A Succinct Astro-Fuqery Update

As I write this, yet another Chinese rocket body is tumbling to Earth in an uncontrolled descent – I’m under one of  the estimated re-entry paths btw – doomsday economists are rattling their scythes and well, you know the rest of it.

So, while I have made many of the following points at more length, this is a quick and hopefully helpful astro-summary.

*Pluto in Aquarius is going to be space politics central. Space protocols, space legislation, satellite tech, space junk, space treaties etc. There will be investment and employment opportunies in space tech + space law for sure.

The CZ5B Rocket is just a very dramatic illustration of the scenario. Obviously I hope that this 23 tonne thing doesn’t crash into me, any of you or a populated area but the mere fact that we have to think about this is ridiculous.

You can read more about it here but China is the only country that allows uncontrolled rocket descents and more are planned. This is the fourth since the first occurred on April 29/30  (Sun conjunct Uranus) and they’ve been very much a Saturn in Aquarius syndrome.

I don’t like the entire practice of junking spacecraft in the deep ocean – it will have consequences, eventually and it’s not nice for marine life.  But if one of these rockets hits an inhabited area – particularly in the USA – things will escalate rapidly. The current rocket scenario is an Eclipse/Sun-opposite-Uranus scenario but it will/it is hastening the development of space protocols set to be big in the incoming Pluto in Aquarius era.

*Inflation + Interest Rates – they can’t both be up and money was debauched so thoroughly in the experimental quantitative easing era that began with Pluto in Capricorn that there is no other choice. Interest rates go up and stay up or we get the digital version of those Weimar Republic people wheelbarrowing their cash down to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread. Or fiat currency itself goes.

The opening stanza of Pluto in Capricorn – the Global Financial Crisis – called time on the late Eighties and 90s Neptune in Capricorn aspirations {privatization, economic rationalism, offshoring etc) as well as Pluto in Sagg globalization as we knew it but the solution – rock bottom interest rates, debt and asset bubbles – was worse. Savings as a thing will be back and Generation Z is likely to end up as debt-averse as the Pluto in Cancer generation.

*Pluto in Aquarius is revolutionary by nature – the last time around gave us the French, American and Haitian Revolutions and all that follows. This time around the world is being reshaped by Russia and China (predominantly) pushing for more control and influence, as well as the heart-stopping uprising of the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic.

*Saturn square Uranus is coming to a close and you can now see it so clearly as all the narrative warfare around the pandemic response. The virus was ‘registered’ literally on the day Saturn conjunct Pluto was exact but the rollout of previously untried methods and attempts to quell ‘disinformation’ (dissent?) were pure Saturn square Uranus.

Whatever you think of Elon Musk and his Twitter takeover, it will become a stage for a broader drama in the lead-up to Pluto in Aquarius. He’s Cancerian, with Uranus square his Sun and Mars in Aquarius conjunct the North Node. I think that far from centralizing control of the narrative that is then issued via a relatively narrow set of outlets, information and opinion is going to become decentralized.

Like money, it won’t stay down.

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  1. China rejecting claims of the dangers of uncontrolled re-entry of its rockets as “baseless” seems a bit of a pun. Surely they should have a base. And preferably not over where most Australians live. Brezezinski’s Grand Chessboard take on Eurasia and the US seems more relevant every month. Also have noticed many youtube pundits embracing the idea of a grand chessboard of people being moved like pawns, perhaps without them even realising their being part of the game, it not mattering if they are controlled or uncontrolled opposition. Rather that the chess players who control the air waves & media, can hide and reveal topics, opinions, etc. at will according to their interests. I find that idea intriguing, in the same way I don’t find the idea that ‘all public figures are corrupt’ intriguing. Even if it were true it would be a dull idea to process.

  2. Thank you for the Daily Mystic for Monday November 7, Mystic!
    Your tips for getting through ‘the spooky lunar landscape’ are much appreciated in the run-up to the eclipse 🌚

  3. I have become increasingly turned off all of this space exploration. It IS inspiring and interesting, but we have catastrophic problems that need addressing at home right now and I feel like all of the resources could be better directed here, rather than spewing them into the atmosphere.

    Also while the unleashing of bigots on twitter is horrible, I am also gleefully praying for the collape of Twitter and Facebook.

    1. Yes, have been thinking a lot about how the 20th century sci-if boy narratives of space distracted us from the problems of Gaia—and in too many quarters of big-tech are still central dreams. What’s the speculative future we can imagine here on earth? And so with you on the demise of FB and Twitter.

  4. Space junk above our heads and possibly coming down on our heads…
    I have the upcoming lunar eclipse of Nov 8 falling – with Uranus involved – almost exactly on my natal Moon in Taurus. Space junk on my head sounds like a possible scenario for me 😵‍💫. I will be so happy once this eclipse is well and truly behind us!
    The past weeks have been super intense while dealing with people at work, trying to manoeuvre around and resolve conflict. This must be the eclipse energy. Feeling tired to the core of me

    1. I have a Taurus Moon 14 ° with North/South node Taurus/Scorpio so I feel this too. This Scorpio season is particularly purging for me. Yes intense. At first it was hard but after the first hurdle I became to appreciate it for the catharsis and big shifts. I can just manage it as I don’t work so I feel for you. Releasing fear was big for me.

      Feeling tired to the core. I hope you get some reprieve soon. Time to unpack what is really going on within you. Maybe some bodywork before the weekend if you can’t take time off.

    1. And the banks! Have been bingeing on documentaries and series about financial corruption, money laundering, the creation of offshore tax havens, the banking system, Panama Papers etc. It’s insane – and mostly invisible, so a lot of the rebellions that are happening are misdirected… People know things aren’t right, and know that inequality is accelerating, but they don’t know why and by whom. It’s different in every country of course, who is being targeted, but in my own country a lot of the Saturn-Uranus revolt is being unleashed on the people who only appear to be in power, but who aren’t the ones controlling the system at all. It’s frustrating…

      It’s just another form of deflection used by those who actually are in power and who control the flows of money & assets. They are more than happy to see scapegoats brought down and for the same cycles to repeat – oust one political party, think it’s going to solve it, it doesn’t, oust the other, think it’s going to solve it, it doesn’t, and so on & on it goes….

  5. There was an unusual not seen before blue aurora over Sweden suspected to be due to an exploded device from Russia. Yikes. The interference to out skies earth and oceans is startling.

  6. Would like to search the archives for the articles on Elon Musk if i knew how.
    Can anyone help who knows where to look?
    Think he will somehow take revenge in a myriad of ways on being ‘forced’ to purchase Twitter. Now it is said P Diddy helped with 10 million of funds toward the sale.
    Many countries are now taking action about content on the www at last but it’s closing the gate after the-free-for-all has escaped.

    As a fan of SBS world news am finding i’m having too much of an emotional reaction toward Putin, like wishing hoping asking the powers that be to remove him from the planet.
    Both of these characters are impinging on my zen.
    This is a time to beware of ‘acquired helplessness’ syndrome toward these. mindblowing events.
    Both are coming across as completely mad in true psychiatric speak. Unhinged.
    Staying centred while while the world seems to be erupting country by country in a copy cat way and hoping believing the future will be better by the time it’s settled if it ever is.
    I despair also about our oceans, the abuse Le Mar is subject to is heartbreaking.
    Is this a sorting of the dross from the gold globally and spiritually, it IS kinda biblical isn’t it.
    Gyn-ecology means women experience these abuses of Gaia physically.
    Love ain’t ruling at the moment.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I understand your despair Pegusus. Some time ago the tv news was effecting my mental health. And after reading this comment I am inclined to stop watching the news all together.

      And as I type I can hear a male kangaroo making noises as he sunbakes metres from my back porch with his missus and bubba.

      Just remember you are loved.


    2. No it sure ain’t and it al feels harsh and dry… I feel the loss and try to keep in my life all the time,water, trees, flowers my dog, music.

  7. Inmaculada Concepcion

    Stay centered 🧘‍♀️ keep us posted.✨U are in my thoughts & prayers,Beloved MM. ✨🌹✨🙏🏽💞💞💞

  8. I am SOOO hoping that Musk’s takeover will end social media as we know it. AFAIC, since about 2012, it jumped the shark, and has created “adult” / “professional” cultures that are worse than middle school popularity politics –and are ageist AF on top of it, esp. to women, which comes as no surprise…and I’m no vanilla Karen, I got tattoos and ride a motorcycle and have been fighting the good fight for longer than they’ve been alive. I don’t remember, as a young leftist punker, dismissing the experiences of my hippie elder states people like I’ve experienced. With all their supposed wokeness, I deffo get the feeling they think there’s something wrong with me b/c I’m single and childless–which exposes their internalized heteronormativity. okay </rant>

    1. I also ‘forgot’ to have children or get married. NO REGRETS.
      The 60’s hippies were so on the ball about recycling and hating plastic anything, buying in bulk to eliminate wrappings, putting every peach stone back into the earth.
      It was the time when The Whole Earth Catalogue came into existence showing us how to live sustainably, how not to leave a big ugly footprint.

      1. Me also, no kids, no partner. It’s bizarre how uncomfortable people are with a woman whom they can’t define by a man or a child, and can’t put in the “grandma” box.

        1. Maybe some of us were having too much fun, too many adventures, too curious & disliked the baby section in the supermarket?
          A line in a book i read at 16 yo maybe Catch-22 or another well known novel where a woman said ‘having a baby was like trying to shit a watermelon’.
          Later i looked down, looked at size of a baby’s head then went to study philosophy instead 🙂

          1. Exactly, Pegasus! In one particklerly toxic MFA program, I felt like either a) they thought I was lying (no one could have, say, danced on stage with Chuck Berry (and who is he anyways?)), or; b) trying too hard to “act cool”…as if I was performing some kind of trope for them. Bitches, me, and women like me, few as we are, ARE the reason that trope exists….lol

          2. Oh yeah! I remember that line! And ditto being an older, unmarried, woman – so disconcerting to some. The origin of the word spinster apparently relates to ‘spinning = economically self-sufficient. Spinster and proud!

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Rant away She rat. Me too.

      Something wrong with me. It just stinks of 1950’s domesticity. My mum was born in the 1920’s. I remember as a child after expressing my uniqueness she exclaimed : “Don’t ever get married!”

      Well she was an Aquarian.

      1. My Scorpio mother said same thing. She was so serious about it thought maybe there was a genetic defect in the family line….lol.

      1. hope you feel better now Scarab
        i been a mess too, need to get back to slaa, been obsessing ovee someone.
        think its aries moon now here in uk 💕

        1. Thanks hon – feeling emotionally bruised but better. Hope you’re OK too – Luna in Pisces LZ-ing sounds intense. xx

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes it can be a doozy. But strangely this one was cathartic for me.

      Very 🦂 Scorpionic ! Yesterday was horrible.

  9. My Gen Z kids are really keen on saving – like it comes naturally to them? Sign of the times I guess.
    As for Elon… I can not work him out? So stumped with him? With my 12th house Sun, Mars, Mercury and Pluto I am super perceptive with people but he wears a shield for sure. Interesting character.

    1. have you seen his interviews and read his tweets? he has the opposite of a shield, he’s super emotional and almost nerdy kid-like, but obviously super smart. I don’t know any other billionaire that’s so frank and open with the people (his tweets, his interviews)

      1. Yes, I’m Gen X so grew up with the concept that billionaires belonged to shadowy power cabals like Diamond Skulls and held secret meetings. I like the transparency. Although, I have to say, out of all the Musks, I find Kimbal more interesting.

        1. Same – the cabals made it seem acceptable in a quaint romantic-occultic kind of way. The reality is far from romantic anything. Just greed, avarice, entitlement, & psychopathy leading to horrendous amounts of poverty, inequality & social neglect for everyone else, and the planet. When will time be up for them..??

          I don’t even mean Elon Musk – he is transparent at least – unless he’s just hiding in plain sight. Isn’t he autistic or asbergers tho? Not to make excuses, just that his ngaf-ness seems to be less about ngaf and more about simply following his own genius… It’s just a shame about the collateral left behind in his wake…

    2. Mystic has done 2 articles on him here i’m keen to find.
      Personally having witnessed what the new super speed does to people
      and have wondered if he is doing the ‘micro-dosing’, that, or some sort of hallucinogenic?

    3. I think Elon is guilty for being super Uranian and turning his electric thoughts into tangible leaps for mankind. He makes zero apologies for his nature which is so admirable, in a society where the masses aren’t comfortable being unique. My Mercury in the 12th eats this type of behavior right up lol
      Although his mass cull at Twitter since taking up the role of ‘Chief Twit’ has won him zero friends and sent his corporate sponsors scrambling….. could be Mars in Gem rx at play here 🧐

      1. Good point about Mars retrograde. It’s not the ideal time to have purchased a business, especially one having to do with communications. Let’s see what emerges after the retrograde period ends.

        1. Exactly! I think he’s going to be swimming against the stream for awhile, especially with all the bad press of late. It’s actually such a good case for Mars Rx in Gemini representing ‘hurtful words & actions’…

          1. Yes, it does look like he’s acting on unfinished business – plus Saturn sitting on his Mars creating frustration? This will be such a good astro study in action. It’s noteworthy that Musk made the offer on April 14th – on his Chiron Return & completed the deal 6 months later – again on his Chiron Return – on October 28th as trans Chiron was going retro. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when trans Chiron hits his Chiron again next Feb. (I am fascinated by Chiron).

            1. Oooooooo here comes Saturn to restrict all his moves till/if he learns how to operate under this heavy aspect! The Chiron info is fascinating, you really could study his life astrologically as a business study right now lol. OH WOW… I just checked his natal and he has Chiron in the 10th, you can’t make this up!! I hope he’s got some billionaire level outlet for this… spaceX trip to a place in space where there is no Wi-Fi?? lol 😂 

  10. Dear Mystic thank you a million for your wonderful work & I do so hope by the blessings of all the goddesses we celebrate that you survive this current threat xxxx We just never know do we when some natural or stupidity disaster might take us out, much love

  11. The Saturn in Pisces wave in 2023 is coming too…. the broader cultural themes seem so heavy rn, but I have to believe a shakedown/breakdown to our cultural belief systems is incoming! Embracing our spirituality will get the push from Pisces that is SO desperately needed! ……

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Well said C. I totally agree.

      Hang in there folks.


  12. Wish Upon a Star

    I live in regional Qld. Some farmer found some space junk on his acreage farm recently. What if it hit a cow?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I was trying to make a subtle connection with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus: space junk. Cow: Taurus. I didn’t mean to come across as glib.

  13. Also I do not really hold Views re Elon but I can’t imagine him being thingy about info control a la becoming a twit-o-crat

  14. “Sure is a nice roof you got there, Sydney. Be a shame if something… happened to it.”

    *Maintains eye contact as giant chunk of satellite smesh through terracotta tiles across 5km*

    1. Also space law is fascinating. The UN has a page (division?) dedicated to it. Probably a dimly lit storage room out the back of a less-visited floor at the NY HQ, currently populated by a couple of retired aerospace engineers, a hawkish former University professor with a mysterious gap in their resumé and a softly spoken recruit who wandered in one day looking for the 1996 records for the Law Of The Sea and never left.
      I expect the usual suspects will pay space law about as much mind as they do to all other international conventions and agreements etc. But still

      1. nothing gets done …. until one brisk autumn evening a flaming trail of rocket debris lights up the rusty New York sky over 42nd St, directly above the UN building…

        1. Seriously. How does China get away with doing whatever it wants? And Russia. WTF we ALL live on this planet. We need formalities around this stuff and soon. It’s dangerous. What would happen if it fell on a highly populous area? Would it spark a world war? Why do we let them get away with it? Maybe bc it would spark a world war…space politics prediction required now. If Russia and China were people they’d be schoolyard bullies. I don’t understand how so many world leaders are hideous, unaware loathesome creatures. Sigh

          1. Such practices are as old as human society itself I suppose. World leaders don’t get their jobs by being kind and generous. Pluto and its plutocratic arena works in boringly obvious ways… Alas. (Agreeing with you btw)
            History shows us that those two countries have a solid track record of ngaf
            On the other hand, enforcement of norms that only half the world agrees with can comes at a high price. Even though most people everywhere just want to put food on the table and see their kids grow up or whatever. Politics is just the strangest thing

            Sorry if I sound like a wanker

            1. Darling Sam, you never sound like a wanker. I’ve always admired the way you explain controversial issues in a fair & nuanced way. I mean, you might be a silly goose at times (tho i beat you hands down on that, lol) but never a wanker. X

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