The Aquarian Love Philosophy

“…More than in one true love I’d say I believe in many true loves, in true love, that is, in the sense that when you have truly loved someone you go on loving him for the rest of your life. For me it’s not possible to forget, and I don’t understand people who, when the love is ended, can bury another person in hatred or oblivion.

For me, a man I have loved becomes a sort of brother. One of the things that has disgusted me ever since I was a child and used to observe the world of adults is the enmity between former lovers and former husbands and wives.

Nothing is more stupid than saying ‘Oh, that fool man with whom I ruined my life!’ ‘Oh that idiot woman with whom I lost so much time!’

To condemn someone to whom we have been attached means to condemn ourselves. I always look on the men I have loved with pleasure and affection, they are all related to me, because not only marrying but also loving another person amounts to forming a new family.”

Uber-iconic French Actress Jeanne Moreau, brilliantly expressing the Aqua love philosophy. She’s Sun-Mercury-Moon in Aquarius. And, admittedly, with a Venus in Saggo.

Do you think her philosophy is Aquarian or also Saggo?

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  1. I’m Aries with moon in Sagg. I’ve only really had one ex and I will love him till the day I die, and he me. (He’s Libran). I don’t think we’ll socialise much but will always be able to have the occasional fond phone conversation or a special couple of hours together. Even if other partners lead to a lessening of these, our thought energies of each other entwine, sometimes in dreams.
    I wish him happiness in new love and am now ready to love another.

  2. I vote totally Aquarius on this! because my Venus and Mars are both in Aquarius – and all the men in my family are Aquarius – I learned early the worthlessless of being angry with anyone over (pretty much) anything. We are also Swedish, so all very lagom. I have lots of notches on my belt and there isn’t one I couldn’t call for a laugh or a lunch. Yeah for Aquarius!

  3. i am glad most people agree with aqua. this is SOOOOO aquarius. someone said too romantic for aquarius? maybe she has some planets conjunct Neptune? no one loves deeply like a venus-neptune conjunction…deep, profound, deep!

  4. Maybe she got lots of nice jewellery too and the dudes appreciated how she always did her hair for them.

    But maybe if we pick the best guys we wouldn’t hate them so much later.
    How do you pick the best guys and how do I become the best girl ? (For myself)

  5. BlackStarAries

    I think it makes a lot of sense to my Venus in Aqua.

    My Aries Sun will have none of it, tho.

  6. I would vote Aqua. Both my moon and asc are Aqua and the parts about all love unions forming family and brotherly/sibling bonds really resonated with me. Even when in love with someone in the present tense, I tend to have as much of a sisterly/friendship/platonic feeling as I do romantic. I easily move between the two moment by moment. The deeper I truly love someone the more I lean toward that platonic end. I’m not sure if that even makes sense, but it’s definitely how it goes for me.

  7. It’s beautiful and passionate in a Saggo, global unity-through-fuqing, way. I love it. Also coolly expressed which is a bit Aqua maybe.

    Dreamt about an ex coming to me and telling me it was okay to be in contact now.
    Looked at Facebook and there was invitation to befriend him and see his page. I accepted and saw he had just gotten married. So happy for him, we all deserve buckets of love.

  8. I think it’s a sensible philosophy. I don’t know how aquarian it is. I still have affection for the lovers I loved. . . but there are many I did not love, and some I was deceived by. I don’t love those.

  9. Moon in Aqua, Venus in Pisces ans Aries Sun
    This is totally me! Not in the sense that I see regularly my exes but I sure “look on them with pleasure and affection”. After all if I chose them in the first place they must have been something in the first place! 😉

  10. Love it and definitely a saggo… who else (myself included) could possibly have that eternal optimism (read naivity) on being friends with ex’s? Seriously. There are only a couple of ex’s of mine whom every now and then i regret having had a relationship with. but hey, my path has got me to where i am and learning from each and every relationship just makes it all that little bit more clearer. One day though, i’d like to stop going thru the revolving door, and find a guy that wants to stay put with me!

  11. Damons22/Jan/72

    I LOVE this woman and i LOVE this quote ! I could not have said it better myself… This philosophy of love encompasses the entire dimension of my view on love and past loves, of which there is no such thing. This is how true love is meant to be. It is forever, not only in this lifetime but for all eternity. True love for another person cannot ever be diluted or deteriorate over time. I love all my past loves and will forever . Even my first girlfriend who i was reunited with fifteen years later, she was not the same 17 year old i loved but i still loved her and with my love for her it helped her through a tough time in her life, then we went our separate ways to live and to love again. The last love, Jessica, my love for her saved her when she had no love in her life or any hope and faith in mankind or God. Love conquers all and “All you need is LOVE”. BTW i think i may be in love ?

  12. she gives voice to thoughts i have carried with me, and i am multi sag, yet with uranus rising. i say the principle is aquarian, turning it into opinion more sag.

  13. I’m aquarius sun, venus, jupiter. The man I married and lived with originally I see as a totally different person to the nasty alcoholic, mean (cancer) person he has become and I clearly differentiate between the two. I remind my adult children that he was great with them when they were small (tho not when they were old enough to argue back)and tell them he was my best friend as well as my husband then.

    Now I despise him for the way he has behaved since we split up. All I want is to never have anything to do with him again – after 28 years of marriage then 10 years of him trying to rip me off financially. How will I cope with the kids weddings? The 21st birthdays were nightmarish with drunken ex

  14. Hmm, depends really. If I’m leaving because I’ve lost respect for them, I just sniff ‘weasel’ and walk off and forget them. But if the relationship has just run its course then of course friendship is what’s left. I’d never get involved with someone who always relationships with bad feeling and high drama. Ick.

    Aquarian sun and merc.

  15. Exactly how I feel. Aqua sun, sag rising.

    If only my cancerian hubby wouldn’t feel so threatened by the exes from my past. They are all part of my love journey.

  16. I’m an Aqua Sun and I confess that the quote resonates for me. Mind you, I am not friends with any of my ex-lovers. I tried once but it was too emotionally exhausting for me – not because I hated him, but because it was so hard to work out the new boundaries for the relationship. So no, I don’t remain friends with exes anymore – it’s just cleaner for me that way. Perhaps I’m not that evolved?

    I have never had cause to despise or bad-mouth an ex though. I guess I’ve been lucky in some respects – all my relationships were with people who were fundamentally good and who treated me with decency and respect – so, despite the fact that things didn’t work out, I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve lost sight of the things that attracted me in the first place. I wish them well without exception.

  17. The Leo Socialite

    Venus in Scorpio.

    I don’t go along with any of this but I am certainly going to fake that i do from now on.

    pleasure and affection, pleasure and affection, pleasure and affection.

    Frenchwoman don’t get fat. pleasure and affection, pleasure and affection.

  18. year of the fox

    I think it’s very “Air”. As a Libra (but also with Uranus conjunct my Sun natally) I am typically friends with most of my exes, not all of them. Some bridges are worth burning you know? But i think people should have a few enemies. A lack of ANY enemies is a sign of a self-dishonest person while a person with TOO many enemies is a selfish jerk. There’s got to be a middle ground.

  19. I follow this philosophy too — Pisces sun, but Aqua moon/venus. Not a trace of Sagg influence other than Uranus, which aspects nothing at all in my chart, so I’m going with this being an Aqua-moon thing.

  20. i have venus in saggo and while still in the relationship i coukd say its the love of my life but when gone i cut ties…maybe its the mars in scorp?

  21. exactly! i can so relate. but theres no aqua in my chart to speak of, but we do share venus in sagg.

  22. I have Venus and Saturn conjunct in my 12th house (which is Aquarius).

    A difficult placement for a Piscean I’ll have you know.

    I have always “continued to love”…..and ended up with triangulated relationships.

    Anyway, Saturn has been grinding over my 7th for the last 2 years.

    The lesson for me?

    Love them AND let them go.

  23. I love it. I’ve Merc, Saturn, Sun, & Mars in Aqua and Sag rising. I think it’s a perfect summation of my own attitudes regarding exes, two of whom are my greatest friends.

    I always look on the men I have loved with pleasure and affection, they are all related to me,

    Indeed we get on far better now

  24. I haven’t really known any Aquarians aside from my Mom. She’s Aqua Sun/Venus/Mercury, but she doesn’t have this kind of thinking at all. In fact, she thinks it’s creepy when people are friends with their exes. Even if she’s broken up with someone amiably she still cuts off all contact with them afterward. It’s not so much an act of animosity as it is just a complete lack of interest. She becomes indifferent.

    Of the two of us, I’m the one who has THIS kind of mentality. I don’t have a problem being friends with exes after I’ve had my healing time. Leo Sun and Venus in Cancer.

    That’s if the breakup wasn’t that bad. If someone’s been horrible to me then I have no problem cutting all ties with them. Why keep that kind of person in your life? They aren’t the person I thought they were so my I have no affection for them. The end!

  25. Im an Aqua sun, that beautifully sums up the Aquarius approach. I agree wholeheartedly. And my venus is in cap, so I think it is the Aqua, and not her venus sag talking.

  26. I love this. It is exactly how I feel about the men I have loved in my life….and the lovely shift that happens over time as disappointment fades and appreciation for the journey takes its place.

  27. I would love to be like this. I strive for it. But have not achieved it.
    Sometimes when you have been treated so badly it is hard not to lash out.
    And as a letting go mechanism sometimes love can turn to hate.
    Immature I know but something to work on. That is life.

    Sigh one day.

  28. I agree with everything she says re exes, AS WELL AS a love of your life. I have Sun in Scorp and Aqua rising.

    1. Mystics Scorpio Intern

      Same placements right here. Am thinking that you being a ‘Scorp in the Sky’ and hence a higher perspective than those stinging ‘ground crawlers’ allows for better acknowledgement of what both sides bring to a relationship.

      I absolutely love this quote/excerpt. Resonates wholeheartedly!

      1. Well thanks for recognising I am not a “ground crawler” lol. That is exactly what I meant by in the sky. I have mars in cancer and have to deal with cancer men a bit, the list you did with the cleo guys was really helpful for me and I think about it often. And now I know why it spoke to me so much. You’re an astro-soeur!

      2. Mystics Scorpio Intern

        Aww, that’s put a smile on my face! I’m getting there lol, am sure I have heaps to learn from Phoenix-you.

  29. I do dig this philosophy very much, but, you know… GIVEN TIME!
    Sometimes a little healthy hatred goes a long long way in severing a habit, but by and large, if I have loved, I always get back to a “lovingness” in hindsight. But I might be expressing a more Saturnine concept of forgiveness and acceptance there??
    I’m Venus in Aqua, but she does sextile Neptune in Sag.

    1. Oh totally. I find it such a relief when I can finally look back on a relationship with genuine fondness, but it does take time and, yes, a degree of anger to gain the separation – and therefore the perspective – to be able to do that. I think it’s probably a Saturn thing, although I do have Aqua descendant.

  30. My sun is in Sagg and this quote sums my thoughts up re: love exactly. It’s creepy how in line this is with my own thinking.

  31. I also have Venus in Saggo and can relate to the feeling of “truly loving” this person your whole life.

  32. I don’t think self honesty is a strong aquarian trait.

    They can have amazing insight into others while being utterly blind when it comes to themselves.

    They are always better at reading out there rather than in here.

    I think the above quote is just the truth. Not aqua, not anything. Just the way it should be.

    1. I think it depends on the Aqua. Some can be very insightful, usually women or anyone with a good ose of Pisces/Cancer (because we tend to be more emotional, or whatever). But, yes, some can be freakishly unaware of themselves. After all, Aqua is the Sun’s fall if I remember correctly… (?)

    2. Sounds all too romantic for aqua. If they had a dose of Kataka or libran then maybe. altho it is a fairly black and white statement typical of sagg. I have 3 ex’s who are good mates adn I’ve got aqua rising so go figure. jees I’m souding like I’ need a little mid afternoon cat nap. ni ni.

  33. 😯

    I think her philosophy is aligned with the Aqua’s (I’m not sure about Saggo’s because I don’t really know any who have been that forgiving when it comes to exes). I’ve found Aqua’s to be incredibly kind to their exes even when the not so nicest of circumstances have happened in ending a relationship. I think that is because Aqua’s find that they are not entirely blameless and while they are still hurt by it they can be far more honest with themselves about the facts of the entire relationship, not just the crumby bits.

    In saying that I like her philosophy too… 😯

    1. Amen to that Barista and Jean. Totally am like that with my ex’s. It’s like time ran out for the relationship, why tear each other apart it’s plain stupid. No one party is ever to blame. Saggo brother is still friends with his ex’s.

      Only one whom won’t fuq off is the most sleaziest piece of work. Tries to contact me every now & then. Cancerian.

  34. Aqua. Saggos, or at least the ones I know, tend to bad-mouth their exes. Aquas have no problem being friends with anyone, including past lovers or even people they used to hate/dislike.

    1. Funny you should say that, ‘cos I was just thinking about the handful of Sagittarian gay men I know who ALL seem to keep their ex-lovers as friends and regularly socialise with them. It’s not AT ALL about an ever lasting LOVE in these cases, more sorta camaraderie, mateship, jovial teasing and sparring, and what I sense is a pervading thought of… “well, I might be stuck and bored one day and might want to shag them again, so best to keep in contact just in case…”

      1. I don’t really see it that way– I think she meant that she will always have a place for the men she loved in her heart… not that she would frequently socialize with them after the relationship is over– i feel like that sort of a thing trivializes the whole idea. To just see a past lover as a mate you can tease around sort of obliterates the point of them being a true love who you will always remember dearly.

        but maybe your interpretation is more what she meant. regardless, i think this is def both an aquarian philosophy (detachment, etc. especially since i know an aquarius girl who claims she is friends with a bunch of her ex-boyfriends) and maybe sagitarrian…possibly because they’re all “bohemian” and seem to love everyone! lol– though i could see it being difficult for them to “be just friends” after the relationship is over…?

    2. My ex is Aqua sun, Sagg moon and Sagg rising. He HATES me. I would like to look back at our time together more fondly, but he makes it hard.

      1. its definitely my take on the lovers gone…. i will love them forever…

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