What Does Mercury in Aquarius 2021 Mean?

Summon the Vibe Police. You need to report a crime against mundanity. Mercury is in Aquarius for nearly ten weeks, three times longer than usual and backed by a whole cabal of Aquarius energy. On second thoughts, don’t snitch. The paperwork alone would be devastating for your consciousness. Instead, lay low and wait for Mercury to contact you. Don’t anticipate any Galactic Federation nonsense: the galaxy is run by magic, not Space Politicians.Β 

How will you heed the signal? If you have natal Mercury in Aquarius, don’t bother reading anymore, go on ahead – I’ll meet you in the 9th Dimension, Proxima Centauri. Otherwise, the last time Mercury was in Aquarius for this long was Jan to March 2015. Remember that? Supernatural, psyched, and everything was ultra-obvious or theatrically surreal. People pulled surprise stunts – either a move not at all telegraphed in advance or totally out of character.Β 

Mercury In Aquarius 2021 Goes For Nearly Ten Weeks

But to the Aquarian mindset, there is no such thing as ‘character.’ It’s an alibi. Or quantum particles shifting in response to the person perceiving, not ‘you’ as such. This is the source of Aquarius objectivity – it’s not stoic composure or even a philosophy. It is a temperament. The default setting is emotional detachment. For the next ten weeks, expect people – and yourself – to be more aroused by principles and ideals.* Not necessarily citadels-of-democracy-storming arousal – more eco, contemplative, and reinventive.

Relationships are unpredictable but maverick hook-ups and attractions centered around casual, cool extreme candor do well. It’s an individualist yet communal influence. Outliers and aligned-people form affiliations but they’re mysterious and even unspoken, like spies recognizing one another’s tradecraft but acknowledging it with barely a passing glance. Or cats with their telepathic turf laws. If it is overt, it’s hyperbolic – see Liz Taylor and Richard Burton below.

Reforms and inventions work fantastically but there is a caveat: Mercury Retrograde from Jan 30/31 until Feb 21 is likely to hype the already strange space weather. It’s sub-optimal for flying, satellites, autonomous machinery, risky electricity maneuvers, and launching ambitious or unusual tech ventures. (More on the broader ramifications of this in the imminent Turbulent Times update.)

Expect Eerie Electrical Phenoms

The lucid objectivity and normality aversion of Mercury in Aquarius 2021 are accentuated by the longer duration AND because Mercury will be augmented by the Sun, Venus, Hekate, Jupiter plus Saturn in Aquarius. The last time there was a similar phenom, it was early 1962. That line-up included an Eclipse and it was square Neptune in Scorpio, sending some astrologers of the time a bit loopy. Hindu astrologers thought the Earth’s pole would flip and a Gnostic Guru declared the Age of Aquarius to have begun. Appraisals of the multiple Aquarian mini-generation born Jan to March ranged from “among them is the anti-christ” to “they’re all reincarnated Atlanteans, reborn to save civilizations.

The super-Aquarians born then include/includedEddie Izzard, Kevin Aucoin, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Takashi Murakami, Olga Najowa Tokarczuk, Malorie Blackman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Charles ‘Fightclub’ Palahniuk, Tammy Baldwin and – even though he is an early Sun in Pisces (born Feb 22), Steve Irwin. Muse on any of these people for mood inspo.

The Galaxy Is Run By Magic – Not Space Politicians

In Feb 1962, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor fell in love on the first day of filming the Cleopatra epic, declaring their intention to divorce their respective spouses so that they could be together. The tabloid media attention practically spawned the paparazzi and diverted focus from astronaut John Glenn’s historic solo orbit around the planet. The news flow was a not unfamiliar gaudy pastiche: Nuclear tests, Cuban missile alerts, the space race, celebrity infidelity sensations, and the cult best-seller of the month: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

If I were a professor of Aquarius Studies, we’d study Feb 62 like crazy. One of the early (before they were famous) Beatles members pulled out of a performance on the Eclipse; a muso called Ringo Starr stepped in on an hour’s notice – a remarkable destiny tweak. The Aquarius stellium was square his natal Jupiter-Saturn and Uranus in Taurus line-up at the time. Don’t diss squares!Β 

Mercury only entered Aquarius a couple of hours ago but are you feeling it? Indicators include the urgent desire to read sharper, more radical literature/polemics and sudden-onset not giving a fuq about a whole range of metrics, things, and opinions. If you’re Uranian by nature or actively seeking in a way into the new Aquarius era (Jupiter, Saturn, and – soon – Pluto in Aquarius), this is the consciousness expansion you want.


*I’ve just gone fridge-free – it feels fantastic.


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  1. toni morrison. you failed to mention the amazing and forever missed toni morrison.
    aquarian through and through. also,oprah and michael jordan.

  2. I love it Mystic, when you take us back in time, visiting another moment in history when we had a similar astrological set-up to the one we are experiencing right now. It is one of the very best ways to get the ‘look and feel’ of it! Thank you!

  3. Heh I have Merc at 4* Aqua conj. NN / Sun. I stopped reading. See y’all in the mix (not “laterz” cause time ain’t nothin’)!

    (P.S. I am DEFFO feeling Saturn on my junk. I had a monster to-do list yest and today and I am rocking through them and feel as though I’ve been yanked awake from an 11-month slumber. New Moon Grounding Ceremony Tonight to try to harness the energy like a slingshot and propel me through Merc in Aqua — can I finish my dissertation? We’ll see! Why didn’t I work on it over Xmas? Don’t know!)

  4. In 1962 I was 14 and rebelling big time at my super serious grammar school in the UK, lots of detentions no wonder.πŸ˜€

  5. Yes I did feel it MMystic…when I woke up this morning J thought I have to do some more serious reading , current thinkers,
    what do I want to do with my mind etc. ( I’m retired). Powerful, good!!

  6. just attended an online funeral
    how fquing 21st century…
    the scorp who shared my birthday who i thought id end up with…not now
    god, he was sexy
    be free you gorgeous git xxx

    1. I am so sorry. That sounds a chilly way to do a funeral. And those sexy water men, ach. Their hotness burns bright in the night sky even after they cross over.

  7. I’ve heard a bit of talk about galactic federations in new age circles in the past year or two. I wonder what the origin is.

    1. 1970s sci-fi novels, you might have found them at the airport, if you were there then. Or vibing it now, you’ll come across vintage finds, including 80s stuff. It does stretch back further, but good luck entering the chaotic swirl and sexucopia of the 60s!

      Mostly, the Federation Shizz is 80s

    2. I did a remote viewing healing type course. We were asked to get in groups and go somewhere except the Vatican (because demonic guardians) etc. I chose the Galactic Fed., and my course buddies and I envisioned what was like a super round table of entities that seemed like holograms, but loving and concerned. We were young and silly and we reported we hailed from a living room floor and fell apart laughing but I definitely feel like there could be some loving beings out there to be contacted who have good info for more mature minds.

  8. Oh no is the Oracle 1 having questions removed?? It’s my go to dark matter roulette, but all the neutral(non love zombie) questions keep disappearing :’( I use and love both types but I miss the single tarot and the archetype etc queries. Would love it if they returned but understand if there’s something else afoot. <3

    1. I know, how cool are the online oracles and tarot roulettes..!?? Am sure any re-jig is due to MM grokking something more awesome, because she collabs with quintessence – those divination pages are MAGICK – how else could they read my mind/be so accurate??! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€― Also how good is online tarot for a quick answer – better than, say a pocket-sized Tarot deck mounted on a cyber-punk style Rolodex, or something. With satisfying clicking sounds as you shuffled it. Maybe this is my Merc in Aqua invention idea!!πŸ€―πŸ™ƒ

      1. They are SO cool and such magick. I really do feel like it reads my mind or my mindset influences it- either way – so on point. I’m open to whatever the next phase is – just want to share that I loved those ones πŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈβœ¨

    2. Well, it was assisting me NOT contacting someone, or other someones. Now, i have no illusions left.

      Guess that is the deal. Just no play for the hurt.

  9. Bloody space politicians! God is love and magic is here! Zeta’s take a back seat already. Where is the Galactic Council when you need’m? I ask you. Also, I see alot of Aquarians with Cancerians, what’s with that?

    1. A number of scenarios come to mind. Both have Uranus in Cancer? The Aqua has an emphasis in Cap or Pisces or the Cancer has Gemini or Leo factors? Aqua’s detachment acts as a foil to Cancer’s clingyness and Cancer prompts heart and home sentiments in Aqua who can be very fixed ie stay in relationships that others would give up on. Family as friends?

      1. Interesting, definitely meet Aqua people with Cap influences frequently. Hard and zany types! Cancer seems comfortable with serious quirk which surprises me. I hear the Gem influence there. Nice!

  10. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Mercury in Aquarius created some kind of telecommunications glitch that stopped me sending sentimental goo-goo texts to a paramour. “Your message sending failed” type thing. Even the technology is detached.

    1. As a Venus Aqua, i have always wondered if i could copy-paste such a message for any emergent annoyance. My compassion takes over blah blah

    2. I love that stuff….
      I had a small present that I shouldn’t have sent sent to me instead if the person I bought it for. So right!!πŸ˜€

  11. On a societal level, since Mercury & Saturn (communication & boundaries) have been conjunct in Aquarius (society, revolution, electronics) – the talk in the news these days has been of regulating social media – in view of the recent upheaval in the U.S.
    So i guess that finally, there will be a serious debate regarding social media and its role in society & the legal obligations that social media platforms should adhere to.

    1. Very much needed in my opinion, regulation of social media. Even if they have brought good things, social media have also been Pandora’s box… Facebook is Aquarius by the way (February 4 2004)

      1. Wow, interesting! So Facebook is having a Pluto-Mercury transit and Saturn on their Sun-Neptune in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus square it – that totally fits. Neptune was their utopian dream, the Aquarian ideals and it’s ‘natally’ clashing with Mars, Moon’s Node in Taurus – the business angle.

      2. Now you got me going: it was the World Wide Web’s Saturn return @ 2ΒΊ43 Aqua these last few days too (10th – 11th Jan)…… Time for a review.

  12. 1. Mercury in Aquarius tuning in here. I feel good! Time to write!
    2. Mystic, I need to hear more about going fridge free. What?! How?

  13. Yes, I am a natal Feb 62 being and know a few others also. All of us are ahead of the zeitgeist in our deeply humanitarian forms of work in the world. I met an astrologer 25 years ago who, without me telling her my birthday, told me the two week period it fell within after 5 mins of conversation! So yeah, I’m feeling the shift, thank goodness! It’s been a long time coming.

  14. Also re detachment. I have learnt so much about this state of being from my gorgeous 9 year old Sagittarius daughter..πŸ¦„ (Cap rising & Aquarius moon). The idea of being detached used to make me uncomfortable, I’d conflate it with being indifferent or uncaring. Maybe the etymology of the word goes some way to explaining this, it apparently comes from the Old French meaning to disunify, disconnect and even to discharge a gun (see etymonline dot com for a more coherent explanation than mine!) So, implying a severed connection. Whereas my feeling is that the Aquarian detachment and objectivity is much less Saturnine or emotional – it operates in that liminal space (tiny) between emotion and perception, that usually can be reached in meditation, I think (again, am not great at explaining – but that moment when you perceive but not react). Anyway my carefree daughter has taught me how to move through life “sans souci” (another French term meaning “care free”, related to the more negative “insouciance” – but different), and in that space where you can care and feel deeply but not be so invested you trip over yourself/lose perspective? Apologies if a) I make no sense and b) for the etymology rant!! πŸŒ»πŸ’–

    1. *(Also to correct myself, again – I think true meditation is not meant to pause the perception-emotion train track, per se- but perhaps to help not identify with the emotion. Observing something (incl strong emotion in oneself) automatically liberates you and puts space between the observer and observed. Anyway – just my hothead, lay-person, Aries take on gorgeous Aquarius detachment !!)

      1. Love your observations, Earthstar! Detachment is something I am not naturally good at (Sun square Pluto and Venus in Scorpio) but which is something I would like to develop more. I think this Aqua Time is the right time, and your reflections are of great help :-). ‘Sans souci’ is also a beautiful motto to adopt

      2. Hi there Calcifer! Love yr comments too – I think you commented recently re: feeling like you were in a particular scene in a Lucille Ball comedy, which I kept referring back to mentally and laughing at in my own life – i.e. my metaphorical cheeks, and pockets and hat are still stuffed with Saturn in Cap factory-line chocolates!πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£
        For a great visual of Sans Souci, try typing it along with ‘Atlas and Caryatids Potsdam’ into your favourite search engine and see what comes up in the images. Hopefully a golden-yellow palace wall with stone caryatids apparently holding up a stone roof with ‘Sans Souci’ on it (palace built by Prussian king Frederick the Great *I think*?) I think of it now even when I see pics of the Athenian caryatids – we can carry heavy loads and still look like Greek goddesses/deities ..πŸ˜„ Xx (And humour the world like Lucille Ball.πŸ˜‰)

      3. Have found pictures of the Sans Souci palace in Potsdam, Germany. So original and beautiful, Earthstar!πŸŒžπŸ’›
        Thanks for appreciating the Lucille Ball chocolate factory scene as a metaphor for the intense Saturn in Cap times which are barely behind us. I was in fact strongly reminded of those times this week as the Sun connected with Pluto in Capricorn 😬 Work was so hectic again. Will keep the golden wals of Sans Souci in mind to get me through January 🌟

      4. So glad to hear you have some visual sustenance Calci. Xoo Just hoping you get some deep rest, real soon… Yes I have found Pluto to be very severe on the resource depletion, in whatever form/house he arrives at..!! And I love that you are building an eco-house!! But please be careful – all in good time, all in good time. I find Pluto has made me wait/fight for my goals more than Saturn, esp. since the Capricorn transit started. Cheering for you, hang in there! X

  15. Yay to Aqua detachment. Can be life saving. Anyone investigated the shadow effect of Aqua antiscia in Scorp? A friend has Sun, Mercury, Ascendant in Aqua married to a heavily Scorp (smother love..his words) lady. Detachment and obsession make strange bedfellows. Antiscia shadow work at play? Security issues? Contrariness? It’s often said that Aqu put up with incredibly difficult relationships….perhaps to forge inner detachment? The “no one controls my mind” enlightenment experts are irresistible to the Scorp shadow play. There’s the rub. It seems the fascination is mutual. Perhaps they need one another to exorcise their demons….evolution in action. Scorp wants to merge while Aqua knows we’re interconnected but unique.

  16. It’s sub-optimal for flying, satellites, autonomous machinery, risky electricity maneuvers, and launching ambitious or unusual tech ventures.” Again, the shady Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant on my mind. Scheduled to start at full power in February… Ack

    1. I managed that living in Thailand, augmented by a drinks cooler with tap for iced water. But then, I never shopped or cooked!

    2. Yeh nah, Coolgardie Safe, sounds cool, too many flies and other insects here but Mystic lives in a different clime, so might be working differently for her. My theoretical one would get bingled by the compass facing summer afternoon sun and other local stuff that even the same postcode but not exact area do not experience (see Indig Knowledge, which i’m feeling and learning.) Also, work conditions and home life…interesting, but different. Would also love to hear about it more!

      1. I’ve been looking at second hand freezers on eBay.
        Not bought one because I’m Scrooge incarnate and Β£50 is my upper limit price wise.
        I’m getting into fermentation big time but fridge free ?
        Sounds like quite a concept.

  17. This gave me chills! Longgggg time reader but first time commenting. hi! I’m Aqua sun, Pisces moon, Scorp rising. I’m set to launch my third game in early February on Kickstarter- anyone think this is a good or bad time- should I wait a bit? The game is called Rabbit Rabbit- it’s a trivia card game about superstitions, magic, myths, folklore and more more more.

    1. I agree, if it’s at all possible, I’d wait. Or push and start a bit early, with several days until the retrograde fully starts. If the change of date is out of question, I’d check, recheck, triple-proof-read, have other people proofread stuff again, and have the tech rescue at the ready. Not to scare you – Merc Retros do not have to ruin everything, they just require preparation and bearing in mind. Forewarned is forarmed – or whatever that saying is – right? You CAN troubleshoot if you’re ready for it, even if Mercury pulls some trickster play!

    2. Check when Jupiter will be on your Aqua sun–and when Mercury will be on your Pisces moon. Either would be charged, auspicious launch times / inflection points for this.

    3. I’d go with the Mars Uranus conjunction! But also check your year ahead report as if you’re having a fantastically supportive transit over Feb, it out-ranks Mercury Retro

      1. Thanks, Mystic! The conjunction will be too soon- not quite ready but here’s to a good February for us all! xoxo!

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