Priapus – Lilith’s Male Counterpart

Did you know that Lilith has a male counterpart, Priapus? Your Priapus sign, house, and aspects could prove quite revealing but the joke is that you probably won’t want to reveal any of it – not online at least.

They’re similar in that they’re both deemed sexual renegades and are associated with sex outside of the archetypal pair bond or even love, as such. Lilith cops the craziest projections – that she could cause miscarriages or tried to wreck men’s marriages via ‘erotic nightmares’ and so on. Yet despite this fearsome reputation she was often dismissed as “a minor Babylonian wind deity” or similar.

Priapus is likewise called a “minor rustic God” or even “an oversexed gardening God.” I’ve wanted to do this post for ages but believe it or not, I had problems illustrating it. Be careful if you google this guy, the depictions of him are probably the most NSFW of the historic frescos and statues. His hymns and the poems written to honor him are too obscene to post here as well.

An Oversexed Gardening God?

Suffice to say that they pay homage to Priapus for his most significant asset as well as his apparent propensity to blow money, live as a glutton but maintain muscle mass, attract everyone, and well, again his, you know, thing. With a quick style update, Priapus would fit right into the aspirational bro end of the media.

A condition that can be a medical emergency is named after him but more flatteringly, Priapus is now also a kind of therapy. Dr. Charles Runels*, the triple Aries creator of The Priapus Shot, a treatment to fortify male erections using ‘platelet-rich plasma,’ refers to Priapus as the “Greek God of male regenerative power.”

The son of Aphrodite and Dionysus,  Priapus was a god of vegetation, fertility, and, well, the phallus. He is supremely well-endowed and nearly always depicted as such.

Priapus Was Acclaimed For His Physical Endowment.

Priapus statues were the original scarecrow, said to help with a bountiful harvest (there are screeds of ancient ribald innuendo about bees, pollination, seeds, etc) and frighten away marauding insects or birds via the gigantic phallus. Presumably, they’d keep a wide berth to avoid the scarecrow trying to mate with them?

He was also the prototypal garden gnome – yes, it’s an ancient Greco-Roman custom and the word “gnome” comes from “genomos” or “earth-being” and “gnomi” are elemental Earth beings. The ancient garden gnomes protected your buried treasure and valuable plants, again with the phallus.

What Is Your Priapus Sign?

Like Lilith and the Lunar Nodes, Priapus is a calculated factor: Lilith is the lunar apogee, the most distant point that the Moon will reach in that cycle and Priapus, AKA the lunar perigee, is when it is the closest. From a practical point of view, they both fly in nine-month cycles and tie into the Eclipses.

This means that they’re always loosely opposite one another but it can vary by several degrees. For example, Lilith is currently at 27° Gemini, and Priapus is 21° Sagittarius but my natal Lilith is 17° Capricorn, and Priapus is 11° Leo.

Now while there are no substantial or formal delineations for Priapus, it could certainly explain some otherwise inexplicable attractions. I’m thinking of my “early August Leo men” era – which is when the Sun is at 11 degrees – and is it feasible to assume that a Priapus link to Lilith means that the people would relish one another’s less conventional sexuality or nature?

It would also be interesting – albeit quite skeevy – to explore Lilith-Priapus connections in synastry. I didn’t compile a list of people who have prominent Priapus placements because it’s fiddly to get the data and it feels kind of indecent, like peeking into someone’s undies drawer.

Mick Jagger and Colin Farrell Have Priapus Conjunct Their Midheaven

However, here are a few interesting examples: The musician Michael Hutchence had his Mars conjunct Priapus, actor Ewan McGregor has Sun conjunct Priapus and Emmanuel Macron, 25th president of France, is also a Sun-Priapus guy. It’s also conjunct his Mercury Retrograde, in Sagg – that must be fun: phallic Freudian errors?

Colin Farrell and Mick Jagger have Priapus conjunct their Midheaven and Sylvester Stallone has Priapus conjunct his North Node – he made his debut in a softcore Seventies smut-flick called The Party At Kitty & Studs.

So to look yours up, use the Extended Chart Selection at Astrodienst, then the “list of other horoscope factors and hypothetical planets” and tick the box next to “h22 Priapus”. FYI, Lilith is h21. How to interpret it?

Well, perhaps if your Venus or Mars were conjunct Priapus, you’d prioritize sexual pleasure and freedom more than other aspects of relationships?

The Calvin Klein Of Medicine

Another possibility: see how you react to people whose Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars connects with your Priapus? The new Cosmic Compatibility report features Lilith Moon, Venus, Mars, Ascendant, and asteroid Magdalene interactions – should I add Priapus to the mix? Or would it lower the tone?

And who now has a distinctly new take on scarecrows and indeed, garden decor?

*If that name sounds familiar, Kim Kardashian successfully sued Dr. Runels for using her image to promote his Vampire Facial. He calls himself the ‘Calvin Klein of medicine” and also offers an “Orgasm Shot.” His cyro-yoga venture appears to have been thankfully shelved.

Image: Duncan Raban – George Michael

85 thoughts on “Priapus – Lilith’s Male Counterpart”

  1. Thanks, I have a quadruple conjunction of Priapus, sun, Ceres, and Mercury in the third house. That feels like a lot. I’m a complete prude but I am a horticulturalist…

  2. Hmm. Moon, Uranus, Lilith, Venus in Libra opp Chiron, Priapus in Aries. (Mars , asc, n node in aqua)). I’ve been experiencing a high number of opportunities to explore my rage at the patriarchy lately (Chiron return).

  3. What about m priapus and f Lilith in the same sign and.. same pair’s m Lilith and f priapus in the same sign? But it’s not conj. Any significance?

  4. Whelp. Priapus dead on my Libra NN in the 12th H stellium. Not curently living wild but decades back… No Comment-

  5. I can’t believe that I didn’t know Aphrodite and Dionysus had a son called Priapus. I loved reading all of this. Perhaps I need to make a Scarecrow and get some garden gnomes!

  6. I think there would be value in adding Priapus to the new version of Cosmic Compatibility. Perhaps make it optional when ordering so folks can make an informed decision. My Venus in Aries would love to know this kind of detail 🤏

    1. Interesting…Priapus is conjunct my Asc in Scorp. Lilith is opposite and conjunct Jupiter in Taurus in 7th. I think I unwittingly intimidate guys I’m attracted to 🤷🏼‍♀️ Add a triple visit from Saturn over my Sun (23 deg Aqua) between now and early 2023 and I feel like real romance is off the cards for the foreseeable future.

      1. Saturn is visiting my moon-merc conjunction at the same degree—maybe it will attract steady partners to us! 😉

  7. Going incognito for this one.

    I have a lover – who’s probably as endowed as Priapus. He blows money, retains muscle mass and has green thumb and a strong connection to nature.

    In our synastry chart – his Saturn sits on my Priapus – my have a wild, lusty connection but lockdowns and boarder closures really restricted how we’ve grown as a relationship. Additionally we’re both Ethically Non-Monogamous – but I’m polyamorous, and he’s just a bit too traditional to be comfortable with anyone but his male friends knowing he’s dating someone in an existing relationship. We’re both GenX, poly as a normal thing is for the younger generations I guess.

    His Priapus sits closely to my Sun, Vesta, Jupiter, is 8 degrees away from my sun – they are all opposed by MY Saturn – I’m intoxicated, but we’re such a mismatch. The primary reason he’s uncomfortable is he’s worried about what his kids will think. He still subscribes to the idea of a relationship escalator – I can jump on a travelator but I’m never walking down the aisle – with him or anyone-else for that matter.

    When the day comes that one of us walks away – we’re both going to smiling at the memories of good times.

      1. “poly as a normal thing is for the younger generations I guess” – interested in this. I’m Gen X and my 21yr old son is in a poly relationship, as in he’s in a relationship with a woman who is in a 5 year relationship with someone else. I’ve met her, love her – I just keep hitting up against my own reservations and (generational?) bias. I think I’m totally fine with it but catch myself expecting it all to blow up to confirm my suspicion that poly relationships never work! Would love to hear more….

        1. The secret ingredient/magic sauce – is all involved including the partner’s other partner(s) – being on board. Having multiple loves on the go at the same time IS part of human nature – just look at how many people have tangled affairs.

          My long-term partner and I communicate extremely well and openly, I did once believe that I could only love one person at a time, and that poly could never be for me. Instead I found myself genuinely holding love in my heart for 2 people at the same time – without falling out of love with the 1st. What I did learn about myself is that I love HARD – and that’s what I was confusing for only being able to love 1 person at a time.

          I hear where people go wrong is getting lost in NRE – New Relationship Energy, which is essentially crushing hard on your newest partner to the point where you disrespect your existing relationship(s). Respect is key. But also it really isn’t for everyone, it’s hard enough to have one relationship purring along – 2 becomes hard work – but you learn so much about yourself in the process, it’s been worth any moments where my heart hurts a little to understand how much of that pain is actually my own stuff.

          1. Ah thank you, yes it really is about respect isn’t it. Reading your last sentence though….of course. My father left after cheating on my mother with her best friend and my marriage had similar issues. The conflict here is my own – my pain around my own stuff for me yet to resolve. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Regarding the Daily Mystic email ‘particularly oppressive’ Saturn & Uranus biz explains why so bereft yesterday and today.
    Not my usual self which had me wondering wtf and reaching for the Animal Medicine Cards.
    A surprisingly elevating layout that included dolphin, dog, hawk, swan and snake.
    Chose to keep the snake card out to meditate on as it represents transformation.
    Of course that’s what’s needed!
    Definitely want to transform my life into streamlined efficiency, symbolically, a rice bow and chopsticks, simplicity.
    Two summer boiler suits, 2 winter ones ****sigh***** how i miss living between 5 sarongs, a t-shirt and shorts, barefoot in the sand.
    To have a multi-Sagg ‘confined to quarters’ (not plague iso) has me insanely restless.
    When one can’t change their surroundings then they have to change themselves.
    And yet feeling the urge to prepare for moving, go somewhere else.
    Fuuuq hope it not going-to-the-goddess time already, perhaps only the preparation as Baba Ram Dass said it takes years, like prep 10 years beforehand.
    Don’t think it could be for an out of country trip and my love of the exotic leaves only Queensland in Australia.
    Time to put My Attitude is Gratitude mindset on before i start chomping at the bit.
    As someone said upon opening my first mac, ‘that spinning disc is the computer thinking’.
    That’s what my mind feels like.
    Or is it just change of seasons coupled with cosmic influences?

  9. whoopee, it’s my ‘subliminal birthday’ today according to Mystic
    Sun conjunct moon 😺🎂🎂🎂

  10. I’d put money on Macron loving a classic dick joke. I mean, a sadge. Cmon

    Also those sketchy medicos who can’t wait to be paid thousands to stab women with needles full of God knows what to magically become more f-able, apparently. it’s the oldest moneymaker in the book isn’t it. Other than the male version. Fascinating

    Priapus is about to make some ‘interesting’ angles in my chart. *looks thoughtful, makes quick note in margin*

  11. Priapus in my chart is trine Venus and opposite mars…and also interesting enough, conjunct my partner’s sun and mercury 🤔

  12. Wish Upon a Star

    Honestly when I read this I could only think Priapus was the paper ancient Egyptians wrote on. And less about how to work out my placement. An old friend said she thought that I had balls. I wonder what my placement is. It feels like something earthy like Taurus.

    How do I work it out?

    1. Well papyrus is phallic so you are halfway there, and the Egyptian take is spot on. You can check on astrodienst, there’s a note in the article.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        OMG. Mine is in Scorpio. In the ninth house of expansion: even bigger. opposite my Taurus Moon and trine Mercury in Cancer.

        No wonder my vegies grow so well. LOL!

    2. Go to astrodienst.(Didn’t Myst give the number above to type in)?
      If not look at the asteroids, it’ll be there Star.

  13. Mine is conjunct my Sun 2nd, which my chart tells me is therefore trine Neptune, sextile my AC/MC & Pluto and sesqui-quadrate Jupiter. Gross! Priapus is conjunct the Sun of many people in my life (I prefer not to interpret some of them, especially as I was off handedly calling it Penis in Capricorn etc while trying to understand it). I will say the Sagg Ex had Jup/Lilith exact conjunct my Priapus which strikes me as a little odd and I don’t know how to interpret, or again, prefer not to!

    1. Also, I would mention that despite a few friends with Sun conjunct Priapus, none of them are the ones who were interested in gardening or communing with nymphs indiscriminately, despite being handsome men. So a mystery it remains!

  14. Oh this is fun. On insta I remarked about a Pisces. Turns out his sun is on my Lilith and his moon on my priapus. Oh it makes sense. And yes my priapus is in Leo hence my continual Leo rising male playthings. Oh hours of fun finding out about all the old toys.

  15. Well obviously Priapus is the centre of my universe, thrusting as it does on my Galactic Centre (*smirk*).

    Being a child of Luna, I’m going to root for the dignity of Priapus (as i do for Lilith) and go with the ancient historian Macrobius, who wrote that Priapus was yet another Ancient Egyptian deity/principle that was imported by the Greeks & later Romans. The name Priapus being made up of the syllable pri which means principle or original/natural source, & the name Apis – who was the Sacred Bull of the Ancient Egyptians, whom they worshipped as the generative power of Nature. So Priapus may be translated as the principle of production or fecundation of Apis.

    Trust the Ancient Greeks to appropriate the deity/principle to then have a patriarchal female god, Hera – always the chastising, jealous prude – curse it. I’m not having it. I’m embracing my lust for life & nature without shame, as i do with Lilith.

        1. Sun just gone into my first. Equinox always give me a thud of energy. Maybe it’s the sap rising. It feels like that.

  16. Unicorn Sparkles

    This made me immediately think of all the phallus statues in Pompeii. They were everywhere… seemingly in every home.

    But… I’ve become too simplistic to delve into this one. (24/7 influx of global Information/impending doom declarations finally broke me. )

  17. Priapus is something i do know about, had the book:-),
    think it was actually called that it lived for a time along side ‘The Myth of Male Power’ in my library.
    All books on the foibles of the male race have been relegated to the shed, the ‘drop zone’ and won’t be resurrected so refuse to look at astrodienst and trust it’s nowhere near my Aqua Lilith!

    1. Haha, it’s direct opposite my Aqua Lilith in Leo, so I imagine same for you? “Priapus, AKA the lunar perigee, is when it is the closest.. this means that they’re always loosely opposite one another but it can vary by several degrees.”

  18. Interesting indeed! So I’ve got Priapus opposite my Sun, Venus, and Lilith! Also trine Pluto.

    Also, always wondered why gnomes look so happy!

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I second that emg!

          I love my liitle vegie garden. We are definitely mixing it with the nature elementals.

          And my hanging petunia plant is teaching me naturally about the moon cycles, growth, change and endings. In the end is my beginning. Also pertinent for my Chiron in Pisces 29+ degrees. Lately I have been absorbing this concept through different mediums.

          1. Possums eat my herbs, so started feeding them, so then they ate the apples and carrots AND my herbs.
            Propagated a sweet potato as it has a lovely vine. It grew beautifully, long trails, so planted it.
            Possum ate what she could see coming out of the earth.
            Tonight it will probably dig the rest up.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Australia and possums hey?

              I’ve got a little greenhouse on my raised back landing. I zip it up every night. In fact I’ll do it now.

              I’m back. That’s one happy, well fed possum. Maybe it your next incarnation the possum will be your fruit and veggie guy and give you a wink and a big discount ! LOL!

              Or he could be Con the fruitier : ” A coupla days!” Remember that skit?

              1. Am just gonna pop on to hopefully say something useful – when we lived in Qld it was black-strap molasses, diluted 50% with water and sprayed all over whatever you wanted to keep from possums. Has to be sprayed every other day; and also – the Brisvegas ones couldn’t stand rocket. (or just the mature, pepper ones). XOO

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  Mmmm interesting.

                  I do have basil growing. I wonder if the smell deters the possums?

    1. Oh and also in the ninth house in Pisces. Definitely want to know more about this. Also, will Priapus and Lilith always be in opposition because of their node-ness? Does this also mean they are imagined points with no actual physical celestial body?

  19. Would I like to know what situations or people make me consumed with lust? Why, yes, I think I would, but it would have to be in the Astral DNA chart.

    Synastry would assume that you actually know the people and their birth details, so not an option for me.

    I speculate that Priapus shows where you have carnal desires that are rejected or never fulfilled because Priapus’ advances as the scarecrow in the garden are always thwarted. He never really gets laid… In Synastry, it might show where there’s an imbalance, say he desires you but you’re not turned on, and vice versa, or explain why there’s an unquenchable fire…

    Also, another bit of speculation is that Priapus shows where other people are consumed with lust for your creativity, (spiritual) energy, or fertility, but do not actually pay respect or homage for it. It’s where your creativity or fertility would be stolen/raped/mocked, i.e. where your Lilith has not been respected.

    1. I’ve started my research and I can say it’s making sense. All a bit earthy and gloriously guttural if you get my drift !

    2. The second speculation lands with me. I see Priapus is conjunct my MC, sun, venus, mercury, and mars – all in Taurus. I’m a SME in a niche industry and people I’ve worked for want my ideas and creativity – but they either ignore or brand as their own work/concepts. I resigned and am still deciding whether or not to commit to working for myself. Lilith in scorpio/4th house would probably support the independent venture.

    3. Ooh, where your creativity is disrespected? Is Priapus more abundance than mockery though? He is always shown in a creative mode carrying fruit. Though it is interesting to note that he attempted to rape Hestia and a donkey knocked him over, which makes you think of A Midnsummer Night’s dream symbolically, he is the fool of the play too. Maybe two things can be true?

  20. Priapus in Cancer in the eighth. Good heavens. I had to laugh when I looked it up. I will admit to the lighter side of the description. Definitely not the darker. 😀

  21. 21 degrees in Virgo 8th House 6 degree orb from Pluto Uranus Pandora and Isis, thank goodness He is not conjunct (Lilith is at 5 Pisces)

  22. Astrological learnings are BEST! My Priapus is 17 Leo conjunct my Leo sun at 18 degrees in my 11th house. So that makes me a social-sexual-spotlight-loving-man -eater?? 🤔😂

  23. As someone who is Lilith rising, with a recent Lilith return, this is a timely post for the hidden knowledge “rising”. My placement of Priapus is 0 degrees Virgo, conjunct moon, and Hecate. But I think it’s the placement of Regulus conjunct Priapus at this time after 2,000 years, which brings open another kind of lanuguage, as Lilith being the superconscious in all her beauty. In Ireland, there is a rather “large” stone of his “countenance” called Lia Fail, anglicized as The Stone of Destiny. Fail is actually the name of the sovereign goddess of Ireland, with a very mysterious lineage, but one that can be traced, but is heavily guarded in her stature and not for the right reasons. I am currently doing research on her lineage and how her presence still remains in Ireland as a statute related to land and sovereignty. Her stature is related to old law, that which follows the line in Europe into the marsh basins throughout Europe, where the great island empires were born. Although the image of the Lia Fail, is of the member of Priapus..there are links up into the Dionysus culture, which was unwritten. In the ancient tradition of tribes in Gaul and throughout Europe, who were not Roman, it was sacrilegious to note down any aspects of the rites within the higher echelons, so in many ways the somatic knowledge is how remembered culture comes forward. This knowledge remains, but travels between people, tribes you could say, that are not necessarily put up as websites or figures of the druidical nature. Maybe your post is directly related to deeper aspects of Uranus passage in Taurus, which has not risen yet….;) But I digress, the cultural significance of this figure opens up doors the same way Lucifer does, an aspect of language that lay within vibration, and also a region of humanities evolutionary path of divine marriage, which allowed us to view the stars from here below with a perspective of divinity being balanced, and beyond division. A mystical clover possibly….
    Also a book coming out soon may be of interest…”The Flowering Wand” by Sophie Strand

  24. OMG this post (and the obvious Google search) cheered me up on a day of covid+my period. Thank you! And yes, totally add it to the compatibly report 👍 (a quick search on some of the stored profiles I have is *very* revealing 😏)

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