Can You Solve This Gemini-Aquarian Love Dilemma?

Can you help to shed light on this surprisingly common relationship dilemma? For reasons alluded to below, I feel far too close to the scenario!

Magnificent Mystic Medusa,

I’m a lifetime member & admirer of both your astrological talents & your compelling writing skills. 

As a long term lover of an Aquarius male I am currently struggling with his lack of income. I have been financially supporting his voluntary gestures to help multimillionaires realise their dream gardens or find their dream sound systems, among other adventures – requiring months of work and almost always unremunerated.

I have just made a stand about my financing his support for other people’s projects. He is aghast.  

Is it inevitable that an Aquarian will never understand the drain he exerts on my energy & finances? I also can’t believe I’m in this situation. I’m a fun loving Gemini for God’s sake – I was never meant to be cast in this supporting role (for 16 years)… 

Gemini, Perturbed

My dear Perturbed Gemini,

I appreciate your compliments SO much but fear I am not the person to answer this. Why not? Well, I was raised by a Gemini-Aquarius duo, with my father being the Aquarian. Even though I don’t think I’ve ever described Aquarius as being particularly prone to blowing money on others not-in-need, your story seems hauntingly familiar.

People were often puzzled by my explanations for having to skip a school trip or similar – “I’m sorry…because your father is still paying off the import fees for the Tuscan bricks he purchased for a concrete manufacturer?” But I was surprised at their puzzlement. It took me years to figure out that surreal, costly and unsolicited gifts were not the norm. I vividly recall the power being cut off because paying for someone’s patent fees took precedence.

Even the most extravagant of my friend’s fathers blew money or went broke for their own pleasures – what’s more it was usually their money. Maybe it was still irresponsible but logical within the framework of decadence, entitlement etc.

Getting your mistress a nose job is morally suss, obviously, but in pure monetary terms it will presumably have a sexual payoff. It’s skeevy but understandable within ‘getting laid’ logic. And while compulsive gambling has well-documented adverse impacts, the person doing it gets a dopamine surge, however short-lived.

Are Aquarians Conventional-Money-Wisdom-Phobic?

What is the reward for courting financial fuqery via grandiose gifts to people who don’t need them? It could seem as if the giver was trying to signal that they too are at the millionaire’s level yet is that Aquarian? It’s not even a particularly successful gesture – self-made millionaires are not known for their nutty generosity or nonchalance with $$. They’re not going to regard the giver with awe.

Could it be because Aquarians are bored by conventional money wisdom – phobic, even – and seek to subvert it with their personal home-brewed gonzo wisdom?

Your Aquarius guy has, of course, crossed a line when he starts to cramp your financial freedom and possibly put your security at risk. But let’s talk solutions. Sixteen years is a lengthy relationship and I’m assuming he has many fabulous qualities or you wouldn’t be in this relationship.

So has he become worse of late or is the end of the Pluto in Capricorn (aka low interest post-GFC era) giving you the financial heebie-jeebies? It can’t have been this bats for the whole 16 years although…your relationship began with Pluto in Capricorn!

If you were able to ring-fence your finances from his crackpot schemes, would you be happy with him? Or do you fear contagion, so-called sexually transmitted debt or having to support him one day?

Most importantly, why was he aghast when you raised this? Aquarians are supposed to be objective but to be fair, that is often more to the fore when someone else is emotive. Could you phrase your objections in a way that he finds appealing? You know, put it in the context of a niche philosophy or grass-roots movement?

Do You Have Time For Aquarius Stunt Spending?

My inner Saturn-Hermit persona says that if this is your partner’s overt behaviour, what are his less obvious spending habits? If you’ve been with him this long and particularly if you share a house and/or debt, you’re liable for his everything.

Saturn-wise, scoot off and have a discreet discussion with a lawyer. With Uranus in Gemini from 2025 bringing so many rad opportunities for Geminis, do you have spare time to try and talk him down from his “aghast” platform? Or for this stunt spending?

Or, sync with Pluto in Aquarius – get your partner a weekend away doing something suitably Aquarian and spend the time leisurely going through all the financial data.

Once you’ve worked out the extent of it, make your plans. It may help negotiations if you’re able to tell him he’s spent precisely X $ on something yet earns Y  – to show the unsustainable nature of it through numbers, not emotions.

What does everyone else think?

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  1. As a Gemini daughter of an Aquarius father & Sag mother this post & MM story was hauntingly familiar

    I did have an Aquarius in my midst recently but now I even more convinced it was best to not go there

  2. Gosh, what a thread! Mildly triggering in parts.

    Mystic’s account of her Dad brought back some memories of my own father – Sag but with Venus in Aquarius, and for some reason a strong Uranian quality (maybe to do with unknown Ascendant/MC). Very rule-breaky, rebellious, a campaigner for human/workers rights, great fun at a party, but never to be seen in the audience at your school play, or parent-teacher interviews. Never even occurred to me that he would be there – Mum was ‘The Parent’. But that Venus in Aquarius… not only was he physically absent but also financially absent too. Found out long after the fact that he didn’t pay maintenance/child support as his employment was too unstable, and Mum’s income wasn’t enough for the ‘extras’ in life. Mum also a Sag but with Moon in Taurus so we always had the necessities of life, just nothing else.

    Thoughts: Aquarians are conduits, conductors, channels… of energy, electricity, water, resources, insights, ideas… and money! They are the link between Capricorn and Pisces, between the philanthropist and the charity case (no offence Pisceans! Just an analogy). But the glyph is TWO lines – so back around again, the offering returned, transformed – completing the circuit that makes the light glow… In Perturbed’s instance, that is money from the Gemini to the multi-millionaires! Weird, even for an Aquarius, as there’s obviously no need there… tho, it’s more that the money is powering the Aquarian so that he can provide the genius, creativity, flair… and that’s what they are lacking.

    Really interesting dynamic. I’m irritated at the fact that the millionaires aren’t giving anything back for all that he is providing. Do they not know he needs money to live..? Maybe not. The privilege of ignorance, and the ignorance of privilege… But there must be a payoff for him – he gets to spend time in that world. ‘Successful’ by association. But what does Gemini get out of it?? Fuck all it sounds like… And if nothing comes back, then the light doesn’t work. No glow, no go!

    So. There’s only one thing to do Gemini. Turn off the tap! It’s your water. You get to decide where it goes… Find another hose and water your own garden with it.. And yes, i mean that in every way possible! 😏 🌱🌷🌱✨

  3. I am very much for “objective numbers vs. how you feel about it” approach. I’m Aquarius Moon and have a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon dad whose astute but brutally worded Saturnian advice and commentary on my finances I’m learning to appreciate. My Libra Sun ass has always been too liberal with my spending and for a while I was literally doing the Aquarian grassroots activism and making almost nothing in it, so he is beyond used to being my financial crutch. The man had to put some boundaries about that, and when I recovered from the shame, I started hustling. I suspect Perturbed Gemini’s partner may be having the same reaction inwardly (potentially unacknowledged shame), whatever it looks like on the outside.

  4. Uh oh …

    Yeah, I’ve been the pie-in-the-sky idealistic daydreamer version of an Aquarius most of my life. Saturn keeps teaching me lessons that it actually HARMS my need for freedom when I don’t plan, but I still hate planning and would rather just moodle around.

    I’m an Aqua who really feels that Piscean 2nd house of money, like money is nebulous and weird and something I just can’t wrap my mind around. Like it’s a dreamy substance Earthlings use, but where I’m from? Wouldn’t exist, or would be something completely different. Like bitcoin, but with ethics? Maybe.

    But others see money as something VERY much understood. I mean, it’s numbers and math. So, it’s hard to get people to understand why I struggle with this nebulous thing which is so understandable.

    Maybe try speaking in those freedom terms, and instill the fear of being told what to do!

    “Listen, Mr. Aqua, I know you don’t want to financially plan for the future and come onboard with me in a financial sense. I get that money is nebulous and hard to understand. But if we don’t sit down and get through this, it will hamper your ability to do what you want in the future. Then you’ll be forced to do what others tell you to do, because you won’t have the money to do what you want to do.”

    See? I’m giving myself the future heebie-jeebies just thinking about the potential of someone telling me what to do, haha. Good luck!

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    I’m a Gemini Daughter of an Aquarian Mum and Gemini Dad both born in the early 1920’s. Apparently they were called the silent Generation. My mum was very stoic but not my Cancer moon dad. My mums Capricorn moon was like a rock for the family, it really took over when my dad had a major stroke when I was seven. Mum looked after my dad and us wild four kids on her own and paid off the house. Her Aquarian side did show, she was quite stubborn and her advice was Aquarian. Her advice to me as a child was to not get married. She could sense my free spirit. I think she felt trapped by her circumstance but she was extremely loyal. There was a friendship between the two. Apparently my father was quite domestic, a good cook and good with changing nappies etc, etc. As we were both Geminis we were telepathic.

  6. ThisIntuitiveLife

    Ugh. My Aquarius Dad was this way, promising my mother (also an Aquarius) that he would fund my college education, so long as she agreed to less child support in their divorce. Cut to him walking in at 55 years old saying he needed to retire, because he just couldn’t bear to “die in the saddle” so no college for me. My mother was so in love with him that she agreed to many of his demands, screwing me in the process.

    He was incredibly handsome and charismatic… but living off of his daughter’s college education and finally slipped his mortal coil after 30 years of retirement… my promised inheritance somehow magically vanished as well…

    I’ve loved reading all of the wisdom here. Thanks for letting me vent. I’m still salty. I would never dream of doing this to my child. And I’m just 3 years younger than he was when he did it to me.

    (Libra sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising, Taurus Midheaven).

  7. Perturbed Gemini

    Hello everyone out there in the amazing Mystic Medusa community!
    I am so grateful to you all for sharing your helpful experiences, wisdom and advice.
    I will try to reply to all the messages tomorrow, but for now, I just want to thank you for the time and the care you’ve taken to help out this Perturbed Gemini.
    Top of the list for Monday morning: contact a lawyer… it can’t hurt right?
    A thousand thanks!

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Become more “crazy” than the Aquarian. Start talking about how you need to finance the perfume startup of a Neopolitan Countess.
    (Actually deposit the money into a savings account you have started for yourself with, say, a new bank).

    Sorry honey, I’d LOVE to fund your billionaire’s sound system/garden schemes but Contessa Guardalupe’s frangrance project really needs me on board and I am backing this all the way.

    We’ll see who’s suddenly aghast.

  9. I am so angry in the behalf of all of us. Every time some fuckboy types in some forum with his stubby toes about how women only have relationships for money, I want to scream because I know so many women supporting their male partners for years and years. Worst part? The society, the man, his parents etc don’t even acknowledge it! I got virtual deja vu upon reading your experience, Silvervirgo. This guy needs 20 slaps and I am happy to deliver them on your behalf.

    And just for the record, (must be all the Earth in my chart) as an Aquarius Sun,Gemini NNode, I would self combust if I had to ever depend on anyone else for money. I didn’t even take from my own father when young, let alone a cheap styrofoam disposable man.

    1. Perturbed Gemini

      Amazing observations – thank you – I just want to know why nobody acknowledges that he hasn’t worked regularly for years and yet leads a relatively luxurious lifestyle…

  10. Not to try to one-up anyone but I was with an Aquarius for nearly nine years, supporting him for approximately the last third of our time together. It was my accountant who suggested I end the relationship when she realized I was paying HIS back taxes. I accept responsibility for co-enabling it all but what really stung? Him telling his new partner a year later that I was stifling him with generosity that was unwarranted, trying to substitute affection with money.

    1. Perturbed Gemini

      Do you know what? I can just imagine hearing a similar accusation… it would be all my fault for enabling him and in the process limiting his freedom…

  11. Dear Gemini sincerely hope you have a magnificent garden & top of range sound system! Hope he cooks delicious meals for you & is a tantric god in bed.
    Women & the unpaid work they do is annoying to my feminist spirit.

  12. Interesting dynamic!
    As the Aquarian in a work scenario, for me the Gemini has been the reckless one with the spending, while simultaneously taking advantage of my generosity and kindness, such as not paying for storage at my home of business chattels, while crying poor but blowing $100’s each week on a personal hoochie-juice budget.

    Then getting uppity when I’ve requested to be paid at a proper hourly rate, rather than below minimum wage but still remain on demand 24/7

    Or, most recently, having worked toward a project goal for 6 years, and then having accumulated a small but reasonable amount to get the project underway – said Gemini discovered his cowboy persona, commenced the project without discussion, planning, or a concrete pathway. Imagine a man wearing cowboy hats and boots,
    Holding the one eyed monster, pissing all the money up against a wall cheering ‘yeehaaawww’

    Needless to say – I’m now done. These last 7 years have brought me to the edge and showed me how someone who seems very kind and genuine is actually a manipulative self absorbed closest misogynist, who now wears the victim persona of ‘why doesn’t she want to work for me anymore – I’m just so baffled’ and ‘I will now place demands and dictates on your space to convenience myself, while ignoring your boundaries’.

    I think your Aqua man needs some business support. He might feel icky invoicing for his time and services, but remind him how brilliant and genius he is, and how money is a flow of energy. He needs to let the energy flow, and be properly valued for his genius. Maybe he just needs a virtual assistant to do the icky invoicing things.

    1. Exactly money is a form of energy, and it’s that energy we use in day to day living. It was once round-to go ’round.
      That was quite a visual image of the Gem….hahaha.

      1. Perturbed Gemini

        Thanks for these helpful ways of talking about money as energy – it might just make the difference if we ever actually have a reasonable conversation about it again…

  13. “sexually transmitted debt!” holy hell that’s funny, but not. My Cancerian proclaims I have never worked for anyone in my life, which to an extent is true. He is self employed surfer, I mean house husband, I mean hobby farmer. I have supported him through fulltime employment which he ribs me about continuously. I teach and he thinks staff development days are a waste (that’s what we all think listening to Hattie this, Blooms that… at the time when we would rather build programs or resources etc) but I am getting paid for my sponge-like awareness. I have Saturn at the end of Pisces 2nd house and batty collective in my Virgo 8th, Him on the other hand has Vesta and the N Node in Gemini 2nd H and S Node Sappho and Pythia in his 8th. My long winded point is, what is in your 2nd and 8th houses?
    Ps I am a Taurean with Aqua rising – Pluto arrives in an hour and I love alone time even if it is sorting my families sh!t out for them. I always say easy come easy go which I am working on Easy come, with more than enough to share.

    1. I should add he eventually fixes the houses we buy/live in and makes a small fortune doing it every five or six years. There must be some karma in it because we bought a 1827 Georgian convict built cottage for $38K (my inheritance at 20yo in late 1980s) and sold it for $100K 9 years later. Then a 1887 convict built house for $30K in rural NSW in early 2000’s and sold it five years later for $285,000 when the market peaked.

  14. I’ve been in a Gem-Aqua 16yr relationship & from what I’ve learnt it always come back to commitment with Aquas. Whenever anything has gone awry, I’m a ‘we need to talk about this (fling open the windows & let the wind in)’ kind of Gemini. So far it has always been something around my Aqua feeling guilty about something they’ve got themselves into (shuts down comms &/or is doing something bizarre – like you’ve described above). Once the guilt has been identified we then move onto the commitment issues surrounding it & usually it means reminding the Aqua of what they want out of this. It’s often this component that has not been reflected upon.

    1. Perturbed Gemini

      Thanks for this interesting take on negotiating with an Aquarian. I’ve never known mine to feel guilty about anything at all. Never. Or do they just not show it or admit to it?

      1. I think they don’t like to face up to it. They can also be a little (sometimes a lot) sycophantic around people they barely know. I used to be surprised by it but now I can see it’s just an act.

  15. An Aquarian close friend was very generous with his money, always the first to shout a round for 5 at a pub & being a journalist beer drinking was de riguer as the first one relaxes & the second gets them talking when interviewing.
    Married his boss a Taurean who earned more than him, then quit his job! He did own a magnificent beach front piece of land, she a sweet cottage in the inner subs, sale of that paid a house on the beach, now worth a LOT of money.
    Does that make up for the lack of income on his part, he probably thinks so.
    Married now 23 years. So no income except for a few paid articles & a token position on council.
    Being old school still believe in equal participation in living expenses, though truly think HE pays more.
    So the Aqua i know is happy to allow her to pay for everything, their relationship allows her to have the excellent income she probably wouldn’t manage without him being house husband, cooking, cleaning & maintenance of 2 houses. Her being a Taurean would be comfortable with this. A Gemini not so much.

    1. I am a female Aquarian and have been told I am too generous with my hard-earned money especially with adult children. But as a trained accountant I also know the value of money, and have earned a bit, which I then want to share with my family. Is this wrong? Maybe as the children need to be less reliant on me and make their own way and sometimes go without, do it the hard way as most of us have and to know what it feels like. I get it. I just like to give to them and know sometimes I am being made use of. This has been a good article to remind me that this could be a trait of Aquarians, and to think beforehand.

  16. So many great educational analyses here, thanks!
    I had 8 years in a similar-ish situation with a self styled spiritual guru type Sag/Cap. When I realised I was going to become bitter trying to fund a life and a theoretical family paying everything for him too, that the conversations re input and balance started in earnest.
    Part of his rationale that he didn’t need to pay his share of rent, bills etc (apart from buying and making breakfast most days) was the high level emotional input to the relationship. When I said ‘so your love is worth more than mine?’ and he said nothing, I got it.
    Does your Aquarian think that your labour and time, financial and other input is all worth less than his? Your life path not as important to support as his latest project – except with super-lovely words?
    I wish you well on your path, I hope he can step up to be worthy of joining you on it.💖

  17. I’m remembering what an aquarius man acts like when he’s called out on anything period so it’s going to take me an hour or five to even get my bearings. It’s a vicious thing when they’re defending their “freedom.”

    1. I’m an Aquarian woman and know i am not fun when confronted. Even when said confrontation is justified. Eventually I’ll come around if you give me time to walk it off and stew… but the initial “chat”? Wear padding and bring your shield.

      1. classic! I am Aqua rising with Taurus Sun so I stubbornly ignore constructive criticism and then call in the dragons

      2. I do have a mars jupiter conjunction on his sun… *don’t look her directly in her eyes* he just couldn’t know how dumb it was.

    2. It’s been two weeks and I still can’t shake off the fact that I, the aries of aries, do more introspection than that guy I’m thinking of. To be fair his “attack” lit a match and the defensive rage I reached will always be…ahem…memorable. burned a hole in some part of the time space continuum where pure magic lived. I’d never been more open hearted and vulnerable than with him. Really quite a nightmare. Oh well. Lesson learned.

  18. As an Aquarian female with a Gemini male co-parent, I can recognize this pattern but feel gender may play more of a role, perhaps?

    When we were together, my Gemini partner supported my dreams which then came to fruition. Now successfully freelance & sometimes more financially flush than he, I support much of our child’s lessons, clothing, our family vacations etc.

    There’s something about Aquarian dreaming here? A reach beyond the tactile? Awareness of money as a tool & so devoid of actual meaning? But for me, I often had to be cajoled into accepting his support & still feel grateful/indebted nearly twenty years later and with us not having been together romantically for fifteen of them – which makes me think my ability to dream/concepts around money were Aquarian certainly, but my conflicted feelings about deserving support were partly gendered. Would he have felt the same if our signs were reversed per the example?

    No one should take your support for granted, regardless of their sign. You’re the boss of the results of your labor. If that’s not being respected, than a shift of some kind is warranted. Gods speed!

  19. It feels imprecise to be make an analysis of this mentioning and speaking based on only the sun sign as the origin of these actions, choices and character of a person.
    Every part of the natal chart expresses itself and has major effects on the mandala of personality and person.
    Some of the most unconsidered aspects can present themselves stronger than a persons sun sign, the IC & MC, the roots of a person their childhood and their way through it, the South Node, karmic lessons that may be unconscious and influences from planets that may have stronger expression of their traits in the person.
    Referring to persons mentioned by sun sign only leaves a lot out of the picture.
    Someone can be a particular sun sign and be nothing like it and some may be a perfect example of one based on the rest of their chart.
    Also some peoples actions and behaviors have absolutely nothing to do with their astrology.
    Put the Astrological and Archetypal Gemini and Aquarius aside for a minute.
    What’s more important is if something’s no good for you, get it out of your life. Doesn’t matter what or who it is. If it’s bad juju, unhealthy, delete it and move on.
    It’s like Rust.
    Once you’ve got rust there’s only one thing to do to make it better. Cut it out.
    Rust doesn’t get better.
    It’s keeps rusting until you’ve got a huge hole in your floor or your vehicles a write off.
    You can’t solve the mysteries for someone else, sort their karma out or do their work for them.
    You just do you.

  20. Ummm…I’m unsure this take can be specifically linked to just Aqua males? And it can be attributed to any partner of any Sign, male or female….who simply lacks essential accountability??! And this is usually connected to vast emotional immaturity and/or issues with healthy self-identity and lack of realism???
    I believe that there are so many people out there seeking & connecting in relationships, who just lack basic *adult skills*. End of story. X

  21. The whole Pluto thing Mystic mentioned is also the first thing that I noticed about this case. I got married at the end of 2007 and the 16 year thing rung my bell.
    There’s not enough information, as someone else says to leave a definitive opinion on this. I’d be interested to learn if the Gemini does all the home finances too and the Aqua just has his head in the sand.
    If it’s something like that then perhaps it’s simply a matter of educating him.
    If it’s something else then, yes, perhaps Pluto moving will be a change in epoch for your relationship.
    Good luck.

    1. So many great educational analyses here, thanks!
      I had 8 years in a similar-ish situation with a self styled spiritual guru type Sag/Cap. When I realised I was going to become bitter trying to fund a life and a theoretical family paying everything for him too, that the conversations re input and balance started in earnest.
      Part of his rationale that he didn’t need to pay his share of rent, bills etc (apart from buying and making breakfast most days) was the high level emotional input to the relationship. When I said ‘so your love is worth more than mine?’ and he said nothing, I got it.
      Does your Aquarian think that your labour and time, financial and other input is all worth less than his? Your life path not as important to support as his latest project – except with super-lovely words?
      I wish you well on your path, I hope he can step up to be worthy of joining you on it.💖

  22. Not enough information, but if I were to intuit a guess, the Aquarian is a complete narcissist and that perhaps the Gemini, like Echo in your 2018 article, was so enamoured with the Aquarian that the Gemini allowed this behavior to continue for years. Initially, the Aquarian may have woven stories of gold and green acres once convinced that the Gemini was completely in awe of this Aquarian man.

    The Aquarian loves to experiment and feels that this is his right. The Gemini felt alive because of this. Somewhere along the line, the Gemini cooled down and woke up.

    (I have extensive experience with narcissistic men, as well experience with Aquarian ascendent men – I have a Gemini moon. I have also been “in a stupor for years” and done things, as if I was under hypnosis.)

    Another feeling I got was that these frienships/liasons – be they real, potential, or imagined or business/romantic (quite possibly) – are more important to the Aquarian than the relationship he has with the “financier” Gemini. The Aquarian feels entitled to do his “life’s work” on someone else’s dime. To the Aquarian, the Gemini should consider themselves blessed to have that privilege. As time goes on, the Aquarian may have come to feel that it’s their (the Gemini ‘s) duty.

    Were these failed businessman ventures? Was the extra work because the Aquarian tried to do jobs that he was unqualified to do, and therefore did not get paid? Or did he do jobs for his “friends”? The payoff is to his enormous ego.

    Did the Aquarian make promises to the Gemini?

    Are there children involved?

    1. ‘The Aquarian feels entitled to do his ‘life’s works’ on someone else’s dime’.
      That’s what i would have said about my Aqua friend mentioned above if i cut to the chase.

    2. This. I’m willing to bet narcissist or narcissistic traits + a strong Saggitarius influence somewhere in his astro.

  23. I agree…
    Sadly he was aghast perhaps because you may have never really mentioned it to him before. In his mind he believed it’s normal. This is how it been for the last 16 years. Why the sudden change?
    Obviously he is selfish, insecure and extremely manipulative. Continually seeking approval from the wealthy. Illusions of grandeur. Change is hard and leopards never change their spots.
    You love this person and give him your all.
    There is always a day that comes where life challenges you and transform is required. Do you love you? Do you give yourself your all?
    Are you happy? Do you feel loved and appreciated?
    Do your homework, write down the numbers as mention by our Magnificent Mystic Medusa. Definitely speak with an attorney! Get all the factual details. If you can get away alone, for a weekend or whatever time you need. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about the past. Review and reflect the information. But focus on the future. Feel all the emotions.forgive yourself. Make this about you and what you want and need. Then decide what is best for you. Make the decision how you want to resolve the situation. Make a plan and follow it. Do you! Sending huge courageous hugs! Good luck!

  24. I think the Aquarian ‘could’ have some Taurean factors influencing this, as in my experience, the Taurean males I have known have been known for this exact champagne spending extracted from someone else’s pocket & when confronted by the person holding the large purse, throw a massive tantrum & give the impression of being on the verge of walking out. Of course, they won’t leave, but the benefactor doesn’t want to throw away the relationship after having “invested” emotions, time, money & heart; so is controlled so as not to be alone. My best friend has been going through this exact thing for probably the same amount of time & is going broke.

    1. So far iv never met an Aquarian like this narcissist,he feels more like a Taurean.If there’s any money property children involved go straight to a reputable solicitor and get it sorted yesterday.If not chuck him out with the trash 16 years of manipulation such toxic energy.Organise a council clean up for all his sht and he can go too.

    2. Hi moss sorry I read your comment after I posted mine and it also says Taureans,please accept my apologies no plagiarism intentended.

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