Proto Aries

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For a brilliant example of Aries personality characteristics, check out this profile of the gifted physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed. He has the Sun, Retro Mercury and Chiron all in the sign of the Ram. The whole article is worth a read but [ Read more…]

Decalcifying Your Third Eye


If the Third Eye is for real, then we should be decalcifying our pineal gland. What? Yet another health threat to worry about? Not really, it’s more that it would enhance spells and connection to Quintessence. The theory is that [ Read more…]

Eighties Astrology Tips


Want some Eighties Astrology Tips? No, you don’t. Many of the zodiac takes were sexist, dictatorial and just plain weird. But check out the hair mousse. Or, the caption to the picture above. January 1985. ‘…If you’re sentimental and old-fashioned, [ Read more…]

Michael Fassbender in racing car

Modelling The Triple Aries Dream

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Triple Aries and projecting that Neptune Rising in Sagittarius alchemical charisma Dark Matter. Neptune conjunct Ascendant people voodoo the camera. Okay so the laugh looks a little forced but this G.Q. pic totally GROKS Michael Fassbender’s Triple Ariesness (Sun, Venus, [ Read more…]