Courteney Cox’s Ghost Scenario

The standard of paranormal reportage has plummetted. Actor Courteney Cox has recently made news for the following incidents: Looking apparently outrageously bored in a live television interview, saying she couldn’t recall being on Friends and the seance she did with musician Carole King to try and banish the ghost of an angry divorcee from her home.

Right. So the first two can be dismissed with one word: “Gemini.” They’re easily bored and are no longer contriving to conceal it. As for not being able to recall being on Friends, the show that made her, Geminis don’t forget but they overwrite information that they consider irrelevant.

But the ghost and the seance with Carole King? This should have gotten more attention than her failure to simper on demand. I have theories but first, here is the basic scenario as told to Jimmy Kimmel:

“I didn’t believe it at first,” she said, adding that her house once was owned by burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee, as well as singer/songwriter Carole King. The “Friends” actress then revealed that King, 80, came over to have a séance with her to banish the spirit from the property. However, Cox was too awestruck by the Grammy-winner to pay attention to their supernatural activity.

“So, Carole King came over to my house and she said there had been a divorce that was really ugly, and there was a ghost in the house,” Cox said. “And I was ‘Yeah, whatever.’ But other people who had stayed there with me — like, friends of mine — said they had an encounter with a woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed.”

But Cox then revealed that the moment she actually felt scared was when a delivery man came to her door and made a spooky statement.” I opened the door and he said, ‘Do you know this house is haunted?’ “And I go, ‘Yeah, why? Why do you think that?’”

“He goes, ‘Because there is someone standing behind you,’” Cox said. “And I was like, ‘Let’s sell.’”

That’s it! No intel as to Carole King’s ghost-busting techniques, the likely identity of this phantom or well, anything useful. So many questions.

The allegedly haunted house in Appian Way, Laurel Canyon is the backdrop for Carole King’s phenomally successful Tapestry album, her singer-songerwriter debut. A triple-Aquarius (Venus, Mercury Retro and the Sun), she was post-divorce and had just moved cross-country with her kids – it was her first Saturn Return.

King also faced a barrage of criticism regarding her emerging new style and the perception that ‘mothers can’t sing.’ She recorded the album and its string of hit singles in three weeks – silencing the snark forever. With Neptune near her Saggo Moon, she embraced yoga, vegetarianism and life with her house-ghost, it seems.

Data on the burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee’s residence in the house is lacking but Edward Sutherland, the first owner of the house, seems like the perfect character to generate divorcee ghosts. A triple Capricorn cad, director and actor, he had multiple wives and lovers, including Louise Brooks, the iconic Scorpio.

The house entity clearly does not beam any bad career energy around – Courteney Cox got her career-morphing Friends role shortly after she moved into the house and Carole King lived there for over a decade; it would be helpful if she could expand on her experience with the phantom, as well as her seance techniques. Because notice that she said ‘seance’ not expulsion. Thoughts?

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  1. The most accurate medium I met told me, it seems like Carole King, she didn’t like to expel ghosts. She would work out where they were most comfy and set up a chair for them to sit in. I don’t know if all ghosts are cheered by such overtures? Kataka sis had a sex worker’s stalker bludgeoned to death on the carpet of her cheap rental. The owner had the place steam cleaned but the rather large carpet stain remained. If one fell asleep facing the area in the house he was killed, one would hear screaming as one drifted off. Phones would ring and stop. Windows slam shut. KatakaSis would hear her name called when studying. Didn’t know the history of the house at the time, but friends refused to sleep over as time went on. “Do you know you have a ghost?”. “Yes, but it’s ok”. Door slams shut as half dressed pal exits. She would tell it to be quiet. Turn over in her sleep if the screams started etc. In the end, rather against Kataka’s will, Scorpio Mum brought a priest and some holy water to her house and the screams stopped. Kataka quite upset. The most accurate medium (an Aquarius) was quite horrified by this story, worried his soul was ejected to some purgatory in which he couldn’t transcend. Let alone recline in a well upholstered armchair?

  2. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Maybe in the seance, the ghost indicated that it was not budging, hence the decision to sell.
    It’s probably inappropriate to go into detail about Carol King’s supernatural techniques…

  3. I had a similar experience with a delivery guy and a ghost. Our furniture was arriving from overseas and the delivery guy when I opened the front door said “is this house still haunted?” First thing he said. He had grown up there. It was and the day we arrived a black and white cat arrived and stayed until the day we left. The ghost was male and there was one room no one could stay in bc it was so cold and unbearable. I had a dinner party in there once and everyone wanted to move to another room even though I had not mentioned our noisy ghost. Glad to be rid to be honest…

    1. Ooooh shiver me timbers – i had a similar experience. OK, no delivery guy in my case or fabulous mystery cat (loved that), but when i was 12 my parents moved to a house which was haunted by a male ghost & there was one room no one could stay in because it was cold & unbearable as well. He wasn’t a malicious force, every now & then you’d hear footsteps, humming, doors open & shut, & once we heard a loud sawing sound coming from “the room” – like from a hand-held saw sawing wood. On my last night there, he came into my room as i was crying my eyes out & i heard a “ssshhh” sound while something brushed my hair & cheek slightly. I wasn’t frightened, just surprised & i was actually quite touched & said thank you. Weird thing is, no one ever talked about it while we were living there. My parents pretended it wasn’t happening. It was only yrs later one x-mas while drinking vino, which must of loosened tongues, that they talked about “the room” & the strange things they experienced.

      1. Funny that how people just accepted it and didn’t discuss it. He was part of your family for a while. That’s very heartening. My ghost was noisy and made clomping noises up the hall. 👀👀

      2. I also had a similar experience with a delivery person – delivery family, actually! We lived in a 110 yr old farm house, & both my non-believing ex & my teenage daughter saw the same young woman in a white nightgown (my then husband, a retired infantry soldier, was so scared when he saw her he cried!). My daughter saw several other distinct figures as well, multiple times. We bought a load of firewood, & when the family (adult parents & teenage son) came to deliver it, one of the 1st things the man said to me was “Have you seen the ghosts yet?” He went on to describe the young woman in the nightgown, the tall man, and the woman in the blue cape, & tell me who they’d been. I think I just stood there slack-jawed the whole time he was talking. We lived there 10 more years, ghosts & all.

  4. I adored Tapestry. It was a landmark in my early music listening days. Have to admit that i bought the album mainly coz of the cover (i was 13). She looks so comfortable & at peace with herself, with her tapestry & cat *Telemachus. There’s no artifice …. just “a soft silver sadness in the sky”….It spoke directly to my teen self & to how i wanted to be like. Obviously it spoke to a whole generation of 70s teenagers judging by its immense popularity.

    I’d say that the ghost was probably happy to have Carole living there. Not sure if the seance with Courtney Cox was supposed to banish the ghost (no mention of that in the clip), as much as communicate with it? I want to know MORE, please.

    Telemachus was the son of Odysseus & Penelope in the Greek myth. Long story, but he ended up bringing back Odysseus to his mother. One wonders why Carole King would name her kitty that…hhmm?

    1. We are around the same vintage Skarab and I too loved Tapestry. That era informed me in the 60’s when artists sang about magic as if it were real and I, one hundred percent, believed it. And fairie folk guarded gardens in England growing humungous vegetables. And I was reading Tolkien obsessively. Good times and happy memories. Thank you MM.

      1. Oooh Findhorn! the place where nature spirits helped raise the humungous veggies was for real. My wonderful grade 8 teacher was obsessed with this place & told us stories about it.

          1. Prob become a big shiny corporate New Age venture now, with the fairies trapped in abusive working conditions.

  5. Unicorn Sparkles

    I would want this delivery man in on any seance action…if his claim of a person behind her was legit then he’s seriously tuned in.

  6. Held two seances when 17 and 24. NEVER AGAIN! Both times cause me to jump out of my skin. On the first one the blind shot up loudly and forcefully, the next one the door banged loudly and unexpectedly. Was scary Mary.
    Believe it is a good idea to check the history of the house before moving in or as much as you can coupled with a deep cleanse. Just sensible.

    What a huge head Sutherland had…….makes me wonder how he pulled those gorgeous women.

    1. Penelope Darling

      I always do a cleansing and a spirit welcome at any new house. I play music in each room (I mean I actually play an instrument or sing, I don’t use electronics) and then I light a candle in each room as well, or carry a candle from room to room. I like to check in with the resident spirits and let them know that if they are polite to us we will be polite back, no one is being forced to move on.

    2. He certainly has a pattern. Never in a marriage for nore than 2 years and dating only ever less than a year. I imagine he couldn’t keep up the charmer charade very long..

  7. Penelope Darling

    I love this! Who is the ghost? What an amazing story that house has. Also, Louise Brooks is in my personal pantheon.

  8. I was obsessed with Tapestry when I was a teenager and reading this shared experience of Courtney & Carole King… makes me think that perhaps the residing spirit was very supportive of creative women.

  9. I met Carol & James’s son once, at a very small, random gig. I have no doubt of carol’s ghost accepting qualities.. I was given a message from spirit to give to her son that night too. He batted not one lash about it.

    Gemini elements in my chart; an inescapable lack of tolerance for bullshit, liars & dull conversation. So often it clashes with social excpectation women should entertain drivel.

    1. Wiz, you’ve left me hanging with intrigue on reading your experience!

      And i agree, expected to put up with dull conversation sucks (Merc rules my 9th H Sun & Moon) Problem is dullards just don’t know when to let up.

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