Weekly Horoscopes From June 25 2022


Saturday until Tuesday presents you with an opportunity to relinquish something (or things!) that you’ve been subconsciously longing to drop. The soon-to-be baggage could also be an attitude or allegiance but whatever it is, you’re more current and agile without it. You’ll have more scope to take advantage of Wednesday’s upstart, identity revamping New Moon in your sign and the three catalyst days that follow.


Action planet Mars has been in Leo-friendly Aries since May 25, stimulating new impetus and vexations. If you’re not already in mission mode, snap into it now. Mars is about to sync with Saturn and Pluto, big players that can generate rapid results – down or up. Your recently recalibrated goals are genius but can you fund them? Must-Have: A strategy session with someone money-wise and genuinely objective.


This week’s rhythm is weird; the sedate Dark Moon tempo from Saturday till Tuesday segues straight into a frenetic cacophony from Wednesday on. Friends, family and love interests are either nowhere in reach or in irritating proximity, pestering you for scarce resources. There has never been a better week for determining your own pace, upping privacy protocols and resetting your aura to ‘deflect’ mode.


Reversion to a previous setting or relationship may seem appealing in this catalyst of a week but it’s probably not a good idea. The ‘safe’ paradigm you’re envisaging has altered and besides, you’re brilliant at tactical change management. Use the weekend’s intuition-enhancing Neptune influence to perceive where certain scenarios are trending and realize or re-appreciate a unique undervalued asset.


Scorpionic strengths are often overlooked in favor of shinier, brasher qualities and entities with a bigger self-promo budget. But just as desert scorpions glow neon in the dark, you gleam more brightly during strange times. This week’s weirdness favors your go-to power protocols, especially from Wednesday’s New Moon onward. Prepare for rapidly altering terrain, power vacuums and reinvigorated admiration.


Neptune turning Retro infuses the week with indigo disco mist – aka nebulous offers and sketchy whims posing as quality-intuition. The problem is that either of these could seem more alluring than having to haggle with vibe vampires or confront a financial flashpoint. Your best approach is classic Saggo: direct, candid and high-momentum. Reminder: Your Energy is an asset as valuable as Time or Money.


If you’re not the catalyst person, prepare to be catalyzed into action and don’t expect holding patterns to, well, hold. This week’s astro-tensions are on a par with the Zap Zone years of 2012 to 2015, when Uranus squared Pluto in Capricorn. As you may recall from then, especially June-Oct 2012, successful metamorphosis through turbulence is easier when you’re unburdened by a narrow or dated self-image.


While this week’s Jupiter-amped New Moon suits a bold new beginning in health or work routines, it’s tricky terrain. Any confrontation or even a standard discussion could have a more profound impact than intended and you’re already frustrated with limited scope dialogue. Optimally, enhance your existing good relationships and connections while being ultra-cautious with assertion and enmity scenarios.


For Pisceans, the annual phenom of Neptune Retrograde involves a few days of enhanced E.S.P. or a heightened propensity for delusional love affairs. But this week, Neptune is turning Retro against a backdrop of crazy volatility – its nothing that change-adept, mutable you cannot parse but you don’t have the luxury of whim and illusion-powered momentum. Deploying either could be an error.


It’s showtime for Mars in Aries: the Warrior God and Aries patron planet is about to square off with Pluto in Capricorn for the last time this century. In terms of your self-development, it’s the finale of a heroic journey that began in April 2009. It’s a fantastic week to blast ahead with authentic ambitions but far too turbulent to launch a stopgap measure or trot out a keeping-someone-happy facade of a thing.


Thrillingly, this week’s provocative Zap Zone input doesn’t involve the fixed signs of the zodiac and your recent nemesis – Saturn – is out of the picture. While many of the people you’re engaging with will be power-tripping or demanding, you’re about to enjoy a rejuvenated ideas flow. A specific concept or message could materialize midweek – if so, it would accelerate everything in the coolest way possible.


This week’s money matrix is weirder than even well-informed, mercurial you would expect but it’s completely manageable: you just need precision timing and tact. Pull out of any ‘financial advice to friends’ loop and resist cashing up, out, or in – any direction – before June 30. Venus (in Gemini until July 18) sextiles Jupiter from the 28th, revitalizing your synergy with a desirable scene or person of interest.