Mercury Retro In Virgo Is Coming!

Coming Attraction: Mercury in Virgo for just under ten weeks and nearly half of this epic astro-trip will feature Mars also in Virgo. Are you ready for maximum precision and industry? Curated everything? Awakening at 4am to ponder existential punctuation dramas?

Seriously, this will be actually rad for media mavens, becoming hyper-organized, project management genius and an array of cool scenarios that could do with some lasered in Virgo Vision. But what of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo?

Well, it’s a good thing we have Mars in Virgo from next week to help with…preparations. While Mercury is affiliated with Gemini and Virgo, the sheer earth-elemental substance of the latter makes Mercury Retros in Virgo more tangible.

Mercury Retro goes from August 28th to October 4 Universal Time and will feature some truly snazzy luck + opportunity portals.

Also, Keanu Reeves was born with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and, FYI conjunct Uranus in the 12th house. The actor and Gen X icon really is a fantastic spokesmodel for the syndrome – if you’re envisaging a montage of micro-glitches at the mere thought of this, think of Keanu.

You too can have Nuance Without Neurosis. In fact, this may be a helpful mantra for the phase.

I think I’ll do a little astro-rave re this – it’s intricate.

Oh and given that Chat GPT and co were announced at the end of the last Mercury Retrograde, in Taurus, I expect some sort of new info or – more likely – a bit of a spat. Why?

A lot of rhetoric re A.I. defaults to extremes – evangelical ‘this will revolutionize our lives’ enthusing or running b-reels from The Terminator movies to set the ambience.

But right now there seem to be primary uses of the technology – (1) Radically bumping up the output metrics of spammers and (2) Industrial scale info-scraping data off the internet to “train” the A.I.s – this is why sites like Twitter have been rate-limiting or you see a “slow down” warning when doing things on some sites.

Apart from these two significant factors, I’m personally peeved by Chat GPT’s propensity to use the phrase “it’s important to remember…”  No mate, I decide what’s “important to remember” – you can just tell me the name for Saturn in Sanskrit.

Also in media-culture – Mercury’s beat, remember – the Threads Vs Twitter competition could become quite heated. Thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Mercury Retro In Virgo Is Coming!”

  1. The Lion & The Centaur

    Some Mercury retros you barely notice, some scramble your whole life. My Mars is in Virgo, squared by everything, and I know Virgo retros wreck me.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    Mmmm…. I’.m feeling this already. Just darned the holes in a wool cardigan. It was so therapeutic !

    Wouldn’t it be nice to hand sew a simple garment?

    1. SorceryinaTeacup

      Yes, this is a lovely practice. Higher demand for haute couture is truer by the day. It’s call is alluring! Tube top? Head band? Perhaps a tote 👜 the possibilities are limitless as crochet comes back into vogue. I always feel so happy wearing something homemade ✨

  3. Noting all the Virgo action. Is this the same time as the Venus retro in Leo? A good time to take stock.

  4. I’ve already spat it at some Generational dude fresh out of high school last night. Mate…step off and you don’t move barricades for your personal use and put them in the medium of the pedestrian path.

    Even your vocabulary is on point as usual MM. This AM chat was about what is going to be in retrograde. I’m feeling this Astro already. Definitely something in date of birth and your expected birth due date. Going to have to add this to my research list 😉

    It’s a case of how do we manage the terrain of tension that technology is bring forth? Sure the patriarchy ego measurements aside. Take it back to the basics of supply and demand. The infrastructure is forgetting the end user experience. We are living in this hybrid evolution and the fundamentals of humanity have not improved.

    Love the creatives in this post, could you please share the details. Blessings to all in this wicked space as we endeavour to remain rad, during this funk trust of strange.

    1. I’m wondering if the lady in the first photo is Pat Cleveland? When I saw that photo, I heard Donna Summer in my mind.

  5. I’m equal parts neutral, ambivalent and ignorant of AI conversations all around.
    Simply sharing a ,in my opinion,.positive use for it recently: AI applied to implementing hearing impaired features throughout small and large transit ports. Essentially having visible signing (and/or text) for announcements that are done audibly on the regular and just as repetitive.

    Even so, I imagine with any use of it the enthusiasts and dystopic voices will have an immediate rhetoric for it.

    Personally, I’m stoked to be applying this retro season – happening in my 8th house along with the Leonian venus retro to contribute and collaborate in a new, unexpected field that feels so good to be in AND where I’m (re)discovering some natural talents sans shame stories or projected roles for what my skills should be applied towards.

    I’m turned on by admin work (seriously) much like an artist is by their muse encounters.

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