Mystic Mercurial Revelations

Mercury Retro in Pisces gives good mercurial revelations. They’re the seemingly whimsical little seeds of information that float in on the breeze. They’re more substantial than their levity suggests. The last three Mercury Retrogrades have been vile problematic.

The one last March hooked into the Jupiter-Neptune square. The mid-year Mercury Retro was understudy for the starring Eclipse, interjecting surreal subtones and odd omens. The October/November 2019 Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde was more plutonic roto-rooter and psychological ordeal than the classic Mercurial Trickster trip. Standard Mercury Retrograde protocol is backing up your data; can you do that for your psyche? Should you?

But this? This is Mercury back in form as Galactic Wizard. It speeds up and then scrambles the everyday info-flow and who-you-know matrix. Weird wisdom and quirky revelations dart about like quantum particles. Snatch them and slot them into your mental matrix for fantastic results.

Since Mercury Retro in Pisces, I have learned that there is an alternative scientific view of the universe which says black holes don’t happen and dark matter is just an excuse for not being able to explain things. It’s called Electric Universe and it’s fascinating.

The new discoveries also suggest that our early ancestors may have witnessed awe inspiring electrical events in the heavens—the source of myths and symbols around the world.

Today, magnetic fields are detected everywhere, even in the “empty” depths of intergalactic space. Magnetic fields cannot exist without causative electric currents. The naked electric force is 39 orders of magnitude (a thousand billion billion billion billion times) stronger than gravity. The visible universe is constituted almost entirely of electrically active plasma.

In the twentieth-century, the pioneers of plasma science inspired a new school of investigation called plasma cosmology. Plasma cosmologists suggest that electricity is the primary force organizing spiral galaxies and the astonishing galactic clusters now seen in deep space.

Plasma cosmology has achieved surprising success in predicting major discoveries of the space age. This new perspective does not require purely theoretical inventions based on mathematical assumptions like the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, or Black Holes.

A woman told me how she was walking from Central Station to the bus stop in some anxiety about whether to give up her corporate job to become a healer when she felt a rush of cool, flower scented wind. Looking up, she saw the space around her shimmering and everything around her was still. She knew then she had to heal herself and become a healer.

Another Mercury Retro in Pisces morsel of info: Maui, the New Zealand Maori’s version of Hercules – also a Mercury figure – was a real person and friends with Eratosthenes, head librarian at the library in Alexandria.

A data scientist said to me that your personal information is the most important asset you own and that privacy consulting is a growth area. And I got an email saying astronauts take portable Schumann Resonance generators with them into space. Our brain, like those of bees, has magnetic crystals in it.

Is Mercury Retro in Pisces setting up talking points for Saturn in Aquarius? Are you feeling it?

F.Y.I. Natal Retro-Mercury in Pisces people include Lady Gaga, Eckhart Tolle, Heath Ledger, Harry Houdini, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Nancy Pelosi. This is – or was – their sensibility.

Image: Robert Tinney

61 thoughts on “Mystic Mercurial Revelations”

  1. Definitely feeling it, and not having a good Retro this time, I’m afraid. I’m exhausted all the time, teetering on the verge of a sinus cold that can’t decide whether it wants to go away or go full-blown sick, struggling with massive headaches, have lost my appetite, my phone has been acting up, I’m all brain foggy, and have no energy to do anything other than watch art history docs. As a bonus, I have learned more about the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Impressionists than I ever have before. I have noticed how much either Pisces or Taurus or both figure in major artist’s charts. Makes sense, eh? 🙂

  2. Merc retro has brought up my nagging fears that my life will turn to sh** again. I’ve had to delve really deep to find the faith. My dreams even turned to nightmares for two nights, really brutal stuff that just shook me awake. Bleurgh. I’ve no idea why. Waking at 3am not able to get back off to sleep. And last weekend was awful. But I’m pulling through. I’ve stopped media watching and have found my joy about my new life. Or rather bits of it.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      That’s understandable emg.

      Can I suggest you find a good naturapath and get a strong practitioner only product for immunity in Scotland before you move. Start building your immunity. I usually work with the moon with supplements
      Take max up to the full moon and a few days after.

      But initially I would just go high dose.

      And when you get to Italy find another natrapath.

      And don’t watch sensationalist news.

  3. Soooo interesting, Mystic! Thank you! Even before I got to the part where you mentioned “talking points for Saturn in Aquarius”, I was already going to comment something Aqua-related. Electric universe, ha! So exciting – especially for Aquas, lol

  4. The witching hour has always made me sleepy now I know why. I lay on my bed open the curtains and have the green leaves as a backdrop: they are my muse.

    I rest.

    This is when the melancholy gives way to magic, the light dances and then messages come through.

    Pisces rising at 9 degrees. Taurus moon and north node.

  5. Mercury is retrograded today right on my Pisces Moon at 7 degrees Pisces. I’m ready for the messages, but a lot of what I have to do is clear. Been having weird dreams but I don’t remember them very well. Everything is in flux, and unstable. Just experienced an unexpected sudden death in the family last week, my sweet Aunt, so I’m grieving on top of everything else. I’m having to go back to SF a bunch of times for a whole month to clear out my old apartment, which I was bought out of, and that’s bringing up a lot of difficult feelings, and there’s money involved, feels shaky. I moved from there at the end of last March, orchestrated the whole thing during THAT Mercury retrograde, which was awful, and still paying the price of the effects of doing something like that during a Merc retro, to this day… Could this current retro right some of the insanity of the last one, like unravel the knots, undo the chaos? I’m having to revisit all of it by going to SF, and taking care of the unfinished business from that time. I can’t think too clearly these days because I’m still living with the abusive bf. I need mercy, relief and release from all of this… I’m at another crossroads and boiling point. Everything is being stripped away, leftover from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction stuff, and at the end of all this I’ll be rid of the bf, too, I think I will be able to financially be on my own. I’m going to have a whole new life, but it’s not clear whether it will be a good one or feel like it has movement or freedom. The trauma doesn’t just disappear overnight. I have CPTSD, and the symptoms are terrifying and don’t allow me to function well.

  6. Too early to call it…

    I will say that there are some early indicators that may make interesting parallels with the retro from March last year.

    People are the mixed and variable melting pot they always have been with a little more unpredictable, which is saying something in my gig and not all surprises are unpleasant.

    What I am being reminded of is that there is always an alternative view or way of thinking about something and again, that is saying something for me as I tend to always (attempt to at least) look at all views and then have some kind of distilling process from that standpoint.

    I have a sniff of some things on the wind that remain intangible in the physical sense but are still era-echoes.

    1. I like the way this is written.
      Also have similar sentiments – it’s as if the focal point of my perception shifts every few hours and concepts that twinkled alluringly but were too nebulous to examine without getting dizzy become clear. I’m aware I know things I always knew but didn’t believe. I have Pisces on the IC and both have felt like a vaccum energetically to me. Or is that a black hole/ dark matter? something else? both?
      You can’t understand what you’re in denial about and because I’ve been in denial about so much I’ve lacked clarity, focus, the ability to think coherently, to plan, organise, structure, follow though and achieve. I’m saying it’s all better now but in a meta way it feels profoundly healing. I’m confronting my horror of chaos in small ways that have huge effects on my state of mind. Doing things daily, automating aspects of my day by sticking to a shedule is freeing up cognitive energy to use on other things. Aware that this comment reflects current Neptune/ Pisces state of things.

      1. to put it more bluntly, going NC on the gaslighting alcoholic tyrant was a power move I wish I’d made 40 years ago. I’m realising in many ways I did but because I couldn’t get away from him as a kid, or my mom, the underfunctioning was one way of saying NO. Not part of your charade. Not playing your game. Some of my underfunctioning is trauma but the action I took of confronting the bully continues to pay dividends as the frozen parts become increasingly aware it’s now safe to come out and they are. It’s Chiron in Aries in the 5th and Uranus transiting my 5th magic. AKA the magician. Feeling grounded thanks to the Capricorn convergence on my north node. Currently Saturn and Pluto and even Jupiter dancing around my NN which is pretty thrilling. Wish I understood it better but perhaps the thing is to live it rather than overthink.
        Oh well

      2. Am relating to the underfunctioning as a defensive strategy. Also with a Pisces IC here. Hmm. Your description of that feels familiar. I feel like I’ve been splashing about in mucky waters and maybe I’ve been afraid to put my feet down and find out there’s some actual ground to stand on.

      3. I like the way you’ve written your reply Invicta.

        The 4th can also relate to our own inner sanctuary or safe place and you’re renovating!

        And is Neptune transiting 4 giving you a kind of magic in the mundane vibe? That’s a good way to work it. Mundane meaning day to day, simple things, ordinary life, chopping wood etc.

        It can be quite the challenge not only to be aware of things we’ve hidden from ourselves but also that there are potentially no edges to things that we presumed had definite edges. Eg like a house has walls and is 3 dimensional but it’s not really it’s also the people that move in and out of that space, the ancestors, the dreams and ambitions contained within (realised or not), the secrets, the feelings, the harmony or otherwise and even the land that the home is on. And let’s not forget the ancestral line which is mostly long gone from this realm so yeah – it’s a kind of black hole. No wonder kids often have boogie man traumas when the night becomes still and they’re just lying there feeling the pulse of everything before they go to sleep.

        Most things only have edges because we’ve decided to see life that way and it can be massively confronting to our belief system and sense of safety to see it otherwise. Once that shock wears off and you’ve found your way out of the muck it’s a different kind of freedom. This is probably a hat tip to Uranus and Pluto in my 4th. 🙂

      4. Centaur you’re spooking me!
        I DO have neptune transiting my 4th and have done for yonks (it’s an era not a transit yeah:)
        I have been fretting about this because – because I like to fret
        How did you get get so wise?
        thank you

      5. You said it – Neptune transits are eras! I really wonder if the duration of a Neptune transit renders us a little unable to put all the pieces together easily and clearly. The edges of things just aren’t delineated well enough and the transit is just too long to map or we fall asleep like in fairy tales and wake up somewhere else.

        When Centaurs gets spooked they have a tendency to bolt 😉
        I still like to do that from time to time. It might be the only time I really enjoy the wind in my face and it gets the blood pumping. 🙂

        Uncle Pluto is likely the generous benefactor of my hard won wisdom which still completely eludes me in some of my own stuff. That’s a Chironic ( haha – chronic) kind of thing for me. Chiron 10th (with Neptune visiting right now) and Chariklo on the MC.

        Oi and please remember you’re a wise one too! Don’t confuse life’s challenges with an absence of wisdom. Not the same thing at all and sometimes we need experiences to bring our innate wisdom to the surface. All souls are naturally wise.


  7. I have had a couple of mercury related snafus in the past week. Both relating to keys and being firstly locked in, then a week later being locked out of my house. Last week my partner borrowed my keys – I have the only postbox key – then took my keys to work in his backpack accidentally. I didn’t realise until I went to leave and didn’t have them. I ended up working from home but the reality of being stuck in was quite distressing, despite being a lunar Virgo in the fourth who loves nothing more than being holed up in my (always clean) sanctuary.

    Today I went to get groceries and came back and was locked out, the tumblers were turning over but the door would just not unlock. The matter was resolved in a couple of hours but inadvertently lead to the realisation a major friendship of mine is over in its current form. It was less a whimsical seed of information and more a saturnian wake up call a la being woken up by a bucket of cold water being sluiced over me. I am a solar Piscean and I am hoping the god/ess cuts me some slack for the duration of this retrograde!

    1. KEYS – aaaaaarrrgh! My whole of last week was one big keys fiasco & being locked out too! Helluva week. So last Sunday night just hours before Mercury went retro, thieves tried to break into our building again and broke the lock to the front door. The landlord had a new lock put in & keys cut for everyone, but mine would not work so I had to make a copy using my partner’s set – it took 3 trips to the key-cutter (a really unpleasant man) before they finally worked. Just as i was about to throw out the dud key i had originally been given by the landlord, i thought i’d try it one more time – and hey, guess what? – it worked now! WTF?

      Then on Friday i locked myself out on the roof terrace because the key to that door wasn’t working that well as thieves had tried to jimmy the lock before on another occasion – so i was fiddling with it trying it out from the outside (while a voice inside my head kept saying no don’t do this now, imagine it won’t open and you’re stuck out here) – and in a fit of impatience i used too much force & ended up breaking the key inside the lock. I was trapped up there 6 floors up, outside and wearing inadequate clothing for the cold, as i had only gone up briefly to water some plants – & I had no phone on me to ring for help, and no one home. I then foolishly risked my life by climbing a wall holding on to a tv aerial which i ended up breaking, & jumped on to a neighbour’s terrace in the next building, thinking he was home. He wasn’t. So i was trapped on his roof terrace. I started to yell for help because i was freezing. How i got back home is too convoluted to explain here but it took hours and it involved a Russian, a Belgian, 2 Italians and a family of confused Koreans (airbnb central here) and much yelling in various languages.

      This experience set me back €220 for aerial repairs & locksmith costs. But apart from this Trickster fiasco, the week was really & truly intense, as Sol has been opposite my Pluto as well, bringing some shocking realisations into something that has been haunting me all my life, maybe even lifetimes. So yep, helluva week.

      1. Many years ago I misunderstood the lock I had on a balcony door at a friends place I was looking after for a few weeks. Long story short I locked myself on the balcony while I was totally naked. Yep. I knew no one in the building, had no phone and also realized I’d dead locked the front door. So even if I got someone’s attention they couldn’t get to me through the other way. It was the middle of the day and after standing there for a while I knew I had to climb down to the ground floor run around the side of the building and try to get someone to lend me a towel. I nearly died climbing down the 3 floors and prayed that as I landed on each balcony on the way down no one would be there. I made it to ground at the back of the building and I started to walk around when I walked straight past a window. The window of the doctors surgery downstairs. Both the female doctor and the female patient looked straight at me and the doctor jumped out of her seat and ran into another room. I kept going and still couldn’t find anything to cover up . I bit the bullet and raced around the front of the building and straight into the only open door, the doctors surgery. Luckily the waiting patients and reception staff (all female) were so stunned I had time to explain why I was there before any screaming started. The receptionist threw me a towel and the rest got sorted by a locksmith who was laughing so much he could hardly do his job of getting me inside. It cost a fortune and was possibly the most embarrassing situation I’d found myself in.

      2. Hilarious! The prototype story for endless car ads and insurance companies. Though what jumps out to me in your story is the doctor who took off & left her patient alone to cope with a possible deranged naked man.
        I also have a story of having to run naked through the streets of the Gold Coast after a surf session went horribly wrong.
        It’s interesting though how in moments like that, time seems to fluctuate simultaneously from slo-mo to flashes of millions of options, possibilities and outcomes that you are weighing throughout the ordeal. “Time & Perception: the Meaning of Life via Embarassing Moments” would make a good (& humble) tittle for my memoirs.

    2. (1) Getting locked IN, and then OUT is the perfect example of Universe having a sense of humour. Pretty symbolic, even though I can’t formulate in a good way what it points to – not right now;
      (2) David’s experience of being locked out naked on a balcony in a friend’s house is like a motivational story for all the Merc Ret shit: “oh you’re complaining? It could get worse”.

  8. I’m feeling the pull. Like the strong undercurrent, you feel out in the ocean & on the surface there’s nothing.

    It reminds me that one of my favourite books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor.

  9. Since retro I have felt a huge woosh of returning magic and spirit. Also I have started to process the events from almost exactly one year ago with my therapist… clearing out the muck that had settled to the bottom. It’s hard going but it must be done, I don’t like it hovering in the back of my psyche.

  10. OMG this is the best Mercury retro ever… Major dream symbolism and new and old connections. Also, I have all these planets currently in Pisces hanging out in my 8th house, which I was bravely trepidatious about, but its been amazing, I feel like a fish in water! And, some major revelations around the past and ‘hidden’ behaviour (betrayal) by others has come up via interesting connections. As a moon in Cancer in the 12th house native, I could live full time in this energy! I love what you are saying about the electricity (qi) did you see the thing about electricity in the gut/bacteria ??!! I am hoping we are coming to an age where modern science starts embracing and using ancient traditional medicine/wisdom to further its research, the ancient Yogis, Taoists etc, are all over it, they just have a different language for it and modern science needs to broaden its mind. xo

  11. Uraniac / Aqua Report: I am enjoying this Moon/Merc in Pisces so much, I realized I need to keep track of when the moon is in Pisces every month for dreaming and play / massage / yin activities, just like I schedule admin benders for Virgo moons.

    I think the fact that now we got 4 planets in Pisces to counteract all that by-now-tiresome Cap action (omg, get OUT of Cap, already people!) is making me giddy. Probably that Pisces is sextile with Cap doesn’t hurt. The New Moon was like a rebirth for some reason.

    I, for one, can’t wait for Saturn in Aqua! Looking back at the last time (91 – 93), I totally see where that energy was at on advantageous display in my life (i.e., conjuncting a lot of planets). So, yes, totally feeling it.

  12. Dreams are so dense and intense that I wake up and think they have actually happened.
    Synchronicity with some people has become almost scary.
    I meet online guys – mostly indians – that are almost like my last year crush but they are clearly not him but I don’t go all love zombing on them or the past crush.
    I feel like I am dreaming or they are coming from out of space and I get to stay lucid and watch,
    I wish I get something real from all these craziness (it’s 7th house transits for me) but there’s too much piscean vibe for anything to become real.

  13. I feel like I’m becoming more comfortable with becoming the weirdo I am and always have been. I went undercover about 8 years ago and am just resurfacing. Hope it sticks! Hope it’s not dementia! Hope my weirdness can make a buck.

      1. yes, same here
        it was as if my dream channel subscription had been cancelled
        thought it was this house but it’s back on
        sorry netflix, it’s not you it’s me

    1. Quantum Entanglement is the next big thing. It’s possibly the first 5th dimensional tech that is within our grasp. It’s attributes are breathtaking and if harnessed will mean that time, distance and infrastructure currently required for communication and transport systems will become redundant.

      1. Yes when you are working with particles that are outside of time (5th dimensional) while we are manipulating them in time (4th dimensional) we could begin to understand what the 6th dimension might be.
        Thought is the seed of manifestation and in our 4D paradigm this means that between the thought and the manifestation there is time. Time then shows us the workings of how our thoughts become manifest and gives us a way to correct / change/ nullify the manifestation. We need this oversight because most of us are not in control of our thoughts and to be able to alter the manifestation before it’s appearance is essential.
        When dealing with the 5th dimension we are working in an environment where thought is instantly manifest and instantly shared via group mind.
        Who’s ready for that responsibility ?
        No one that I can think of.
        This is why our dabbling in quantum tech will always be limited by our ability to be in control our thoughts and more specifically our desire for free will expression.
        I believe that right now we are being groomed for this next step up by missionaries from 5th dimensional societies. But it’s an arduous task that requires great care. It would only take one being with harmful reckless thoughts to reek havoc in these societies. Also they are attuned to group mind so they can read our thoughts. Unlike us who look to people’s actions and words. They won’t be as easily fooled as we are, and the appropriate limits will be set to control our dabbling in quantum technologies.

      2. between the thought and the manifestation is time…that is so interesting, and not how I feel it at all. I think between thought and manifestation is will, which seems outside of time to me. but maybe just a semantic matter.

        did you ever see the Red Dwarf episode “Better Than Life” wherein Rimmer ruins the game because his subconcsious mind just won’t let him have his fantasies come true? Somewhere in there, there’s something about “original sin,” I think….

      3. Well sort of but it isn’t teleporting or transporting anything from here to there. It’s replicating there what is here instantaneously. So it’s more bi location than teleportation. There are so many complex social and legal issues involved with bi location, it’s mind blowing.

  14. Is this merc retro some climax to the previous 3? Like a final zap or smack around the existential chops? I register those past retros on my psyche. It’s been an intense 12 months, but this retro is really giving it everything. It’s not smooth. Normally Merc Retro isn’t a big deal, or I feel it a week before the event.

    However this one, I feel like it’s the psychic equivalent of raging bushfires burning out of control for months, revealing amazing hidden gems, followed by epic rain that floods. Floods are supposed to represent change. The Retro in March last year saw me get notice that the house I was sold and I’d need to move. I moved in April/May, without a place to move into. Mid year, I moved into the place which I thought was the power lair. Oct/Nov was reaching peak ‘what I am no longer willing to accept, and the courage to change the things I can’ scenario, along with solid work and kicking goals. Now, this one – the power lair flooded, the owner hasn’t decided if he’s gonna fix it. It’s pushed my dedicated downstairs office into my loungeroom and everything else ontop of each other in the garage. Technology is going bonko or machines are being fried. Half my home has no power and I’m running the washing machine with a cable from the kitchen, while the internet is a cable running up from downstairs – powered by the only 2 powerpoints left functioning down there. Client harddrives are being mislaid in other offices, then the files ‘don’t work’ once they actually find the drive. Long time dependable institutions are closing down, which forces a last minute scramble for another supplier, who’ve become the last ‘man’ standing. A legacy WinXp laptop has become one of the most valuable pieces of production equipment.

    It’s freaking insane. I can’t help but wonder “what’s next?”… am I on the verge of yet another move? Since Uranus got into Aries, I’ve moved 7 times. It’s only now half way through the 4th house. OMG!

    1. Hmmm, interesting. I’ve seen this only once before. I think you may have a chronic case of the ‘retros’ that has become a miasm. A term for when a chronic condition crosses into the dna.
      I’d seek out a good Genetic Astrologer. They have new gene shearing therapies to remove these conditions from the dna meaning that although you may continue to experience the retros you can’t pass it on to your children. Please, think of the children.

    1. You’ll be fine. I’ve moved on many a retro and whilst there’s been some hiccups some times I couldn’t definitively cast Mercury as the culprit. Enjoy the transition!

  15. A bit of electrickery but a dreamt up an entire presentation last night, slide for slide. Got to work and just typed it up. My natal Retrograde ☿ in 5th house is working fine! Also, dreamt up some cool red boots and found them immediately online. Happy birthday to me! 😀

  16. Just realised my office has decided to roll out brand new tech system for all areas during Merc Retro 🤣

    Every. Time.

    1. Ha, maybe you will get lucky and the suppliers won’t be able to deliver due to an unforeseen pandemic delaying their shipment. Or they were delivered to someone else in another state. They aren’t sure just yet.

      1. This is an image from my Software Developers Association Events Calendar
        Mary’s Mercury Meltdown

      2. Clearly Mary is not having a good day but can we really put that down to Mercury Rx or could we perhaps consider that do she’s sporting and how itchy her scalp must feel right now? Yes, even as her psych is transported back to her paternal grandmother who started out in beige as a telephonist, she’s still perhaps resisting being portrayed as an ancient archetype whilst surrounded by modern tech. It’s like get that rug offa my head right now will ya 😀

    2. Same here. Due to Corona Virus “emergency” (not really, but italians are very emotional about these things) we are testing smart working policies for the first time right under Mercury Retro. i.e: Installing new softwares, new project roll out methods, etc etc 😀

    3. Right on the retro all my org’s phones and internet went out. I couldn’t have scripted it more precisely if I tried.

  17. Everything about this post affirms all the tangents my mind has been chasing the last couple of years (decades if I’m honest). I feel like all the random weird mysteries and tidbits of knowledge I’ve collected are becoming less random and are all coalescing to become a mainstream ‘discovery’ of how I’ve aways seen the world as being but that all the official teaching I’ve had said wasn’t possible. Although, if you follow some of the so called forbidden archaeology theories that discuss the kind of electrical events our ancestors may have witnessed, I’d say less awe-inspiring and more apocalyptic. Here’s hoping we can prove these theories true without the first hand experience of it. I am Mercury Ruled with Mercury in Pisces, though mine is not retrograde.

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