Taureans – An Appreciation

“Experience is never at bargain price”
Alice B Toklas – Sun, Venus, Neptune + Pluto in Taurus.

The Sun is in Taurus and this year’s Taurus Season is not like the others. Jupiter and Uranus are aligning in this sign for the first time in over 80 years, exact this Sunday at 2:26 AM Universal Time.*

Uranus has been making Taureans more like Aquarians since 2018 and although undeniably invigorating, it’s also an erratic frequency for this Fixed Earth sign. Jupiter stabilizes and perhaps even monetizes the wild uranian vibe. Reinventions in haphazard play since 2018 are finally becoming more substantial. (See your Monthly Horoscopes for more details.)

With Taureans the it-sign of the moment, it’s a good time to pay homage to our Cow, right?

Yes, we know there are the Minotaur types, holed up in their own personal labyrinth bellowing for homage. Any sign of the zodiac can express sub-optimally. But this is an appreciation. What do you like about this sign and who are your fave Taureans?

While Uranus takes everything over the top, Taurus people have always been ingenious. They’re the kings and queens of D.I.Y. miracles and the low-key builders of resource stacks.

They know that tunnel-vision is not necessarily inspiring to others or even explicable from the outside but it takes them where they need to go. Their stubborn, singular focus should be an asset class of it’s own.

How can you tell when something is no longer a fad, nor even a trend, but actually established? It’s when Taurus is buying in. This is not an insult.

With one exception, this zodiac sign is not an early adopter. Taureans bide their time, monitoring the terrain and looking at the baseline numbers beneath the hype.


…this acumen allows them to spot breaks in the algorithm, anomalies, supply chain kinks and illogical assumptions.

They’re not early but they’re precise. The exception? When it’s their business or idea and el Toro controls it from the ground up. The only ‘early’ a Taurean trusts is when they’ve generated it. And of course, a Taurus is always timely.

I love the Taurean sensuality and gravitas. Their presence is nearly always reassuring and they’re excellent at ‘normalizing’ unpleasantly abnormal situations. Also inspirational: their easy enjoyment of their various appetites, with the guilt option left unticked by default and reverence for the classics.

Think about it; if all you need know for an everyday health regime was written by, say, Pythagoras – how much time does that save?!

Frugality is another core Cow trait, even though it was deemed naff over the boom years. If you think you know a non-frugal Taurus – an opulent, maximalista lover of luxe – consider this: Their nature doesn’t allow them to buy tat.

Venusian to the bone, Taureans love texture, design, style and beauty but their risk-aversion ensures they only acquire items that could, if neccessary, be sold. Ideally, of course, for more than it cost them. They’re investment-minded before they’ve even made a cent.

Seriously, if you have a Taurus child over the age of – say – eight, go and ask them what they think would be a good thing for you to put some money into. You may be surprised.

Young or emerging Taureans often train their tastes by trawling high-auction sites and design books, schooling themselves on provenance ages before such items come within their reach.

Some even quietly consider things – at least, their things – to be sentient. If so, they’re unlikely to talk about it because they also like their status-quo credentials, but diligent observers may well be rewarded by the sight of a Taurus communing with a favorite vase.

A liquid-eyed triple Taurean I knew at uni named nearly everything she owned and there seemed to be a protocol for naming stuff. If she liked someone’s clothes, accessories, scent – anything – she’d sidle over to them as if they’d just crashed the sound-light barrier on a unicycle and say something like ‘wow‘  in wide-eyed admiration, stroking the texture or sniffing the air appreciatively.

I was in awe of her command of money – my friends and I mostly acted as if money was an agitating quantum force that was clearly completely out of our control.

Ms Taurus had a budget, got left-overs from restaurant meals bagged to take home, mended & maintained her clothes as if they were religious artifacts and became the first person I knew to buy an ingot of gold bullion, calling it her sleeping aid.

The late poet Louise Gluck frequently referred to her Taurean psyche. In her poem Memoir, for example:

“I was born cautious, under the sign of Taurus…

..And my story in any case, wasn’t unique
though, like everyone else, I had a story,
a point of view.

A few words were all I needed:
nourish, sustain, attack.”

Could ‘nourish, sustain, attack‘ be the Cow Person Credo?

Image: Franco Rubartelli – Veruschka

38 thoughts on “Taureans – An Appreciation”

  1. I like this description a lot. Taurus Moon myself (Libran Sun, and Taurus Descendant conj South node). But my Taurus icon is my Grandmother – quintessentially all these things you mention, and turns 94 today. Very much Depression-era frugality, yet with such a sense of ‘enoughness’ that it always felt abundant rather than scarce in her presence. And, OMG the cooking….🤤 Chocolate Velvet Mousse deserves a mention here. In my rather chaotic upbringing (did i mention Uranus opp said moon? 🤔) Grandma’s house was the one anchor in my life – up until 2018 and the great Uranus in Taurus upheaval… 😔 I still haven’t recovered from that one personally. But i hold on to many of the ‘mundane treasures’ held within it and it inspires me to keep a bit of that stability and routine that she had, down pat, in my own life, which is anything but settled and routine…

    As for that last line, i don’t feel “attack” is quite right – but perhaps “charge” instead. As in, “charge it to my [fill in the blank]”.😏

  2. Easily favourite Taurean: my childhood friend who is my comfort person the way some foods are comfort foods and some pieces of media are comfort films/games/books. Relentlessly hard-working and (seemingly) effortlessly organised, prone to luxury and guilty (not) pleasures. The “perusing art auctions and buying gold ingots as well as real, investment art” part of the Mystic’s text was eerily spot-on and 100% about him. What an inspiration of a man.

  3. This is synchronous! I’m swooning over a double taurus who’s a libertarian architect, we go way back but he’s sooo stable it’s really attractive. He’s an outdoorsman & hyper independent but in cool way. Tauruses can be so sweet & long-term thinking

  4. The two close Taurean friends i have are both designers of a exceptional calibre. One as gentle soft delightful to be around.
    The other is a belligerent complaining & hard work to listen to.
    Guess this a sample of the ‘hi-low’ aspects of the same coin.
    The gentle one is male the negative one is female & interesting reversal of yin-yang characteristics.
    Both have the very best taste in EVERYTHING from chocolate to bed sheets.

  5. Taurus Sun and Mercury in the 12th, Sun conjunct Algol. While just exiting my Uranus opposition, Uranus is now approaching conjunction with my Sun… Definitely been feeling the up and down of this astro… I relate a lot to the philosophy of possessions you described, having evolved into it from a monastic style approach, it is like, I don’t buy or keep anything unless it is really worth it to me, unless that thing speaks to me… Having a great deal of difficulty though transitioning to a different style of monetizing, where I need to accumulate just some survival wealth — and a hard time finding a place for my sort of extreme Uranian vibe in the flow of mainstream cash…

  6. Ourladyunderground

    Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Taurus. I love that we are coming here to nominate ourselves 😂💕🐂🌸 I love being a Taurus and love my fellow Taureans. Nourish, sustain, attack is 🔥

  7. Speaking as someone who acrimoniously divorced a Taurus last decade, I would like to respectfully ask if there will be a “Minotaurean” post in the near future? As a Virgo I will admit to some aghast admiration for someone capable of spreadsheeting a cutlery inventory with images and estimated worth.

    1. Ugh, SilverVirgo, that’s not a pretty image. I’m a happy bull myself (and super sympatico with my fellow earthsigns), but your post gave me an unhappy flashback to my control-freaking Taurus rising ex.

  8. See I would describe myself as Taurean’ish. I self-identify with some aspects but not others – as I reflected on here https://vocal.media/futurism/being-taurean-ish (with some of your takes as backdrop) – often wonder if it’s my Virgo moon that tends to take over, although perhaps in other ways I’ve adapted to a world that doesn’t necessarily appreciate certain Taurean qualities. It’s always something fun to ponder anyway. Thanks for your fabulous writing. I love reading your posts.

  9. Might be Toro’s frugality a sign of respect for Mother Earth? Do not take more than you give. Do Respect the Sacred Balance of Creation.

    “Heap House” by Edward Carey is wonderful at telling how things speak and what happens with all the things we do not use more anymore.

  10. This is very poignant and rings true right now. And as a triple Taurus myself (sun/moon/mercury) I totally connect with the profile. But… I often wonder where I went wrong as a Taurus. I have all of the sensual. creative, etc. but I cannot manage money for sh*t. I over spend, I cannot budget, I impulse buy. In my freelance life I vacillate between poverty and extravagance. I’m envious of the description given to my Minotaurian kind. I’m wondering if there are other Taureans out there that share wonder at the absence of this trait. Does anyone else only have the not practical traits? Or is it just my Sag rising taking control?

    1. woman w multiple hoofs

      Ahhh yesss, as a fellow Toro solar and Sagg rising, I relate to this lack of money management very much!! However, sometime in my thirties, I started to make some profound shifts when, through MM, I started thinking of money as energy. I did a heap of boundary-creating inner work and started getting a weird thrill out of paying my bills before I spent anything elsewhere … having said that, sometimes energy has to be ‘spent’ … time and place and individual expression of …

      1. Good to know! And I can totally feel that satisfaction of actually controlling the energy. I will have to delve into this more myself. Thank you!

    2. Yes – money has never been my strong suit. I feel guilty about having it (with a Cap moon, even!) and afraid to ask for what I need. I work very hard, I’m super responsible, yet don’t own a home or have security. But I think this is about family-of-origin issues and emotional neglect that I am working hard to heal, so my Taurean love of beauty and quality can run free, and I can allow myself to have more than barely enough in an ever-smaller life.

      1. Sound like me! And I agree it’s probably more of a family-of-origin for me as well. In my middle age starting to turn a corner though.

    3. My partner is a Taurus Sun with a Sag Moon, and is similar in his money management. It’s either opulence or poverty. It doesn’t help that I’m much the same. I think it does stem some from family of origin, as both of our families had little to spend on us, and didn’t really give us any instruction on how to navigate the world of finances.

  11. Penelope Darling

    My mother is a Taurus sun and she is frugal, can mend anything, and only purchases the highest quality version of anything (the highest quality within her budget!) The only time she has acted super spontaneously is around getting pets, she has a soft heart for animal companions.

  12. Yes, I am a triple-Taurus– sun jupiter venus, plus some astroids, and SN– and sadly not so frugal, but everything else is apt. Since 2018…I went through a divorce, had a whirlwind romance, have moved FOUR times, including buying a home and then selling it a few years later; had a major surgery; lived with my mom as her caregiver for 14 months; all the while parenting my beloved, now 11-year-old daughter. I have let go, innovated, attacked, let go again. Wow, Uranus had shaken me from top to bottom. I couldn’t have imagined the life I have now at all from where I stood in 2018.

  13. I have natal Jupiter in Taurus, in both tropical and sidereal charts. Materially and financially, you could say I’ve been quite lucky since 2018, yet I constantly feel suss on all of it. This is despite sincere efforts to explore and change that feeling internally (life would be a lot simpler if I could just accept it with pleasure). I don’t feel a sense of ownership of what I seem to have, as though something doesn’t add up. I clearly remember moments of feeling like an absolute empress when I had a lot less, and I haven’t really accessed that since 2018.

    My chart is plenty Uranian and I’m comfortable with change. I’m hoping for a sudden, positive shift in the wind of how I experience Luck.

  14. I am a Taurus sun, moon, MC and Venus and I approve of this message. I am learning how to live my Taurean qualities by watching my Taurus rising daughter and learning from her. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is a few degrees off of my Venus and I am hoping that means lots of unique and techy birthday gifts this year 😉

  15. yesterday my Taurean son ‘turned- went into a mad bull rage-he turned his fury on my partner, threatening an axe throo his head with so much anger that it seemed there would be blood on the floor.
    It was a Complete personality reversal from the gentle, funny, well read and ingeniously inventive helpful son i knew. He was born in 1986.Saturn return? Retrospectively i can see hints of a brewing animosity towards my partner but it was a sudden snap, out of the blue.I was unprepared. It seems i have lost a son as, at the time, calling the police was the only option i could see. Too scary. i hope sunday sees things get better for him- did all these ‘endings and beginnings’ got on top of him?maybe a delayed ‘culture shock’ from leaving Sydney to come to rural Tasmania? Maybe the eclipse weather? Maybe too much alcohol? Maybe, maybe. Poor bull. We were planning a Labrynth and gonna buy a boat togeher but i guess all bets are off now and i may never know him again.i guess new beginnings can be painful…he slept in a ditch and nearly froze last night as the police left him at a bus stop with no money and no bus coming when they said they would ‘put him up’ somewhere.Many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

    1. That’s very frightening and terrible..are you and your son getting help …there’s too many strange things happening lately regarding attacks etc.🙏🏼

    2. EO, your son born in 1986 would be 10 years after his Saturn Return. Did you mean 1996?
      Born in ’86 would make him 38 years old living at home with mother & her partner may not be the best scenario for him then.
      As Alchemy said ‘ strange things happening about attacks lately’. Seems delicately balanced people have given themselves permission give in to their inner demons and setting off a chain reaction.
      ‘Many a slip between the cup & the lip’ my mother used that expression…love it.
      Trust it was just a slip and muddy water will settle & clear, a mother son relationship is too strong not to heal!

  16. Texture is tactile and visceral. I see, I like, I touch and feel. If it’s natural and sensual then I check the price. If it feels synthetic I don’t even bother looking at the price tag. Thanks Mystic, for your sensual writing, it transports me to visual realms and memories. Also for the Pandora heads up in the email. I am a Taurus gen x with Uranus conjunct Pluto, with Pandora and Isis in Virgo all at 15 degrees. This Uranus Jupiter conjunction is exactly on my Mars and surrounded by a generous stellium. Waiting for the cookie to crumble (a tasty cookie I might add)

  17. Thank you Mystic! The picture on the top is a place i am thinking to visit. The park of monsters ( and giants) outside of Rome. I am multi taurean and this is a good year. The conjunction is on my mercury and close to my sun ( and opposite natal Uranus) I find myself in Rome for six weeks with the pretext of studies. I love this city! The colours, earth colours on all the houses, and the juicy plants, and sculptures and green parrots, and huge, fun markets with treasures, and classes in the most beautiful barroque building, in a round room with fresco paintings in the celing, and air like silk…a good year!

    1. I’m glad you mentioned that as i was wondering where this was taken. Makes sense that it’s Rome – Italy feels like all things Taurus to me, and would love to go there myself (Taurus moon). Interestingly, it’s the only place my Taurus Grandmother (born today, 94 years ago) has travelled to in the world (from NZ, with my Uncle who was living at the Vatican – another story). Have a great time there – somehow i know it’s beauty won’t be wasted on you!😊

      1. Congratulations to your grandmother on her birthday yesterday! Grandmothers are the best!
        You should visit Rome one day yourself. I think you would love it!✨

  18. A fantastic essay, Mystic. Your depiction of your friend made is brilliant.

    As a Taurus Moon and Taurus Rising, my favorite Taurean of all time is William Shakespeare. It’s the richness and tactile nature of his verse that I love, and above all those passages he wrote that transcend into pure beauty, even when he’s portraying abject terror or doom.

  19. As the third Taurus here nominating ourselves as our favourite Taurus 😅 I am a triple Taurus (Venus, jupiter, sun) with two Taurus teens and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Nourish, sustain, attack? This is so apt I’m tempted to get it tattooed.

  20. Love this, as a May 15 Taurus myself…I’ve been feeling the Uranian influence on my 24° Taurus Sun for some time, but now that Jupiter is finally here, it’s a lot of energy to ground in. Very very happy for the 13 year cycle it’s initating in my 2H and trine my Fortuna in 10H….calling in maximum resources for maximum positive pre-aquarian age blessings. This old system, especially of the dying Capitalistic toxic frequency have not been my jam. I’m calling in high consciousness in all

  21. Love this so much! I’m a very late-Taurus rising and although Gemini moves in to take up most of my first house, I relate 100% to Taurus and not much at all to Gemini, although I love books and research. I will gratefully embrace “sensuality and gravitas” and “Venusian to the bone” for my life bio. And no wonder I love Louise Glück’s work. Her poem “The Wild Iris” is a breathtaking Taurean tribute to spring.

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