There Are Cats On Chomalungma!

There are cats on Chomalungma – aka Mt Everest! In what must surely be the cutest scientific discovery on record, “Pallas cats” have just been discovered on the world’s highest mountain. 

“Pallas” does not refer to the goddess Athene but to Simon Pallas, the British naturalist who “discovered” them in the 18th century. Their alternate name is “manul” – Mongolian for “wild” – and there is a society dedicating to preserving these creatures and other mountain wildcats.

Speaking of names, how crazy is it that Mt Everest is/was even called that? Both the Tibetan name – Chomalungma – and Nepalese name – Sagarmatha – for this majestic peak refer to goddesses: Goddess Mother of the World and Sky Goddess respectively.

The actual goddess is Miyo Lang Zhang Ma – a Buddhist deity of “inexhaustible giving” revered by the Sherpas. AKA “immovable noble mind” she rides a golden tiger and in the Buddhist narrative was “converted” from being an elemental mountain spirit/demoness at some point.

Yet this mountain was named after George Everest, the surveyor-general of India who never even laid eyes on it and stridently objected to the mountain being given his name. A Cancerian, he seemed to have been a closet mystic and fervently believed that all mountains and other iconic natural features should retain their local name.

He was a freemason, initiated in Penang at the fabulously named Neptune Lodge.

His niece later wrote that “My uncle, George Everest, was sent to India in 1806 at the age of sixteen…He made the acquaintance of a learned Brahman who taught him — not the details of his own ritual, as European missionaries do, but — the essential factor in all true religion, the secret of how man may hold communion with the Infinite Unknown.”

He was a talanted mathematician and astronomer – his house in the  foothills of the Himalayas was strategically placed for skygazing and in my imaginary picture of him, George E was a cat guy.

Interestingly, he was born with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer square Saturn in Aries AND Venus in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo + Pluto in Aquarius.

This is the perfect astro for someone who (1) was powerful but evidently unable to prevent a mountain being named after him when he wanted it to be named Chomalungma and (2) ends up with his surname not only being synonymous with the world’s highest mountain but also a metaphor for extreme achievement.

Given that so-called Mt Everest is evidently plagued by supernatural phenomena and mysteries, could the cats be a sign that it is time to change the name to its original? Even leaving aside the fact that its namesake was against it and the colonial arrogance of removing the mountain’s longheld name, Chomalungma is prettier, right?

And given that China has apparently been lobbying for the name to be changed for the last two decades, it could also be a suave and quite doable diplomatic move. Thoughts?

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  1. Those cats look exactly like the kind of creature you’d meet on a mythical quest when you reached the top of the mountain and found the mystical being who had the answer you needed to complete your journey. Wise and mystical and slightly comical. They’d give you your answer in riddle form.

    And yes to changing the name back, but thanks for the history of Everest. I’d always assumed it was named after yet another self-important old white dude but it was cool to know he believed in the sacredness of local names for places.

  2. Put simply, yesss!!!! Change the name, although it almost feels poetic to be named Everest now I’ve read this story. Also, Ever-rest has always had a ring to it.

    1. So interesting that you read it as Ever-rest! I had never read it that way before. I always read it as Ever-est as in the most ever, which seems apt for the highest mountain everest! But I really like Ever-rest, besides making actual grammatical sense vs. my version, it does have a lovely sentiment. 🙂

  3. Yes! It’s another Empire story of what the British stole…I love all the aboriginal place names here and eager to see more Captain Logan etc changed back.

  4. Pallas cats look like a human dressed in a cat suit, like pandas do. Gotta love them. Guardians of a spooky sacred mountain should only ever be thus ♡

  5. Just thought i’d share some astro synchronicity. Since this post came out i’ve been more than a little nostalgic about my days in the Himalayas so i did some astro sleuthing. I found out that Tara (5863) shares the same degree in my chart as Uranus, & conjunct Mercury & Mars. Tara is the supreme Goddess of the Himalayan people, & since experiencing what i did there, i’ve considered her a patron saint. But there’s more – while on my birthday there, she was conjunct my Sun! … And Mercury was conjunct my Tara… Astro Magic.

  6. An Everest of a post.
    Sorry couldn’t help it.

    LOve his house, my dream house if below lead to surf & sand.
    Perfect for a telescope with that an elevation.
    It would have an excellent view good view of the visiting blue tailed comet overhead. It hasn’t done a fly by since the Neanderthals.
    I fear for the cats now they are known. Some breeder will capture for future exotic strains.
    Friends just came back from a month in Bhutan. Brought back a painted depiction of Tara (i think) antique & cost a fortune backed with silk so old it was falling apart, no tourist imitation was this!
    Nearly fell to my knees when he showed me. Yes that powerful.
    To enter one must have a driver & guide with them at all times except if you wish to dine alone.
    A beautiful simple organic earthy life is lived there, it does look like Shambhala, the mythological ‘heaven’. in the Himalayas.
    ‘Wealth’ judged by ‘Gross National Happiness’. Admirable.
    The Tiger’s Temple looked stunning & they made halfway.
    One of them aged 80.
    Like Scarab read an appealing book whilst in Kasmir looking at the Himalayas. Jonathon Livingston Seagull…lol.
    The book suited the scenario.

    1. I agree about the beach! Our little farm in Nowendoc would definitely benefit from being on the coast but at 1100m asl it would mean disaster for a lot of people and animals. Still, we can dream about the perfect coastal farm.

  7. Mystic, I want to thank you again, here, in this more prominent place, for your Daily Mystic for February 1. You wrote how the current astro with the Aquarius Sun squaring Uranus, ‘evokes the ‘fixed square’ grind that was so prevalent over 2021/2022’. This was such a consolation, as all the themes of 21/22 are alive and kicking for me again right now and I had been feeling so stuck. Thank you for pointing out that Venus and Mars in mutable signs give a lot more room for manoeuvring than we’d think… Onwards and upwards 🌈

  8. I love all of this. Thanks Mystic.

    I wonder if there is a petition or something somewhere for the govt to change the name back to Chomalungma.

  9. I love the manuls… Saw pictures of them for the first time last week and was so impressed! When you see them head to toe, you’ll notice that they are very stocky and seriously bow-legged which makes them completely unique. Like small furry wrestlers

  10. Wish Upon a Star

    The eyes of that gorgeous cat are so knowing!

    I love the eyebrows too.


  11. Wow! Cats on Chomalungma! And what a fantastic name. And what an amazingly regal looking cat. The Egyptians had it sussed with cats!
    And shouldn’t all colonial ‘names’ around the world should be replaced by their original/local names? And what a lovely man Everest was. Let’s honour his wishes and at the same time add to the (hopefully) improving relationship with China.

  12. Australia agreeing with China’s wishes to changed back to Chomalungma would go a long way to improve our relationship with China in a most delightful manner. Australia could encourage America to do likewise.

  13. That Pallas cat has a gaze like he knows something we don’t…. there’s an ancient knowing in those eyes, I loveeeeee 😻

    1. Oh, this feline’s face says it. ALL. I just imagine it watching all the corporates trying to scale this sacred – and sentient – mountain, for the sake of tick the box, and … * this face *
      (Also, the BBC video on the Pallas/Manul cats in the “just been discovered” link MM posted is hilarious – it is so “meh” in the face of Life..)
      Thuji chey, Chomolungma, indeed – for bearing with us humans ! (Thanks Skarab, and MM). xx

      1. Hahaha I love that visual 😂😂
        Humans do too much, and in the process of ‘doing’ they forget that the ‘being’ is where the true experience lies. The magic of life is in the present, and really in the eyes of that magnificent Cat!
        It’s definitely time that this mountain is given back its sacred name of Chomolungma. Isn’t it time we recovered from the eradication of divine feminine energy from history? 

        1. I dreamt about the manul cats last night, Cecemesee!!
          The sacred feminine is always there, despite attempts to “write-over” her – but I get the feeling She also likes being a hidden power, sometimes..?
          I wonder as to the vibrational magic inherent in “Chomolungma”. I am no expert but I read somewhere that all the ancient languages – Sanskrit, Tibetan/Nepalese, Aramaic – ascribe vibrational power (in the sound made) to even the most mundane of words – every utterance is a prayer, spell, or invitation to the Divine to imbue consciousness. Isn’t that amazing? ? Xoo

          1. Noooooo?!! Do tell!
            Yes! That is true of many of the ancient languages / cultures that they didn’t communicate through words, only song and vibrations. I uncovered that through my learnings into Lumeria 🧜‍♀️
            I had that ancient language spoken/sung into my heart space during a healing which was outerwordly ⚡️☄️✨
            And you’re SO right, (thankyou for that reminder!) never taking away from the goddesses that move in shadow & darkness because we need/are that duality. Power makes itself known when the time is right…

            1. Hi darling Cece,
              Aghhh! I get so caught in answering properly (because sometimes I blurt – being Aries, lol – and then I go, ahh! But did I actually say anything of meaning/thought out?? haha…)
              So – my dreams are really sketchy lately because I sometimes get poor sleep due to chronic health issues – but when I do get a “run” of good nights, I remember the most EPIC dreams. So – the manul cats were all on a plateau/steppe, were in a litter around their Mum, and despite yeowling at each other, were also yeowling something important at me!! Goddess only knows what. I just remember it was the end of the dream, and I missed the message. MM talks a lot about static and signal, and I seriously need to up my discernment skills in identifying which is what! lol..
              Also ancient languages – me too re hearing about oral histories/song! Am sorry I didn’t say where I had heard my first tidbit (I was trying in vain to find all my references) BUT – having said that, the best summation I have recently heard of how the sound vibrations came to have such importance (in desert/nomadic cosmologies/cultures/languages) was by Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz, in his latest BATGAP interview – about 12 minutes in (the YouTube version)..
              So I do still wonder though, if the languages & sound vibrations have their own life, irrespective of speaker?
              And are they timeless/beyond context?
              If we say Chomolungma, or the Tibetan Buddhist Om Vajrasattva prayer, or the Sanskrit Gayatri mantra, or Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, do the sound vibrations still invoke a similar cosmological effect, even if we are from a different time and space (literally, aliens).
              I don’t know, but I like to think the ancient languages are all a living breath binding all beings, in all directions of time and space…
              Off to dream now – love to wherever in the world you are, Cece xoo

              1. ahahaha you always convey a perfectly crafted msg in my eyes lovely, so blurt all you like!
                Do you drink herbal tea before bed? I drink tea nightly to calm my sometimes erratic-jump-outta-my-skin energy lol. I’m about to try Blue Lotus tea, which excites me how closely linked to divination it is, especially in Ancient Egyptian history. 
                You know animals are like a giant sponge to our emotions, they absorb everything we are feeling in the moment. I guess that’s why they grow to look like us, or is it the other way round?? lol…… the msg I am getting from your dream is, the babies are looking for nurturing from their mother… who is nurturing you? They may have been calling to you to draw your attention that we all need to feel a mothers love, and we are loved and a part of creation! 
                We can sometimes look too hard for interpretations in the moment, I’m very guilty of this lol. We have all the answers…. if we are coming from a place of neutrality. 
                The ancient languages even if they are spoken in a modern time, still have all the energetic signatures that can transcend and connect us right back to our previous lives and power. Extraterrestrial energy IS creator energy and all is available and possible if we believe it. And we are all connected, which is a beautiful thought to place right in your heart at night ♥️…l hope you had beautiful dreams you gorgeous soul! ✨

                1. Queen Cecemesee – I hope you get to read this, lovely. What a full moon it was – and I don’t know if it is your natural magick, the Blue Lotus tea, or all the internal work you’re doing, but absolutely you hit the mark (and a previously unseen part of me and my soul) with regards self-nurturing..!!! Very emotional. Thank you, thank you. XOO It really helped me open my eyes to a different angle on a lifelong question of mine – and expand upon the progress I have already made. It is too boring to go into my own details here (about why self-nurturing/nurturing others) is so important to me (I have previously, but trying to not “be” my story) but – it really, really helped. Love to you again, Cece – hope the FM lunation wasn’t too drama-llama for you!! I really don’t know what I’d do without this little group here under the fragrant shade of MM’s Tree of Life (lol! That’s what it feels like). CJ xx

                2. I LOVE READING THIS! and I see you lovely, the msg was very clear in the moment for me, so if it resonates and opens your awareness on the mysteries of you – I’m just happy to help!! 🥰
                  I am doing a lot of work, it can only be described as raising my spiritual awareness/energetic recognition so I love hearing that my intuitions don’t lie lol. And trust me, I know the complexities that are below the surface on each individuals journey too well myself …..and this group has done more for me in these past years then a whole lifetime, with some of the other characters in my little life lol. Always here to come thru with the assist! Much love 💕

          2. Since I have been reciting and studying Sanskrit as a dilettante for over 30 years … each one of the 16 vowels in Sanskrit correlate to one of the 16 petals in the throat chakra. Sanskrit has sounds not heard in most other languages. Speaking Sanskrit keeps the throat chakra tuned. It is a sacred language. All of the sacred texts rhyme or have a melody and rhythm. The Sundara Kanda is a poetic masterpiece with 24,000 versus as just one part.

            1. Thank you Elf!! No “dilettante” self-description necessary – as the lovely Sam once quoted to me “Zen mind, beginner’s mind”. Love your learned knowledge – thank you for sharing! x

      2. There’s a book by Peter Matthiessen (check him out, amazing guy) called The Snow Leopard (another enigmatic feline of the Himalayas) which you might enjoy. It mixes the outer journey of searching for this elusive cat, with the inner journey (he had just lost his wife) via a mix of the locals’ Buddhist beliefs & ancient B’on religion. I read it while trekking there & i’ve never been so high on life, literally, physically & spiritually. Had it not been for my partner, whom i adore, i would probably still be there happily tending yaks & churning butter.

        1. Brilliant, Skarab, thanks a million again !! XOO
          Just ordered it for pick-up tomorrow from my local independent booksellers – cannot wait to read it. And just looked up Matthiessen – what a polymath – but even more mind-blowingly – of course you have been tending yaks and churning butter high as an eagle on the Himalayas. Before leaving it for love – but of course. A part of you is still up there, I am sure – and that mountain range within you!! X
          (Also I need to look up the B’on sect tradition – have only heard about the other oldest school, Nyingma..?, in any great detail – but still. Perennial amateur me – and have never been to the actual places where these traditions spring from, like you have. Wow…)

        1. I think (at least, pretty sure) MM placed this post up as a kind of talisman for last weekends’ full moon. At least, that is how I am taking it – this little kitty is my good luck charm, hehe.. XOO

  14. Fab post. The first thing Sherpa Tensing Norgay did (who with Hillary was the first man to step on the crest of Chomalungma) after embracing Hillary, was to say thank you to the goddess “Thuji chey, Chomolungma (I am grateful, Chomolungma) & left some chocolate as an offering – I bet that chocolate is still there, frozen for millennia. He said that he felt guided by her all the way & would not have made it without her help.
    It is a crying shame that it has become the world’s highest rubbish tip, though hardly surprising.

  15. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    The people of Burma aren’t keen on the name Myanmar (even though it is traditional) as it was brought in my the current Military Junta who is currently murdering its citizens.
    Considering the Chinese government’s treatment of the Tibetan people a name change at their behest might have similar…connotations for the locals.
    The traditional name is beautiful though and Mr Everest tres intriguing!

      1. Missionary’s did same to Tahitians who never had diabetes until they arrived.
        Was told by naturopaths in early 70’s not to eat ‘white’ as in sugar, bread, flour & milk.

  16. this cat! I can hear a very specific cartoon voice in my head..
    so if westerners can cope with Peking as Beijing, and Ayres Rock ‘reverting’ to Uluru, Myanmar / Burma… why not Everest to Chomalungma? Everest is a memorable name but it’s not the right name. I am sure that China could just go ahead and rename it if they really wanted to.

  17. That cat has eyebrows and must be conserved at all costs, as should the original and beautiful name. I wonder why it hasn’t happened already if pretty well everyone wants it to? Puzzling.

    1. Yes, the eyebrows. Thing is you’d expect a wild Himalayan mountain cat to act, well serious & no nonsense predatory like. But in that BBC film she acts just like a house kitty – all serious stealth one minute & then the next she’s all purry & coquettish rolling around on her back, lol, too cute.

    2. Aqualeo, if you see this, do you have Merc-Uranus-Sun conjunction in the 5th H?
      Coz if you do, i think i’ve come across a post on *synchronicity* where we had a convo back in 2014! i had a different handle & you were anon, but i reckon it sounds like you.

      1. Sadly no Skarab. I have a Uranus Sun Mars Jupiter conjunction in the 3rd. But have had a life full of synchronicity which I reckon is that Uranus playing out. My Moon is in the 5th though. 🥰

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