Aldous Huxley’s Astro-Genius

Thus it came about that, one bright May morning, I swallowed four-tenths of a gramme of mescalin dissolved in half a glass of water and sat down to wait for the results.

Aldous Huxley – The Doors Of Perception


The “bright May morning” was the iconic author’s second Saturn Return! Now I’m not a psychonaut and certainly don’t suggest mescaline for Saturn transits (lol!) but the timing is fascinating.

Clearly this contradicts the standard Saturn Return protocol to ‘take stock, consolidate, slow down’ etc. That Saturn was also conjunct Neptune in Libra at the time, with this rare Saturn-Neptune alignment trine Huxley’s natal Neptune and Midheaven suggests that he either knew a merde-load more astrology than he let on or he had a brilliant astrologer advising him.

There’s more proof of the astro but first, bear in mind that this was not just a personal psychedelic experiment. It was a genius career gambit and a moment that pushed substantial cultural change.

Aldous Huxley was 58, a Leo and one of the most famous authors in the world, thanks to Brave New World, the ultra-prescient dystopian novel he’d written two decades before. He’d become a regular magazine/newspaper correspondent, screenplay writer (FYI: Walt Disney rejected his Alice In Wonderland script treatment) and was an in-demand guest on the then nascent technology of television.

He had not, however, had a a huge wow-factor book like Brave New World in 21 years:  Huxley was taking mescaline with the intention of chronicling his experiences in a book that would zap him straight back into the center of the Zeitgeist and alter the cultural consciousness.

IHe selected the best day within a once-in-lifetime portal of opportunity to pull off a super-weird ambition and it worked. Aside from his 3rd house Sun (reflecting his word-wizardry), the author was absolutely a 12th house guy, with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto stacked in this soul-sector.

Astrally adept well before he tried any sort of psychedelic, Huxley was an advocate of hypnopaedia aka sleep-learning. He could even drop into trance-state at will, as the extract below – from The Dream Drugstore – Chemically Altered States of Consciousness- illustrates.

Jupiter and Neptune are naturally affiliated to the 12th house and are superbly strong there. In Huxley’s case, they were further strengthened by being part of a fabulous Grand Air Trine – aligned to Saturn in Libra and an Aquarian Midheaven.

He took the mescaline on May 4 1953 at 11 A.M. in West Hollywood – get this:

*Saturn was conjunct Neptune in Libra – a counter-cultural moment in itself.

*The Saturn-Neptune alignment was conjunct Huxley’s natal Saturn – ie: a super-charged Saturn Return and his second one at that.

*The Saturn-Neptune alignment was also trine his natal Neptune and Midheaven, activating the author’s auspicious Grand Air Trine.

*At 11:00 AM, Cancer was rising at the degree of Huxley’s natal Mercury (Retrograde!) in Cancer, making the moment incredibly powerful for awareness and his writer self.

*The Midheaven was conjunct Venus + Mercury in Aries, making it opportune for a venture that would transmit widely and attract admiration.

*The Midheaven degree at that time was also conjunct Huxley’s natal Mars in Aries, accentuating audacity.

*Jupiter was square the Midheaven which is technically a combative aspect but the overall benevolence of Jupiter softens it. Even so, it suggests that anything begun at that time could result in flamboyant career/reputation morphs and attract outsize attention.

If you’re already in the spotlight and financially secure, Jupiter square Midheaven simply becomes ‘any publicity is good publicity.’

Huxley’s book on his trip – The Doors Of Perception – became a cult bestseller and inspired people from Hunter S Thompson to The Doors and the scions of today’s Silicon Valley LSD micro-dosing scene.

But the immediate impact was that he was slammed by everyone imaginable…

A fellow Leo, the psychologist Carl Jung, poetically called him a “sorcerer’s apprentice who has called on ghosts but does not possess the knowledge needed to control them” but most of the criticism was far blunter and more damning. It was over the top in a thoroughly Jupiterian way.

But wouldn’t a risky experiment like this go against the base vibe of a Saturn Return? Yes and no. You can see it as a move that solidified Huxley’s vital 12th house stellium, making his esoteric leanings and desire to alter his consciousness a formal part of his public intellectual identity.

Also, if you were going to put your career and mental stability at risk by crossing into 12th house turf – a 12th house containing Jupiter, Neptune AND Pluto, you could see that Saturn in friendly aspect to both the 12th house trio and the public-image-influencing Midheaven would act as a stabilizer.

It really was the most deliciously perfect date and time – did he select it by magnificent yet unintended astral synchronicity? Secretly study astrology? Or have an astrologer. I think the latter.

Sydney Omarr, the renowned triple Leo “Hollywood astrologer” of the era writes about Aldous Huxley in several of his books – they had dinner together and met up to discuss philosophy.

Naturally he would not have disclosed the names of his clients – especially not the big-name-recognition/publicity-sensitive ones – because nobody ever would.

But as Huxley was avidly into esoteric topics and the astro of this cultural/career/consciousness coup was so brilliant, I think they must have had a professional relationship as well.

Omarr recounts this dialogue in his autobiography – Answer In The Sky…Almost:

When I first met Huxley and articulated my interest in astrology, he was extremely interested.

“It is a strange subject”, he said.

“It is even stranger to me”, I said, “that scientists who should know better are so unscientific in their approach to it.”

“Well,” answered Huxley, “the reason most scientists are inclined to veer away from astrology is that it falls in the philosophical realm.”

Then he added “But, as for myself, I have found that the great truths exist in this philosophial realm rather than in materialistic conceptions. “

Interestingly, in Brave New World the government introduces a ‘standardised happiness’ metric and citizens have to take mandated mind-alterers to attain it.

Huxley was anti-drugs for years and never endorsed recreational drug use yet he wound up advocating for psychedelics as almost akin to the way some people see gold – as a buffer against excessive government control.

He really was the ultimate 12th-house person – thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Aldous Huxley’s Astro-Genius”

  1. I need to look to this guy as an ancestral and astrological Muse. I have an Aquarius Midheaven, Gemini rising, Saturn in Libra, and Mercury retrograde natally. Mine is the 1982 Saturn/Pluto in Libra conjunction! It’s also conjunct my natal Mars in Libra as well, so quite the heavy-hitting trio, I tell you.

  2. I recently missed listening to Anna Lunder talk about her book ‘Wifedom’ but it seems as though Huxley’s wife may have had more to do with his writing genius than is thought. Honestly, would not be surprised!

  3. I was a teenage Jung reader at 14/15 years of age. Perhaps younger. Always searching for the clues to humans, our behaviours and animal/primal instinctual intelligence. Even when I read about Primal Screaming, I’d get some other school girls to come along and show them how to scream it all out on a hill. Jim Morrison would always come through in the seances we did and my solo candle word sessions.

    10th and 12th houses get busy indeed.

    Loving this post.

      1. Then Day of the Triffids, Clockwork Orange, On the beach- Shute, Lord of the flies, 1984, Little Big – Crowley, Atwood. I have an Uncle who thinks reading broadens the mind- No Dolly magazines for teen me

      2. I’ve not read Stephen King, so think because I’ve seen some of his films. Brilliantly done and a little too close to home in content.

    1. Me too. Where were you when I was growing up? I was raised in 1970s all white Protestant American suburbia in which (witch, lol) deviation from the liturgy of the church was seen as evidence of mental illness or the devil. I got on my bike and pedaled as furiously as my Scorpio stellium would allow to the bookstore for astrology and Carlos Castaneda. Huxley was an explorer not unlike the first astronauts on the moon. Small minds keep us tethered to Human 2.0 not 3.0.

      1. Hello indeed kindred bestie from across the oceans.

        I would ask the tough questions in my Sunday School, they would look at me…change the subject quickly and I’d still be left wondering…but why? 10 year old me was always questioning and being shut down for going against the grain of the status quo.

        Was also one to communicate with nature, art and animals – a kiddo that would hit pedal to the metal too. Pedal around my neighbourhood or walk around in my teenage years.

        Me over the weekend:
        Confirmation I’ve got healer blood and it’s tough going. All I need is to know details of a person via phone call. Have an emotional connection within the conversation and boom…less than 12 hours and I’ve got the pain in my right eye and cheek. The location of the original incident which caused prolonged ABI. A ball to the face and I’m a conduit…how about some rest for this body of mind. Yeah nah I’am a magnetic esoteric being, after all. Now to turn this into an actual profit for me would be great, especially now.

  4. THIS! I love this interpretation of the 12th house because it’s almost impossible to have a strong 12th house and not dabble into esoteric topics as you basically live in the liminal spaces without any sleep, prayers or meditation necessary to access other realms! Jung was still limited (although far more accepting of the power of the unconscious and the collective unconscious) by the parameters of Psychology/Psychoanalysis so access to other realms would’ve appeared too controversial, borderline dark arts/madness.
    I also love the thought of looking at Saturn as an anchor, too often it’s labeled as the ‘doom & gloom stark reality energy’ but in the right circumstances the power can be leveraged for practicality and grounding, such as the alignment you talk about here Mystic aspecting his 12th. 
    His gaze tho? This tells a story all on its own, he knows something and it’s all right there in his eyes if you dare to peak beneath the surface…..I don’t think I’ve related to someone’s placements as much as his! *adds ‘The Doors of Perception’ to Amazon cart lol 

  5. So fascinating! The Doors of Perception & it’s sequel Heaven & Hell were a landmark read in my teens – and a great excuse for tripping (Neptune Rising also helps).

    I’d like to add the Pluto factor to “this bright May morning” scenario in 1953 – conjunct exact as it was to Huxley’s IC (& trine his Mars).

    If Pluto wants deep experiences of the transformational kind, then what more potent placement than Pluto on the nadir of one’s chart to expose the subconscious terrain? (… she sayz nervously as Uncle Pluto blows smoke rings while he leans on the front porch to the Home sector. Mi casa es su casa, but please be gentle 😬)

  6. This man was a god to the zietgiest of the 60’s. Took mescaline in ’71 and yes it took perception up quite a notch that i still remember. Jeez it’s not easy to obtain !!!

  7. Fascinating! Thank you!
    Particularly Jung giving the ‘young pretender’ a slap to get off his turf. And I’d just been thinking about my Leo seventh house.
    Always synchronicity on here.

  8. Great timing for the Saturn/Neptune coming up in Aries 🌊 🔥 If Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra was “a counter-cultural moment in itself” it’ll be exciting to watch what happens in it’s opposite sign. Especially for millennials who are about to experience their Neptune Square Neptune!

  9. Thank you for shining a light on Huxley. He had fallen off my screen with the exception of inspiring The Doors band name. And by the way, I shared some pre-concert dream weed with Jim Morrison. It was the concert after his Miami “exposure” incident. His manager was keeping him on a short leash, so I was asked to provide a distraction.

    While I was reading your post, the morning news was covering Musk’s call for volunteers for his Neuro Link!

      1. There wasn’t much dialogue, just when you see the guy in the suit, don’t pass it to me. He did ask me to accompany a very drunk woman to the concert venue – one block. She had the Real Housewives look before it was a thing. In retrospect, I’ve often thought she was the inspiration for the song LA Woman.

  10. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    ooooh, I think you are right MM. If he studies astrology, no Leo is going to be quiet about it. I think he was acting on expert advice.

    What timing!

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