The Truth About Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius people are not always avant-garde or eccentric. There are two broad types of Aquarius – the archetypal Uranian types and the more austere Saturnine ones.

Before Caroline and William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781, Saturn ruled Aquarius. That’s Saturn, as in the Time God/Tarot Hermit that rules Capricorns. The main difference between Saturn-ruled Sea-Goats and Saturnine Aquarians in the olden days was that the Caps were routinely depicted as lusty and avaricious. The Aquarians? Not so much. They were seen as cerebral, their mind fixed on higher realms.

In contemporary times, you meet the more flamboyantly unconventional Uranian-type Aquarians and their more muted version. Saturnine Aquarians are often scientists, coders, and rationalists. Whatever they do, it is some style of niche genius and if they are eccentric, it’s subtle. They’re introverts or have work that demands an element of solitude but even if they just invented an at-home time-space continuum portal, you wouldn’t know it from their bland, normcore street demeanor.

Two Distinct Types Of Aquarius

And even the more renegade Uranian Aquarius people prefer to express it via their non-mainstream life choices and ahead of the curveness than open rebellion. They leave ostentatiously outrageous dressing and statements to Sagittarius party-people or Performance Leos. The Saturnine Aquarius person is less overtly electric than the Uranian type. They’re not charging around getting shocks off car doors and they won’t share their weirder takes on things in public. They transmit chilly composure. Their detachment seems almost alien.

Mainstream Optics Are Irrelevant

Interestingly, some Aquarius Sun, Rising or Moons can flip between the two modes. Or present as renegades but be shockingly conservative in certain areas. To the annoyance of some who expect them to be activist-minded, they can shun political affiliations. It’s half because no party is progressive enough for them and half due to their aversion toward being labeled.

Saturn-Aquarius types prefer the veil of ‘respectability’ whereas Uranians find it obscures their vision. Or, they’ve been able to structure their life in such a way that the mainstream optics are irrelevant. To be fair, they’re irrelevant to many Aquarians but if you’re – say – a game developer or a scientist, you have to be aware of them.

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  1. ♒️🌝,asc🦁,♊️🌙,3 planets♍️. I’m very saturine in nature. My rebelliousness is with authority, especially at work. But I’m a very good worker, detailed oriented. I was called weird since I started school. Made fun of, including my clothes. Nowadays, I get compliments. I like v-necks, turtlenecks, and high-waisted pants. No makeup, Short hair and I don’t shave.I wear too many rings at work which isn’t practical but don’t bother me much. Introverted but high-strung. Sigma intj.

  2. Seven planets in AQ here. I’m prob both Saturnian and Uranian. Rebeliousness is not really interesting to me, but I can’t be any other way. Its like when everyone is running the other look like the fugitive. I’m always keeping quiet about my views because I dislike being alienated. I’m not sure we’re aloof as much as we are anxious about being excluded or mis-understood. It’s easier to not to risk it sometimes and to pull back a little. My nervous system revs a little differently as well and I can get overwhelmed around a lot of people. I go home to recover, not to be distant. I’m tired of hearing “you really make me think” and ‘you are brilliant” they seem like compliments, but I would rather feel I belong, which I sort of don’t, because I cannot relate to what most others are doing and thier underlying motivation for doing it. I would much rather be told that I am loving and serene or nurturing or something! In any case, I do like people very much….I just wish that they would see the value in coming together, and that this idea of being so separate and competitive is really unhealthy and that community, like native Americans and other aboriginals, promotes security and health and peace.

  3. ScorpSunMoonVenus

    My daughter is Aqua/Cancer/Cancer with Venus in Aqua. She’s the entertainment around here. Such an oddball personality and a little dancing queen. Love her!

  4. Yes, those lovely Aquas are very much their own people regardless of whatever style or way of life they choose. Keyword: their own people.

  5. “Even then, i have seen Geminis
    and Saggos effortlessly out-wierd

    Sure but then they do EVERYTHING effortlessly… writing epics, superstardom, polyamorous hookups. Sagg & Gem thrive on uncertainty. (In the houses where I’ve got ’em, nothing can stop me. Except maybe boredom!)

  6. electric eel libran

    so much truthiness in these comments and article itself. Here are some more Aqua notes I have noted from personal experience:

    i would also like to add that Aquas (along w/sagg) also seem more likely to interracially date. It’s been my experience as a multi-race/ethnic person, it’s harder to get play with certain signs. The worst? scorpio men. they have a physical type and adhere to the bitter end, no changing of their minds. note: scorp women are different. im not sure why that is.

    also aqua may enjoy unusual practices in the bedroom but don’t see a lot of them as long term members in the public local kink/poly scenes. You might see 1 or 2. Some of them just pass through like the saggs..or it’s just a phase for them… Most of the long term seem to be Virgos, scorps, and Caps.

    1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

      ALL of this is so true! I have notice Pisceans, Aquas, and Leos to be the least inclined to have a physical/ethnic “type”. All the Scorpios I have known seek out a certain thing over and over…and yes, I have noticed that that earth signs surprisingly tend to be drawn to the poly thing, ‘specially Virgos.

  7. Wow, I’ve always known that the Aqua/Leo man required plenty of “air”, but this puts a lot of things into perspective. He’s fascinating in that he’s had more career / industry changes than anyone I know!

    Definitely Saturn – no long term planning, no no no. Uranus – not with the herd, and all about food (was once a Chef). And now wear a uniform with his new job.

    Daily & sleep routines are paramount. And he’s very vocal on politics, has a fascinating mind and an incredibly sharp wit.

    And I’ve always thought he was a bit weird, “out of the box” anyway.

  8. I am an Aqua. Born Jan 24th. I’ve been told I “come across” as Capricorn. But maybe that has something to do with the fact that I have Mercury in Capricorn? I’m extremely attracted to vintage clothing and stuff that’s bizarre, outlandish or baroque… and I’ve definitely garnered my fair share of strange looks when it comes to my choice of “going out” clothing and hairstyles..but maybe that has something to do with my Leo Moon…? (Although, my typical daily outfit is all about practicality…I actually joke with others that my “uniform” is a Ramones t-shirt and a pair of jeans…)

    I’ve also been told I’m fairly pedantic and that I’m extremely organized….guessing this is my Virgo Rising? LOL.

  9. Being an Aqua sun, with cap rising, and mercury in Aqua (what does that even mean?) I find it really comes down to how others interpret what Zane is. As a young Aqua – it was most definitely eccentric, out there, completely different to everyone else in image. Unique was only a half description. For there is the external image and the internal babble. Inside, thoughts and philosophies exploding beyond the reaches of peers, to equal conversations with well aged elders in educated stances. As Age comes upon the golden haired flock, we become refined, the zane has grown with depth and intensity, however channelling the energy into the external has become a realisation of uneccessary. Sure, I still dress funky, but it’s refined Dogstar meets threadless funky. Its glamour and sexy without sparkly things and makeup, definitely no stilettos. It’s how you want to dress but don’t think you can. You call it envy, I call it weekdays. Cooking is the heart. We eat to survive, so why not eat amazing stuff? The earth provides everything you want – so lets make sure to have eaten it all; with love. With age comes wisdom, wisdom comes experience and with experience is knowledge. This is how we know that we’re gonna be bored at that thing you’ve got planned in 3 weeks.. we just know these things!

  10. ‘Rather than show some ‘rebellion’ or ‘creativity’ re what they cook or wear, they’re more likely to quietly make their whole life a big fuq you to values they consider naff or outmoded.’

    Totally – 11th house sun conjunct mercury

  11. The one word I am describes most as is “weird” even before I found out I was an Aquarius rising. It is funny because I just don’t know what type I am.. I definitely like my alone time and I am the one who will feel hurt if I’m not invited to a social gathering even though I know I won’t show up.. As for clothing, food and travel I am open minded and eccentric I never follow trends and I’m usually looking for pieces of clothing that don’t make it to stores till the following season but maybe that’s my Leo moon at play..

  12. The Aquarian men I’ve dated wear The. Same. Thing. Every Freaking Day. Many of the Aqua women I’ve known have very traditional values, although the way they interpret how to honor these values tends to be unconventional or radical.

    * Saturn (Cap sun, Saturn 1st house, Aqua moon/merc): I basically want to grind myself down under an inhuman workload as though it’s a kind of alchemic purifying ritual, a martyrdom for productivity. I mean, come on, David Allen of the Getting Things Done system is a Cap sun — he would have us all be productive 24/7 — SO CAP. Pass the coffee!

    * Uranus (Aqua moon/merc, Uranus in the 1st, Pluto in 11th): Try inviting me places at specific times and I nearly take offense. I’d rather just show up when the mood strikes me. And 9 – 5 work schedule? Not even. Not unless you mean 9am one morning to 5am the next. My idea of friendship is disappearing for months on end, and my idea of being in a relationship is occasionally verifying that the person you love isn’t dead. I’d like to save the world, if only it would leave me alone for a while.

    1. electric eel libran

      they def. have a certain look and they are not the type to enjoy makeovers! hopefully the look is something pleasant. one aqua i dated liked the “hobo” look with autumn neutrals. ugh. holes and shredded pants. flip flops even in winter? yuck.

  13. Scorpio sun and Capricorn moon – I keep my weird on the inside. I lived in San Francisco for a few years once and really couldn’t stand that weirder-than-thou, multicolored hair, multiply-pierced, trying-too-hard stuff that I guess I associate with Aquarius. It never seemed to make anyone any less judgemental of people who DIDN’T look that way.

  14. I have aqua moon and uranus square sun so i totally identify with the uranian aspects of the sign. i do have a distaste for the conventional and mainstream, always have. i could never fit into the popular modes of style, behavior, music, and culture. i have an affinity for eccentrics and weirdos, they are far more interesting. i also have virgo rising so i dont really express myself outwardly all the crazy, but once people get to know me, i let my freak flag fly high & proud!!

  15. Peals of laughter. This is hilarious! And, spot on. I am a five planet Sadge stellium and visible rebellion and outlandish fashion are much, much more my thing than my Aqua’s. He has the uniform-wearing stealth rebel thinker thing down pat. SoldierCouwboy Heideggerian philosopher is more his deal. And thank heavens he threw “normal” clingy space and time hogging relationship models out otherwise I’d lose my mind from suffocation and boredom.

  16. “Rather than show some ‘rebellion’ or ‘creativity’ re what they cook or wear, they’re more likely to quietly make their whole life a big fuq you to values they consider naff or outmoded.”- love this, love people like this!

    And looks like as a Sun in Leo, Moon/Rising Saggo and Venus in Gemini, I can no longer console myself by saying at least the Aqua peeps are nuttier than me anymore…

  17. Christina Brown

    “Even then, i have seen Geminis and Saggos effortlessly out-wierd Aquarius.”

    My Sun in Gemini opposes my Saturn and Uranus in Saggy and I have some planets in the 11th house. Must be a honorary Aquarius. ^_^

  18. I am Aqua ascendent and Aqua moon, all directly opposed a Sun/Mercury/Mars conjunction on the first degree of Leo.

    Charts can be so complex! I would say my Aqua ascendent is completely Uranian. It wants to gather the troops and live the future. My Aqua moon is more Saturnian. It wants to be alone somewhere in nature and read non-fiction.

    From the exterior, you would never pick me out as ‘strange’. Scratch the surface even a little, and nothing is conventional. But there is zero rebellion, since I am my own authority. Who would I rebel against?

    1. “But there is zero rebellion, since I am my own authority.” — exactly. But that in itself IS a very rebellious concept and I think Aqua utilizes the backbone of Saturn and its own stubborn Fixedness to make a life of it. 🙂

  19. My dearest friend is Aqua; I’m Gemini rising and Saggo moon. Outwardly, we’re both fairly mainstream, but our brains…

    She’s said a number of times over the past couple of decades that our friendship is based on our mutual weirdness. 🙂

  20. Aqua’s are like peanut brittle.
    Sweet & nutty but fall apart easily.
    They are comfy in the cosmos except when they aren’t.
    Then they go skipping between conservative & rebellious/reactive.

  21. Aquarians remind me of Phoebe Buffay from Friends …. just completely random, quirky and detached in a way where you think they may be actually off living in a parallel universe in their mind but physically present here on Earth. Then all of a sudden they become present physically and mentally and you get a blinding flash of Aqua insight that’s kinda freaky. Then they disappear back to who-knows-where … ur-anus haw haw haw.


    Phoebe is actually an Aqua and it always freaks me out how screen characters often fit their astrological sign – maybe the screenwriters are into astro?

    Anyway that’s the Aquas who have the Aqua or Pisces venus. The cap venus Aquas are far more controlled, structured and conformist especially in appearance and daily routine. They’re still mentally a bit oddball tho. (I prefer these types – they are more reliable than the other mob).

    Have a heavy dose of Aqua/Uranus meself I can say it plays out as weirdness and eccentricity in one’s life that one doesn’t actually intend or consciously try to manufacture. For me this is apparent in my career and work structures (10th house Aqua/MC and NN). I don’t “mean” to be a bit weird … I just am! I’ve learned to accept it and work with it instead of wasting time trying to conform to conventions that patently don’t suit me.

  22. I’ve only met Saturnian type Aquas, so the avant thing always seemed like a mis-labeling to me. Also I could never figure out why I was always so attracted to them, despite having so much Crab in my chart, until I resolved it in my mind that they were basically like Caps, just not as traditional. I have Jupiter in Cap in the 7th, so I guess that explains the attraction for me.

  23. The Leo Socialite

    Hah hah hah with the picture. Love that. It looks like a leo try hard. this post makes me think of a aquarius guy i know who looks like a bum but is actually very rich through day trading in the 90s and whatever he does now with investments. he works out of home, hates shoes, goes barefoot everywhere. people are really stunned when he opens his mouth because he is also a news addict, he spends four hours a day reading up on things and just knows stuff. I also know an aquarius girl who is the most extreme minimalist i have ever heard of. She has no home, all her money goes into yoga training as she is a really good instructor and travels everywhere for it. she is as comfortable talking to richard branson about his practice as she is hanging out with students in red fern. so imo they are absolutely individuals. both these aquarians are routinely not seen as “important” by people who don’t know them and they seem to not care or like it that way. they think like batman they don’t care about status.

  24. Until aged 29 I would dye my hair blue, dress unconventionally and go to avant garde art shows. I would accept all part invites. I was a vegetarian, left wing greenie.
    Then Reagan-itis kicked in and I joined the right wing conservative tisk tisk mob. I am now a regimented public servant. I dress librarian for work but hippie chick everywhere else. Getting me to turn up at any social function is like prying a bear out of its cave during hibernation. And while I have causes I believe in, I don’t advertise my support.

    I think it depends where our values lie.

    Work colleagues think I may be a closet serial killer. They laugh. Then there’s an uncomfortable silence. I encourage this. It limits those unwanted social invites.

    1. laughed so hard at this I got a crick in my neck. The last statement could have been about myself as well. (7 planets in AQ.) Although I’m always trying to throw up a smokescreen of whatever veneer is handy to keep the needle bouncing all over the record. Not trying deceive, but just avoid the whole output of energy that goes with trying to explain the batcave, the batphone,etc.

  25. Aqua sun on fashion: If you’re truly unconventional you don’t have to prove it outwardly. It’s an expression of mind and spirit anyway, who cares what materials you’re covering your body with. What a lazy way to express your individuality with – anyone can buy and wear strange clothes.

    1. absolutely!…years ago i was on a ferry in southern thailand with 300 + rave trippy hippies. They were on the way to a full moon party for the millenium….I was on my way to a silent meditation retreat…the only foreigner on the boat without a tat, dreads, piercings or shaved head. def not part of the herd looking very prim and straight as per polite thai culture.

      One Q slightly off topic? do other multiple aqua peeps have unforgettable natural hair?

    2. true. the best thinkers/minds don’t dress that interesting at all.
      This makes me feel better when I get lazy and just wear jeans a t-shirt.

  26. Mmmm with Aqua + Aqua rising + mars, venus, mercury + jupiter all in Aqua (and in 12th house to boot) MMs comments re not consuming mass market crap and no remotely herd behaviour in relationships and the big fuq you to the system in my own quiet way fit like the proverbial…not that I would ever feel the need to wear what’s expected to meet a queen. So, very Uranian and having big lessons about getting my Saturn on… Weird thing is that Capricorn blokes seem to be in the picture these last couple of years – even ones that I would have run a mile from in the past…Maybe that’s how I am getting my Saturn on LOL

  27. Right. As a multi Aqua (sun, venus & mercury) your post resonates so much. I do do the fuq you to multi corps. I will not be swayed by commercialism, I rarely watch TV, wont buy crap I don’t need. But, I have a mode of transport that I saw the ad & just had to have one. It’s proven to be a great outback ute, I resisted for 20 something years. I wear hi vis some 60 hours a week & I’m comfortable in it. It’s my uniform. Even at school I liked my uniform. Wearing a uniform you can be different. It you shows up how efficient you can be but throw in how different one really is, it shows up. Dunno I’m tired I could be talking crap lol.

  28. Aqua Sun here, but Cappy ascendant conjunct lilith, juno, mercury and venus. Bundles of contradictions re conventionality and not giving a fuq. I’m wanting more of the latter. Today, I have a t square with transiting mars and pluto on my ascendant and my libra moon. Watching what I say very carefully. Earnestly being humanitarian in family areas.

  29. hiddendragonqueen

    ha! it’s my aqua rising mother! looks ultra conventional, because the idea of beauty, or fashion, or appreciation of the body simply never occurs to her, i think, though she did have small rebellions against my toro venus grandma and refused to shave her legs when i was a kid, even in suburbia- i was mortified though of course appreciate it now… every project she does is hailed as genius, for good reason. on a modest scale, but she’s plotting her humanitarian takeover of the world and reform of the catholic church (this could be a sign of the fixed. who the fuq stays with the catholic church?!? bleeeergh). and a late bloomer- she just rocked her second saturn return by getting her phd and embarking on the brilliant career… the late bloomer thing would be the saturn influence, yeah?

  30. This seems pretty spot on to me. I am Aqua sun, saturn type I guess …. self-disciplined, loyal, with a lot of the discipline relating to spiritual and artistic activities. I like to change around what I wear and be classically colourful but toss in an element that doesn’t quite fit. I don’t like people to pigeon hole me. But I have Aqua friends who are quite beige in dress and home styling. No interest in the herd view about relationships and consumption but prefer to just get on with that quietly. Aqua bro is very Uranian. He likes to publicise his non-conformity and is more non-conformist. People always like him.

    I think a common Aqua element is that we are a happy lot, like Saggos. Maybe that makes it easier for us to go against the grain with relationships, jobs and so on. I am currently in a relationship with another Aqua, Saggo rising. Full of depth and passion, when we are not giggling and stirring.

  31. OMG, Mystic. You have just described my best friend to a tee. ‘Aqua-Peeps are either the Saturn types (more like a Capricorn in demeanor only good luck trying to invite them to your thing in three weeks).’ And ‘i know a lot of Aquarius types who basically wear a uniform, so consistent is their style of dressing.’ This is her. And I’ve never understood how she can be an Aqua – but now I get it. Thank you.

  32. If your right Mystic then that certainly explains quite a few things. I have Libra sun but aqua rising. I enjoy my solitude and “make their whole life a big fuq you to values they consider naff or outmoded.”. Especially been feeling this in the past few months.

  33. i only ever knew uranian aquarians until recently and now that i finally met a Saturnalian one – Woah, not so sure I can groove with this side of the sign. her outfit isnt where her uniform ends, it extends as far as her posture (stiffly upright) & her face (masklike). sure, when she adheres to a maverick opinion she follows it like its the Word of God, so shes marching to her own drummer but she acts like its beat is heard by her alone & like outsiders (fyi. thats everyone who isnt her) need to be constantly drilled to fall in line with it. which is deeply ironic cos this side of Aqua definitely does not get true maverick thinking or lifestyle & seems to demand that it be formalized for her. picture the steely unpopular headmistress of an old ivy covered institution of oddity, an expert scholar in a field shes contributed almost nought to, & u got it.
    fortress of solitude is so right: she insists everyone come to her but it feels too much like an alt. PTA night for anyone to cut loose. indeed, her closest confidants are gormless sheepy types who need a flockherd to look up to.
    i am just speaking of the one lass of course – not all Saturn-Aquas! but am curious to read how those others compare. Share away…

  34. I make a point of dressing conventionally, that way people don’t get scared of me until I open my mouth.

      1. I hear ya. I seem ordinary but it’s usually when I open my mouth that people sketch out or think I’m odd or something. It’s my sense of humour and direct vocalised observations that people find offensive. It’s not supposed to be but yeah always is.

  35. Aqu

    arian sun and rising, Libra moon, I’ve lots of air. But it is the fixed quality in combination with sudden change that give Aquarius their personality. I remember Reading Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs circa 1970s and she described Aquarius as a paradox. The sort of person who might combine army khaki pants with a rainbow top. Visualises as zig-zagging lines seen in the Aquarian symbol. Linda’s descriptions ring true and have stayed with me. Routines are us, how ever dysfunctional they may seem to someone else, they work for us. Routines are part of the fixed quality and this is the key to understanding Aquarius.

    1. I totally agree with Mystic re: uniform and food regularity and that relationship pathways will be paved by oneself, and not with bitumen, thank you.

      But I think you’re right about the routines too, and perhaps sometimes this creates a paradox for the wannabe unconventional Aqua….they need security too.

      1. Aqua rising Virgo teen eats same breakfast tortilla daily. Prefictible, easy in hus skin. Very self contained but at seven adored Stephen Colbert. Infectious laugh -Sag Moon. Did Day of Silence way earlier than peers. Has overcome shyness and aloofness. Stays above the fray unless there’s a wrong to right. Bigots suffer torrents of sarcasm and scorn! Loyal and adoting to girlfriend.

        His Pisces Aqua Moon tween sister is soooo urban funky- loves purple, glitz, and is the Mean Girl Police. She champions kids when they’re bullied- even by boys. Venus in Aries and yes she’s a ginger. Homework always done- wicked smart and artsy. Stubborn and compassionate. Perfectionist. War cry: “It’s not FAIR!” We work weekly with shelter kitties. She wants to adopt them all!

        Love my laser toting babes!!

      2. The Aquarian in the picture has to do this quazie yoga pose in her Renaissance jacket everyday day or her routine is out of whack. LOL!!!

    2. Yep, I agree with MM insights on this. The WHU (Well Hung Uranian) I dated was tres fixed, the routines, the macho thing, once I was telling a story about a club I was in that was quite well known for being a complete meat market. I thought he was just quietly listening until he irritatedly interjected with, “what were YOU doing in a place like that?!”

      However, his concepts of friendships were quite advanced and progressive, and he was certainly unconventional behind closed doors. Daily life however had to be clockwork.

      My theory on this is that you need proper structure to channel all that electricity. I’ve moon in aqua, my emotions and thoughts may at times be chaotic but you can bet I organize them like a super computer when possible.

  36. My 3 aqua friendsI love dearly. One is a super conservative asexual male. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. All of them are very fixed and will not budge if they don’t want to do something. The other is well like Ellen D. So much fun. Obsessive with fitness and healthy eating and inspiring with her positive energy. When she is into something she is REALLY into it. Kookie looking. The other kind of inbetween the two. But I have to say Aquas are some of my fave peeps. They tell it like it is and are who I would turn to for advice.

    Aqua love x x x

    1. This could be me, “Obsessive with fitness and healthy eating and inspiring with her positive energy. When she is into something she is REALLY into it. Kookie looking.”

      I’m aqua -scorp rising and I am obsessive, like to dress up, dress crazy, be surprising, I love black but it can’t be boring. I’m in to fitness, veganism, yoga, sunshine, health and fashion.

  37. Yes uniform an aquarian friend of mine has his, white t-shirt, so James Dean.

    I read once that aqua moon was often famous, Princess Diana, Uma Thurman, current Pope.

    When i think of aqua women i think of Portia and Ellen, Natalie imbruglia, I am mostly earth and they are air. They don’t “need” me unless they have moon in cancer.

    I want to know how you can tell how many times someone has been around the wheel. Are aquarians really from another planet and old souls?
    I am happy full moon is in the 6th house cause i have started new get fit regime.

  38. And here i was fretting – thinking something was wrong with me and my phsycy because i didnt fit this Aqua mould?! At times I feel like im more of a “myth” then a living breathing bleeding human – I have the focus & discipline of a monk. I live a religiously hectic routine which i froth on.. In the past 12 months friends & family often referred to as a Phantom. A non commital character – uber aprehensive to lock anything in out of the sheer love i have developed for solitude.. Well thankgod.. I wondered if what i needed was a shrink but perhaps after all this clean eating hardcore Bikram focused myth who’s behavior echoes that of a phantom flying under radar.. actually has a place in this astro click! It will do for now anyway until i get the gallop in my feet again.. Px

  39. LeoEscapeArtist

    MM, you’re wild…but wildly wrong…NEV!!!
    I’m grokkin what you’re grokkin. (BTW–My Saturn is in aqua opposing my Asc which my natal Uranus conjuncts. When transiting Uranus was in Aqua conjunct my natal Saturn, let’s just say, dual rulership was having one of its finest moments.)

  40. SPOT ON.

    I’m an Aqua rising, and much of my childhood was very much a constant Saturn transit. As a result, this huge amount of responsibility at a young age made me very unconventional, stubborn, and independent … and thus very different from “normal” children in school (although, my quadrouple Gemini action totally found them boring after awhile half the time … while the other half, well you know how we get).

    I adore pranks, I think they are as healthy as vitamins. I also cannot contain myself when I overhear laughter. It’s contagious. This amuses many.

    Mystic, this is really to a T: “only good luck trying to invite them to your thing in three weeks” — in response to parties and such, friends always assure the host “Well, you know LJ, she’ll appear like Mary Poppins — not when you are quite ready for it, not when you want it, but always with an entrance and a gesture”.

    Capricorn work ethic to a T, but on my terms. Me me me me. Hard work. Hard hard hard. I am delighted when I work 2-3 jobs. I die inside working in 1 job.

    1. hahahaha. we are the same. I am so delighted to work 2-3 jobs! I only have ONE at the moment and totally dying inside. Working over load to get more work. Must be the cappy moon 😉

  41. The Aquas I know have absolutely fascinating minds and are also pranksters!
    A few dress pretty eccentric. My dad dressed beatnik/50’s greaser. So yeah, rebels and individuals. Love them!

    1. I dressed pretty eccentric too 50’s meets biker dressed pretty wild in my teens-(mohawk, hot pink hair) and have strong Uranian influence in my natal chart.

    2. This Aqua rising LOVES pranks. Not the gag kind, but the really clever kind. Like signing up all your co-workers at an Open Mic night to perform things like Twinkle Twinkle little star or dramatic readings or acrobatics … that they only find out about when the announcer calls them up for their pre-assigned act by moi. You know, things of that nature. I love ’em to death.

      1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        Yes, I’m very amused by reality hacking kind of stuff, just messing with the collective culture/consciousness. To me that is very Aqua/Uranian, like Banksy style stuff.

      2. Do you find some performance art intriguing because it really gets into others faces?
        I can get a good laugh pressing others buttons.
        I had idea where my sense of humor came from but, I am thinking it’s the Aqua influence from my dad growing up and in my natal chart.
        Aqua rules the 11th House and I have a load of planets residing there.
        Some people do not get my strange sense of humor.
        Do you get that too?

      3. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        Oh yes, definitely! I love bizarre juxtopositions of things too. I get not only laughs but huge amounts of enjoyment out of it…

        Like one time in downtown San Francisco where the mall is this flash mob of ripped gay men in leather chaps and cowboy hats just came outta nowhere and started LINEDANCING to techno. I was so. fucking. happy. just watching. It was like a holy moment. The looks on people’s faces and the conservative types grabbing their wives and children and running away as if a bomb had gone off…lmao

  42. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    I’m kind of the opposite. People assume I am weird when they meet me and I guess I sort of am…but when they ask me about my viewpoints on things they are often surprised to find that at my core I am quite oldschool.

    When I was a kid I was a nerd/weirdo but also very Saturn, totally obsessed with school and my future career and projects and reading and impressing adults, winning awards.

    My relationships are usually with Uranian types and strong personalities and unconventional…but also with them I still demand trust, commitment, etc. and like very traditionally male kinda guys. So in short, yes, I think that Aquas are kind of the covert weirdos among us who express the weirdness consistently through quirks and lifestyle vs. Leo or Gemini or Saggo in-your-face, let-your-freak-flag-fly mentality.

  43. I think you pegged it. I relate to it.

    I’m Aqua Sun, 11 degrees. I’d say I’m a bit more the Saturn type than the Uranian type Aqua, but also like you said, not ‘weird’ on the outside (my style of dress is quite boring) but quite eccentric on the inside and have led an unconventional life as well as have an unconventional profession and never thought twice about it, until someone else points it out. So, maybe Saturn on the outside, Uranian on the inside..?
    I have Mercury in Aqua, too, but a lot of the rest of my chart is Earth and Water, so maybe that dilutes my Aquarian vibe?

    1. Cough.. are you calling us out on our stealth rebellions? 🙂

      It’s actually true. We just like to make it look subtle and sideways.

      1. electric eel libran

        no, you guys are more likely to display quirky and trendy styles more than aqua because you guys are fashion leaders.

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