Neptunian Transmission

Mercury conjunct Neptune is a gift.

Don’t ask for guarantees. And don’t look to be saved in any one thing, person, machine, or library. Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were heading for shore.

Ray Bradbury, Farenheit 451

This sounds like such a Neptunian transmission and Ray knew about Neptune.

The author of The Martian Chronicles, I Sing The Body Electric, and – of course – Fahrenheit 451, was a multiple Leo with Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune conjunct in that constellation.

When you have a planet plonked that close to your Mercury, that’s your Muse. (You can get an Astral DNA birth chart from me if you don’t know what’s near your Mercury)

And of course, when it’s Neptune – myths, glamor, utopias, scents floating in on breezes from another dimension – you are a fabulist. It’s not like “Oh I’d like to try something artistic someday…” You and alt-dimensional phenomena hook up early and creativity seems to be the only truly sanctioned option where you can live magically and be ‘respectable.’

Bradbury never drove a car and rarely flew, preferring to walk or cycle, perhaps so as not to disrupt the transmissions from Neptune. This conjunction can also evoke zone-outs and unscheduled astral travel or divergent awareness so perhaps the renowned sci-fi author sensed this about himself?

And without a coherent structure or grounding, it can drift into the messianic (Vladimir Putin) or flat-out spectacularly poor decisions (the figure-skater Tonya Harding). Yet the very same strange magic that can sometimes lure these people into nebulous backwaters fuels the galactic-strength talent and/or imagination that can drive them out out of there.

If this is you, know that those gifts are inexhaustible and applicable in any era – the only finite factor here is the mundanity that can besiege you on occasion.

You see natal Mercury-Neptune in a disproportionate number of dreamy, idealistic-seeming leading men – Timothee Chalamet, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gael Garcia Bernal, Liam Hemsworth – and female performers who don’t so much sense the Zeitgeist as conjure with it: Taylor Swift, Demi Moore, Kris Jenner, Nicki Minaj and more.

Other Mercury-Neptune people: Rudolph Steiner (in Pisces), Neil Gaiman (in Scorpio) Noomi Rapace (in Sagittarius) and Annie Leibovitz (in Libra).

I don’t have Mercury conjunct Neptune. I have Mercury in Aries quincunx it, so i try to speed my way to transcendental genius.

Image: Eden Seifu – Blue Portrait with Orbs

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  1. I have Sun/Mercury/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio 3rd house. Writer/artist/dreamer. I can spend hours in my own head. Worst sense of direction. If I’m daydreaming, I can get lost in my own neighbourhood. I have these three planets in sextile with Uranus/Pluto (conj.) and square Saturn.

  2. Merc in 7th house Pisces conj sun-Saturn, and applying in a trine to Neptune, which is in turn opposite Jupiter and square my Venus. It’s like an astrological pinball machine.
    I have fallen in love with my fair share of poets/liars. I have also bewitched more than a few suitors with words. I work in a wordy/talky field (Gem NN). I suppose words are my superpower (along with my hair, lol).

  3. Year of the Phoenix

    I have Mercury conj Jupiter in my 1st H – big mouth strikes again

    It’s in Libra so my love of literature is real, my addiction to magazines (esp The Face) was real

    my phone is my constant companion who must have incredibly beautiful wallpaper ( Chinoiserie Quan Yun in delicate gorgeous colours) with simple yet timeless case (Tiffany green with protective lips to stop shattering cause am a Virgo really)

    My dream is to write a book

  4. mercury conjunct neptune / capricorn / 11th house, have read that ill have problems with “slippery friends” (sort of true), i definitely write sci-fi, I definitely had an imaginary friend tiny rabbit named neptune as a kid…

  5. Mmmmmmm Neptune. Trined to my sun jupiter conj in my 5th cancer sextile to my pluto Uranus conj Virgo on my DC and sitting in MY 8th Scorpio. If you wish to be boundary less totally exposed and super intense and transcend. I’m your girl!

  6. Scorp Neptune next to 12th H Libra Merc/Moon-Scorp Jupiter- so transmuting ancestral avengence multi-lives goal.

    Neptune is natally 150 degrees from Gem Mars- so diffuse/diluted goals-

    Easily serve goals of others-myself not so much. Saturn Cap honing focus and BS -Qi Vamp banishing.

  7. Neptune and Uranus are both conjunct my Mercury – Uranus is basically right on top of it – but they’re all in Capricorn, where Saturn is hanging out a little further down. Sometimes I feel like my Cap stellium is the only reason I can keep it together most days.

  8. I wanted to listen to the Nept MP3 and I thought I was gonna do it before going to sleep.
    But just the thought of it made sleep like a log 🙂

    1. It will come. I remember Nept trine my Merc from acqua (my merc being in gemini) and it was marvelous.
      It was almost as I could feel all the feelings and get other people feelings even before they were aware of them.

  9. I too have Mercury in Aries quincunx Neptune (mine is 11th house merc – big house – & 6th house Neptune). I always seem to be rushing onto stage or into a lecture theatre about to speak and bolting out little prayers like “and in my words be thy spirit” or “let one person hear this and understand” I’m not particularly religious but there’s def. a spirituality around words/comms. In between the blather of course 😛

  10. My Merc and Neptune are tightly conjunct – Merc 24 Sag and Neptune 27 Sag. I’m a writer and daydreamer. I also LOVE to exaggerate. As a child I genuinely couldn’t differentiate between telling lies and imagining things so i got into trouble often.

  11. Sun and Jupiter in 2 deg of Mercury, but also saturn conj ascendant. Results in big-it-up impulses constantly being closed down by dour old Saturn, although i can imagine sun-merc-jupes being an epic confabulator if not closely corralled…

  12. The closest planet to my Mercury is *cringe* Saturn. I like him and all but don’t really want him for a Muse. I hope 9 degrees is far enough away. Neptune is conjunct my Moon *cringes again*, so I guess in the end things work out after all. I don’t want to be too much tipped over with either one of those guys.

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Sooooo my Moon is conj Neptune in Scorpio (3 H) and I read some old school Astrology that says WORST Moon / Sign combo

      What to think?

      Can’t think mostly just the feels

      1. Surely moon Neptune in Scorpio has to be channeling, or clairaudience, or scrying, … Do you always know who’s calling you before you see the number, extreme deep vague-outs but you come to with ideas from beyond?
        On the flipside, siblings who loop out of control, brethren / community with more than a smattering of drug abuse?
        Dark beautiful Music..?

    2. I reckon embrace the Saturn. Tis the season, literally. I don’t mean count your steps, cents and calories (that’s Virgo anyway). Maybe you can do a new moon Saturn research project for a month. See what The Internet and books in esoteric libraries and bookshops have to say.
      I’m writing this because I’m a contrarian at heart… Saturn needs to become cool again no not even that, Saturn is stone-cool, Saturn doesn’t even know or care what cool is. So incredibly clear. Lucid.

      Moon Neptune would be amazing… When you zone out do you go Way Out?

  13. I guess the Moon is my Muse, as it’s very close to Mercury in my chart. I like the idea of Moon as muse… I do like tracking lunar cycles and feel them pretty strongly. I have Crab rising too, so I guess the Moon is also my chart ruler? I’m moody as all heck, too, and have been my whole life, which is hard to manage.

    I also have Mercury square Neptune, probably not a great aspect.

    1. Yeah my moon in gem conjuncts both my 11th house Venus in Taurus and ascendant Gemini. Mercury in aries 10th house. I speak my heart better than my mind and that can really throw people. In the 10th especially.

  14. Mystic could you do a post about when neptune changes houses?

    My whole life tends to be dominated by saturn and merc so I forget about neptune.

    But recently I was thinking back to the era when I felt comfortable posting on social media as I really couldn’t cope for a long time there – and I realised it was 14 years ago when I actually made video diaries for the national digital channel… and then I thought… hang on. 14 years.

    So I checked my chart and the month I stopped doing those videos Neptune moved into my 3rd house. And voila, it’s on the cusp of my 4th now finally, and I suddenly want to share again. And for all that time I just thought something was wrong with me.

    1. Second this! Love Mystic’s insight on these…..

      Also: Mystic recommended Howard Sasportas’ “Gods of Change” awhile back re: outer planet transits. It blew my mind. If you can get your hands on it get it!

  15. Loving this list of the #mercnep tribe. I prefer walking for Neptune assimilation transport too. Too bad it’s -10deg outside. What if all you have is a square to Mercury? Is it just a diva, challenging muse?

  16. Love Rudolph Steiner with his Mercury/Neptune at 28 Pisces “giving him a direct open line to higher worlds”. My north nose is 27 Pisces and Saturn is on south node at 28 degrees Virgo in 7th house. Yes a guru relationship for many decades but slowly opening up my own channels to higher energies, especially now Neptune has moved into my first house.

      1. I love my quintile between Neptune 19 Libra and Mars 1 Capricorn. Nevertheless, stepping into the zone of magic has been hard work. Journeying to the spirit world with the fetishes of discretion, parsimony and evidence- based reasoning don’t sound very Neptunian but good protection from that dangers that abound and needful to extract the imaginal stories for guidance in the 3D world

  17. What hapoens when the only planet that Neptune touches is the Sun? And it touches it with a very tight square, 1 degree orb. In mutable signs. Sun(virgo) house 9 – Neptune (Sagittarius) house 12.
    It’s dancing tango with my neurons.

    Where is the MUSE?

    1. Neptune in the 12th house in Jupiter rules Sag IS your muse – don’t you feel the breeze from the veil lifting? That square is awesome. Jupiter also rules the ninth so the Sun aids you in your wanderings. Once you’ve tidied up like a Virgo and balanced sweating the small stuff with the divine 😛
      Where’s your Jupiter as that planet is key to the Sun in 9th and Neptune in 12th?

      1. Hey SilkCharm,

        Well, my muse is quite in the wardrobe right now. This natal square makes me extremely sensitive, and when I say extremely, I say it out loud. My jupiter is in libra house 10 and it’s in a stellium with mercury, saturn (ruler ’cause I have cap rising!) and pluto. All in libra. 10th house. Should I say that venus is in scorpio or should I shut up? :)))))
        But, anyway, you’re the first person I hear saying this square is awesome.

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