Aries Lifestyle Tips

This was initially posted aeons ago, when Uranus was going INTO Aries and so I solicited Aries people for their ‘lifestyle tips’ – it’s still here because people seem to like it. It could perhaps be useful for Neptune into Aries?

Aries Lifestyle Tip One: You do not engage with people who do not show you respect – ever. No negotiations. You just do not engage with them.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Two: Survival of the fittest is not a theory, it is a fact. So don’t come whinging to me about your stupid glands.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Three: Burning bridges is a military strategy, no need to get all precious about it.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Four: Your natural body odor is awesome. Rather than you wasting your precious $$$ and valuable time fuqing around buying stinky pong, people should pay YOU for YOUR endorphin and pheromone reeking natural awesome fragrance of genius excellence.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Five: Never queue. Never go on hold. Never complain. Never explain. Never ever give up. Never take shit.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Six: Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Seven: Most stuff isn’t that complicated. If it is, it is most likely sleazy.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Eight: Defend the weak.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Nine: If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.

And Yours???

189 thoughts on “Aries Lifestyle Tips”

  1. “It’s hard to be humble when you’re this awesome!” and, “Oh, I’m sorry, did I run over your cat with my car while I was backing out to get myself some coffee? I’ll help you buy him when I get back.”

  2. My first Arien thought..” Shut up and kiss me” Don’t ask..I’ll let you know if I don’t want you to again.

  3. Hmmm…Sun in Aries, and Mercury.

    Number One – is way out for me – i’m of the belief that respect needs to be earnt, not demanded.

    Number 4 – can not relate. Have worked with lots of Rams, and have never found them to have an offensivee pong, Men always with smart aftershave, women with sniffable smells.

    I would add, that If you’re not going to say something to someones face, then save it, or let it go. I’m a face sayer…It’s taken a while, but if someone upsets me, they don’t have to guess or wonder what it’s about.. I like the air around me clear, crystal clear.

    Let people know exactly where they stand with you.

    Get to the point !

    Don’t ask me to sign up for monthly donations to your charity unless you can tell me exactly what percentage your company gets, how much the charity gets, and does the charity only get 25% after i have signed up for 12 months !

    I think that Aries get better at looking after people who are unwell as they get older, i was a shocker and it was something that terrified me about having children, but i’ve found i can do it, and it doesn’t hurt or make me cringe !! Wooppee !! There is hope for Rams yet !!

    1. Going to add “Actions speak louder than words”.

      If someone gives lousy service in their job, i’m quite upfront about pointing out where they have failed..sometimes it might come out as “And is that you helping?” or “Yes, i can see from the note on the shelf it is out of stock, my question is, when is it coming back in stock?, I’ll wait here so you can find me”.

      .. but i also give praise where praise is due, ie yesterday i spent 5 minutes on the phone to the Manager of our local David Jones Department Store, and told him about what wonderful service and help I got from one of his staff members (Cheryl with the bandaged thumb), who worked for sportscraft but sent me on my way happily with country road gear …

      So adding in Praise where praise is due.

  4. Near future: My new attitude toward debt, sex and those who pay me (?)—I guess I have developed, for the 1st time in my life sorry to say, a “yeah, but what do I get out of this?” attitude. Surprised I didn’t have this before and wonder why I didn’t. It’s like landing on Mars (haha).

    More Long Term: My new attitude toward life, travel, and learning (and defending the weak). — I can see this one the most clearly. Going back for grad degree and after large career and not taking any prisoners.

  5. “-Survival of the fittest is not a theory, it is a fact. So don’t come whinging to me about your stupid glands.

    -“Never queue. Never go on hold. Never complain. Never explain. Never ever give up. Never take shit.”

    -“Defend the weak.”

    -“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”

    So true.

    And I thought I was a trapped pisces inside arian “body”..Well, well…^^


    More “Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.” should help me with studying in order to enter uni.

    This post is very motivating, no wonder though.

  6. Nano-Smugness*: An outrageously smug remark tossed off so quickly that you almost don’t notice it.

    * Not to be confused with the Ramzilla Micro-Quip which has a slight sting that can be quickly washed off under cool running water.

  7. sweat + sacrifice = success… this is gonna be my mantra, ive done the sacrifice, fairly comfortable with that, now to sweat!

  8. My Aries moon repulses people sometimes as it seems to be so against my feminine crabbiness. But both cardinal (and my cappy rising – no wonder I start things and never finish them)…. anyway…. I remember thinking last time this was posted “that’s everything I always think and never say, but when I do people just look at me like I’m a completely different person” (except my ex boyfriend who says I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body who’s a sociopathic, violent Mother Teresa —- whatever that means)

    Anyway, my general Ariean lifestyle tip-thing isn’t so much a tip, it is….. well…. it just is.

    “Who are you, again?”

    It’s the: I am the only important person in this room and I didn’t even know you existed but am flattered that you know who I am, but seriously, go away.

  9. being an arian I really hope its my time to shine – for me its overdue. Patience is not really an aries trait !! but hey I need it now !!

  10. holy crappola…. love it! i’m aries rising (sagg sun) and feel like i’m finally coming into my own… about freakin time, i say. eternal thanks mystic for helping me in making sense of me!

  11. Aww I was just thinking about Davidl and Uber today… 😯

    Oh man, I just read tip 9 as: If you train hard you’ll bed hard… I have absolutely no explanation for this error… 😯

  12. Aries drummer, says it all really…who would you want in your band other than?! aries a recent discovery and love them, wish there were more of them around…

  13. Lifestyle Tip … Always make it known that you are successful (on your own terms) but NEVER share the secret of your success.

  14. BlackStarAries

    “Girls just wanna have fun” is Arien tooo. No need to always be all tough guy about it.
    Aries is the innocent fun of being alive…
    “Born to be Alive” is my theme song.

      1. anotherbloody aries

        i do cry, but it’s power crying sobbing for hours

        not sure if that’s the double aries competitiveness or my scorp moon/neptune

        1. OMIGOD you even compete emotionally and turn crying into like – a workout! hahahahahahahaha Brilliant. ~chuckling~

          I’m developing a new love of Lambchops … aside from the fact they taste good slow baked in the oven.

  15. You could be like my son (April 1st Aries) and use your head as a deadly weapon! He’s given me bruises before when he was a baby!

  16. Best quote from aries ex, “if I can do it – so can you!” And I did! I built brick walls, can use all power tools, navigate a boat around the Whitsundays and lets not forget actually BUILD a boat too!!

    worst – “you want foreplay again?”

    Hence the EX part!! Thems fighting words to a scorp!!

  17. Buuut, isn’t that a little like a man who likes his women bare foot and pregnant and not too brainy.

    1. that comment was for you UP but it got iphone_ itis. I read your previous post totally incorrectly. This thread will now self destruct to hide any evidence. pffftttsssttt…

      1. unpredictable pisces

        ahahah no worries dl! am v aware of the reverse sexism thing! but don’t worry i need mental stimulation more than much else…otherwise boredom sets in quickly!!
        the problem is the many of the hunky ones I meet around here haven’t read a book since they were 12, and we are invariably different in every way!!! so i continue the quest . πŸ™‚

  18. My little furry creature pet is an Aries. Loads of fun
    very very affectionate, has real charm, wants what she wants
    when she wants it!

  19. unpredictable pisces

    all i am going to add is that i have a major thing for the shirts-off, ultra fit bod (from actual WORK not preening/gym), manly man thing. I just can’t do the skinny starving artist thing [although if it was a skinny starving artiste in the macho man’s body, i would be in heaven]. my taste is a bit old-school 80’s in this regard…
    also explains how I have somehow ended up with the tradesman-types, they’re [usually] simple creatures, not bothering with complexity or nuance, few hangups, all man. hmmm i think i know where this is going. kthanks bye

    1. O I agree: I would love an artist in a macho mans body who loves only me…if that’s not an overshare. But new-school equivalent might be emotional strength and focus in an educated male of any shape, who loves only me…

    2. scorpalicious robot

      UP, I’ll have the skinny starving artist type any day. πŸ™‚
      I’m not a fan of the manly man or tradesman type.

    3. biceps, broad shoulders, slight loin cut, pecs, hair from the chest down to the ooooooh, nothing over 6ft or under 5’7, a bit of fat padding – none of this sinew bony business, strong jaw, great hair … sounds like I’m shopping at the butchers …

    4. Odette-in-Libra

      Funny, I’ve always wanted a strong, masculine guy in a skinny, starving artist body. Very sexy contrast – understated strength that doesn’t have to show off but is really there when you need it. πŸ™‚

      1. πŸ˜› Lol, but am with prowln re the fat padding, like a heavy-set type that won’t fly away in a storm…

  20. Yes the list is spot on! And the other arians contributions in the comments above.

    I thought my tuffness was stern virgo stuff, but clearly the aries ascendent no bullshit, strength, get on with it, is key.

    My energy is always recharged by watching action movies. The protagonist always makes quips just like the tips you’ve all provided, in complete seriousness. Loving it….

  21. Yes the list is spot on! And the other arians contributions in the comments above.

    I thought my tuffness was stern virgo stuff, but clearly the aries ascendent no bullshit, strength, get on with it, is key.

    My energy is always recharged by watching action movies. The protagonist always makes quips just like the tips you’ve all provided, in complete seriousness.

  22. So I have uranus on my psyche exactly at the moment. What does this mean? I’ve been looking up crop circles, feel very psychically overwhelmed, have been dreaming of a million alternative therapies I’ve going to get when I sort virgo shiz out, and at an event last week with hi-qi people I felt myself, kind of ascended, like I was ready for the next level. But all this virgo slob crap was still laying around that I literally have to deal with before that happens.
    WHOOPS this should go in the mutables saturn chrono club post…..

  23. The flipside to wanting to be first or win is that I actually get quite cross with myself for not doing better – I think I didnt try hard enough or push myself enough.

  24. one thing I know is vital to me I have to be first – first in traffic ( I fess I have road rage issues but basically I just swear a LOT .) This also relates to having no patience. First in the queue – first to go to lunch – first to get up in the morning – Yes I really hate being second or any number after that.

    1. Yeah, when my daughter was 3 I used to drive her to kindy thru peak hour traffic. One day we are about to cross the street with a group of friends, she turns around and says “look dadda, there’s one of those fuqing buses”. ooops

      1. Ha ha.
        My daughter, aged four, said fuqing followed by that really bad word, the one that starts with c and ends with t.
        me “Honey, where did that come from?”
        her “you, Mummy”
        me ‘no way, when?”
        her “when you yelled at that woman in the big car when you were getting me from kindy.”
        Oh yes, that little incident, Smith Street, 6pm, winter, raining Melbourne-style traffic jam and this **** in a BMW 4-wheel drive tries to push the little red Carmen onto the tram tracks. Well sorry, beyarch, you might be able to afford it but you sure can’t drive it. I won. Forgot my daughter was in the back…
        Maybe I’m a bit Aries after all.

          1. Seabird I am so shocking in the car (Mars in the 3rd house) that when I encounter these ladies I bring out the ‘bring it on’..
            Recently when a similar incident to yours occurred, my husband reminded me that those psycho’s are encased three tons of metal with bull bars, to my one ton with no bull bars..
            I really think there should be two days driving school attached to anyone buying one of these cars. They can kill someone by being capricious and I don’t believe they realise the power of the vehicles.
            Maybe that’s very Aries?!

          2. I am so so so annoyed by the attitude that seems to grow with the size of the car. I am espec. pissed off by the women! who should know better! but then if you buy one of these cars without really needing (Ie if you are not an explorer or a farmer) then you are a fuqing d**khead already and beyond redemption. Here in Oman lots of people drive Very Big Cars, and the generally gentle-men turn into careless pieces of s**t once inside the car.

            Boys – remember the rule, big car small dick, small car, nothing to prove. Whats the female version, or is that the wrong question to ask?? πŸ™‚

          3. Well if thinking about murdering someone is like really killing them (on a higher dimensional level) I’m a wanted man 5 galaxies.

  25. deathinyourface

    one i’ve been living by recently:
    “if something scares you, push past it.”

    no aries in my chart either, but it’s like I cannot tolerate the idea of fear anymore.

    1. I love that one. You made me think of that Kelis song with Enrique Iglesias
      It opens with that line.

    1. Chiron = the wounded healer. Time to look at your wound and not flinch away from the truth of it perhaps?

      1. Most definitely. When I read the list my main thought was my creativity and my own self-doubt regarding it. A lot of times I don’t feel great expressing anything creatively as it seems irrelevant or not good enough.

        1. Just do it anyways!
          Julie Cameron once wrote, “anything doing, is worth doing badly.”
          Trust the Universe and create.

          I have the same placement of Chiron in 5th House of Aries.
          Lifelong lesson is Just do it!
          You heal through the arts and self expression and creativity.

  26. I’m loving this list. πŸ˜€

    Although it may be just today. As a mutable I may not need it tomorrow. :p

  27. On Facebook, my friends (and I have a lot) from all over the United States from teen to their 60’s have been posting their statuses (statusi? whichever) about a central theme: finding out who their true friends are and listing their better qualities.

    I realize by now that we are Ariean-like, maybe we all are reassessing our standards in well, everything. What do you think?

  28. Ok I’ve got my psychic bling ethereal rams helmet on and predict an upsurge in the popularity of stadium rock, the death of emo and R&B and endless revivals of We Are the Champions and Eye of the Tiger. Sweat bands will make a comeback. And bogans – eco friendly, non smoking teetotaller bogans.

    1. anotherbloody aries

      lerv ur style

      eye of the tiger & we are the champions are in my top ten! (stadium rock too, embarrassingly) what about loverboy’s working for the weekend?

          1. anotherbloody aries

            OH YES and am in sooooooo much trouble for playing it at 10pm+ in my timezone from (oncall and called out sleepingish) partner for playing it w/out headphones!! luv it!!!

            i have their albums on vinyl just wish i had the leather pants (or the guy in them more likely)!

          2. scorpalicious robot

            hahaha… i downloaded it as soon as you mentioned Loverboy. Had a listen on my computer but can’t wait to play it at full volume on my sound system tomorrow. I’ll be dancing in my lounge room like a big dag. That should cheer me up from the incessant and depressing rain we’re having at the moment.

      1. You can listen to whomever you like darl! If that involves clenching the bull bar of a hummvee with only your glutes of steel, whilst hooning down Parramatta Rd at 3am dressed in little more than a flannie and db’s, whilst belting out “livinnnnn on a praaaayeeeeer” .. that’s entirely up to you. Nobody’s going to argue with an Aries anyway … except perhaps a police officer.

        Jock jams: naaaaaah an Aries would consider that way lame-o. All that scratchin retro stuff. I wouldn’t mind tho’ :mrgreen:

      1. Flannie futures, interesting…grabs jacket ” Im off the Lowes, kataka darling, (now if only I could find that stash of cash she has somewhere, AHH, under the bed, of course) bye !

      1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

        makes Winnie Blue ads look sophisticated…..

        as for the DDB creatives ‘where the bloody hell is your creativity’ …..?

        I know the production team & crew who shot this.
        took 5 weeks. check how many locations. & all the arial shots.
        cost a fortune (tax payer funded!!) – last week they reshot BBQ on the beach scene. crew told the camera guy how it needed to be lit then went snorkling all day. the rowers were also reshot. flew crew to Melbs to reshoot. then they partied all night. heading to ayres rock the luggage was lost so the crew went to the casino. then camped 2 days at ayres rock to get one shot….

        of course all the while was if they were making world class block buster desitined for the Oscars…..

        the finale is beyond cringeworthy!!

        1. its a verrryyy old grey rabbit there pulling out of that sparkling hat, in my mind. Josh Abrahams wrote this ???? Put the visuals to ‘Addicted to Bass’ and your half way there ?

        2. Isn’t that what ad agency creatives are like anyway? Carrying on like they’re making an award winning feature film when they’re like … selling … bog roll or whatever.

          It’s very ordinary. Just yer stock standard montage sequence attempting to cover all bases and strung together with a errr … basically shit house theme song … pass the bog roll.

          Of course they could’ve initially come up with something fab and creative but had the kaybosh put on it by the client.

        3. I think that ad’s shit house – bangs like the proverbial, is mildly declasse – who are they trying to appeal to? But some of those people who made it ARE award winners. No-one should be remembered for their worst piece of work – and we’re yet to see the bottom line to work out whether it is their worst. Those crap yelling ads work – that’s the goal of an ad, you know? I think marketing Australia to the rest of the world is an interesting proposition because the culture here is unique – and I’m not only talking about the indigenous culture – maybe they wanted to get away from the ads being white larrikin / character driven? I spose the important thing is not whether australians like it but whether the rest of the world responds by coming. I do think it’s better than that last neptunian/depressing one with the woman in the billabong. That one wasn’t shit house, it was just shit. Pretty but.

        4. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

          the valid comment re Baz Lurhamans Tourism Australia as was Americans mistook the billboard campaign for a poster for the (timing) just released movie ‘Australia’. & yes it was a self indulgent wank that showed luring tourists was no even on Baz’s menu.

          this one, again, fails to portray the multicultural society we live in. too many vignets, & way too sydney based. does a syncopated drum set opp Flinders st or glipse of rowers on the poo brown yarra aptly speak of other major centres? does rowing lure tourists? or drummers? where is Broome? Margaret River? Adelaide churches? Qld rainforest?

          too much Harbour Bridge, Harbour, Opera House, Harbour…. with smiling Anglo Saxons – their defence that the TVC’s not made for the Eastern Suburbs Latte set dont stick. sorry. I preferred ‘where the bloody hell are you?” at least we were laughing at ourselves – unlike this – which my friends around the world – well – laugh at!!

  29. Feeling all this glorious clean and clear Jupiter and Uranus Aries energy is making me feel like I’m finally coming home to myself (sun + 6 planets in Aries).

    Yesterday I bought a mug with this quote on it:

    “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.” – Gary Lew

    It sums up what for me an essential truth, you either ride the waves, or the waves ride you… That to me is the core of what it means to be an Aries. We need to manifest stuff out in the world.

    The greatest challenge is of course when we are somehow blocked or frustrated in our ability to do this, by circumstance or illness or whatever, and we have to be *patient*. it’s the non-doing that’s really hard for an Aries.

    At times like that, I’ve felt like an fox in a trap, quite ready to chew my own leg off to be free.

  30. i read somewhere once an Aries Motto: ‘Follow and i may lead, Lead and i may follow, or get the fuq out of my way’. i laughed for days at the thought of that..but, i couldn’t think those words through without also thinking ‘um..i’m not sure i could follow though, no seriously…’

  31. Oh goodness – so that’s what the Arian ex was for – teaching me to take his lessons for success (as eloquently expressed by Mystic) and apply them in my own unique style!

  32. Wow thats like reading your life’s mantra – yes am aries but have mellowed on a few points there ( older and ever so slightly wiser).

  33. I know this is completely well, mutable of me, but the definiteness of many of those statements make me cringe.

    1. OH! Suddenly it makes sense – that’s why you sometimes can’t tell how a transit is impacting – it’s a mutable thing?

    2. Madam, cringing is not allowed here, please move to the grey room with the other cringers, there are lots of them in there telling each other half truths, intellectualising about which way things should be done, taking each others phone no.s to arrange a possible get together (don’t hold your breath). They have been in there for years, still haven’t decided whether they like each other or not yet, not that you can tell with all the smiling and back slapping.

      1. LOVE IT.
        Snap me out of THAT funk, please.

        Uranus on my asc has funnily enough coincided with me not wearing deoderant because its toxic.

        1. psst. shell … wait until the Ramzilla’s zap zones get poontanged and then we’ll see who plays hard, who goes home and who starts mucking about wishfully with bits of wood! πŸ˜‰

        2. I will stand by you Shell although I did just have a talk to myself about my wonderous habit of arguing with people and then disappearing as fast as I lose the moral high-ground. Gee, that’s attractive. And I thought I was a hi-Gem.

          But I don’t see the need to replace my slightly watercolour-like take on the world with the exact opposite.

          It’s nice to know that some people actually do think like this. It reminds me to watch where I tread πŸ™‚ (sorry, moral high ground threatening again, I’m off to eat icecream)

  34. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

    geez – head flu aside – have hoed into life with Arian gusto today flying systematically down newly drawn list of things that will vastly improve life

    even fact I have to give major presentation to industry in 2 hours despite massive head fog / flu isnt a problem. & its being filmed. easy look fab & dive in. plenty of time to rest up after!!

    list is spot on MM xox

      1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

        nailed thx πŸ™‚
        after did nice segue to piano room to hear chauffeur’s daughter belt out coupla spectacular numbers with her grand piano. she’s 20.
        home before 11, now shiraz in hand, perfect!

  35. Oh these are brilliant. And very strict – quite the turn on, like blondie up there.

    Ages ago Mystic mentioned the connection between Saturn in Aries and jogging and at the time I had had these recurring dreams about running- anyway it’s turned out to be true for me and running in real life is almost as brilliant as those dreams.

    1. what is the connection to saturn in aries and jogging? I have that and I can’t abide jogging – and I hate it when people jog around me – don’t pant and flick your sweat near me you gross fuqers. It’s so 80s fun run. For the same reason I hate people I don’t know well enough to share spit with touching me when dancing. And BIKRAM OMG don’t get me started. yeast. it’s tinnea looking for a home. or is that tinnitus? gross.

  36. For all the martyrs I say:

    “Get off the cross, we need the wood.”

    I didn’t make that up, but I wish I had…


    1. Reminds of the old saying ‘A man chases a woman until she catches
      The other one is ‘The hunter becomes the prey’.
      Hey, The Game’s’ been going on since we lived in caves if we ever did.

  37. “Please stop with the jabber, I can make up my own mind thank you”
    Tip : Do your own research, don’t listen to those with ulterior motives.

    ” Your going to give me a few days to think about it ? I’ve decided , No/yes”
    Tip : Don’t faff around with decisions

    ” Excuse me, I saw you from the other side of the cafe, will you be the mother of my children ?”
    Tip : You’ll know it when you see it, so just jump on it, you may never get the chance again

    ” No one has ever done it before you say ? ”
    Tip : Being the first feels good, no one remembers who did it second.

    1. I love the way Aries men let you know that they are interested in you as a prospect! No fuqing game playing! Just straight up, ‘How about it babe?’

      I had a freaky fuqed up Sagg prospect once say to me: “You lack game play…” As if that was a bad thing, like he wanted me to play BS psychological cat & mouse games etc. etc.

      By this time, I’m thinking: ‘No you’re wrong, I’ve won because you’ve revealed yourself to be an absolute d*ckhead, and my prize is I never have to see you again.’

      1. OH MY GOD I had forgotten about ariens. Both of you are deeply attractive to a uranus conjunct libran sun with your stance on “you know it when you see it”. Even if libra sun can’t see it the uranus conjunct means she’ll do it as an experiment or maybe even harmless fun. Can’t resist an opportunity for a random fork in the road. Ariens are so direct and virile. Potent.

        1. do they really? All that hunter prey stuff seems so macho to me. Do they learn it from their mothers? Speaking of mothers does anyone else think that foxtel ad for eofys (bizarre) sounds like the children are chanting Oedipus?

          1. Taurean Love Expert

            “Oedipus shmoedipus, as long as the boy loves his mother”

            Can’t remember the rest of the joke, or where I heard it, but it’s a great punchline.

        2. I know! I thought a Sagg would be more direct, but alas he was a Lo Sagg and all through dinner kept bragging about the absolute ‘multitude’ of girls who were texting him while we were having dinner! I ended up taking his phone away from him, turning it off, and putting it in my bag!

          1. LOL I thought you were a man and was deeply attracted to your direct approach. I do think men like to play the hunter prey games aries-ftl – they find it titillating.

          2. Uggh….sagg guys……….multiple women, only question im asked these days is which one should he pick? Oh, and he doesnt chase….he waits for them to come to him… eye roll

          3. Actually, I thought Sags go for the chase for when it comes to commitment, they’re nowhere in sight.

          4. This sagg has a lot of other stuff in his chart- virgo and libra, I guess maybe it counteracts? Sure don’t want commitment but very non-forward

  38. Screeching and tantrum hissy fits seems to work well (my 5 yr old is sun-mercury & north node Aries)

    And never take NO for an answer!! Ahhhh yes *needs a lie down* love my little Aries boy ;-P

  39. I saw a T-shirt with a tres Arian slogan the other day (on someone who looked a bit like a Ramzilla) that said: Go to Bunnings. Buy some wood. Build a bridge. And get the fuq over it!

  40. oooh, i must already be very Aries: i definitely practice numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9 always. Also, just peeked at my natal chart and saw that my Jupiter is there!!! Should be very exciting to have a Jupiter return, yes???

    1. Yes! Last time Jupiter was in Aries exactly conjunct my Jupiter in Aries (April 1999) I got a very nice job after having been looking for 4 months for an entree back into the workforce I’d been out of for a long time. It’s not going to get there again until next year, but I’m already looking forward to its return!

  41. O Lawdy, came within 2 weeks of nearly marrying an Aries
    in ’94, even bought the Laura Ashley orange silk dress
    as it was to be in Tahiti…where colour reigns.

    It was all about him, what i wanted never counted
    so bodymind rebelled & caught a bad cold which prevented
    me from attending. No regrets from me, not at all.

  42. Tip Seven – ‘if it’s complicated, it is most likely sleazy’ – perfection!!!

    Really quite weird to read this list and feel that creep of self-recognition . . . would never have identified it as such but there it is …

    And something like, “Never sit on it if you can confront it”.

    In my intimate relationships this is a particular issue for me – who needs breathing space? Doesn’t it get all windy in there?

  43. One of my Aries peeps said to me on the weekend “well, you might be correct… but I am MORE correct.”
    *smacks forehead*

    1. We do say things like that with our tongue firmly in cheek. We’re only half serious, what we mean is “you maybe right, but I’ll fight you for it, and I’m a formidable opponent and you know it, so you won’t challenge me.”

      1. Ahhh… you see she only says that she was joking when she looses.
        Saying she is more correct is only *cough* a red rag to a bull.
        She might have saud this cos I kept on winning the party games. Not that she cared of course, she just thought that should bows a few out.
        i did… and she gleefully won the rest.

        1. Oh we do like winning. We can’t help it. If life isn’t a competition, or if we don’t have a mountain to climb we don’t want to get out of bed.

    2. That is so funny cause I had my favourite favourite Aries say “you are right” to me a few days ago. I was gobsmacked. Hadron collider black hole reverse universe stuff??

      1. When those moments occur I am normally all ‘Who are you… and what have you done with my friend?’
        Maybe I should embrace these hard fought for concessions. Perhaps they would happen more often then?

    3. I like …

      ” I am never wrong…. just sometimes I am not as right as I am other times!”

      Live with it.

  44. I love Tip Four. I reckon it’s the ariean bevan in the pic’s signature mantra. btw…why am I disturbingly attracted to him?!?!!??? ramorama hehe

  45. Taurean Love Expert

    Oh dear. I had an Aries partner for nearly a decade and the slogan that comes to mind is “It’s my way or the highway”.

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