expansive. Isn’t that life! Feelin it. Feelin O.K.

    1. You know it’s potent Mercury retro when you review your words and need to clarify/explain etc.

      The human nature 101 comment relates to my experience with others eg what strategies they’re deploying. Not what I’m deploying though it’s clear some nimble footwork will be required. People are trying all sorts of stuff on. It’s really quite amusing – again if it wasn’t so tiring or getting in the way of the direction I want to walk….

  13. Very evocative post. Whimsical and wise. Thanks Mystic.

    Today I received a Mercury message via the mouth of an idiot and laughed helplessly at his…well, idiocy!

  14. Electronic fuqqery and updates at the most incovienient time and Energy Australia hassling me to sign up. “Umm so who owns Energy Australia?” I ask. “Well Madam it is owned by a Hong Kong based company.” So why are they allowed to use Australia in their business name? Don’t get me started on NESA

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