Elizabeth – Daughter Of Enron

Previously praised for unprecedented genius and hustle, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty of conspiring to defraud investors. She faces up to 20 years in prison, irreparable reputation damage, future civil claims against her, and the implacable enmity of multiple power-players.

Mind you, Jennifer Lawrence is playing her in the movie version so that’s something. Seriously, if you have narcissistic tendencies, that fact alone would be quite soothing. Still, it’s a steep descent from 2014’s “youngest female self-made billionaire” platform. Holmes is also experiencing the most public and lurid Saturn transit on record.

The Most Public & Lurid Saturn Transit On Record

She was born in 1984, at the dawn of the tech era, ten days after the first Apple computer was launched. She’s an Aquarius Sun plus (probably) Moon and when her scam/delusion was working, she embodied the spaced-out, zeitgeist-tripping innovator ideal of that sign. Saturn, however, has been buzzing around her Sun since last May and it’s exact from January 20 to 27. Saturn-Sun transits have benefits but they don’t blend well with hubris.

Theranos was hubris central – the ultimate in vaporware: an imaginary product that burned unbelievable amounts of money, hype, and resources before crashing. The technology was to upend the apparently ripe for disruption realm of pathology and health tech, allowing speedy pin-prick blood testing and diagnosis. Apart from being a figment, it worked brilliantly.

Holmes has a magnificent Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, the signature alignment of high-velocity, driven achievers, and Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Capricorn – your go-to for maximal visionary commercial hustle. However, her Mars-Saturn is square the Aquarius Sun, potentially upping the obsessive zeal factor. So Saturn currently conjunct her Sun is also square her Mars/Saturn. It’s gnarly.

She Became A Billionaire On Her Saturn Return

She began her company in 2003, at the age of 19, with Neptune conjunct her Sun. Then she became a billionaire on her Saturn Return, thanks to the venture capital money for her imminent revolutionary genius product. She hit peak fame in 2014 – the year of Pluto conjunct her Venus –  with major mainstream media buzz, think pieces, style raves, honorary university fellowships, and general awe all around. Media swarmed for her Issey Miyake turtleneck sweater uniform – like Steve Jobs – and ‘hot scientist girl boss’ vibe.

The bubble of awe burst in October 2015: An investigative journalist published a thoroughly researched and legit takedown piece on Theranos in the Wall St Journal, triggering the entire unravel. That was Uranus square her Mercury FYI. 2021 was Pluto conjunct her Mercury and she spent the year blaming her ex-partner, employees, and investors – everyone but herself – for the fraud.

Enron’s Daughter

But she missed an opportunity to put the system on trial: Elizabeth Holmes is a daughter of Enron. It sounds like a senior Tolkien elf but it was an energy company with the dubious distinction of being the most notorious bust/scandal in corporate history. Like Theranos, it went down owing billions: the company motto was “endless possibilities” and in terms of grifting the then fresh concept of deregulation, the horizon really was infinite.

Her father was an Enron vice president responsible for “due diligence on potential investments in the environmental and energy sectors.” Another Aquarius with Mars conjunct Saturn, he wasn’t one of the executives who went to jail: he actually went on to hold several lofty regulatory positions within government. As a teenager, Holmes saw Enron flame out in a haze of mismanagement, greed, and corruption. She would also have noted all the phoenixes emerge from the ashes of other people’s lives, winging it straight down to the bank for their next round of finance.

She Saw All The Phoenixes

Holmes grew up in Washington DC, in a neighborhood of Berkley called Foxhall Crescent – a subdivided Rockefeller estate where the streets are big leafy loops like crop circles – the designer didn’t like grids. She met her first investor via one of her friend’s fathers and once he’d essentially ‘endorsed’ her, others followed.

But there is more to it than just the privilege of being born into a ‘prestigious and pristine’ environment – literal circles of wealth and power. It’s easy to imagine a child Elizabeth, with her quirky Aquarius-Scorpio energy, prowling around this strange power vortex of a neighborhood at night, picking up stray frequencies. It may never even have occurred to her that she needed to tell the truth or have a viable product.

Maybe she acquired the impression that hype, a hypnotic way with investors, gaming the government and rah-rah leadership was the success formula?

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  1. Rich or poor the fact remains media and the masses love a good witch burning. I view her with more compassion, and even a weird sort of respect, which I know differs greatly from the other comments here. Much in the same way I did with Anna Delvey. I didn’t say it makes sense. But as another alluded to here, rich, white, faceless dudes do this on the daily and on industrial scale levels the last few decades. Largely hidden from view. Yet there is always a whole other level of glee and vitriol when the chicks dare emulate what is seen as normal practice in some rarefied circles. Plus you know that finger blood prick thing will be a thing. Maybe she she was visualising it? Who knows. I probably shouldn’t comment because I really have not gotten into it in any more detail. Just the vibe. Where’s my black skivvy?

      1. Well and truly but I reserve my disdain for those that really do wholesale and widespread damage, like Gina for example and a fair whack of women who have held or hold certain political positions. For starts. Not some women whose crime was to decieve themselves and some already wealthy people looking to may even more money. Plus their ages. I am not sure if I would of made entirely ethical decisions as a 19 year old with plenty of ambition, ego and huge amounts of cash behind me to make my mark on the world. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t feel THAT sorry for her! It was more a general commentary then anything. Brain is still a bit a.m bleary too.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        I was thinking more along the line: alot of male villians have been glorified in the past whereas the females are forgotten or vindicated. I was thinking of Bonnie and Clyde. Was she glorified because she was connected to a man? I know the real story of them was sad and a product of their trauma. My thinking is more of the logical and factual line, my Gemini brain working here.

        I think society engineers women to be good and nice so if a female goes against the grain they are punished harshly. Look at Adam and Eve and Lilith. Eris.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    Pisces Moon brought big rain to where I live. I ate my dinner before sunset. With my full tummy came the full on rain. My exhaustion is overwhelming.

    I succumb to the calling of my big, soft bed.

    So the heavy rain kept me in la la land till 10 am this morning. Lots of roads closed due to floods. My town is cut off.

    Right now I can hear the usually dry small gully just behind my cabin gurgling in the dark.
    The Aries Moon greets me. I’m ready to get on with my life. And I’m taking no prisoners.

    1. I hear ya, Wish Upon a Star. Spent the morning in a gentle cleaning state (finishing up from the last dark moon’s organization revelations) and aiming to spring into Moon in Aries / Merc in Aquarius leaning hard into Saturn to help productivity. Burned a cinnamon stick for creative juice and washed doors / windows with ginger-root infused salt water. Hunker down, power up! Have already had a major bout of inspo and met a new neighbor. LOL.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        A new neighbour? Sounds interesting.

        Apparently this weekend is Venus Cazimi 

        “this weekend invites you into a ritual of release and cleansing that can help free you from something that has been weighing you down. This might include things like other people’s expectations, a fear of not being liked or the desire to always please others. Whatever it is, you can step further away from beliefs, fears or worries that are limiting you.”


  3. Great article, Mystic. I watched the documentary a few years ago and we (watched with two others) were completely gobsmacked by the whole thing. She has Mark Zuckerburg vibes in this picture, doesn’t she? Total android vibes.

  4. I suspect she was just the facejob here for something else. Never mess with Murdoch. She’ll do 18 mos max in some sort of separate facility.

  5. Here’s my Pluto / Venus Squaring my Mars Take: Spoiled white daughter of white collar criminal becomes white collar criminal? Big Whoop.

    When they say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, what they’re saying is that it takes ABSOLUTELY ZERO psychic energy or growth to turn into your fucking parents. It’s a coast. So, I’ve no respect whatsoever and see no “trailblazing.” So she turned into her dad? Literally, learning how to give yourself an orgasm is more difficult than turning into your parents.

    So she’s skulking around the Marina with the other skanks. It used to be I wanted to put a shield over SF so we could have permanent night-time…now I think there needs to be a bubble over the whole peninsula to keep all these douchecore fucks inside so their self-referentiality finally springs into a full PK manifestation that eats them all.

    Look, I’m an Aqua (as is my Dad), so usually I’ll get on the team, but I’ve been noticing a weird pattern and lackadaisically keeping a list for years. There’s a whole collection of Aqua white peeps that are PEAK douchebags — most of whom, you’ll note, are very Randian / Objectivist in flavor — and there’s a BIG TWIST THERE…but there’s another list below for contrast. Haute – Low?

    White Boys: 
    Jan. 29: Paul Ryan
    Jan. 30: Dick Cheney
    Feb 4: Dan Quayle (full disclosure: this is my bday)
    Feb. 6: Ronald Reagan
    Feb. 10: Glen Beck
    Feb. 11: Alex Jones
    Feb 11: Jeb Bush
    Feb. 17: Rush Limbaugh
    Whatever day this chick’s dad was born)

    (Honorary Mentions:
    Feb 11: Sarah Palin:
    Feb 3: This chick
    Feb 9: Bikram)

    Black Women:
    Jan. 26: Angela Davis
    Jan. 29: Oprah
    February 4: Rosa Parks (I feel this, along with Alice Cooper, Constance Markievicz, and SF’s Emperor Norton more than makes up for Dan Quayle, btw)
    Feb. 9: Alice Walker
    Feb 18: Toni Morrison
    Feb. 18: Audre Lorde

    (Honorary Mentions:
    Feb 1: Langston Hughes
    Feb 4: Betty Friedan
    Feb 18: Yoko Ono)

    This Feb 9 – Feb 11 area seems to be like, intense — look at that group of people!!!

    1. Amen to every single sentiment, SheRat.

      I knew someone who used to call all Feb born people (including the Pisces there) February Freaks. I have a LOT in my family, & my oldest & dearest friend is is a Feb Freak. You are a freaky lot & i luvs ya :-).

      (Btw, thanks for your poem-reading on that Jagger post. I can not tell you how freaking spot ON that is.)

      1. OMG no way, was it REALLY? YAY! I’d totally forgotten about that….It’s a little exercise I sometimes try to at the beginning of my writing time, if I can get a friend to be the “target” LOL. Maybe I should try to make a web site like where someone can send their email and I pull a card / write a poem…

    2. Great breakdown, SheRat. My mom (Feb 15), daughter (Jan 30), aunt (Jan 26), and grandmother in law (Feb 14) are all aquas but I ‘just’ got a Scorpio rising ascendant with Uranus conjunct and an Aqua IC that just happens to be the “missing leg” of my t-square. I was totally the oddball in my family and emotionally treated like an ugly duckling and thank god because I was meant to evolve. Over the past year or so I’ve really come to terms on what kind of person my mom really is. The very first time I was introduced to astrology and had my chart read, he told me it was important to break from patterns, but I really don’t think I had a choice anyway.

      1. Oh dear, disclaimer, I’m not anti Aqua. My daughter is literally the most delightful person in my eyes. Just having mommy issues with Saturn in my 4th haha

    3. So many negative feels for techies/ Aquarians. 🙁 Not all of us are horrible. Though I am neither white, nor a man (and don’t live in the US)…I feel compelled to defend the whole genre of SF based ‘skanks’. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. As I said, I’m Aqua and I usually pretty Rah-Rah about it, like, when I meet an Aqua I’m irrationally nice, etc. In fact, my Aqua BFF and I looked at Mystic’s Hi-Lo Astro list for Aqua and were totally like “none of those things she says are negative is negative” LOL!

        But that list, I think, says something about how people with privilege manifest Aqua energy and how people without it do.

        You’ll note that the Randian Faction (aka, the white people), are ALSO people who feel that they are victims of an oppressive system…but there’s some kind of masculinist messiah complex attached to them –and they somehow feel automatically *supported* in their “maverick” / “truth-telling” identities. Whereas, your bell hooks, your audre lords, etc. are people who are open, trying to hug humanity instead of brow-beating them into agreement with their totally-obvious-to-them analysis of What Is Wrong. The Randians also almost to a person come with a huge sidecar of SMUG.

        That’s my working very unscientific theory on it — it started when I noticed that like, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and Sarah Palin were all born like, on the same day (or one apart or whatever). I actually guessed Bikram was an Aqua out of nowhere talking to a Bikram teacher about — not him! — but the way the classes are structured. An arrogant Aqua is quite the insufferable fascist.

        (P.S. A MARINA skank is not an SF-based skank –the previous poster was specific about the neighborhood for *a reason*. Anyways, I’m not sure why you’d feel the need to defend a bunch of white sorority girls yelling “Uno Mas Cerveza” from their newly-shabbily-built-yet-expensive condo at LatinX people walking down Valencia street on Cinco de Mayo, or, for instance, this dumbass (https://justink.svbtle.com/open-letter-to-mayor-ed-lee-and-greg-suhr-police-chief), but go right ahead.)

      2. I understand, and thanks for expanding your POV. I am curious about your hypothesis. But I also don’t believe in absolutes. (I recently became the stereotype I was absolutely convinced hated me…lesson learnt.) That guy in that blog link is a real douche though. Every sentence horrified me more and more. Completely opposite to Aquarian energy. 😶

      3. Oh of course there are exceptions..but we’re on an astrology web site…like, how do we even talk about “signs” without generalizing? Linguistically (and feministically) speaking, every word that exists is a tyrant, herding meaning into a sometimes oppressive finite.

        So! I’m a Proud Aqua (and former tech journo and SF-based skank!) and as I’ve sharee before here with other SF refugees, I am, even after what …7 years now? Bitter about having to leave what was my home to brats like that kid. That screed was originally published in 2013 btw, which was the year i realized I was gonna have to leave my city to them. My friends and chosen family who have stayed consistently report horrible horrible things. But that’s enough about Essef.

        The theory is mostly just that i began noticing that a lot of my feminist heroes (i am GenX, white second gen immigrant trash, btw, so third wave on the intersectionality side) were aquas which made me happy. Then i was pissed about palin…then every so often I’d be like “what sign os this asshole?” Rush Limbaugh hurt, I can tell you.

        But as we move towards Pluto in Aqua…what can we glean from that? As portrayed sometimes on this site (and IRL), Aqua men are kinda famously douchey…maybe it comes from being masculine in a masculine sign? And in a culture that until quite recently only glorified non-conformity in men. Like i have been saying for almost 30 years now…you never hear “She’s a bitch.” …”yeah but she’s a genuis.” Whereas most of Silicon Valley was built on “he’s an asshole”…”yeah, but he’s a genius” ( to the point where i think dudes cultivate assholishness so people will infer genius..musicians do this too…the Steve Jobs Problem and the Jim Morrison Complex, respectively, I call them).

        But I’m not gonna applaud a bitch genius just for parity’s sake and I’m too much of a socialist and too bitter about the destruction of actual Geek culture to sympathize with this chick i guess. Okay done rambling. Will pull tarot card and put up poem for levity and cleansing purposes. 🙂

      4. You and your unapologetic fierceness is worth a million of those douches. So sorry that the city you loved was taken away from you. My home country was too, and I relate mega hard. Huge, huge hugs!

      5. I don’t mean to make light of people who’ve actually been kicked out of their cities / countries. But yah, it is really hard. Huge hugs back atcha!

      6. So, WEIRDLY, I drew Justice! LOL! So I didn’t really do a “reading” as such, like, it so obviously fits this discussion in so many ways so I did kind of a blank verse free write.

        ‘Member when I stabbed those tires and got thrown
        in jail? On Day Two, in my orange jumpsuit,
        a fellow inmate whispered “Girl, you stink.
        Take a shower.” There was no showerhead
        so one of my cellies gave me her jail-hack:
        an empty plastic bottle that might have
        held hand cream. I fit it onto the spout
        and chuckled at its weak trickling spray. Three
        felonies and fifty grand bail, reduced
        to a number so low no bail bondsmen
        would take it. Sprung by a friend with seven
        hundred dollars. That’s when I called my shrink.
        There was no blindfold — those felonies were
        given to a girl they thought was a meth head.
        My good-looking lawyer caused quite a stir
        when he appeared in the cell block. I became
        a girl in a JCrew suit, with a job
        That girl got the fair deal, charges trumped down.
        When you tangle with the law remember
        you’re in an ancient morality play.
        Play your role like you know they want you to.
        Good white girl in a suit, with a high-priced
        shrink and a baby-faced lawyer. Always
        Remember: There is no Justice.

      7. much respect to you, SheRat, an aqua calling out the aqua douche factor. “an arrogant aqua is quite the insufferable fascist”: you couldn’t have said it better. personally I was expecting this with dread from the current saturn in aqua years = the rigidity, the exaltation of ideology, the intolerance and the self-righteousness, and I see tons of it unleashed/applied to the vax/no vax question. no walk in the park at all. god only knows what the shadow side of the pluto in aqua age will be.

      8. Isa: “Personally I was expecting this with dread from the current saturn in aqua years = the rigidity, the exaltation of ideology, the intolerance and the self-righteousness, and I see tons of it unleashed/applied to the vax/no vax question.” OMG this is SO TRUE — with each side smugly accusing the other of being brainwashed. I was never too fond of the term “sheeple,” but it’s sooooo offensive now. Didn’t it come from Limbaugh?

        We MUST take Inspo from the second list: These are people who are I feel are probably also Plutonic in some way (maybe I’ll check EVERYONE on the list’s Plutos and report back…or blog about it) and maybe have good Venus aspects? Angela Davis and Audre Lorde for instance are hardcore and pull no punches but they are FAIR and that fairness, I think, comes from kindness. There’s like, a beautiful marble pillar of true generosity and kindness, in my mind, running throughout the work of all peeps in the second list. They confront the oppressive structures but have taken the time to understand how they might themselves have behaved given the same privilege. They use their Aqua Vision to look at What Is Wrong holistically. Maybe I’m demonizing the first list; I think some of those people truly *believe* they’re doing what’s best for humanity (Glenn Beck in particular, actually).

      9. yes SheRat, I want to believe (cit. mulder & scully) that they are really convinced that they’re acting in favour of the human race. but yeah, the sheeple thing… (eyeroll)… and like you said each side is smugly accusing the other of being brainwashed.

    4. “It may never even have occurred to her that she needed to tell the truth or have a viable product.”
      Yet ANOTHER corporate sociopath.

      As for your own wonderfully eviscerating summation, well done. Could hardly agree more.
      Your list is also illuminating if unfortunately, unsurprising.

      I had a Feb 4 GF in the past. Clever, witty, charming, seemingly progressive, with an interest in and apparently broad knowledge of many subjects. The Uranus archetype in many ways.

      On closer examination though- selfish, amoral, lacking empathy, dogmatic, shallow and superficial,(her apparent knowledge was no deeper than a Spring puddle) calculating and dishonest. She even lied to her friends.

      Then she asked me to marry her and have babies.
      I politely declined.

      1. Aquas have a rep for being really good actors — I dated a guy in my early 20s that sounds like your Feb 4 gal…eventually, and through a bunch of increasingly Plutonic (I have Pluto Rising) acid trips, I eventually got him to admit like, half of his life story had been total bullshit — and he’d pulled some really weird stunts while we were together that had been surrounded by complete fictions. It was so weird. In rando Aqua fashion, we reconnected as adults and he *has* grown into a cool dude, but still blames lying on how “you were intimidating because you were so cool, I had to make stuff up!” <eyeroll>. He’s on the Big Day — Feb. 11. I get a kick out of reminding him that his bday is the same as Alex Jones’s. I still maintain (to his face) that he missed his calling. My Aqua stellium is in my 5th house so I was always drawn to that outlet for performance — singing is quite like acting, and with the Pluto I deffo tap into the Mainline while I’m doing it. Misdirected talents can be very dangerous.

      2. It’s funny you should say that, the Feb 11 dude has Scorp rising. 😉 But I DID look at the second list and so far, three of the ladies (Angela, Audre and Oprah) have, to my VERY amateur eye, what seem to be prominently-aspected Plutos. So maybe that IS the antidote?

  6. Fascinating story. So compelling. Lots of thoughts and feelings. Quite the internet rabbit hole too. Lots of fun.

  7. That last sentence says it all. There have always been fraudsters in the world, but she really epitomises the peak result of what our society has been geared to be & emulate.
    I was also thinking about her possible daddy issues, either wanting to please and/or compete with him. Holmes senior was a high flyer holding various senior executive positions in the business, government, academia & NGO sectors – all involving high tech – which led me to think Aqua influences as well in his chart, & lo and behold he is a multi Aqua (Sun/Moon/Merc/Venus & all trine his Uranus!). So I’m guessing that she probably had a burning desire to prove to/compete with him. She has Pallas Athena (she who sprang from daddy’s head) conjunct her Sun – which is conjunct his Sun-Mercury.
    It’s also bizarre how MUCH Aqua/Uranus they have intertwined in their synastry charts, all at the 0ºs:
    Her Sun trine his Uranus
    Her Uranus is sextile his Sun-Venus; and opposite his Uranus
    Her NN is conjunct his Uranus

    And competitive, much? She has her Mars square his Sun-Venus & Pluto – all under 1º orb

    Still, and i digress here slightly to show how far our governments, big pharma & media have horizontally & harmoniously convoluted in the fraud-at-all-costs in the pursuit of big bucks – there is no difference between her fraudulent activity and that of pfizer’s, except that her product didn’t make it out to the general public causing deaths and suffering, yet pfizer et al are not under investigation by any governmental bodies, nor written about in main stream media despite irrefutable proof of fraud. (see The British Medical Journal/ Brook Jackson [whistleblower who was fired the day she released the info to the FDA])

    1. Thanks for the astro-digging. This is brilliant and explains so much. Though I would call it the opposite of whatever Daddy issues are. Seems she was much supported and loved by her parents.

      1. Know what you mean, but i used “daddy issue” because from whatever angle you look at it – a need to impress & be daddy’s girl (at all costs), or a need to fuq off daddy – it’s still an issue connected to daddy…. “reverse daddy issues?”…lol. Apparently she wrote a letter to her father when she was 9 yrs old which began: “Dear Daddy, What I really want out of life is to discover something new, something that mankind didn’t know was possible to do.” … (so Aquarius) which set me off on the daddy thing.

      2. I think (from personal experience) working for a mega Corp in an established regulated industry like Enron and starting your own startup in an unproven technology sphere are two COMPLETELY different things. Her dad couldn’t have coached her even if he wanted to. What he could (and did) do was to introduce her to people who did.

  8. Am I missing something here? Read this last night, before going to sleep and immediately thought that people were hellbent on bringing her down.

    How many men did the same thing but we hear nothing about it. Truly, being first young woman to gain billionaire status must have rocked many a traditional male boats.

    I’m not feeling it – that she didn’t believe in her product. She may, however, have been deceived. Did she trust the wrong people? Was she set up to be the fall guy? She had ambition and the gumption to enter “their” world. What does the astrology say about that?

    1. Right? I know so many assholish white men who have gotten away with wasting millions of dollars on sheer vaporware. One became my boss and hated me intensely. Then, got promoted and moved away. Is her crime that she failed to meet the impossible targets she set for herself or tried to game corporate wars exactly like the system taught her. Why is her board not there with her as a co-defendent? They get quarterly performance reports. A CEO is more of a figurehead than people realize.

    2. Interesting point. I was thinking how fascinating this was that it’s coming up during Venus Retro/Conjunction with Pluto too. Plus Venus crossing back and forth over her infamous Mercury point. This woman being dragged to the underworld, secrets revealed. It’s hard to tell what’s true, but when she talked about her “controlling” boyfriend that also felt like a moment to discuss what happens for women when we get into a dangerous power control dynamic in a romantic relationship. I still believe she has some responsibility and isn’t taking it seriously enough. But there are loads of subtle energies at work here!

  9. I am fascinated to know whether she actually believed in the delusion of her product’s viability or knowingly defrauded everyone. Aquarians aren’t typically in the realm of Neptune. Would be interesting to know her rising.

  10. Unicorn Sparkles

    Not another Aquarian sheister… last one was the pretend heiress Anna scamming NY hotels and richies. Paris Hilton has a two decade old alter persona. I guess some of us channel our imaginary lives into prose and art knowing where the boundaries lie… while others just become those fantasies. Aquarian’s unhinged. Might be time to run a self diagnostic …(toddles off to the invention cave)

    1. Yes, if I were a television producer I’d be trying to line up Anna, Elizabeth, and the Fyre festival guy for a post-jail reality tv show, very high concept.

  11. Oooh, if she’s early in ‘84 then she’s probably a Gemini (Facts) North Node? Sagittarius (Faith) in the South? If so then this past year is her nodal return, too. Face facts and release the karmic Sagittarian exaggeration tendencies or they will be released for you.

    1. My mom also has a Gemini NN and Sag south node and since I haven’t deep dived into that, it’s interesting to hear EH has it too. My mom can be highly delusional even though she is intelligent.

  12. Wish Upon a Star

    And the deep voice is fake. I’m watching the Australian 60 minutes video. Its good and easy to watch. There is humour and balance.

    Normally these fraudsters don’t hook me in. I checked my personal daily horoscope and I currently have Mars square my natal Pluto conjunct Uranus.

    Obsessive? Me? Never ! LOL!

    But I have gotten realisations from this ordeal. When I was quite traumatised people would say things to try and help me. Fake it till you make it was one. When I heard it my body knew it was not true and pissed it off. The body doesn’t lie. I suppose I met alot of fraudsters during that time.

    Self Healing is a quality we all possess. But please do not ignore medical advice or help.

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    “What a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive.”

    Elizabeth obviously wasn’t an avid Shakespeare reader. LOL.

    So she went on and lived her life with no remorse. I think she treated the whole thing like a kind of sport. She lost like she might have just lost at tennis. I suspect she is a sociopath?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Lizzy sent me on a bit of a phrase bender.

        “Discretion if the better part of valour”. I never knew what that Shakespearean phrase meant. Now I do. 🙂

  14. Wish Upon a Star

    I watched this short video then I was compelled to watch subsequent a 26 min video.

    Halfway through the video they state that “The Truth always wins”. Thank God.

    My Taurus Moon cringes at the lack of integrity.

  15. Great article Mystic. Fraud? There is indeed an audience for it. That last sentence of yours is a pitch-perfect lift of one eyebrow.

  16. I also find it wild how after it all came crashing down she’s just been out here living her best life… had a kid with a younger guy who is also billionaire’s son… around San Francisco you would occasionally hear through the grapevine that she had been spotted at Barry’s Bootcamp in the marina or whatever. She just went on with life so unbothered.

    1. I don’t see why she shouldn’t have had a relationship, a child or a workout. It’s not like she could have joined as a programmer in another company, or started a teaching career. What was she to do? Hide at home and never come out?
      And this is while her case was in the courts. Even AFTER high profile criminals pay their debt to the society, often their daily life is a subject of moral fascination. “How can they live as if nothing happened?” They are not. They live the consequences every day, maybe nor proportional or in magnitude of their crimes, but they do. Gotta keep on living.

  17. Oh my god I find her sooo fascinating. The book about Theranos (“Bad Blood”) was amazing!

    I feel like she’s my evil twin. 😂 She’s also an Aquarius, career placements (I’m sun conjunct mid heaven and Mars conjunct north node), blonde perpetually messy hair, big eyes, doesn’t know how to do her makeup well, and constantly wearing black. Guilty 💀

    I use her as an example when I talk about the difference between male and female drives for success… men seem to be driven by acquiring power and all that comes with it. For women it often seems a little bit like playing house but with career… she wanted so badly to be seen as a successfully visionary that she bent reality around that North Star at the expense of everything.

  18. She and I are born 3 days apart, so I can vouch for the gnarly astro. But, here is where things like free will, karma and upbringing become interesting. My father has been the epitome of anti-corruption, often at the cost of his career as a public servant in a VERY corrupt country. (He did like to receive sweets, calendars, diaries and other petty stuff from potential people who could benefit from his power.) But on the face of it, both my parents instilled a sense of grit and groundedness in all of us siblings, as opposed to what Lizzie saw at home.

    I do wonder if we will ever know the whole story around her. Natal Sun sq Mars has meant that all my life, people have used my shoulder to fire their guns. And I fall for it every time, hook, line and sinker. If it means disrupting status quo and pissing people off, I am there! Is that what happened to her too? Did she piss off a powerful lobby? Apart from, you know, not actually delivering her product?

    I was touted to have big potential by bosses, mentors and was slated to have a golden career too. Not only has that not panned out, me and my skills are currently in very real danger of being rendered completely irrelevant by my industry. Some karmic balance being reset? I bet.

    But I would not write off Ms Holmes just yet. She may just have learnt her lessons and may rise like the phoenixes you quoted. I imagine her father’s powerful friends won’t let her earn her pension from a jail cell.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes she did piss one older guy (scientist I think) off. He held a grunge and his revenge was the beginning of her undoing.

      1. Oh, the older guy who held a grudge. Typical. Thank God for some strange, merciful Karma I am not famous or important enough. Would tick them all off. One by one.

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