Mercury Retro In Aquarius Benefits

Not a fan of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius?* Sure, it’s spacey and scattered, but it comes with a myriad of advantages, believe it.

# Auto-translation of Aquarians – no need for insomnia, quantum calculations, or dialogues that feel like they’re conducted between parallel dimensions.

# The interstellar-level objectivity and zoomed-out perspective makes you seem cool, even when you’re seething or planning a plutonic revolution.

# It takes the edge off the current Sun-Pluto/Full Moon phenom. You can observe the megalomania with critical distance, and even the power-trippers are psychologically informative.

# You’re so bored by your standard-issue neuroses – e.g., self-doubt, tolerating soggy dynamics, the compassionate indulgence of inanity or complain-and-maintain – that you relinquish them.

# If you can ride out the restlessness and agitation (Retro-Mercury is also square Uranus), you spin up sensational breakthrough realizations and discoveries.

# A workaround for when you have to do deals/communicate with difficult people – compose the message and leave it in beta for eight hours: you’ll return to your draft with unexpectedly magnificent clarity.

*Mercury is Retrograde in Aquarius until January 26, when it backs into Capricorn. It returns to Aquarius from Feb 15 until March 10. See Navigating The Neo-Weird for more context.

Born With Mercury Retro In Aquarius

When you’re born with Mercury Retrograde, you not only have a naturally poetic mindset, you think according to your own algorithm. It predisposes you to genre-creation, particularly when it’s Mercury Retro in inventive Aquarius.

Rihanna, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Helen Gurley Brown, Django Reinhardt, Steve Jobs, Molly Ringwald, Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius Moments

1969: Richard Nixon sworn in as president of the USA: a few years later he became the only president to resign from office in the wake of Watergate.

1982: Elk Cloner, the first computer virus, appeared. It was written by a 15 year old Gemini and ‘transmitted’ via floppy discs.

2009: US Airways Flight 1549 ditches in the Hudson River after flying into a flock of geese: incredibly, everyone on board survived and it became known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.”

2015: The beginning of Ghost Kitchens, no-brand food-prep hubs created to fulfil multiple ‘restaurants’ via delivery services.

2021: A WHO-China investigation into the origins of Covid-19 concludes that it could not have come from a laboratory leak and that it was more likely to have come from bats.

29 thoughts on “Mercury Retro In Aquarius Benefits”

  1. Hilarious manifestation of Merc Retro. All set for a lovely weekend trip to Dublin in one week. Booked flights, hotel, took my booster, and was researching musical soirees, magical stone circle hikes and ghost history tours on a Friday night.

    Time spills into 5 am and I am having a ball. Even the tiniest prospect of travel is giddying after pandemic-fuckery, right?

    Anyway, I get to bed at 5, like a bloody teenager, put on my eye mask…and someone whispers in my ear, ‘Check the visa requirements.’ I huff. Ireland is part of EU. That’s the one reason I live here and not US – free travel zone. Something niggles at me. What are 5 more mins of blue screen when I have been up all night, eh?

    Lo, and behold. They ARE a part of EU but don’t recognise Schengen travel documents as a valid visa. :(((( New visa processing times – up to 6 weeks. My dreams of meeting my Shamus have been dashed, but only temporarily, I hope.

    I sent up a quick thanks for looking after me. Imagine turning up at the airport and having to return. 🙁 Despite the dashed hopes, I feel loved and protected.

  2. Haha, I have this placement natally (the 1982 transit). Married an Aqua rising so we could have the wacky convos of my dreams. Turning 40 in a couple of weeks in Earth years, but we all know time is a Saturnian concept, so I’m probably only 10, at most, on the Kronos schedule. When you live with Merc retro in Aquarius natally, nonsense makes sense, and real life gets dreamier the more you peer past the constructed surface. The only truths are the ones Tesla stumbled across – energy, lightwaves, lightning, gravity, magnetic forces, and the electric currents that hum …

    1. Sadly, critical thinking is not normally encouraged as a life skill. It produces rebels that upset the status quo. I suspect those who subcribe to this site probably have this as a natural part of their DNA. And fully awakened at that. 🌞

  3. Moon/Mercury/Venus Rx in the 12th sees me generally in space cadet mode, so this current vibe works. My Dreamscape has seen some interesting action lately, generally two epic stories in one night which further amps up the daily restlessness. I performed a full moon ritual to manifest my progress this year, then last night a huge snow storm hit NY and I don’t even know if I can get outside to burn the letter under the full moon tonight lol. Thanks Mother Nature 🌬

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      The detachment is helping me, But a friend has lost her youngest son only 25 years old to a heart attack. I met her in the supermarket today and gave her a hug. I will be attending the funeral next Monday. Then the cremation. Very confused today. Among the covid food shortage. He had the heart attack on New Years Eve and died on the New Year.

      Strangely it brought up memories of my lost loved ones. I feel like I am the one left on earth carrying the torch.

      Then I listened to Hey Jude and Wild Horses and felt better.

      1. Music will heal all wounds Wish, but there seems like there’s a heavy vibe around you. Death always brings me back to earth as a reminder of our cycles. You’re not alone, you’re just transitioning to the next phase……
        big hugs 🤍
        My spacecadet vibe was short lived btw, I have so much Mars in my chart & unless I’m working out 24/7 or digging through the snow, I’m quick to blow lol. 

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I had a good long sleep and feel much better today. My sadness yesterday was because I was aware of ending a cycle. Regardless of how bad the cycle is it is still an ending. And yes death is the reminder.

          Thank you for your kind words. We seem to be on the same page. Go well with that Mars Energy. Wow you live in New York. Snow ! How exciting. I love that song by Alicia Keys.It makes me feel strong. Your full moon ritual sounds powerful.

          Hugs for you too.


          1. A great sleep is very underrated for its restorative qualities! Happy to hear that you’re more centered today 🙂
            I feel this is what we do on this blog, lift each other up at different stages of our journey, and be the strength for ne another ✨
            Yes the ritual after I battled through knee deep snow was so powerful!
            I had such an amazing moment where I felt the moon was listening or acknowledging my wishes, from a dark cloudy night sky she emerged as soon as I burned my letter and it was being released into the universe. That connection in the moment felt so magical ⚡️

            1. Yes I was off centre that day. The night before I made satay chicken with too much peanut butter. It was to fatty for my system and my body expelled it. lol.
              I also had the air con on all night. and I was cold and didn’t sleep well.

              Yesterday spirit reminded me to look after myself better.

              Your moon story sounds so sweet.
              Thanks for lifting me up on my dud day.

  4. Esoteric Inspo page: the Queen of Swords; Helene Cixous’s words; Ondra Lysohorsky’s Advice to a Young Poet.. and a moving feast of liminal delight. Thank You MM!!💖

  5. Wishing all the cyber friends an exciting, prosperous, adventurous & lavish 2022. If all of wishes don’t manifest easily then just fake it till you make it.
    And eat chocolate too.

    No daily email to remind this sweet senior to venture into the world according to Mystic Medusa & followers until now. Remember- forget- remember- forget.
    So many books so little time. So many recipes, so many choices, i feel like a kid in a candy shop quite often

    DREAMS: Waay too real & un-dream like. Because of Nocturia, they are remembered vividly. Nocturia sounds like a strain of dream weed, but it’s simply ‘night & urine’.Want to remember your dreams drink plenty of fluids 2 hours before sleeping.

    Have action in the 11th house, 2 or 3 planets, but so spacey can’t remember which ones. Note to self. Print out chart from Astrodienst with transits. Blue tac onto wall.
    Sun in Sagg 11th house i

    1. I’ve got this retro happening in my 11th house too. Along with transitting Pluto, Sun. Venus is just in there now.

    2. Right backatcha beautiful Pegs Xooxo I’ve tried nocturia, I end up sleeping like a babe but waking with bad cramps and run for bathroom forgetting dreams like shedding feathers down a hall. You can’t reinhabit that snake-skin again until you shed again, another night. Happy FM, Winged Zebra Xoo

  6. You’re so bored by your standard-issue neuroses – e.g., self-doubt, tolerating soggy dynamics, the compassionate indulgence of inanity or complain-and-maintain – that you relinquish them.”

    Man I have been going THROUGH IT this last week and yet have been impressed by a new trait that has arisen in me… functional optimism. Not like sappy “everything happens for a reason” optimism but “being upset about this doesn’t help me achieve my goals and experience peace” optimism. I just want to get back to work and keep knocking out milestones.

    I was telling my partner yesterday I should do an analysis on what is happening for me astrologically in more detail but it’s most likely not about me but about the greater astrological transits for all of us right now. (<– my surgery I travelled across the country for got cancelled 17 hours before it was due to start because of the covid surge).

  7. Watching myself from outside my own hamster wheel trying to come up with
    A reasonably short form of “so it turns out when I said ‘never talk to me again’ I might have been in acute shock but I respect you for holding to my boundary can we make out now before someone releases actual krakens?”
    is my personal summation of these retrogrades.

      1. Maybe instead we find a millennial who makes my catchphrases into NFTs and start the “astrobitch in a pluto transit” fund we desperately need.

      2. Missed you. Might come put of hiding when the sun chiron mercury conjunction new moon happens on my birthday. Well see.

      3. Talking tee’s, an ad popped up for tee shirts with memes & one sweatshirt in cafe au lait (light brown according to them) said ‘You think i’m a little old lady but i’m a battle hardened warrior queen’.
        Had to buy as thought it was personally printed for me 🙂

  8. Fascinating that you mention the “being so bored with your standard issue neuroses that you relinquish them”. Yesterday, an old issue reared its head and I thought , “Really, again. I thought this was done. And no, I am not going back there to look at it from a different angle, gain new insight or work with it. ” Once I made that decision, I heard a loud crack. The massive gum in my front yard dropped a huge dead branch. I think that says it all.

  9. This Mercury is transiting my 9th house with Aquarius on the midheaven. I’m definitely revisiting some career matters after feeling very stuck! A few minutes ago, I applied for a job at a previous employer; the people who gave me difficulties moved on. The job is in a place with many people from abroad and has taken many experimental approaches to its services. If I get this job, I hope this opens doors that otherwise have been nonexistent in in my current one. Since this hovers over my natal Jupiter and with Jupiter transiting my 10th house, maybe this will lead to something interesting! After some bumps, perhaps. We shall see! I can be patient and allow Mercury Rx to let it work through kinks and organizational snafus, and perhaps I can hear from them after it’s out of the shadow zone. *Fingers crossed*

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