How To Understand The Mars People

To understand the astrological Mars, you only have to meet the Mars People.

Who are the Mars People? They’re Aries, particularly those with the Sun and Moon, Rising or a planet in Aries as well. Having  Mars in Aries, Capricorn, or Scorpio also raises your Mars cred. Or, the 1st House, 8th House or 10th House. Mars conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto? Amped.

Mars In (Accelerated) Motion

Mars people don’t have to know that they’re ruled by the Warrior God to get it on with life. They’re Nuance Phobic and oblivious to tone, operating off pure energy frequencies. Maybe they miss some of your subtleties but they sure as hell notice if you deplete, threaten, scramble or support their energy.

Mars People move on fast. The Mars Person version of closure is when they manage to shut the door without slamming it.

They are Solutions Driven characters who like things to happen at Warp Speed. Your “but…” is a potentially hostile act against their interests, even if it is reasonable. The Mars people take charge of s**t, even s***t that is not technically in their brief.

They are self-accountable, taking responsibility for situations even when they are the victim. Leadership and self-determination are genuinely relaxing for them.

Mars People + Mission Mode

Always in mission mode, they set themselves constant challenges and personal bests. Cold showers, fast money, holding their breath, or holding a plank: it’s all calculated and compared to previous benchmarks. They keep score. They’re combative by nature, regardless of their literal combat experience.

In love, business, and physique, Mars People find it easier to gain strength than to become flexible. They are Momentum Players, having more fear of congealing than they do of a fuq-up.


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  1. Tremendous Energy. Mars conj Jupiter conj Asc – Square Uranus and midheaven. Oh and zero degrees Aries Sun! 🙂

    It’s this energy and the ability to always get back up, to let go that has been a blessing to move beyond the life I was born into unlike my other siblings.

    When I’m on a mission the collective energy I can activate is incredible. Not so great with balance obv. Understanding lately how much I need to release the energy so it doesn’t store in my body.

  2. Mars conjunct Ascendant, Saturn AND Uranus – huhzaaa!…all three are behiiind my ASC. I can have the most genuine smile on my face and I still clock people bristle, thinking I’m about to challenge them…or it’s entirely possible that I am, subconsciously ALWAYS doing that without knowing. Le sigh.

  3. Eclipse Tripper

    Interesting to discover I am a Mars person with Mars in Leo in 1st house (with my cancer sun). I do quietly identify with a lot of these traits in a softer way, more an internal drive to challenge myself I think, its a necessity. And I do get the urge to ‘take charge’ in work, social/group settings when I see incompetency and get impatient, although I don’t always act on it. Not very physically mars, but do benefit from strength type yoga.

  4. Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus. I read this and the Venus people post and I’m somehow a mix…. of both? My Venusian side cringes at my Martian side and my Martian side is constantly telling my Venusian side, “LET’S GO!” Lord…help me balance.

  5. Mars in 8th house in Taurus Opp to Pluto and square sun, also moon in scorp. Not sure if Mars person due to being in detriment – more Venusian with Libra asc and Venus on MC, but definietly love Martian/Aries energy

  6. My Mars in Scorpio is conjunct Venus and Mercury and squares my Aqua Moon in the 8th, and nearly all my friends or crushes are Mars in Cap, Scorpio or Aries now you mention it! Love this. Thanks Mystic 🙏🏼

  7. Mars in Aries BUT also a Venus person (that conjunction with Jupiter is in Aquarius though, though so not what people expect, lol)

  8. Spot on Mystic. My Mars partner is in the fundraiser sector. Loves smashing those money targets to smithereens . Has perfected the art of making agreement sound like an argument. too! However, he’s the best one to go into battle on your behalf! Xx

  9. Mars in Aries here. All resonates except I’m very tuned into nuance and tone. I have the opposite problem, the obvious can evade me. BUT(haha) my mars is intercepted in the 12th house Pisces. Sun in Aries in 12th too!

    I notice the more I’m connected in my body and regulated in my nervous system, my fast mind works in my favor and it’s wonderful. But when my body is out of tune so is my fast mind going places to quickly I don’t want it to go.

  10. I have Mars conjunct my asc and north node and I am not a Mars person at all. No one I know would describe me as a Mars person either.

  11. A portrait of a Mars-driven life – – – My Mars is in Aries, in the 5th house (oh hey, Chiron, what’s up punkass)… I am Scorpio rising with Pluto on the ascendant line. I am most aware of my Mars because of its squared aspects. It is square to my Saturn/Uranus conjunction (exact in Sag/2nd house); it is also square to my Neptune-Chiron opposition (exact in Cap/2nd house – Cancer/8th house). With a heavy Scorpio ascendant, Leo midheaven, a Sagittarius-ruled 2nd house, and an Aries 5th house…. I am infused with FIRE energy alright. – I am a highly creative person. I always have been. I learned at an early age that if I do not have an outlet to express myself with, then my feelings and thoughts will coagulate and become a toxic blob of emotions for me to either sit on or hurl at others. I am a hot head and definitely have to work on it at times. My 2nd-8th house/Neptune-Chiron opposition is a gateway for my mediumship, dream work, ancestral healing, and ritual practice/magick. On Cancer moons though it is a just a gateway for excessive crying. I am a musician/singer/composer; a psychic/oracle/intuitive reader; and a wandering vortex that tends to meet folks when they are stuck in a hallway of mirrors and feeling out which way they would like to go. I have a constantly regenerating body. I couldn’t emphasize this enough. I am physically disabled and live with chronic and sometimes acute illness. My pluto rising and hard-driving Mars has helped me to survive my entire life. I think of this often – especially when my fire gets too hot for others to handle. When someone can’t “handle” me, my first thought is usually, “Well, this is how I was able to survive, so I can accept this.” Cut off, move on, just fine until I have a dang FEELING, then I deal with it artistically most of the time. I’ve had a few NDEs. My Saturn return is still in the rear-view mirror. A lot of this time was spent in a bedrest position and my relationship with Spirit and astrology exponentially expanded with this restfullness. I grew up around a lot of death and there was intense danger around my childhood. I am so grateful for my Aries Mars now. The creative energy it gives me for art is one benevolent factor but the way it inspires my physical occupational therapy hacks, has gained me the reputation of being a crippled ninja. My combativeness has decorated my survival… and I DONT EFF AROUND WITH MY ENERGY!! If somebody disrespects my energy, I am quick to cut them out of my life. My body does not produce or sustain energy in a way that allows me, or others, to waste my life force. – – With Chiron conjunct my natal Mars right now, I am feeling innovative and creative energy like never before. I am going through another physical transformation as well- switching up mobility aids; the way I approach my wellness and medical treatment; and I am doing some reflective writing with the intention to share ways I have learned to use my fire for survival – life hacks, energy budgeting, DIY home health care…. it will be a body of work that acknowledges transformative justice but also offers skills and tools for coping with ableism and gaps to rightful care, in a world that is not conditioned to include the sick and disabled. Neptune has just entered my 5th house too…. so this whole creative streak of mine for the last 30 years… might just be a warm up. I’ll let yall know what happens in 14 years… now excuse me, I have to go find 100 things to do at once.

  12. Hi, I’m Mars in Aries in the first house; it’s my ascendant. I do have a lot of energy! My Sun sign is in Pisces which is completely opposite and in my 12th house. that my true character? My body did manifest to be quite a muscular woman but I found out about my athletic abilities much later in life. You may have a point about flexibility – I so wanted to become a Yoga instructor and got so angry that I couldn’t bend and flex like the others to the point where I’d force my body into position – to the point of injury! Not going to repeat that again. How do the water and fire elements blend in a personality and should I be appreciating my Piscean nature more? I just don’t think that the ‘world’ of work appreciates those gifts…

    1. It is precisely because the world of the Workplace doesn’t often appreciate 12th house / pisces sun gifts, that we must strive to nourish and employ those gifts in places and spaces where they are are accepted without question, in my opinion! Sometimes that place can simply be within ourselves. Without assuming too much, I wonder if patience and gentleness towards yourself (and others?) are two gifts that your 12th house pisces sun can offer, in any place 🙂

      My piscean scientist friend I am pretty sure is a an aries rising mars first house. He is incredibly charming, charismatic and lovable, ‘bellow’ might be a way to describe his tone of voice, but his dreamy pisces perceptiveness and wryness is always there. You’re more fish than you realise, of course. :))

      My experience of pisces and aries energy together is something like “discovery”. You have the open ended, indirect mode of inquiry with pisces, and the intrepid and courageous Aries who’ll try basically anything once.

      1. How interesting!u I used to be a scientist too! I really like what you said about patience and gentleness towards self and others – thank you.

  13. Gemini Mars and Double Scorpio, I guess that makes me fairly Martian… while I don’t need a lesson in understanding my perspective, it does help to get an outside perspective of it. It’s true, Mars makes you a bit impatient but also VERY efficient at whatever house it’s in, and that’s worth the drawbacks it brings…

  14. Mars in Aries in the 10th conjunct Eris and opp Pluto – this was like reading about my CORE MODUS OPERANDI – I feel understood haaaa

  15. I’m a Mars person
    Didn’t know it but I recently changed my name legally, ended a relationship because I felt that despite being comfortable and feeling “at home” for the first time in my life- to stay would have been lowering my standards. It was a great relationship and there’s no animosity between us
    I’m just- hmmm moving out of suburbia and into an emergency accommodation hostel. Yes to a woman’s shelter. Have absolute faith that I will be happier in the long term than still snuggling on the sofa watching box sets and drinking wine and being dare I say it, comfortably numb?
    I’m feeling that packed tenth house and my north node, Lilith- Mars conjunction waking me up inside. I’m feeling free, sexy, alive and I have a purpose in life. And it isn’t being with even a lovely guy – although I’ve nothing against it I simply have an urge to become wealthy and worldly and that’s what’s turning me on, or waking me up – yes please
    Thanks Pluto, you’re revamping me again
    My second name is Lilith- I couldn’t resist:)

    1. LOL! …..<3
      Hi Invicta, great to hear from you.
      Dear god – suburbia & watching box sets …… noooooo……ruuunnn!!!

    2. Great to see you back. You are wild at heart and thrive on your freedom and wild powerful feminine. Go girl !

    3. your words are helping me invicta.
      i just finished a re/ship of five yrs that was like thid.
      comfortably numb-yowzers, hadnt even thought of that.
      ive been feeling the pain since i saw him with someone else, but hey…lets just let him go Dawnie.
      i did do the right thing

  16. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this. I’ve felt the total brunt of my Mars in scorpio for years, specifically in terms of vengeance and my inability to forgive. However. That same steel has mitigated my Venus in Pisces and also propelled me forward. I love what MM says about potentially negative placements like squares that actually are the making of you. I adore my Mars in Scorpio. I’ve needed it and Ive understood its ire.

  17. My sister is a Mars in Aries in the 7th person. My ex was a Mars (and Sun/Venus) in Cancer in the 7th person. I have an acquaintance who is a Mars in the 7th person, and there is a person at work who I have done a basic chart on (no birth time) and know her Mars is in Aries, but by her actions I know it’s in her 7th house. I’m beginning to be able to suss out the Mars in the 7th people – they are combative and competitive in all relations with others, even their verbal style when talking to others is fierce, angry-sounding, and they looooove stirring up a fight even if they’ll never admit it – they think it’s fun to debate and argue and their favorite voice is “yelling.” They push others’ buttons just to get a rise out of them, are competitive and love/need to be the best, especially at 7th house things or however their 7th is flavored (ruling sign). And if they have a milder Mars (say, in Virgo), then the fight seems to be drawn to them instead of them instigating it. But then on the defensive they are usually a force to be reckoned with.

    1. Okay, so yah I have Aries in Mars in 7th and alls I can say is that most of this isn’t true for me. Instead, I sit at a bar, minding my own business, and a dude comes up and closes my laptop and does a dance away like, looking me in the eyes daring me to what? OR, I’m the one the crazy drunk chick decided to threaten with a gun on the Underground when alls I was doing was standing there, tired as shit from being in a tattoo chair for 8 hours.

      Of course, I think it makes me pretty horny all the time. And these experience generally get blamed on Pluto Rising in 1H Libra. My 1H Libra Moon/Uran conj, is loosely oppo (more than 7 degrees) with my 7H Mars in Aries and Mystic’s done a pretty good job of outlining how this works. I spend a lot of time charming people and then they think I’m a pushover (OR Pluto Rising/Moon/Uran has them thinking I’m some crazy person who doesn’t merit) and when I get fed up trying to massge the situation in some sort of dignified way, Mars in Aries goes BOOM. This, as is the case with anyone anywhere standing up for themselves when they’ve been being treated like shit, not only “scares some peeps” but calls all the attention on me and not on the offender. If a guy you’ve been chatting with at the bar grabs your tit and you break a bottle over his head, I’m sorry, the bitch deserved it. But tell that to the cops. 😉 JUST KIDDING!!! lol (sort of)

      1. Yes, exactly! 🙂 My experience with 7th house/Libra stuff is you either own it and use it, or you project it onto the “other.” This is usually unconscious. The projection can also be done subliminally, whereas the one with the planetary/house energy can think they are being all Libran fair and square, meek and mild, kind and innocent, when someone comes up out of the blue and brings the Mars/Pluto whatever to them, and then they act all aghast like, “Well, I never!” So you either own it/use it yourself, or someone OTHER will bring it to you. I’m a Libra Sun conjunct Pluto/MC/Uranus, and before I owned/used those heavy energies myself, I kept encountering and getting involved with people who would use those energies FOR me. Usually against me. So until you use it consciously yourself, you are drawing it in to you, whether you like it or not. It’s an energetic signature and in the 7th or with Libra involved, it ALWAYS involves an OTHER.

      2. Hearing you re the Libra Asc thing, SheRat! Try having Neptune Rising in the mix – it’s like catnip for fuqtards who project all manner of sh*t on one. What they can’t foresee with their tiny imagination works in our favour. I mean just because Venus rules, doesn’t mean that we can’t have Mars on contract to deliver the sucker punch.

      3. Yes, 7th house is marriage, partnerships, and open enemies. Mars/Aries/Scorpio here will destroy their enemies explosively (going BOOM). I have found through direct experience though that this placement tends to have an Aries mindset when relating with others, which can be expressed crudely or elegantly of course, depending on the person’s awareness and haute/low use of the energy. You’re no muggle, SheRat, so you have higher awareness here as to the energy flow. None of the people I mentioned have any astro awareness whatsoever so they are definitely on the Low Mars energy frequency, which is combat/argue/dominate.

    2. I have Mars in Aries and Pisces Mercury in the 7th house, apparently I either sound really soft, feminine and sweet or passionate/downright aggressive. It’s really strange…

  18. I love an Uber mars *mars jup conj in 7th after all* however I Need someone that gets the nuance. But not mars Neptune thankyou next

  19. Mars person here – Aries rising plus tight Mars conjunct Saturn 4th house, Cancer. So, so true. Nuance phobic (when we first met, my Aries sun partner would tease me and ask if I knew how to spell ‘subtle’. I can’t stand mind reading, or reading between the lines – people need to speak up or shut up. I am terrible at sales and politics – you either like me or you don’t – either is fine. The line about operating off energy frequencies is so spot on – in fact, feeling energy frequencies (others and their effect on mine) is how I move through the world and make decisions. And oh my, solutions driven and mission focused lol – me without a project is not a pretty sight

    1. socialgraffiti

      On that note doing the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting… used to fast for 16 hours, then 8 hours for eating; then 18 hours, 6; then 20 hours, 4. Now 23 hours; 1. I run on cold brew and coffee during the day when love it… but I was just thinking my dietary system is still not efficient enough so I ought to meal prep and take dietary supplements as well.

  20. My Sag rising husband has a 10th house Mars in Libra opposite (<1 degree) Jupiter in Aries. This is all sounds like him – though he comes off more low key, probably because his Mars is in Libra.

  21. Do you get more Mars-like as you get older as I definitely relate to this now compared to when I was younger? Heaps more go get lately.

  22. I’ve got a Mars in Capricorn in the 6th (largely hanging out by itself, only three key aspects: sextile to Jupiter, opposition to both Moon and Lilith) and it’s one of my favourite placements in my chart. Routines, deadlines, orderliness, work – as long as the parameters are set by me or someone I respect – love ’em. I’m the sort of person who mostly feels relieved on Monday mornings because I love my work, and I love working. I was unemployed for 3 months (in 12 years) due to burnout and by the end of it was going a little crazy.

  23. After reading this i looked up my father’s chart (the most terrifying person i know): Mars on Jupiter in Scorpio opposite his Moon & sextile Lilith-Merc. Me, a Crab with Libra Rising/NN. No wonder we are estranged …. jeez, astrology.

    1. serious question, Skarab- do you think Spaniards culturally/ genetically are very comfortable with expressing anger socially etc?

      Myself am Aries Sun, Venus, Merc. Eris in 7th, Mars conjunct pluto and Scorp moon, so i can relate to a lot of what MM describes (except the nuance-less -ness). I have libra rising though, and my mars in virgo so people don’t pick up on the all the mars stuff straightaway.

      Am at least 60% Spanish btw, and grew up with uncles having very heated debates, tables pounded etc.(then they walked away arm in arm).
      When in Spain, I often witnessed heated exchanges in public, People aren’t afraid to make a scene…eg I was impatient in a train line, the guy at the desk shrugged and said bad luck wait your turn. Another time a fellow was parked in, in a plaza, so he just went and leaned on his horn for a long time for the whole neighbourhood to hear until the culprit came down. A few other incidents like this which played out quite differently than you would see here.

      Maybe Spain has strong Mars placements?? 🙂

      1. Hi V 🙂 It’s definitely a cultural thing to express oneself loudly here – and not necessarily coz one’s angry – most of the time it’s to create “buen rollo” (good vibes/times). Meals with my extended family sound like 5 tribal wars going down simultaneously – the louder the scene, the better the vibes. The heated discussions that sound like people might wipe each other out are all hot air & theatrics. Like the dramatic facial expressions & foot stomping in flamenco. The car horn thing works, it’s quicker than calling the tow truck or the cops, and in the end you don’t have a build up of anger. It’s a noisy country – the Portuguese next door refer to us as the loud neighbours as they’re completely the opposite in nature (we really get on their nerves.) It shows in the 2 country’s traditional music too, Portuguese songs, Fados, while beautiful, are sad & melancholic. Spanish traditional music is more dramatic & fiery. It’s a loud country but not particularly angry.
        There are 2 different birth charts for Spain (union of Castille & Aragon or modern constitution) but neither of them have a particularly strong Mars (Pisces in 2nd & Cancer in 6th).

        1. Ah, Gracias Skarab!! Never knew about the Portuguese thing, or “buen rollo”…though have heard descriptions of fiery Spanish temperament.
          (I adore Flamenco music)

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          I think most Europeans express all emotions openly. Anger, sadness , joy etc. Some more than others. Also more affectionate and expressive. Botox would be considered a face straight jacket.

          I hate using the measure: “more”. It really depends on your perspective.
          What’s normal to an Englishman probably seems totally repressed to a Spainard.

        3. Oooh V, Mars in Virgo – have you ever been told that you have a sharp tongue? I’ve noticed through various people with this placement that verbal whiplashing is a specialty. (I say this with admiration rather than as an accusation.)

          1. Guilty!!.. Combination of Aries merc and mars Virgo and schoolteaching for 15 years 🙂
            I am fairly forceful and accurate. But usually not nasty…

  24. Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st. But hidden behind Libra rising.

    I haven’t completely grown into my Mars, but I think when I do it will be formidable.

      1. Well I think it’s a combination of libra rising and emotionally immature parents. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life “managing other people’s moods” and being overcompensatingly cheerful.

        And also maybe it’s just our shitty society and its reaction to powerful women (burning them?) but I’ve always held back and never let my energy be as big as it could be (should be?)….. in any case my children are going to be 4 and 7 in the spring and I feel like I’ll be coming into myself and my big energy……. curious what form my wings will take when they finally unfurl

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          The Bach flower Agrimony is great for overcompensating cheerfulness. I am taking it now and it’s working a charm.

  25. Mars Neptune Sun all conjunction in early degrees of 8th house, I plank to release grief .
    I recently lost my mother and 2 days later my beloved dog.

  26. I’ve been lurking here for a long time but havent posted yet…this is just so accurate !! Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house conjunct Pluto here, so lots of Mars here ! I just wanna say thanks Mystic for being so accurate and inspiring! You have really helped me in my own journey and I just wanna take this moment to express that and thank you !!

    And also to say hello to all the members !

    1. Hello warptoad!

      I second what they said: Mystic and this community have had a real and powerfully positive impact on my life. So, thanks!

  27. VenusInCancerMarsInScorpio

    Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio rising here
    yes to most of this, and I’m now thinking that my utter inability to grasp what this forgiveness business is all about may also be connected to my mars placement:
    when I’m stronger, after I have won there’ll be nothing to forgive. One doesn’t mourn the lost battles after having won the war

  28. Oh god, I have Mars in Aries/3rd. This is all me, isn’t it? I move on pretty quickly for a Cancer Sun….and I do become single-minded when I’m trying to get sh— done.

    1. Interesting. I have Mars in Cap 3rd house and it’s the only Earth in my chart. For me, it manifests as forceful and determined communication (I’m a writer/producer/etc.) and a work ethic to boot. Sometimes it overamplifies my natural Sag Sun (and the foot in mouth tendency), others, it amplifies my Scorpio Rising need to tease out secrets (and explore “taboo” topics) with random strangers. (LOL). How about you?

      1. Honestly I think I’ve ruffled feathers with this placement, particularly at work. Sometimes what i say strikes a nerve, or I’m just very focused on the end goal. For some reason it’s off-putting but at the same time, am I suppose to stop for people who wouldn’t stop for me?

  29. I love this! I have Mars in the 8th, trine Pluto. DEfinitely notice when someone depletes, but i always thought that was my venus in Aries.
    My boyfriend has mars, venus, moon, mercury in scorpio. Lol. I guess that’s pretty Martian!! We both love a good plank challenge. And just recently started investigating the wim hof method!!

  30. Astro experts, is there some sort of affinity between Capricorn and Mars? I knew of course that Scorpio is Mars influenced, but never knew there was any sort of connection between Cap and Mars. Funnily enough, my two best workplace experiences have definitely been where the management has had an alliance between an Aries sun and Cap sun. Absolutely love working with Aries and Caps.

      1. Thanks… but I wonder how/why? That’s the Scorp in me… wanting to go deeper! I guess it’s simply that Mars uplifts and supports Saturnine energy?!

    1. Definitely. It has been part of my spiritual work to use my Neptune/Pisces to understand that underlying surface incompetence may be many things, like fear, lack of actual skill or comprehension that could use some step-by-step guided support, or even something like a personal issue draining someone’s energies. It doesn’t come naturally in the forefront of my thinking! So i have to go deeper into 12th house natural compassion, and my fear of giving too much or losing boundaries can give me plenty of pause for reflection!

    2. Yep, there’s definitely a no-nonsense attitude about work with Caps and Cappy influenced folk, which isn’t terribly fashionable these days. I love that this guy stood up for you. So many people would avoid getting involved as they would fear their own reputation being tainted.

  31. THANK YOU! At long last I can finally understand the behaviour of the Mars in Aries man I “dated” last year. This has given me the closure I needed.

    It also helps me understand my daughter – Mars in Aries in the 8th house, as well as, oh just 4 other planets! She’s mega Mars, not to mention mega 8th house.

  32. “They are Solutions Driven characters who like things to happen at Warp Speed. Your “but…” is a potentially hostile act against their interests, even if it is reasonable.”

    …this is me. It’s so me I don’t have anything to say. ifs ands or buts are so frustrating they make me want to cry, but then again I only cry once a month.

  33. Yep yep yep !! I’m Mars in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 1st house! I love moving on, transcending, shedding skin, cutting chords, starting fresh, reinventing at warp speed … sometimes before I’m ready and sometimes more than the actual thing.
    Growing up and learning to talk through and grow within some situations at the moment!
    100% on taking responsibility even when the victim! Haha and the extremes in cleansing, diet, exercise. Brutal!
    Thanks MM another gem xx

  34. It’s so true. I have a pathetic Mars in my 4th with my moon. (Angry mother ) it really isn’t me and I can’t put myself into any of the categories above. Neither my daughter or Aqua man, we are more nuanced. But my Aqua man’s mother is all that. And she’s a nightmare for us. She recently tried to have an absolute go at me the other day. I smiled and told her it wouldn’t work with me. I’m immune. My sun is on her pluto so I see her with that ruthless honesty and I told her so ! Any one in their 80’s I’m all over their sh**, shine a light. It’s why my mother gets it straight now too. Mother in law is Aries sun Aries Mars. On her ic I think.

    1. Hi emg, Mars in the 4th too! We’re not pathetic, we’re different. Hee hee. Curious about how you think it plays out in the 4th. I think I put more energy into parenting than some of my peers (without meaning to sneer). It just seems to concern me more than others.

      1. Oh god no. I was recently on a documentary talking about women who don’t do mothering. I just don’t ! Loathed it. I’m too individual and lack that tribal thing I think it needs. So all I know about my mars in 4th is it’s proximity to my moon and the relationship with my confrontational mother. That fits. I’m also very very strong, ballsy I suppose but I link that to my Saturn on asc. I think the mars has meant my home life is never settled. I’ve moved 17 times in the last 22 years. And I’m off again. I will say however that my daughter is a brilliant cappi whom I parented with some very tough love. She’s now so anti fragile it’s incredible to see. And she reckons along with her peers that she has the coolest mum! I last saw her in Dec and don’t know when we will next meet. She’s the other side of the Atlantic and I reckon we may have a day in the summer somewherein the med to catch up but that’s it. Hope that answers your query

        1. Interesting about the moving around part! I’ve had quite a few moves myself and have read that it’s common with Mars in the 4th house. That’s so interesting that you feel like you loathe parenting yet your daughter and her peers say you’re awesome at it! And well done on raising an anti fragile daughter! My daughter is still pretty young and I’m trying to raise her that way.
          Thanks for your perspective and good luck with your upcoming move… I think it’s upcoming? x

  35. This is such a fabulous description of Mars People, especially : “The Mars Person version of closure is when they manage to shut the door without slamming it.”
    Just love.
    On a similar vein, my partner has told me that while i’m yelling and slamming doors, he’s cool – it’s when i’m angry and quiet that he feels v nervous, lol.
    My chart ruler Venus is flanked by both Pluto and Mars & while Pluto insists on introducing me to demons & walking me through the dark alleyways of Life – it is Mars that gets me out of it in one piece. (Mars conjunct Uranus-Mercury can channel Tasmanian Devil.)
    As a child, my SN in Aries & Mars came in handy because in 60s-70s Australia – as an olive skinned migrant kid meant being racially abused in schools by the less evolved, and i beat this by channelling my anger into doing well – especially sport – & gained me the respect a Leo Mars in 10th needs. It is also part of a mutable grand cross/square involving Jupe, Lillith & Chiron – so it’s hard to ignore.

      1. They can prob sense Pluto controlling Mars for a more…uh, intense/strategic strike rather than the more predictable & rash Mars only reaction to something

  36. In my birth chart I have Mars in Capricorn the 12th house. I have been learning about this placement and have taken up working out as a GREAT outlet, however I am now in competition with myself as you stated Mystic, I am now so addicted to working out I am constantly trying to beat my previous workout bests each time. I am a total grinder in the gym, I watch others as they nonchalant workout or are there to be social. I keep to myself, keep my head down and bust out personal bests each time..most people probably think I am training for something LOL I think my Raising Capricorn also helps in this regard 🙂

  37. Mars conjunct Uranus in the 10th. Mental combat! Have to watch my enthusiasm when speaking about topics I’m passionate about or a point of view otherwise I notice people backing up as my energy gets bigger and bigger and bigger. It is funny. I’m a libra rising making it awkward at times since I can look like a faerie about the explode with energy.

  38. I’m very Mars-y, except for my joints! Must be the Libra rising trying to destabilize. I build muscle fast, but my joints are hypermobile and don’t want to support the rest of the body in many instances…

  39. Scorp and Aries are self-eplanatory, but I never thought Mars in Cappy was exceptionally marsy – very interesting to know! Also, does Sun-conjunct-Mars qualify as a “Mars person”?

  40. I’ve had too much wine tonite.

    But thank you Mystic. Finding your brand of astrology has been like setting my wild train on it’s track. I have a point of reference now.

  41. I have two very waterlogged family members who also happen to have Mars in Capricorn, and even while spouting what to not-watery me is nonsense, living out rancid paranoid fairy tales and staying as fact averse as possible…. boy do they get things done.

  42. I’m watching the story of David and Goliath on TV. Take away story. Be proud of your achievements. But don’t be carried away by the mad man.

  43. Am loving the imagery of the planets at the moment. Jupier is huge and I love the asteroid belt in front of it. A bit like Santa and his big belt.

    I watched a doco on Astronomy last night and was in awe in how our earth was created and how our moon knocked the earth and created our natural tilt.

    I’m just a romantic but isn’t the earth the male and the moon the female. Can you see the dance?

  44. “The Mars Person version of closure is when they manage to shut the door without slamming it.” …. Yes, yes & yes! Scorpio Mars conj Uranus & Aries Rising…lol. My Virgo Sun & Venus and Libra Mercury/Saturn worry if the door was shut too fast (aka slammed) and what others might think about it, but my mind and head are already on the other side of the street…. also: very little bullshit with Mars people?

    1. Depends what you mean by BS. They can be just as full of it as anyone – they just can’t see it themselves. But if you mean they don’t beat about the bush, the yeah.

  45. Does this count for Mars on the Ascendant / North Node in Scorpio? Because I swear the moment I dye my hair red I feel more energized.

  46. My brother was an Aries rising with quite the temper. His Mars was 2nd house Gemini but the kicker was Pluto conjunct his DS. I seemed to be the only one who said ‘no’ to him and wasn’t scared of his intimidations. I’m a Scorpio rising with Mars conjunct Lilith in the 8th trine Pluto. I’d have to say Mars trine Pluto is one of my favorite aspects. Evolve or die and be in constant motion.

        1. NO – i don’t think it’s bad at all – but seeing that male-female warrior power together AND heavily sponsored by Uncle Pluto … makes my spine tingle just thinking about it 🙂

    1. Thanks, I need to sit down with his chart again. It’s been a while. And I’ll never get used to being an “only” child, feels like a missing limb.

  47. everyone ive ever been out with is a mars person!
    my ex moved on from me pretty fast.
    or has appeared to.
    no texts, nothing. he would respond to mine tho.
    cant wait for these feelings to GO

  48. I’ve got Mars Rising (sextile my Aries Sun) and am almost offended by how accurate this is. Especially Mars Closure—I’ll be keeping that one!

  49. Crystallised future

    Yeaaaaah, Mars in Virgo 2nd house, conjunct Pluto and Uranus and opposite several planets in Pisces. Mercury in 9th house Aries so when I’m pissed, off you’ll definitely know about it because I will tell you. I wish I didn’t have it. It’s all good and we’ll to be able to defend my own turf very very well, but by Christ I’ve got myself into predicaments with it. And I don’t just burn bridges, I throw bombs at them as I stomp/saunter off onto a new path. The Pisces planets are screaming “shut up, don’t do it/say it” while all the Mars aspects are saying “fuck ‘em, fuck ‘em all!!!!”, and Mercury in Aries wins every time.

    1. Haha I sometimes wish I had anything in Pisces… but then there are so many Pisces people in my life that I feel like murdering ALL THE TIME.

  50. Mars energy with Pluto energy seems a bit like using a grenade to get rid of insect when you could just spray, swat or catch and release, but ultimately it is deployed when you need to clear home of the nests etc as well. Don’t disregard that, even while you feel awful for having to resort to it. Plutonic energy is sparing, not wasteful even if Mars does get into Wagnerian operatic scenes. You can’t keep trying to swat away issues that need to be fully removed and grieved (Pluto – also use the Neptune or similar to help Kataka grieve at deeper letting go levels. Saturn to get into the truth of new structural stability.)

    1. Well, who WOULD do Wagnerian??? Neil Young is much preferred and eloquent.

      Sorry i don’t know OE.

      And as for the new flow of virgo & capricorn, they will best be when it is all pared down and naturally pure enough to build a living and a rep that truly sustains YOU, PF. And i can’t advise beyond that, cos it’ll be better than i can know as a vision.

  51. Thanks Mystic, Mars in the 8th house and a strong Antares in my chart. South node Scorpio.

    These aspects were hard for me accept for me as a youth. I could never embrace them. People say things like crazy, bitch to keep you silent. I will nurture this side now.

    I wore alot of red and it gave me energy and balance.

    I woke up this morning with the Abba song “The winner takes it all” in my head. Certain words were emphasized. And then I read this post.
    As an adult I hide my competiveness, now I won’t. If I didn’t have these aspects I wouldn’t be alive today.

    Thanks Mystic for shining light on aspects that I am in denial about.

    1. No need to hide competitiveness when it’s genuinely with your own self, and others only give you inspiration to be more, or different. When it feels like jealousy, work it like you know you must, even if you don’t know how. Keep it for You, not them. Claim ideals for your future, working-it, better self for all who are concerned in your life (incl. You!)

  52. EBERYTHING ah f* ok i typed too fast, Merc in Aries opposed Uranus as well

    When i type work emails it takes ages: must revise, edit, wait (GOD! WAIT, RIGHT?) and look again after getting on with some other task. People respond well to my comms 🙂 but they don’t know this part. Mars in Capricorn. Keeping the status quo, and as i get older, i realise good social and work functioning means everyone has to feel they are keeping their status (Really: Latin = standing. I like to think of it now as “good standing”.)

    And this one? “They’re combative by nature, regardless of their literal combat experience.”

    I think if you have strong Pluto or Neptune in there with your hyped-up Mars/Aries then you will somehow end up in circumstances and events that demand you quickly enter into combat, and you know that if you have no experience in it, you are going to make mistakes that may be fatal (my Mars square Pluto in Virgo, too, so you even observe yours and their combat moves closely without having to remember to do that in the heat, and you naturally re-calibrate) but you have to Warrior Your Sh* Up, even IF you are a 12th houser/Piscean/Neptunian type. Probs even more so. It’s a fight, and what is surface is not the real issue: it’s coming at you through layers and dimensions of them/the problem and you. Good soldiers know when to die fighting and when to take that hit for the team.

    Don’t get scared by me. I don’t have Mars-Saturn, but I do have Pluto-Saturn nicely. If i am wrong, I will let it get razed, killed and get up again to restructure so it’s a bit more right than before. And if it’s you that needs an army of one by your side in any capacity, i will not promise more than i can deliver so you can know what other resources to deploy while i am your warrior.

    In fact, I am having to do all of that right now. Kind of exhausting and hard yards emotionally, and the bod does take a beating (nowadays through sickness or malaise) but i use EVERYTHING i have got to keep solution focussed and as pure in intent and drive as possible.

    1. You should try stream of consciousness writing. I think you will enjoy it. And you can let that fiery Merc in Aries run free.

      Then you can go back and put in commas and full stops.

      By the way on top of the aspects stated above I do have Saturn in Aries. Boom. Easier to navigate growing up in an exprrssive Maltese family where anger is just a part of passion. Not so much in Australian culture and workplace.

      So anger repressed turns into depression. Something you pay a psychologist to tell you when your cells knew it all along.

      1. I wanted to think a few times before I replied. This sounds actually like a super amazing experiment for me! I do enjoy writing by hand but i edit so heavily along the way now (possibly due to my email style, and also imagining a critical audience to my writing style 0_0 ) Electronic typing has really changed and diminished my adoration of handwriting, and i miss it. THANK YOU XXX

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I was thinking just typing or writing what comes out without editing or punctuating, a bit like abstract painting.
          Then going back to look at it and then changing or adding etc

          But if handwriting feels good that’s great. I can type faster then I write so I like it. But I must admit handwriting is more visceral and cathartic.

  53. mars bang on my mc in scorpio + in aspect to both chart rulers (conj uranus and sextile saturn, also sextile jupiter which is conj saturn) and can confirm all the above esp lack of flexibility! years of pilates has made me better but i am still unable to do child’s pose because too tight calves and hams. i have elite triceps and shoulders though!

    also an ex said i was an artist with a slammed door, lol. it wasn’t a compliment

  54. wow, yes, this is all me! Sixth (7th in whole system, which I think I identify with more) house Mars in Capricorn, conjunct Juno & Lilith.
    People that mess with my energy get shown that door, lol.
    Actually, I’ve noticed they usually feel the need to exit before I’ve even had to say anything..

  55. I relate. Discovering my astro, aside from my sun/moon/asc in Cancer has been a revelation. Mars in Leo in the 1st (with Pallas Athena and Mercury) – Now I understand why one very emo-Cancerian gets the drive and fire (good and bad). I have always felt ‘driven’ in certain areas of life, and need a challenge.

    1. Yeh, Cancerians are Cardinal and with certain astro can be forces to be reckoned with, and underestimated even by themselves, early on in that phase of childhood represented by Kataka. After growing up reading about dustbin, martyr, sneaky, wishy washy Pisces i can tell you i use my resentment of these descriptions as both strategy and blasting of stereotypes. Love when they think my March birthday makes me Aries, but feel like it’s stupid. An Aries picked me very recently as Pisces not Aries. Haha they would know.

    2. Funny you say that, because bravery/cowardice energies have definitely come through in some close people who are not Leo Sun but Leo other things. I also sense how embarrassed they are in situations where they reacted from it. It must really hurt the Katakan cardinal sense of driven self. Katakans are known for popping into their shell, but by god they do come out of it when they need to and with full focus. Love that!

    3. I know! Its sometimes hard to reconcile the yin and yang! I love the ‘detonated a friendship’ analogy, I have done that a few times, and jobs, just down tools and a few truth bombs on the way out the door. Liberating and scary in equal measure. I will show utmost Cancerian patience for a millennia and then, BAM time for Mars action. It shocks people. The eclipses and super moons in LEO are like a superpower/kryptonite and a hallucinatory timewarp for me.

      1. Moonglow, you have described my MO to a T!! I’m a Cancer sun with Mars-Uranus-Merc in Leo. I mean *everything* you said is spot on! (Except Leo’s in my 10th).
        Mars also squares my Jupiter/Scorp exact in 1st. So yes, the last memories i have of people that have touched that last straw are that of the deer in the headlights look.
        Working for myself has been the answer. And i try and head for the mountains when Mars does its march through the 10th & 1st every yr.

        1. LOL, yes – deer in the headlights! Solidarity 🙂 Uranus in the mix is powerful and cool. Seriously, I even scare myself sometimes… And the Mars seems to be activated or getting stronger at the moment for me (or as I ‘mature’). Since the last Leo-Aqua eclipses and this recent lot, something has seriously ’emerged’ in me. FUQ with me and I will firmly and creatively/dramatically suggest you quit it. I think Mercury and Mars could be the ‘Dynamic Duo’ of astro? Yes, I’m self employed now too (but not a very good boss of myself, I love the autonomy but hate the financial insecurity!) I will look into the Mars transits a bit more carefully and see if I can ‘prepare’ – thanks for the tip!

    1. No. I totally get that. Virgos and i in physical space are quite drawn together, but i respect fully when they get irritated or offended by Mars. The response is real, at the very least, and i respect that more than social patting-down. Anyway, your voice here is something i like and respect, even when i consider my own might irritate you.

    2. My thoughts exactly. Lux. Haven’t met that Mars people (ie those fit mystic’s definition) that We all need Mars not to get fuqed over but you don’t need to be a Mars person to run into a burning building and save someone or some such – any Mars plus a sense that it ain’t all about you and the heatlh to pull it off will do. will Met too many Mars in the angular house people who are basically just brats, bullies, passive aggressives or blowhardsNatal Mars in any of the angular houses, in particular. – so often the fight they take up is just about imposing their willoo many Mars people (in Mystic’s sense) I’ve met are

      1. Damn – somehow I pushed post when I actually was thinking, nah, will just delete rather than edit this – so apols that it doesn’t make sense. A bit over a few Mars people at work who are making so many others miserable, so here’s to Venus, noticing nuance and remaining flexible – the importance of which really hits you when you are getting as old as I, your bod congeals without pilates/yoga or whatever, and you realise just how much pain, injury, stress and abuse Mars has caused you and others in your lifetime.

  56. I have Mars and Pluto in Scorpio conjunct my midheaven… This is scary accurate. It is so much easier to be strong than flexible and I wish this weren’t always the case.

    1. It might be that my 8th house Mars is somewhat softened (debilitated?) by being in Libra but I see flexibility as actual strength. Travel light and move fast. Reinvent, reinvent, reinvent.

      1. I would say more enhanced by the Libran (iron fist in velvet glove? strategic? diplomacy) energy than debilitated. Wars if not battles are won by sophistication.

        1. I used the word “debilitated” on purpose referring to vedic astrology – sometimes I wet my feet in those waters. I know the Sun is debilitated in Libra but not sure about other grahas.

      2. Yes I have 8th house Mars In Libra also. Usually I hate it. My straight up Mars and Pluto calls it a wimp, so it does create a bit of a split personality.

        But you can over think these things. People say that they would never cross me because they “can see it in my eyes”.

        But in my current situation, dealing with a very tricky, narcissistic Aries neighbor I find that I can deploy my Mars in Libra. And she shines like a Lady.

    2. Lol are you hiring? 😉

      Actually, this combo hasn’t seemed to work out for me yet in terms of career. I keep ending up in roles where I feel under-utilized and there’s limited room for advancement. I feel like sometimes I have to beg for more work, lol. But currently working on a graduate degree and I hope that changes things.

      1. Same. Right now I’m getting paid to sit on my a**…my friends say they’re jealous but it feels like being in limbo. Have the graduate degree, didn’t help, and I keep getting told I need more “local” experience since I recently moved here from another country (but I’m in the US in the sales and business field so YMMV)


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