Astrological Money Vibes

Even when the economic settings are haywire, you may as well fine-tune your financial frequency. While there are, of course, multiple factors, astrological money vibes are centered around your 2nd house and – to a lesser extent – your 8th

That is, the zodiac sign on the border of the house and the Sun, Moon or planets in there, if any. You can glean a lot of astro-intel about yourself and others from thinking about this paradigm.

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You don’t care if it’s easy or not but you like fast money, something you can earn in a sprint, not a marathon. And yes, it’s a race to you. Mars/Aries 2nd-housers are more relaxed at high velocity than they are hanging around waiting for things to ‘mature.’ And fuq timing the market. Averse to professionals telling you what you can’t do, you’d probably prefer your accountant to be more like a pit-stop attendant injecting fuel and replacing wheels in five seconds.

Money Vibes: Fighting – soldier, defense industry, athlete, litigation, crisis P.R., business ventures with a potentially quick turnaround. You’re brilliant in mission mode and quick to recalibrate in the face of any challenges. Assets: Raw hustle and highly motivated by the concept of ‘winning.’ Liabilities: Burn-out. Fuq-off gestures you can’t afford.


You have exquisite taste and find it actually offensive to have to consider how much something might cost. You can’t make money or create when you feel cramped or pushed. Leisure is the pre-requisite to any profitable move, a trait that is often misunderstood. You’d like your financial advisors to be attractive, attentive and skilled in euphemism – it’s not at all mercenary but Venus or Taurus/Libra 2nd house people quite often marry or sleep with their money-facilitators.

Money Vibes: You can generate wealth via your ability to advise/influence others aspiring to your style or even just to be in your presence, in the beauty industry, arts, interior design, fashion, music, events and entertainment. Assets: Charm, being photo or telegenic and good at retaining alliances. Liabilities: Galactic tastes on an earthly budget.


Your word is your wand and whatever is on your mind, you can probably package it up and sell it, one way or another. While you may not articulate it as such, your approach to money is more like hermetic magic than the conventional construct. You know things can change in a heartbeat and are perpetually excited by one thing or another. Frustratingly, it’s difficult to find fiscal advice as on-zeitgeist as you are but you’ve got 15 simultaneous research loops looking into it.

Money Vibes: The media, publishing, commodities trading, consultancies, ventures or management where being across the current thing is vital and analytics. Assets: Wit and quick-uptake of anything, fluidity and beyond change-adept. Liabilities: Huge money churn through investing in enthusiasms and sudden withdrawals when your vibe shifts.


Security is everything and no, not some hypothetical digital foo-foo, blockchain or numbers on a screen – you’re talking food in the fridge, utilities accounted for in advance and moving, however haphazardly, toward being debt-free. A canny cash handler, the Crab-Scarab/Moon 2nd houser is consistently clever with expenditure and a zillion good micro-choices add up to financial security at a macro level. You’re insulted or even enraged by sales spiels, you want the data – all of it.

Money Vibes: Investments in classic commodities – gold, land, soybeans – the caring/healing professions or any business providing security/peace of mind to others. Assets: Innate frugality, trustworthiness + intuition. Liability: Becoming the ‘bagholder’ by hanging on to stuff or assuming certain things will stay the same, potentially missing accelerating trends.


At your optimal, people are happy to pay you just for being you or for an innate talent. You’re a money magnet and whenever you think your financial magic may have been eclipsed, you’re back shining again. You’re not as nonchalant about $$$ as some people think from your spending habits – sorry, rituals. It’s important for your self-esteem to have the cushion of money and to be seen as successful. If your morale drops, for whatever reason, you can’t grind – you need to be up.

Money Vibes:  You’re not a natural follower or team-player and would rather reign over your realm than serve in someone else’s, no matter how grand. Assets: Performance, creating unique intellectual properties or products, charismatic leadership. Liability: Your inordinate faith in yourself and your energy, while usually justified, can see you skip standard due diligence.


You could make your living via something others can’t – or don’t – want to know about: espionage, cyber-security, criminal forensics, the sex industry, detective work, plumbing and/or the more investigative end of academia or government. You could even trade in hush money or be paid significant coin for handling ‘delicate’ matters with discretion. It’s unlikely that any one person has the full measure of your financial affairs – Scorpio/Pluto 2nd houses are fans of contingency arrangements.

Money Vibes: You’re good in crisis mode and/or scenes undergoing profound transformation. Assets: Niche shares, cash stored in unusual bolt holes, attaining technical certificates in specifically useful skills, scarily fantastic work ethic once you engage and intensive but short-term contracts. Liability: Grifters and people who owe you money but don’t think you ‘need’ it.


Jupiterian/Saggo 2nd house people are predisposed to success, good at commerce, lucky in gambling and naturally inclined to scale. You learn early that you want/need more than other people. You’re not a snob nor into status and the chances are that nearly every cent you earn will immediately be plowed into the next growth venture. It can be the secret of your success and yet also a risk factor: a shitty Saturn transit or economic morph you didn’t see could see you over-exposed. Then again, you’re the King or Queen of bounce-back.

Money Vibes: You can make epic money by expanding other people’s horizons, one way or another. Assets: Teaching, politics, philosophy, long-range super-aspirational projects, growth-centric business models and travel are your natural terrain. Liabilities: Easy enragement and subsequent costly stunts over bureaucracy, compliance etc.


Whatever your background, something in early childhood gave you the psychic heebie-jeebies about poverty or the fear of falling from your financial perch. Voila the fiercest work ethic this side of alpha centauri, even if it does come with an ever-ready grudge flashpoint. You don’t have the luxury of naivety and you’d disdain a safety net, even if it were available but Saturn/Capricorn 2nd house people always win over the long term.

Money Vibes: Resourceful beyond belief, you build a robust foundation off self-learned wisdom. Assets: Professions, businesses or crafts that would have existed in ancient times – if you time-warped back to a previous era, you’d be able to step straight into it. Liabilities: Poor financial advice that forces you to learn every damn thing yourself.


Detached from conventional money metrics, you genuinely strive to invest your time into things that awe you and will ignore your personal financial security to do just that. You’re either a financial iconoclast or so far ahead of ‘the curve’ that you’ve zoomed off it. Aquarius/Uranus 2nd house people are comfortable with seeming ‘odd’ – your perception of money and the financial system is that it’s something more like a vast experimental matrix.

Money Vibes: You do things your way, whether it’s taking on merde-loads of debt to fund an enterprise or opting out and living in ultra-frugality for a year. Assets: Inventiveness, tech, science and life management skills. Liabilities: Lack of backing from a calcified banking system. People claiming you and they are besties when you make it big.


Your money flow can be tidal, sweeping and out with an unworldly rhythm. You’re chill about possessions, discarding or acquiring them without too much regard for their value or future worth. It sounds bats but you’re operating off deep-vibe currents and if you’re not free to flow with them, it constrains your ability to earn. You can be accustomed to extremes of money and material comfort, thus empathizing with rich and poor.

Money Vibes: Whatever your official occupation, your core competency is conjuring up wonder and possibilities, you’re a magician or perhaps a shaman. Assets: Immense, organic creativity and pure psychic oomph. Liabilities: Porous boundaries and being too generous with vampiric types. Investing in your thing usually works better than the markets.


If your money house is empty does it relate to ’empty coffers’? Not at all. It means the sign expression is probably more important and remember that an Outer Planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) can spend years in one house or sector.

What does it mean if you have contradictory influences in the 2nd? Many people do! Ebullient Jupiter in fiscally conservative Capricorn or Mars lined up with the Moon there. It’s not really contradictory – it’s You. Discover a way to elegantly express these juxtapositions for fantastic financial breakthroughs.


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24 thoughts on “Astrological Money Vibes”

  1. Moon in 2nd, security is everything, I am giddy now that I have no mortgage on my house. Also Saturn, and everything there is true.

  2. Empty 2nd house except for Pallas but loaded 8th. As it is new moon in Aqua & start of Chinese Year of the Dragon it’s timely to send off email to the Chinese owner of the Maremma who chomped me. It has taken me 8 weeks to actually obtain his contact deets as he had left home for places not disclosed to family or so they say.
    Found out poor dog has hip dysplasia and was a reject from the litter given away free (usually cost 5-8K) hence aged 7 was in pain. The family had never owned a dog previously, perhaps they should have started with something smaller as a starter dog.
    Cross fingers he has home insurance with public liability as then can claim from insurance, if not it means civil suite if i can be bothered with lawyers who will probably take half of not very much.

  3. I do Pluto in Libra for my 2nd. Definitely have to have nice surroundings inside my home, outside of my home to feel at ease. Also, on my body I am absolutely attracted to and buy silk, bamboo, fine merino, leather shoes. I keep upgrading garment by garment for better quality now that I can afford it.

    With Pluto there, I can relate to having money but in a hushed way. More than once a I’ve come into a windfall in a way that wasn’t so nice but helped me financially.

    I do notice that when I’m advocating for a bigger cause, or other people, ideas that help communities etc. that it comes naturally AND currently that’s an income source.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I have Saturn in the 2nd house and also need natural fibres to clothe my body. I also have about 8 feminine asteroids in the 2nd house ruled by Aries. Polyester is a no no as it turns the outfit into a sauna. I can’t understand how people can wear poly.
      You sound like an angel helping other people and the heavens are rewarding you. Go Well.

  4. With Jupiter+MC in Pisces I forget how jacked my 2nd House is.. Cancer ruled 2nd, with Sun/Merc there in grand trine to aforementioned Jupiter, to Scorpio Moon. The most materialistic spiritual person ever according to at least one person who doesn’t understand me. Nearly went into Interior Design! If I had won the 200 million I would have bought cheap houses to redecorate & give away or sell cheap. I just adore houses, I love that each home has a little personality, it’s own chakras whirring away and a gift for the person they choose to inhabit them inherent in their nature to shelter and nurture.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Chakras whirring away in a home. That is something this 4th house sun, Merc, Venus and Ceres in Kataka would appreciate. I really like the idea of creating things/healing from my beautiful home. In nature or by the sea. Thanks Sphinx I found your comment made me feel warm and fuzzy. Very inspiring.

  5. Galactic tastes on an earthly budget. 🤣 I somehow manage to pull it off though. Charm? Sure. But also the inherent Empress-level pulling powers of Lady Venus. Libra in 2nd house is the shit.

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    ” Assets: Professions, businesses or crafts that would have existed in ancient times – if you time-warped back to a previous era, you’d be able to step straight into it. ”
    Well I did order a tarot cloth and velvet bag on the internet last night. Toying with the idea of setting up a table for fun. Also like the idea of costume/bespoke clothe making. Also considering studying silver/gold smithing.

    1. Tarot cloth, sewing and silversmithing? Dreamy. I’m trying to entice a Silversmith to teach locally, no luck so far, I have a gaggle of chicks interested too.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Sounds good Jacqui. I found I qualify for low fees to learn in an arty tafe in Melbourne. The building seems drenched in history. Although I live in Queensland and am blessed with a rental cabin surrounded by nature if I get booted out I will return to Melbourne where I left my heart and bearings. There are so many things I want to learn.

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    Me Contradictory !
    2nd House Par Fortuna in Aries 9.36
    2nd House Saturn in Aries 10 opposite Mars in Libra 8th House
    2nd House Eris in Aries 12
    2nd House Eros in Aries 13
    2nd House Lilith in Aries 18
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. Hard relate to Saturn in the second signifying heebie-jeebies around poverty. Mum grew up poor and covered her ongoing fear of poverty very clearly. Unfortunately, I passed on this fear to my children before cleaning up my act #somewisdomcomestoolate

    What about Chiron in the second? I have to conjunct to my Saturn.

    1. Same! Chiron 25 Saturn 27, Do you have Uranus conjunct Pluto in 8th? + Pandora and Isis?? Definitely flows in and out, I contacted the bank once to buy a house with 36 cents in my savings account, I got the loan for $365,000 and sold the house 9 years later for $555,000. Also bought a convict built double house for $30,000 (not a typo) and sold it 5 years later for $285,000. Debit free now

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