The 2nd House Versus The 8th House

If you’ve been following astrology for a while, you probably noticed that both the 2nd and 8th house pertain to money, amongst other themes.

What’s the difference between 2nd house and 8th house money? It’s a good question and the standard answer – mine, at least – is usually that the 8th represents other people’s money – ie: you owe or share it. Think tax, debt or the joint account your ex still won’t sign the paperwork to close.

That’s all true but more profoundly, the 2nd house is your money persona – the 8th house is your money psyche.

The 2nd house reflects your money practice, habits and values. Is your innate bias toward spending or saving? Boom or bust mentality? Adhering to a budget or just-see-if-the-card-works? If you had a sudden influx of unallocated revenue, the 2nd house shows what you’re most likely to do with it.

Anyone who knew you reasonably well would also know your 2nd house money persona, even if they didn’t describe it as such. It’s innate: Whether a child likes to count coins and hide toys to prevent their theft or smashes open the piggy bank to fund lollies, they evolve simply evolve more sophisticated versions of the strategy over time.

Eighth House Money Is Off The Books

But 8th house money is super-out-there and complex. It’s the invisible twin double of your 2nd house money persona – the less rational one. The 2nd house is what shows on your bank balance, credit card statement or an assets and liabilities statement. It’s how you’d probably describe your financial attitudes if asked by anyone other than a therapist.

Eighth house money is off the books – it’s not only the existential seethe when you’re under-paid or the money you did earn is treated like a fluke. It’s Thing Lust evoked by perusing decor or wealth porn, frozen intimacy once you out-earn your partner, slow-burn rage at a friend’s nonchalance re their debt to you or the scorn you recall from a ‘if you have to ask it, you can’t afford it’ shop snark.

It’s noticing the change in someone’s tone when they suddenly switch to an archaic slang term to describe money – ‘the readies’ – or the careful conversational calibrations of a high-net worth individual trying not to make others feel ill at ease.

But there is more…

Eighth house money is also status-quo angst or the costly dopamine hit from a high-risk play – stock-market, lotteries, strange gambits etc. If you think speculation belongs to the 5th house in classic astrology, yes it does. But the moment it’s compulsive or a ‘secret philosophy’, it’s 8th house fair and square.

If you’re not allowed – or don’t want to – talk about something, it’s an 8th house syndrome. Think classism, brilliantly portrayed in the extraordinary Stay Down advertisement/faux horror movie trailer.

Sure, it’s British but ‘egalitarian’ countries have plenty of diversity-conscious firms who nonetheless auto-reject job applications that don’t cite one of the ‘right’ schools. In the olden days they were shredded, but now there’s an algorithm.

The Great Gatsby Isn’t A Love Story

The hierarchy and current system is 10th house – your anger at it or the sting from being shunned are 8th house. The Great Gatsby isn’t a love story, it’s an 8th house money story – incidentally F.Scott Fitzgerald had his Libra Sun, Venus and Mercury lined up in the 8th.

The 2nd house is the way you’d deal with resources and revenue if left entirely to your own devices. The 8th house is the nexus where it’s you and everyone else: Shared $$$, the merging and demerging of your monetary matrix with another person, the realization that you and a partner may share compatible views on practically everything but have mutually repelling attitudes around finances, covert pressure from in-laws with money or the discovery of someone’s secret stash.

The classic 8th house association is sex work but it incorporates less obvious transactional relationships – professional attachments with sycophancy as an unmentioned extra or trophy partners with stringent pre-nups that scuttle the deal if sexual interest or a specific physique is not maintained.

Swiss Bank Dirty Money Leaks Are Pro-Level 8th House Money

The off-pattern expenditure trail that leads someone straight to the off-the-record lover? 8th house.  2nd house money is what you have but if someone swindles it from you, it’s a crime -obviously – but also an 8th house scenario.

There is the con, the underworld aspect and the psychological play that hooked you in. Your second house money persona might be the most straightforward set-up on the planet but if a peripheral character swoops in and decides they’re more entitled to inherited money than you are, bam – an 8th house money courtroom drama.

It’s also the realm of things you might hypothetically do for money – or did – but not tell anyone. At the macro level, it’s Swiss Bank dirty money leaks or billion dollar sovereign wealth fund embezzlements, you have to zoom in for the casual obfuscations that will never make the news.

When you look at your astro-chart, take in the signs on the cusp of the 2nd and 8th, the Sun, Moon or any planets in either and outer planet transits. Relationship-wise, other people’s planets in your 2nd or 8th are potent – these people will impact your $$$ one way or another.

Remember that if you’re not thinking about the 8th house stuff or you’ve deliberately relegated some factors to a vault in your subconscious, it develops its own little half-life or you let it out for a romp in weird ways.

Your money persona and psyche are ideally on speaking terms. Thoughts?

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  1. I have sun conjunct mercury in the 8th direct opposite my moon in the 2nd and I refuse to discuss details 😂 🤐

  2. Empty 2nd House.
    8th House Pluto in Libra ♎️ square Moon, Sun and Mercury. North Node here too for some fresh fuqery.
    I can usually sniff out a dicey financial trend. Sense what is going to happen after reading articles and doing some interweb searches.
    I will take my cashflow injection now please.

  3. Neptune is transiting my 8th house and will soon be in opposition to my natal sun conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house. I thought I could play a Neptune 8th house transit with amping up my magic/power via tantra-yoga, and deep forest/ocean time. Do I need to be more cautious? Am i heading into a financial blind spot!? any advice/insight gratefully received.

  4. I love this article. 8th house rules the unconscious habits and vertiginous draws, I guess – at least, blind spots. Mine is empty, has Sag on cusp and Capricorn main, but books, libraries, books, learning, esoterica – literally the highest form of luxury for me. Forget mansions, make-up, clothes. Status – who cares?? Taurus rising conjunct Jupes and Lilith, I am always a happy outsider anyways. Gem 2nd house and leading into Cancer – home sweet home, happy home, are my core values. Mama earth. And chatterbox. Thanks Mm xx

  5. F Scott Fitzgerald as a fellow 8th house person makes so much sense!! A lot of my past attempts at fiction also were about sort of attempts to escape society through its own mechanisms as an outsider… and much of the plot had to do with money as a consequence which wasn’t something I originally intended to write about at all.

    Scott’s book “The Beautiful and Damned” is in my top three all timers but ALL of his work is incredible. Gatsby is more objectively perfect as a novel but TBAD is incredible prose and hysterically funny.

  6. Sun in the 8th here. Lots of inheritance and guilt/confusion/strong undercurrent emotions on whether its “mine” or not. So much dueling with insurance companies. Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp so I’ve got hidden money all over the place. Refuse to be in “debt” to anyone!

  7. Eighth house Venus in Scorpio and the Venus is retrograde and one of four in a stellium in Scorpio (am I saying this correctly?) I’ve spent countless hours in therapy trying to understand – to face – my dysfunctional money/sex power issues. Could not let a partner touch or know about my money. I’ve been married forever to a man who “let” me stay in a dark hole, but therapy shed light on my issues, so it helped greatly. I could be in therapy forever I think but I am exhausted so at this point knowing where the bodies are buried seems sufficient. Must be a past life angst. Could probably benefit from a shaman/ayahuasca journey.

  8. Natal Pluto Saturn & Mars in 8th house.
    Empty Aqua-Pisces 2nd house except for Pallas who edged into Pisces.
    Going back to bed, l’esprit boggles & the sun’s hiding today.

  9. 8th house stellium – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto – Uranus next to my Sun cusping/spilling into my 9th. Money has always been something that my parents never spoke of, but always used to control me. Through the years I have learned to use my unique talents to make my own money. Finally, I know/feel/understand that money is under my power and does not belong only to the “other”.

  10. Very interesting! I have recently found out my Grandma (heavy on the Scorpio placements) is leaving me shares… I am 2nd House Virgo with Jupiter there and 8th House Pisces with Sun there.

  11. This just delivered up a massive learning that I never knew re: Chiron in Gem – 8th house was always described as a childhood wound, which yes MANY deep healing sessions agrees… but it also relates to how I watched extreme financial manipulation from a young age and how it seeped into how I viewed money. My 2nd house has Uranus Rx which has me looking to accrue money by non traditional means, and Jupiter has always made me lucky in making money. I never realized till this moment it was my psyche polluting the money pool… so to speak! Wow. Thx so much for this 🤍

  12. My sibling has Uranus in the 8th and has gotten up to all sorts of addictions surrounding money, can’t save, can’t pay back loans, gambles and loses mostly but the occasional win that gets her through – and enough to keep her hanging on even though she’s lost everything because of it. She is so focussed on money. She lies to obtain it from unspeakably dodgy places. Yes sex work with technology as the conduit.

  13. Hilarious. Libra second house with Jupiter. My cash is spent on art and beautiful things. My first pay packet in 1990 was spent on artwork. I have so much lovely art, beautiful furniture and ceramics. My 8th house is Aries with Saturn smack bang and venus just on the 7th/8th cusp. I have secret bank accounts my partner does not know about, I stash money into them for my mortgages and accounts that are in my name. I live in fear of debt, and do everything possible to avoid debt. I have a bank account for our son, to pay for his education and life experiences. My partner has adult children and i have all sorts of structures to make sure that any money I earn and generates goes to my son, and is not diverted to my adult step children. The said adult step children work occasionally ( and with much resentment from me ) in the business I formed many years before I met their father. I always blamed my scorpio moon on my secret weaponisation of money and why i was so strategic about money and so protective of my own.

    1. You and I have very similar birth placements. I think IT is your Scorpio moon or your Sun. Where does that fall?

  14. Wish Upon a Star

    Mmmm, interesting timing for this blog. I am seriously considering studying
    Silver Smithing and possibly Gold Smithing. I am seeing molten silver in my minds eye. Like the moon.
    I currently have a Lilith transit squaring my natal north node in Taurus, 3rd house. Also Black Moon Lilith is trine my natal Saggitarean Midheaven. My Neptune in Scorpio resides in the 9th house conjunct Vesta. I am a Pisces Rising.

    Natally I have Saturn in Aries conjunct Eros, my Black Moon Lilith is also in this 2nd house. Saturn opposes my natal Mars in Libra, 8th house, Asteroid Lilith is also in this house.

    Something about being in a shed with a fire and blow torch appeals to me. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was young and understand tools.

    Just worried that Mars in the 8th will be dangerous re: fire.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      1. Yes this. Wish, you can even get online (google fire safety + your state) and or contact the local fire department and ask them for best safety advice. e.g. which type of fire extinguisher, and other safety procedures like wearing the correct clothes, hair back, keeping flammable materials at safe distance etc

  15. Ha just had a small tax payout and it went from my 2nd house Pisces straight into my second bank account for saving up for holidays/8th house Virgo slush fund. Better than my husband buying more gold coins with it (🤔) it seems more dreamy, romantic, liquid and accessible- Pisces. My husbands cusp of the second house sits bang on my Sun and North Node so his eighth on my South Node. My houses are beautifully spaced even almost but his are either massive (12, 1, 6, 7) or thin (2- 5 & 8-11). Interestingly his lordship manages a self run cattle farm, house husband, surfer who occasionally makes disgustingly huge $ in realestate/ our homes he flips. My earned income becomes his profit. Ours but his but mine😏. Complex.
    Second 🏡 Lilith, Pars Fortune, Chiron and Saturn in Pisces and 8th Minerva, Asclepius, Achilles,Zeus, Uranus/Isis/Pluto/Pandora all at 15 degrees then Osiris and Hygiea. Hubbys moon is conjunct the 15 degree party and being slow moving outer planets his Pluto and Uranus are also in Virgo his 6th.
    I met with my gorgeous sisters in law and I spoke frankly about my finances (cv19 meant I lost my 31 yr career but I’m back & closer to home) They we’re shocked I was debt free with only a single official income for all of those years, they are earning huge money but have monstrous mortgages. Sometimes small is better!

    1. Actually I just did a chart with partner outside and a bunch of fixed stars and I forgot that my Sun sits on 26T which is Algol so both of us are headless (thoughtless) with money? sometimes we don’t care about $

  16. A subject close to my heart. I was swindled out of an inheritance in my 30’s and have walked away from a family inheritance voluntarily and legally before my mother moves on as my sibling would make my life hell on earth if we remained enmeshed. For years I tried to resign from the “family firm” but my resignation was not accepted or I was talked out of it by well meaning advisors who said I would not help my sibling or the situation or others by walking away. It was not until I realised I was asking the wrong question that I finally put my foot down. The question was not how it would help others but how would it help me by walking away. The answer – I would be free! It has taken three long years but I am free. Capricorn Sun in 2nd house. Cancer 8th house cusp.

  17. I have an 8th house Venus in Aquarius, so it’s such a steady dynamic after a certain age — I know relationships have a “value” but long confused what I gave to them was equal to what they gave to me. But the moment I feel the con – it squares my Mars in Taurus, I become withholding, and I ghost that person post haste.

  18. Fantastic timing for this article 🔮 Chiron, Jupiter and now Venus are transiting my 8th. I gotta say it was way more fun when Uranus was moving through 🤑

  19. Wow. talk about timing. This is a very interesting topic for me. I just started a transforming relationship with X who has Pluto in the 8th opposing his Sun Moon conjunction in the 2nd. He is wealthy. His family don’t want him to see me as they think I will take his money. I don’t care about his money. Now we are on the back foot because he wants to see me, but only as a friend with benefits (so transactional). My Pluto sits next to his opposing his Sun Moon. All I want is a loving relationship. His Chiron is conjunct my Node in my 8th. Watch this space and thanks Mystic. This article is like a message from the Gods for me 🙂

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