Are Aquarians Thawing Out?

Are Aquarians beginning to thaw out? Yes, this zodiac sign is renowned for frosty hauteur and remoteness but the Sun + Mercury in Aquarius are about to be joined by Mars then Venus.

And, of course, Pluto – the underworldly King of banked-up passions and subterranean fire – is also in Aquarius. This is a formula for invigorated intimacy and mighty alliances – don’t buy the apparent inactivity.

Even without the Pluto factor, Aquarians are often dormant for ages before erupting into activity. All this applies to the Moon and Ascendant in Aquarius as well as the Sun, btw.

Many Aqua-people were romantically/sexually dormant throughout Saturn in their sign or even from when the Time God entered Capricorn in December 2017. Ruled by Saturn before the discovery of Uranus, Aquarians remain intermittently responsive to its steely, stern input. Capricorn is also their ‘soul sector’ aka the 12th house in their solar chart.

Add the pandemic protocols plus that interminable square to Uranus over 2021/2022 and you get Fortress Aquarius. The upside? Profound mental, metaphysical and emotional growth. You can get heaps done in isolation and Saturn transits often impose it in one way or another.

Still, Aquarians are warming up this very moment. They’re reconsidering their vows of chastity/non-committment, disdain for bourgeois aesthetic expectations or aversion to romance and emotion. You may even notice a flurry of no-caller-id or unknown number calls. They’re making ready for the Big Thaw.


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  1. My personal thawing I think is more fun than anything, as a triple Aqua. I got put through the wringer by way too much work. Everything I touched for years turned to work. Every volunteer project, every travel trip, every conversation. No fun, no breezy hobbies, and a truly sludgy energy I wish I’d never had to experience. The past two weeks after my birthday on the 9th, I’ve done a massive declutter of anything in the house that felt heavy. Bought a lucky bamboo plant instead and am super sensitive to the psychic energy in any material object. Have also cleaned up my diet and dropped a bunch of weight.

    No more work and no more sludge. Bring on the glitter and sparkles and party! I want to unicorn it up!

  2. The Uranians in my world are definitely on the thaw Mystic. My Aquaman (Sun Moon conjunct opposite Pluto) has, until now, been Mr Noncommitment, but Lo! is now attentive and super keen to show his feelings and excited about the future. My Aqua sister, always reserved and sensible, has become way more communicative and I have to say really happy. It’s a wonder. I have Pluto opposing my Sun Uranus currently as well so it is in fact a wonderful time to be alive. I was so afraid of this Pluto opposition but actually it has turned out to be less of a major transformation experience and more of an unfolding. I highly recommend a decent Pluto opposition if you’re on standby and ready. Go the Aquas!

  3. I would just like to thank Mystic for putting up this post and everyone who has commented. All that has been written and said has given me much pause for thought and deep contemplation. A few old chestnuts have also been shown in the light of day that their time is done and into the compost they go. So thank you everyone for your sharing of your experiences and your deep wisdom.I am truly grateful and actually feel quite blessed to have been a witness to it.

  4. “community” is, I think, the key word here. Many peeps here have spoken of aqya distance (not a problem for me, with Pluto Rising people often think I’m too intense…or it could just be the ADHD), but without comunity, I think Aquas get, well, I was gonna say weird, but weirder? I went to a hippie school for undergrad, and it was an intentional, consensus-based community. That was 30 years ago…it’s still my ideal way to live. Your own room, but 30 fellow whacko friends outside your door.

    1. my own room but 30 fellow whacko friends outside your door–I just suddenly understand my DREAM LIFE (aqua sun/merc/venus :))

      1. It was very emppwering. The spiralling death throes of neolobrralism in which we live are, hopefully. forcing us to look at forming more of these types pf communities. Peeps made fun of the hippies on the communes and leftists accused them of “abandoning the struggle / revolution,” but there is mich valuebin setting up paralell communities showing altenative ways of living outside the system. Not that The Farm and other communes didn’t have their problems (sexism, etc.) but they were efforts in this direction and very Taurus in Aqua, I think.

      2. Spiralling death throes of neoliberalism? maybe – but straight into the jaws of corporatism, with no way out until we reach its anal sphincter & that will take a loooong gut churning process, by which time you & i will be 6 feet under…. not being cynical or anything…

  5. I’m in shock. I just found out that my dearest friend in Melbourne died tragically. She died from a house fire last winter. I was watching “The Secret Life of Us” on Netflix and felt sentimental about Melbourne as it was based there. Then I thought about my friend and about our falling out. She was going through therapy from the sexual abuse from her father. She had just recently realised this. Unbenownst to me I had diabetes and just couldn’t deal with her problems. Really I had enough on my plate, chemo from breast cancer knocked me around alot cognitively. So I thought about sending her a card the old fashioned way to apologise, so I googled her to get her address and found the news report. Her longtime boyfriend bravely dragged her body out but they could not revive her. He suffered severe burns and was in ICU. Her daughter who was a spitting image, escaped unscathed. Thank God.

    I cried but the guilt that I felt was overwhelming. Questions ran through my mind. Did she start the fire, it was winter, maybe a heater caught alight. Then I remembered last week I felt someone standing over my bed, then other psychic realisations about her. You see we were psychically linked. She was a Pisces and me a Pisces Rising. What made me feel sick was that she was an Aries Rising and she died by fire. I kept pleading that I was sorry and asked for forgiveness. Later on last night I felt her warmth come to me. I was calm and felt like she was soothing me. I now know she is close to me.

    Thank you for listening peeps.

      1. Thanks Multiair. My dear friend actually died winter 22. I got the date wrong. I can’t believe she has been dead all this time and I didn’t know. Yesterday when I was in the throes of the grief I noticed how I thought that everybody that I really love dies. My parents, not suprising as mum had me when she was 42. I am 56 and now my best friend. So this subconcious thought popped up and out from the underworld. Interesting. Do I hold people at a distance because of it? I think I am just world weary. And Wiser.

        I felt better today like I am accustomed to death. This realisation made me feel a bit shit actually .The consolation is that I still have a connection with my loved ones in the after life. Silver linings hey. Thanks for helping me process this. And it is ok to have conflicting feelings ?

  6. “e upside? Profound mental, metaphysical and emotional growth. You can get heaps done in isolation and Saturn transits often impose it in one way or another.”?

    I dunno. I just felt frozen, and have considered that when Saturn went retro this last time, I might have actually undergone a breakdown. But I *do* feel like I’m thawing. An ice age since March 6, 2020, when I was on a very, very, tense train from London to Glasgow, with everyone side-eying each other for breathing. O had to make a calendar x -axis for years, y-axis for months, to fill on of what I did from March 2020 to March 2023. So much activity forgotten, so much fallen through the cracks. The overall memoery is of just wandering up and down a bike path leading to Loch Lomond between 11pm – 4am with my new kitten and a bottle or two of wine, talking to friends who were also awake at the same time. Watching L’il Roscoe Augustus Don Gato learn how to climb trees and hunt.

    I still can’t imagine my life without him. If we were on the Titanic, and I was on a rescue boat and saw him in the water, I’d jump out to get him and die with him. I wouldn’t be able to to leave him there. Us walkin’ on the train tracks, in the black. During the plague.

    1. During the plague, Pluto and Saturn squared my Mars in Aries and now Pluto is exact trine my natal Pluto in Libra Asc. (2* away). Next up comes a conjunct with my NN/Merc/Sun/Hekate (in Aqua), then a trine with my 1H Libra Moon/Uran/Juno. This Pluto will be affecting me from now til…? Supposedly, with Pluto Rising, I should be game. I hope so.

  7. hmm I wonder what Aquarius is in mine.

    can’t say I’m very fond of acquarians. they posture as open and wise but really are manipulative.

    as I had a former aquarium cause me all sorts of havoc , let’s say ending with pulling a knife on her dv partner (who I’d been telling her to leave for years, as I had been telling her to leave the dv partner prior to. so yeah, bye aquarius, zero interest in their havoc and on going psychodrama, served up w condescension and psychological terminology as a weapon, of course.. as they manipulate you to help and enable them. pass.

    1. I often think / wonder if what appears manipulative is in fact sometimes a lind of blind spot for truly aqua types. Those aquas close to me are fine, until it gets to a certain level of self knowledge / emotional terrain that is just fundamentally impossible to traverse with any degree of mutual understanding or insight. Different aquas are different though and that probably comes down to the inner placements.

      Many of us have similar difficult spots but they’re just in different bits of our life. In my experience the pain / difficulty with aqualand has always come about when I have a personal or family relationship where some level of emotional accountability or ability to interrelate is kind of normal, expected, or you know, needed, like in a parent. So to not have that leads to so many WTAF moments where you’re feeling hung out to dry and they’re not seeing -or unable to compute – a problem, n a language that makes sense for us. It can be a headfk. Outside those moments though, or with enough time and (self) healing . It’s the haute aqua stuff.
      My experiences only. My other aqua-positive comments here still stand tho.

      1. aqualand has always come about when I have a personal or family relationship “where some level of emotional accountability or ability to interrelate is kind of normal, expected, or you know, needed, like in a parent. So to not have that leads to so many WTAF moments where you’re feeling hung out to dry and they’re not seeing -or unable to compute – a problem, n a language that makes sense for us.”
        People call aqua unfeeling and I wonder if it’s in part aqua clocking early the discrepancies between feelings and expression – overt or subtle. There’s a boatload of static in there for aquas I think, for who knows how many or what reasons.
        For me it bred a certain kind of tension in relationships – this discomfort with relating because there’s a capacity to perceive (not necessarily understand) multiple layers from many angles, in seemingly instant time (Uranus). That’s part of the distance too.

      2. Rubedo yes. Detached perspectives are vital in so many areas. Including when we ourselves need a non subjective viewpoint. Who do we run to: an air sign, aquas.
        From time to time we just need someone in the trenches with us. It’s a case of ‘choose your fighter’, maybe. And of course, aquas too, sometimes need someone in the trenches with them too. Hugs (or samurai bow) for aquas.

  8. I hope so! I haven’t spoken or had any communications with my sister since 2020. We speak two totally different languages. She’s a double Aquarian and I’m a Leo sun double Libran. I’ve always minimized myself to suit her and received nothing but ice maiden energy in return.
    So……. since I won’t accept being treated less than this no communicado period continues lol. It’s crazy because I’ve healed so many parts of myself that were triggered by that type of behavior, but she’s stayed in the same place. There’s an element of projection from our childhood that I just won’t receive anymore. I be adulting lol.

  9. this aqua energy is all in my 8th house and it feels *so peaceful*
    I’m chilling out and eating dinner at 11.30pm, just listening to 90s ambient electronica, dark pop and sci fi movie soundtracks. I finally worked out how to configure my plants and my lighting for a nicer space. A bizarrely intense sexting situation seems to have resolved itself on the new moon and now the energy is like the calm after the storm. The past 2 weeks have been so odd. I feel somehow a bit more normal again

  10. Aqua asc here and definitely feeling the thaw. Pluto entered my 12th house in 2011, right when I contracted a chronic mosquito-borne illness on one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips to the tropics. I didn’t know what I had for years – it is something that isn’t common in my home country – and I’ve spent most of the last decade+ working remotely so as to manage the illness. In 2018 I snapped from excessive corporate job stress and spent years working to get into place to change careers into something that didn’t exacerbate my illness. Then I had a miraculous medical anomaly and recovered from my chronic illness that doesn’t typically have a cure or treatment! The last two years I’ve felt like a ghost slowly returning from the underworld into the world of the living, but it hasn’t been until the past month or so that I’ve really felt like I was about to cross the threshold. Pluto still has ~7 degrees or so before crossing my ascendant so I expect to be in this threshold state for a while but it is so much better than the bleakness of before.

  11. Aqua rising. In 2020 I had a role at work where everyone wanted me at once (mobile phone pings a text, two people at the door, an urgent email, a hefty to do list and then the phone rings!) You had to laugh or sink slowly into the quicksand. Well that’s exactly what Friday was like, it’s back but in a nicer way.

  12. So, speaking of Uranian things and year of the dragon.
    I was looking up something else (a particular fractal form) and found a page about fractal mathematics. Clicking around found me this Cancerian mathematician (sun exact Pluto in cancer, square Uranus in Aries). This man was looking for ORIGINS!

    ~~William A. McWorter was born on July 15, 1932 and died in Delaware, Ohio on October 22, 2009. He received his Ph.D in mathematics from [……]. The pentigree was discovered by accident during his hunts for “dragons”, a category of fractals and space-filling curves that McWorter described as “organism[s] of cells arranged according to a genetic code.”~~

    He has this fantastic fire trine, Uranus – moon – mercury/Jupiter. Uranus squares his sun/Pluto. His chart shape resembles a view of a square pyramid with Uranus at the point.

    Now I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole about this whole subject!

  13. Definitely felt a shit ton of growth from 2020 to now but you’re right, I felt like I somewhat misplaced my Aqua spark! As soon as Pluto went into Aquarius a couple weeks back I felt it return. Had a lot of synchronicities and inspiration I haven’t felt in ages while experiencing this homecoming to myself. I had resigned myself to just being a Taurus now (not so bad… who doesn’t like being cozy, hanging with animals, and eating snacks) so feeling my Aqua curiosity and eccentricities return with force has been a pleasant surprise. I also feel a lot braver and more unhinged the last couple weeks like how I used to be in my early 20s but minus the binge drinking and general trauma-fueled bad decisions. Loving it.

    1. Interesting what you mention about your Aqua spark. It would make sense that the Aquarius placements and planets would be thawing out for all of us. I am Capricorn Sun with moon /Jupiter in Taurus and have had to do Earth for a long time. I have ,however, an Aquarian IC and dwarf planet Ceres in Aquarius. I am also a Wood Dragon. I would love to fully embrace that side. I have tried but been thwarted. Maybe instead of hacking through the ice, the thaw will finally release that side to be freely expressed in us all. Fingers crossed 🤞

  14. I have burnt a bridge with a former significant Aqua friend, but I feel that my big push back after enduring 20 or more years of these weird flexes has been part of her Saturn transit then Pluto criss-crossing her Sun. What you do and say has consequences. But she has had an uncanny knack over more than 30 years of pointing me to the next thing. Perhaps some resentment kicks in after this.
    But circumstance keeps us connected right now and she came through with something very helpful in the past week. Nice of you to join us. Believe me, I would have loved nothing more than ethereal detachment from the same circumstances, but you know, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and others.
    Aqua and Scorpio relationships can be transformative and eventful.

  15. I am thawing out. Aqua ASC and have been a hermit since 2018. I am tired of being home alone, working from home (which I’ve done since ~2014). Have a friends’ trip planned for April that I feel will be a true Spring revealing. I am way wiser and chiller for all the contemplation in my cave, so now it’s time to share that with others.

  16. so funny you say this…. you called it. I got pseudo dumped by a friend with benefits the other day and realized I actually want more than just casual sex (what I’ve been doing for the last 7 years) and need to be vulnerable if I want to attract the mutual vulnerability from others that leads to real love. I’m Aquarius moon (in the 1st house) and rising… but with 8th house scorpio Venus lol. Pluto is squaring my Venus rn. I literally JUST updated my dating profiles yesterday to say ‘if you knew me before this week, no you didn’t, because I’m turning a new leaf and looking for something deeper now’.

  17. Aqua sun/merc here (or Aqua ascendant in sidereal). To say I’ve been ‘busy with work’ since late 2017 is an understatement; that point in time also happened to coincide with my Saturn return. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a grown up now and I would like a change of vibe please.

  18. I, once, had an Aquarian colleague with whom I got on very well with say to me after we finished a course together and then went in different directions, that she could see us being “silent friends forever.” I still haven’t worked out how that is meant to work and I haven’t heard from her since. My Aquarian sister in law just doesn’t speak. The remote beauty that drives men nuts but can’t connect emotionally. Fortress Aquarian describes her to a tee. Not unkind just incredibly distant. If she thaws, it will have to be a road to Damascus event. I wonder?

    1. Ugh this is why I love aqua energy. There’s no user interface, you just plug straight into the mainframe. Then, you either know the programming language or not.

      1. Ugh this is why I love aqua energy. There’s no user interface, you just connect straight into the mainframe. Then, you either know the programming language or not.

      2. Sorry Brunnie. I realised my comment wasn’t helpful for you in the context of my words. I was raised by a collective (a den? a sect? of Aquarians / Uranians so the energy is familiar to me if not always what I most need)

      3. I had an email hiding in the out box so I rewrote it, hit send and saw that the initial message attached itself in the thread. Doubled up like yours

      4. Sam my mum was an eccentric Aquarian Sun and so was my brother but he had 5 planets in Aqua. Their birthday is today. Yes I am used to their energy too.
        My neighbors across the road are Aqua sun (mum) and Aqua rising (daughter). I have no idea what is going on with them. I feel out of place with them as I am an emotional Pisces Rising. I have distanced myself as of late as I don’t like feeling uncomfortable. I don’t know the programming language.

    2. “silent friends forever,” yep that’s such a thing for Aqua people. I’m Aqua rising and before seeing this post was just thinking about how I can be friends with folks without needing to keep up with them. Like if we were friends before, even if we never talk, I’ll still think you’re my friend because we got along in the present at some point. I know this is not how most others see friendship, so I am realistic when the sentiment is not returned.

  19. This post describes me to a T. And a welcome post to remind me of how much I achieved personally in the last few years/decade – not only my self-security drive but psychologically and self-care. Being single (independent) has been a big part of that. Admittedly the armour is virtually inpenetrable and it felt like an Ice Age. I think I need a new paradigm to engage with romance again. My old anxious/avoidant is too taxing.

  20. Aqua Asc* here.

    Currently considering rejecting a rare and excellent career opportunity because I couldn’t vibe with the totally awkward/bland team. What has happened to me????

    (*Very heavily aspected Aqua Asc, and since 2021 with Saturn and Pluto beating my entire psych and worldly construct of self into a pulp, I feel 100% Aqua. My poor Libra Sun has gone into a cave to hide with my Crabby Moon.)

    1. Would you have just said yes in the past?
      Would you have picked up on the vibe in the past?
      Know that you won’t change them, but consider if there are other opportunities like this now-ish.
      If you said yes, what would be the things you could take from this role to the next one?
      Some grit is good but having walked away from two roles on the last year due to not fitting in, happily so, You’re right to pause and consider the choice. But I don’t regret the first role I took. I paid off a debt and saved pentacles. The second one, I did have another choice, but talked myself out of a far more challenging role. They saw me as the perfect candidate but my sense was the 12 months were warming the seat for their internal candidate. Maybe the decision I made wasn’t the best one in hindsight.
      Good luck with your choice.

    2. I get it with not gel-ing with the work collective. It’s a hard call to make.
      Is the success of your work, achievements and sense of well-being on the job contingent on having good people / right-fit people around you ? What past experiences can help to inform your decision? Those sorts of questions.

    3. Hah I am also an aqua ac with a libra moon. I haven’t noticed anything aside from coming across very aggressive during work meetings, and a sudden/reborn interest in reality transurfing and questioning all of modern “science”. I look at all the technology we have and it all seems quite…outdated. Our minds can so much more cooler stuff.

  21. HA! As always, spot-on Mystic! I am an Aqua Sun/Merc/Venus (Pluto is exact on my mercury right now!) and I have been working a lot on figuring out where my sexual life and spiritual vows/path meet–been single since 2021, and my Saturn in Capricorn relationship was profound/altering–SO different from the “Let’s hang out, but please don’t get close to me!!” relationships I had until then. Since we broke up, it’s been speed-growth–12 step, promotion, creative movement forward, responsibility, getting to know myself alone and as I am, and “fortress” is a good way to describe it, at least romantically. I have community and connection with so many, but chastely!! Even when my ex came back to me (and we are all chemistry), we didn’t get physical–something is frozen or at least locked away.

    I have been seeing St. Agnes in my dreams, holding a lamb and sitting in front of barbed wire. I don’t think I’m built for sacred virginity, but I am trying to navigate what I have to leave behind and what I have to run toward to get closer to God. Your post is making it sound like that process could be fun that I expected! <3

    1. Love this and you so much!!!
      Also aqua sun and Merc. I’m a 1 degree cap rising and Pluto’s got another half decade in my first house. But maaaaaan uncle aqua Pluto is feeling far more manageable – and honestly understandable!* – than papa cap Pluto. FUQ.

      2021 also saw profound relational shifts, ruptures and seeds planted that eventually led to similar speed-growth of 12 step, skills upgrades, and academy education.

      St. Teresa of Avila has been one of my visitors.
      Her ecstatic visions, her life story, her inner castle travel guidance.

      The letting go, the self forgiveness. The willingness to try and meet the goodness I’ve been created from and given to live with. To surrender. Surprise! I’m not guilty of anything new under the sun and that’s exactly why it became time to stop valuing my pain/guilt/shame more than life itself. This could also be my Leo Lilith opp sun talking.

      Steady travels!

      *In 2008 I was in my early 20’s, crying in my room alone, feeling overwhelmed. Amidst that, as if in response to something said, I asked out loud and in disbelief ‘you mean I have to change my whole brain ?!?!’ No response. What a daunting task, how do I do that?!….

      Fast track to a few days ago, journalling, I recall this memory. Suddenly it was like the call got picked up again from 2008. Except the line is so good damn clearer!

      The response came as if line just had the freeze state catch up. ‘hey sorry, did you hear me? I don’t know if it cut out. The answer is yes though, your whole brain will change.’

      I wept, then cackle laughed then wept again.

      1. Your whole comment is amazing
        Also YES re the flashbacks to 2008-2010 era?? What is that
        (Pluto cap ingress maybe)
        “I’m not guilty of anything new under the sun and that’s exactly why it became time to stop valuing my pain/guilt/shame more than life itself. This could also be my Leo Lilith opp sun talking.”
        Saturn Leo here. I need to meditate on this concept
        Nice one rubedo

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